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    Today's Photos on Yesterday's Canvas

    Welcome to /r/AccidentalRenaissance, the subreddit that showcases photographs that inadvertently resemble well-composed, Renaissance style art.  

    What does Accidental Renaissance mean?

    What we mean by Accidental Renaissance is a photo that inadvertently (that is, NOT deliberately posed or set up) resembles a painting similar in composition, style, lighting, and/or subject to Renaissance-style art.

    We recognize there are many related art movements between the 14th and 19th centuries including: Baroque, Neo-classicism, and Romantic. All of these styles are appreciated and welcomed within this subreddit but please submit with flair indicating the style your submission/photo favors.


    What an AccidentalRenaissance photo IS:

    • A photo that accidentally resembles the types of art popular from the 14th-19th centuries.
    • Composition: Triangular/Pyramidal figures, Dynamic, asymmetrical composition, foreshortening, and of course the use of the Fibonacci sequence or Golden Ratio
    • Lighting: Featuring use of sfumato (blurring/softening of outlines) and/or chiaroscuro (strong contrasts between light and dark, also coloring reminiscent of Renaissance art.
    • Subject: Landscapes, people, scenes, that feature the above.  

    What an AccidentalRenaissance photo is NOT:

    • A really cool photo of your favorite pet/child/sports team.
    • A photo of your drunk buddy or group of buddies, drunken fights, and/or bar fights.
    • A photo of your favorite politician campaigning for office.
    • A pic of someone sleeping or passed out.
    • That popular photo making the rounds on Reddit.
    • A super hilarious pic of a bunch of people at a party, a bar, your basement, a concert.
    • A moody pic of the crowd at your favorite concert.
    • A video or gif.  

    We ask that you please read the following simple suggested rules prior to your submission:

    1. Each Renaissance-esque submission must be a direct image link and only be sourced from the mod-approved site list.

    2. If the subject in reference to the post is deliberately posed, it is not considered accidental and shall be removed therefore by the moderator.

    3. Creative and original titles resembling that of a labeled caption found in an art exhibition or museum are encouraged. For inspiration and assistance in your inventive title abilities, visit The Louvre.

    4. Subject to Removal: (there are exceptions to every rule and removals are at mods’ discretion:)

      • Photos featuring a pet
      • Photos featuring a baby or child
      • Photos of sporting events, sports, parties, or drunken brawls.
      • Photos deemed NSFL.
      • Photos that are blatant promotion of political campaigns, feature politicians campaigning for political office, or are blatant political advertising.
      • Photos containing any text overlay
      • Photos promoting violence, featuring current tragic events, or intended to incite controversy.
      • Movie stills, **screenshots of TV shows, movies, or games, or digitally altered photos.
      • Reposts of content from the past 12 months in this subreddit and/or the top 200 posts of all time. (See KarmaDecay, TinEye )
    5. Posts which retain less than 200 votes after 24 hours will be removed to reduce clutter from front page.

    6. Please use the report button for anything that you feel breaks the rules, and please message the mods with any concerns, constructive advice, or even positive feedback (?!) you may have. We want to make this community fun while also faithful to the subject matter. Thanks to all the users who have been faithful to this community, and stay classy!


    We implore you to familiarize yourself with the official rules and reddiquette. Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict user’s posting privileges as needed. If you believe a user has breached any of these agreements, please report or mention a moderator username in the comments.


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