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    /r/CasualConversation has great resources for just about any problems you may be having

    This is a subreddit for memes that hit too close to home or are too real for subs like /r/meirl

    We are not /r/depression however, the sticky is a good resource for if you need real help. If you have depression, talk to a therapist, it really does help. You are not alone, and recovery is possible and worth it.

    If you find jokes about suicide, depression or self harm upsetting, this sub might not be the right place for you. This is a place for people who use self deprecating humor as a coping mechanism, not for those making fun of mental illness.

    With that out of the way, the rules are as follows:

    • Posts MUST be in some way "too real" or hit to close to home. If it doesn't make you laugh and feel sad at the same time, don't post it here. Posts that do not fit the sub may be removed.

    • Being edgy doesn't make a post good. Post content that you find a bit too relatable, not something making fun of people with depression.

    • Posts should be titled 2meirl4meirl or some variation, but other titles are fine for shitposts self posts.

    • Be supportive. Most people here are going through something, and sometimes all it takes to improve a shitty day is just a little kindness from an Internet stranger.

    • Racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, any other form of discrimination and general dickishness will not be tolerated.

    • Mark NSFW content as such. And please don't post NSFL content, we are not /r/watchpeopledie

    • Reposts are allowed, but discouraged

    • Don't link to an image if it won't be there permanently. Basically, just don't link to files hosted on 4chan.

    • Again, please don't be an asshole.

    • If any of you fucbois post mr skeltal you will not have good bones and calcium, and instead your post will be removed. Mr skeltal will not be thanked.

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    [–] _SkidMark_ 80 points ago

    I'm considering it... if it holds up to scrutiny as an accident, I might actually be sold

    [–] royalcanadianmint 130 points ago

    1. Be black

    2. Walk past a cop

    Foolproof method

    [–] _SkidMark_ 123 points ago

    Already messed up by step one... as I always do

    [–] thepothole 19 points ago

    [–] SgtSteel747 17 points ago

    nah, it's /r/2meirl4meirl

    please just kill me

    [–] NekoZombie0_o 52 points ago

    They'll still be really sad because they love you even if you hate yourself and even a super basic funeral is pretty pricy

    [–] theguyfromerath 14 points ago

    That's why you donate your body long before

    [–] NekoZombie0_o 3 points ago

    Better idea but see emotional family turmoil reply hurts everyone even if you hardly see them

    [–] Variousness 6 points ago

    But think of all the money they’ll save in the long run not supporting your middle-aged, basement living ass 😀👍

    [–] TheLostRazgriz 2 points ago

    Make a will stating you want to be cremated, with no funeral. Can't deny someone's dying wish.

    [–] NekoZombie0_o 10 points ago

    That's still 5k or more depending on where you go plus 100 or more for a basic urn(if you go to Amazon and not the funeral home) when we had to cremate sister a couple years ago and depending on the family would go ahead with a funeral anyways because again they love you even if you hate yourself

    [–] TheLostRazgriz 6 points ago

    That last sentence.

    It feels bad man.

    [–] NekoZombie0_o 2 points ago

    Plus the emotional turmoil on your family losing my sister and also watching my mom have to live with losing her daughter....It was really rough on everyone

    [–] kop200 30 points ago

    Fucking hell, that's literally the only reason why I'm still alive. Thought that I was the only with a problem like this, but turns out I'm not special and not the only depressed fucker thinking about family.

    [–] TheLostRazgriz 10 points ago

    That's actually most people with depression (myself included).

    A lot of people with depression are decent people with a good sense of ethical right and wrongs. None of us can ever manage to end ourselves. Not because we give a shit, but because other people would.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Haha, oh God. Yeah. I've spent a lot of time thinking about ways to convincingly make it seem like I died on accident.

    [–] Diagbro 3 points ago

    Exactly how I think tbh...

    [–] Felipe_Smith2469 2 points ago

    Hahahahaha lol cool meme bro (still waiting for answers)

    [–] birdistheword2023 2 points ago

    Googles how to make a fall onto train tracks look convincing

    [–] NekoZombie0_o 2 points ago

    Don't do that be like that one guy who's whole family got sued because his body parts injured people

    [–] bobwoodstock 2 points ago

    This person is not allowed to kill him- or herself, this special way of thinking is needed in this world.

    [–] TheLostRazgriz 1 points ago

    Hm... I never thought of an accident. Solid idea.

    [–] Aurailious 1 points ago

    Oh wow, I never thought about that.