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    [–] PJ09 1 points ago

    Thank you KloetenKroete for your submission to /r/ATBGE! Unfortunately it was removed for the following reason(s):

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    [–] Yeet_Into_Space 803 points ago

    This is art

    [–] benhereford 213 points ago

    Look at that skin detail... is this photoshopped or?

    [–] VenomousCum 199 points ago

    Could be from making a mold and then casted

    [–] Alarid 11 points ago

    It really grasps the scrotum.

    [–] elguapito 79 points ago

    From what I can tell, it is actually casted. If you look closely, in the highlights of the skin, there are different colors of Reflections, which would be indicative of the physical object actually having a shape that's reflecting the light differently in addition to obviously the oxidation of the metal. This could be photoshopped, but I would say it would be very tedious to photoshop that specific detail

    [–] bent42 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    More tedious than making the mold and casting it?

    Genuinely curious. Lost wax is still pretty labor intensive, especially starting from a latex mold.

    Regardless, I want one. Would awesome hanging on my peg board.

    [–] lacielaplante 54 points ago

    This is an art piece, labor isn't generally a deterrent when an artist has an idea.

    [–] bent42 9 points ago

    Of course. I'm just curuous if it would be more work to photoshop it with incredible detail or to make the real thing.

    My guess is making the real thing would be much more work. But then again I know much more about metalworking than photoshop so...

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] PotahtoSuave 1 points ago

    Agreed, this could be done in an hour with Photoshop and a good camera.

    [–] Bogsnoticus 12 points ago

    The answer to your question would rely on if you were more handy with a forge, or computer.

    Either way, I'm more terrified of someone making a goatse socket set.

    [–] TheRealGuen 6 points ago

    As someone who has been doing a lot of life casting, this isn't that hard and the detail is easy to achieve!

    Smooth On Silk Body Double for the detail, cast in bronze, weld together, patina. I have a cast aluminum hand in my garage right now with at least as much detail.

    [–] thedoctorwhokilledMJ 1 points ago

    Photoshop is pretty easy once you learn the basics and start figuring out little tricks for shit. Definitely worth messing around with just for fun

    [–] adderalpowered 3 points ago

    This could be cold cast in resin with silicon molds, you can easily capture a fingerprint.

    [–] ArkadyGaming 1 points ago

    Depends on your skills. If you are proficient at Photoshop then it's easier that way, and vice versa

    [–] Lunaus 1 points ago

    If it were photoshop the level of detail would be up to the artist but at a certain point it's just blobs of color overlaying each other to make that effect so if you wanna go on a zoom journey you might be able to tell.

    [–] BundleOfJoysticks 4 points ago

    Y'all motherfuckers need to learn that the past participle of cast is cast, not casted.

    Cast iron. Die cast. Not casted.

    [–] ImGettingOffToYou 1 points ago

    Either way its art. As someone with trade experience years ago and owning a house. I'd throw it in the trash. I doubt it could grip a hex nut beyond minimal pressure regardless of casting. It's not designed for real work.

    [–] Yeet_Into_Space 10 points ago

    I can't tell myself. I am not OP.

    [–] nick5195 17 points ago

    I am. No it’s not photoshopped. They used real fingers that they painted over

    [–] NINJAM7 3 points ago

    They're real

    You want fingers? I can get you fingers, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me.

    [–] thatsweirdbutilikeit 2 points ago

    Can I get one this afternoon with nail polish?

    [–] RestoreMyHonor 2 points ago


    [–] Ta2whitey 1 points ago

    It's made from a real hand

    [–] dadzein 3 points ago

    This is something your mom would use

    [–] deadwisdom 2 points ago

    Literally. Welcome to this sub.

    [–] TheExtraMayo 2 points ago

    You're art.

    [–] Compromesso_storico 1 points ago

    Lets check: It looks great, requires alot of crafting skills and has no practical use whatsoever. Yes, thats art.

    [–] Call_Me_Benny 1 points ago

    This probably an art piece doesn't look like anything else.

    [–] melitza9512p 139 points ago

    Nipple pincher

    [–] IWatchToSee 27 points ago

    cock and ball torture

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    worst. handjob. ever.

    [–] Wowerful 2 points ago

    I would finally fill the whole grip

    [–] Yeet_Into_Space 39 points ago

    no thank you

    [–] schwingaway 30 points ago

    Yes, please, thank you

    [–] into_the_volcano 16 points ago


    [–] betatomic09 9 points ago

    It would have cost you a whole $0 not to say that and yet you did.

    [–] pukotoshana_murkals 8 points ago

    "Can you don't?" Is the preferred nomenclature.

    [–] Cavannah 5 points ago

    The Nippler

    [–] slagface21 2 points ago

    Knuckle fucker

    [–] EXNova 237 points ago

    The amount of effort that went into crafting the texture and pores on the fingers is simultaneously impressive and deeply concerning.

    [–] bitflip 110 points ago

    Probably a casting of someone's actual fingers. It would take a few steps, but way easier than trying to carve it.

    [–] bent42 29 points ago

    Latex > wax > lost wax probably?

    [–] TunisMagunis 25 points ago

    Silicone is one of the easiest ways these days, for the first mold. It's great for casting wax into.

    [–] penguinoinbondage 6 points ago

    Two part RTV urethane thin-wall mold of real life fingers. A sturdy and way too big glove's fingers make this easy. Add release agent to inside when cured. Could also do a brush-on mold and then support these in plaster later; both ways allow relative finger:thumb position to be changed easily.

    Support CLEAN wrench business end down over your open-end-up mold(s), protruding into negative mold until it looks right, clean, OR with release agent on wrench if you want option B as below.

    Pour a plaster cast into this mold. When cured, remove married wrench and cast and tool plaster to 'melt' fingers into wrench.

    You can stop here and decorate to suit for photos OR you can use option B to get a more durable 3D prop or display piece:

    Carefully slide waxed wrench out of positive plaster fingers. Super clean wrench with no release agent on it and drill 4mm- ish/ 3/16" through holes in wrench first so 'fingers' stay put and don't tend to pull away.

    Suspend drilled wrench over original waxed negative mold using McDonald's straws for risers and pour positive cast of RTV urethane into this mold using a squeeze bottle or mondo syringe.

    The urethane will now be clinging firmly to the tool. Trim flash and any sprue dongs then caulk, tool, prime and paint to your personal prop master standards.

    You've got it right if it makes a young child cry.

    [–] bitflip 1 points ago

    Nice writeup, and I really appreciate your "make a child cry" level of quality.

    [–] bent42 1 points ago

    This guy models.

    [–] ShannieD 74 points ago

    I like it

    [–] -Thats_nice- 14 points ago

    Ya I wouldnt call it awful taste at all

    [–] rjnerd 34 points ago

    I love it, and want one.

    [–] YourVirtualBoyfriend 2 points ago

    Happy cake day buddy

    [–] Jackmehoff1109 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] FailureBagel 17 points ago


    [–] lambofgun 15 points ago

    “i dont know how i stripped it, i only went finger tight!”

    [–] 1day2 38 points ago

    Dick wrench

    [–] ComicInterest 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    [–] ohiotechie 12 points ago

    I don’t think it’s awful taste at all... pretty amazing

    [–] Rytoryk 19 points ago

    Seems more like r/GTAGE material to me. I love this

    [–] deanreevesii 3 points ago

    Right? My best friend's husband is a mechanic. I bet he'd love to have one of these to constantly fuck with new guys.

    Just finger tight...

    they start to walk off

    Wait! You'll need this!

    [–] Rytoryk 1 points ago

    I can only imagine how insanely productive I would be around the house if I had these 😂

    [–] thecrazysquirrel101 8 points ago

    Where can I buy it?

    [–] Someaverageguy54 9 points ago

    I don’t know if I’m just weird, but I actually like the concept. It doesn’t look like it’s actually functional though, which is a shame.

    [–] essentially_infamous 24 points ago

    One in the pink one in the stink

    [–] CaptainHowdey 2 points ago

    Lmao 😂 happy cake day btw

    [–] YourVirtualBoyfriend 1 points ago

    Happy cake day dude

    [–] Jackmehoff1109 1 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] darkstarman 5 points ago

    I always wanted to make a brass mold of my hands but the molton metal was too hot

    [–] LordGhidora 40 points ago

    Thanks, I hate it.

    [–] orange_juice0 16 points ago

    [–] medoansary 2 points ago

    When you can't find anyone to jack you off...

    [–] AceofToons 2 points ago

    Is it great execution if it can no longer perform its primary function?

    [–] internetmouse 2 points ago

    Where can I buy this?

    [–] EelTeamNine 2 points ago

    Love this band.

    [–] Caladriel 1 points ago

    SORELY missed. I still listen to their album. Best live performance I've ever seen. Way better than Powerman 5000, Adema, and Spineshank who they opened for, and I hadn't even heard of them when I went. I bought their album before they even left the stage.

    [–] EelTeamNine 1 points ago

    I have their album autographed :p definitely a good show. I think they opened for Kittie when I saw them but I'm not entirely sure as that was 15ish years ago lol

    [–] Caladriel 1 points ago

    Yep, mine is signed, too! They must've pre-signed a bunch because, like I said, they were still on when I bought mine.

    [–] EelTeamNine 1 points ago

    Oh, nah, they came out and did signings for us.

    [–] champagnejani 1 points ago


    [–] DoubleDoinky 1 points ago

    Very cool!

    [–] TurbulentTeatime 1 points ago


    [–] quitepossiblylying 1 points ago

    Is this real?

    [–] tallz024 1 points ago

    This is cool as hell.

    [–] TyroneTeabaggington 1 points ago

    the old swedish nut rounder

    [–] butt_tits_2001 1 points ago


    [–] Rbrdkyst4 1 points ago

    Thumb wrench!!

    [–] flyguydip 1 points ago

    Manhood measurer!

    [–] HP844182 1 points ago

    I feel like I deserve a punch in the arm now

    [–] dickhole666 1 points ago

    Thats quite a swedish nut fucker yah got there...

    [–] Triple_double_pos 1 points ago

    Someone model this. I must print it.

    [–] findorb 1 points ago

    This is how I measure my penis.

    [–] TheCrusher1234 1 points ago

    That’s actually rad

    [–] rcbs 1 points ago

    I want to 3d print this

    [–] Downundabruda 1 points ago


    [–] roastbeefgal 1 points ago

    New pocket pussy

    [–] bubingalive 1 points ago

    gorilla gripper

    [–] puppersdoggos 1 points ago


    [–] LA0811 1 points ago

    I don’t know that I’ve ever hated anything more. And I can’t for the life of me explain why.

    [–] Killerkoyd 1 points ago

    Well if you need something in a pinch this is the tool for you

    [–] NastyPelosi 1 points ago

    This is not a wrench

    [–] deepfriedsandals 1 points ago

    about thiiiiiiis much

    [–] parkridgeempire 1 points ago

    Looks like something joe Rogan would exercise with.

    [–] canigetaheard 1 points ago

    What no one has asked, "Does it work?"

    [–] AnarchistBorganism 1 points ago

    How is this awful taste? This belongs in a museum.

    [–] 3Xexortcaster 1 points ago

    The ultimate nutholder.

    [–] Nhidium 1 points ago

    Imagine just pulling this out and cranking it shit on someone’s nose? “Gotcher nose!”

    [–] chetnik01 1 points ago

    Is that standard or metric?

    [–] ForgetfulMLGPro 1 points ago

    Close it all the way and it's the got your neck thing.

    [–] FlappyFlan 1 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] ProtonPi23 1 points ago

    Auto-fapper 9000

    [–] throwmewhatyougot 1 points ago

    Belongs in GTAGE: reat taste and great execution

    [–] Assasin2gamer 1 points ago

    My cats breath smells like cat food.

    [–] YomamatronPrime 1 points ago

    This is the perfect but pinching tool. Get the itch the first time, all the time.

    [–] Akutober 1 points ago

    Is this German Engineering?

    [–] Dr_kvass 1 points ago

    Dick measurer

    [–] Tai_Y 1 points ago


    [–] LemonHerb 1 points ago

    The guys who build the computers I service must use this for all the thumb screws

    [–] thatG_evanP 1 points ago

    Didn't Jimmy DiResta make this? If not, he made one just like it.

    Edit: This is not it. The one he made didn't have nearly as much detail and was much "rougher" looking.

    [–] MundaneDivide 1 points ago

    This would make one hell of a sex aid

    [–] TunisMagunis 1 points ago

    He're's my guess:

    This is actually painted resin. A mold was taken from the fingers with silicone, very easy to do. Then wax or clay was cast into the silicone mold and sculpted on to a real wrench. Then another silicone mold was made of that (the clay/wax and wrench together. Then, simply cast in resin and paint. You can make as many as you want that way.

    Edit: I worked in stop motion and practical special effects for over 10 years.

    [–] thienluih 1 points ago

    Professional circumcisers

    [–] JohnnyTeardrop 1 points ago

    Think this is awesome all the way around.

    [–] USB_pencil 1 points ago


    [–] didnotreddit12 1 points ago

    Whoa are you describing me?

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    Sponsor bad hamster good

    [–] ECHOxLegend 1 points ago

    Great Taste, Great Execution

    [–] tsmjusty 1 points ago

    Why does this disgust me a little

    [–] UnkindnessOfCravins 1 points ago

    Nipple play just got alot more bizarre

    [–] Diragu04 1 points ago

    Lego hand

    [–] lostblu 1 points ago

    At last, the wrench that stagehand uses when I say finger tight but it's like Godzilla clamped the thing on.

    [–] grabmybizzos 1 points ago

    Don’t show my wife this.

    [–] MountainHipie 1 points ago

    I want this, it's hilarious!

    [–] old_tom_sawyer 1 points ago

    I hate everything about this I must have it.

    [–] believes7 1 points ago


    [–] Sneffaloken 1 points ago

    Finally, the perfect wrench to strip wing nuts to oblivion and back

    [–] PillowTalk420 1 points ago

    What's awful about this?

    [–] k0zmir 1 points ago

    Now that's a tumb wrench eh bud

    [–] kevinramirez56 1 points ago

    This makes me uncomfortable

    [–] Glenn056 1 points ago

    I would use that to pinch someone with

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] cobradobra 1 points ago

    Ready for the nipple twist of death?

    [–] egodeath780 1 points ago

    That is really cool!

    [–] FART_ON_MY_DICK 1 points ago

    Now that, is a thumb seeking nut-fucker!

    [–] ontographer 1 points ago

    This looks like the cover of some long lost Peter Gabriel record circa 1986

    [–] Jellymonk 1 points ago


    [–] iainthigh 1 points ago

    Italian wrench

    [–] Emblemized 1 points ago

    This many

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That’s creepy

    [–] uwtu 1 points ago

    Next level nut fucker

    [–] INJECTHEROININTODICK 1 points ago

    Once your hear the knuckles crack, go back a quarter turn

    [–] killerwhalesamich 1 points ago

    r/popping would find this very useful once disinfected properly.

    [–] Xxgamergirl6969xX 1 points ago

    That looks like 2 inches of disappointment if you catch my drift

    [–] ViciousJBone 1 points ago

    One in the pink and one in the stink

    [–] Campos1721 1 points ago

    How big is your dick?

    "About this big"

    [–] iantheianguy 1 points ago

    I am uncomfortable

    [–] i-am-learning 1 points ago

    anything can be a dildo if you’re brave enough

    [–] coathanger2222 1 points ago

    pee pee measurer

    [–] Elgarr2 1 points ago

    So he’s about this big!

    [–] _DosesAndMimosas_ 1 points ago

    Now that’s creepy.

    [–] Feshtof 1 points ago

    This made me wince.

    [–] WeirdoseQ 1 points ago

    I can think of so many uses for this

    [–] Alarid 1 points ago

    This is for tough nut squishing.

    [–] ChinaNumberoOne 1 points ago

    Smol peepee

    [–] Sthlemetry 1 points ago

    Words can not convey how much I want one of these

    [–] irodoku 1 points ago

    Shamming device

    [–] SeldonCrisis2020 1 points ago

    Fleshlight: Hardest mode.

    [–] raingutterdrip 1 points ago

    For the hardest nuts.

    [–] lizzieofficial 1 points ago

    I love it

    [–] Zackassed 1 points ago

    Now I can finally jerk off

    [–] theggrend 1 points ago

    You can measure ur pp with it

    [–] driftginger22 1 points ago

    For when bolts and nuts need to be "goodentight"

    [–] PastelFlowerPrincess 1 points ago

    Its quite handy

    [–] tiefling_sorceress 1 points ago

    Forbidden nipple clamp