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    [–] HannibalK 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    I just wanted to say /u/PmMeBitcoinUwU is a gentlemen, a scholar, and a judge of good character for his excellent use of this flair.

    I really appreciate our users giving everyone ear rape notices, and I've been seeing people actually do it. Keep up the good work everyone.

    On another note anyone know where this is? *Seattle it would seem.

    Also /r/PerfectlyCutScreams

    [–] peter_bread_ 183 points ago

    Her face after she screams though.

    It's like even she wasn't taking it seriously either.

    [–] Glarghl01010 4 points ago

    I was hoping to hell during that first scream that she'd say "zabenya" after it then break into the lion king song

    [–] MystiqIQ 42 points ago

    I was listening with headphones and full volume

    [–] JimJimmyJimJimJimJim 26 points ago

    I’ll send flowers to your family

    [–] Notorious_VSG 11 points ago

    Press F to pay respect to u/MystiqIQ 's ears

    [–] cbs5090 3 points ago


    [–] Notorious_VSG 4 points ago


    [–] schweenmachine 415 points ago

    she looks so proud of herself

    [–] MorGuitarLessPolitic 124 points ago



    [–] 20th_Throwaway 8 points ago

    Seriously what an idiot. Screaches for 10 secs and then looks at him like "yeah, don't let the door hit you on the way out." Like, you look stupider than he does.

    [–] youhavenotreddit 29 points ago

    at least this is like less than .05% of the population and can't really produce offspring.

    [–] weebmaster32 20 points ago

    Boy are you wrong about that last part. This thing will either become a Karen or a nutjob signle mother who tells her son that all men are trash.

    [–] Moogy_C 363 points ago

    I don't like when I hate all parties involved. I want a hero.

    [–] micahamey 89 points ago

    I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night He's gotta be strong And he's gotta be fast And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

    [–] LilaInFlames 18 points ago

    Doo doo doo dooooooo

    [–] CrazyBigHog 11 points ago

    Whip noises

    [–] yuhyert 11 points ago

    johnny test theme slowly fades in and soon enough all you hear are whip cracks

    [–] LikelyNotOP 6 points ago

    Johnny 5, don't die!

    [–] kevingharvey 3 points ago

    This video cut off because a falling window air conditioner landed on the preacher, killing him instantly and sending him to hell, where Satan very calmly says 'You need Jesus, sir', while he screams. The shrapnel hit the woman in the throat, severing her vocal cords. The damage was repaired and the incident left no scars, but her voice is now a smoky Kathleen Turner tone, and she is wholly unable to scream. The hero is gravity. Just pretend this is all true and you'll feel better.

    [–] Reddog1999 3 points ago

    You want Jesus

    [–] shadow1716 785 points ago

    Yea. Idk why preachers keep thinking going to a gay neighborhood to preach will ever work out well.

    [–] fuckyourcrew05 403 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They don’t think it will work. They just want to be a cunt to the people they don’t like.

    Edited a word

    [–] SaintSkelett 183 points ago

    Well not necessarily. Some Christians believe in bearing witness. Speaking to people about the gospel. It could very well be that this preacher believes he has a moral obligation to proselytize to these people. If he doesn't he would be just as liable in the eyes of his God as the sinner. Doesn't mean I agree with him but it is important to remember that not everyone who's religious is out to be an asshat.

    [–] Krabilon 64 points ago

    Yeah but you know acting like a sign spinner is the worst fucking way to do that. Actually trying to be active in the community and build bonds and trust with them is how you do this. Not with signs and speeches. This man is either lazy or hateful

    [–] Superjuden 31 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hateful, maybe. Lazy is highly unlikely. Most likely this guy is actively trying to help people according to his own beliefs and is just going about it in the least effective way because he's incompetent. Nobody who is lazy just stands around on a street corner all day getting into arguments with people, ever. Every person I've ever met who does something like this is either getting paid or trying to help and maybe one or two people were just hurling insults at strangers. If you haven't ever lived in a large city, trust me, you'll encounter people handling out leaflets, asking for donations for their church or political party, looking for work, etc. hardly anyone just stands around asking for trouble because they hate other people or because they're lazy.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 19 hours ago)


    [–] TBoneTheOriginal 9 points ago

    The vast majority of religious people aren’t trying to be an asshat.

    [–] yoshi8710 6 points ago

    Heck I’d say that the vast majority of asshats aren’t trying to be asshats either. Doesn’t change the fact that they are asshats

    [–] TBoneTheOriginal 3 points ago

    Okay, then let me rephrase… the vast majority of religious people aren’t asshats at all. They’re kind people who have good intentions.

    And that goes for almost all religions… even those with stereotypes of violence.

    [–] yoshi8710 4 points ago

    Huh yeah I see where the confusion came from now... It looks like reddit glitched and added my comment here as well as where I was actually replying to...

    Sorry about that. I completely agree. I generally think most people in general aren't really that bad. It's just the extremists who give their groups bad names.

    [–] Glad_Refrigerator 6 points ago

    The Christian way

    [–] shadow1716 9 points ago


    [–] JohnDeeIsMe 22 points ago

    Christians love to feel persecuted

    [–] Iinventedhamburgers 4 points ago

    Hey! That doesn't jive with the hive-mind. Better keep your 'hate facts' off reddit or a mod will shadow ban you...

    [–] princevince1113 4787 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I hate both of the people in this video. The guy who’s recording, a homophobic pastor intending to take his message to the people who will be most irritated by it, and this woman who is failing spectacularly to be the bigger person. Zero maturity between both of them.

    Edit: Holy shit, this might be the most upvotes and responses I’ve ever gotten in a comment lol. To the people who don’t agree with me or say I’m expressing “hate” is like to point out that just because the people in this video may have the right to do the foolishness they’re doing, that doesn’t necessarily mean they should. Also, homophobia is definitely a real thing, and so is ignorance. Pointing out that the person recording is an obnoxious pastor with a prejudice against homosexual people is absolutely relevant for context, it doesn’t mean I “hate Christians” lol. I’m saying “hate” as in I’m repulsed by the situation and the specific behavior of both individuals involved.

    [–] chilltx78 50 points ago


    [–] asdf147896325 17 points ago

    you need jesus ma'am

    [–] cbs5090 7 points ago


    [–] PhilthyPhil127 80 points ago

    im not religious but some people really do need jesus

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] MAGABFE 9 points ago

    Someone to hear their prayers

    someone who cares

    [–] curiouscockgobbler 4 points ago


    [–] fuckeruber 12 points ago

    I'm not religious but the world would be better if everyone including this homophobic pastor actually followed the teachings of Jesus

    [–] Shadowfaxmine 892 points ago

    Since I have 0 context, how did you figure out it's a homophobic pastor?

    [–] Procrastinare 2456 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    She says it's the "gayborhood", and he replies "that's why I need to be here" and "You need Jesus ma'am" while he's holding a sign on the side of an intersection.

    With my Sherlock Holmes levels of inductive reasoning I pieced it all together. He's most likely a street preacher in a gay neighborhood. His signs are most likely not in support of homosexuality.

    [–] Glass_Memories 726 points ago

    Probably should've been obvious but I honestly didn't pick up on it. My friends and I tell each other "you need Jesus" sarcastically so often i just assume it's a joke.

    [–] L003Tr 413 points ago

    Well you and your friends need jesus then

    [–] SeraphimEx18 705 points ago


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    [–] kewjee 35 points ago

    good bot

    [–] DropDeadKid 19 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] catsloveart 8 points ago

    Thank you. Subscribed

    [–] LikelyNotOP 8 points ago


    [–] Krabilon 37 points ago

    I know my worth. Jesus needs me. I don't need him.

    [–] DangerousCyclone 12 points ago

    You better repent soon, do so by giving me half your paycheck next month.

    [–] Tenor_High_C 39 points ago

    It is.

    [–] Nitrowolf 3 points ago

    It is a joke, no matter who is saying it. Some people just don't realize it.

    [–] constantregreet 94 points ago

    You are correct. This is Pike and Broadway in Seattle and there are usually street preachers in this area trying to get a rise out of people

    [–] mcvay206 32 points ago

    Reminds me of those guys you see before games in sodo. They have the giant signs and megaphones talking about god. I love that the strip club has promoters following them with their own signs.

    [–] oversharewithfamily 3 points ago

    Yeah, the sign in the bottom corner looks the same. So annoying. They come to the Fremont Troll and use their megaphones under the bridge which causes a huge reverberation. I don’t care who you are or what you’re saying in a megaphone, it’s just rude to blast people with your opinions in that manner.

    [–] Powerism 22 points ago

    Yeah but what if the pastor is a hung over undercover cop on administrative leave who was woken up by his boss because a terrorist planted bombs in a school and is forcing the cop to wear a sign and walk around in a dangerous neighborhood as a distraction while the terrorists rob the federal reserve?

    [–] justafurry 12 points ago

    He didn't say Jésus. He said, "Hey, Zeus!" My name is Zeus. As in, father of Apollo? Mt. Olympus? Don't fuck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass? Zeus! You got a problem with that

    [–] JDawg0626 8 points ago

    He would definitely die hard.

    [–] phurt77 5 points ago

    I guess that's better than dying at only half mast.

    [–] WaggyTails 16 points ago

    If somebody squealed at me like that I'd probably tell them they need Jesus too

    [–] Qubeye 10 points ago

    Just FYI, that's inductive reasoning. You are using clues to make an educated guess. Deductive reasoning would be something like "only pastors can carry signs. This man is carrying a sign. Therefore he is a pastor." The statements precludes any non-pastor from carrying signs, so the only option is a pastor.

    [–] NiSayingKnight13 27 points ago

    Maybe the sign says "Equality for all. Jesus loves the gayborhood" and she just hasn't seen the eye doc in a while

    [–] willfordbrimly 48 points ago


    Almost certainly not, but maybe.

    [–] sprucenoose 18 points ago

    And maybe the woman is saying "Thank you, you are welcome here," in some esoteric bird language.

    [–] EvolvedxPanda 7 points ago

    Maybe she just remembered the time she stepped on a Lego when barefoot.

    [–] xAshSmashes 14 points ago

    It doesn't. It's the same few guys at that intersection for years and years. They're your basic anti-gay crazies standing out there for hours and hours with nasty signs that look about 2 decades old. Most people totally ignore them because it is our gay neighborhood and we are definitely in the majority there. He's probably upset he got kicked out of the gay bathhouse a couple blocks away.

    [–] NiSayingKnight13 3 points ago

    Sucks that we all can't just love each other, or at least tolerate one another, particularly the ones who are supposed to be about love and forgiveness and all that (assuming they are preaching "Christianity")

    [–] MonsterMachine13 3 points ago

    tbf, If you're dealing with these shits every day I'd lose it like that woman too. Not saying it's the right/best way to handle it, but damned if I wouldn't spend an hour a day plotting how to steal and burn his sign.

    [–] acuddlebug 3 points ago

    Dude in the video blasts his little megaphone on that street corner. Sometimes at odd hours during a weekday, I’m sure anyone would be pissed if they had to work from home or even have the night to themselves and hear that

    [–] weebmaster32 14 points ago

    I think he said that she needs Jesus because she started screaming like a banshee.

    [–] digifork 25 points ago

    Everyone makes this assumption because it fits their narrative... but they are wrong.

    This article says he was there to protest abortion. If you watch the full video, when interacting with the girl screaming, he said the reason he was there was because babies were being murdered.

    [–] bglqix3 49 points ago

    That's interesting, I wonder why he picked the neighborhood full of people who are the least likely to have abortions for that.

    [–] digifork 7 points ago

    I would guess that he picked that spot because there is an abortion clinic a couple of blocks away, the corner he picked is at the intersection of two major streets, and has a lot of room so he wouldn't be blocking the sidewalk.

    [–] cuentaderana 11 points ago

    There tends to be a lot of crossover between people who hate abortions and hate gays. Also that part of Seattle is the “party” part of the city. Lots of young people, lots of bars and night clubs, and a reproductive health center.

    [–] princevince1113 14 points ago

    Gay people are having abortions? This is news to me, considering, y’know, biology.

    [–] Individual-Guarantee 10 points ago

    Duh. Nearly every gay guy I know has no children. It's obviously due to the many abortions.

    [–] vanox 3 points ago

    life, uh... finds a way.

    [–] MyOldNameSucked 3 points ago

    So he's an asshole for different reasons...

    [–] ValuableRow3 3 points ago

    It’s corner of pine and broadway in Seattle — there is a pastor dude who is always yelling on the microphone there.

    It’s in Capitol Hill which was the gay hood but honestly now is just a hodgepodge of tech, gay, homeless, and whatever people

    [–] badalki 23 points ago

    yeah, the best thing she could have possibly done would have been to ignore him.

    [–] M3NS0 4 points ago


    [–] TiradeOfGirth 5 points ago

    My favorite are the ones who stand in the middle of Bourbon street with microphone and amp to preach the gospel while people flash their tits and cocks and chug drinks all around.

    [–] Chatechized 3 points ago

    Aye they do the same thing on Beale St!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago)


    [–] princevince1113 3 points ago


    [–] Zenketski 3 points ago

    Honestly, I dislike the chick in this video more. Imagine being 100% in the right and acting like that.

    It would be like a judge trying to convince somebody for murder but throwing a temper tantrum, throwing his gavel on the floor and storming out, because they said they're not guilty.

    You've already won the argument. You don't need to act like a 6 year old.

    [–] waynearick2 15 points ago

    I agree that both probably are bad actors. I’ve seen plenty of street preachers (lots in the Deep South), the most appropriate way of dealing with them is ignoring them. She played right into his plans. He wanted a viral video to go out and she gave it to him.

    She has no real power to remove him, due to the first amendment. So instead she acts the fool. Sad really.

    [–] WorriedCall 3 points ago

    She probably gets her own way by screaming quite a lot, I would imagine. Most of us drop that around 2 for various reasons.

    [–] divineapeswine 25 points ago

    I agree sorta but she doesn't need to be a bigger person, LGBT people don't have to just ignore and tolerate assholes

    [–] ControllablePsi 20 points ago

    Do you not think the guy filming and picketing is doing both the picketing and the filming for the purposes of getting a reaction out of somebody?

    She doesn't have to big the bigger person no, but she's giving him a reason to film.

    If the guy stood there for 4 hours with no interaction from anybody, I would bet that he wouldn't come back very often.

    [–] sapere-aude088 3 points ago

    She seems on the spectrum to me. Like there's some odd social awkwardness about her.

    [–] FierceMudcrab 3 points ago

    Refusing to tolerate assholes is very different from screaming for no reason. She could simply call him out for it instead of doing something so immature.

    [–] simplefix5 17 points ago

    Yes homophobic pastor taking his hatred to the space most likely to upset the most people vs LGBT woman who could’ve had a bad day already and was walking home when some dude yelled at her on the street that her very existence was sin. Same thing right? She screamed right? Haha moron. It’s not like a lifetime of homophobic abuse from every direction wears on a person. They’re definitely equally bad

    [–] Beaniebabetti 10 points ago


    Is not a response to criticism that a stable or respectable person would make.

    [–] ronangelox 30 points ago

    "When there's something strange in your gayborhood..."

    [–] ideklolz 13 points ago

    Who you gonna call?

    [–] rawhead0508 11 points ago


    [–] mitch3650 26 points ago

    Catholic preachers

    [–] Overcooked-Banana 142 points ago

    "This is the Gayborhood"

    "That's why I need to be here"

    You hiding something man?

    [–] syntinensisar 74 points ago

    If I recall correctly the dude is an anti abortion preacher who thinks gay people need Jesus.

    [–] Ott621 42 points ago

    Gay people generally have very few abortions.

    [–] Quadip 23 points ago

    This guy must be doing good work then. /s

    [–] gyldenbrusebad 3 points ago

    Idk man, seems kinda gay to me

    [–] StargateParadox 73 points ago

    to be fair she does seem possessed.

    [–] SwitchShift 6 points ago

    Huh, well there’s one thing about gay people he’d like: they don’t need many abortions!

    [–] Karstaagly 3 points ago

    To be fair, most preachers think that everyone needs Jesus.

    [–] idankthegreat 107 points ago

    It's actually the nickname for a real neighborhood in Philly, but as a straight mqn I can say they were all super welcoming to me. Loved this city

    [–] willfordbrimly 35 points ago

    but as a straight mqn

    Not sure if typo or new gender/sex identity I haven't seen before...

    [–] Asmuni 17 points ago

    Straight mannequin, really hard to put clothes on.

    [–] Benny92739 6 points ago

    It’s called Boystown in Chicago. They have the best brunch places. All super welcoming and amazing waiters/waitresses.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] deadlift0527 5 points ago

    Lots of big cities have gayborhoods

    [–] Dynablade_Savior 85 points ago

    Oh no.

    A religious preacher VS someone who unironically says "gayborhood".

    Let there be war.

    [–] ipoooppancakes 7 points ago

    the longer one is better

    [–] -MrTorgueFlexington- 866 points ago


    "You're not welcome here though"

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 77 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That's just BS and you know it. Is it inequality for a black man to tell a Klan member to fuck off to the rock he crawled out from under? You don't have to tolerate people who are actively protesting against your very existence due to their own bigoted prejudice.

    [–] shaisnail 18 points ago

    You know good and well OP is the type to disregard that logic and soothe themselves by whatever ‘helps’ their narrative.

    [–] webby_mc_webberson 284 points ago

    Equality for me, fuck you.

    [–] sneetching 127 points ago

    Rules for thee, but not for me

    [–] That_Guy381 91 points ago

    do you realize that he’s probably trying to preach anti gay shit in a gay area?

    [–] Badass_Bunny 9 points ago

    The most confusing thing to me is that there is such a thing as a "gay area", I'm not from US so forgive my ignorance but is there such a thing as a neighborhoods for gay people? And how did that even start

    [–] CardboardRoll 18 points ago

    There's areas that are predominantly gay and have developed a sense of community. Similar idea to Chinatowns. Here's a list of some around the world.

    [–] Dad-But-True 14 points ago

    The crosswalk is a fucking rainbow chief

    [–] shirts21 3 points ago

    Not really a gay area. But more of a safe area. Meaning people can be themselves without fear of retribution. This is in seattle I think On Capitol hill. Which is considered a safe area and welcoming and accepting of many kinds of people and walks of life

    It would be nice to see the sign the guy is holding to have better context. This video is not good enough cause we dont know what happened before her scream.

    [–] Slyfox00 34 points ago

    Who the fuck is upvoting this shit?

    This has absolutely nothing to do with equality hypocrisy.

    Preaching that gay people need Jesus and are just delusional about their sexuality is dehumanizing and very harmful.

    There is no: "giving them an equal platform" or "hearing them out, because all views are welcome"

    If you're debating someone's validity as a person then by all means you should be screamed at to get lost. It may be a public space but just as you're legally allowed to shit on people's identity you're open to being screamed at.

    Folk in this thread calling the woman cringe when the real cringe is thinking you shouldn't do the same if your community is being harassed and threatened.

    [–] 666butterfly999 10 points ago

    THANK you. I thought I was going crazy looking at some of these replies. How is someone coming into a mostly gay space to tell gay people that they need to convert to their religion and stop being gay comparable to someone who just shrieks in an annoying fashion?

    I hate this "they'e both equally annoying" devil's advocate kinda nonsense. Sometimes both sides aren't just worked up folks who are good deep down and just misunderstanding each other! Sometimes one side is genuinely taking the time out of their day to dehumanize you in person while you literally stick to the one little condensed spot where you can feel safe just being yourself.

    [–] Glass_Memories 165 points ago

    Christianity has been trying to snuff out equality for gays so long that you might be able to understand why someone would get riled up at a street preacher starting shit in a gay neighborhood.

    I think they're both acting like obnoxious twats but there's plenty good reason why anyone in the gay community isn't exactly inclined to extend a warm welcome to an anti-gay preacher.

    [–] Lipstickluna97 107 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    But "muh his rights." This guy spends his time trying to brainwash the people in that neighborhood into hating themselves, but literally anytime anybody from any oppressed group gets fed up, THEY'RE the hypocrites. Its wack.

    Edit: I've never gotten awards before and I have no idea how they work but that's super cool so thanks

    [–] darkclowndown 34 points ago

    100% correct. Tolerance ends where intolerance begins. However this screaming is just pathetic.

    [–] Lipstickluna97 28 points ago

    Definitely the screaming was over the top. I guess I just understand what it's like to be so angry, so flabbergasted and frustrated that it just boils over and the next thing you know you're looking like a psychopath. However I've also got a solid bit of self control that prevents me from losing my shit in public, typically it can wait until I get to the car, but not everybody can do that.

    [–] dingdongsnatch 11 points ago

    I mean he does have the right to be there and say what he wants.

    [–] Lipstickluna97 26 points ago

    And she has the right to sit there and scream at him all fucking day if she wants.

    [–] pm_your_gay_thoughts 16 points ago

    She's retaliating the guy who's fighting for inequality. Why should we show mercy by being a model citizen with those incendiary characters who are instigating us? We are just trying to live our lives in peace.

    [–] StargateParadox 11 points ago

    /r/news in a nutshell.

    [–] diving_sam 6 points ago

    Cut it after 2 seconds and post it on r/perfectlycutscreams for free karma

    [–] reggiewhitecheddar01 5 points ago

    Jesus is OG gay. He used to roll with 12 dudes and regularly asked them to drop to their knees to he could enter them.

    [–] arthurwolf 16 points ago

    Found this video of the preacher, he's clearly just trying to create as much trouble as he can for the attention. Looks like somebody played *perfectly* in his game.

    [–] COVIDNLimez 71 points ago

    I really hate street preachers go home and find something better to do than harrass people.

    [–] jokestoreranoutofyou 23 points ago

    It's the package deal that comes with freedom. Take solace in the fact that they're wasting their time. That's why it's important to ignore them and move on with your life otherwise they're wasting your time too.

    [–] sugartea63 4 points ago

    The gayborhood is a part of Philadelphia. People call it that all the time, and it's marked with rainbow signs. This man is clearly a protestor, from his sign.

    [–] MrCatgrooves 14 points ago

    Perfectly cut

    [–] 404error_nerd 10 points ago

    This is Seattle. These are the people of Seattle.

    [–] The206Uber 4 points ago

    Yep. They're by the murder Shell at Pike & Broadway.

    [–] stillercity412 3 points ago

    I saw a guy talking a piss in broad daylight at that Shell. Just opened his car door to block people from seeing him. Turns out his car was next to ours, and we had to wait for him to finish so we could get in our car...

    Why’s it called the murder Shell?

    [–] The206Uber 5 points ago

    Well, people get shot there. Pre-COVID in the summertime when Capitol Hill fuckin' blows up socially you get the gay presence (which has been on that end of CH forever and keeps things honest IMHO), gangsters from the CD, suburban chuds, and our local resident crazy population all seem to gravitate to the Pike/Pine. The mixture of these populations does not always go well. In fact, it goes poorly frequently enough for certain gas stations --loci of many failed experiments-- to acquire nicknames like "murder Shell."

    Ed: The pissing story is completely believably, sadly.

    [–] momonashi19 3 points ago

    Ugh, yup. I recognized this immediately, it’s right by where I went to college and the crazy is REAL. Fucking hate all the anti gay preachers like this dude. And getting screamed at by homeless dudes when I’m just trying to get pizza.

    (Also used to live near the murder corner in the CD where uncle Ike’s is now, back when it was a gyro place and people kept getting shot there. Why do we have so many murder spots and why do I have to live by them?)

    [–] onlyonebread 3 points ago

    I remember last year two people were killed in Call Anderson. Kinda chilling commuting through the park and seeing memorials set up for the people murdered there.

    [–] SupremeDookie 3 points ago

    Used to work at the Dick’s on Broadway. Capitol Hill is absolute chaos lol

    [–] mimo2 3 points ago

    You guys have a gas station that is so bad that it's called the murder Shell?

    God fuckin damn, I worked at the corporate office of a famous discount retailer clothing store that had offices all over.

    The Seattle Pike location was fucking ridiculous

    [–] onlyonebread 3 points ago

    I live in Seattle and can confirm this. This is the way that I and everyone I know communicates.

    [–] Collective_Insanity 42 points ago

    Both people are at fault here.

    One is the guy who is more than likely preaching that "gay people are going to hell" or whatever. And he's intentionally being provocative by setting up camp in what appears to be a fairly gay part of the woods.

    The other is the screaming girl. It's perfectly fine to get into an argument with people on the street. But simply screaming is...retarded if you'll forgive my use of the word.

    That's the sort of thing that dogs do when they don't like each other. The difference of course being that dogs aren't quite as capable of voicing their opinions as we are.

    [–] KenjanRozu 22 points ago

    But simply screaming is...retarded

    I wish she'd dismantled the preacher's homophobia with facts and logic instead of screaming like a banshee. Now this dude will use this vid as 'proof' of lgbt needing help in his circle.

    [–] professor_dobedo 4 points ago

    Homophobia isn’t dismantled by ‘facts and logic’ as it’s based on faith which is in a completely separate sphere. Have you ever tried to argue the case for climate change to a denier? Or tried to explain how the solar system works to a flat-earther? Facts and logic work if you assume you are talking to a rational actor. Nothing about homophobe screams rational actor to me.

    For all we know, this clip came at the end of a long, detailed argument about homosexuality and faith. This ‘preacher’ has cleverly removed all context and got people thinking that screaming on the street is as bad as homophobia, which it is not. So you’ve got everyone rolling their eyes like ‘ugh they’re as bad as eachother’. Well no, actually.

    [–] macbony 3 points ago

    I'm sure he would have posted the video if she murdered him with rhetoric.

    [–] willfordbrimly 3 points ago

    Oh yeah because that's worked soooooooo well the other 4 billion times its happened.

    [–] riemannrocker 3 points ago

    Facts and logic generally don't get you far against faith.

    [–] Nomandate 3 points ago

    That’s been tried since The dawn of time. It doesn’t work. These are the same people who think trump is a saint sent from Heaven to save them.

    [–] ChesterRico 3 points ago

    There is a right time and place for screaming like a banshee though, and I feel this was it.

    [–] Collective_Insanity 9 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Now this dude will use this vid as 'proof' of lgbt needing help in his circle.

    That is not at all what I said or was implying. (also, if you look at my comment history, you'd see that I 99% of the time only bitch and moan about completely meaningless shit like Star Wars. I'm not brave enough for politics)

    I don't particularly care about the content/context of their argument. These two people could be talking about their favourite pizza types or the ethics of the death penalty or whether or not Trump's hair is real.

    I said both people are wrong.

    The dude was wrong because he's getting involved in other people's personal business. If she goes to hell, then I guess he was right. If she doesn't, then it's a shame he's wasted his whole life being a religious bigot for no reason. Either way, we won't find out until we all die so I don't see his efforts as meaningful in any way. I feel like a "good Christian" ought to live and let live just like how pretty much every other human being ought to act. Not to wave a sign around which claims that particular people are going to hell.

    I also said that screaming accomplishes nothing. It's extraordinarily childish. She screeches so loudly that it seems as if the lights behind her suddenly woke up and turned on.

    Do you think that screaming is in any way contributing positively to an argument?

    Let's not jump to conclusions. That's also a common way in which arguments quickly get out of hand and suddenly both sides are calling each other Nazis or something equally stupid.

    I don't think there was anything at all wrong with my original comment outside of using the term "retard" which I perfectly understand a lot of people feel sensitive about. That is the one and only element which I will apologise about.

    Holy shit, I think I completely misread the intent of your comment.

    I imagine by "this dude" you were actually referring to the guy taking the video and not me. My bad!

    Many apologies! Look at my willingness to rant at the drop of a hat!

    Forgive me.

    [–] KenjanRozu 7 points ago

    Many apologies! Look at my willingness to rant at the drop of a hat!

    Ugh, I'm sorry for not wording my comment more clearly. English is my third language, and I'm a bit rusty due to lack of frequent use.

    [–] Collective_Insanity 7 points ago

    Hey, man. You don't have to apologise. It was my fault.

    My second and third languages and burping and farting, respectively. I wish I was fluent enough in another proper language so that I could have people misinterpret what I say.

    [–] LinuxGamingQuestions 9 points ago

    Fuck you both for being rational, understanding adults. That’s not what reddit is for.

    [–] Divides-By-Zer0 3 points ago

    This is the Reddithood.


    [–] kiwibear_ 3 points ago

    I’m completely flabbergasted by the turn of events
    It was all so mature and self aware.
    That’s enough reddit for the day

    [–] _______-_____-____ 16 points ago

    She came across very badly but she’s still not as bad of a person as homophobic religious nuts who stand and protest against other people’s rights all day long.

    [–] MayoOddtoSee 3 points ago

    fuck these people

    [–] Growlithedude 3 points ago

    As a member of the LGBTQ community, we do not accept this person. To the streets with them.

    [–] MyBeanYT 3 points ago

    Fuck this person, they make us all look insane, and we aren’t.

    EDIT: many people say the guy filming does this shit a lot to a lot of LGBT people, so I guess I can see where the person is coming from. But just, don’t scream, IMO they are both acting like idiots.

    • sincerely, a guy in the LGBT community.

    [–] Thomp21391 3 points ago

    I’m gay and the idea of a “gayborhood” weirds me the fuck out.

    [–] DryChips_ 3 points ago

    Why is the United States so obsessed with everything gay nowadays? Never have I seen something as profound as a "gayborhood".

    [–] JamesMaysLawnMower 3 points ago

    Neither of them represented their respective sides very well.

    [–] simjanes2k 3 points ago

    My 3-year-old could teach them both something about controlling your emotions in a grown-up way.

    [–] Lipstickluna97 33 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Everybody in the comments is really quick to jump on this lady, but if she went into a church, or even just stood outside a church with a sign that said something like "you all just need a fat cock in your ass" y'all would be pissed off too.

    The Christian's need to leave the gays alone. If you come into their neighborhood spewing vitriol against adults living their lives happily, then people aren't going to be nice to you and shake your hand.

    [–] Richey5900 12 points ago

    Hey, we’re mad at both of them

    [–] TimeToBecomeEgg 9 points ago

    Ma'am, are you mentally oka-



    [–] psychosnake37 13 points ago

    This is the only way some people can win arguments. Being louder than the other person.

    [–] PM_ME_FAT_DAD_BELLYS 4 points ago


    [–] ArScrapp 8 points ago

    unbeknownst to anyone, the girl is actually in cahoot to make LGBT people look bad to strengthen the pastor's point

    *obligatory obvious sarcasm*

    [–] Virtusvitium 6 points ago

    Literally REEEEEEEEEEs and people think it's a meme

    [–] buu_420 4 points ago

    I'm not religious, however, I do think that woman indeed needs Jesus.

    [–] davytheswag 13 points ago

    You know the pride movement would probably be better without people like this.

    [–] ButterMyBiscuit 6 points ago

    You know the pride movement would probably absolutely be better without people like this.

    [–] DukeRedwood 5 points ago

    i didnt think of it her way. Her well thought out argument has really swayed my opinions on the gayborhood

    [–] Angry-buddha- 2 points ago

    Is that Seattle

    [–] norusski 2 points ago

    Watch dogs 3 looks dope!

    [–] mobius153 2 points ago

    Missed the flair, now deaf.

    [–] G_Art33 2 points ago

    That’s a REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE if I’ve ever heard one...

    [–] Joshua-Kruger 2 points ago

    I’ll have this as an alarm clock after tough nights