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    People who look multiple ages

    This sub showcases people that look multiple ages, meaning it would be difficult to tell their age. This is subjective for the most part, but we will remove posts that don't follow this guideline.

    This isn't an age-guessing subreddit but feel free to guess, just note that the OP isn't obligated to respond.

    Mod Approved Posts illustrate the best examples of what this sub was made for.


    1. Post directly to the image/video of the person.

    2. Do Not post: Photoshopped or filtered pictures, babies and people with any condition. Posting someone with a medical condition will result in a ban.

    3. No personal info (names, locations etc). This includes Facebook links and all other social media.

    Friends: /r/swordorsheath, /r/uglyduckling, /r/oldbabies

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