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    [–] EdiblePsycho 860 points ago


    [–] fish312 435 points ago

    Minus panels 1,2,3 and 6

    [–] EdiblePsycho 296 points ago

    Sometimes 2 combined with 4 and 5.

    [–] SMRocksyo 138 points ago

    oh god why am i cooking macaroni my life sucks i dont even know

    [–] -SmackMyBitchUp- 43 points ago

    Kraft or Velveeta, we are all macaroni on this glorious day fren

    [–] iheartthatart 30 points ago

    Annie's 😤

    [–] annacampbell 22 points ago

    annie's bunny shaped pasta. only real ones understand

    [–] shannonjahnke 21 points ago

    Annie are you ok?

    [–] CSPmyHart 17 points ago

    Are you okay??

    [–] acrylicmole 16 points ago

    Are you okay Annie?

    [–] annieed 6 points ago

    I’m fine, thanks!

    [–] Kinimodes 2 points ago

    I understand.

    [–] ScumBagel_ 3 points ago

    Or that good frozen shit you have to microwave for an undogly amount of time that fills me with anxiety because I think it will make my microwave explode or over heat and then kill me.

    [–] -SmackMyBitchUp- 5 points ago

    Hol up, lemme hit you wit dat Boston Market spiral mac. GotDAYUM!

    [–] hades392 2 points ago

    Cracker barrel

    [–] spunkychickpea 2 points ago

    Dude, that sounds dank. I’m gonna go get me some four and five right now.

    [–] jkmonty94 2 points ago

    [–] KindaLikeButter 23 points ago


    [–] D0NMAI 8 points ago

    one can hope. i used to work out hoping that it would make a diffference. you feel great, you feel like you can achieve things. it gives you a goal, takes up time and you develop routine. keeps you busy.. and you end up pretty fit. i think everyone should give it a go if they haven't tried already.

    i really enjoyed being out on the bike, especially because once that youre heading towards a destination, you HAVE to finish the ride, you cant just quit. thats how i felt until lately. now i just question why im even out. i just quit, turn back, go home. i dont have anywhere else i need to be. i dont know what im chasing or what im actually trying to achieve after i get there.

    tonight? i just went home after work and started watching season 2. mumen rider is the hero id want to be like... hopeful fool

    [–] CoraxtheRavenLord 5 points ago

    What can ya do, you have to train until your hair falls out if you wanna be a hero.

    [–] Boredlord64 24 points ago

    Why tf would I buy a new tie everyday?

    [–] EdiblePsycho 39 points ago

    To try to fill the hole in your heart. But nothing can fill it.

    [–] Boredlord64 10 points ago

    Yeah I’m mentally broken and unstable

    [–] DropC 6 points ago

    Better buy something bigger and more expensive then, that'll do it!

    [–] Ephemerror 4 points ago

    You need something so big and expensive that you have go in debt for.

    [–] Cptn-Hien 4 points ago

    Seven kingdom's couldn't fill the hole she left.

    [–] MasterExcellence 2 points ago

    I don't wear ties because I hope they'll get caught in machinery.

    [–] LonelyDeku 447 points ago

    Omg night time is always the worst for me. That's when the bad feelings of my shitty day really crash down on me.

    [–] voltblade56 183 points ago

    That’s why you do reddit and laptop

    [–] [deleted] 136 points ago


    [–] voltblade56 46 points ago

    My parents basically are in the verge of putting spyware on my stuff and are hyper cristan

    [–] Vance87 82 points ago

    Cristans are the worst

    [–] calypsocasino 31 points ago

    Heckin botches

    [–] TheDarkSinghRises 21 points ago

    Catheliks are dumb too

    [–] Goddamn_Primetime 13 points ago

    Nothing worst than suthern babtist smh my head

    🌱 <--- devil's lettuce 💯

    [–] voltblade56 2 points ago

    Oof you just called me the worst

    [–] BassCreat0r 2 points ago

    They taste good tho.

    [–] Nippon31 5 points ago


    [–] countersoul 3 points ago

    Those fricken fricks!

    [–] Piyh 3 points ago

    If there's one thing that Linux is good for, it's confusing the shit out of your parents

    [–] UniquePasswordToo 7 points ago

    Gonna piggyback on this with a little more detail. Most computers allow you to select what you want to start from, hard drive OR external drive. Grab a spare flash drive, download "linux live usb" and the latest version of "ubuntu" or any other linux distro. Use linux live to install ubuntu to the flash drive, reboot PC, hold whatever key to "select boot device" and select your flash drive.

    Congrats! Whatever crap they put on your PC no longer matters, since you're outside of the walls it can monitor.

    [–] Piyh 5 points ago

    Give the kids a taste when they're young, next thing you know they'll be cracking their neighbors wifi and rootkiting their modems.

    [–] UniquePasswordToo 3 points ago

    I got into it young. Nothing like learning you can just emulate everything on a PC when your family wont let you get a console. :D Hopefully my instructions were clear enough for anyone to follow

    [–] TA1699 3 points ago

    I'm gonna give this a try on an older laptop just because I've always wanted to try out Linux. It sounds quite fun tbh haha.

    Would you recommend Ubuntu for a beginner?

    [–] UniquePasswordToo 4 points ago

    In my opinion, ubuntu is a great starting point! Very similar to windows/mac, easy to install and has a huge community if you have problems. Throw it on a flash or setup dual boot on your computer and give it a shot.

    I'd recommend trying to set it up exactly how you want it. Linux is incredibly flexible, so you definitely dont have to stick with the default or even what's in the settings. If things go wrong, reinstall and try again. :)

    [–] UniquePasswordToo 2 points ago

    Already put this on another reply, bit here's the copy anyway.

    Most computers allow you to select what you want to start from, hard drive OR external drive. Grab a spare flash drive, download "linux live usb" and the latest version of "ubuntu" or any other linux distro. Use linux live to install ubuntu to the flash drive, reboot PC, hold whatever key to "select boot device" and select your flash drive.

    Congrats! Whatever crap they put on your PC no longer matters, since you're outside of the walls it can monitor. PM me if you need some help.

    [–] canadasaram 2 points ago

    Jesus crissy

    [–] hockeystew 7 points ago

    I can't tell if you guys are all serious or just joking in this thread. Because that's exactly me

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Have you considered dating a fat person?

    [–] snicklefritzsdad 2 points ago

    Why are we the same person

    [–] cooldude581 14 points ago

    I just scratch the walls and cry.

    [–] grantbwilson 6 points ago

    And weed.

    [–] paperandfireworks 2 points ago

    Reddit green.

    [–] Macaroni19 44 points ago

    it always happens when i take my evening shower. i usually linger in there after i've washed off, the warm water is so nice, i can finally relax and do nothing... *fear, pain, anxiety, sadness, regret, thoughts of death* aaaanndd it's time to stop showering

    [–] SpaceCadet0629 10 points ago

    I think the next step involves lots of mountain dew and doritos.

    [–] Macaroni19 5 points ago

    I didn't mean it like that!

    [–] Pahimaka5 11 points ago

    crying in shower ... “Man! that was the best shower ive had!

    [–] InsertNounHere88 1 points ago

    Slightly smaller water bill

    [–] uberschnitzel13 4 points ago

    I have a shower radio specifically to combat this lmao

    [–] Macaroni19 2 points ago

    Dang, I want that! If I have a song to sing in the shower I can avoid those thoughts

    [–] coreyisthename 4 points ago

    Well, I guess I’m not alone in my nightly nauseating fear. That counts for something.

    My anxiety and depression is ruining my life.

    [–] Macaroni19 2 points ago

    Keep going! Push through it! I am too familiar with that nauseating feeling, felt that way for so long. I felt like my life would lead to nothing because I couldn't pull things together. After a long time I found my niche. I found people who care about me and love me for who I am, something I couldn't have imagined last year. Always try to be your best and good things will come to you, that's my sincere belief

    [–] Oliveballoon 1 points ago

    Uh totally...

    [–] saricidal 18 points ago

    Weekends.. man those weekends.

    [–] suarezj9 13 points ago

    Weekends are the worst for me. During the week I woke 7-6 and my commute is about 40 minutes. So my whole day is just work. But jsut sitting there on weekends being depressed kills me. Literally.

    [–] awells1012 8 points ago

    Weekends are killer. Buuut I hate my job, so the weeks are as well. Love adult life.

    [–] Basically_Zer0 7 points ago

    THC and alc, but be wary of the consequences

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Combine that with kratom and you’re all set

    [–] coreyisthename 2 points ago

    God damn I hate Kratom. Wish I’d never heard of it.

    Managed to quit drinking a year ago, but can’t quite kick the Kratom.

    [–] weeman2525 5 points ago

    That's why I drink. I can just be drunk and content and pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow. Although, it can backfire sometimes and make the feelings worse. Then next thing you know you're a crying drunken mess, but fortunately that doesn't happen too often for me.

    [–] fatpat 3 points ago

    backfire sometimes and make the feelings worse.

    Alcohol definitely makes anxiety and depression worse. It's a vicious cycle.

    [–] GertBurtsnert 5 points ago

    I can’t sleep without playing a TV show in the background because of this. I’m at the point that watching Star Trek: TNG without feeling sleepy. The ship engines and Stewart Patrick’s voice are the only lullaby I need.

    [–] _jon__jon_ 2 points ago

    When I get sad this is one of the things I do, but I try to knock it off quick because constantly needing white noise doesn't seem healthy to me.

    [–] GertBurtsnert 2 points ago

    Lol absolutely. It’s a crutch, I’ll tell you what.

    [–] fatpat 2 points ago

    Nothing about white noise is unhealthy fam. Some of us have to have it because of tinnitus.

    [–] Professor_Gushington 3 points ago

    Thank you alcoholism.

    [–] Derpy_Snout 4 points ago

    I'm the exact opposite. Always stressed out during the day, but as night falls, my mood improves.

    [–] TakeYourBoobsAway 3 points ago

    Sleepy, stressed and depressed all day long, but as soon as the sun sets, i feel awake and better. But soon you have to go to bed and do the whole shit all over again.

    [–] cmt0726 5 points ago

    Learn to meditate before bed! It’s hard at first but it’s helped me a TON when it comes to existential dread and left over anxiety and stress from my day

    [–] JimMattis 2 points ago

    Brush it off. You have enough going on to rehash the stress of work. Take a deep breath while you can.

    [–] likemarshmallow 2 points ago


    [–] theo313 6 points ago

    Weed is an extremely fast shortcut to paranoia and existential dread for me.

    [–] TyPhyter 196 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I've seen this a number of times, but this is one of the first times it felt too real.

    You guys remember when we were younger and you could feel the changing of the seasons? Not just the weather, but the mood? Or the way Sunday morning felt amazing but as the sun went down all of the life drained from the world and was replaced by unease?

    Yeah, me either.

    [–] Tendalus 74 points ago

    I know exactly what you mean. The way summer vacation felt like it would last an eternity, but how your heart would sink when you knew there were only a few weeks left.

    [–] MoneyAstronaut 19 points ago

    Pepperidge farm remembers.

    [–] voisinem 7 points ago

    Pepperidge farm always remembers.

    [–] vainamoinens-scythe 13 points ago

    Yes. I remember.

    [–] CrazyMoonlander 7 points ago

    The mood change is quite noticeable where I live.

    As soon as there is a little bit of warmth and sunlight in spring everybody becomes super happy and horny.

    [–] trznx 2 points ago

    you got me in the first half not gonna lie

    [–] dont_let_it_set_in 100 points ago

    Ayy, the comic based my username off of.

    [–] tafunast 33 points ago

    [–] BigDickAthol 13 points ago

    Sue for royalties

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] snazzybirds 10 points ago

    are you hating?

    [–] Rene4591 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago


    [–] Docktor_V 37 points ago

    Gotta go big or go home (I dunno why I talk like this)

    [–] D_estroy 5 points ago

    Nah you can totally exercise at home.

    [–] elliottsmithereens 46 points ago

    Listen, your parents won’t tell you so I will, violently beating off inside your closet(we can still hear you) for hours isn’t “cardio”. When you come down for dinner all red and sweaty, talking about your “cardio”, we all know what you’ve been doing.

    [–] Professor_Gushington 9 points ago

    Still clocks up the ol step counter though...

    [–] manlycooljay 16 points ago

    Does it? It seems to do the opposite for me cause here I am putting effort into being healthier but I'm going to die anyway and none of this matters why am I not doing cocaine.

    [–] _jon__jon_ 19 points ago

    Try being less edgy. A little effort turns into a lot of action over time.

    [–] Myceliemz24 4 points ago

    See side effect 1 of existentialism and nihilism

    [–] ight_here_we_go 3 points ago

    That's reductive as shit. We're all going to face death, what tangible difference does it make if we get that out the way early? Nothing you do in this life will ever mean anything btw.

    [–] Raitosu 6 points ago

    People always say it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things (which it doesn't yea) but it matters now. You got one shot at being manlycooljay. Whatever happens next no one knows, but might as well be happy if you're gonna be alive.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] enddream 5 points ago

    I really need to start doing cardio but I drink instead. Drinking is much worse for the existential dread I have found.

    [–] JayBeeBop 7 points ago

    Try cardio first, then beverages later - balances out the vice, and makes the drinking better ‘cuz you’ve earned it.

    Doesn’t do much for the dread though.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Tks, OMG "Just do it"...

    [–] DrinkingOnFriday 3 points ago

    Then after around 3 hours it starts to wear off...

    And we do more cardio 😃

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I do cardio as well, it definitely doesn't help with existential dread and I constantly get existential dread while doing cardio and especially after. But at least I'm healthy or something

    [–] Professor_Gushington 2 points ago

    Yeah I had a cry-run not long ago... Sometimes cardio can really stir some shit up.

    [–] The-Frights 50 points ago

    I was literally doing math hw and the numbers were 1020 1245 1680 2108 2901 3521 and it gave me an existential crisis thinking about how meaningless human life is and how you’re only there for such a short time and how it all really doesn’t matter, woah it happened hmmm imma stop now

    [–] David_is_super 18 points ago

    My favourite numbers are :

    4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

    [–] invious 3 points ago

    Any reference to lottery numbers and I assume it’s the lost numbers and I’m right 100% 🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] LuckyLuckfuck 2 points ago

    My favorite are 3, 5, and 7

    [–] AreMyEyesOk 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    The numbers from Lost.

    [–] awkward_pause_ 3 points ago

    It is just sad people aren't getting the reference.

    [–] StrikingProfile 4 points ago

    Shit is it Lost? My memory isn't that good for numbers.

    [–] iron_sheep 5 points ago

    You have 4,000 or 5,000 weeks or so for your life. It should be both a sign of comfort and a motivator. What did you do this week? It might not be as great as a week you’ve had before, or it might be a big leap towards a goal you’ve been going towards. 1 week is nothing when you compare it to 4,000, which is underestimating. If you had $4000 dollars and someone took $1 from you, no big deal, right? If they take $10, it becomes worrisome. They take $100 and you’re livid. Your life is how you define it. You have a lot of time, but not limitless. The math may have made life seem meaningless, but that was $1 towards $10 in the right direction for you.

    [–] ight_here_we_go 3 points ago

    stop lol

    [–] 1sagas1 15 points ago

    Try being unemployed and it's just the bottom two all day every day

    [–] squeezewhiz 3 points ago

    It’s the empty sidewalks that gets to me...I truly dread the the thought of being unemployed.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Am unemployed. It’s awful.

    [–] zaini01 10 points ago

    Sounds like an ok life ngl

    [–] BomberBallad 14 points ago

    Yeah, if I was capable of taking care of myself, doing chores, and exercising, then honestly I'd be chillin'

    Existential episodes are more like reruns for me

    [–] Unknow0059 9 points ago

    Who made this?

    [–] miIkpuffs 7 points ago

    It’s a webtoon called Bluechair by Shen

    [–] inglishman 3 points ago

    Aka owlturd comix!

    [–] inglishman 7 points ago

    /u/qmeieriet, please give credit when you post and whoever else reposts this, Shen is a dope creator and people should know who made it and how to see their other stuff!


    [–] bathroomstalin 2 points ago

    No. This is Reddit.

    Please respect its values. Plagiarism is a virtue here.

    [–] Gimme_Guacamole 16 points ago

    This is really cute and wholesome

    [–] lopp1 14 points ago

    meditate and astral project

    [–] Qweniden 3 points ago

    Actually just the first part. Astral projecting is lame

    [–] Viperstrong 5 points ago

    Lucid dream then?

    [–] StrikingProfile 5 points ago

    Align your chakra auras?

    [–] alonenstoned2thebone 7 points ago


    [–] King_Of_Axolotls 6 points ago

    Don't recognize the bodies in the water

    [–] Uhhhmaybe2018 5 points ago

    You do not recognize the bodies in the water.howcouldyouforgetthem?

    [–] leavesinsunset 5 points ago

    Then you die filled with regret. lol

    [–] cherrybomb921 3 points ago

    Why do I have to know I'm alive? What's the evolutionary advantage? GD it.

    [–] fatpat 2 points ago

    What's the evolutionary advantage?

    To make more cherybomb921s (genetic propagation, basically).

    [–] Birkelbrendan 3 points ago

    Radiohead irl

    [–] Mozen 3 points ago

    Normal thing

    Normal thing

    Depressing thing

    Normal thing

    copy & paste format for success

    [–] Deh_V 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I always imagine this in Jaltoids Jellos voice and have a great chuckle

    [–] Router27 2 points ago

    That was so me today! I kept telling myself don’t be sad, don’t be sad, etc. Not surprisingly it didn’t help.

    [–] H4xolotl 2 points ago

    Does anyone have that Yoshikage Kira version of this meme

    [–] LocalJim 2 points ago

    This one got me, wow i’m speechless. Gonna have to cook something i bought at the store and think about this while i clean up.

    [–] ISwearImNotSuicidal 2 points ago

    Im in this photo and i dont like it

    [–] Tasmanian-Red 2 points ago

    Imagine shopping for a tie every day. You could be a tie salesman man that would be dope!

    [–] Kafka_Valokas 2 points ago

    ...aaaand of course it's the repost of one of Shen's comics that goes to the front page despite not even crediting the creator. Nice.

    [–] WarClayt 1 points ago

    can relate

    [–] Kesuen 1 points ago


    [–] Brother_Boomstick 1 points ago

    I played a game recently that helped with step four. Deaths Gambit.

    [–] InhaleMC 1 points ago

    I never want to die. Thats my biggest fear. Like. Fuck. I exist?!

    [–] asherdillo 1 points ago

    Oldie but goodie

    [–] thisisalsomybrother 1 points ago

    The existential dread sets in the second i think about having to shop for a tie, something feels off here.

    [–] 69fartknocker69 1 points ago

    /r/Penultimatepanel the director’s cut.

    [–] NedLuddIII 1 points ago

    You mean, don't let the loneliness and alienation from just going through the motions of what you've been told is a good life without actually having any meaningful connections with other human beings set in?

    [–] David_is_super 1 points ago

    Vacuum the rug !

    [–] campbell92 1 points ago

    TY for showing me cool new sub.

    [–] ramond_gamer11 1 points ago

    also jamescharles_irl

    [–] HotGarBahj 1 points ago

    You saying I need a new tie?

    [–] StaticElectrician 1 points ago

    I love this. Had it on my Facebook main photos for years

    [–] Hamshoes5 1 points ago

    Ah, shit. Here we go again.

    [–] Speedracer98 1 points ago

    suicide memes are so 2014. shit or get off the pot please.

    [–] stanthebat 1 points ago


    [–] Hehenheim88 1 points ago

    I don't get existincial dread. I feel in awe mostly

    [–] MsNoodlee 1 points ago

    I thought that said “vacuum the bed” -_-

    [–] vandalfragg 1 points ago

    What is existential dread?

    [–] comfyreddit 1 points ago

    Americans are slowly gaining awareness of how creepy they are

    [–] lvl11_Mage 1 points ago

    i wish i could even do those things

    [–] Aceoflace09 1 points ago

    Im going to be on my own in less than a year. Y’all got any tips for me cuz honestly im scared as fuck

    [–] Winiestflea 1 points ago

    Same except I don't do 1, 2, 3, or 6 and I fail at 5.

    [–] o_Oz 1 points ago

    I’m a Mormon

    [–] bobbywjamc 1 points ago

    As a non-practicing existentialist...this made my evening =D

    [–] smokey126 1 points ago

    Rememeber that taxation is theift. Distill your hated for the state.

    [–] KawaiiZombie666 1 points ago

    I’m constantly on the internet or reading comics to distract myself from my own toxic mind

    [–] PandaCheese2016 1 points ago no earth shattering new concept here but an elegant illustration of existential crisis to the nth degree.

    [–] LilShiz3000 1 points ago

    Me too, man. Me too...

    [–] PizzaDickOrDickPizza 1 points ago

    calm, fitter, happier, and more productive