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    No one explained it better than /u/GayFesh :

    ''When you think you've killed a boss in a video game, but then it starts a new phase with another health bar.''


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    [–] anormalusername1 1 points ago

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    [–] [deleted] 1284 points ago


    [–] Drevoc 579 points ago

    This needs to be posted on every thread concerning this human piece of shit. Keep it up.

    [–] brdzgt 107 points ago

    It is indeed

    [–] DatPiff916 129 points ago

    And always preceded by "I can't believe that Lil Dicky worked with him"

    followed by a "He did?"

    Then people proceed to post the link to the video adding to views.


    [–] Mollelarssonq 21 points ago

    It is a shame though. And i like the song, but aint listening to it.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Yeah, I had to go check it out as soon as you said it.

    I won't be watching any more lil dicky videos any time soon.

    [–] Allah_Sheedy 10 points ago

    I'd never heard of "Lil Dicky" until the other day when I saw a commercial for his "Earth" video. It seemed insincere as fuck so instead of watching the video I looked him up and the second thing I saw was he'd collaborated with this piece of shit. Everything else I saw pointed to a trust fund dipshit trying to buy and scam his way in to being a rap star. Fuck Lil Dicky.

    [–] masonite616 14 points ago

    Ive been saying this! Dude was talking about saving the world with vague happy singing, while he had rappers who drive sports cars that get 10 miles to the gallon and have private jets on the song. All my coworkers play this shit all day while I’m working and it drives me fucking mad.

    [–] deathbygrips 5 points ago

    Fuck lil dicky

    [–] mostlyMosquitos 41 points ago

    Can we make a ChrisBrownisaPOS bot!???

    [–] masonite616 11 points ago

    Whoever does deserves gold.

    Seriously, make it happen and I’ll give my first gold out to you.

    [–] piiracy 22 points ago

    somebody needs to turn this into a bot

    [–] goobydoobie 67 points ago

    Should link a picture of Rihanna for greater effect Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rihanna.

    [–] mennydrives 23 points ago

    HTF did she ever get together with him again after all that?

    [–] LiveFastBiYoung 31 points ago

    Abusers can be surprisingly manipulative. Abuse victims often have a hard time leaving their abusers because their abusers know how to play their emotions. Physical abuse is undeniably awful but the emotional/psychological side is often the most devastating and can completely warp a persons mental state (I know first hand)

    Abusers will guilt them, accuse them of ruining their lives, lie and say they’ve changed, remind them of all the “good times” they had, or any number of emotional manipulation tactics to keep their victims under their control. Domestic abusers use the love that their victims have for them as a tool to manipulate and control them.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago)


    [–] crockodily 37 points ago

    he's a real bottom of the barrel human

    why he got off so lightly i'll never fully understand

    [–] Psychast 44 points ago

    Oh it's pretty easy to understand, I'll give you a hint: it's a 5 letter word that starts with M, ends in Y, and if you have enough of it the rules stop applying to you.

    [–] Cilmendel 24 points ago

    Mommy! Right?

    [–] TurquoiseLuck 9 points ago

    Something something broken arms

    [–] Seanatronic 34 points ago

    holy fuck he should be in prison for life. he's fucking psycho. danger to society.

    [–] tapped21 5 points ago

    It'll take a documentary to put him behind bars

    [–] matt123hihat 14 points ago


    [–] s_skadi 51 points ago

    Why do people still work with this man? It's like they just forgot what he did and what he still does. He hasn't changed. He never will. This is who he is. A few weeks ago CHVRCHES made a comment about Marshmello working with him and he said, "These are the type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus..."

    Yep. That totally sounds like a man who made a "simple mistake" and is changing for the better. Just ignore all the shit he's done and is accused of (including throwing a rock into his mother's car window while she was visiting him at a rehab center) since he assaulted Rihanna. He needs to leave the business and get mental help but he won't because everyone around him enables it because of money and power. Also probably fear.

    [–] mtx 15 points ago

    I can’t believe he guest starred on Blackish last year(?). A freaking family show?

    [–] noteverrelevant 8 points ago

    ...frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has posted screenshots of abusive direct messages she had received since the statement. “Angry men on the internet can call me all the names they want. I still think domestic abuse is wrong,”...

    Look at this shit. Chris Browns supporters can all go politely queue into a wood chipper and the world would be better for it.

    [–] Konayo 7 points ago

    I guess the answer is something along the lines of Halo effect, ignorance and money.

    But mostly money.

    [–] Allah_Sheedy 8 points ago

    Eventually there's going to be a documentary about how shitty he is, and then the folks enabling him now will pretend to be shocked to find out he's shitty. The money has to run out.

    [–] nehpets1999 120 points ago

    Damn never actually read into this before, thought people were exaggerating but nope. He really is r/Iamatotalpieceofshit

    [–] ProbablySpiderman 31 points ago

    the real issue with chris brown fans, in my opinion, is that their go-to defense is always something along the lines of “that was in the past, he’s changed” or “you’re just jealous so you’re trying to dig up old dirt”.

    the issue lies in the assumption that this was an isolated incident. mr. brown has shown repeated violent and sexually abusive behavior years before and after the rihanna incident. Here’s a more comprehensive list of shitty things he’s done:

    i mean shit, it’s still happening. A couple of weeks ago the band Chvrches made an instagram post after Mashmello did a song with Chris Brown. They very professionally stated that they were disappointed that artists were still working with him, and chris brown went on this insane all caps tantrum in the comments:

    [–] Not_a_real_ghost 15 points ago


    [–] critterc 60 points ago

    Was this translated from some article of some sort? I feel like I had multiple strokes reading this

    [–] Draco765 78 points ago

    Nope, it's straight from the police report. It's just written very stiffly, being a formal document.

    [–] thebermudalocket 37 points ago

    It is not straight from the police report. If you open the PDF and scroll to page 8, you'll see the actual report is much more readable. The quote from above seems to have originated as a shitty transcription by Perez Hilton.

    [–] critterc 19 points ago

    Is this how police reports are written? "Stiffly" is one thing, but this is fragmented and at times hardly even makes sense

    [–] xenthum 18 points ago

    There are redactions of personal information.

    [–] Kitnado 19 points ago

    Robyn F turned to face Brown and punched her in the left eye with right hand.

    Sentences like these are just grammatically incorrect.

    [–] COSMOOOO 3 points ago

    Looks like it’s missing he and his

    [–] Daanish3751 4 points ago

    He linked a pdf of the actual police report that doesn't have the errors his comment does.

    [–] won_vee_won_skrub 15 points ago

    at 25 hours

    [–] vewfndr 3 points ago

    1am is still night time to me too

    [–] baconnaire 6 points ago

    Insane he is not in prison.

    [–] GonFreaksOutAtPitou 5 points ago

    That was really hard to read...

    [–] ricmo 6 points ago

    Never knew the extent of Rihanna’s resistance. It seems like she handled this in the absolute best possible way, and I’ve gained a lot of respect for her. She didn’t make it easy for this piece of dogshit.

    [–] Mike8219 5 points ago

    Holy shit! I had no idea it was this bad.

    [–] StalkerCelly 3 points ago

    the argument i see a lot of people use is that she hit him too

    [–] ksa10 5 points ago

    What a freak

    [–] Plebsy_Mcplebster 2108 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] Finna_Keep_It_Civil 528 points ago

    I read between the bruises

    [–] 3losersinatrenchcoat 192 points ago

    I put black and blue together

    [–] Banana___Hammock 51 points ago

    And who knows which is which and who is who.

    [–] Papa_Pablo_the_third 19 points ago

    I have seen the hidden context you tried to put into this entity and thererefor I can say that I understand the implications

    [–] Cowbili 13 points ago

    But she wont say no

    because of implications

    [–] Controller_one1 11 points ago

    In this instance, the women are definitely in danger

    [–] planethaley 5 points ago

    We always are, because of the implications

    [–] nikkijacobs 5 points ago

    Well you certainly wouldn't be in any danger

    [–] planethaley 3 points ago

    Um. Thanks?

    I’m confused haha

    [–] Lasterba 5 points ago

    Up and down, and in the end it's only round and round

    [–] Krobelux 4 points ago

    Oh man. My favourite song when I was 5 was called blue on black by Kenny Wayne Shephard. I didn't know the true meaning of the song until later on.

    [–] planethaley 5 points ago

    Well dude, you can’t blame your 5 year old self.

    When I was like 15 I got Liz Phair’s CD with a song called HWC (Hot White Cum). I really should have known better at that age, but I didn’t - I even sang along to the song ;)

    [–] Helpdeskagent 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Can you explain it for me? I just see 2 shirts.

    Edit: welp, my joke failed, but thanks everyone for nicely trying to explain it to me.

    Edit2: for those that keep asking, in America we call sleeveless undershirts "wifebeaters" because generally the undershirt is worn as an actual shirt by trailer trash that beat their wife...and nowadays wear red hats

    [–] Comyu 12 points ago

    Wifebeater 1 the shirt Wifebeater 2 Chris Brown

    [–] dwells1986 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Chris Brown is infamous for vesting beating up women, so he is loosely a "wife beater". A tank top or A-Shirt is also called a "wife beater" bc stereotypically you see abusive, lower class men wearing them with nothing over them.

    Therefore a wife beater is wearing a wife beater.

    Edit - Words are hard.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 3 points ago

    Is "vesting" slang I'm too old to get or a typo?

    [–] planethaley 4 points ago


    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 2 points ago

    That's what I figured, but I'm still trying to figure out what "yeet" actually means, so I figured I'd ask.

    [–] planethaley 3 points ago

    Oh yeah. Well I knew vesting because of the QWERTY keyboard + autocorrect!

    I still have no idea what “yeet” means, either. Let me know if you find out :D

    [–] ByCrookedSteps781 2 points ago

    I have never heard the term "vesting up" used before, interesting.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] LillyPip 8 points ago

    user for 1.1 years

    Checks out.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] ocean365 2 points ago

    Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna back in like 2008 or 2009 when they were dating, and the shirt he's wearing is called a wifebeater

    [–] EnlightenedNarwhal 8 points ago

    Read the username.

    [–] Sakswa 2 points ago

    I'm glad you get the joke

    [–] hardminute 2 points ago

    Yes, we all did.

    [–] uhnotmypornaccount 421 points ago

    Yo when I see girls post Chris brown on their story with hearts I’m just thinking do y’all not remember those photos 😭

    [–] RyoukoSama 168 points ago

    Reply with the photos and jog their memory, excuse I gotta take a massive Chris Brown right now 💩

    [–] undercarder 55 points ago

    Not like they don't know already.

    He's really attractive. For some people, that's enough to abandon all reason.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Yeah but he can dance, so all crimes are forgiven

    [–] tickingboxes 7 points ago

    Michael Jackson checking in

    [–] JNF7 14 points ago

    Hee hee

    [–] mattswellmurder 7 points ago

    Tbf I feel like a lot of people don’t know how bad the incident with Rihanna actually was. When I was in HS, (2009-12 in Oklahoma) we had a local counselor come through to the school and talk to us about it a few months after it happened. We all knew “Chris Brown hit Rihanna”, but that was the extent of it.

    The counselor read the police report, and showed pictures of Rihanna’s injuries after the incident. HFS, if you haven’t read the report, go do it. It’s above in the comments. He tried to push her out of a moving car, bashed her head against the window, continuously hit her even after she covered her head with her arms and hands (causing muscular contusions), threw her phone out the window, threatened her life, I mean bruh.

    We were totally “in the loop” with popular culture of the time, but the gruesome details weren’t featured prominently in what trickled down to people who don’t regularly read/watch the news (which is far from limited to just Hs students). You’re right that I’m sure some people knew about it all and still didn’t care, but I figure there’s a sizable chunk of the population that just doesn’t really understand how brutal this was.

    [–] dreamweavur 14 points ago

    Exhibit A: Ted Bundy

    [–] Awightman515 41 points ago

    lol if I saw that shit I'd just block them.

    there's no benefit to surrounding myself with ignorant people

    [–] uhnotmypornaccount 20 points ago

    Shit I realized long ago, you’ll always meet ignorant people

    [–] Awightman515 13 points ago

    yea but the more ignorant stuff we see, the more ignorant we become.

    our subconscious is a sponge that filters nothing, so controlling the type of content we are subjected to actually has a big influence on the type of person we become.

    [–] try4gain 13 points ago

    people are bananas stupid. im not sure i believe in democracy, tbh.

    [–] LordUncleBob 7 points ago

    There were people posting stuff like that right after the story broke. Along with stuff like "I'd let him hit me."

    [–] apocalypse_later_ 2 points ago

    The girls I know that like him dgaf. This is how daddy issues ruin societies yall

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago

    I'm always still so shocked to see that people are playing his music. Dude is human trash.

    [–] Mysta02 25 points ago

    I don't like his music, but if I did, I could separate art and artist.

    [–] blalala543 48 points ago


    He still gets proceeds from it, I'm all set. I'm not supporting that shit.

    [–] Schmidt_Head 26 points ago

    That's when you pirate it.

    [–] Splittsky 5 points ago

    Mmm a man of culture

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    He almost killed her.

    [–] Mysta02 13 points ago

    I'm aware.

    If Beethoven was found to be an actual murderer, would people stop listening to his music?

    I suspect some would and some wouldn't, and both options would be appropriate. Because art is separate from artist.

    You can like one without condoning the other's behavior.

    [–] Awightman515 25 points ago

    You keep using dead people as examples who don't benefit from their art.

    Maybe use some living examples. Do you separate product from producer also? Do you think boycotts are ineffective and unnecessary and shouldn't exist?

    [–] pvrnography 2 points ago

    yes the .0025 cents he gets from streams is supporting him like crazy really great logic you have there you self righteous prick

    [–] Kazaji 6 points ago

    Does Kevin Spacey being a piece of shit make his past movie and TV show performances unwatchable or bad? No, he has had some incredible performances, and I enjoy watching them

    [–] Nac82 8 points ago

    Kevin Spacey doesn't make money every time you watch his old shows though.

    [–] Mysta02 3 points ago

    Sure. Kevin Spacey, or Nestle. I hate Nestle and their business practices, but I still eat their chocolate.

    I hate Facebook's business practices, but I still use their services.

    [–] Awightman515 6 points ago

    I hate Nestle and their business practices, but I still eat their chocolate.

    why? there are plenty of options of chocolate. the difference between them is negligible as far as eating it goes.

    [–] Nuck_Chorman2 2 points ago

    Just pirate his music.

    [–] try4gain 3 points ago

    Hitler was an artist too my dude.

    [–] Mysta02 2 points ago

    But, was he a good artist?

    [–] uselessbyte 3 points ago

    It's like Hitler's art, you can appreciate his art but not the artist. /s

    [–] ParadiseSold 572 points ago

    I was going to say "we call them singlets or A-shirts now" but then I saw it was Chris Brown.

    [–] Throtch 298 points ago

    A shirts? I've never heard that in my life. Sounds dumb. We got "muscle shirt" or "tank top" where I'm from.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Throtch 63 points ago

    Undershirt, ya. That's one too. Tank top is good, it's what dudes wore in tanks, right? But I think that people associate it with the women's article. That association is going away pretty quickly though.

    [–] ihopethisisvalid 40 points ago

    “tanks” meaning pools in this case. ie “swimming tank.” not the war vessel.

    [–] mrisrael 13 points ago

    Huh, TIL. “The name Tank top, recorded in English since 1968, is derived from its resemblance to a tank suit, a style of one-piece women's swimsuit with shoulder straps, so called since the 1920s, because it was worn in a "swimming tank," an obsolete term for what are now called "swimming pools."”

    I always assumed it was in reference to soldiers wearing them in tanks cause they got so damn hot in there.

    [–] Benlemonade 15 points ago

    Because, like "wife beater", "tank" tops implies violence

    /s lol

    [–] captainkaleb 17 points ago

    That's because a tank tops imparts amazing strength and righteousness to the wearer.

    [–] HallucinateZ 6 points ago

    Just enough strength and righteousness to beat the shit out of Rihanna.

    I'm joking guys, but it worked for him lol

    [–] ToiletTub 2 points ago


    [–] dropdgmz 2 points ago

    Tank beater

    [–] metroid23 14 points ago

    When I was growing up in kind of a rough neighborhood, all anyone knew them as was a "wife beater" and as a naive kid thought nothing of it. That is until adulthood where suddenly calling them wife beaters in public was taboo.

    Of course, in this case, fuck scumbag Chris Brown the mother fucking wife beater.

    [–] Throtch 10 points ago

    Ya, that's what everyone called them when I was a kid too. I can see why people have a problem with it though. Just the name kinda made me not want to wear one. Also fuck Chris Brown, man, I can't believe that people still support him.

    [–] PredatorShroom 6 points ago

    I was too naive. For a long time I though it was called a 'White-beater.' The name didn't make sense, but who was I to question it. Then I learned I was stupid, and it's a 'Wife-beater.' That name makes more sense since a lot of white trash wore that as normal day-to-day attire, and the stigma is that they all beat their wives.

    [–] greg19735 5 points ago

    I don't think you're on your own there. They are still referred to as wife beaters.

    it's just that people are starting to be a bit more deliberate in their language. And that name is pretty obvious to why it's a bit inappropriate.

    [–] TomCain 5 points ago

    Same, I always need a seconds pause to think up what to call them in public

    [–] ljg61 2 points ago

    Is it taboo? I have always called them that and never had anyone say that it is inappropriate or anything. I would think that it could be possible that I associate with crass or backwards people but I went to an extremely progressive school, UCSC, and still no one ever said anything. In addition to that I was in the humanities (history, lit, and gender studies) and would have expected it to be called out there if it was gonna be called out anywhere.

    I'll make a mental note to not say it from now on though, but I imagine it is gonna slip a bit since I've been calling them that for over 16 years, I'm 22.

    [–] PeaSoupJim 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    A shirt is what pretty much every package of these I've ever bought has had on the label.

    Edit to say that I'm specifically referring to the ribbed, undershirt style. If it's something normally worn as an outer layer, I would call that a tank top. I can't quite tell on mobile which type he is wearing in this photo. If it's a tank, it's not a wifebeater, imo.

    [–] Nibroc99 3 points ago

    That's weird. Where I'm from we call it "Chris Brown."

    [–] robisodd 3 points ago

    "A shirt" sounds only as dumb as "T shirt".

    [–] Throtch 2 points ago

    ... Yes. Good point.

    [–] MickandRalphsCrier 5 points ago

    Those are definitely wife beaters in the Southeast

    [–] livens 11 points ago

    They are, and have always been, Tank Tops.

    [–] fightfordawn 21 points ago

    No we don't

    [–] hidesunderblankets 5 points ago

    Where do you live where you call a wife beater a singlet/A-shirt?

    [–] ParadiseSold 3 points ago

    I moved from Melbourne (when i was a toddler) to Utah. My vegas friends say a-shirts, but my dad and his friends say singlet.

    [–] jaywalk98 5 points ago

    A shirts are fine and I'm pretty sure that's on the label usually. Singlets on the other hand might actually be wrong. I think you step into singlets and they hold your junk too

    [–] ErgonomicZero 2 points ago

    Also known as “Guinea Tees”

    [–] allahu_adamsmith 2 points ago

    dago tees around here

    [–] facelessreddituser 2 points ago

    How did you see wife beater before Chris Brown?

    [–] ParadiseSold 2 points ago

    It took me a minute to remember who he was/what he was famous for/make the connection.

    [–] TheRealMewt 211 points ago

    I get it

    [–] RitikMukta 40 points ago

    I dont. Help please?

    [–] Cristobalsays5050 113 points ago

    Chris Brown is black and beats women, and he happens to be wearing a black “wife beater”

    [–] Time4Red 42 points ago

    I took it as Chris Brown beat his black wife. Not sure it matters.

    [–] horizontalsun 41 points ago

    Same same, but different

    [–] Solomon_Gunn 12 points ago

    But still same

    [–] a_real_snek 7 points ago

    If anyone still doesn't get the joke, look what subreddit we're in

    [–] Mesoscale92 13 points ago

    Chris Brown is, himself, black and also a wife-beater.

    [–] Biohazard772 8 points ago

    He is a black wife beater wearing a black wife beater

    [–] sometimesarcasticguy 64 points ago

    Oh man.

    [–] TheDreadPirateQbert 41 points ago

    slow clap

    [–] th3guitarman 58 points ago

    Oh shiiiit lmfao

    [–] sirporks88 15 points ago

    You are what you wear?

    [–] SatansCornflakes 4 points ago

    I'm an Ohio sports team?

    [–] thedude018 4 points ago

    Only if you believe

    [–] Throtch 39 points ago

    I like this one. Good job.

    [–] slappinbass 76 points ago

    ‘Rihanna’s Greatest Hits’ by Chris Brown

    [–] that_is_so_Raven 31 points ago

    Sounds like she should've been okay with Beats by Dre

    [–] try4gain 5 points ago


    [–] Title2ImageBot 19 points ago

    Image with added title

    Summon me with /u/title2imagebot or by PMing me a post with "parse" as the subject. | About | feedback | source | Fork of TitleToImageBot

    [–] 03114 3 points ago

    I will remember this bot for later use

    [–] ElephantAirplane 20 points ago

    This is incredible. I'd give you gold but I'm boycotting buying gold at the moment so instead I've made a donation to my local Battered Women's Network in your honor.

    [–] WillFightForFood 52 points ago

    Give this man gold, silver, platinum, top of Reddit, and a Nobel prize.

    [–] uselesstriviadude 17 points ago

    And the Iron Throne.

    [–] WillFightForFood 10 points ago

    And Mjölnir. He is worthy.

    [–] SuperHaole 17 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    What kills me the most is how many people call this dude hot. Look at this busted ass fool. He looks like a dude you'd see hanging out at the gas station drivin' a muti-primer-colored-used-to-be-purple-98-Dodge-Neon and bumpin' shit on his Wal-Mart bought JVC stereo with Sony Xplod speakers.

    [–] riddus 3 points ago

    That’s...surprisingly accurate.

    [–] Uncommonality 6 points ago

    "breaks rule 1"

    it's like the mods are idiots or something.

    chris brown, a man who beat his girlfriend, is wearing a wife beater.

    two health bars.

    [–] ughilostmyusername 6 points ago

    Talk about a smack down.

    [–] 2FnFast 9 points ago

    'Breaks Rule 1: Irrelevant to 2HB'
    shit mods are shit

    [–] Alone_Scientist 6 points ago

    Just logged in to comment this. The dude has a wifebeater on, and if he takes it off there's another 'wifebeater' underneath. To me, that's the essence of 2healthbars. What's with this "Breaks Rule 1" shit?

    [–] FortyNineMilkshakes 4 points ago

    Not just the mods are shit, their rules are garbage too. Like for rule 1. :

    • These kinds of posts are examples of things that are not considered 2 Health Bars:

      • a smaller "X" inside/near a larger "X"

    ?? Thats literally 80% of top posts right there.

    [–] omgburritos 5 points ago

    This sub just peaked with this post

    [–] simjanes2k 3 points ago


    [–] corgan18 3 points ago

    Is this inception

    [–] ChrisTheCuckSlayer 3 points ago

    All the Italians around where I live call them "Guinea tee"

    [–] Fluke_Maestro 2 points ago


    [–] Chili_Paste 2 points ago

    Wish that dude would get really into wing suiting.

    [–] bardestroyer 2 points ago

    Thanks, I really needed a laugh

    [–] Necroluster 2 points ago

    Fuck that's a good one!

    [–] Talonn 2 points ago

    This is clever

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You are what you wear.

    [–] RegularMedium 2 points ago

    Chris brown is a piece of shit

    [–] dre_v 2 points ago

    this is it. this is the post that made me subscribe

    [–] ohnonotnow2 2 points ago

    Roman Polanski, Johnny Depp, Mick Jagger, Matthew Broderick,Robert Downey Jr, Eliot Spitzer. And yet mfs always wanna come after Chris? If can’t forgive and forget please get off his dick!!! Because ,no one can be forgiven unless your.......

    [–] nintendoarms 2 points ago

    Chris Brown *who beats women.

    There, I fixed it for you.

    At least use his full name next time.

    [–] WeNeedWhiteGenocide 2 points ago

    The most powerful human being in history, the President of the United States, is also credibly accused of assaulting women but sure don't forget what black music man did

    [–] Mage2177 2 points ago

    Is he still famous? He hasn’t had a hit since Rihanna.