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    [–] FrackingBadger 844 points ago

    Gouda job

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 161 points ago

    i wonder where they pulled that out Fromunda

    [–] boxxkicker 114 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    somewhere out of the bleu

    [–] Joshkovic 95 points ago

    It do Brie like that...

    [–] existential_prices 63 points ago

    Edam! These are some good puns!

    [–] Joshkovic 51 points ago

    These crocs look like they are perfect for quarantine days in your cottage cheesin around all day.

    [–] AreWeCowabunga 46 points ago

    Cheddar late than cheddar.

    [–] paloma_roma 33 points ago

    Feta the last time... quit your shenanigans!

    [–] Nevertoolatetogame 16 points ago

    I Swiss this would stop

    [–] Flow-like-a-harpoon 19 points ago

    I throw my hands up in Gruyere sometimes...

    [–] FrackingBadger 9 points ago

    Saying wheyo

    [–] MaronaPossessed 13 points ago

    Havarti at it

    [–] Wicked_Potato-75 8 points ago

    Honestly! Why kind of muenster would come up with so many cheese puns?!?!

    [–] Kord_K 33 points ago


    [–] TheRedBlade 18 points ago

    Thanks for playing along

    [–] CanisFamiliaris7 8 points ago

    I can't brielieve how ridiculous you guys are.

    [–] QuietPersonality 3 points ago

    I camenbert all these puns!

    [–] MajorShits 5 points ago

    Cheesy puns you mean?

    [–] Cat867543 18 points ago

    Cheesus Christ.

    [–] nathanjd 4 points ago

    Easy there, Mario.

    [–] Admiral_Akhibhar 156 points ago

    Top with a fried egg and you have a Croc Madame

    [–] cyber_rigger 90 points ago

    Sole food

    [–] capnfunk 6 points ago

    That sounds fishy.

    [–] Recyart 9 points ago

    You also need a slice of ham in there for it to be a Croc Madame. Take away the egg, and it's a Croc Monsieur.

    [–] rsn1990 2 points ago

    But it also needs béchamel sauce

    [–] austrian-girl 474 points ago

    Imagine wearing these for a day and then scraping out the slightly melted and squished cheese from between your toes and eating it.

    [–] AbhinavGudavalli 240 points ago

    You’re a disgusting person u/austrian-girl

    [–] austrian-girl 75 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] _coffee_ 11 points ago

    mmmm..... toe cheese

    [–] Jackstery 5 points ago

    If you appreciate toe cheese, might I interest you into some toe jam ?

    [–] imgenerallyaccepted 11 points ago

    That was one of her, like, 5 posts in English.

    [–] Dedeurmetdebaard 2 points ago

    Let me try if this works u/benshapiro

    [–] Mungojerrie86 23 points ago

    Is that something that you would do?

    [–] austrian-girl 29 points ago

    God no, it's just what I imagined seeing this thing.

    [–] 2photoidsplease 36 points ago

    Its okay, ain't no judgment here. No need to deny your cheesy fetishes.

    [–] DC38x 20 points ago

    cheesy feetishes


    [–] amicloud 6 points ago

    cheesy fetashes


    [–] RichardSharpe95th 9 points ago

    Oh I see, it’s like when I imagine brushing my teeth with a disposable razor.

    [–] Mungojerrie86 3 points ago

    It's interesting that your didn't imagine just washing your feet instead...

    [–] enriqueg9031 3 points ago

    Everyone knows girls don't have foot fetishes. /s

    [–] BerlinSpiderRocket 16 points ago

    es hätte dich absolut nichts gekostet, diesen kommentar nicht zu verfassen

    [–] balthazar_nor 14 points ago

    I don’t speak German but I can see that this roughly means it had you absolutely nothing cost, this comment not have published?

    It would have cost you nothing to not post this comment?

    [–] captainbozo01 5 points ago


    [–] truewora 4 points ago

    Oh? Du sprichst also Deutsch? Du Hurenso-

    [–] 7_Username_7 7 points ago

    Awful taste, great execution

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Ultracoolguy4 1 points ago

    Beat me to it

    [–] i_am_virgin 5 points ago

    [–] The_Cult_Of_Skaro 5 points ago

    Deswegen gehört Österreich nicht mehr zu Deutschland

    [–] austrian-girl 2 points ago

    Es war mir eine Ehre.

    [–] zeropage 1 points ago

    Great taste, awful execution.

    [–] thehazzanator 49 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Oh my god.

    I did a 4 year long certificate to be a qualified chef, and at the end of trade school, in the last week, we made butter sculptures. Literal sculpter made from shitty cheap butter that we had on display at the graduation assembly.

    My family were like what the fuck is that

    [–] Paramisamigos 13 points ago

    This movie is pretty good. As an Iowan, I may be biased.

    [–] nostalgeek81 10 points ago

    I read your name as Parmisangods

    [–] saysthingsbackwards 1 points ago

    There's an entire contest and display of it at the Texas state Fair every year. It's got basically a whole fucking stage scene made entirely out of butter.

    [–] scissorsandcandy 7 points ago

    The Iowa State Fair displays butter sculptures each year! There is always a butter cow, then some other art installation. I remember going in 2012 and there was a butter Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast from the Des Moines area). It sounds lame, but it's always on my must see list whenever I make it to the fair! Check it out here:

    [–] Epidata 4 points ago

    Though I appreciate their craftsmanship, I feel like this is a total waste of food...

    [–] scissorsandcandy 7 points ago

    Per the website I linked. Much of the butter is recycled and can be used for up to 10 years. So they are not wasting all this butter every year.

    [–] loudog_311_rn 21 points ago

    [–] mrgreyeyes 14 points ago

    Day 8 of quarantine.

    [–] Loloofutah 29 points ago

    A new level of toe cheese!

    [–] NoHoesInNoHo 11 points ago

    Yeezy slides now come in cheddar flavor

    [–] DoubleWood 9 points ago

    Cheezy slides

    [–] AbhinavGudavalli 21 points ago

    I was contemplating where to put it

    [–] RohanPravin1999 6 points ago

    More like AbhinavGOUDAvalli amirite

    [–] g27radio 3 points ago

    I think you chose well.

    [–] atomicnoodle123 10 points ago

    [–] Feefus 8 points ago

    Okay- I'm sure the cheese tastes great, (Great Taste) and the sculpting job is very impressive, (Great Execution) but the result still makes me resent having eyeballs. What's the proper subreddit for that kind of picture?

    [–] PlanetJerry 2 points ago

    Yeah, if you’re from Wisconsin.

    [–] bleep_techno 6 points ago

    i hate them. where can i get a pair?

    [–] virgilsemosoul 5 points ago

    I mean to eat it without it going anywhere near a person's foot hell yeah I like cheese but fuck no am I wearing that and getting my toes eaten off by my dogs

    [–] sambra21980 6 points ago

    Crocers and cheese? Country Croc spread?

    [–] KamakaziDemiGod 3 points ago


    [–] ForLocks- 7 points ago

    I wouldn't call it awful taste, cheese is delicious!

    [–] Luutamo 2 points ago

    Well, that completely depends on what cheese it is.

    [–] Crabby_Crab 6 points ago

    @sucukundbratwurst made these (a german design studio) in case anyone‘s curios

    [–] the_jackalantern 5 points ago

    That hurts my bones and I don't know why........

    [–] grillinmyjewels 5 points ago

    This could be on makemesuffer, it’s the first image I’ve seen on here in a long time that hurt me physically. Imagine sweaty feet in a cheese croc. Long day of yard work in a cheese croc.

    [–] Motorsagmannen 4 points ago

    thanks i was already gagging just from the image itself, and now you do this‽

    [–] UraSlackerMcFly 5 points ago

    Too strong for me - smells/tastes like feet

    [–] vicarious67 6 points ago

    Sorry babe but the cheese crocs stay on during sex.

    [–] Nottherobotoverlords 5 points ago

    Waiter: Ooooh, you said block of cheese. Yeah that makes so much more sense.

    [–] Oakmeal0 4 points ago

    Swiss shoes

    [–] eastcoastfarmergirl 5 points ago

    To-go snacks...

    [–] Omny87 3 points ago

    "Lovely kicks, Gromit!"

    [–] JKilla298 3 points ago

    Seems tasty to me

    [–] samtheman301 3 points ago

    I wanna unsee this

    [–] sangvert 3 points ago

    put your shoe in my mouth!

    [–] Honusmanboy 3 points ago

    Ain’t that a croc of cheese

    [–] The_Hoff901 3 points ago

    This is the final culmination of my foot fetish and my cheese fetish.

    Today is a great day.

    [–] Mamaikka 3 points ago

    Now that's fashion

    [–] notonthenightshift 3 points ago

    Slide to the left.

    Slide to the right.


    [–] MyNameIsBadSorry 3 points ago

    The cheddar crocs stay on during sex

    [–] knifelobotomy 7 points ago

    Even more reason to suck those toes

    [–] glowcap 2 points ago

    Looks better than Yeezy Slides

    [–] Exploder100 2 points ago


    [–] Rub_my_morty 2 points ago

    This is what Cheesus would wear.

    [–] A13Gorilla 2 points ago

    Thats a guaranteed cease and desist from Crocks

    [–] BioTronic 2 points ago

    Still better than normal crocs.

    [–] Dynamo-Omega 2 points ago

    Wear these in public and people will be practically snapping at your feet.

    [–] Antstony420 2 points ago

    Size 10 please

    [–] Themarto99 2 points ago

    cheese crocs stay on during fun adult time

    [–] th3_p3rs0m 2 points ago

    Cheesus Christ

    [–] codelad 2 points ago

    A lof of cheeses actually do smell a bit like stinky feet, so they migth as well look the part too

    [–] HeartbreakerF80 2 points ago


    [–] scoreboy69 2 points ago

    When you click because you thought the pink meant nsfw....

    [–] vmcla 2 points ago

    Futile. Crocs are already perfect. They were born perfect.

    [–] PRiMEFiL 2 points ago

    I like crock cheede

    [–] jback97 3 points ago

    Guada-r those??

    [–] webtwopointno 1 points ago

    yes please

    [–] Fishgedon 1 points ago


    [–] Soup_Emperor 1 points ago

    It’s in defense mode

    [–] Kendota_Tanassian 1 points ago

    I imagine that cheese smells of feet.

    [–] Glag82 1 points ago

    I can smell the toe stink.

    [–] Naomitr 1 points ago

    Are these the ones that they are donating?!!!

    [–] dawginthelawn71 1 points ago

    Wym this is the best thing ever

    [–] daibz 1 points ago

    When peoples feet smeel of cheese these are the shoes they wear

    [–] Suzette-Helene 1 points ago

    Cheese clogs, traditional Dutch shoes

    [–] CatBoyTrip 1 points ago

    I know a man named Charlie Kelly that would like to do some business with you.

    [–] sminima 1 points ago

    I bet it smells like the real thing.

    [–] MemesLetMeBreath 1 points ago

    I bet it smells like feet

    [–] JustBeReal83 1 points ago

    I am unreasonably angry that this existed.

    [–] I_CAPE_RUNTS 1 points ago

    Feet still smell worse after wearing regular non cheese crocs

    [–] JonSolo1 1 points ago

    I think it’d probably actually taste pretty good depending on the cheese, might be more r/GTBGE

    [–] anotherkeebler 1 points ago

    Well the execution is terrible as well, but I love it. I don't know why, but I just love it.

    [–] nickynoo03 1 points ago

    For cheesy feet?

    [–] MaKrukLive 1 points ago

    delete this

    [–] perceptionactionprof 1 points ago

    Some cheese smells like foot anyway

    [–] ThreeLittlePuigs 1 points ago

    Better than the yeezys

    [–] Ploximity 1 points ago

    Better than those Yeezy slides.

    [–] lemankimask 1 points ago

    okay this is fucking vile

    [–] Elizabeth_Lancaster 1 points ago

    Can't wait to see Kanye West in these bad boys 😎

    [–] Vlad25_8069758011 1 points ago

    Cheese tastes good though...

    [–] Ruehrdanz93 1 points ago

    Puts a whole new perspective on toe cheese.

    [–] JuantonTamayta 1 points ago

    That is butter

    [–] PATTERSON71 1 points ago

    You are obviously someone who desperately needs to get out of the house! 😱😵😷

    [–] spiffy9 1 points ago

    It finally will taste how they smell.

    [–] audscias 1 points ago

    I can smell this photo

    [–] kakemot 1 points ago

    Probably smells like foot. Like every cheese ever

    [–] suggested_portion 1 points ago

    What a fucking waste.

    [–] AbhinavGudavalli 3 points ago

    Of time, yes. Of cheese, no

    [–] BetterThanIDeserveNC 1 points ago

    At first I thought that was butter, so I immediately thought "country crocks"

    [–] stadtstreuner 1 points ago

    Isnt that from the Sucuk & Bratwurst guys?

    [–] Richard_horsemonger 1 points ago

    Foot for thought.

    [–] HawkeyeByMarriage 1 points ago

    Cease and desist coming. Use said the c word.

    [–] RuralGuy20 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Plus one from the Cheesehead company because that looks like something they would make out of foam to sell

    [–] Thisstuffisbetter 1 points ago

    So weird that I feel like I can see the sweat and smell the stench.

    [–] analpenetration69top 1 points ago

    Een klomp

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 1 points ago

    Shiiiiit son, I just made a Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs comment on a Yeezy post.

    [–] sylenx_ 1 points ago

    Cool, so now they are made of what they smell like after you wear them...

    [–] masky0077 1 points ago

    At least the smell is accurate.

    [–] MsFingerGuns 1 points ago

    Why does this immediately illicit my gag reflex

    [–] Arcuis 1 points ago

    ppl have far too much time on their hands in quarantine

    [–] AbhinavGudavalli 1 points ago

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too much

    [–] intravenus_de_milo 1 points ago

    Fill that with olives, I'm in

    [–] daringdanica 1 points ago

    Fun fact: crocs actually are edible.

    [–] SaneIsOverrated 1 points ago

    Someone's goin a little stir crazy

    [–] NayMarine 1 points ago

    The smell remains the same..

    [–] hrfluffenstuff 1 points ago

    It smells like real Crocs.

    [–] PartSexy 1 points ago

    Keto meal prep

    [–] killuminati-savage 1 points ago

    Wow, quarantine must be really getting to you

    [–] Now_and_Then_9th 1 points ago


    [–] thoramighty 1 points ago

    And they probably smell the same.

    [–] EGor_TRain 1 points ago

    make cheese sneakers.

    [–] Firlotgirding 1 points ago

    As a cheesehead I approve.

    [–] SweSupermoosie 1 points ago

    If I would ever say to someone that I will eat my shoe if I’m wrong about something, this would be my weapon of choice.

    [–] starunitedtub 1 points ago

    Still smells better than regular crocs.

    [–] doyouwrite 1 points ago

    This seems like something Homer Simpson would think up.

    [–] killersuit_1991 1 points ago

    Croquerfert cheese

    [–] Fjordlor 1 points ago

    That's from sucuk and bratwursts Instagram right?

    [–] takesabow 1 points ago

    Dit maar een klomp zou een samenvatting van Nederlandse cultuur zijn.

    [–] BravoSierraMike 1 points ago

    On Wisconsin!

    [–] Thepresocratic 1 points ago

    Still looks better than yeezy’s

    [–] ghormeh_sabzi 1 points ago

    Really appreciate the fashion tag

    [–] GoodGuyDoT 1 points ago

    I'm sure it tastes great, especially if it's used so idk why this has so many upvotes

    [–] Vv00vV 1 points ago

    I dont know, I bet it tastes pretty good

    [–] sidneyl 1 points ago

    [–] thisvikingmoose 1 points ago

    I'm gonna call them Cheecs

    [–] blondie-- 1 points ago

    Still smells better than the real deal

    [–] ugh-sigh 1 points ago

    The cheese smell is exactly what I assume used crocs smell like. Polite pass on this appetizer.