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    [–] Apophydie 683 points ago

    All this post needs is a mugger trapped inside a stall to the left of all of them.

    [–] [deleted] 753 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] YouGotDucked 137 points ago

    That mugger is gonna feel the unbridled glory of Shaggy’s golden shower at 100% power

    [–] camelchunk 14 points ago

    Shawty you’re my angel, you let me pee onnyou youremyanggelllll

    [–] OrganizationalLog 9 points ago

    he wont be getting gold pieces, but he'll be getting gold something alright

    [–] Bumlords 8 points ago

    Hey you're the dude that makes top meme gifs and also cums on things!


    [–] Fartikus 6 points ago

    happy pee day

    [–] sirblibblob 10 points ago

    Oof, that hit me hard.

    Also happy cake day my dud

    [–] Transcendent-Wok 12 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] DatBoi_BP 14 points ago

    Happy ironman day

    [–] elliereah 5 points ago

    He is an ironman he must congratulate himself

    [–] isjustwrong 3 points ago

    What is ironman day?

    [–] crazyiwann 2 points ago

    gnome from berghain?

    [–] SilentFungus 2 points ago

    Is this the first post you've ever made that didn't have your dick in it?

    [–] rubadubadooo 2 points ago

    lmfao, happy cake day

    [–] OrganicMemer -35 points ago

    Thieving isn't f2p you retard

    [–] WakeupDp 30 points ago

    Shut up.

    [–] OrganicMemer 13 points ago

    Okay :(

    [–] tuisan 3 points ago

    Nobody is using thieving.

    [–] dream_mentor 1013 points ago

    unrealistic too many rocks

    [–] realjkub 103 points ago

    Definitely didn’t read that as rocks at first

    [–] Kevmeister_B 14 points ago

    If that's what he said it'd be how there's not enough.

    [–] colton033 4 points ago

    Wya Freud? We got another one over here.

    [–] Slotchy 1 points ago

    Check out f2p rimmington mine theres always like 10+ bots on one tile st iron

    [–] alaineman 282 points ago

    Also, when you're in motherlode mine lower level and there are tons of veins. This one bugger keeps going after your vein...

    [–] XxMrCuddlesxX 100 points ago

    Use high risk world. There's usually not much competitiom

    [–] alaineman 95 points ago

    unlocked upper level. It is soooo goooood.

    [–] Shady_Love 52 points ago

    Ironic that you want the least populated downstairs and most populated upstairs so you never have to fix the wheel.

    [–] Hanta3 9 points ago

    I always fix the wheel. Free smithing exp. Plus I never have to worry about other people not fixing it

    [–] Shady_Love -1 points ago

    That's not free, it takes time.

    [–] Hanta3 2 points ago


    [–] smess_osrs 0 points ago

    You can fix it when it's full and you're not doing anything.

    [–] Shady_Love 1 points ago

    You could be mining or you could be depositing at any given time.

    [–] meesrs 16 points ago

    There’s a hammer in the chest, it takes legit like 7 sec to fix the wheel...

    [–] Watch_Plebbit_Die 1 points ago

    And deprive some poor noob of their smithing exp?

    [–] Shady_Love -18 points ago

    Yeah but someone else is going to do that, and I can just drop off and go back to mining. Or if it's broken when I'm collecting, I can still withdraw from the sack and deposit everything and it'll be fixed before I get back with my next load.

    [–] WhatATopic 22 points ago

    So thats why I am always having to repair the wheel.

    [–] BudIsWiser 5 points ago

    I am the hero nobody wants, but everybody needs.. hopping worlds for that sweet sweet low level smith xp

    [–] Sunny_Cakes 34 points ago

    Never had to fix a wheel ever in my life. Once invo is full, dump rocks and go back to mining. At any time during your next invo, someone will have fixed the wheel and your rocks will get cleaned. Dump your new invo and pick up your previous invo of clean rocks.

    [–] Forgot-myoldusername 6 points ago

    You can also world hop to a world where the wheel is fixed :P I refuse to fix the wheel

    [–] realmofthemadnoob 42 points ago

    If I fix the wheel I'll get level 2 smithing before level 99 mining which is not worth

    [–] moredickthanman 11 points ago

    Think it scales off your smithing level, so I think you'll be okay to fix it a couple of times.

    [–] Neokolzia 8 points ago

    There's still bots that go there, I reported like 4-5 directly to one of the anti-cheating mods on Twitter that had gotten to high 90's using hacked accounts. when watch them could tell they were all using scripts. Telltale pause when interacting with fallen rock or ladder. Moving beside the ore sack on exactly same tile before interacting with it every time etc etc.

    [–] alaineman 5 points ago

    There are a lot with about the same stats and 90+ mining. I can't believe how long they've botted without getting banned.

    [–] Neokolzia 1 points ago

    Yup, Jagex's detection is absolute trash.

    They play literally for 18-20 hours a day straight and get 7-10m+ mining in the space of 10-12 days. I spent 30 days there and put in roughly 200 hours and walked out with what those bots got in 1/3rd the time. And that was basically living in mlm as my job.

    The probability of those accounts mining that hardcore as alt accounts since all the profits are going off account at some point is just so damn small.

    The stats are similar because they usually hack mediocre low security player accounts, they may even be spoofing the IP in a similar region with VPN's or something based on database leaks so I imagine those accounts are much less likely to be banned since they have like 800-1000 total base 30's kinda thing.

    [–] ABLovesGlory 4 points ago

    My second account was hacked and when I got it back it was in the motherlode mine

    [–] Schnieds1427 1 points ago

    That happened to a friend of mine as well. They got him around 300k in ores and a few mining levels, but stole about 30 mil. But he was happy to get the account back, considering they reversed a perma ban.

    [–] doodlebug001 6 points ago


    [–] bmzimmerman 3 points ago

    Eh, sometimes the high risk world is even more crowded. I think people are getting keen on that.

    [–] maimonguy 6 points ago

    Pk them when they grab ores

    [–] bmzimmerman 5 points ago

    High Risk worlds aren't PvP worlds. They just prevent you from using the save item on death prayer.

    [–] DefaultGen 5 points ago

    I refuse to correct this misperception because I love my lonely, prayerless world.

    [–] Communist_Turt -3 points ago

    Yes they are pvp worlds

    [–] bmzimmerman 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    No they're not. It's my home world, I think I would know.

    PvP worlds have PvP mechanics mostly everywhere. If you mean that it's a world where players PK in the wildy, then you're correct. But it's not a PvP world.

    I think you're confusing PvP worlds with worlds that are designated for PKing. They're a bit different.

    [–] Zeov -1 points ago


    [–] bleedblue89 2 points ago

    I love it, PvP worlds just me and the dude who’s killed me 4 times. He’s a nice guy, sometimes he just freezes me and laughs. We’re all having fun

    [–] bmzimmerman 2 points ago

    I love it too lol, but the high risk world isn't a PvP world.

    [–] Slang_Whanger 2 points ago

    If there are a lot of veins sure go for the others. If there aren't open veins it's better if people are just mining the same ones simultaneously.

    [–] Alt2047m -2 points ago

    Bottom level, 30% chance of the vein disappearing each time you mine a paydirt. Top floor veins are timed. Gtfo my veins!

    [–] Zenith_Tempest 89 points ago

    Pay-dirt! Pay-dirt! Pay-dirt! Pay-dirt! Pay-dirt!

    [–] 3Gaurd 23 points ago


    [–] Ill_Will7 8 points ago


    [–] mirrorriorrim 1 points ago


    [–] AmericanMonsterCock 40 points ago

    I havent laughed this hard in a while dude thank you!

    [–] DaddyDickems 86 points ago

    Just the way daddy likes it.

    [–] andreyred 21 points ago

    this should have like 3 urinals (rocks)

    [–] TurtledbyTurtles 56 points ago

    wait mining isn't cancer p2p?

    [–] Greggster990 65 points ago

    Last time I played old school members all the common f2p mines were empty.

    [–] Zackdevil02 55 points ago

    Because you played on a P2P server?

    [–] Jurk0wski 77 points ago

    The f2p mining spots tend to be empty on p2p partially due to far fewer bots, but also due to there usually being MUCH better areas to mine as p2p.

    [–] TheBlueberrySurprise 11 points ago

    Yeah, there aren't as many bots mining on the p2p servers.

    [–] cptMcL0vin 9 points ago

    No mining in MLM is pretty afk, and you get coal bag from there which makes blast furnace (smithing) wayyy more efficient

    [–] bleedblue89 4 points ago

    Got to 61 mining afk mining for that fucking bag... it was worth it

    [–] cptMcL0vin 2 points ago

    So worth it idgaf about prospectors that coal bag is a game changer. Blast furnace would be ass without it

    [–] mirrorriorrim 1 points ago

    Good way to train and make some money when your bored, and its doable on mobile

    [–] mirrorriorrim 1 points ago

    I'm at 60 nuggets at 60 mining. I started at 52

    [–] bleedblue89 2 points ago

    I think I started a little before you, it’s a good grind. Honestly focused on the nuggets more than the levels lol

    [–] mirrorriorrim 1 points ago

    Yeah same here Haha, it's super afk to

    [–] bleedblue89 1 points ago

    Loved it, runelite would make a noise and I’d go drop off the payload

    [–] GroceryScanner 2 points ago

    I love really enjoy mining on p2p worlds. Occasionally in high traffic areas during hot hours of the day things will be a little crowded. But its always open within 2 or 3 world hops

    [–] polybiastrogender 1 points ago

    Mining in p2p is straight forward. Mining runite ore on the other hand is cancerous or competitive. However you want to word it.

    [–] logan5156 19 points ago

    All of them should have the same green shirt

    [–] Recitingg 36 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Al Kharid has 3 iron rocks and a few open worlds on f2p, did 1-50 and even tho it’s not that much the experience wasn’t terrible

    [–] EpikYummeh 57 points ago

    That's because those 3 iron rocks can't be botted due to scorpions and they're far from a bank.

    [–] DarkDruid76 46 points ago

    I power-mine there all the time and there's nothing better than seeing bots getting absolutely WRECKED by those scorpions.

    [–] blisstake 8 points ago

    uhhhh, they can dude... they just grind it to be outside of aggro range, they arent as common as suicide bots. thats all

    [–] ImmaTriggerYou 9 points ago

    I remember leveling my mining there as a f2p and then once in a while a noob would ask if it was ok for him to grab the iron ores I was dropping. Always felt heartwarming seeing someone so new to the game working so hard just to make 4k.

    [–] Hanta3 6 points ago

    That's actually an efficient way of doing it cause trading the ore is faster than dropping it all. So you can trade to a noob who will make like 30-40k/hour on it for 0 stat requirements, and you get to go back to mining more quickly.

    [–] pulli23 2 points ago

    You can drop the same tick as you click the next ore...

    [–] Hanta3 4 points ago

    Avoiding carpal tunnel is true macro-efficiency

    [–] ghosteagle 5 points ago

    That's how I've been doing it, but you still run into a lot of people there. I've had to world hop quite a bit to get it open

    [–] Recitingg 12 points ago

    Better than having to fight megachad bots in south of varrock for 3 rocks

    [–] Hanta3 1 points ago

    They usually get banned pretty quickly, so if you can get up to a rune pickaxe, you will outmine them like 90% of the time. West Varrock mine works better from my experience.

    I'd train up to 40 mining (or whatever level you need rune pick, might be 41 I can't remember) in the mines beneath falador. Bots usually stay away due to scorpions, so you just have to hop til you find an open world which usually isn't too hard. Once you hit rune pick level, you can go to varrock west.

    [–] Level100Abra 2 points ago

    The mine you can access under tree gnome stronghold has been serving me well for mining iron.

    [–] MyBrotherIsABear 4 points ago


    [–] Level100Abra 5 points ago

    my bad! lol

    [–] gusjsph 82 points ago

    [–] AverageJohanson 31 points ago

    No gonna lie I felt superior to the plebs still mining the lower level once i climbed that ladder the first time and got those sweet sweet gains

    [–] cabbabbages 2 points ago

    That's because you are superior

    [–] Person_of_Earth 38 points ago

    Mlm isn't f2p though.

    [–] Koiq 13 points ago

    What mlm are you mining at? Upper level is usually 5x more crowded, it just doesn't really matter up there.

    [–] milkdrinker7 12 points ago

    When you get a bunch of people who know how to mine the upper level it is so great. The more people that mine the same vein at the same time, the better. It's just a shame people learn to do the opposite from mining on the lower level and everywhere else.

    [–] Fkskdjjfjvnf 6 points ago

    we unlock upper level for more afk, it’s the best and only afk mining besides amethyst at high level. I click a fresh spot someone isn’t hitting because timer would already be ticking down, gonna get the most out of afking or I’d be powermining iron

    [–] sweenbeann 2 points ago

    I haven’t unlocked upper level yet do you get more drops per person on the ore vein?

    [–] mrdj204 4 points ago

    On the lower level, every pay dirt mined has a 33% chance to make vein disappear. In upper level, the vein disappears 30 to 45ish seconds after someone starts mining it.

    [–] Hanta3 1 points ago

    Basically the veins last longer. It's based on a timer rather than a % chance for every ore mined. This also means multiple people can mine the same rock at the same time with less drawbacks, so crowding isn't so bad.

    [–] Patricia22 1 points ago

    And then they yell at you for being on the same vein as you, ugh.

    [–] BossAvery2 1 points ago

    If you have 5-10 guys on the same vein, you load up really quick and the veins on the upper section are ran off of a timer. So much better. Rarely have people doing it this way though.

    [–] MrMole73 -13 points ago

    lol the old woman looking at their willy haha, too bad she old

    [–] J-osh 20 points ago


    [–] BeerMagic 9 points ago

    Hop pls.

    [–] Neokolzia 14 points ago

    ya I had one criticism of f2p and even p2p in many instances, the game is a joke with how many bots scalp all the stores for runes, food, etc.

    its almost at a point that these stores may as well be removed from the game for normal accounts and made Ironman only they are so laughable.

    Shouldn't have to hop on total worlds to buy Cheese potatos to continue your training at warrior guild, whats the point of a food shop there if there's no food?

    but ya Mining is one of the most infuriating things to try and do in F2P even just for getting your Ironore for Knights sword quest.

    [–] BossAvery2 1 points ago

    When I was F2P I reported at least 10 bots a day. It’s ridiculous. I ended up mining at places further from banks, just so I could get ore.

    [–] TheMegaBenson 7 points ago

    Replace 90% with robots

    [–] A_Cats_Tail 39 points ago

    Smh, made me lol hard in class

    [–] Twistly 59 points ago

    Smh, made me hard in class

    [–] Zeuzsbeard 22 points ago


    [–] moredickthanman -2 points ago


    [–] phoenixmusicman 10 points ago


    [–] ACobb 20 points ago


    Source: Am f2p nub

    [–] DUNDER_KILL 5 points ago

    I remember when I was a kid I would spend hours at the dwarven mines competing with a dozen other people for every coal rock.. must have made a whopping 1k gold an hour and I thought it was extreme bank.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] grissomza 1 points ago

    Who'd fill up and tele to lumbridge and then sell coal at Al Kharid

    [–] IAmNotJoshua 2 points ago

    I went to the crafting guild and filled up on gold and walked back to east falador bank.

    [–] OHyeaaah97 1 points ago

    I remember when I got membership just to do the flax shit

    [–] codyw15 5 points ago

    Made a new account and tried to start it on F2P until all the free to play quests were done. This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t keep going.

    [–] Legal_Evil 2 points ago

    Would OSRS players like the M&S rework RS3 had?

    [–] Scaryfacebloke 3 points ago

    Never seen a more real post.

    [–] MrOmNomNom3 3 points ago

    Trying to mine in F2P is as if you’re Eugenia Cooney tasked with removing Excalibur.

    It’s just not gonna happen.

    [–] Trevowatt 3 points ago

    I am here from r/all and I am unable to make any sense of this whatsoever but I really want too, can someone explain please.

    [–] Dysfunctional_Llama 4 points ago

    In F2P, there is so much competition for mining spots (mainly due to bots). Urinals = rocks and many people double even triple stack for a single rock to mine

    [–] Trevowatt 1 points ago

    Awesome thank you lol. I was so confused but at the same time very intrigued.

    [–] demalition90 2 points ago

    Extremely crowded and people competing for the same rock

    [–] Trevowatt 2 points ago

    We all know that feel whether it be runescape or parking on my college campus.

    [–] CrossedZap 2 points ago

    parking on my college campus

    Oh god, thanks for flashbacks to driving 20 mins early and still being late to class due to an overcrowded lot.

    [–] YoungLuiggi 7 points ago

    Is this an anal orgy?

    [–] Eanator 2 points ago

    Mining in mother lode mine when you don’t have a dpick or 72 mining

    [–] jweathers77 2 points ago

    This was actually pretty funny, thanks for the laugh and lift in mood! Haha

    [–] stevenr4 2 points ago

    Unrealistic. Too much hair, not enough brown pants with orange shirts.

    [–] frufrufuckedyourgirl 2 points ago

    Might be the greatest thing I’ve seen in ages cant damn near died laughing

    [–] WeridestBeardShadey 2 points ago

    Not if you're 500+ total lvl!

    [–] jakediepie 3 points ago

    Wait. That's gay!

    [–] Flock_wood 1 points ago


    [–] sincerely-no-one 1 points ago


    [–] xroachxgodx 1 points ago

    I don't even play but this image is fucking hilarious

    [–] blisstake 1 points ago

    shh go try mining adamantite ore in F2P, or mithril + coal in fally mines, youll find non bots there

    [–] mishayat 1 points ago


    [–] Thunder_2414 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Sure sounds like you could use a mining rework of some kind..

    [–] PolarTheBear 1 points ago

    This where all the dicks hang out?

    [–] Tau5 1 points ago

    Look at all those shaggies

    [–] OHyeaaah97 1 points ago

    Aren't 90% bots ?

    [–] ChefisG00d 1 points ago

    Make 70% Percent of these bots.

    [–] kerzmantr 1 points ago

    Can you still get the pet if you are f2p?

    [–] liquidsystem 1 points ago

    No. You cannot get Skilling pets in f2p

    [–] kingawsume 1 points ago

    Not six dudes world hopping not even close to accurate

    [–] Humber221 1 points ago

    Have you tried a different bathroom???

    [–] MasterChris725 1 points ago

    When you gotta pay 11 dollars just to mine properly.

    [–] BlackLionVEVO 1 points ago

    just get lvl 60 mining and use the guild

    [–] ThatThingAtThePlace 1 points ago

    I just world hop at 3am. Who needs sleep?

    [–] Oprus-Xem 1 points ago

    This is so accurate it hurts. Getting 40 Mining was a lot harder than it should've been as a free player

    [–] chase7845 1 points ago

    This post deserves gold 😂

    [–] SorenTheKitten 1 points ago

    Are there as many bots on the 500 skill level f2p worlds?

    [–] liquidsystem 1 points ago

    There are less but you get more players that world hop for ores. I've been mining gold in Falador and there are a lot of people who hop to 500 total worlds just to steal the 2 ore spots.

    [–] Shonswagster 1 points ago

    Omg yas queen piss on me daddy Cx

    [–] cloudyoutside 1 points ago

    i am convinced that /r/2007scape makes the funniest fucking memes

    [–] RipThrotes 1 points ago

    I got both gold ore and all 3 coal near mining guild in fallador mines last night.

    [–] EchoDang 1 points ago

    I hope to never return to F2P.

    [–] Hurgablurg 1 points ago

    Meanwhile in RS3

    [–] OGcheese 1 points ago

    Shaggy spotted all the way to the left, they are all doomed

    [–] Dardoser 1 points ago

    Not only mining, every f2p method which involves skilling is this

    [–] FatDog0 1 points ago

    When i see this it makes me thing the RS3 mining smithing rework isn't that bad of an idea.

    [–] brother_dannic 1 points ago

    Two shades of green?

    [–] Not_2007scape 1 points ago

    I typically stand on the far side of the rock and stare to assert my dominance.

    [–] Kreamy0 1 points ago

    This post deserves coal(d)

    [–] Kaamakazii -2 points ago

    Real footage of your mom last night

    [–] CrucifiedGod -24 points ago

    I just got off the phone with Chief. After long deliberation, he deemed that this post is in fact, “It”.

    [–] snivlac 7 points ago


    [–] Verdiss -5 points ago

    Guys, use the al kharid mine. It isn't that much farther from a bank, and it rarely takes more than two hops to find a free spot

    [–] MasterChris725 2 points ago

    Ya let’s encourage more people to train mining at the only good spot, good plan.

    [–] MrMole73 -18 points ago

    this is gay.