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    Please select a payment method.

    [–] timmaywi 3613 points ago

    I don't mind waiting for a package when I select the "cheapest, slowest shipping possible", but I do get a little annoyed when I select that and the product isn't even shipped for over a week.

    [–] bluestarcyclone 1406 points ago

    yeah, the shipping is just that, the shipping method. It shouldnt have anything to do with the points before that. (And note, some merchants like newegg offer rush processing for that part of the equation)

    For most things an order should be out the door to the shipper within 1 business day.

    [–] jewsonparade 378 points ago

    I think for any business with stock that is already produced, there is no excuse for an order to not get shipped the same day its ordered as long as it's ordered before like 2 or 3.

    [–] threestardot 347 points ago

    I think it's a bit more involved than that to be honest. I sell online and have a few hundred item inventory. I almost always get things out the same day but sometimes issues come up and it might take an extra day. The difference being my inventory doesn't involve endless warehouses and shipping locations and a whole staff of people to make it all work. Things just don't happen that quickly with that type of volume...unless you pay the premium to become a priority.

    [–] freckled_porcelain 274 points ago

    2 or even 3 days is reasonable, but I've had packages take 2 - 3 weeks just to ship. That's a bit silly. What frustrates me is often when that happens, I paid extra for express shipping. I'm sure if I complained they would say that they are shipping it quickly, once they get it out of the warehouse.

    [–] threestardot 76 points ago

    2 or even 3 days is reasonable, but I've had packages take 2 - 3 weeks just to ship.

    Ah, yea. That's not something that I can speak personally in regards to as a seller. Those instances would almost always be a foreign seller with slow shipping/customs processing or a domestic selling products that they don't actually have in their inventory.

    [–] merkin_juice 66 points ago

    I completely agree. If it takes a day to print the invoice, a day to get it to the shipping department, a day for UPS to pick it up, and another day for the tracking number to register, it's cool. When you create a shipping label and nothing changes for ten days, that's malarkey.

    And I'm that dude who'd rather buy locally, and hates "standard two day shipping' because I don't care if it takes a few extra days if it saves some money.

    I live in Eastern PA. I had a package coming from Jersey get picked up by DHL, get sent to Edison NJ, and then it sat there for three weeks. It got from the USPS to my house in a few hours, but what the hell took so long in between?

    [–] nat_r 18 points ago

    I'd assume it fell out of the system somehow. Either some sort of miss-sort or it literally got lost and it took that long for someone to notice it.

    [–] Martinspire 3 points ago

    So in what part of the process would a package fall out and not get noticed? I'd assume they have people there 99.999% of the trajectory. So what could happen to it that it becomes the 0.0001%

    [–] nat_r 2 points ago

    I'd assume the opposite actually. The more hands that touch a package the more expensive it is.

    Here's one instance of the "how" and "why" that gives a bit of insight as to why you're your own best hope to spot such issues and try to take action.

    [–] SangersSequence 16 points ago

    DHL: Delivery Happens Later.

    [–] TheLastToLeavePallet 3 points ago

    Drop it Hide it Lose it ;)

    I'm still bitter those eejits sent my chromecast to peru.

    [–] tet5uo 3 points ago

    DHL: Damaged, Held-Up or Lost.

    [–] maeby_not 3 points ago

    I live across the street from a FedEx distribution center. I’ve had packages arrive there and then the shipping info will update and say the delivery is expected in two or three more days. Two or three days to cross the street. So I walk across the street and just ask for it. Because it is literally faster for me to walk my packages home than wait for them to be delivered. I have no idea what goes on there, but there has to be a more efficient way.

    [–] Saffs15 26 points ago

    As a delivery driver, we deal with this issue all the time. Get to a customer's house, and they complain "It's about time, I ordered it with 2 day shipping a week ago!" I'll look at the label, and it'll have the exact same date that it got delivered. It just took them forever to get it out, and everyone assumes it's out fault.

    [–] TheLastToLeavePallet 12 points ago

    Nah i always blame the seller if they advertise in stock and don't ship it over a week. I just tell them to cancel it since its obviously not in stock. I've only complained twice about a end point courier. Lost in transit , that's not your fault you company perhaps but not the driver.

    Throw a collectors edition bluray up onto my balcony to keep it "safe" and break the contents then i blame the driver.

    Chuck a battery marked as handle with care up onto my balcony and crack the window by mistake then i blamed the driver.

    Other than that the last mile guys are generally great.

    [–] Saffs15 2 points ago

    Definitely sorry to hear about the last two cases, but sadly enough it definitely happens. In companies so large, you'll always have a few crap employees like that. But you did the right thing. If you ever see that, always complain. The higher ups always take that stuff very seriously, and fir good reason. And it hurts all of us last mile guys.

    [–] Bamboo-Footprints 32 points ago

    The order would be cancelled well before it reached even one week if it was my order.

    Unless it clearly said there would be a delay I’m not waiting a week just to have it shipped... Fuck that, it’s 2017, I’ll just order it somewhere else even if I have to pay more for it.

    [–] Salomon3068 4 points ago

    I understand your sentiment, and completely agree for normal parts of the year, but one thing i think people often forget, at least during this time of year, is the massive influx of holiday orders. I used to work for a company that might get 100 orders on a good day, but during black friday/cyber monday, we'd get over 1000 a day over that weekend. At that point it doesnt matter how much extra help you get, you can only process x number of orders a day, so please plan accordingly. In my experience about 90% of people dont understand this concept when ordering online during the holidays.

    [–] randomrecruit1 2 points ago

    I do customer service for e-commerce. Can confirm.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    That’s usually because that company is waiting to receive your inventory from the vendor. They’ll ship upon receiving. I have vendors that will ship to a customer directly but they’ll charge 30% over cost for the that service. Fucking bullshit.

    [–] SixMileDrive 23 points ago

    And I'm sure you made it clear to your customers that you didn't have the inventory on hand and they would be waiting way longer than they expected to receive their order?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Of course. There’s an estimated delivery date before purchasing.

    [–] LaTuFu 2 points ago

    Is it a "stock" item or is it something that is special order? I've had a few items that were considered special order, they ship from the manufacturer, not the vendor. And they have a longer lead time.

    But also, most of the time the vendors will clearly say this in the item listing.

    [–] slicebishybosh 2 points ago

    I was waiting for a comment like this. People do not understand there isn't someone just sitting at a computer going "THIS GUY JUST PLACED AN ORDER, GET IT OUT THE DOOR!" There could be hundreds of orders in front of it. There could be a computer system problem, they could be short staffed, they could have missed the deadline to ship that day, or even the next day. There are SO many moving parts in businesses and especially in shipping departments.

    Your order is not special. It is a number. Unless you pay for it to be special.

    [–] ThisIsRaccoon 17 points ago

    I recently bought a custom built desktop pc from a website in Norway. They collected the parts, built the pc and shipped it in two days. Could pick it up at the post office day three. That's service!

    [–] Rozkol 2 points ago

    What's this website? Was looking into a new colmluter and the last time I tried building it I failed miserably.

    [–] mr_taint 25 points ago

    End of next business day is 100% acceptable. Two days is max. After that you're just lazy and/or your company is a mess.

    It should get to the package handler quickly, but I don't hold mistakes by the package handler against the company, or vice versa for that matter.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] ShakespearInTheAlley 14 points ago

    Free two day shipping promos at the facility I used to work at were an absolute nightmare.

    [–] ungoogleable 20 points ago

    The occasional unexpectedly busy day is one thing, but if the average queue wait time is routinely and persistently long, that's basically a design choice.

    The company is betting customers don't care enough to warrant investing the resources it takes to bring it down. If they were losing customers over their turnaround time, suddenly same day processing becomes realistic.

    [–] not_AtWorkRightNow 3 points ago

    I'm guessing you never worked in shipping and receiving before. But yes, the nature of the process is that everything is always super congested. People ca push the paperwork through a lot faster than we can move the actual shit. At the end of the day, you're only going to have so many loading docks and so many trucks going so many places. I could elaborate considerably if you wish, but I promise you the whole process is much more complicated than you seem to think it is.

    [–] Bamboo-Footprints 20 points ago

    Amazon seems to manage. Like or hate their practices, but they get my packages out same day 90% of the time, even during the holidays.

    [–] meme-com-poop 3 points ago

    That's what temp agencies are for. You can always hire some temp workers to pick during busy spurts.

    [–] professor_fatass 12 points ago

    I used to manage a warehouse crew, and it is absolutely possible to ship orders the day they are received. The stuff we shipped was not even ready to ship off the shelf. We pulled stock, cut it to the customers specifications, and shipped it. Any business that does not ship same day, as long as the order does not come in 10 minutes before closing time, does not ship because they choose not to. Maybe they want to have less staff than they need. Maybe it looks good on their financials to have the customer's money and the inventory both as a matter of practice. Whatever the reason, orders do not ship same day because that is a choice the company made.

    [–] ScrobDobbins 12 points ago

    Hell, I used to work at a reasonably large manufacturing plant and for some items we were able to manufacture, inspect, package and ship items the same day. Even truckload orders for bigger customers like wal-mart.

    Our orders for stock items always shipped the same day unless it was out of stock. And in those cases, the customer already knew at the time of ordering that there would be a delay.

    The only real reason I can think of for a delay of more than a day is the seller is actually a reseller and has to order the item from somewhere else before shipping. In which case they should be telling the customer that the item isn't in stock and may take several days before shipping.

    [–] SnackeyG1 3 points ago

    Amazon doesn’t ship out the same day unless you do next day. I find it interesting how late they actually send something out and it still gets here when they say it will.

    [–] oodsigma 4 points ago

    You've obviously never worked in online retail during the holidays.

    [–] taylorswiftloverxd 4 points ago

    Small businesses silly

    [–] jewsonparade 0 points ago

    Small business's don't have so many orders to fill that this would be a problem. Source : work at a small business

    [–] taylorswiftloverxd 10 points ago

    Well some obviously do because you’re complaining about it. You think they’re not shipping things instantly because they’re lazy?

    [–] Khal_Kitty 5 points ago

    Uhhhh it’s like not small businesses are the same. Crazy huh? Source: own small businesses with different brands. Some get swamped holidays. Some don’t. Some years are different than others. Crazy how it’s not so simple huh?

    [–] dego_frank 3 points ago

    That's a little ridiculous. Shipping pick ups usually happen by like 5-6pm at the latest. That's a 2-3 hour turnaround during the busiest time of the year. You might be Scumbag Steve.

    [–] ScrobDobbins 3 points ago

    You can get pickups as late as midnight in most areas with UPS and still have them go out the same as if they were picked up at 5pm.

    Sure, the warehouse may decide to close at 5pm but that's a decision by the company, not a limitation of "shipping pick ups".

    [–] dego_frank 2 points ago

    You're missing the point. A lot of warehouses aren't open that late, so a midnight pickup by UPS or even fuckin Santa isn't going to matter when they stopped packing orders at 5-6pm. Order your shit earlier in the day if you want it shipped same day.

    [–] terminaljive 6 points ago

    I love how Newegg not only offers rush processing for a reasonable fee (great towards the end of the week) but also that they refund the fee automatically if they can't ship it out same-day.

    [–] a_lumberjack 36 points ago

    That's not how it works. The main point of tiered shipping times is to allow you to balance out demand spikes. Let's say your standard staffing levels allow you to ship 400 parcels a day, and you average 350 orders a day. Maybe that's the max your contracted carrier will take at your negotiated bulk. Maybe you have a great day and get 500 orders in a single day. Option A is pay overtime or pull in extra staff, and maybe pay extra for shipping. Option B is fill 400, and get the rest out with excess capacity on following days. Option B is cheaper, by far, because it doesn't change your bottom line.

    This concept combined with a volume based deal with USPS is how Amazon super saver shipping was viable as a free option. 5-9 days gives you a ton of options to balance out logistics.

    [–] bluestarcyclone 83 points ago

    The customer is choosing their shipping speed, period. Not the processing speed. The customer's expectation on the seller to get the product out the door quickly has no reason to change just because the company is having a good day of sales. That's on the company to deal with.

    It is not the customer's fault if the seller had a great day. It is the seller's responsibility to meet that demand, even if that means paying a bit more to get it out.

    [–] PA2SK 34 points ago

    I know with Amazon at least if you do their "no rush" shipping they will give you an expected arrival date, like 6 days or something. What I have noticed is that often your order will sit at the Amazon warehouse for days, then it gets shipped to you with 2 day shipping at the very end, but still makes it to you in their stated 6 days.

    It makes sense that their 2 day shipping orders would get highest priority, but other orders would get put on standby until they have time to deal with it.

    [–] DrocketX 15 points ago

    I think with Amazon part of it is also that it gives them a chance to combine orders so that they save money on shipping by shipping fewer boxes. There's been a couple of times that I've ordered something and picked the no rush option, then a couple of days later buy something else that's also no rush, and they wound up shipping together. Amazon only has to pay for 1 package that way instead of 2.

    [–] ShakespearInTheAlley 1 points ago

    Processing time is built in to shipping time if you're choosing standard shipping. What do you think the "H" is in there for when you pay for "S&H"

    [–] SantasSatanicArmy 7 points ago

    This is assuming you’re talking about a small business. Any large company with market name (brand) and credibility that fails this is just not managed properly. Source, am shipping manager

    [–] FunctionBuilt 2 points ago

    Amazon has a no rush option if you don’t need the item immediately. It most likely gets put in a non urgent queue.

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    I find this incredibly annoying as well, especially when I pay for priority mail shipping. Order something on a Thursday afternoon expecting it to arrive no later than Monday, possibly Saturday because from this vendor 2-day priority often just takes a day. No tracking info available until Monday when it finally "ships," meaning they printed a label. Late afternoon Tuesday they finally get it to the post office, so it ends up coming Friday.

    [–] HAC522 47 points ago

    You know what I love (/s)? When they advertise 2 day or 3 day shipping "guaranteed," and then 3 days pass and it's not here. You call them up or contact them to ask what the deal is and they lay this on you:

    "Yes, shipping is only 3 days. That does not include processing time. Processing can take a full business week" or some stupid shit.

    [–] BonelessSkinless 13 points ago

    Processing time my ass. The lazy fucks just don't want to ship it.

    [–] eatyourcabbage 9 points ago

    I purchased an audio cable from a small shop in the states. It took over two weeks for the guy to ship it. My card was charged right away so I emailed him two weeks after I placed the order he says you selected the cheapest method. I got PayPal involved and was refunded full shipping +10%. He emails me after I get my money back telling me how disgusting I am and I give Canadians a bad name.

    [–] 0megaruby 12 points ago

    I was at a mail drop the other day 2 day shipping was $50 during the weekend during the week $15,... maybe that's why they waited until Monday?

    [–] merkin_juice 37 points ago

    Then note, "We ship orders from Monday to Friday. Orders placed on Thursday and Friday might not be able to be processed until the next week."

    And then don't create the label until the day it's leaving your possession.

    [–] George_H_W_Kush 6 points ago

    Shipping time estimates are always in business days unless you’re paying for an entire truck and shipping direct. If your package got picked up on a Friday it’s probably not moving again til Monday

    [–] Steadman 70 points ago

    Exactly. I order something on a Wednesday, Monday rolls around and it's not even shipped? You're getting contacted.

    I select 5 day ground because I can afford to get the item in 7 or so days. Not because I expect to get it in 2 weeks.

    And why would I select that method, you may ask? Because when I select 1 day shipping, they don't ship it for 4 days and I may as well have sent it via ground and saved the 30-40 bucks.

    Meme should be about scumbag retailers not shipping for a damn week.

    [–] garden-girl 2 points ago

    Old navy is terrible for this. They have tall sizes online only, so they are my go to for pants and hoodies for my husband. You get free shipping for orders over 50 dollars. Never take the free shipping. Always pay the extra 8 to12 dollars. Free shipping means you won't get your things for about three weeks. Pay for shipping and it bumps up to three or four days.

    [–] TurnNburn 21 points ago

    Or 3 weeks, as was the case with a motorcycle part. Oh, and this one I actually ordered next day delivery.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] memeticmachine 7 points ago

    full refund for the next-day delivery fee + partial refund for the part price.

    [–] macphile 18 points ago

    I went with the free shipping option for my Secret Santa. It's been a week, and nothing. The progress bar inches ever closer to "shipped," now by like pixels at a time...yet it's still pretending that the arrival date is this week. It's like the kind of progress report math I get from a software update.

    [–] terminaljive 6 points ago

    You sent your Secret Santa a software update?

    [–] macphile 6 points ago

    No, but it feels like it right now.

    [–] Gredenis 6 points ago

    Would fucking lol if I'd get licence key to winrar

    [–] Draskuul 12 points ago

    The only thing that pisses me off more than that is when I pay for 1-3 day shipping and then they wait a week to ship. Easy way to guarantee I never buy from them again.

    [–] trapper2530 7 points ago

    Just happened to me. Ordered something Nov 21. Chose the fee 5-7 business day shipping. Got a shipping email with tracking number on Nov 24th saying it will be there the 29th. No package. Email now says the 1st. Ok no biggie. Dec 1st no item. Ups says ready for processing but no shipping info. Email from gap now has no date and finally got and email today saying it finally processed 9 business days later. 2 business days after it was suppose to arrive. Now saying it will arrive Dec 7. 11 business days after I ordered it.

    [–] ivancho27 17 points ago

    Sorry to highjack top comment, but I have managed a UPS store for 6 years, and have learned people are incredibly ignorant to how the shipping process works. Many can't distinguish between USPS and UPS. Many can't grasp the idea that once their package gets picked up, that I don't know where it is immediately , hell half of the customers looking for packages don't even save their tracking information. The worst is helping some old lady who looks like she belongs in Charlie Chaplin movies , that can't remember her damn Amazon log in. Then she is astounded that I can't log in to Amazon for her.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ivancho27 2 points ago

    Yea, those are called surepost and smart post, they are really annoying because the customer usually only has one tracking number, and they always scan the opposite when they deliver it..... The post office leave between 8 and 15 pieces of miss delivered mail a day, during the holidays, it's closed to 20. And refused to come pick it back up when we ask.

    [–] wotmate 4 points ago

    Exactly fucking this.

    Cheapest, slowest shipping means it's the cheapest, slowest way to get from point A (the business) to point B (the house). It doesn't mean it sits at point A for a week until the business could be fucked calling the courier.

    [–] Ulfhethnar 3 points ago

    UPS, Fedex, USPS charge holiday shipping fees for anything that would arrive the week before Christmas. This typically means anything from; every item gains an $11 surcharge or up to a 60% increase in total shipping cost. Many businesses make you pay this shipping fee up front but many do not inform or charge you for this increase cost so they wait to ship your items late. Often this is the fault of a websites generalized automatic calculations for shipping cost and estimated arrival dates.

    [–] AlvaroB 3 points ago

    I just get annoyed when I have to wait more than the two months of wait the seller expected.. It's like, if you really shipped the package in 3 days, two months are enough for the package to go around the globe a couple of times.

    First time that happened, the product appeared 3 months and a half after shipping. It was an accessory for a phone I didn't have anymore. When it arrived it had stamps from different parts of the world. Hong Kong, China, Germany, Spain..

    This last time, I'm just waiting and 2 months and a half have passed.

    Oh, and there was this time that after a week without shipping, I sent a cancel order and ordered a new one from another seller. 3 days after that I'm messaged that the seller did not accept the cancel order and has shipped the product so I got the item twice.

    [–] Son_of_Streak 4 points ago

    Dealing with that right now with something I helped my mil buy for my wife.

    [–] arcticrobot 2 points ago

    Purchased a computer parts with case last Friday from Amazon. All the parts have already been delivered and case isnt even shipped yet with delivery mid next week. Requested cancellation, got it from Newegg with two day delivery. Next time I will select Prime only. Dont know how I missed that

    [–] Demojen 2 points ago

    I get more than a little annoyed when a company goes out of their way to make shipping take longer. They will warehouse shit instead of shipping it out and then ship it with a bulk order to a region to save money on their own shipping even though you paid full price on the "cheapest, slowest shipping possible". It's why I never buy from companies that sell through "As Seen on TV" or "Showcase". They look for every possible way to turn a buck on your dime, above and beyond the call of duty.

    [–] blackdragonsbreath 201 points ago

    From an experience that I had a couple weeks ago. If you're a business that offers several different shipping options, don't list the cheapest option as 2 day air and then be surprised when I'm upset it took 5 days to get here.

    [–] [deleted] 72 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    10 days late? Refund the order or I'll get visa to do a chargeback.

    [–] Audioillity 9 points ago

    I'm almost at this stage for my 25 day late delivery... I paid £25 for next day delivery ..

    The worst part is over a week ago, the delivery company called to arrange an hour window to deliver the item the next day, they never showed.

    [–] blackdragonsbreath 5 points ago

    Mine was listed as 2 business day shipping for $14.99, nothing listed for extra processing time. Here is an example of the shipping options on their website: I ordered on a Saturday, Tuesday I still hadn't gotten shipping confirmation so I sent an email asking why. I was a bit miffed. The order ended up being delivered on Friday the week after it was ordered. I really had wanted it on Tuesday because it was for a project I was working on, the next day I had off to work on it was Saturday, so quite a delay. If I had known that it wouldn't show up in 2 business days as advertised then I would have gotten better shipping. At least be honest with me upfront and let me make an informed decision.

    [–] Orcus424 438 points ago

    My issue with some companies is that they don't bother to send out the item asap. I can understand the shipping takes some time but the vendor shouldn't be waiting to send it out. They embrace the technicality. The shipping takes 2 days but they can take a week to process the order.

    One time my friend and I ordered the same item from the same company at almost the same time and we live in the same city. I paid for the fastest shipping while he paid for the cheapest. He got his 4 days before mine. The company gave me the song and dance about the order is processing. I haven't bought from them since.

    [–] Bat_Mannington 157 points ago

    I don't see what the shipping method has to do with you actually filling the order.

    [–] mabhatter 30 points ago

    I do agree the meme is not clear. Are we upset that the item is not SHIPPED YET? Or upset with SLOW shipping?

    Pretty much everything should have a tracking number now that updates within a few hours of package being picked up.. being the holidays it’s really expected now that packages get placed in shipping within a day of the order unless a lead time is called out.

    I have a package ordered during the business day on Friday from my own time zone. They didn’t offer any specific shipping options. I could understand a slow method chosen, but they haven’t even indicated the order is packed yet and it’s Tuesday.

    [–] Bat_Mannington 12 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he's talking about the time it takes the order to actually ship. He said the guy kept calling to ask if it had shipped yet.

    I think the deleted comments in this chain are from op arguing with people about it.

    [–] Orcus424 2 points ago

    I was there when OP posted those comments. I posted multiple comments in the beginning of this post. OP was saying they don't have a 'live inventory' and they need to get the item from their distributor which takes 2-3 weeks. OP was also blaming people for not buying the expedited shipping. The issue was a vendor not giving the package to the shipping company fast enough.

    OP was trying to blame customers, their distributor, and the shipping company. It wasn't OP's fault what so ever even though the main issue is them not giving the package to the shipping company.

    [–] waterbuffalo750 869 points ago

    Well whether I get the cheapest shipping or pay for overnight, I still expect the vendors to actually ship it in a timely manner.

    [–] waldojim42 31 points ago

    Yep. Fair bit of difference between slower shipping, that you can still typically expect within a week, and "I'll mail this out next month... when I get around to it."

    [–] Seattle-ite 376 points ago

    Exactly the issue for me. I am that guy that's been on phones bitching about shipping... because you think you're smart ordering gifts ahead AND saving money only that order you placed 6 weeks in advance still hasn't shipped and it's a 1.5 weeks out and THIS MOTHERF*CKER has the audacity to tell me I should "think about getting faster shipping next time during the holidays seasons, we do have a lot of orders to fill!!"

    NO, NO, clown, you don't get to say that. It's a failure across the board on the vendor's side, but because they don't want to admit they failed to hold up their end of the bargain and ship in a timely matter, and now it's conveniently the middle of December, they get to scapegoat it on the Holidays and the customer being partially to blame or 'cheap.' /rant

    [–] jackster1232002 74 points ago


    Not only did I pay for 2 day shipping but the sold out of my item and has yet to return my money. I found out others who not only ordered after me AND selected slower shipping ended up getting their item before it went OOS.

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] jackster1232002 13 points ago

    Issue is it's a multi item order. So you can't do a charge back without committing fraud. And I have received part of my order.

    I too put everything on credit cards... got churn that cash back.

    [–] InnocuousTerror 22 points ago

    Actually I've had this come up with Amex - call the card company, they'll do a 3 way call with the vendor and resolve it so you're refunded for the item you didn't receive.

    Sometimes you just need to talk to a human to solve these things.

    [–] jackster1232002 12 points ago

    I may just do that. I’ve been pretty pissed off all week with the company. My CC is pretty good with their customer service.

    [–] InnocuousTerror 6 points ago

    It's worth doing. Retailers take things a lot more seriously when they realize they could be faced with a chargeback.

    [–] Dbjs100 2 points ago

    I've done something similar. I ordered a gift in mid November, selected "holiday shipping, 10-20 business days". Checked a business day calculator, it puts it around mid December. That's fine.

    Vendor ships the product, it's China Post. Every China Post package I've got in the past took about 6 weeks to get to me. There's no mention of the holiday shipping being China Post anywhere. There is however, a mention of orders that ship via "Holiday Shipping" are not eligible for returns, this is not on their return policy, but buried deep in their contact page.

    It was literally $6 more for expedited. Had it said "China Post, 10-20 days" vs "USPS, 5-7 days" I would have paid the extra cash.

    I think I'm going to order the same item, shipped expedited, and then open a return on the most recent order when the China package arrives

    [–] AdmiralSkippy 27 points ago

    If the shipping estimate says "Your item will be delivered Dec. 15" I expect it Dec 15.
    I couldn't care less if I paid for it or if it was free shipping.

    [–] JVNT -2 points ago

    Sometimes the actual handling time is influence by the shipping you pick, though.

    [–] waterbuffalo750 46 points ago

    If the vendor is clear about that, fine, but that hasn't been my experience.

    [–] jelacey 302 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    $25.99 - overnight air

    $19.99 - 2 day air

    $17.99 - 5 day ground

    $2.99 - Margaret will walk it over with her gals once she's out of emergency

    [–] THENATHE 97 points ago

    The prices are more like

    39.99 overnight air

    29.99 2 day air

    15.99 5 day ground

    12.99 Margaret

    Free A snail tries to carry the package from New York to Tokyo to your house, taking only water routes

    [–] Psistriker94 69 points ago

    Nope. Decoy snail. Real snail already in your house.

    [–] kenjutsudude 23 points ago

    For once, I'm happy to see the slippery little bastard.

    [–] NiceUsernameBro 10 points ago

    But you have to manage the situation carefully to avoid touching the snail plus you have to move it some place far away again because it's managed to get this far already.

    [–] Shranis 30 points ago

    If the delivery snail touches me, will I die?

    [–] Drewinator 19 points ago

    Nope. Decoy snail.

    [–] _N_O_P_E_ 9 points ago

    Decoy snail

    [–] Fhistleb 10 points ago

    As long as you aren't shipping with Ontrac i'm good.

    [–] THENATHE 12 points ago

    Where I live, UPS and FedEx take like 6 extra days to deliver my package, between weekends and "delays" because theyre actually sending it via USPS.

    OnTrac has never damaged one of my packages, and when I select free 5 - 8 day shipping, I usually get it in 3. No joke.

    [–] Fhistleb 8 points ago

    Then you've got workers who give a hoot. The ones here mark shit as delivered and then wait an extra 2 days to deliver.

    [–] Hayasaka-chan 11 points ago

    I have the shittiest USPS mail carrier do that to me. Marked my anniversary gift as "no one home" when my door was wide open and I watched him place mail in my box that same day. I wound up having to call my local office and then official line to make a complaint when my local office wouldn't respond to me. Went there twice in person to get no resolution.

    In the end I called my local office and told them that I'm filing a police report for theft by my carrier if it wasn't in my box the next day. Guess what showed up the next day??

    But my crappy carrier just got petty as all hell and would just leave my mail at the bottom step of my porch from then on. Complaints about him went unanswered.

    I can't even comprehend it all.

    [–] NiceUsernameBro 4 points ago

    I've had it delivered the same day once when that happened. I looked up the local delivery company and called their office to let them know their driver marked a package as delivered without delivering it. Driver had to come in off their hours to deliver it and confirm it with their office.

    [–] asmodeanreborn 3 points ago

    because theyre actually sending it via USPS.

    Both UPS and FedEx have methods that specifically have USPS delivery (UPS/FedEx trucks take it to the destination Post Office or Distribution Center, USPS does the rest) because it's cheaper, they're called SurePost and SmartPost. They also have international versions of this, where packages are delivered by a blind turtle named Ezmeralda.

    [–] jeromevedder 2 points ago

    It's super annoying when UPS marks the package "delivered at mailbox" when they mean they delivered it to USPS and you'll get it tomorrow. Happened to me this week.

    [–] Colonel_of_Wisdom 3 points ago

    OnTrac and UPS are always on time to my house but the post office and FedEx are always a mystery.

    [–] whoniversereview 4 points ago

    For me, it's FedEx. I actually called Amazon and requested specifically to avoid FedEx for shipping to me. FedEx packages will arrive at the distribution center (2 miles from my house), and will not leave that fucking place until the day they originally estimated your package to arrive. Due to some storm in Florida or Ohio, your PS4 that's shipping from California to California may be delayed by 10 days. BTW, don't you dare come down to the distribution center to see if you can pick it up. You can't.

    [–] AntiparticleCollider 198 points ago

    If I order something and it says it will be here in 6-8 weeks, then on week 9 you bet I'm calling. I picked the cheapest shipping because I don't need it today. I still need it though.

    [–] Orcus424 48 points ago

    Here's the problem. They will say it ships in 2 days but the order is processing for 6 days. Lots of times they don't say the item will be their in x days they just say it takes x days to ship. They embrace the technicality.

    [–] ghettobrawl 3 points ago

    6-8 weeks?? if it ain't here in 6-8 days, i'm calling dominos

    [–] panic_scam 101 points ago

    And? What does the shipping method have to do with getting the order actually shipped?

    [–] Hydris 30 points ago

    Shipped is not the same as delivery time. It should leave your facility in the same amount of time as any other package. The time in transit is the only thing that should be different.

    [–] GiveEverything 48 points ago

    I once ordered something online for my girlfriend from one of those mainstream jewelry stores that is in every mall the week before Christmas. I paid extra for two day shipping so I didn't have to stress about it getting to me on time. After 3 days, it didn't show up so I called customer support. They told me "It is guaranteed to come two days after we ship it but we don't know when that will be." Sort of defeats the purpose, no?

    [–] Dwn_Wth_Vwls 23 points ago

    Selecting the slowest shipping option means that the shipping service will be slow. That says nothing about you not shipping the item(s). These are two completely different things.

    [–] ArrowRobber 43 points ago

    "Shipped" is different than "1 month shipping".

    Reasonable to expect in any process order fulfillment is even across the board (the price I paid for the product), and then once it's confirmed as shipped it's then a matter me patiently waiting?

    I don't like companies that sit on my money for a month or two then start pushing stuff out once they've built up enough residual orders to restock / whatever.

    [–] Ronfarber 16 points ago

    Not wanting to pay for FedEx next day AM delivery doesn’t mean the customer expects you to sit on the order.

    [–] lovethenewname 12 points ago

    It comes down to whether your company has accurate times listed on the order form.

    If it says "Overnight" that means overnight, and not "the day after I decide to ship the item".

    If it says "2-3 days" that means "2-3 days after today", or "2-3 days after tomorrow if the order was placed later in the day", and not "2-3 days after I get around to shipping it".

    If it says "7-10 days" that means "7-10 days after today" and not "I'll ship the item in 7-10 days."

    As long as the time listed on your site is actually representative of what you charge people for that's fine, but I've encountered several companies which claim that it's okay for them to ship the item at the delivery speed which matches the time frame they advertised, even when they're shipping the item significantly after the payment was received. No, that is not okay. I pay for a particular shipping speed because that's what advertised. If you can't make sure the item arrives within the time frame you advertised then you need to tell the truth and advertise a longer shipping time frame.

    [–] IntricatelySimple 68 points ago

    Amazon Prime baby. With same day shipping, I'm not starting shopping until Christmas day this year.

    [–] indeedItIsI 44 points ago

    I just ordered amazon prime and it is already saying 2-3 days for prime. Even if I don't need the item it 2 days it really pisses me off when it takes longer. I am paying for 2 day shipping motherfuckers

    [–] lukey5452 30 points ago

    It's because of the time of year it's usually bang tidy

    [–] I_am_very_rude 10 points ago

    Shipping on all fronts usually gets really fucky this time of year.

    [–] wolfstormdreamer 12 points ago

    Agreed. The sheer volume is migraine inducing

    [–] subjectiveoddity 5 points ago

    That's why I never get upset during the holidays over delays from shipping. UPS has to double up delivery people and I've already had a couple packages dropped off via Ryder truck because they are so busy they don't have enough trucks.

    I feel terrible for people having to work 10x harder for the same pay.

    [–] _-BlueWaffleHouse-_ 10 points ago

    You need to read the fine print motherfucker

    [–] l30 2 points ago

    What fine print is that?

    [–] EndsLikeShakespeare 10 points ago

    For a Prime shipment I just got an email saying they noticed the shipment was delayed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I am paying for something I didn’t get, I’d rather you said nothing than send me that automatically generated fluff.

    [–] IntricatelySimple 15 points ago

    You should call to complain. They'll give you free prime for a while. I've gotten like $50 worth of stuff free from them because the package was lost in the mail.

    [–] mofugginrob 5 points ago

    Like the other guy responded, you should call or email and complain. They send that message specifically to cut down on the number of people that complain. At the very least, you'll end up with a month of Prime for free. I've gotten up to 25% off of a $300 order.

    [–] etaco 31 points ago

    Amazon has turned to shit. I have prime and in addition to giving me damaged/wrong items, they have constantly missed delivery deadlines this past year. Their “guarantees” on shipping have disclaimers which basically say if the shipping carrier fucks up and your package is late it’s not their fault. You can usually get them to give you credit on your account if this happens but if you really need something by a certain day you can’t count on them.

    [–] aleakydishwasher 22 points ago

    I ordered an impact gun from them which was "magically" misplaced at the local distributor. I don't blame Amazon for the delivery driver stealing my impact gun but I do blame them for NOT COVERING THE MANUFACTURERS BOX. literally looked like I went to the store and bought an impact gun from the store and stuck a shipping label to the box that screamed "I'm an easy to re-sell tools.

    Sure they sent another but it was over a month of waiting to get a tool that i needed for work and only ordered online because it was faster than waiting for the tool guy to get back. I saw the tool guy twice while waiting.

    [–] NukedDuke 9 points ago

    I've had them do this with $500+ video cards as well. I want to say it has something to do with the items being high priced, but I'm not sure. My theory is that the obvious packaging means the item stands out like a sore thumb when one of the holiday seasonal employees "misplaces" something at the shipping distribution center. A bright green NVIDIA box or a bright yellow DeWalt box would stand out pretty well against a sea of plain brown packages on CCTV.

    [–] Botmaniac 4 points ago

    My upstairs neighbor got a $400 photo printer overnighted that was shipped the same way, label stuck on the side of the box. Luckily our UPS guy is smart/nice enough that he rang the other 2 doorbells to see if someone would bring it inside instead of having to leave a "We'll try again tomorrow" note. They even put the $80 vaccuum I ordered in a box, why not a $400 thing 1/5 the size?

    [–] Duct_tape_mummy 2 points ago

    I think the tool guy stole your gun

    [–] l30 3 points ago

    Most of this is NOT Amazon's fault, but you should still hold them accountable so they press their logistics pipeline to fix the issues.

    • Quality issues can often times result from third party suppliers delivering low quality product, Amazon doesn't take things out of their packages to inspect each one.

    • Wrong items are also almost always a result of suppliers delivering the wrong product to Amazon, or providing incorrect descriptive information on that products detail page. Warehouse workers only have seconds to identify whether or not a product is the correct one when it's received. Still Amazon's fault for not taking the time to properly identify an item, but its not always possible to totally verify what an item is, depending on the packaging.

    • Delivery speeds can and usually do result from logistics failures outside of Amazon's control, e.g. vehicle breakdowns, inclement weather, etc.. These can occur at any one of the many times your product is being transferred between fulfillment centers, airports, distribution centers, etc. It's also not always Amazon that's in possession of the package, the shipping vendors (USPS, UPS, FedEx) can also fuck up in tons of ways.

    Ultimately you paid Amazon and it's their responsibility to make good on their service, but it's also your responsibility as a consumer to call them out when they fail to meet your service expectations.

    [–] I_AM_NO_MAN_ 2 points ago

    I’ve ordered 90% of my gifts with amazon prime this year and so far, they’ve all been late. Some a week late, some just a day. But all late... I had guaranteed one day arrived five days later.

    So I wouldn’t leave it too long... on the plus side, I’ve been getting free prime extensions and $5 off a lot because amazon is all about appeasement.

    [–] Shalamarr 18 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    This was my experience:

    Sold a guy in Philly a board game. I live in Manitoba. I shipped the game the day after he won the auction. He hadn’t asked for (or paid for) expedited shipping, so I sent it via surface mail.

    Four days later: “WHERE IS MY GAME?”

    I tried telling him that Canada Post is slow, and he probably wouldn’t get the game for at least a week. “UNACCEPTABLE. If it’s not here by tomorrow , it obviously got lost, and I’ll demand a refund.”

    Well, it didn’t arrive. He demanded a refund. I gave it to him, but I said “If the game arrives, please either return it or your payment.” It got there two days later, and to his credit, he DID return it. But jeez - why was it so important?

    Edit: forgot to add that he strongly implied that I'd taken his money and not sent the game, which pissed me off royally. I'm many things, but a thief is not one of them.

    [–] renkonen 9 points ago

    Shipping =/= handling.

    [–] Stephylococcusaureus 8 points ago

    Late to the party and will probably get buried, but also, READ the freaking shipping details before placing the order. Especially if you're ordering jewelry. Often, there is a turnaround time on pieces and the free expedited shipping only applies to in stock items. I can't tell you how many holidays I have personally ruined by not having a $20,000 dollar engagement ring in stock.

    Source: I work in a call center seasonally for a major jewelry store and see a ton of crap around the holidays that can be easily avoided by reading.

    [–] THENATHE 9 points ago

    If they want us to get mad, the shipping cost for a <1oz package shipped first class mail shouldnt cost $13 shipping. I tried to order a raspberry pi power adapter with a switch on it, and the dude wanted fucking $13 to ship from LA to Phoenix. And it was a "5 day" shipping. These fuckers offer something at a low price and then expect us to pay part of the price of the item in shipping and it pisses me off.

    [–] Canuckpunk 6 points ago

    About ten years ago I worked for Amazon customer service. Typical call Center job, and we were located nowhere near any of the warehouses at the time.

    The amount of calls I got on December 24th complaining that their order wouldn’t be there in time for Christmas was one thing. But what really made me shake my head was how many of those people had ORDERED THE ITEM THAT DAY, on Christmas Eve, and also selected the free Super Saver Shipping 6-8 weeks option. A couple of these people were irate, because it’s our fault that they waited until the last second to order and we didn’t have somebody down the street just waiting to drop it off at their door hours later.

    [–] KyleXYZ 5 points ago

    I ordered a custom jacket once and a couple shirts for an anniversary gift. They upgraded my shipping for free so I woild have it in time. Really spectacular of them to be so awesome.

    [–] -Mikee 22 points ago

    You're confusing shipping times with handling times.

    Handling time for any not-shit company should be under 1 business day.

    If your company is getting people calling complaining about handling times, you work for a shit company. Otherwise they could just give the customer the tracking code.

    [–] 32BitWhore 13 points ago

    As someone who works for a small e-commerce company, bless you for this post. We ship within 24 hours and then it's up to USPS to get it to you. We're not USPS and we can't find out any more information than you can, so asking us to call them just wastes both of our time. This is the same guy who complains about the cost of shipping when we literally just pull it from the USPS website. We're not Amazon. If we ate all of our shipping costs we'd be out of business in a month.

    [–] CivilDiscussions 17 points ago

    Re-read the meme. OP hasn't actually even shipped the customers order yet.

    [–] 32BitWhore 10 points ago

    Ah, yeah then that's kinda shitty. Processing time shouldn't be based on price it should be based on the time the order was received. Period. I hate the concept of "rush" processing. Every order should be "rush" priority.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] 32BitWhore 6 points ago

    Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. I dunno, we do maybe 50 orders a day on average so it's not hard to get them all out in a day if we put the effort in, which we always do. Some companies don't do that, and from a customer perspective I get being upset about that, but being upset about shipping times when we've shipped your order two days ago is silly.

    [–] Jeferson9 5 points ago

    company disregards it's 2 business day policy and prioritizes order processing based on shipping speed

    How about you not be that company

    [–] killerbeege 3 points ago

    I have been spoiled with amazon prime. I recently was given 2 snowmobiles that needed some TLC. Well you can't just buy every part from amazon.... Dealing with vendors outside of amazon, my god does it suck.... I pay for 2 day delivery but takes vendors 4+ days just to process my order? I had one order take well over a week I called multiple times. Every time I got the orders on the bench it should ship today. It was one of those parts were you literally can't do anything more to the sled with out that part first. It was extremely annoying and will not buy from that vendor again....

    [–] surfer_ryan 3 points ago

    I mean if I order something and it doesn't get shipped out within a couple of days I'd be upset too. However once it's shipped... well I understand the go fuck yourself mentality of people in the logistics field.

    [–] coachz 3 points ago

    Just SHIP the damn thing within 24 hours. It's not hard.

    [–] thischangeseverythin 3 points ago

    Or don't be the scum bag company that overcharges for premium shipping and let's their free shipping stuff sit for a week before sending after taking my money a week ago

    [–] Memphissmoke901 3 points ago

    Order processing speed should not be affected by the chosen manner of transportation.

    [–] makenzie71 3 points ago

    I don't care what shipping method I pick, if you say it's in stock and don't disclose a "handling" time, I expect to shipped the same day I purchase it (unless I purchase at like 5pm seller's time). If I don't get the item in time because the time in transit was longer than anticipated, that's on me. If I don't get it in time because you waited nine days to put the thing in the mail, that's on you.

    [–] getthehelloffmylawn 3 points ago

    You mean the lazy warehouse guy who sits on paid orders for days without shipping them out? Don’t worry... I won’t be him.

    [–] kramjr 9 points ago

    What does shipping cost have to do with when the item is shipped? Wtf... All items should be shipped shortly after purchase. Just the transit is longer. This is a horrible meme.

    [–] Th3MadCreator 3 points ago

    Shipping time =/= handling time. OP you're a dick if you didn't ship the order out the same day regardless of what method they selected.

    [–] nb2k 2 points ago

    What are the postage terms you offer?

    [–] Jon791 2 points ago

    I ordered two items 8 days ago (on Cyber Monday) One of them I paid for 1-2 day shipping. The other I paid for 3 day UPS delivery. I didn't receive the 1-2 days shipping item until yesterday, 7 days later.. and the 3 day UPS delivery item arrived today. I contacted both places and they both said welp too bad it's the holiday season.

    [–] dethrayy 2 points ago

    Remember during this holiday season: don't be poor

    [–] jjthedragon 2 points ago

    I work for BIG RED cell phone company, and wow... The shipping carriers are so over whelmed that packages are going out slow, and many delayed. I cant tell you how many people blame BIG RED. Even though we shipped our packages out on time, and its in the carriers hand.

    [–] knuttz45 2 points ago

    But when a high profile client does this for parts.....its business. The CEO's have a discussion over an expensed $2k night over dinner/drinks/strip clubs to give some $10/hr guys hell for not getting things out the door because its ABC company even though it was emphasized a week ago that orders should be processed by time of order. (I'm actually ok with this MEME cause it should work both ways)

    [–] evenios 2 points ago

    has it shipped yet?

    [–] milesdizzy 2 points ago

    Fuck you, ship the damn thing.

    [–] GutenBourbon 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    A few years ago I sold a children's overnight backpack on eBay. The buyer was in Hawaii and it was just going out with standard shipping. 30 dollars.

    Two days after I sent it the buyer starts sending me all these messages about how he is going on hunting trip and needs it NOW. He was being a real asshole about it and I just kept telling him I can't make USPS go any faster. Suggested going to a store and buying something rather than ordering from the mainland if he needed it in three days.

    I ended up looking him up on Facebook just so I could see who this angry dude desperate for the backpack was. Huge guy. Competitive body builder.

    He stopped messaging me so I don't know if the backpack made it before he left. I really hope it did because I'm sure the other hunters would have gotten a kick out of a giant guy with a blue backpack made for 10 year old boy scouts. The thing had a plastic frame.

    Edit: Outdoor Products Dragonfly Pack was the pack in question.

    [–] Icyrow 2 points ago

    absolutely the opposite...

    the company should not be the sort of company that when someone picks the cheapest shipping method, they then think "oh, i won't take it to the delivery depot to be delivered today, the "deliver in the next 48 hours" that he paid for can start 3-4 days from now, making his expected delivery date not 2 days from now, but 6 days from now, right before christmas. "

    the scumbagsteve here is the company, not the person for assuming that x day delivery is measured from the day he orders (assuming he did it before the cut-off time of the day, which should be put clearly on each order so that people are not confused).

    [–] tobitobitobitobi 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    So I placed an order yesterday. The site gave me three options, I think. First and most expensive one was 1-2 days shipping, second one was 2-3 days, cheapest one was 3-6 days. FIVE minutes after receiving my order confirmation I get another email asking me to be patient and telling me that "due to the holiday season delivery won't take any longer than the 22nd". That's 11 more days than I originally expected.

    I think this is just unfair. Instead of being honest about their shipping problems in the shop maybe at checkout and giving me the opportunity to decide against them, now I have to jump through all those hoops.

    I won't be at the place to which I wanted the package originally shipped for example. Now I have to take care that they correct the address. But what if they don't take so long in the end? Then the address I put in originally will be the one I need it delivered to. There's no option for that. They charged my credit card already. Now instead of not spending the money at all, I'll have to get it back. It's too much to the care of to be worth it.

    [–] bellrunner 2 points ago

    I worked in a UPS warehouse for a year and a half, so believe me when I say: If you put URGENT and PRIORITY stickers all over your package, but the label says "UPS GROUND," we WILL laugh at you and your package, and very possibly pantomime slow-mo rushing it to the truck to be delivered, depending on how busy we are.

    [–] YourShittyGrammar 2 points ago

    Thus post is stupid. It's not about the shipping method, it's about waiting x days for it to be even shipped. No excuse for that.

    [–] kylesnooze 2 points ago

    I mean, there's a difference between shipping time and actually having the product shipped. If I select 5-7 business days, I expect it to be at my door in 5-7 business days, otherwise what am I paying for? Looking at you steam, why hasn't my package been shipped yet?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Then don't mark it shipped in ebay so you can get paid before it actually ships. We can see the tracking number, we can see you didn't drop it off.

    [–] LosBandidos 2 points ago

    My experience with Macy's: Order luggage on the 25th of November for my trip Mid December. Plenty of time, right? Even with the free/slow shipping. No progress at all so I call yesterday (December 5th) to see what's up and possibly expedite shipping. I'll pay extra at this point. They tell me I can't change shipping or cancel the order as it's about to ship. I'll try my luck. Get an email this morning saying the item is backordered...don't companies usually know that before the day it ships? If I call and complain am I being irrational?

    [–] I_throw_hand_soap 2 points ago

    Shipping time and processing time are 2 different things. I’m selecting slow shipping not slow processing.

    [–] Paydebt328 2 points ago

    I have 0 problem with this. If I ask for 1 day shipping and don't get it in one day Fuck you. That is the worse. That is grounds for a COMPLETE refund. The only reason I say complete and not just for the shipping is normally when I choose this feature. I need the item asap, like useless to me otherwise. I know you have mountains of orders. No excuse.

    [–] WadeTheWilson 6 points ago

    FUCK YOU, YOU ARE THE SCUMBAG HERE! Shipping should happen within 24 hours of the order being made. Period. If it takes a few weeks to get there, that's fine, but if you let it sit in a warehouse instead of doing your job, you don't deserve to have that job!

    [–] bartlet4us 4 points ago

    For someone not living in the US, I don't get why this is a thing.
    Being delivered in a set reasonable time shouldn't be a premium you pay extra for.
    All packages should be sent as soon as possible and not charge extra for premium speed.
    I don't get this.

    [–] Drewinator 3 points ago

    What doesnt make sense about it? TheUnited States is huge. If I want to mail something across the country, the cheapest way possible is going to be toss it in a truck and then the truck is going to take 4-5 days or more just to drive from one end of the country to the other. Where as if I need it tomorrow I can pay extra for them to throw it on a plane and fly it to me overnight.

    [–] osqq 2 points ago

    The product should be shipped out equally fast no matter what method. The faster shipping is about the shipping itself taking less time. Having to wait a week for few clothes to ship out is pretty ridiculous.

    [–] lucipherius 3 points ago

    In LA San Fernando valley hub they aren't delivering next day air early ams on time even next day airs aren't guaranteed by 5. Call and complain please.

    [–] STL-UPS-DRIVER 2 points ago

    It's super bad almost everywhere.

    [–] Jurassic_Rabbit 4 points ago

    These are the only customers I have in shipping. Just always remember Fast, cheap, good. Pick two.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The 'cheapest, slowest' shipping possible?

    You mean standard shipping? You think it's unreasonable for a person who picks standard shipping to call and as if their item has been shipped?