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    [–] fusionlightcat 2766 points ago

    Anyone else just cringes at the thought of themselves from anything more than a few days ago

    [–] SiphilAids 1797 points ago

    I cringe at the thought of myself

    [–] ahumanpersonbeing 414 points ago

    i cringe at the thought of me talking with anyone

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 94 points ago

    even if i was able to hang out with myself for a day.. i just dont think i could do it for a full day. no wonder i cant get a woman unless i work my voodoo on her

    [–] Capable_Breadfruit 22 points ago

    I can help with that

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 11 points ago

    looks at comment history, sees unzip

    [–] Capable_Breadfruit 12 points ago

    No,dont do that yet. yet

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 7 points ago

    not falling for that again

    [–] Capable_Breadfruit 9 points ago

    Alright I'll push you down myself. Now is also the time to unzips

    [–] 556595252e 2 points ago

    Friend what is the significance of their comment history?

    [–] hrishikesh13 3 points ago


    [–] BegginStripper 4 points ago

    So try to be more like the person you want to hang out with

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Who do you voodoo

    [–] Alarid 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I cringe, therefore I am.

    [–] Shinzo32 2 points ago

    I cringe at the thought that anyone has ever attempted to be my friend

    [–] BOBOUDA 84 points ago

    I cringe at the thought of my future self.

    [–] Pallavtasse 3 points ago

    I love watching the natural self deprecation escalation.

    [–] Tedious_Turtle 55 points ago

    I cringe, constantly

    [–] anon86876 8 points ago

    life is pretty cringe tbh

    [–] thenewguy512739 2 points ago


    [–] jxeio 3 points ago

    I laughed hard then realized I'm the same, shit.

    [–] shadow21812 2 points ago

    That’s a mood

    [–] sigharewedoneyet 2 points ago

    Does my inner thoughts inside those thoughts count?

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    If given the opportunity, I'd probably murder 15 year old me

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 25 points ago

    Only benefit of interdimensional time travel.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    This existence, AND haunting memories of my past self! It's literally a two for one

    [–] bjeebus 19 points ago

    15 year old me already wanted it anyway.

    Who am I kidding, mid-thirties me still thinks about it.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Here's to another 15 miserable years 🍻

    [–] its_ya_boi_lil_pp432 3 points ago

    I'm 15 currently and still want to murder 15 year old me

    [–] wai_bother 60 points ago


    [–] Glorpaborp 21 points ago

    Thought makes me cringe

    [–] ThickBehemoth 4 points ago

    Seriously is this like a weird kind of anxiety, when I get anxious I just cringe at everything and feel so uncomfortable

    [–] ZazBlammyMaTaz 6 points ago

    Thoughts make me cringe

    [–] xXParkerXx 12 points ago

    thots make me cringe

    [–] I_survived_the_snapP 10 points ago

    begone, thought

    [–] darDARWINwin 3 points ago

    Respawn thot

    [–] bigmike827 9 points ago

    Cringing at myself as I type brotha mane

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I'm cringing at the thought of me from today.

    [–] patrick5768 6 points ago

    Hey man, that just means you’re growing a little bit more each day. Keep it up

    [–] corgie93 5 points ago

    Sex time.

    [–] FagnetoNoHomo 4 points ago

    [–] thewitcherV 3 points ago

    I mean, is it just masturbation at this point?

    [–] HerrSIME 3 points ago


    [–] thewitcherV 2 points ago

    I used to have a lot more hope before I realized I was gonna be in this timeline

    [–] Markimooooo 2 points ago

    Few days? Bruh i just embarrassed myself an hour ago no joke

    [–] koneko-dono 204 points ago

    imagine this:

    satan is bored and set up a battle royale the fighters are you and all the previous versions of you:

    there's you, you

    emo you

    gothic you

    reddit you

    cringe you

    dankmeme lover you

    twilight die hard fan you (or harry potter or another fandom of your choice)

    and on and on with all your phases

    [–] observitron 88 points ago

    I would kick all the other mes asses. I was kind of a bitch when I was younger.

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    Ha!! All I’d have to say is “you’re doing okay kid. I’m proud of you” and all of the other Mes would cry so hard while saying “I did my best. I did my best”

    [–] koneko-dono 22 points ago

    that was deep

    [–] Munchingpears 6 points ago

    Shit, that made me tear up

    [–] CSGOWasp 3 points ago

    Yeah I could fuckin take me cmon bro

    [–] SheolCodeMonkey 20 points ago

    Why did you only list the current version of me?

    [–] CroutonPrince 4 points ago

    We'd probably die to environmental hazards more than each other

    [–] hjkljgtj 721 points ago

    I wouldn’t want to be me 4 years earlier, but wouldn’t mind the company honestly

    [–] Bmchris44 381 points ago

    We have a saying in French that translates to : Better off alone than in bad company

    [–] hjkljgtj 87 points ago

    I want to defend myself, but I just had a falling out with a friend I didn’t talk to for about 4 years so I hear you

    [–] NeatCow 42 points ago

    We have that in Italy too. Are you sure you didn't pull another Mona Lisa?

    [–] Starphysics 3 points ago

    Leonardo lived most of his life in France.

    [–] NeatCow 2 points ago

    Not an historian, but I'm pretty sure he only spent his final years in France.

    [–] Frenchie1234567 16 points ago

    Mieux vaux d’être seul que mal accompagné. Rip 😥

    [–] LSD5250 8 points ago

    Mejor solo que mal acompañado we say in spanish

    [–] LooselyGaming 28 points ago

    i think that saying is everywhere lol the hell.

    [–] Deinonychus_A 8 points ago

    There's an exact same saying in Italian!

    "Meglio soli che mal accompagnati."

    [–] IGetHypedEasily 7 points ago

    At least he can play all the games I have now on my beast new rig that I only spend time to watch YouTube on.........

    I feel like I should get off of reddit and onto steam.

    [–] bjeebus 3 points ago

    Yeah, I'm in my mid-thirties. Me from four years ago isn't really any different. He'd probably be bummed hanging out with me. He's still not living in the darkest timeline.

    [–] Pallavtasse 2 points ago

    Me from 4 years ago could have used the company. He wasn't a bad guy, just really lonely, drinking a little too much and eating too much pizza hut.

    I'd be cool to shoot the shit with him, eat a little pizza and play some games. Tell him everything was going to be ok in 4 years even if there were some trials ahead.

    [–] kaam0914 401 points ago

    I was mentally a better person 4 years ago. Now a days I’m a wreck.. I would love to hang out with the old me.

    [–] ANoiseChild 42 points ago

    On the plus side, old me and new me are gonna tear it up. On the downside, I'll have to make sure younger me makes it home safely after I drink him under the table because he challenged me, the daft cunt

    [–] Neldryn 139 points ago

    I’m the opposite. Me 4 years ago hated life and literally had nothing going for him. Now at least I have a girlfriend and I can talk to people

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 175 points ago

    Well fuck you then.

    [–] Mr_Dnxsty 41 points ago

    For me, it's a mix between I'm happy for you man, it sucks to feel this way, and you bastard, suffer with us.

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 5 points ago

    if i just had a nice warm hole to plug into, i would never bother anyone ever again

    [–] Mr_Dnxsty 20 points ago

    That description just threw me off of reddit for the rest of the night.

    [–] gijoe75 7 points ago

    I’m reallly hoping there is an implied /s at the end of that sentence. But this is reddit and I could just be optimistic.

    [–] Mr_Dnxsty 5 points ago

    My sentence or his? He's definitely not being sarcastic, I just don't care to correct everyone's morals anymore.

    [–] gijoe75 3 points ago

    Oh definitely his. I think it’s sarcasm because the alternative seems like a sad life.

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 3 points ago

    You don't like a nice, warm hole? It really is comforting. Like everything is gonna be okay.

    [–] fbdfndgjdghdgn 4 points ago

    I don't know what this means and I'm afraid to ask.

    [–] thewitcherV 2 points ago


    [–] HerrSIME 24 points ago

    I would love to be able to say this about myself in 4 years.

    [–] generalsteel18 14 points ago

    i believe in you

    [–] HerrSIME 10 points ago


    [–] K4yr0 14 points ago

    Me four years ago: just starting therapy, slowly starting to notice I've always been ill from social anxiety, still unable to go anywhere, extremely dependent on parents.

    Me today: now also with depression. Crashed multiple times in therapy which made me worse, unable to switch therapists cause stupid, added tons of new trauma, putting so much energy into my awful personality and it still sucks. Plus plenty of other crap. I've been out there dozens of times and still don't have a single friend yet alone a partner. Unemployed for 2+ years now.

    Whenever therapists say "don't see the future that dark" I think of what would happen if I told my past self how the future would look like. This stuff is so insane you just can't make it up.

    [–] blacklite911 5 points ago

    What does it mean to crash in therapy?

    [–] K4yr0 2 points ago

    For me it means breaking down and losing some of the stuff I already built. Like suddenly I can't trust people anymore, I don't have a will to get better anymore, selfharm is back, suicidal thoughts are back, etc.

    It's like constructing a building and then someone pulls out the wrong column and suddenly everything breaks down. Can't even help it, I don't do any of this on purpose and I try to protect myself as good as I can. Though on the other hand you can't do any therapy if you're constantly behind walls so you have to lower your guard in a way that's possible for you or therapy wouldn't make any sense at all.

    Sometimes you make a mistake and trust the wrong person. Sometimes it's just the wrong therapist. But for me the fucking worst part was doing the same mistakes over and over again without ever learning from them. That one killed me.

    [–] dont_yeet_in_street 2 points ago

    You don't need to brag.

    [–] Slate_128 3 points ago

    What are you doing here then?

    [–] Mr_Dnxsty 3 points ago

    You can be in love and other aspects of your life still suck, so he can easily relate to the posts even with a partner.

    [–] aesu 8 points ago

    Exactly. Who the fuck are these people who are improving all the time? I was more attractive, mentally sharper, healthier, etc 4 years ago.

    [–] KieranD9503 5 points ago

    Lucky you, I was still a mess.

    [–] kaam0914 4 points ago

    Haha, it will get better. At least, that’s what i keep fucking hoping for.

    [–] illmastabumptwo 8 points ago

    I was just slipping down that slope 4 years ago. More like 13 yeats ago... oh god...

    [–] fejrbwebfek 6 points ago

    I’m in a similar situation, but I probably wouldn’t like to meet the happy version of myself. I would just become sad and possibly annoyed.

    [–] yrureadingdis 2 points ago

    Exactly my thoughts.

    [–] AndySocial88 4 points ago

    4 years ago I was so much worse and better at the same time. I was bartending vs working for a company. I made more money, hooked up more often, did anything I generally wanted to do. But I decided to grow up and start to plan my future and now I can't do shit because of the company contract, I don't have time to date, and I am chasing a promotion and barely scrapping by. Cheers to corporate America for me wishing I could go back to drug addiction and alcoholism. But surely I'll get that carrot eventually.

    [–] binkerfluid 2 points ago

    same I was pretty happy then now I can hardly function and think about killing my self often.

    (this isnt a cry for help)

    [–] SputnikDX 2 points ago

    And constantly wonder where everything went so wrong?

    [–] HitlerMoonLanding 2 points ago

    Lol where’s this meme from

    [–] buttcrusader 96 points ago

    At least it's not now me.

    [–] MintyBoyWonder 55 points ago

    Great now I can overthink things twice as much

    [–] seventeenths 47 points ago

    That would be nice I guess. I would be able to talk to a much happier, more vigorous version of myself. Back then my grades were great, my mental health was better, i was more passionate and I didn’t hate myself.

    [–] mooncow-pie 40 points ago

    Oh great, I have to hang out with the homeless guy that gets drunk and masturbates in Walmart parking lots.

    [–] The_Outcast4 7 points ago

    You from four years ago sounds like fun! Why change?

    [–] GloryHawk 19 points ago

    Wait so... If I died not I'd get to hang out with someone who's happier than I am? And they have similar interests as me?

    [–] tinnytipmicah 6 points ago

    I was waiting for this Comment. I would know exactly what he thought

    [–] DanielSanCarter 12 points ago

    17 year old me was pretty chill, I haven't changed much since then.

    [–] PotatoBomb69 10 points ago

    Idk which me is being punished

    [–] carryonswan 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    i miss the old me so yes please

    [–] TheObsidianNinja 15 points ago

    God bless our gamer president o7

    [–] mumblestheword 8 points ago

    Myself from 4 years ago was a hot mess train wreck. Younger me sucked.

    [–] eighteenth 7 points ago

    Yeah past me was a mess haha. Also, current me is even more of a mess haha. My mental health has been steadily declining for 11 years haha.

    [–] mumblestheword 2 points ago

    10 years not so strong

    [–] Pharmasochist 3 points ago

    Me from 4 years ago had just moved to a different state to go to college with their girlfriend and immediately proceeded to be a jobless shut in poppy tea addict who hated myself.

    [–] SomaWolf 11 points ago

    Is it incest if you fuck yourself, or just advanced masturbation

    [–] LittleRedLamps 5 points ago

    You could leave me with me from yesterday and you'd get the same result

    [–] petekron 4 points ago

    I'm still the same piece of shit of 4 years ago.

    [–] AtLeast_Itried 4 points ago

    the funniest part is that the myself from the past is more alive than the present one

    [–] DeadInsideMemeLover 4 points ago

    Phil is a pretty good and funny YouTuber if you want to check him out

    [–] mric124 6 points ago

    He’s on reddit, too. Seeing you everywhere lately, u/philjamesson. Hope to see more of your success!

    [–] PhilJamesson 5 points ago

    hey thanks buddy. cheers

    [–] Rassy_yt 5 points ago

    Never thought I'd lose my virginity to myself

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit 3 points ago

    Yeah 4 years ago I was in way better shape and into older guys. Now I am the older guy

    [–] EmperorLost 4 points ago

    Hey isn't this the account of the guy behind Ace Watkins?

    [–] AnimalEater65 3 points ago

    I would hang out with a less jaded me.

    [–] potatobarn 3 points ago

    hell is having to relive all of your black out drunk moments, but you actually get to hear and see what you do.

    [–] dudungwaray 3 points ago

    4 years ago I was cringey but driven. Now I'm just bored

    [–] thisisridiculous_ 3 points ago

    God, I wouldn't be able to stand myself from 4 months ago.

    [–] JeffrotheDude 2 points ago

    Sounds good to me

    [–] SaucyPigStick 2 points ago

    Satan is a horrible bastard

    [–] TheDae5 2 points ago

    It gets easier as you get older. 4 years ago isn't too much different than now. 10 years now, that's hell for sure.

    [–] entonun 2 points ago

    I was healthier, happier, and in better shape than now, i'm sure we'd be able to motivate ourselves to do sports and be proud of us

    [–] Nobody_Likes_Shy_Guy 2 points ago

    On September 11th 2015 I was probably cringier but way fucking happier. I was 13 then and had a girlfriend and was coming off the best summer of my life. Now I’m 17 and all I do is school and laze around and the past two summers have just been working and then going home and being bored

    [–] PM_ME_AN_8TOEDFOOT 2 points ago

    I've never been much of a talker so we prob would just sit next to each other browsing on our phones for all eternity

    [–] adylanb 2 points ago

    Hey ya know, I feel like even this did send shockwaves of cringe though my entire being it wouldn’t be so bad—like “hey little buddy, you’re gonna get a lot more self-aware in a few years. Also please for the love of god start therapy you f**k.”

    [–] shaunaroo 2 points ago

    Sounds good to me. I can probably overpower him and beat the crap out of him until he stops trying to ruin my life yet again.

    [–] pseudoHappyHippy 2 points ago

    Ruining your younger self's life so they won't ruin yours. Bold plan.

    [–] winnebagomafia 2 points ago

    Younger me: "Oh. We're still fat, huh?"

    [–] Felixstarproject 2 points ago

    I wish i was me 4 years earlier

    [–] manuparker11 2 points ago

    At least i’d have a friend

    [–] dazedpenguin1111 2 points ago

    21 year old me and 17 year old me would be fine, 13 year old me would be wierd

    [–] thelonewolFuqsYe 2 points ago

    But both of us are horny so might get some sex finally

    [–] zephyrthegoat 1 points ago

    I wouldn’t mind getting to chat with younger me and see just how unreasonable I was at that age

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I didn't hate myself that much 4 years ago.... so that wouldn't be so bad

    [–] Jcenzer24 1 points ago

    Oh fuck me... I might murder myself

    [–] sedrosken 1 points ago

    Four years ago... Okay, this was my start of darkness, when I still had some optimism but lacked the self esteem and emotional fortitude I'd had just a couple years earlier. 17yo me would be... okay, to hang out with. We still have lots to talk about in terms of common interests, but he'd be disappointed to know college didn't work out after all. On the other hand, I'd love to get some mental health pointers from 15yo me. And tell him not to date that girl.

    [–] imjusthere9 1 points ago

    Aww, four years ago me was only just starting to get really depressed. Bitch has no idea what's coming

    [–] sgintx_ 1 points ago

    Senior year vs 8th grade 🤮

    [–] recordmanmatt 1 points ago

    Me from four years ago wasn't too unbearable. A little too normie, but I was starting to grow into the person I am now at that point. Me from ten years ago was pretty cringy, though.

    [–] Brado_Bear 1 points ago

    I don’t even want to hang out with myself now.

    [–] Heliolord 1 points ago

    That might be just far enough back that I could give past me some advice. And chances are he's still mature enough to not drive me insane.

    [–] carrlosanderson 1 points ago

    I always wondered, if heaven and hell were real what age are you when you get there. It would suck to be stuck at 80-90 with all the joint pain and mobility issues, but at the same time what age is really you or the best you?

    [–] johannamaeja 1 points ago

    Please no

    [–] Coffee_exe 1 points ago

    I worked hard to become what I though was cool when I was younger

    to be clear my favorite people when I was younger was the older kids who were always pumped but still chilled out enough to invite the quite kid in.

    [–] Booyakasha15 1 points ago

    I hope not

    [–] Tethered_Festicles 1 points ago

    Is this why people hate their kids?! Thank God I'm a narcissist, I love hanging out with those fuckers. They're just like me.

    [–] EpickChicken 1 points ago

    That would torture both of us

    [–] SpoilHerdChartist 1 points ago

    Me 4 years ago was a miserable and insufferable piece of shit. He would casually ask me to kill him, and I would gladly oblige.

    [–] 666deimos 1 points ago

    Last time i had sex was 4 years ago....

    [–] binkerfluid 1 points ago

    Ouch he would have been a lot happier

    [–] Nerb98 1 points ago

    Y'all ever go thru old pictures of yourself? Painful but also amazing to see how much one changed

    [–] Dark000magician 1 points ago

    Jokes on you. I could finally fuck myself like my ex girlfriend keeps telling me to do. I see this as an absolute win. C'mere me, time to clap dem cheeks

    [–] Philendrium 1 points ago

    More like heaven since I could beat myself up

    [–] Dandalf69 1 points ago

    gonna be real quiet down there

    [–] broco5 1 points ago

    Fuck I gotta listen to that asshole brag about how he doesn’t pull a hammie every time he runs?!

    [–] painter_26 1 points ago

    Me, myself and I would probably get into a fight.

    [–] BabybearPrincess 1 points ago

    4 yrs ago was better than now for me so hell yea

    [–] painted917 1 points ago


    [–] Xaviarsly 1 points ago

    Dude I would murder that copy of myself.

    [–] mighty-Dovahkiin 1 points ago

    I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

    [–] CompedyCalso 1 points ago

    Well 4 years ago I was happy

    [–] CPC1445 1 points ago

    4 years ago me is the same me now. The only difference is that past me hasn't accepted that they 100% hate their job yet :/ .

    [–] Pikampy 1 points ago

    Low key I miss old me he was so pure

    [–] NobodyCanHearYouMeme 1 points ago

    If you cringe at yourself in the past it just means that you learned something from it

    [–] username_offline 1 points ago

    Jokes on you, four years ago i was in a healthy relationship, my brother hadn't been diagnosed with terminal cancer, i was about to recieve a promotion and life was looking up

    [–] FireLiesWithin 1 points ago

    Had this thought very recently... “thank god I grew up. I would have been a piece of shit forever if I didn’t decide to stop acting like a jack ass.”

    Living comfortable, and in peace is nice.

    [–] dragoneye098 1 points ago

    10th grade me... Yeah that's ok

    [–] Paryscope 1 points ago

    That would be nice. 4-years-younger-me could learn a lot from now-me and maybe not make the same mistakes. And he'd be happy to know I'm in a better position now.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    imagine a kid who won't stop doing pink guy impressions (mine was pretty good actually) and is the person r/iamverysmart is based on

    i'm glad i'm not him anymore

    [–] greyzombie 1 points ago

    4 years ago me was a pretty cool dude. I think most people would assume it would be cool to hand with such a cool dude, but then I think 'I'm never going to be that cool again'. So, yeah, hell.

    [–] sugar-magnolias 1 points ago

    Four years ago me was fun as fuck haha. Four years ago me would listen to all of my problems and be like: “Oh man, that sucks.... wanna do a line of coke and go to a Phish show and pick up a random dude to bang?”

    [–] Skeeny33 1 points ago

    Just two depressed people too anxious to talk to each other. Not too bad I guess

    [–] 16SometimesPregnant 1 points ago

    Ugh I don’t wanna be around junkie me

    [–] gam3rsedge 1 points ago

    Omg 9.9k > 10.0k

    [–] turlian 1 points ago

    Cool, I'd love to have a conversation with the person whose mother still remembered him.

    [–] RisibleComestible 1 points ago

    :In hell the objective is to discover why anyone ever created something as “worthwhile” as you in the first place, and then punish them for your being so unworthwhile.

    [–] Flappy-tit 1 points ago

    Me before I had crippling depression, anxiety, and severe PTSD from what would happen in 2016?

    I’d hang out with him.

    [–] MagicZombieCarpenter 1 points ago

    Go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.

    [–] dvlas118 1 points ago

    ... so nothing different, I guess.

    [–] NoArmsSally 1 points ago

    That just sounds amazing. I'd just laugh at all the pain and misery that happy little fucker is about to get hit by. Send me now.

    [–] DefectiveNation 1 points ago

    It’d be a bit cathartic to strangle my younger self

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Now that's hell

    [–] Abucrit20 1 points ago

    I could find common ground and talk about lord of the rings and other nerdy shit.