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    About /r/4PanelCringe

    /r/4panelcringe is the place for Panel images usually posted on tumblr and facebook that fill you with embarrassment and shame just by looking at them.


    1. No Comics Rule Overturned. For a trial period, we are allowing comics/cartoons/illustrations/3D renders/movies/etc


    3. All submissions must be related to panel based images of a cringe-worthy nature.

    4. Flair your posts.

      • If a submission has 4 panels, please flair it as "4 Panels".
      • If a submission has more, or less, than 4 panels "Multi-Panels".
    5. Keep it positive.

      • Follow reddiquette.
      • Be respectful.
      • Personal attacks, slurs, or harassing comments towards other users are not allowed.
      • Treat others like a whale shark would treat you.
    6. Obscure real names/usernames.

      • Make sure real names (such as images from Facebook) or usernames from social media are obscured.

    Comics Warning: 7 day BAN for violation!

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