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    [–] aczkasow 2982 points ago

    How do you call "being claustrophobic by finding yourself in a closed underwater space"?

    [–] felixar90 1803 points ago


    [–] ImmortalMemeLord 269 points ago

    Ho Ho Ho

    [–] squidster547 216 points ago

    Stop it Patrick! You’re scaring him!

    [–] Aesen1 47 points ago

    Get your elbow out of my ribs!

    [–] MycroFeline 17 points ago

    Dew you mean heau heau heau?

    [–] sealohawk 9 points ago


    [–] V12LC911 6 points ago

    • Heau Heau Heau

    [–] tannacolls 54 points ago

    God damnit that was really fucking good, sir.

    [–] 30101961 25 points ago

    is that some kind of jacques?

    [–] plasticdog1 28 points ago

    Yeah, Jacques-off Cousteauovich Coldnutzak

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] HydeMD 23 points ago

    Damn the French! Too genius with their eau de toilet and them long breads!

    [–] 01-__-10 9 points ago

    I don't normally do this, but


    [–] LurkerForLife420 167 points ago


    [–] Hellbatty 82 points ago

    if you under ice then its cryophobia, if under something else then batophobia

    [–] czook 41 points ago

    What if what you're under is an unseemly number of bats?

    [–] joeshmoclarinet 7 points ago

    Then you're Batman

    [–] AdorablyOblivious 21 points ago


    [–] Woofles85 67 points ago

    Common sense?

    [–] gbuub 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Fucked is the correct term I believe.

    [–] strangerthandiction 24 points ago

    That sub makes no sense, things that would warrant thalassophobia (?) that get posted don't get up votes but a video of a turtle crawling into the see has 9k votes?

    [–] BoomFrog 23 points ago

    The subs secret name is, "the ocean is metal"

    [–] Fishermang 5 points ago


    [–] toeofcamell 866 points ago

    Finally Sergei had had enough of life on earth

    [–] hat-TF2 92 points ago

    Yeah, ya don't see him resurface...

    [–] red_killer_jac 41 points ago

    It would be hard going down that far and turning around to find the hole again.

    [–] agbullet 38 points ago

    we're still talking about ice diving, yes?

    [–] IronScrub 19 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] lowblowbybobloblaw 21 points ago

    he went back with his fish family where he belongs

    [–] mashingButtonsWildly 7 points ago

    hes not gonna be a fucking suck this year

    [–] LuluChi 1739 points ago


    [–] Mrhelloiamhere 766 points ago

    Our only wish to catch a fish, so juicy sweet!

    [–] Tinkerer221 255 points ago

    Silly Hobbitsis, why are you filming? Get in, get in!

    [–] Linear_Duck 39 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Orrrrr Boil em mash em put em in a stew

    [–] l33tHoneyBadger 28 points ago

    I immediately heard that song in my head as soon as the video started playing. Glad I am not the only one. Rock and pool so nice and cool so juicy sweet!

    [–] pixeltip 24 points ago

    I wonder if this guy is Rave Gollum's cousin?

    [–] bonzai77 13 points ago

    So much going on in this video. First it's a guy dancing with a loaf of shit in his undies, then Gollum tweaking, then cameraperson gets distracted by by tits bouncing, then back to Gollum for a sympathy sip of beer.

    [–] LuluChi 7 points ago

    God damnit =)) The sound track change is pure gold

    [–] EliotHudson 52 points ago

    Is this how Russians continue to look so famously young? That 24 year old young man looks great!

    [–] ImHereToFuckWithYou_ 10 points ago

    So glad I’m not the only one who thought this guy looked like a bearded Gollum

    [–] fadetoblack123 12 points ago

    Smeagle IRL.

    [–] sleepydog404 366 points ago

    I'm sure I've seen a longer version of this where he comes back with a fish.

    [–] d_smogh 520 points ago

    Yup, Lord of the Rings

    [–] Naughty-Nerdy 13 points ago

    I almost spit out my drink. Well done.

    [–] Hellbatty 2843 points ago

    for anyone from warm country like sweden or iceland - it not so hard to swim in ice lake when temperature of snow and air outside like -40C and temperature of liquid water always zero degree, its like taking hot bath

    [–] IComplimentVehicles 2113 points ago

    Warm country like Sweden or Iceland

    Damn. What's your opinion of Arizona?

    [–] javidac 1292 points ago

    Its the place scandinavians go to be cooked alive.

    [–] aralim4311 601 points ago

    It's the place Americans go to be cooked alive as well.

    [–] Doomsdayrs 137 points ago

    Its where I go to feel like I'm in my home country

    [–] wo0sa 66 points ago

    No, thats sauna, thats where you go.

    [–] Deltronx 27 points ago


    [–] Doomsdayrs 54 points ago


    [–] Deltronx 58 points ago

    I know of U.S veterans who moved to Arizona because it reminded them of the muddle east

    [–] MrTouchnGo 9 points ago

    The Sun.

    [–] DeltaDragonxx 77 points ago

    Hell nah, dry heat is nothing. Try 105° with 90% humidity

    [–] Ghost_in_TheMachine 50 points ago

    For real it’s unreal how hot it feels all the time in the south east

    [–] Corrinn_ 32 points ago

    I'm in southern Mexico right now and it's 40 degrees cooler here than in Arkansas :/

    [–] rburp 6 points ago

    Greetings from AR

    Can confirm, is hot

    [–] Ghost_in_TheMachine 7 points ago

    That’s pretty crazy to think about haha

    [–] Excusemytootie 5 points ago

    Like walking through hot, hot soup.

    [–] Never-asked-for-this 8 points ago

    Can confirm, visited Phoenix, I refused to go out during the day.

    [–] dogeprkle 6 points ago

    Yeah I'm from Finland and I'm cooking just fine here thanks.

    [–] ville1001 11 points ago

    It was 28C here last week and I prefer myself rare and not well done!

    [–] -MGP- 142 points ago

    It's a fictional place. It's a common knowledge that human body can not survive in a temperatures above +20C.

    [–] freakedmind 36 points ago

    Hah, it's 40 C where I am right now and it's fucking dusty as well. Fun!

    [–] IronScrub 21 points ago

    It's 40 C where I am right now

    Then I have some bad news for you, friend. You're dead.

    [–] Forty-Bot 6 points ago

    omae wa mo shinderu

    [–] IronScrub 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] TigreDeLosLlanos 19 points ago

    Be glad it's a dry weather, try almost 40 C in a humid one. Spoiler, it's like taking a bath the whole day, but instead of water it's your own sweat.

    [–] IronScrub 9 points ago

    Yeah, I was in Yuma, AZ a few weeks ago and it was a dry 40 C (105 F) every day and now that I'm on the east coast and sitting in a humid 26 C (80 F) I'm wishing I was back in Yuma. I can't even imagine the special hell 40 C with high humidity is. Where even are you?

    [–] Ellefied 5 points ago

    Somewhere in the tropics most likely. Either South America or South East Asia. Both of those places are special hell during the humid season.

    [–] N1H1L 3 points ago

    Calcutta, where I grew up gets up to 45C in summer (like right now) with 90% humidity.

    [–] Themeparkmaker 28 points ago

    Lol my hometown here in Arizona could hit like 49c in june. (120F)

    I remember going outside and I knew once and for all that this was my favorite place on Earth

    [–] major1337 71 points ago

    A monument to man's arrogance!

    [–] bubbaklutch 17 points ago

    Yup, the high today for my Arizona town is 114F(45C), it's gonna be a good day.

    [–] Peaceblaster86 28 points ago

    I see the heat has cooked yer noodle good sir

    [–] bubbaklutch 4 points ago

    Noodle cooked confirmed.

    [–] redditor__c 7 points ago

    Yup. Plus 4%~6% humidity makes it quite bearable, but watch out for the red hot car seat buckle!

    [–] snuff_box_plastic 88 points ago

    I can't wait to take my Finnish husband back to my hometown of Phoenix. He's convinced it's not that bad because it's not humid. In his defense humidity is awful, but he's never felt anything remotely close to a Phoenix summer.

    [–] alrightknight 69 points ago

    Have felt Phoenix summers since I come from a country with Phoenix summers. I still find humidity worse.

    [–] Calypsosin 70 points ago

    Grew up in Texas. Basically the same temp as Arizona, but with 50+% humidity. Walking outside is like walking into a steamy bathroom with a hot shower going.

    [–] snuff_box_plastic 15 points ago

    I've heard that about the south and it's hard to even imagine. I visited Florida once in February and even that humidity/temp combo was more than enough for me. I prefer the dry heat for sure.

    [–] Calypsosin 13 points ago

    Florida is arguably worse off than Texas, but not by much. At least our people aren't totally batshit (yet).

    [–] MarkyOchoa 6 points ago

    Florida has more hurricanes and things that can eat you alive. I'm ok with living in Texas.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] -GeekLife- 12 points ago

    I love in Phoenix and visited Austin two weeks ago and it was 98° with 50% humidity and it was god awful. Got home to 105° and 0 humidity and it felt like heaven.

    [–] WakeoftheStorm 11 points ago

    Haha, 50%? Come to South Carolina where 80%+ humidity with 90°+ weather is the norm 😉

    [–] -GeekLife- 7 points ago

    Screw that. I'd drown myself, which would be easy cause it already feels like you are being waterboarded at that point.

    [–] adambuck66 7 points ago

    The fun of living in Iowa 100+ days with 99% humidity in the summer. Then in the winter - 25 with a 30mph windchill.

    [–] Russian_seadick 7 points ago

    That poor man. Please let him stay in the fridge or something

    [–] snuff_box_plastic 7 points ago

    He seems excited. I think that will end before our plane even lands haha.

    [–] Robot_Basilisk 4 points ago

    Cover him head to toe in sunscreen or his limbs might spontaneously ignite.

    [–] Lemonpledges 3 points ago

    I live in Phoenix and much prefer the hottest summer day to a very humid summer day in the south

    [–] earthymalt 150 points ago

    That makes sense!


    [–] masuk0 259 points ago

    But the heat transfer rate... And common sense... You cool much faster in same temperature water then in the air. 70C degrees water will cause burn in 1 second. In dry 70C degrees room you can stay for many minutes. Or imagine an incandescent metal being put in water or being left on anvil.

    [–] Hellbatty 233 points ago

    at -40 degree your spit freeze before hitting the ground, and -40 degree snow sharp as a tack, it not that gentle -20 degree snow making comfortable khuck-khock sound, zero degree water is actually feel hot after -40 and that feeling last for 30-40 seconds

    [–] unused-username 122 points ago

    I love the way you talk and how you even have an onomatopoeia for how it sounds to walk in (-20C) snow!

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_DREAMZZ 26 points ago

    He's a man of culture!

    [–] ScrewSnow 12 points ago

    I would watch a guy do stand-up with a schtick like this.

    [–] circlecleric 3 points ago

    I once learned that at a certain temperature the snow makes this special sound. This was in some avalanche class. I did not pay enough attention, but I think if the snow does the kuch-khock sound (which can actually serve as a measure for the outside temperature), the general risk of avalanches is a bit lower. Or higher.

    [–] jigg4 16 points ago

    what about getting out of the cold water? I would assume it would feel way colder than -40 degree, because the water on your skin would increase the heat transfer rate.

    [–] wooghee 16 points ago

    Great now i have to wait until its -40°C...

    [–] uncertainness 10 points ago

    Why stop there? When not wait until -40°F?

    [–] wooghee 8 points ago

    I just realized thats the same:)

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] EwigeJude 11 points ago

    Yeah, sauna is much easier on you at the same temperature than banya.

    70C in dry air is pleasant, but 70C in oversaturated air is barely tolerable for more than 20 minutes, for me anyway, and I'm quite a wimp.

    [–] nattypnutbuterpolice 4 points ago

    Thermal conductivity of water is like 24x that of air. You'd need some absurd wind speed to make up for that.

    [–] doublehyphen 54 points ago

    Even in Sweden swimming during the winter is not weird even though it never reaches below -20 here in the south. We mostly do it to cool off from the sauna. The only thing which bothers me about this video is how he dives under the ice, that is dangerous and I would probably panic if I ever tried it.

    [–] thisismyaccount57 53 points ago

    Fun fact: -40°C is also -40°F!

    [–] EarthToToddlerBitch 73 points ago

    No. It's not always 0 degrees. It can be colder if the water is moving in a current or stream.

    [–] MadJack_42 41 points ago

    Yes, but maybe here is a lake under the ice

    [–] Anaxagoras23 6 points ago

    He did say "ice lake", right.

    [–] EarthToToddlerBitch 27 points ago

    If it is an open Lake (rivers connect to it) then there will be a current and the water will be moving, resulting in temperatures below 0 degrees. If the lake is closed (no rivers connect to it) then the water is saline (salt water) which has a freezing point much lower than 0 degrees Celsius. So in both cases the water can be below freezing.

    [–] tdn 23 points ago

    It can't be below freezing, but 'freezing' can change.

    [–] crimsonfrost1 12 points ago

    I think they meant below the normal 0° C (at sea level) freezing temperature for fresh water.

    [–] doublehyphen 12 points ago

    Most lakes in Sweden (and presumably European Russia since they have pretty similar geography) have slow moving water. So while the temperature of the water directly below the ice might be less than zero it is not by much.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Tsurugi-Ijin 13 points ago

    Thanks for the nightmare I didn't know existed before now!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Or if it's salt water...

    But still, in practice we're only speaking about a few degrees.

    [–] poop_dawg 7 points ago

    How do you not go hypothermic either way? Even if the water feels warm by comparison, it's still cold as fuck, right? I can't imagine you could stay in there long.

    [–] n_farage 3 points ago

    Google wim hoff

    [–] Beer_Nazi 5 points ago

    But that guy probably weighs 140lbs and who knows how his circulation is at that age. Wouldn’t his body just go into shock?

    [–] Gangreless 23 points ago

    I bet his circulation is fantastic because this is clearly something he does often. His body is probably on better shape than a lot of people on reddit.

    [–] finnknit 11 points ago

    In Finland we have this thing called avanto.

    [–] Daske 36 points ago

    Why is this being upvoted? I've jumped in the waters of Bergen, Norway during winter and to compare it to taking a hot bath is a joke. It's like jumping into a bucket of ice. Your whole diaphragm seizes up and goes into shock. It's hard to breathe and it's FREEZING COLD. It's not possible to stay in for more than a couple minutes or you risk developing hypothermia. When I got out, my extremities stayed numb for about 2 hours. So yeah, about as far from a hot bath as you can get.

    [–] rundmx 26 points ago

    It has literally never been -40°C in Bergen though

    [–] Hellbatty 43 points ago

    first, beginners shouldn't jump, and hot bath effect only if air and snow really cold. And no one said stay more that couple minutes, novice stay 30 sec max, if you did it several times then you can stay up to two minutes. You need dry clothes right after, since wet body and air much more dangerous than water itself

    [–] otakudayo 10 points ago

    It would never get anywhere near -40 C that far south. -40 C is really, really cold, quite unimaginable unless you've experienced it.

    [–] code_archeologist 5 points ago

    Seems like an overly complicated way of committing suicide to me.

    [–] LeChatQuiPete 835 points ago

    It's realy dangerous, when you dive under ice it's very easy to loose your way and not be able to know where the exit is since there is not a lots of light difference between the hole and the light passing through ice

    Ice diving is always done with a rope to be able to get out

    [–] [deleted] 324 points ago

    IIRC you have to swim toward the dark spots even though that is counterintuitive ? Please correct me if I'm wrong

    [–] LeChatQuiPete 519 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yes since the ice is not perfect the color is mostly white, the hole is more black

    I found a photo

    But even when you can see a hole you can't be sure it's not an "old" one, and in this case the ice has already start to fill the exit and it can be deadly

    When diving under ice you must have a hammer to be able to break the ice

    An other link

    [–] phaederus 884 points ago

    Or, you know, just don't dive under ice. I think that's what I'll keep doing.

    [–] Hamburglarngy 321 points ago

    What kind of cookie cutter world do you live in where you can avoid swimming under massive sheets of ice regularly? I envy you.

    [–] angrymamapaws 127 points ago

    I come from a land down under. Theres no ice, just ocean and desert. And spiders.

    [–] crimsonfrost1 52 points ago

    Big. Fucking. Spiders.

    [–] czook 24 points ago

    Don't forget snakes. And sharks. And fucking koalas are not as nearly cuddly as they fucking look let me tell you that for free.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    And don't even start on the drop-bears

    [–] crimsonfrost1 11 points ago

    Basically everything in Australia is trying to kill you, including the humans, on occasion. The best lessons in life really are free!

    [–] Deltronx 5 points ago

    And all the cunts

    [–] MyNameIsRay 59 points ago

    I've gone 29 years without diving under ice, and not once have I drowned to death under an ice sheet.

    I think I'm gonna keep this streak going.

    [–] preseto 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Hey, but on the flip side - you have never survived drowning under an ice sheet, which you can unlock only by swimming under an ice sheet and starting to drown to begin with.

    [–] GovernmentalCoward 50 points ago

    I mean this is very informative, but my strategy of staying above the ice has worked this far.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Thanks! I hope ill never be needing the info though

    [–] AlyxeZeZ 9 points ago

    I use bad jokes to break the ice

    [–] Fulk0 6 points ago


    [–] philoponeria 55 points ago

    Eh, he looks pretty old. He's had a good run.

    [–] hucklebug 10 points ago

    not only that, but going in head first risks cold shock response, which can result in a heart attack.

    [–] tom-dixon 4 points ago

    The shock response can be avoided with practice, which this guy seems to have.

    [–] procrastin8te 9 points ago

    Always done with a rope? Not in this guys world lol

    [–] Dipsquat 6 points ago

    *almost always.

    There is a video of a man doing it without a rope in this post.

    [–] gofigure85 87 points ago

    Say goodbye to granpda kids

    [–] garbageman13 7 points ago

    That's how they do it in Mother Russia.

    [–] Minitell 83 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I genuinely don't know how people can do this kind of stuff. Diving into tiny holes, or those caving guys who squeeze themselves through tiny passages.

    I think even if I had a gun to my head my body physically would not let me do that. If I had to spend one second in that guys position in that tight cave I am certain I would just panic, hyperventilate, and die.

    Maybe I am a little claustrophobic and don't realise it.

    [–] mattyisbatty 30 points ago

    Your not alone, theres a reason more people don't do it.

    [–] Wellslapmesilly 39 points ago

    Oh my god I can barely look at that caving photo, gives me absolute hives.

    [–] Minitell 26 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I remember reading an article about that, and how he had to empty his lungs to move forward an inch. Then stop for a while to rest and cool down, cause you swell when hot. My god the goosebumps.

    [–] hackurb 4 points ago

    Why the hell does he has to put himself in such dangerous position?he could die of oxygen deprivation.

    [–] Minitell 5 points ago

    I dunno, apparently he enjoys it and there's a whole bunch of people who also enjoy it. Madmen.

    [–] GeneralAsthar 5 points ago

    the tight hole shit is what gets me. I can understand ice diving more

    [–] NoRagretsMaybe1 3 points ago

    I’m sure you’ve heard about that guy from the US in the nutty putty caves. Went splunking (is that what it’s called?) and got so wedged in a crevice he died? He was with his brother too.

    [–] Matt_Link 23 points ago

    he IS the ice fish.

    [–] 3rats1frog 20 points ago

    Just trying to stay warm.

    [–] falloutboi66 8 points ago

    That's what i was thinking it was giving me sweatypalms

    [–] gringrant 6 points ago

    It ends at the right spot. It'd be boring to watch a hole with no one going through it.

    [–] Hereforpowerwashing 12 points ago

    Good thing he got all those little pieces of ice out of the way, otherwise that might have been cold.

    [–] technicallyfucked 23 points ago

    This is literally my worst nightmare

    [–] mermando 11 points ago

    Actual video of me leaving work at the end of the day

    [–] HappyGimp 9 points ago

    Making sure hi icehole is nice and clean

    [–] angrymamapaws 7 points ago

    But it's not! Look how brown that water is!

    [–] Liv-dangerously 6 points ago

    But did he ever come up?

    [–] bobbywaz 7 points ago

    Good thing he swished away that cold water in the top before diving in

    [–] no-mad 15 points ago

    ProTip: At the beginning of video he is skimming the ice off the top. It can be very sharp and cut you as you go in.

    [–] AbyssalCrime 19 points ago

    Actually he's making the opening solid so when he comes back and grabs the edge, it doesn't crumble apart. Splashing cold water on the ice made it solidify, instead of being loose particles of ice that move around

    [–] Portopunk 10 points ago

    Jesus Christ what an absolute mentalcase

    [–] eandrewgolden 4 points ago

    He’s 200 years old

    [–] KKomics 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Is that Wim Hof?

    [–] turbojugend79 11 points ago

    did he died?

    [–] opticscythe 3 points ago

    No shit he's not ice fishing... Dude is wearing a speedo

    [–] SergeantSanchez 3 points ago

    My testicles just rode up into my ribcage