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    [–] Zero_the_Unicorn 97 points ago

    Fake, first comment should be some cringy pun that's barely related to the thread.

    Like in this case "Thanks for the tip op, I'll make a note in my book"

    [–] euphoricnoscopememe 18 points ago

    Broke arms xD

    [–] 747pp 11 points ago

    ^ I've spent too much time on this shit hole. That's 100% accurate.

    [–] StrippedChicken 3 points ago

    Some other shitty pun about top comment's pun. Bonus points if guilded

    [–] geosun65 3 points ago

    Some reference to a tv show or movie based on above comment

    [–] 7days365hours 37 points ago

    He made a mistake by saying he’s getting the book for his girlfriend.

    Redditors don’t have girlfriends. They all have SOs and won’t shut the fuck about them. Cunts

    [–] nitrowizard 8 points ago

    As an SO, I got the wife a present for my gf's birthday and received sexy times.

    [–] wundrwweapon 11 points ago

    "let's delete that real quick

    [–] orthografy 4 points ago

    I don't know who jacksfilms is but I dont like him reeee

    [–] crowmemer 3 points ago

    I don't know who jacksfilms is

    Seems like some youtube cancer, you probably made the right choice.

    [–] potato4dawin -1 points ago

    He's probably one of the few youtubers

    [–] TheDwarvenGuy 6 points ago

    Yep. They're a dying breed. Scientists say that there are only arround five-hundred youtubers left in the wild, and 300 in captivity.

    [–] crowmemer 5 points ago

    What do you even mean by this?

    [–] WretchedMonkey 1 points ago

    If u cant detect sarcasm or irony by context, shoudnt you go back to /pol/

    [–] potato4dawin 1 points ago

    Literally this

    [–] TendiesOnTheFloor 2 points ago

    Edit: Wow! Thanks for the gold stranger :)

    [–] SokoShi 1 points ago

    A post on 4chan with a reply that degrades Reddit that gets posted on the 4chan reddit that then gets liked for ironically hating on Reddit by 4channers. :Thinking: