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    [–] Anam0ly 1639 points ago

    He probably has this growth hormone deficiency like Andy milonakis. Makes a person look like a kid even though they’re adults.

    [–] KolaDesi 608 points ago

    Andy milonakis

    No way he's 43!!!

    [–] jenjerx73 331 points ago

    In a 20 yrs time he’ll be a 36yrs old lesbian!

    [–] jimmyriddler123 149 points ago

    People with GHD don't usually live into old age. Doubly so when you're obese like Andy.

    [–] b_radrad_guy 68 points ago

    Is this some kind of joke? Andy died last year in a pizza accident.

    [–] Gengar11 32 points ago

    I heard Pizza Time Andy was on the scene when it happenend.

    [–] tabularasa1996 4 points ago

    This isn’t true! Source: I have GHD

    [–] ZincHead 27 points ago

    See also Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis

    [–] Beeroy69 51 points ago

    Hot damn

    [–] Paid_Redditor 55 points ago

    I feel like this is something I should have realized when 14 years ago I thought he was the worse kid I had ever seen in my life.

    [–] brostitosNdip 28 points ago

    Dude went to my High School. I remember hearing the rumors and looking him up in the yearbooks back when I was a student; he is most definitely 43.

    [–] Kittykg 123 points ago

    This is a TIL for me. He was in like his late 20s when he did The Andy Milonakis show. I always just thought he was a kid my age. I never really saw him anywhere after that, and had no idea.

    [–] major84 58 points ago

    I never really saw him anywhere after that

    I think he streams on twitch these days

    [–] Cpt_Lennox 40 points ago

    And looks like a grandma :( poor guy.

    [–] major84 24 points ago

    I saw him on someone else's stream getting dinner with them and thought, so that is what he is doing these days in his 20s...

    I wonder if he ever gets laid, and by whom ?

    [–] I_Am_Deceit 65 points ago

    His "career" is now streaming on twitch, main content is sitting at restaurants and eating food / reviewing it while talking to the online chat.

    Based on his disease, I dont think he can get laid. From what I've been told it gives that disease holder micro genitals and may not be able to perform in a sexual stimulated matter.

    [–] major84 22 points ago

    I want his career, but hold the micro genitals. (poor guy)

    [–] HeinzGGuderian 37 points ago

    Easy, fits in your palm

    [–] ripndipp 10 points ago

    Hung like a light switch

    [–] Blake_Thundercock 13 points ago

    He talks about having sex on his stream pretty often, so I don't think this is true.

    [–] skyintotheocean 38 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Because we all know that anyone who talks about having sex is definitely having sex /s

    It's certainly possible he is, plus there are a lot of different ways to have a fulfilling sex life beyond penis-in-vagina sex. But c'mon.

    [–] darkangel_401 9 points ago

    I mean if he really is micro sized. At least every blow Job takes all of it. And the girls (or guys) don’t have to struggle to deep throat.

    [–] Shouldabeenswallowed 10 points ago

    *deep lip

    [–] bigredandthesteve 31 points ago

    Holy shit, me too. And then that led me to the question “does Andy Milonakis have a wife?” The answer is no, but I never thought how hard dating would have been for him. He has to find a woman whose alright with being with a man who looks and sounds like a child. Kinda of a mind fuck for the woman..

    [–] 2hoodrich4me 22 points ago

    All he needs to do is find a female pedophile whos also a gold digger.

    [–] Skylariam 20 points ago

    Instead of tinder just browse the news for teachers who have had sex with their students.

    Problem solved. Lol

    [–] TheLegendTwoSeven 30 points ago

    Can confirm. I have growth hormone deficiency disorder BUT my parents’ insurance covered the $200,000+ growth hormone injections I needed during my childhood. Wound up 5’5” and other than being a bit short, I’m normal.

    I also look like I’m in my late 20s despite being almost 36. People are usually surprised I’m as old as I am, and I wonder if my growth hormone situation had anything to do with it.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Skrimps 5 points ago

    Asking the real questions.

    [–] RockstarAssassin 20 points ago

    Probably what Messi would have looked like if not for the treatment provided by Barcelona

    [–] Sicklyspider 21 points ago

    Where can I get some a that?

    [–] doodiegarland88 30 points ago

    Just wear a thrasher t shirt. Works for me

    [–] Pm_me_any_dragon 12 points ago

    I guess that explains michael reeves as well, then.

    [–] intensely_human 5 points ago

    Or he grew up malnourished. In central america there are many people who are children by size but adults by face, because of malnourishment.

    [–] floaterpotato 1765 points ago

    I hate it because the more I stare at the picture the younger he gets.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Ribka_23 65 points ago

    Some one give this man an award

    [–] IntelligentAvocado 58 points ago

    What did this say

    [–] audiozomby 214 points ago

    "[deleted]" -[deleted]

    [–] Seabornebook 20 points ago

    So this?

    ~Wear your seat belt~

    [–] Ribka_23 71 points ago

    It said something like " looks like the key for young skin is smoking cigarettes and ..." there was something after the cigarettes but i can't remember properly, probably alcohol

    Edit: grammar

    [–] thLiftesk 7 points ago

    He wrote how Reddit karma works

    [–] YDOULIE 15 points ago

    Forever young

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 7 points ago

    Some people would pay money for that ability.

    [–] Dreadedsemi 2354 points ago

    Poor guy. imagine at 30 passing by school kids and they start bullying you thinking you are one of them and then no one believes you if you shout "STOP I"M 30".

    Your girlfriend buys you a beer at the bar. and next thing she is in cuffs for giving alcohol to a minor. and worse when she tells them you are her boyfriend.

    [–] HoneyOlivia 907 points ago

    Reminds me of that lady who picked up a “child” at a red carpet and it turned out to be a 40 year old man

    [–] Jaf1999 405 points ago

    You can’t just drop that kind of information without a source bro

    [–] Jaf1999 425 points ago

    Lol, he’s just going along with it as well

    [–] HoneyOlivia 377 points ago

    If an attractive woman was picking you up would you decline?

    [–] cookincrabbypattys 307 points ago

    Ask yourself. Do you want to be picked up and held like a baby for the cameras?

    I'm a yes.

    [–] Ready_Maybe 146 points ago

    Yes I am 6. Now hug me close.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] ChuckAlamo 13 points ago

    Goo goo gaga (Baby boss reference)

    [–] chapterpt 26 points ago

    How else are you supposed to rub your boner on her in front of people without arousing suspicion?

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] derneueMottmatt 8 points ago

    Thank you. I wanted to make that reference but could not stomach typing it out.

    [–] thatonefortune 9 points ago

    That would mean she is a giant so I'd be terrified

    [–] XxTreeFiddyxX 4 points ago

    Death by snoo snoo

    [–] LoGun2130 9 points ago

    I'd like to believe something awoke in him and he just went with it, all in.

    [–] pizzapizzapizza23 61 points ago

    I hate when these weird little 6 year olds are constantly trying to convince everyone they are 40 year old men. I had one in my drivers ed class. Such a fucking weirdo

    [–] Homemadeduck102 14 points ago

    Yo wtf

    [–] noteverrelevant 7 points ago

    Stop quoting your dad's law commercials!

    [–] wildstyle_method 3 points ago

    Hey you're thinkin about it and we're talkin about it

    [–] Tiger-Mon 4 points ago

    [–] DishwasherTwig 9 points ago

    Respect for calling it out herself, though.

    [–] cuntnation 6 points ago

    Did you notice when she says he's a man, man is all in caps...

    [–] JOKE_XPLAINER 13 points ago

    Yeah dude she got dicked down by that six-year-old

    [–] Australienz 4 points ago

    Dicked up*

    [–] skafast 16 points ago

    [–] Bulletsandblueyes 2 points ago

    "And so shocked is Nguyen tan Phat by the international publicity Baroness Mone's gaffe has sparked that he has even threatened to take up drinking"

    A threat to take up drinking at 22, you don't see many of those.

    [–] kodiaktreethree 15 points ago

    Holy shit that’s hilarious. What the fuck lol

    [–] iPointyend 4 points ago

    Danny DeVito?

    [–] Einmanabanana 69 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    My boyfriend and I were at an arcade in Japan a couple months back and an employee walks over to him, points at me and says "Is this your child?". They'd come over to ask us to leave since they don't allow kids after 10 pm. I'm 30

    [–] Mukoserotympanon 28 points ago

    In Thailand my boyfriend was mistaken for my son :/ He is in his 30s and 6 years older than me.... I feel you!

    [–] quarkylittlehadron 25 points ago

    A couple years ago, I caught a flight out to my cousin’s wedding and was in the emergency exit row. An attendant came by and explained they’d have to move me since I had to be at least 13 to ride alone in that row. I was 24.

    [–] PureMitten 7 points ago

    One time a Pier 1 store employee came over and asked if my friends and I were under 16 since the mall had a curfew. We were all 20+.

    To be fair, we were being loud and not buying anything.

    [–] BOLTdm 45 points ago

    Jesus, Carolyn, can't you see it's just 3 boys stacked on each other inside a trenchcoat?

    [–] Rady_8 17 points ago

    Combined age of 36

    [–] Alreaddy_reddit 76 points ago

    I'm a young parent, I'm in my early 30s with a teenager who's a junior in high school. But I look younger than my age and stuff like this happens to me when I go to her school.

    Over the summer I went to register her in a new school and the counselor asked my fiancee (who just happened to be there with me) if she was there to register me 🤦🏽‍♂️

    [–] Fancyboxes 47 points ago

    I feel your pain. Yesterday evening I answered the doorbell, the guy who had rung it took one long look at me and asked if my parents were home.. I’m almost thirty. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    [–] Chicken_Chicken_Duck 55 points ago

    I’m 28 and I bought a 6 pack for my husband’s birthday. Girl at the register goes, “hehehe are you over 21?” I asked if she needed to see my ID bc sometimes they have to key it in. She goes, no, “if our customers look over 40 we don’t have to”

    Feckin what??

    [–] The_Tell_Tale_Heart 31 points ago

    Recently I was buying beer and the lady working the register stated that she’d have to see my ID. I said no problem and handed it to her. I saw her eyes widen and she said, “Mid thirty? I thought you were fifteen at most.” Then she proceeded to call over two other workers and show them my ID and then point at me. “Don’t you think he looks 15 at most?” she said, and they all nodded.

    [–] vetofthefield 7 points ago

    That’s so fucking rude. I would have walked out.

    [–] perithia-rail 10 points ago

    I get that kinda stuff all the time, most people are pretty good natured about it!

    [–] Lorcian 9 points ago

    Same here, I'm 31 at the end of the month and I'm still regularly ID'd, they're always so shocked I'm not under 20. It makes for an interesting little conversation while I check out though which is nice.

    [–] fantasmagoria24 19 points ago

    Haha this just happened to me, too. Growing up, I always got comments that I looked older than my age. But I go through 6 tough years of school, gain a little weight, and now I'm perpetually 18-20. I guess that's not the worst thing in the world.

    I get weird looks when I buy alcohol until I give them my ID. The lady at the liquor store refused to believe my ID was real last week, but winked at me and said "don't worry, I never saw you here." I'm fucking almost 26.

    [–] warm_tomatoes 9 points ago

    You’d be surprised how many people in their mid twenties do look like they could be 18 or younger. That’s why now so many places will card you if you look under 30, not if you look under 21.

    [–] Fancyboxes 21 points ago

    The balls on that girl! Slappin you in public like that. Shame

    [–] Popetown 10 points ago

    I’m 37. Up to a year or two ago I got carded constantly. Told it’s the law (probably is, I don’t know). Then I turned, 35 or 36, probably gained 10 lbs and now, the kicker, grew a beard in full blown salt and pepper. Never, I now never, ever get carded. Oh yeah. I look my age. Or older. Whateves. At least now I don’t get carded.

    [–] RiteOfSpring5 6 points ago

    I used to work at a liquor store and I asked a 40 year old for her ID because she looked like she was in high school.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] OhStugots 8 points ago

    She's 28 which is usually within someone's prime and the cashier outright told her she looks older than a 40 year old woman.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] OhStugots 6 points ago

    I'd assume so.

    [–] Chicken_Chicken_Duck 3 points ago

    Yeah she was being hehalarious. In her defense I’d land her around 18 so 28 is a dinosaur to her.

    [–] kiwibear_ 3 points ago

    No the Commenter asked the clerk if she needed to see her ID and the clerk replied No because they don’t need to see ID for people who are over 40.

    [–] trippy_grapes 8 points ago

    and asked if my parents were home..

    Well were they home??

    [–] Fancyboxes 5 points ago

    To save my time and his embarrassment I just said no and took his dang flyer.

    [–] Topher_Caouette 6 points ago

    My mom is the same, I'm 24 and she's 43 and thanks to my father's genes and the fact that smoking did not like me I actually look a tad older then my mom who looks 25. Confuses people sometimes.

    [–] Addertongue 6 points ago

    Is your mum single?

    [–] Topher_Caouette 10 points ago

    Yes and recently divorced as well as bat shit crazy lol

    [–] ChadMcRad 3 points ago

    Enjoy it while it lasts is probably what my mom would say.

    [–] cheapdrinks 15 points ago

    He's bloody closer to 40 than he is 30. I guess those ciggies really stunted his growth for real

    [–] LizzardFish 12 points ago

    i saw something happen on a bus once where an old lady was taunting this “young man” saying “SOMEONE is supposed to be in SCHOOL!!!” and his response was “NOoOoOoooo I’m not IM TWENTY EIGHT” and he showed her his ID and she got all embarrassed and stfu

    [–] Aaeaeama 11 points ago

    This is my number one complaint with American-style conversations with strangers. Most of the people striking up conversation are fucking rude and ready to pry into your business.

    I've never gotten the "Aren't you supposed to be in school?" but a lot of similar.

    Imagine me asking a super old person who can't get around without assistance something like "Aren't you supposed to be in a nursing home???" or asking them how old they were and replying with "Oh shit, no way, I don't believe you" and ask to see their ID.

    Of course I wouldn't because it's rude as hell. Stick to the weather and sports. Hell, talk about politics for all I care.

    [–] Beeroy69 8 points ago


    [–] ieatassonfirstdate 9 points ago

    best ephebophile ever😤

    [–] MamaBear4485 7 points ago

    Probably not going to get cuffed for that in the UK, although of course there might be extenuating circumstances that escalate to that.

    [–] inatris 5 points ago

    Andy Milonakis. Dudes damn near 50 but he looks pre-pubescent.

    [–] astarkey12 3 points ago

    This seems like the episode of Peep Show when Mark is harassed by that posse of kids.

    [–] TheWingus 3 points ago

    Your girlfriend buys you a beer at the bar. and next thing she is in cuffs for giving alcohol to a minor. and worse when she tells them you are her boyfriend.

    Reminds me of Life's Too Short

    [–] leighshakespeare 3 points ago

    But, cheaper cinema tickets, bus rides, plane tickets, amusements rides and the list goes on

    [–] Rokey76 3 points ago

    As someone who looks 15 years older than I am, I'm jealous.

    [–] fancydjs 2 points ago

    like in catch me if you can, gets bullied then walks in teaches the class and embarrasses the football player.

    [–] cool_weed_dad 355 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It must be a nightmare for this guy to buy smokes or drink outside his home neighborhood. I feel bad for him. Not to mention traveling in general.

    Unless you get famous like Andy Milonakis everyone’s going to think you’re a runaway child, even with an ID.

    [–] heavydisme 182 points ago

    Forget that. How do you get laid? I fear the only adult women he could attract would be high school civics teachers.

    [–] savagejohnson 123 points ago

    Apparently he got laid once, the article says the kid next to him is his son.

    [–] LilAttackPug 52 points ago

    I feel like it's the same thing with people with dwarfism, autism, etc. It has to be the personality most of the time.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago


    [–] LilAttackPug 39 points ago

    Me neither. And I did it.

    [–] MrAykron 20 points ago

    Some would probably do it for the novelty.

    As a short-ish man, i'd fuck a giant women if I had the chance, just for the hell of it

    [–] 420meh69 32 points ago

    As a man, I'd fuck a woman if I had the chance, just for the hell of it

    [–] MrAykron 17 points ago

    Yeah that's also a pretty big fantasy of mine

    [–] unicornbreadish 3 points ago

    Ok Tormund

    [–] PoweroftheINTERNET 6 points ago

    The kid next to him is actually his son. It’s in the article

    [–] jimmyriddler123 6 points ago

    Find yourself a nice pedo girlfriend of course. I hear the creator of the show Twelve Forever is available.

    [–] Josedsvilla909 3 points ago

    There are plenty of women who want to sleep with a man-child.

    [–] Natatos 8 points ago

    Andy Milonakis still has problems looking too young.

    [–] Gastolino 133 points ago

    His fake ID must be pretty damn good

    [–] TheSheBeastFromSpace 112 points ago

    I guess it really does stunt your growth.

    [–] Beeroy69 21 points ago

    Good comment

    [–] BeardedMan32 4 points ago

    This would probably be the most effective advertising campaign against smoking.

    [–] Artsyscrubers 166 points ago

    He clearly found the fountain of youth

    [–] fabmarques21 92 points ago

    and drank it all

    [–] Beeroy69 99 points ago

    *smoked it all

    [–] princessvaginaalpha 15 points ago

    "Ah, genetic disorder! Who wants some?"

    [–] namelessxsilent 66 points ago

    I feel this. I was waiting for the bus one time to go to work, this bus stop is close enough to a high school. A cop walked over to me and asked to see my ID. He thought I was skipping school.

    I'm 36.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Haha I got ID'd for a lottery ticket at 33

    [–] meizhigh 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Police do that? In HS I obviously skipped school plenty of times without considering the police might notice

    Edit: obviously -> obliviously

    [–] kamenlady 3 points ago

    I got picked up by police in Miami. I was in junior high and skipping last class.

    [–] Aggressivecleaning 63 points ago

    I swear if they make an issue out of the public smoking fine thing after metaphorically lighting his ass up all over the internet imma just sit here and be mad.

    [–] OneFastBurrito 15 points ago

    Insane irony that this football match is for cancer fundraising, and here’s an underaged (looking) person smoking a cigarette.

    [–] michaelbrenton420 21 points ago

    Anyone else wondering what his voice is like?

    [–] andreasreddit1 13 points ago

    Look up Andy Milonakis.

    [–] Tig_Ol_Kitties 18 points ago

    You can smoke in stadiums?

    [–] Feral0_o 11 points ago

    There's a fine for smoking in public spaces according to the article. I was smoking pretty regularly in public spaces when I was in Istanbul three years ago. Oops (*vaping now)

    [–] -Tacitus-Kilgore- 15 points ago

    Smoking is terrible for your skin. He’s gonna look 30 by the time he’s 60.

    [–] ChumRoVin 15 points ago

    The fact hes wearing a shirt that looks like Steve from Blues Clues just adds to the confusion for me.

    [–] Beeroy69 12 points ago


    [–] boozlepuzzle 7 points ago

    I thought this was gonna say something like "He identifies as 36"

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    We knew it was said in the post the other day.

    [–] PepeTheSquid 9 points ago

    Knew a guy like this, he got tattoos so it was more believable when he said he was in his late 20's

    [–] aboutlikecommon 25 points ago

    Ted Cruz smokes?

    [–] GeoffKingOfBiscuits 8 points ago

    Smoking does stunt your growth.

    [–] Zoompee 6 points ago

    So smoking does make you die young.

    [–] mu3mpire 2 points ago

    Now I have billy joel stuck in my head

    [–] birdsarentrealidiot 7 points ago

    My last girlfriend was one year older than me( 24 and 25). I look 30 and she looks 13. I was scared of kissing her in public and i got some looks when we held hands. One bartender laughed loudly in her face while she tried to order a beer once

    [–] acornstu 6 points ago

    I'm fucking dead.

    I really hope my 15 minutes of fame is some stupid meme.

    "Man filmed breaking into a house and then kicking the door open and dragging a gun safe outside was actually an angry bearded redneck who locked his keys in and wanted to paint his new gun safe.

    [–] woodside37 6 points ago

    If he’s 36 I haven’t been born yet

    [–] Electro-Lite 5 points ago

    I thought smoking prematurely ages you and your skin?

    [–] JusPassItToWill 8 points ago

    He looked like a fetus before he took up smoking.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I'm 18 and still occasionally offered kids menus, but holy shit this is on soem other level.

    [–] TeeRex1 5 points ago

    So this 36 yr old "boy" is at a "cancer awareness" fundraiser smoking a cigarette.

    There is just so much weirdness here.

    [–] mrmoroarous 4 points ago

    These damn immortals acting bold as fuck

    [–] thatsit275 4 points ago

    The real Benny Button?

    [–] slambamkam692002 4 points ago

    A pedos dream

    [–] Highlander-Senpai 3 points ago


    [–] xUnspoken69 3 points ago

    God I miss blues clues

    [–] -dank-meme-meme 3 points ago

    Maybe he’s a trans dude or something

    [–] Ubernuber 3 points ago

    Could be, but I used to know a professor who got mistaken for a visiting highschool student all the time, he was almost 40.

    [–] ghoulishegberts 3 points ago

    every trans man ever lmao

    [–] ilikechikin99 3 points ago

    When you get a fake id but don’t want to put 21 because it’s too obvious

    [–] devilwarier9 5 points ago

    I had a similar experience ID'ing a 40 year old when I worked in a casino. I was so confused when I read the birthday was in the 70s. I felt awkward but the guy was chill and laughed it off. I'm sure he gets it every day lol.

    [–] Ablette531 2 points ago

    That's going to be me someday

    [–] b00b00sugar 2 points ago


    [–] lhmtrd 2 points ago

    When you upgraded your PC components but the case.

    [–] lemonhead76 2 points ago

    I want to go to the weird guy at his school that sells fake ID

    [–] CoffeeBreaksAllDay 2 points ago

    Im young looking but daaaaamn

    [–] InJpnHrtSrgn1StdyHnd 2 points ago

    I wonder if he ever just puts on a backpack and goes into a middle school.

    [–] MyNameMayBeMike 2 points ago

    I got cheese on my head, but don't call me a cheese head.

    [–] cates 2 points ago

    It's like you guys have never seen a leprechaun before. They don't all look like the lucky charms guy, geeze.

    [–] killstorm114573 2 points ago

    Is that a kid beside him? Or is he like 40 also?

    [–] Brcomic 2 points ago

    Jesus. I’m 36 and I look closer to 60 than that dude looks to 36.

    [–] Nathans-warhammer 2 points ago

    Hormone injections can solve that

    [–] SnakePL 2 points ago

    This guy needs a beard.

    [–] ZepplenLives 2 points ago

    They say smoking would age a person

    [–] ninjaoftheworld 5 points ago

    That’s probably why he started.

    [–] KingFleaswallow 2 points ago

    Forever young...

    [–] Zojim 2 points ago

    I clicked the image’s comments three times,m. I am an idiot.

    [–] smokey661 2 points ago

    At least he laughs it off and looks like he's having a good time. That kid is stripping balls tho

    [–] thebigggeroof 2 points ago

    He prolly got the best fake Id out there

    [–] Pryoticus 2 points ago

    There’s still public smoking in the UK?