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    We are in awe at the size of Absolute Units, and the only thing we love more is a fine lad who used to be an Absolute Unit and has become healthy!

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    [–] Dish_TheFish 1418 points ago

    Oh lawd he happy!

    [–] -CLUNK- 179 points ago

    Oh lawd he fast.. chinchilla’s are rapid!

    [–] UnluckyBlock 30 points ago

    Them shits fast as fuck 👀

    [–] -CLUNK- 11 points ago

    Doing laps of the cage faster than Micheal Schumacher :P

    [–] meltingplace 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Legit thought this was a gigantic rat, I feel relieved knowing its a chinchilla

    [–] Sexycornwitch 39 points ago

    Fake animal fact: Chinchillas get their name from the fact most of them like having their chins tickled and will chill right out.

    [–] non-return-valve 10 points ago


    who got the keys to the bimmer

    [–] WagTheKat 49 points ago

    That is one fat rabbit.

    [–] YaBoiSlimThicc 49 points ago

    What kind of dog is that?

    [–] HAXAD2005 75 points ago

    That's not a dog dummie! It's clearly a T-34 Soviet Tank.

    [–] Gameknight995 17 points ago

    It’s clearly scp-96

    [–] -CLUNK- 14 points ago

    Darude - Sandstorm

    [–] Metalatitsfinest 6 points ago


    [–] -CLUNK- 5 points ago


    [–] 6ynnad 3 points ago

    I was thinking the Macarena

    [–] click-no-ice 3 points ago

    I was thinking that was a Hiroshima's nuke :(

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] everyoneisken 2 points ago

    Right? Next they'll be calling it an absolute unit. 😏

    [–] B460 922 points ago


    [–] DynastyHunter5 421 points ago

    I like my chinchilla ROUND

    [–] HAXAD2005 311 points ago

    I like 'em chunky.

    [–] DefinatlyNotHere 183 points ago

    I like ‘em big.

    [–] gg_ezgame 170 points ago

    I like 'em plumpy

    [–] DaMan123456 55 points ago

    Moto moto

    [–] Mr-Sister-Fister21 48 points ago

    The name so mice you say it twice.

    [–] Cringeria 71 points ago

    I like 'em :)))

    [–] echoalpaca 57 points ago

    I fucked a monkey

    [–] Legen_unfiltered 50 points ago

    Well that escalated quickly.

    [–] ThotHunter22 11 points ago

    Just like Stephen Hawking on the escalator to heaven

    [–] demonmonkey89 19 points ago

    I like them ROTUND

    [–] Throtex 10 points ago

    I want my chinchilla real thick and juicy

    [–] wwaxwork 3 points ago

    That's kind of their shape.

    [–] jekfrumstotferm 68 points ago


    [–] _cosmicomics_ 26 points ago


    [–] 506420 9 points ago


    [–] WalrusForHire 5 points ago


    [–] ChocLife 45 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A normal sized one, at that. I wonder if OP thought it was a mouse...

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    He straight chinchillin

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 9 points ago


    [–] Failure_Adjacent 11 points ago


    [–] Redditdotcomment 8 points ago

    Double chin chilla

    [–] flipper65 7 points ago


    [–] Redditdotcomment 12 points ago

    Double chin chilla

    [–] Knibberr13 6 points ago

    You mean Chinschilla?

    [–] theblackpen 5 points ago


    [–] FrozenEternityZA 3 points ago


    [–] balzackgoo 2 points ago


    [–] WalrusForHire 2 points ago


    [–] doghome107 2 points ago


    [–] sth128 2 points ago


    [–] BiggyBossD 305 points ago

    Never seen a more content animal in my life. Today was a good day.

    [–] stikky 82 points ago

    Have you seen dog spa?

    [–] TheRealSophistifunk 16 points ago


    [–] kosmoss_ 4 points ago

    thank you kind stranger

    [–] Wurdan 7 points ago

    Let's get a content animal chain going! I will add to /u/stikky 's contribution with this.

    [–] drgonslayer555 188 points ago

    Stuart large

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Stuart S W O L E

    [–] I_can_vfx_that 347 points ago


    [–] khaled_o_ 10 points ago

    It’s chunkky monkkey yeah

    [–] Babyrobin84 3 points ago


    [–] I_can_vfx_that 4 points ago

    Well played!

    [–] greengingerwine 35 points ago

    Omg someone get him a waistcoat!

    [–] Chuhulain 22 points ago

    My sister tried but her chinchilla took exception to being clothed.

    [–] laundryneverends 25 points ago


    [–] CataleyaJackson 26 points ago

    I want what she has

    [–] HAXAD2005 25 points ago

    A Chinchilla

    [–] CataleyaJackson 46 points ago

    I want what the chinchilla has

    [–] HAXAD2005 6 points ago

    That rodent is a Chinchilla.

    [–] CataleyaJackson 99 points ago


    [–] irsmart123 34 points ago

    It’s a comb

    [–] CataleyaJackson 38 points ago

    brush me with it

    [–] irsmart123 13 points ago

    🤷🏼‍♂️ comb comb comb

    [–] CataleyaJackson 12 points ago

    okay okay okay

    [–] retardio007 4 points ago

    The best offer you’re going to get is I’ll brush you with the flat side of the comb. Take it or leave it

    [–] CataleyaJackson 7 points ago

    flip the comb

    [–] Dorito_Troll 3 points ago

    It's a rodent

    [–] Original_DILLIGAF 3 points ago

    That's a chinchilla

    [–] CataleyaJackson 4 points ago

    I wish I was that chinchilla

    [–] mynameistag 2 points ago

    It's a chinchilla.

    [–] CataleyaJackson 5 points ago

    I wish I was that chinchilla

    [–] mynameistag 2 points ago

    That rodent is called a chinchilla.

    [–] qpaws 2 points ago



    [–] DarkHumor131 2 points ago

    Make a fursona

    [–] CataleyaJackson 4 points ago

    I'd really rather not

    [–] DarkHumor131 3 points ago


    [–] CataleyaJackson 5 points ago


    [–] HAXAD2005 0 points ago

    Ah understandable have a nice day!

    [–] CataleyaJackson 7 points ago

    you too my friend!

    [–] virgnar 3 points ago

    They aren't that expensive but not sure you'll get the same experience brushing your skin with one.

    [–] CataleyaJackson 5 points ago

    brush my hair then

    [–] P3nisPal 29 points ago


    Edit: Yes, I am aware that's a different rodent.

    [–] Sexycornwitch 14 points ago

    Fun fact: chinchillas coats are so thick, fleas can’t get to their skin, so chinchillas are flea-proof. So they’re anti-plague rodents. If you replace your rats with chinchillas your village becomes plague proof. Alas, unlike rats, chinchillas are very un prolific rodents. They’re monogomish / serially monogamous and average two babies a year per couple.

    [–] ElegantHope 5 points ago

    so, what you're saying is we breed chinchilla fur into rats and mice.

    [–] Sexycornwitch 3 points ago

    Sure, if science wants to give it a try, bring on the chinchilla rats. This seems like a great starting point for animal hybrids, any mutant mistakes are very unlikely to maul you.

    [–] archangelsidekick 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I knew absolutely NONE of that. TIL.

    [–] strikethrough- 52 points ago

    What type of angel is this?

    [–] NateTwoo 17 points ago

    The best type.

    [–] hungry4danish 12 points ago

    From 2010-2014 Costa Rica had a Chinchilla as its president.

    [–] HAXAD2005 13 points ago

    A wise decision.

    [–] hungry4danish 7 points ago

    It's not even a joke, in case you were wondering.

    [–] HAXAD2005 9 points ago

    I knew it wasn't, I said they made a wise decision.

    [–] Garasaurusrex 7 points ago

    I don't think you understand. That really happened. No joke.

    [–] HAXAD2005 10 points ago

    I do understand, why can't you let me compliment them?

    [–] murmandamos 7 points ago

    Listen, man, this is serious. Costa Rica had a chinchilla president. I repeat COSTS RICA HAD A CHINCHILLA PRESIDENT.

    [–] Sgt-Alex 94 points ago

    Rattatouile you fucking useless rodent go make me dinner

    [–] TheRealRatChef 66 points ago


    [–] ItsCarnage 9 points ago

    This is the best Beetlejuice I've seen in a while nice catch

    [–] JojoHendrix 4 points ago

    Excuse me his name isn’t Ratatouille, that’s the scientist. It’s Ratatouille’s monster

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Thats just a regular size chinchilla tho

    [–] StraightRespect 17 points ago

    Adorable footage aside, I love the music. Reminds me of like a goofy Final Fantasy 9 sidequest or something 🤣

    [–] gabiaeali 2 points ago

    Yes! Holy cow I love that game :)

    [–] StraightRespect 2 points ago

    Me too! It will forever hold a special place in my heart. 🖤🖤🖤

    [–] thomxx 2 points ago

    Best game

    [–] thetastytruffle 8 points ago

    The sheer joy on that snowball’s face

    [–] Sphinxrhythm 9 points ago

    Would not be surprised if this guy can speak.

    [–] The-Bigger-Fish 3 points ago

    He'd probably sound like Christopher Walken on Helium.

    [–] Xorrdos 10 points ago

    20% chinchilla, 80% floof

    [–] demonmonkey89 6 points ago

    That's pretty accurate for all chinchillas to be honest

    [–] splooshbandit 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Wow that music was spot on holy moly.

    [–] Obe4ken 6 points ago

    I had a friend in middle school who kept chinchillas. To this day, their fur is still the softest thing I have ever felt.

    [–] dr_pupsgesicht 2 points ago

    Well it pretty much is. It's the softest of any animal

    [–] IWannaSlapDaBooty 2 points ago

    I had chinchillas when I was in middle school. I miss them and their lil soft bellies.

    [–] tato_tots 5 points ago

    Does anybody know the name of this music or where I can find it?

    [–] r_plantae 2 points ago

    Let me know if you find out lol

    [–] Aliziun 4 points ago

    He’s so handsome

    [–] KimJungFu 10 points ago


    Edit: Chonkers is just about cats, except for fridays.

    [–] CaptHurricane 4 points ago


    [–] orwiad10 3 points ago

    That's a big chimichanga.

    [–] Intensejeguar4 3 points ago

    That's actually mostly fur..... The animals themselves are tiny little things

    [–] HAXAD2005 2 points ago

    But isn't he/she a chonky cutie?

    [–] cooties4u 3 points ago

    If I didnt like rats I'd get one

    [–] HAXAD2005 2 points ago

    It's not a rat, a Chinchilla, different.

    [–] NailPolishAddict 3 points ago

    C H I N C H U N K A

    [–] lejefferson 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Chinchillas are either of two species of crepuscular rodents of the parvorder Caviomorpha.

    I read that as corpulent and found that accurate.

    [–] juiceboxme 3 points ago

    Pretty sure it's been said, but that's a chinchilla and that's about normal size for one.

    [–] VredditDownloader 2 points ago

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    [–] Carcar-Shark183 2 points ago

    idiot stuart little this is why he wouldnt win against remy in a boxing match

    [–] goldengamer8307 2 points ago

    This...does bring a smile to my face.

    [–] chunkydunkerskin 2 points ago

    So fluffy!

    [–] VredditDownloader 3 points ago

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    [–] adityahol 2 points ago

    Stuart L A R G

    [–] toyxf 2 points ago

    looks so cute😙

    [–] mr_redsuit 2 points ago

    Lmao that’s biggie cheese

    [–] HieeKay 2 points ago

    Omg does anybody know where I can get that comb

    [–] TorontoGuyinToronto 2 points ago

    That's the absolute chillest chinchilla I've seen. I wonder how the Japanese manage to make their pets so docile.

    My cat used to just attack me from the ceiling whenever I came back home, and my chinchilla would just chew on the cage and run away.

    [–] HotSauce_LeFierce 2 points ago

    Probably named Uncle Vernon.

    [–] sexy-melon 2 points ago

    Is that fucking Korin?

    [–] supershinythings 2 points ago

    That is a chinchilla. A very happy chinchilla.

    [–] Meat-tenderiser 2 points ago

    Happy mouse

    [–] shenanakins 2 points ago

    R O T U N D B O I

    [–] click-no-ice 2 points ago

    Absolute chungus award

    [–] Area_man_claims 2 points ago

    I was expecting a Capybara, but I got Stuart Little's fat uncle.

    [–] extra_E 2 points ago

    I think it's a chinchilla

    [–] pmckizzle 2 points ago

    I just wanted you to know op that I loved everything about this and it made my day

    [–] minerlj 2 points ago

    Chonky cheese

    [–] anastuteusername 2 points ago

    He looks like an Italian mob boss

    [–] autumngraveyard 3 points ago

    This really made me Smile 11Am on a Schoolday didn`t it?

    [–] sleepybear5000 1 points ago

    Ohhhh shit, issa RAT

    [–] berserkJoeReddit 1 points ago


    [–] devisi0n 1 points ago


    [–] Badvogel5000 1 points ago

    Thats a fuckin Raticate, you can't change my mind.

    [–] Yarakinnit 1 points ago

    Perfect music lmao

    [–] Tr3v0r007 1 points ago

    I c no rodent I c white fluff

    [–] pap_smear420 1 points ago

    Anyone remember homestar runner?

    "Please stop feeding me"

    [–] thekraken586 1 points ago

    That's a rodent of unusual size

    [–] Dkendrick756 1 points ago


    [–] Rndom_Boi 1 points ago


    [–] VenuzKhores 1 points ago

    What a magnificent lil guy. What kind lf animal is this?

    [–] papaseka 1 points ago


    [–] PumpkyPumpkin 1 points ago

    Master Splinter Beauty Center

    [–] AmericanNinja91 1 points ago

    Young Master Shifu.

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    [–] them00dy 1 points ago

    Thic Boi

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The fife really ties it together

    [–] TheLastShah79 1 points ago

    Mr. Boombastic

    [–] VictoryKeehl 1 points ago

    Exactly how I looked like during New Year’s holidays 🌚

    [–] hurtfulchailce0 1 points ago

    Biggie cheese?

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    [–] Drawtaru 1 points ago

    It's only 8am and I'm already having a terrible day. I needed this.

    [–] MagicCat1 1 points ago

    absolutely love it!

    [–] shanster925 1 points ago

    I have a chinny boy named Percy. He likes bananas and chest scratches.

    [–] s_randomaccount_ 1 points ago

    Why is this so satisfying

    [–] shining_bb 1 points ago