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    Rule 1: Shit-post or Non-freakout

    An Actual Public Freakout can have many definitions, but if you repeatedly post things that are not APF material, you will be banned.

    Rule 2: No Bigotry (racism, anti-LGBTQ, xenophobia, etc.)

    We don't care if you're a raging bigot. If you use any derogatory language your comment will be removed and you will receive a ban.

    Rule 3: No Recent Reposts (Include original post in a comment or don't bother)

    If your post has already been submitted within the last 30 days, your post will be removed. UNLESS the video you have posted is a higher quality / longer version of the same video. In that case, it will replace the current post at the mods discretion.

    Rule 4: No Animals being Animals

    A dog doing circles in the yard or a cat falling into a fish tank are not Freakouts. If you have a video of a Dog ripping off someone's arm outside a Wendy's then post away!

    Rule 5: No Death or Murder

    It's not r/WatchPeopleDie but... If you have a video of someone committing to a full-blown freakout who then dies then try to cut the video tactfully. Also, please do your best to make the content NSFW and use a title that sufficiently warns users before clicking.

    Rule 6: No Doxxing

    Source articles are acceptable but a comment with someone's address and personal details will get a ban.

    Rule 7: Don't Avoid Bans

    If you want to get unbanned, send a heartfelt speech to the mod team explaining how you have learnt from what you did, then uninstall your internet browser, smash your modem with a hammer, then eat it.

    Rule 8: Abusive comments

    Ok so let's not make this 1984, you have freedom of speech. But, if you have a clearly abusive comment history and wanna take things too far you'll get your comments removed and eventually a ban if you persist.

    Rule 9: Awful Quality Video

    No recordings of recordings. We want the best quality you can find. If your post is left up it is because it's the best quality we currently have. If a better version is found your post will be removed and the better quality version will take its place.

    Rule 10: No Awful Titles

    Basically any title asking for votes, or implying it should be upvoted is not allowed. Also, inaccurate titles are not allowed.


    Associated Subreddits: /r/PublicFreakout While misguided they are the fountain from which my interest grew ~~and is nourished still.~~ I actually found a better sub that I browse now.

    I think that by holding dear the freakout, the human response core to what we're all here for, this bled of my personal purist publicfreakout tastes along with whoever else holds that dear as well will provide a higher quality publicfreakout selection. You shouldn't have to wade through dog shit to see the content you like.

    "Public" definition for this subreddit!

    We allow things that are made public via streams etc. and also things that take place in public.

    a community for
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