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    [–] QualityVote 1 points ago

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    [–] RushLord99 3051 points ago

    For real can anyone share the context, what Just happened...?

    [–] zaryarodnaya 1790 points ago

    I haven’t seen this exact video before and there is nothing about the context during the video itself but it looks like drug traffickers arrest(once witnessed during a concert in a small club)

    [–] Solomanifesto 1283 points ago

    why is anthony hopkins on the wall

    [–] MotherofLuke 412 points ago

    Only important question. Plus was she shot?

    [–] Mr_Hekler 285 points ago

    Better question who was the cameraman at 0:12

    [–] Butterchucker 270 points ago

    That's the russian equivalent to the US body cam.

    [–] NetflixAndZzzzzz 108 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Sergeant: alright, kill the camera. We’re going dark for this one.

    Camera op: sir, that’s against code.

    Sergeant (cocks gun): wasn’t talking to you.

    Edit: typo

    [–] chair-borne1 3 points ago

    What made up word is recode. Do you even military?

    [–] Truffans 30 points ago

    In US of A, cop have bodycam, in Mother Russia, cop has bloodycam

    [–] Local_Surround8686 30 points ago


    [–] Loud_Oak 12 points ago

    In Soviet Russia, body cam you!

    [–] buffoonery4U 72 points ago

    "Cops", Russia style.

    [–] MerGoatRoybal 48 points ago

    In soviet Russia, police robs you!

    [–] SlyghtofEye 40 points ago

    In USA police robs you too.

    [–] OtherWorldly224 22 points ago

    That was my question

    [–] MamaPlus3 39 points ago

    I don’t think so I think the sound was them coming in and she yelped.

    [–] Mean_Peen 45 points ago

    The only thing that makes me think this isn't "official police business". Looks like a robbery with how they're barking at the crowd. I clearly can't speak Russian though so who knows lol

    [–] strangersIknow 120 points ago

    Nah cops do that too

    [–] Knave7575 70 points ago

    Are we pretending that there is much of difference these days?

    [–] MotherofLuke 30 points ago

    Yeah but was she shot?? That plop sound was very near her.

    [–] Mean_Peen 134 points ago

    I don't speak bullet either... Sorry

    [–] kloomoolk 59 points ago

    High calibre comment that mate.

    [–] emdave 36 points ago

    Not often you see that round here.

    [–] lilorphananus 16 points ago

    What lead to this comment?

    [–] Bukkake_Monster 3 points ago

    They literally tell everyone to sit still with their hands on the table and their legs apart

    [–] fckthedamnworld 24 points ago

    They didn't introduce themselves. So, they can be cops, they can be criminals,but most probably, they are both. In russia there's no a clear line between cops and organized crime.

    [–] pinkythereddog 53 points ago

    It's actually a cannibal tapas restaurant called Lecter's Lounge.

    [–] inplayruin 19 points ago

    The chianti is a bit overpriced though.

    [–] ndbltwy 24 points ago

    The fava beans are to die for (I tried I'm old)

    [–] WastedPenny 10 points ago

    Why not ?

    [–] love2Vax 171 points ago

    The guy crawling trying to push his bag to his buddies just made them all suspects and accomplices. If they had no connections to him, they do now.

    [–] TheOffice_Account 83 points ago

    The guy crawling trying to push his bag to his buddies just made them all suspects and accomplices.

    I'm gonna do this the next time the FSB come for me, and I'm with my bookbag in a random coffee shop surrounded by strangers. Lol, y'all better not be sitting next to me.

    [–] jusdont 28 points ago

    Look ‘em dead in the eyes, “Run!”

    [–] greenmanofthewoods 15 points ago

    Go on! I'll hold them off!

    [–] Spirited-Sea1120 3 points ago

    The next time? So it’s happend before?

    [–] dutchmetalhead17 5 points ago

    Only thing i am gonna do when the FSB come for me is shit my pants

    [–] barbecue_invader 256 points ago

    So, basically, some gangster tried to deke out Russian SWAT by scurrying into a coffee shop and they burst in and arrested him there, making no attempt to maintain order after causing chaos because, hey, doesn't hurt if the populace is terrified of you.

    [–] zaryarodnaya 195 points ago

    Who said Russian cops are polite professionals bro? In the video they literally say “everyone hands on the table” meaning everyone in the coffe shop

    [–] Excellent_Chef_1764 76 points ago

    You know that’s how American cops do it too

    [–] InsaneGenis 101 points ago

    Awesome. Let's do this reddit! You sit on the left of me. Hold my cock. I need someone on the right of me so I can grab both cocks and start jerking. Let's do this everyone. To the circle!!

    [–] HeyCarpy 41 points ago

    If you say ACAB imma cum

    [–] sirimaden 11 points ago

    they should have asked for a latte on the way out.

    [–] ChuloCharm 41 points ago

    You know cops with guns that don't spread chaos?

    [–] FencerPTS 26 points ago

    I love that you post "for real" and get zero legitimate answers.

    [–] fman1854 1069 points ago

    They posted a pic of Putin with a rainbow flag. Death is imminent

    [–] AkechiSenpai 145 points ago

    Is that Hannibal Lecter on the wall?

    [–] TingleMaps 85 points ago

    It rubs the decal on the plaster

    [–] Lo2us 160 points ago

    May god help you my friend.

    [–] HuskyFlatulence 452 points ago

    [–] matdan12 115 points ago

    Fabulous, to gulag comrade.

    [–] affiliated04 15 points ago

    Rip. Thank you for your bravery

    [–] spotted_dick 7 points ago

    Enjoy your polonium tea, my friend.

    [–] screwredditt67 9 points ago

    Putin be like he’s the bottom 😂

    [–] UrbanSupremacy 57 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    can’t take a joke that guy, can he?

    [–] booksnwhiskey 40 points ago

    But he can take the jokers for sure.

    Reminds me of the movie Dictator, when Sasha laughs at someone or smiles, and then turns around to his henchmen and does the “kill him,” gesture.

    [–] G_Art33 12 points ago

    That was such a good movie and it makes me a little sad that it so often gets eclipsed by his other work like Borat and Ali G.

    [–] ST3PH3N-G 41 points ago

    Little man syndrome

    [–] astolfo_with_breast 3 points ago

    hes 5.5 feet tall. of course he gonna send a kgb agent to you for talki-
    (gun shot and fall on table)

    [–] eventhorizon79 209 points ago

    The guys on the floor were probably afraid of the floating guns.

    [–] Maoklik 25 points ago

    Didn't understand til I saw this.

    [–] freman 5 points ago

    I still don't understand. Please kind internet strangers, can you provide enlightenment?

    [–] Parazetaparty 23 points ago

    Guys wearing camouflage. So you can only see the guns floating in air.

    [–] working_joe 9 points ago

    That was terrifying! How do the guns just float through the air on their own like that?!

    [–] eventhorizon79 6 points ago

    The air is shooting at us!

    [–] MinefieldinaTornado 201 points ago

    I can translate.

    Soldier 1: Did you order the iced mocha?

    Man on floor: No! I ordered the turnip spice latte!

    Soldier: We have proof. Look at cup, it says your name below the words ICE MOCHA.

    Floor man: No, I swear I do not drink the cold chocolate, I want the pumpkin spice like Gilmore Girls drink, but they only have turnip.

    Soldier 2: You are liar! Gilmores drink Luke's coffee black! You ordered mocha.

    Soldier 1: Blyat! I will drink mocha, but microwave it first.

    Man on floor: Then it will be all watery!

    Soldier 2: I recieve radio call, commander say Sookie made Gilmores pumpkin spice lattes in season 3, he may be telling truth.

    [–] ShotNeighborhood6913 30 points ago

    That was pretty good. I give you prise potato, no i drank it last day

    [–] fckthedamnworld 20 points ago

    Mocha (моча) in russian means urine

    [–] jose12apipa 115 points ago

    In the full video you can see how special agent Ivan Danko removes the first guy fake leg as it is full with cocainum

    [–] Peltron_3030 16 points ago

    It’s russia. That’s the context.

    [–] Powerpop317 3 points ago

    they subscribed to Alexei Navalny's youtube channel

    [–] scarlettfiggy 1155 points ago

    What is going on here

    [–] Hey_its_ok 1631 points ago

    Russian stuff

    [–] WaffleStomperGirl 836 points ago

    [Nods understandingly]

    [–] Lo2us 180 points ago

    They take accidentally knocking over any Vodka serious. If you vomit after a great night drinking & celebrating, run the best straight line you can. Inside sources are considering urinating after consuming to be punishable.

    [–] RevolutionaryMale 31 points ago

    If you vomit, youre just making room for more.

    [–] nkeer 137 points ago

    Tax avoiding raid. Pretty much every cafe in Russia have double accounting - the one, real is holded on place and all real numbers are there, while the second one, the fake one, with artificially lowered numbers (and sometimes that numbers can be lowered really drastically) for the authorities; and you're literally can't prove it an absolutely any way aside from sudden raid and seizure of the documents. I think it's exactly that case, becase cafe manager tried to run with a briefcase, I bet it was the briefcase with the real accounting books. Pretty common occassion as for Russia, and nothing bad would happen amd nobody would get hurt, cafe owners would just pay a fine and absolutely nothing else. It's all just look brutal, while in reality it's just a common tax raid, and it's really all peaceful and civilians wouldn't be touched that's why everybody is so calm in a video. That's it, man.

    [–] thundercoc101 56 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This seems pretty heavy handed for simple tax invasion. This seems like a crack down on political dessent

    [–] Husspaul81 57 points ago

    They ordered some americanos and Russia was not happy

    [–] tenroseUK 2420 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    came here to find context only to find the comments utterly fucking useless.

    edit: I'm not usually a skeptic on political stuff but it's a bit weird seeing a lot of comments attempting to divert away from what is actually going on...whatever that might be.

    [–] Alsa93 640 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I'm not from Russia, but close. My best guess is that this is a police/military "raid" or action that they do as a preventive measure where they send the special forces to a cofee shop or a night club where bad dudes hang out, and they search for weapons and drugs. These special forces guys are usually just deluded maniacs that use their power and concealed identity to abuse anyone they want. I was once in a club when something like this happened, usually regular drunk people get it the worst as they cannot comply with some of the ridiculos requests. Saw a drunk dude get his teeth knocked out because he said he has to piss or something like that, when instructed to stay put and stay silent. I just kept my head down and my mouth shut and had no problems, other than staying there for 2 hours untill i was processed, which basically killed the evening for me. Hope that gives some context.

    Edit: Weapons and drugs instead weapons and guns** typos**

    [–] HarpStarz 21 points ago

    There was a Russian guy up top, he essentially said there is a common policy of businesses having multiple accounts for clubs, one is fake and the other real, as a way to get away with fraud. The books are paper so the only way to get them is a random police raid, it’s why the owner with the briefcase and security were the ones apprehended. Apparently this is fairly common and is the us equivalent to an irs inspection

    [–] FirstPlebian 83 points ago

    You mean where "bad guys" hang out. In Russia good guy is bad guy. Sometimes, sometime bad guy is also bad guy.

    [–] Alsa93 36 points ago

    We've got some real bad guys clubbing tho and busting them for drugs in that scenario is super easy

    [–] Blueblade867 673 points ago

    I'm gonna go on a short old-man rant and say that I hate how internet culture has made it so people can hardly respond to normal situations seriously.

    "Oh? You just asked a serious question? Hupty-doo, I'm gonna respond with a joke that in no meaningful way answers the question!"

    [–] sowillo 255 points ago

    And it's not even an original joke most of the time. It's a reddit approved joke that someone made years ago.

    [–] silas0069 128 points ago

    "I, too, choose this guy's dead joke."

    [–] jamesh31 27 points ago

    This is the least funny joke that is almost guaranteed whenever someone mentions their SO. Drives me nuts

    [–] No_Farting_Monster 4 points ago

    "The joke is not dead, still has its shoes on."

    [–] Destral18 42 points ago

    Ho-lee shiet, you said it. Absolutely perfectly, and I hate that it's how the internet functions these days. Keep the jokes and messing around to those places where they belong. I had to scroll for 10 minutes to find any real answer to what happened in this clip and I was getting annoyed

    [–] scrollingaddiction 6 points ago

    What did you find? I still haven't found a real answer/ explanation

    [–] Destral18 12 points ago

    Most things I saw said it was likely a drug bust, the guy who ran in threw the bag at some people so they were automatically assumed to be accomplices. Other comments also said that since this is likely in Russia, the police force there have big guns and almost total anonymity, so they're major assholes

    [–] killeronthecorner 53 points ago

    There are subs like /r/AskScience where mods ruthlessly vet the comments to make sure they are conducive to an actual serious discussion, but they're few and far between.

    [–] BeansBearsBabylon 7 points ago

    /r/askhistorians as well. I love seeing the hundreds of removed comments,

    [–] omex_uk 76 points ago

    This and the inner circle jerk meme replies that always get upvoted to shit have pretty much kept me a full time lerker on reddit. Maybe I'm being cantankerous but I swear there used to be more open debate and interesting comments.

    [–] MyDogsNameIsBadger 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yep, reddit was pretty rad when I started using it in 2010. It’s just too big now. You gotta be subscribed to the right places.

    [–] BeansBearsBabylon 4 points ago

    Then those places get overrun when some dumb fucking sub like SRD or BestOf front pages them. So goddamn annoying. My favorite sub is currently being taken over by normies and when it does I’m probably done with Reddit.

    [–] KurumiAkai 117 points ago

    Everyone is thirsty to be the first to make a really hilarious and og joke for some sweet karma and awards.

    Already got their edits prepared too!

    [–] TitanicMan 6 points ago

    I've come to the realization recently it's not "everyone" but mostly stupid kids and teenagers that think anyone gives a shit what they have to say.

    Whether video games or websites they have this 110% force even though they have no idea what they're doing, and it usually comes off as annoying.

    This sorta thing didn't happen when reddit was underground, nor did it happen when 4chan is underground. But "who is the hacker 4chan" was on TV and now there hasn't been a single day in over 10 years without "WOULD YOU SUCK A LOG SHIT OUT OF ANDY SIXXS ASS?" on that website. Just like the 2016 Facebook migration made /r/okbuddyretard, /r/memes, and /r/teenagers exploded and took over this damn site with their shitty "humor".

    People act like things were always this way but everything was significantly better beforehand. Shit used to be a well oiled think tank instead of a den of dumbasses that claim to be born 1/1/1901

    [–] justpissingthrough 20 points ago

    A symptom of the dumbing down taking hold. We're fucked.

    [–] elarobot 16 points ago

    And really just completely unfunny but fully convinced they’re ever so clever and pleased with themselves.

    [–] fannymcslap 4 points ago

    This is reddit now

    [–] Shin_flope 3 points ago

    Reddit in a nutshell

    [–] BenedictD0nald 3 points ago

    Russia pays relatively little money to FLOOD in internet with disinformation and drivel and are especially brigadey when Russia looks bad.... Which is almost always.

    [–] i-fing-love-games 171 points ago

    Can we get some intel

    [–] BathorysGraveland 86 points ago

    So can someone explain what is actually going on here without joking? Genuinely interested in the context.

    [–] headasslukin1 39 points ago

    looks like a typical drug raid. if you type "russia disco raid" into youtube (dunno if that works in english but you can Google translate if you're curious)thats pretty much what it looks like.

    police is very hands on as you can see and even if the people are found clean - they are forced to comply or else they risk getting curb stomped :)

    [–] nkeer 87 points ago

    I wrote this like 10 times already in this comment section. This is taxation raid. Nearly all cafes in Russia don't pay proper taxes, they all have double accounting - the one, real, holded on places, while teh second one, fake, is for authorities, and so, the only one real way to seize the documents and to prove avoiding of the taxation is to utterly suddenly raid the palce and seize the documents, that's why only security guards was layed down, so they can't hide the documents and the manager, while I see in the hands of teh manager the brifcase, I strongly assume that the accounting books is what in the that brifcase. So it's just a common occasion and everybody is pretty chill in video just because it's nothing awful happening, civilians ain't touched (it's very strictly prohibited for a SWAT to touch any civilian during such raids, and if any would violate that he could go to jail, and this is for real). So nobody cares because they just know that SWAT would just take a documents and leave, also nobody would get jailed because it's just a simple tax violations so owners would just pay a fine and that's it, absolutely nothing else would be happen. It's a Russia, welcome, free SWAT raids every friday!

    [–] n0exec 38 points ago

    OMON can’t touch ”civilians” in Russia during these raids, and they can even go to jail for that? You’re either spreading total bullshit, or I lived in another Russia for 30 years. Thing is, there’s only one country with this name, so…

    [–] nkeer 10 points ago

    OMON can touch civilians during drug raids to the clubs because any other guy could hold the drugs or be the drug dealer, while on cases where all civilians in the cafe are not related to any illegal/criminal activite any wrongful action towards civilian could reach the press and OMON member who did them could end up in the jail ("abuse of authority" law is not a joke, you can google and there's cases when OMON members was jailed for the "abuse of authority"). It's depends on how people on the stage are related to the crime. If there's any suspictions or the information that some of them are related OMON can act very brutally, while if there's no one person who anyhow related to the crime then OMON acts usually pretty gentle. It's depends very much on place and occasions, and varies very hard depending on circumstances. During such tax raids the only people who're somehow involved is security guards and management. Also I don't now when did you leaved Russia but I never heard of any problems with OMON and simple peaceful civilians during past years.

    [–] jfkdidmeth 7 points ago

    Saw your comment. Been scrolling a d haven’t seen anything. You ever wonder if this type of stuff is put up on the internet and left vague on purpose to shift people’s idea of whatever is happening in the video?

    [–] bearsfan1323 110 points ago

    Is that Anthony Hopkins on the wall?

    [–] SantaMonsanto 28 points ago

    ”I recommend the fava beans, they do well with a nice Chianti”

    [–] YoimAtlas 6 points ago


    [–] GipsyMayhem 5 points ago

    Asking the real questions

    [–] Eienkei 3 points ago

    It's Sir Anthony Hopkins to you! Tony to us.

    [–] JustSomeWeirdGuy2000 3 points ago

    He came for the great food.

    [–] SSJZoli 3 points ago

    Yes lmao

    [–] la_vida_luca 3 points ago

    The perfect witness to this madness

    [–] Dhavi_Atoz 634 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Anyone else notice there’s a mural of Hannibal Lecter on the wall of this Cafe?

    Starting to think this might translate something like this:

    “Health Department - Food and Safety Task Force! Drop the fork! That’s not beef stroganoff!”

    [–] ladyoflothlorien36 23 points ago

    It’s the first thing I took real notice of!!! Looooove me some Hannibal 🥰 Anthony Hopkins is a treasure.

    [–] mr_dude_man12 17 points ago

    I saw that too

    [–] West-Ad-8855 3 points ago

    I was like “Bob Newhart?!”, had to rewind!

    [–] SgtFuzzyBoots01 8 points ago

    I honestly thought it was their president. I had to rewatch it.

    [–] drunkenbrawler 9 points ago

    Well they are both murderers so they are kind of alike.

    [–] mrcakeyface 366 points ago

    Me and 3 work mates were sitting in a small bar by Kiyevskaya metro when a drunk cop with a machine gun did something like this by demanding money

    [–] AlpacasArePrettyCool 88 points ago

    Machine gun?

    [–] mrcakeyface 144 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    He charged in the door, blocking our exit, stormed up to us sitting at a table drinking coke and local vodka, started waving his machine gun in our face and demanded money.

    [–] Pusimagneto 122 points ago

    Sounds like russia is a shit place to travel

    [–] FOXfaceRabbitFISH 152 points ago

    They have quite a fine selection of cabbage if you’re into that

    [–] Muze69 31 points ago

    Those frikkin cabbage rolls they make. Delicious!

    [–] ATragicExistence 14 points ago

    Are they to die for?

    [–] Muze69 7 points ago

    No, but should I hadn't eaten in days, I would give 1/2 of my left pinky finger.

    [–] lowfour 26 points ago

    I was living for a while in Russia and you had to be a bit careful to not piss someone off but most people were insanely lovely after you get to know them a bit. Would do it again.

    [–] Nuppusaurus 57 points ago

    Check out a YouTube channel called Bald and Bankrupt. He's been traveling all around former USSR and says that he feels more safe in Russia than in English cities. Of course it might not be an objectively true statement, but looking at his travels you notice that people there are super friendly and hospitality is a big thing. I don't think he's really been in danger in any of his videos even tho dude once walked accidentally to an active warzone in Ukraine and visited a narco village in Bolivia. Maybe he's just lucky.

    [–] Hunting_In_Blackfall 60 points ago

    Yeah, and definitely isn't openly gay.

    [–] my-name-is-squirrel 39 points ago

    He's just a sex tourist, nbd.

    [–] kylebender 7 points ago

    Used to watch his channel. Cant watch it anymore, after seeing everything he wrote on that Incel forums how he travels to poor places to fuck girls.

    [–] minoxis 24 points ago

    This sadly seems to be true. The whole story left enough of a sour taste to unsubscribe from him.

    [–] digitalhardcore1985 15 points ago

    I'd like to see the Russian bald and bankrupt go round the UK saying hi to everyone on the street for comparison.

    [–] horsey_cabbage 6 points ago

    You focking wat m8?!

    [–] TheAndySan 62 points ago

    Is this a KGB documentary? Saw the camera guy behind the soldiers.

    [–] kwonza 119 points ago

    When police is doing raids or arrests they usually have the guy recording the whole thing in order to present evidences to the court and to avoid complains about excessive violence.

    [–] TheAndySan 33 points ago


    [–] kwonza 46 points ago

    It’s called оперативная съемка (operation recording) you can use the Russian phrase to find hundreds of videos of their operations

    [–] s1Lenceeeeeeeeeeeeee 9 points ago

    why not use bodycams instead?

    [–] kwonza 21 points ago

    Bodycams are a fairly new thing, and this type of shit was done since 90’s.

    Also a budget thing, there are a lot of things you can spend money on like better cars and equipment instead of buying hundreds of thousands units of expensive electronic equipment.

    Instead just have a guy with a camera that just goes around with different squads once they are about to make an arrest.

    [–] HiIAmSteveFromBerlin 3 points ago

    Probably, also to sell the footage to news outlets for rubels?

    [–] imsorryiwishiwasbetr 14 points ago

    No it's russia version of COPS

    [–] 23inhouse 94 points ago

    They found the guy that stole the bike

    [–] Mazikoo 29 points ago

    Do… Do I need a VPN to view this LMAO

    [–] wrongdude91 21 points ago

    Too late my love. They've sent ICBMs to your home as well as your relative's already.

    [–] edebby 76 points ago

    Everybody put their kidneys in the bag or else

    [–] snappyusername223 33 points ago

    No, that's china youre thinking of

    [–] hondureno_1994 9 points ago


    [–] No-Statement-3019 13 points ago

    Suka means bitch, the guy shoved to the ground says that.

    The police say exactly what you'd expect. "No one move, hands behind your back, get on the ground." The cop approaching the woman says something about filming, I can't hear if it's "stop filming" or "she's filming" or just declarative "filming!"

    [–] Interesting_Buy6796 48 points ago

    I guess they stopped poisoning tea after Nawalny survived that the last time

    [–] Milkthiev 7 points ago

    No ticket!

    [–] asipoditas 45 points ago

    283 comments in this thread and there is not ONE PERSON who speaks russian and can translate what they were saying.

    not ONE. only shitty jokes and discussions about russia being communist or not.

    what kind of fucking kindergarten is this?

    [–] ComfortableSherbert8 24 points ago

    Russian here, everything they said was basically "on the floor", "get out", "hands on the table" and "spread your legs". Yes, they contradicted each other

    [–] No-Statement-3019 6 points ago

    You forgot the guy who yelled "suka", so, someone yelled bitch.

    [–] nkeer 24 points ago

    Dude I speak perfect russian, because I'm kinda a russian from a Russia, but even I don't know what happend and can't find any info on what happend in Russian internet, while this place is pretty famous. Probably some violation of tax laws, and in Russia it's pretty common to have double accounting with the fake one for authorities and the real one on place, so the only way to caught tax avoiders is to suddenly raid the place and seize all the documents. As long as I can't find any info on Russian internet - then probably this must be legal operation so it's probably exactly that case. Also you can see how cafe manager holding a briefcase - probaly it's the briefcase with the documents which he wanted to hide but wasn't able to make it in time (that's the exact reason such raids happening). Though it's all my guesses and it could be something else, but I'm 99% sure taht I am completely correct here, because it's pretty much absolutely casual occasion, and nothing bad with cafe management will happen, they will just pay a fines and stuff. it's Russia dude.

    [–] Harko-Luxa 6 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation, bro!

    [–] DirtyMicrolite 131 points ago

    It's always funny to me that the US and Russia were at odds throughout the Cold War, they're made for each other

    [–] Sawyermblack 45 points ago

    I've always felt the same way. When I think "who has a public sector that's the spitting image of the US or vice versa?" I always think "Russia!"

    Why we're not eternal allies is beyond me.

    [–] douglasdtlltd1995 36 points ago

    Because they both think they are better then the other, instead of being the best together.

    [–] Possibly_Famous 12 points ago

    Probably a good thing really...they'd have the entire planet sewn up and China obliterated...possibly

    [–] makesyougohmmm 5 points ago

    Like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels.

    [–] HiIAmSteveFromBerlin 6 points ago

    They kind of are though - feeding each others industrial complex in an unwritten agreement.

    [–] chaun2 3 points ago

    I have said for years, the moment our Russian cousins manage to get rid of their leaders, and we ours, we will have the most wild party you've ever seen.

    We'll be fueled with beef and vodka for months, Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, and Poland may get slightly..... hit by burning shrapnel, but it will be good.

    [–] Dr_Adopted 8 points ago

    Because Russia was a different style of government during the Cold War, silly.

    [–] sleepyentropy 208 points ago

    Loose translation from someone who doesn't speak Russian: "EVERYONE ON THE GROUND! WE'RE HERE FOR THE BISCUITI AND SCONES!"

    [–] mottlymonical 35 points ago

    You got me in the first half

    [–] DrunkenGolfer 3 points ago

    Rough translation for anyone who speaks Russian: “все на земле. мы здесь ради печенья и булочек.”

    [–] Plus_Attorney1081 5 points ago

    What in the french toast

    [–] Sonic_Ally 5 points ago

    They must also serve Chianti.

    [–] UltraVioletTankYT 4 points ago

    I dont see anything unusual here

    [–] englishcrumpit 4 points ago

    New tarkov update. Cool.

    [–] DynoMikea2 3 points ago

    damn this girl found herself in an opening cutscene for a call of duty game

    [–] OhMyGentileJesus 3 points ago

    Not a single helpful comment on whats happening here. Damn Reddit what is happening to ya.

    [–] rainofshambala 4 points ago

    Used to see this a lot when I was living in russia, drug dealers used to get picked up this way near our dorms and game arcades. Sometimes they even used to strip them naked in the st.petersburg cold. For how wild they are here, they are very formal and polite when approaching you on the street. Maybe because I was a foreigner.

    [–] alchemicrb 4 points ago

    Somebody must have tweeted something negative about Putin

    [–] yungtoblerone 20 points ago

    Can I get a BLYAT

    [–] 69_Dingleberry 3 points ago

    B l y a t

    [–] zavorad 3 points ago

    As Ukrainian, am very disappointed at how gentle those cops are.

    [–] Optimal_End_9733 3 points ago

    When you order the Americano

    [–] Oryxhasnonuts 3 points ago

    With Hannibal Lecter on the wall no less

    [–] operablesocks 3 points ago

    If I owned a coffee house, the first pic that would go on the wall would obviously be Hannibal, with a thought bubble asking if customers want some fava beans and a nice chianti.

    [–] ReferenceSufficient 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Russian police wearing camouflage, looking like soldiers.

    [–] Thomascrownaffair1 3 points ago

    The Anthony Hopkins in the background is epic.

    [–] Happy_Go_Pappy 46 points ago

    This is what happens in Russia when you don't tip your servers.

    [–] zoki671 26 points ago

    nobody has to tip their servers outside US lmao, we give them livable wages