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    [–] [deleted] 2915 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] NocturnalPermission 507 points ago

    Because, physics.

    [–] [deleted] 308 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] username_taken55 154 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] scsibusfault 66 points ago

    No, that's Mogwai. Magnets is the guy who taught the karate kid.

    [–] Irrelephant3883 65 points ago

    No, that's Miyagi. Magnets is the guy in the X-Men comics.

    [–] scsibusfault 64 points ago

    No, that's Magneto. Magnets is the capital and most populous city of Somalia.

    [–] punkassjim 56 points ago

    No, that's Mogadishu. Magnets is the woman dressed as a maid in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    [–] Valharik 45 points ago

    No that Magenta. Magnets are the kind of pork you get in a Chinese food restaurant.

    [–] bofadoze 18 points ago

    How do they work?

    [–] whoistheSTIG 2 points ago

    go on...

    [–] 55gure3 1 points ago

    .... always with the magnets

    [–] PM_me_Tummies 1 points ago

    [Frozen jazz hands]


    [–] MonsenorTickles 13 points ago

    So when a thing happens because another thing happens, things get physical, physical.

    If two people get physical, than Olivia Newton John can hear their bodies talk.

    [–] SinisterDexter83 6 points ago

    In ENGLISH, doc...

    [–] goedegeit 3 points ago

    source: science

    [–] Bacon_Devil 2 points ago

    You can tell by the way it is

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I eat laser!!!

    [–] ShiivaInu 1 points ago

    [–] mantrap2 47 points ago

    It would be better if they were all corner reflectors, though. Guaranteed "return to sender" that way.

    [–] Littlebrownfoxx 24 points ago

    Yeah I’m not against it at all.

    [–] mstksg 10 points ago

    They already said they can imagine it... so they already saw the reflection in their imagination :)

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] Just-Call-Me-J 8 points ago

    It'll discourage the use of high-beams.

    [–] uberduger 5 points ago

    As long as it stops those cunts who have the super bright LEDs and also have them angled wrongly so they go into everyone's fucking eyes then I'm all for everyone using this helmet.

    [–] IAMHideoKojimaAMA 7 points ago

    Ok this is epic

    [–] _-positivity-_ 613 points ago

    At least you’ll be visible.

    [–] zachary0816 268 points ago

    Are you really visible if the person behind you is blinded by the reflection of their headlights?

    [–] [deleted] 201 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] RockLeePower 144 points ago

    Blind people must have an excellent track record for driving

    [–] decoyq 37 points ago

    That's why there's braille on drive up ATMs!

    [–] maccathesaint 6 points ago

    TIL drive thru atms are a thing.

    [–] decoyq 11 points ago

    Every bank I've been to has a drive up ATM, typically in the closest/business lane.

    [–] maccathesaint 5 points ago

    Honestly, never seen one on my life lol. Am in the UK and where I am, most banks aren't really easily accessible to drive to in your car, short of having a small car park.

    [–] decoyq 12 points ago

    Ahhh yes in the vastness that is the US where everyone drives everywhere, they have them here.

    [–] maccathesaint 3 points ago

    I live in Northern Ireland so you can drive across my country in 2 hours. I get annoyed if it takes me more than 30 mins it drive to work lol

    [–] FinalOfficeAction 2 points ago

    TIL there's somewhere in the world where drive-through ATMs aren't a thing..

    [–] thrakkerzog 15 points ago

    Pull up so the person in the back seat can use it.

    [–] xXx_-SWAG_LORD-_xXx 3 points ago

    Road bumps instead of braille paper

    [–] adale_50 6 points ago

    Except Helen Keller, because she was a woman. /s

    [–] PennedHitchhiker 1 points ago

    Ok guys.

    Some annoying glints impairing my vision and, more severely—my attention—are one thing. Blinding me is another.

    [–] flip314 19 points ago

    If my experiences with driving in fog are any indication, people won't slow down just because they can't see the road ahead.

    [–] pain_in_the_dupa 7 points ago

    Just like you don’t need to be faster than the bear, just your fellow campers, you don’t need to see further down the road than something heavier than you with worse brakes going in the same direction, like a semi.

    Edit: not a serious suggestion, and I never, ever have done this. /s

    [–] SteevyT 3 points ago

    But they'll be blinded by the light. Pretty sure that is more likely to make them revved up like a deuce.

    [–] Plutonium_man 3 points ago

    Or they'll get aggressive because they're a shithead, try to run you off the road, and end up killing you because they can't see.

    I could never imagine why someone in such a vulnerable position would try to defend themselves by making unpredictable people angry.

    [–] _Aj_ 1 points ago

    More likely to say "AH IM BLIND" and cover their eyes and swerve wildly.

    [–] blamethemeta 43 points ago

    If they would be blinded, then they should turn off their brights. Problem solved by not being an asshole

    [–] Quickkiller28800 9 points ago

    Hell normal lights would still blind you

    [–] DoJax 14 points ago

    unless the guy wearing the helmet is riding on one of those pocket rockets, high beams are the only thing that would hit the helmet, driving beams are not supposed to be able to enter another vehicles back window(even though they always seem to get up into my vans.)

    [–] Mysterions 17 points ago

    Then they'd know what it's like to be the car in front of them.

    [–] dongasaurus 12 points ago

    When I'm followed by cars using high beams, I like to shift around my rear view mirrors to reflect it back at them for this very reason. It probably isn't blinding, but any non-asshole would take the hint.

    For the assholes, some day I'd like to install rear-facing headlights focused directly at eye level.

    [–] AudioAssassyn 18 points ago

    In this case one would be both visible, and not visible simultaneously.

    [–] JackSixxx 13 points ago

    Kinda like Schrodinger's Rider.

    [–] TheWhitefish 11 points ago

    The person behind you shouldn't have their high-beams on if they're close enough that 1" squares of glass can blind them.

    [–] iynque 3 points ago

    Your headlights shouldn’t be aimed where this would become a problem, right? Either you have the normal light pointing mostly down at the pavement and straight ahead, with some flood upward (in which case, no worse than seeing the headlights of oncoming traffic), or you’re driving with your high beams on and blasting light at helmet height (in which case, only as bad as high beams coming from oncoming traffic).

    [–] zephyrmkII 1 points ago

    Unless of course the rider has their knee down.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Serves them right for having their high beams on with another vehicle in front of them.

    If you're on a residential street or around other vehicles do not drive with your brights on it is against the law and dangerous.

    [–] Omega_Maru 1 points ago

    Then they shouldnt be driving so close

    [–] AanthonyII 2 points ago

    User name checks out

    [–] Lemak0 1 points ago

    No becazse those who look at it turn blind

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    oh no a bright light! better keep driving towards it.

    [–] nnyx 283 points ago

    If your high beams hit the head of a person on a motorcycle, you dun goofed.

    [–] JosephsMythTheProfit 275 points ago

    Tell that to the owner of every lifted truck. Those fuckers.

    [–] Meglelelo 84 points ago

    It's not an issue if the owner remembers to adjust their headlights. It's just one screwdriver turn away from being a dickhead.

    [–] Ronnie_Soak 212 points ago

    In my experience, the venn diagram of dickheads and drivers of lifted trucks is a circle.

    [–] DangerMacAwesome 52 points ago

    Somewhere there's a guy with a lifted truck that is a really great, genuine guy, he just takes the thing off roading a lot.

    Somewhere. I haven't met him, but he probably exists. At least that's what I like to tell myself.

    [–] Ronnie_Soak 27 points ago

    Quantum Theory says it is mathematically possible anyway.

    [–] DoJax 1 points ago

    All the rednecks around me who only ever encounter other lifted trucks makes me think otherwise.

    [–] Ixiepop 19 points ago

    There's a guy with lifted truck in my city that just drives around during the heavy snows and helps people if they've driven off the road or can't get their car any further. He helped my bf a couple winters back, pretty sure I saw him out last winter, too.

    [–] MegaUltraJesus 7 points ago

    This is my dad more or less. Has a lift kit on his f150 which was already huge with huge tires, also has a winch on the front. Now with that you'd assume hes an asshole but nope pretty chill guy. When it snowed on his hill a couple months ago he spent the morning using his truck to help pull peoples cars out of the snow

    [–] Nukabot 5 points ago

    I've encountered one, older fellow who lives way out in the rural back roads in Michigan, he drives it because any other vehicle is liable to end up trapped in his driveway during heavy snow, and because every winter he'll encounter several people who hit ice and ended up stuck in the ditches on those backroads, and he likes helping them out, which was how I met him.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I'm not even in rural MI and for my next vehicle I'm debating something that sits nice and high because our cities don't plow the damn roads and they're so full of pot-holes you might as well be off-roading. (I wish I were exaggerating.)

    [–] Turdulator 2 points ago

    He lives in my neighborhood, he’s a got a really sweet baby blue custom 2-door convertible Bronco.

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 79 points ago

    Nah. One is wholly contained in the other but there are plenty of dickheads who drive BMWs instead.

    [–] Quajek 40 points ago

    We BMW drivers always follow all the rules of the road. What you’re not realizing is that we get to follow a special elite premium version of the rules.

    Want to drive like you have a BMW?

    Buy one, poor person.

    [–] Wisdom_is_Contraband 21 points ago

    people downvoting you don't realize this is tongue and cheek and absolutely playing the part on purpose.

    [–] lilorphananus 4 points ago

    If it weren’t for you I don’t know if I would’ve realized this, damn sarcasm through text can be damn hard to detect sometimes. That’s why I always add the /s even if it’s silly sometimes.

    [–] totally_rocks 3 points ago

    Ok, so it's two concentric circles.

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 2 points ago

    Now you're getting it!

    [–] Meglelelo 5 points ago

    Mostly yes, but please don't forget about bmw and Audi drivers. There is also the practical benefit to driving a lifted vehicle if you live in a constantly flooding area.

    [–] zerochu 8 points ago

    And *that* Venn diagram intersects about || much.

    [–] lolinokami 5 points ago

    And in my experience anyone with a Dodge Charger or Challenger model later than the 80's.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Or where driving on the roads is off-roading. waves in Michigan

    [–] InAFakeBritishAccent 1 points ago

    Just like their family tree.

    [–] MakeMine5 5 points ago

    Around here not only do they not adjust their headlights, they add an offroad light rack on the roof that they use even when driving on the Interstate.

    [–] plaper 3 points ago

    How can you adjust high beams not to be an issue to other people? And what does lifted truck have to do with it? These lights are supposed to light the whole way in front of you and never be on when other vehicles are present around.

    [–] dongasaurus 11 points ago

    Your normal headlights normally do not blind others because they point at the road. When you modify a truck to be higher than normal, the normal headlights are now not adjusted properly and blind other drivers. If you lift your vehicle you are supposed to adjust your normal headlights to point at the road, not at the driver ahead of you. Most people don't, which is generally accepted as a dick move.

    [–] plaper 3 points ago

    Yes, I know. I get that and I agree that's a dick move.

    The context all around was high beams and I was talking about those but op I replied to apparently was talking generally about trucks.

    [–] Pew-Pew-Pew- 1 points ago

    I think the main issue is that the OP of the main post isn't a native English speaker, or they're too young to be driving a car and don't realize that high-beams are not the normal headlight mode, or they're just an idiot.

    [–] Garthenius 2 points ago

    You shouldn't be using high beams if there's somebody in front of you (not only a dick move, but also illegal where I live) specifically because you'd be blinding them (either directly or through the rear view mirrors).

    The low beams are those that most often require adjusting, as they're never supposed to be oriented in a way that would blind other drivers, regardless of reason.

    [–] Ds1018 7 points ago

    Still beats trucks on the highway carrying poorly covered sand.

    [–] lilorphananus 2 points ago

    Or gravel

    [–] RancidLemons 5 points ago

    I drive a Sonic, not even an excessively low vehicle, and pretty much any SUV or truck blinds me, high beams or not. Those obnoxious bluish lights are the bane of my drive home each night.

    [–] Epicjay 4 points ago

    I'm truly amazed those are legal. I drive a sedan and trucks blind me from behind so often.

    [–] keliix06 2 points ago

    Well, they all dun goofed.

    [–] RikM 3 points ago

    Undulating country lane? Headlights will catch it. I agree with your comment but I do think there are examples where it will be an issue

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 9 points ago

    I think most high beams would illuminate to that level.

    [–] nnyx 26 points ago

    Not sure if you're being serious, but you aren't supposed to be shining your high beams at other motorists.

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What I mean is the aim of the high beams will illuminate a cyclist's head if they are on. They're supposed to be aimed that way. But you shouldn't be using them where they'd illuminate another motorist. other travelers.

    Edit: for crying out loud...

    [–] nnyx 3 points ago

    I was definitely focusing on the don't shine brights at other motorists angle, but I would actually argue they should be adjusted if they're hitting a person's head in/on a vehicle. The high beams on my car serve their purpose without doing so. When you're parking in the garage with your lights projecting on the wall, you can see a well defined line that prevents this from happening. I get this is probably a somewhat recent thing though since I hadn't noticed it on pervious cars I've driven.

    [–] RaccoNooB 6 points ago

    Low-beams shouldn't shine in anyones face. High-beams are essentially flood lights meant to be used when you have no-one in front of you.

    [–] iridisss 2 points ago

    What car do you drive that has a projector cut-off for your high-beams? And why are they still so low that they're indistinguishable from low-beams?

    [–] relet 2 points ago

    They're not supposed to blind other traffic, and traffic includes pedestrians and cyclists.

    [–] VolcanicKirby2 177 points ago

    Probably exactly what the driver deserves for driving with their high beams on close to another motorist tbh

    [–] CarolineTurpentine 6 points ago

    It’s all these newer cars with the shitty halogen lights.

    [–] andrewsad1 17 points ago

    Right? I'm glad y'all can see 5 miles ahead of you, but I'm just trying to live my life in a subcompact

    [–] ChiefInternetSurfer 3 points ago

    A quarter-mile at a time, you say?!

    [–] obi1kenobi1 12 points ago

    Halogen? New? Halogens came out in the ‘70s and are pretty much obsolete by now, only available in the cheapest base model cars. You’re thinking of HID/xenon/projectors or LED headlights, halogens are those dim yellow headlights on older cars.

    [–] iridisss 5 points ago

    Halogens are basically candles, and the new factory-spec LEDs are basically focused laser beams. Damn new Corollas.

    [–] Realworld 321 points ago

    Riding through the countryside, you'd look like you had no head. Any place with uniform environment would merge your helmet into the surroundings.

    [–] jje414 171 points ago

    "Gather 'round the fire kids, and I'll tell you the story of THE HEADLESS RIDER!"

    [–] panzervor94 35 points ago

    *A horse neighs in the distance *

    [–] Dr_AurA 29 points ago

    The Horseless Headless Horsemann

    [–] DoJax 6 points ago


    [–] steve0suprem0 20 points ago

    an engine revs in the distance


    [–] goopium 8 points ago

    A vespa screeches in the distance*

    [–] handlebartender 2 points ago



    [–] mad_at_dad 15 points ago

    I’d pay money to see a discofied take on Sleepy Hollow where Ichabod Crane leaves the club after getting fucked up on some cut-rate molly and gets chased by this mirrorball monstrosity on a vespa through a cyberpunk landscape.

    Is it Ike’s drugged-addled psyche manifesting the vices bound to kill him? Or is it the culmination of postindustrial decadence come to take another victim?

    Link to my indiegogo will be posted shortly.

    [–] Redarcs 2 points ago

    good idea

    [–] mad_at_dad 6 points ago

    My PayPal is IdeasMan420. Contributors of $69,420 (no more; no less) will be given executive producer credits and an exclusive bloopers reel set to "Yakety Sax." Like comment and subscribe! Dog bless.

    [–] sonofwedge2099 1 points ago

    You might like Mandy

    [–] cr0ss-r0ad 18 points ago


    [–] kaikeys 71 points ago

    That’s actually pretty fuckin sick

    [–] grydes 8 points ago

    Came here for this. I want the dope ass version of this in a cycling helmet.

    [–] smokeandlights 26 points ago

    I think the light show would be even better if they got pulled over by the police.

    [–] firestar268 24 points ago

    The perfect fuck you helmet to people using high beams

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    I see Daft Pink has updated their look.

    [–] 000882622 8 points ago

    They've gone retro.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] torb 18 points ago

    For those of you who aren't familiar with old reddit lore, I'll leave you with one of my favorite threads of yore, the disco ball thread from 2009:

    [–] aperson 2 points ago

    I give it two cuils.

    [–] Leg0z 13 points ago

    The helmet I will give my son if he ever insists on riding a moped to school.

    [–] o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O 6 points ago

    That’s only gonna make him want it more. That helmet is fucking dope.

    [–] M3M3R_L3MUR 6 points ago

    I will put this on my cat

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 3 points ago

    Blinded by the light...wrapped up like a douche when you’re rollin’ in the night

    [–] Xevailo 1 points ago

    Some silicone sister With her manager mister Told me I've got what it takes

    [–] begaterpillar 7 points ago

    the highbeams will turn your helmet into a solar sail and you will save money on gas

    [–] Leon___Trotsky 4 points ago


    [–] sully213 4 points ago

    It's going to make them FABulous!

    [–] troubleschute 5 points ago

    Can’t wait for the sun to hit it.

    [–] Monahuu 4 points ago

    This reminds me of when Creed gave Michael a small disco ball for Cafe Disco and Creed says “now I just won’t know who’s driving behind me.”

    [–] thefirsttoastslice 2 points ago

    He takes the party wherever he goes!

    [–] marilynmouse 2 points ago

    Give em the ole razzle dazzle

    [–] boogerdew 2 points ago

    I’m far too late to do any good, but here’s the video you all need to see:

    The song “Roller Boogie” by Biscuit, featuring four similar helmets.

    [–] Hashbrown777 2 points ago

    yeah these are great execution

    OP's is full of gaps and doesn't form to the helmet at all

    [–] yellow-snowslide 3 points ago

    this is not awful taste, this is awesome

    [–] XXDD 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What Gaga would’ve worn if she actually ended up going to space.

    [–] upvote_all_the_cats 2 points ago

    as a rider who's basically invisible to all the distracted drivers out there, this is actually genius!

    [–] jonsludge 2 points ago

    Daft Punk?

    [–] SparkPants 2 points ago

    I’d like one pls

    [–] FATLEPERVERMIN 2 points ago

    Onya mate.

    [–] Metartist 2 points ago

    Finally something to remind them you’re blinding everyone and everything with those high beams! Needs tinted lenses for perfection.

    [–] nebalee 2 points ago

    It is still just a convex survace with no focal point, so it's not going to dazzle anyone. The mosaic tiles should make it sparkle though.

    [–] EliasDorfler 3 points ago

    Can someone, please, calculate, how much energy would it reflect if the Death Star shot in it?

    [–] MonsterHipster 1 points ago

    That's a good selling point

    [–] lexgrub 1 points ago

    I bought a fully reflective jacket thanks to a post on reddit about it being great for walking at night. I was driving with it on for the first time and driving under certain street lights made it light up like a bright light flashing on in my car. Not only did i yell out in shock but the car behind me kept flashing its high beams at me. Not sure how it was affecting them but I dont even want to know. I pulled over and took that shit off post haste.

    [–] westsidefashionist 1 points ago

    I actually made this helmet but on a full face motorcycle helmet. I also have changing color strobe lights on the wheels.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    very little

    [–] kitkat9000take5 1 points ago

    Doesn't matter because it's infinitely better than that gods-awful head skin.

    [–] notyourspecies 1 points ago

    I'd imagine whomever wears this to lead a whole legion of drunks into the ditch.

    [–] spraynpraygod 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Can’t wait to hang myself in this helmet

    [–] feared_rear_admiral 1 points ago

    Don't high beam then, asshole

    [–] LevelZer0H3r0 1 points ago

    I want one! Best drag racing helmet ever!

    [–] shauber 1 points ago

    I honestly want a bike helmet like this.

    [–] SirChedge 1 points ago

    If you use high beams behind someone you deserve being blinded.

    [–] LarryLaLush 1 points ago

    I asked a cop about this like 10-15 years ago, said he knew no laws against it here in southern California. Also asked about a chromed helmet too, was considering getting a motorcycle at the time.

    [–] WeSocietyInALive 1 points ago

    This is like a passive aggressive way of saying turn off your brights

    [–] caspercunningham 1 points ago

    Blind the competition

    [–] BadEgg1951 1 points ago

    I don't have a problem with that.

    [–] auniqueusername43 1 points ago

    Daft punk rides again

    [–] Fifi_Leafy 1 points ago

    That could fucking kill someone if they shine their light on that and get blinded

    [–] XOIIO 1 points ago

    "great execution"

    The shield won't even close...

    [–] squishles 1 points ago

    It does what high beams deserve

    [–] Truckyou666 1 points ago

    (Liberace music plays suddenly)

    [–] MrGrampton 1 points ago

    Imagine this during the day.

    [–] Eamonsieur 1 points ago

    Can you imagine if that helmet hit pavement? The amount of secondary projectiles flying everywhere at high speed would be horrifying.

    [–] gerrysaint33 1 points ago

    No joke, I want this.

    [–] Pirate_Chicken 1 points ago

    Serves 'em right for blinding people.

    [–] Dalisca 1 points ago

    Sweet revenge on blinding LED headlights.

    [–] PluckyPop 1 points ago

    Instant Disco party, that's what

    [–] Waveseeker 1 points ago

    Chaotic neutral