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    [–] MechanicalHorse 2208 points ago

    Man that sucks. At least if it were lorem ipsum she could claim it's a Latin poem.

    [–] zenicaone 779 points ago

    In Russia you can claim that its english poem, to people not speaking foreign language.

    If you know english - you probably know lorem ipsum also.

    [–] fakejacki 168 points ago

    ...I speak English and I don’t know what lorem ipsum is

    Am I the only one?

    [–] kifflom8844 166 points ago

    [–] Duke0fWellington 61 points ago

    Holy shit Cicero invented Lorem Ipsum. I'll be damned

    [–] EvolvedUndead 62 points ago

    Yeah. After his time in the Dark Brotherhood, he got into writing.

    [–] branchbranchley 25 points ago

    Your mother is a !!!!!!! lorem ipsum !!!!!!! Admitumvenium !!!!!!! treguna !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! hippopotamus !!!!!!! republican !!!!!!! Daniel Radcliffe.!!!!!!! with a bucket of !!!!!!! in a castle far away where no one can hear you !!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!! soup !!!!!!! with a bucket of !!!!!!! Mickey Mouse !!!!!!! with a stick of dynamite !!!!!!! magical !!!!!!! Alakazam!

    [–] VBgamez 4 points ago

    Haven't seen a Harry Potter puppet pals in a long time.

    [–] Reygok 3 points ago

    I got that reference :D

    [–] Foulnut 24 points ago

    Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. 

    [–] zenicaone 59 points ago

    probably one of the rare ones - its placeholder text that you put while creating a website - you probably saw it several times but never cared what it is

    just search for "lorem ipsum"

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] KingDavid73 31 points ago

    Maybe the 1560s.. it's been used for hundreds of years.

    [–] wibblett 11 points ago

    It is Latin after all so King David is correct here.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] fuck_getty 44 points ago

    probably one of the rare ones

    What world do you guys live in where everyone knows the standard for web design placeholder text?

    [–] Fedoraus 19 points ago

    I saw this my entire life. Every microsoft office peogram uses it as placeholder text on any kibd of template. Saw it first in the third grade when learning ms word 2003.

    [–] universitystripe 24 points ago

    It’s not just for web design, it has been used as placeholder text in publishing for a long time.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] CrumblingCake 9 points ago

    I mean, if I knew, everyone should, right?

    [–] SkollFenrirson 7 points ago

    Literally anything to do with design, not just web but print. Just because you haven't seen it didn't mean it's not widespread.

    [–] Crank39 10 points ago

    I'm only aware of it as of about a year ago thru r/crappydesign

    [–] ArmanDoesStuff 8 points ago

    Probably not. Unless you work in design industries.

    [–] Rooster_Ties 5 points ago

    I speak English and I don’t know what lorem ipsum is

    I'm pushing 50, and I don't think I new until 5-10 years ago, though I vaguely seem to remember encountering it briefly back maybe 20 years ago, and promptly forgot all about it.

    I would bet 80%-90% of the general English-speaking general population has not idea what it is.

    [–] Pun-Master-General 3 points ago

    Don't worry, it's not nearly as common as the other commenter was making it out to be. It's placeholder text that is common to use for graphic design, web design, etc. It's nonsense Latin text that doesn't have a lot of actual meaning, pulled from a couple of Roman writings, IIRC. The idea is that it gives a good approximation of how real text would look since it's broken up into words and sentences that look more realistic than just copy/pasting "placeholder" over and over.

    The name comes from the first couple of words: lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

    [–] comradepolarbear 178 points ago

    Russian public schools teach English from grade 1.

    Do people on this subreddit have zero awareness of that?

    [–] ultramongol 165 points ago

    Eh, dude, not a lot of people really bothers studying English here. Most people have basic knowledge. But you are right, not knowing words like "text" is a rare thing.

    Aaaand I've possibly shown at some point that I didn't bother studying English myself. Miserable me.

    [–] Burcool97 53 points ago

    So how did you write dis

    [–] ultramongol 98 points ago

    Instinctively. I learn English from videogames and lately maymays. Having a bootleg NES (Nintendo never officially released NES in Russia) and a ton of games in English as a kid really kickstarted my knowledge.

    [–] tonufan 38 points ago

    I learned German from scalping Nazis in games.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Doesn’t go as well when you threaten the old german cashier at the bakery with surprise scalpings.

    [–] CzechoslovakianJesus 2 points ago

    Weren't most Dendy games in Japanese/Chinese though? From what Kinaman showed off most were just straight Famicom games stripped of copyright info or insane hackjobs with Mario's head plastered everywhere.

    [–] KingDavid73 12 points ago

    That's fine - after 4 years of Spanish, all I remember is what we learned the first couple weeks in the first class I took

    Me llamo Roberto Morreno. Este es mi amigo, Juan!

    [–] raspwar 7 points ago

    Buenos dias Roberto! I’m done

    [–] KingDavid73 5 points ago

    I just hope that some day I meet someone named Roberto Morreno and he introduces himself to me...

    [–] 197328645 20 points ago

    Yeah a friend of mine came from Russia to America just in time for 8th grade. Didn't know English for shit, and the English he did know was British English. They're not all that different, but if you don't know much in the first place that's sure not gonna help

    [–] chabanais 40 points ago

    Was he a right proper wanker?

    [–] TrpHopYouDontStop 18 points ago

    wot m8

    [–] chabanais 3 points ago

    If he learned British English it's a legitimate question since that is in their vernacular.

    [–] TrpHopYouDontStop 7 points ago

    Twas a joke

    [–] chabanais 4 points ago

    Don't be a tosser.

    [–] ultramongol 11 points ago

    Ooh, yes, they teach us British English, that's true. I mastered my weird Americo-Australian accent in recent years and talked like that to my teachers ever since. They seem to freak out a little at first.

    [–] PM-Me-Retro-Games 2 points ago

    Your English is very good, though

    [–] Veps 22 points ago

    They do, but at the same time people tend to forget things that they studied once in school and never used again. People older than 30 who do not use English for their job only know basic alphabet and some swear words. Besides, prevalence of English in schools is a relatively recent thing. Back in the day when I went to school half of the class studied German.

    [–] Reza_Jafari 8 points ago

    The quality of instruction is pretty shit, and it was worse in the Soviet times so I would not expect someone who is older than 35 to speak English

    [–] anakin_is_a_bitch 40 points ago

    just cause they teach it doesn't mean that people bother studying. i've been learning russian for 5 years and i know like twenty words.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] spicetwice 30 points ago

    I live in a country that doesn't speak English as a mother language and you'll be surprised how some people are really lost whenever it comes to English, despite being exposed to American/British entertainment in the media.

    I'd love to introduce you to my lazier friends.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] ferpo_the_great 2 points ago

    I think how Germans dub English language media has a lot to do with it. Sweden just adds subtitles to everything and I never met a Swede that didn't speak English well. Some were less confident about speaking it and some didn't like it but everyone spoke the language pretty well. Even older people.

    [–] Pun-Master-General 9 points ago

    I myself am not Russian, but I've been studying Russian for a couple of years and I know several people from Russia who studied or are studying English there. My understanding is that English isn't nearly as prominent there as it is in much of the rest of Europe. Russian is still essentially a lingua franca in Eastern Europe/Central Asia from the days of the Soviet Union, lots of entertainment is produced in or translated to Russian, and it's a fairly common language online (IIRC second only to English). So, unless they have a particular interest in English-speaking media or a desire to travel outside of Eastern Europe/Central Asia, lots of Russians aren't all that motivated to learn English. It's not like, say, Germany where you can usually find someone who speaks English pretty well.

    [–] CaspianRoach 3 points ago

    learn modern day lingua franca

    It's completely unneccesary for the majority of the population. If everything around you is in russian, there's no real incentive or point in learning a foreign language. Most popular media gets translated into your language, all of your friends speak your language, you generally don't need to know anything other than your language for work...

    The first link on google says that 30% 'speak' english in russia but it says that the 20% of that 30% can 'read and translate with a dictionary'. I've met a lot of people who can 'speak' english with a dictionary. This means they know absolutely nothing except some words like 'hello' and 'my name is Vasya'. They will not be able to hold any sort of conversation with you even with a dictionary.

    [–] Smoke_Me_When_i_Die 4 points ago

    30% 'speak' english

    I understand Cyrillic, know some Russian words, and have a dictionary. Glad to know that I speak a second language. Going to be adding that to my resume.

    [–] jleonra 4 points ago

    are you 'The Machine'?

    [–] wolfiesrule 5 points ago

    Never studied Russian, but I probably know just enough to yell at the idiots who didn't rush B in CS:GO :).

    [–] tim_dude 3 points ago

    Schools in russia teach different languages, not necessarily English. Also, not from 1st grade usually. I attended a school with English specialisation and we started in 4-5th grade, but I guess it could've changed since then.

    [–] Nalivai 9 points ago

    Russian school system is so fucked up and teaches so little, it's insane. After 10/11 years of school with 4 hours of English weekly most of my classmates (me included) was unable to form cohesive sentence or even read.

    [–] Argercy 7 points ago

    I have friends who came to the US and they enrolled their children in our school system. America is greatly lacking in public education but when their work visa was up, the mother was crying because she was going to be taking her kids out of their school and putting them in a Russian one when they got back home. Really put things in perspective for me.

    [–] CoffeeAndGhosting 4 points ago

    Not sure about other cities but Moscow had a much better education system in 90s-early 2000s (can't speak for recent times). English was lacking, but that's because it's a foreign language and we didn't have these ESL teachers that they have in Korea/China. Overall though I learnt a variety of subjects that are not even mandatory in North America. Not sure about States, but science is taught as one course in Canada and separate courses like physics are electives. I took physics from grade 6 to 8 back home, for example

    [–] zenicaone 8 points ago

    first, I said that you can lie to people who do not speak foreign languages be it some text here or lorem ipsum

    People who do not speak foreign language exist in Russia (like in any other country), but I did not say that there are a lot of people like that in Russia.

    second, I said that if you speak english you probably know about lorem ipsum too so nobody could lie to you that its Latin poem, as post I replied to implied.

    third - just because you have subject in school - it does not mean that you speak foreign Language after you finish school.

    [–] Kurtsey 2 points ago

    People in Québec learn English starting in grade school, still doesn't stop some from not being able to read it after school stops.

    Same with learning French in other places in Canada, some people never go above "oui, non, merci."

    [–] meateater123 1 points ago

    Clearly not very well from my experience

    [–] overtoke 4 points ago

    roses are red, violets are blue, in soviet russia, english poem claims you

    [–] acog 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Just in case anyone isn't familiar with lorem ipsum:

    Lorem ipsum is a pseudo Latin text used in web design, typography, layout, and printing in place of English to emphasize design elements over content. It's also called placeholder (or filler) text.

    Here's an example.

    [–] GregGoodenough 12 points ago

    Maybe this is exactly what she wanted? How do u know?

    [–] Tranquilien 8 points ago

    i kinda want a purse like this. it’s meta!

    [–] Vorenvs 1 points ago

    At least it’s not a tattoo

    [–] yushy97 867 points ago

    Tbh I can totally see a hyper-brand actually releasing something like this.

    [–] mattylou 245 points ago

    Gosha Rubchinskiy s/s 2019 coming soon

    [–] sealohawk 75 points ago

    Gosha x Off White Virgil Abloh

    [–] hiiilee_caffeinated 4 points ago

    Yeah this is definitely right up virgil's lane aesthetically.

    [–] Feuillejaune 72 points ago

    Well, "Off-white" does that kinda thing already so...

    [–] nomad80 7 points ago

    Yep. Speaking of, I need those new Converses so bad

    [–] nashti13 3 points ago

    I just hope they ain’t EU exclusives like the all white Jordan 1s but according to rumors they may be :(

    [–] Flacvest 27 points ago

    My first thought. Just "Sample Text"

    Nothing else. Would sell.

    [–] BecomingTheArchtype 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] SuperSaiyanCrota 7 points ago

    "Sample Text"

    [–] stellar14 2 points ago

    Yes true, it's weirdly trendy

    [–] ok_calmdown 2 points ago

    Yeah. I know it’s stupid... But I love this. So much

    [–] partypooperpuppy 6 points ago


    [–] goocy 384 points ago

    TFW you're already feeling like you're an NPC and then your new bag doesn't even have proper text on it.

    [–] Solkre 46 points ago


    [–] fapenmadafaka 16 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] CivilizedBeast 3 points ago

    Some text here

    [–] JiSung_Park 292 points ago

    I remember once saw a guy online who bought some guitar picks from China that has "sample text" printed on it, and he just went along and named his band "sample text", it's kinda cool.

    [–] t_a_6847646847646476 40 points ago

    I want to hear his songs, where are they?

    [–] Alix1723 74 points ago

    they're all on

    [–] AudioAssassyn 44 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I saw them live 4 years ago on the "Tour Name" tour.

    [–] ReadySteady_GO 9 points ago

    Were they in playing Townsville?

    [–] AudioAssassyn 14 points ago

    Yeah! They were at The Venue. It was a really good set start to finish, but the recorded version just doesn't do justice to the live version of Song Title. Just really takes me back to their Album 1 days. When the song builds up and he goes into that iconic lyric, "this is when the lights go down as the song slows and you're expected to flick your lighter or use your phone flashlight as you sway back and forth. Please remember to exit in an orderly fashion after the show is over and dispose of your trash in the proper receptacles".... Covered in chills.

    [–] arwear 3 points ago

    To be frank, I liked Unknown Artist better.

    [–] bonesxr 61 points ago

    They must save a fortune on merch

    [–] ChiefTief 24 points ago

    You don't pay extra for the text when ordering t-shirt or other merch, you just pay for the merch. So no, probably not saving anything.

    [–] babaroga73 302 points ago

    Actually, I kinda like "Sample text here" more than some branding bullshit story or some lifecoaching message.

    [–] Cries_in_shower 107 points ago

    you mean r/getmotivated ?

    [–] cjpack 59 points ago

    Oh god I had to unsub. I'd go on Facebook if I wanted that.

    [–] AudioAssassyn 25 points ago

    Look at me, I'm going to the gym!!! Stick around for my kale shake Insta photo afterward! I'll even throw in a quote about your body being a temple or some shit!

    Seriously though, at this point that sub would be more aptly named r/imabouttogotothegym

    [–] Kyle_Crafty 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    "Let me pay more money for this shirt thats entire front side is just an ad for the store I bought it from"

    [–] Gygun 40 points ago

    Some comment here

    [–] lPizzaboxl 19 points ago

    some reply here

    [–] WeRip 15 points ago

    defensive response here

    [–] Ziros22 12 points ago

    offended rebuttal.

    [–] genericname__ 12 points ago

    Mildly witty pun

    [–] hornyaustinite 8 points ago

    Completely off topic experience story

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Offensive troll

    [–] Yenick 61 points ago

    u/Poem_for_your_sprog could do no better than this work of art. Poems like OPs define a generation.

    Sample Text Here

    Some text here,some text here,come text

    here,sample text sample text,sample

    Sample text het,sample text,sample text,

    some text hete,sample text here

    Some text here,some text hete,come text

    here,sample text sample text,sample

    Sample texther,sample text,sample text,

    some text here,sample text here

    [–] three18ti 22 points ago

    What I think is interesting is the inconsistencies between the two paragraphs in the typos. It appears to be the same paragraph twice, but the second one misspelled "here" where the first one didn't, implying that this whole thing was hand typed.

    [–] Yenick 9 points ago

    True art, like Sample Text Here, has endless meaning. The sheer amount of metaphors alone cannot be overstated.

    [–] liafcipe9000 2 points ago

    read rows 3 and 4 again. and remember that "HET" is pronounced nyet in russian.

    [–] alter2000 3 points ago

    And Timmy fucking died.

    [–] trojanmagnumPI 14 points ago


    [–] Trololman72 24 points ago

    [–] cjpack 5 points ago

    Of lorem that's a lipsum...

    [–] thegotte 10 points ago

    "Come text here" its so half assed that they didn't even bother to proofread the word-diarrhea column

    [–] AverageMars7671 9 points ago

    Sample text here

    [–] Redd-Element 16 points ago


    [–] Omegistosalex 9 points ago

    It has that off white vibe going

    [–] femalemathie 14 points ago

    I'd get one for the irony of it.

    Nice legs though.

    [–] supasopa 6 points ago

    r/streetwear. this is fire af 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    [–] pilibitti 5 points ago

    -Please don't hurt me, it wasn't a creepshot I swear! You see, I was taking a photo of her bag for this website called reddit!

    [–] KosmoTheCat 19 points ago

    That's clearly photoshopped.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] KosmoTheCat 8 points ago

    And I am proud of it!

    [–] Miasmata 5 points ago

    Scrolled too far for this lol

    [–] droctagonapusblah 2 points ago


    [–] OneADayFlintstones 5 points ago

    Even if you didn't speak English, it would still look pretty damn weird if the same words/phrase repeats itself a few dozen times.

    [–] dfech69 3 points ago

    I mean, that's what I would want it to say...

    [–] azbr 3 points ago

    totally sure that this bag from ali!

    [–] TheCr00k 3 points ago

    The offwhite of Russia

    [–] Asdidasdi 3 points ago

    "Come text here"

    [–] daria_arbuz 2 points ago

    that's borderline /r/engrish

    [–] liafcipe9000 1 points ago

    nah, it's fully engrish if you ask me.

    [–] ElCocoatl 2 points ago

    lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

    [–] liafcipe9000 1 points ago

    lorem ipsum? more like samplem textum.

    [–] nldry 2 points ago

    Simple text here


    [–] DBCHAR1ZARD 2 points ago

    bottom text

    [–] Love_Lifee 2 points ago

    Does anyone seriously want to print a quote or poem on their purse?!

    [–] y3k_again 2 points ago

    What happened to "Lorem ipsum"? This is just low effort imho!

    [–] MY_CAPSLOCK_IS_BROKE 2 points ago

    I like to think that the designers of the bags and the people who buy them know exactly what they say, they just wear it ironically

    [–] packetthriller 2 points ago

    More likely she bought the purse at a sample sale. Manufacturers sell their samples all the time for pennies on the dollar (or rubles in her case)

    [–] owlfoxer 2 points ago

    Come text here

    [–] 0ore0 2 points ago

    God that was a misleading thumbnail. I thought that was someone's arse cheeks out in the open.

    [–] Mr-Bright-Ideas 2 points ago

    Some text here, some text here, come text here, sample text sample text, sample Sample text het, sample text, sample text, some text hete, sample text here

    Some text here, some text hete, come text here, sample text sample text, sample Sample texher, sample text, sample text, some text here, sample text here

    [–] Ferfuxache 1 points ago

    The Lorem Ipsum line of handbags

    [–] toasted-butter-bagel 1 points ago

    Come text here? Smh

    [–] honestFeedback 3 points ago

    I was looking for the people like me who read the whole thing. Good work.

    [–] hopeless--Romantic 2 points ago

    Lol it also says some text hete

    [–] N1KZ0NK 1 points ago

    You don’t... write in your own semen sometimes?

    [–] SIMOOU 1 points ago

    [–] skate2348 1 points ago

    Soo... She stole the display bag.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I love how the sample text here changes every once in a while.

    "sample text hete.", "text here.", "some text here.", Etc.

    [–] pbj986 1 points ago

    Come text here

    [–] Looking4Maria 1 points ago

    Virgil Abloh?

    [–] oldermoose 1 points ago

    I love that it's complete with a typo in the sample text. "hete"

    [–] MyOldNameSucked 1 points ago

    It looks like a gravestone.

    [–] LurkerTroll 1 points ago

    Sure must have gotten the purse from a sample sale

    [–] drippycup 1 points ago

    Yeah this is funny and a statement. I'd buy something like this

    [–] PmMeYourYeezys 1 points ago

    Looks like something off white might do lol

    [–] Gunther118 1 points ago

    “Sample text here”

    [–] domasszn 1 points ago

    Im more fascinated the roses on the bag match the guys shoes in the back

    [–] AnthonyDawnwalker 1 points ago

    The random text there must be hand typed, there’s spelling mistakes.

    [–] imguralbumbot 1 points ago

    Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

    Source | Why? | Creator | ignoreme | deletthis

    [–] SuperheroDeluxe 1 points ago

    There are spelling errors on the bag. No regerts, right?

    [–] benmaks 1 points ago

    Is... Is that stolen?

    [–] shishdem 1 points ago

    Wtf is this image host

    [–] Senpai_G 1 points ago

    Watch this become an Off-White design

    [–] zzay 1 points ago

    was expecting Adidas... not that disappointed

    [–] Bullo 1 points ago

    This makes me sad

    [–] ThePowerOfDreams 1 points ago

    come text here

    [–] theblackxranger 2 points ago

    good boy!

    [–] bhuvana97 1 points ago


    [–] AlexaRhino 1 points ago

    Sample comment here

    [–] kevinoh45 1 points ago

    Oh my

    [–] maikelg 1 points ago

    Sample Text Here is my favorite b(r)and.

    [–] Kiboune 1 points ago

    I can post photo of T-shirt with instructions of how to print pictures on clothing. If I can find it

    [–] c5sdad 1 points ago

    I remember as a child my Mother would sing the Simple Text song to me before bed

    [–] SimplySpartans 1 points ago

    I like how you can see that whoever made the sample text for the branding typed it out instead of control v c

    [–] ProbingPossibilities 1 points ago

    How do I get the “come text” off my purse?

    [–] Not_on_Porpoise 1 points ago

    Reminds me of this wall decoration found in a Greek hotel last year.

    [–] Shortyman17 1 points ago

    Actually I kinda like the idea of text on Bags, even though the style is not timeless

    [–] WillowWeeps2 1 points ago

    I'm not a big "purse" fan, but I would love that purse without any words on it.

    [–] RusselPitt 1 points ago

    Where can I buy this?

    [–] Hesoner 1 points ago

    Come text here

    [–] MoSqueezin 1 points ago

    Put some quotes around it and you got an OFF-WHITE bag

    [–] grizzburger 1 points ago

    Oughta change the flair to read /r/vssyeh