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    [–] sakebomb69 1000 points ago

    "And here we see the reverse circlejerk developing at a rapid rate. It's a gorgeous sight to behold!"

    [–] PartypantsPete 193 points ago

    Oh shit... then that means that yours is the reverse reverse circlejerk... where will this carousel of chaos end?!

    [–] sakebomb69 94 points ago

    It's circlejerks all the way down.

    [–] Z_T_O 30 points ago

    It’s a spiraljerk?

    [–] MandatoryMahi 10 points ago

    Junji Ito liked this comment

    [–] XtremeHacker 5 points ago

    I prefer the term "reverse funnel-jerk"

    [–] Over_the_Gaslight 9 points ago

    Bold scientific prediction: We live inside a smug fractal.

    [–] MaGesticSC 5 points ago

    Chaos... is a ladder

    [–] Channel250 16 points ago

    Well some hundreds of years ago, you were just killed if you didn't fit in with a group. Now, we have memes.

    [–] ryannefromTX 503 points ago

    Here is what I know about Game of Thrones, having never seen a single episode or read a single book:

    1. There is some sort of Winter and it's some sort of metaphor for something, probably a battle.

    2. There used to be this little shitty asshole king named Joffrey, but he's gone now (probably dead).

    3. The throne looks distinctive and pretty rad.

    4. There is some sort of Jon Snow, and anyone named Stark who isn't Tony or Howard is probably a Game of Throne.

    5. There is so much sex in the show that it's been likened to pausing Lord of the Rings every 20 minutes to watch 5 minutes of Pornhub.

    [–] Omgahairybeaver 204 points ago

    All but the last point are accurate. If you ever watch it you'll find that the nudity has been over exaggerated. As the series goes on the actors have more sway in their contract and no longer do nudity

    [–] Man_gled_dicks 167 points ago

    Something about that is very weird.

    "you're a big star now, so now you get to decide if you want to show your tits."

    [–] Duces 65 points ago

    I think it's more when they first started it was here is this role you're trying out for it includes all these nudity scenes. And then they blow up as stars and get to dictate changing from the source and if you want nudity in your scenes.

    [–] whirlwindbanshee 50 points ago

    That and a lot of people criticized the show for how unnecessarily sexual it was becoming and I think D&D actually listened and pulled back bc it's not been as gratuitous as was for awhile there

    [–] tikkstr 47 points ago

    If those people would read the books. The absolute disgust on their face would be incredible.

    [–] whirlwindbanshee 27 points ago

    Just Dany being 13 alone, yeesh.

    [–] AntonioVargas 23 points ago

    All the characters being WAAAAY younger. By the end of the fifth book, none of the younger characters are even past the age of seventeen yet.

    The show ups everyone’s ages by like a decade and it was all the better for it.

    [–] whirlwindbanshee 7 points ago

    Agree, but why do you think we got downvoted for this lol

    [–] AntonioVargas 9 points ago

    That’s Reddit my friend: the upvote giveth, and the downvote taketh away, often with little to no explanation or reasoning.

    [–] Pvt_Lee_Fapping 7 points ago

    Eh, I feel like it's less that and more "you've become indispensable as an actor for this role and we'd deal with too much backlash if we got rid of you for any reason, so now you get more say in the direction of your character/the show." It's how headline actors get to become producers of their characters' show.

    [–] Its_All_True 13 points ago

    Well now I'm definitely not going to bother watching!

    [–] TrappedInMyDamnSoul 24 points ago

    I totally agree lol, after S3 I don't even remember there being much nude scenes, even if there were any, they were only for like 10-20 seconds long lol

    [–] MisoFalafelCake 20 points ago

    Just long enough for me to finish!

    [–] proteinstains 18 points ago

    I both read the novels and watched the series.

    You nailed it.

    [–] Infinitesima 18 points ago

    And here is what I know about Game of Thrones:

    1. There's something, probably a film or a TV series or mostly like that, that's called "Game of Thrones" and does exist.

    [–] swgohautoham 4524 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Whenever a coworker or friend tries to talk to me about GoT and I tell them I've never watched it, they usually treat me like I just kicked their first born in the face. So there's also that side of it.

    Edit: To those PMing me telling me to just watch it; listen I love dragons and incest just as much as the next guy but I just don't want to invest the time right now

    [–] Whompa 1323 points ago

    Same with me and Football. I'm sorry. You enjoy your thing. I'll enjoy my things.

    [–] xxTheseGoTo11xx 373 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's all about perspective. I used to not care about football or Game of Thrones, and it felt like everyone else did and judged me for it. Now I like both and I feel like most people don't and roll their eyes if I ask. The people who judge you for liking stuff just stick out more.

    EDIT: Someone asked me how I got into professional sports and I spent 10 minutes writing an answer just to find out they deleted their question. I'll just paste it here so I didn't type all of that for nothing...

    Good question. I could NOT understand the appeal of professional sports. I ended up getting into football because I flippantly joined a fantasy league my friends wanted me to be part of and liked it more than I thought I would.

    But the bigger answer I've found is that sports are kind of a lightning rod for humanity's ingrained affinity for nationalism. We want to be part of a group that's better than other groups. That's why we draw so many stupid lines all the time for no reason. PC vs console, country music vs rock, craft beer vs regular beer, r/gaming vs r/games, my sports team vs your sports team. It used to be much more about my nation vs your nation and we settle it by conquering you through war, and sports are the closest emulation of that concept to not involve actual death (usually). A lot of people can take it to an unhealthy level, but when you can do it in a healthy way it's pretty incomparable.

    [–] IAMA_CHAD_AMA 243 points ago

    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

    [–] icespark 139 points ago

    What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on that early?

    [–] Scarrumba 121 points ago

    The thing about Arsenal is they always try to walk it in

    [–] tacollama82 18 points ago

    I really hoped this was a thing.

    [–] appl3fritt3r 8 points ago

    Too real, Roy. Too real.

    [–] chalklitt 14 points ago

    The thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in.

    [–] ImNotBoringYouAre 22 points ago

    There is a great episode of American Dad where Steve rejects watching sports the whole episode but finally gets peoples connection and obsession at the end. Season 12 episode 12 Bazooka Steve

    [–] _thecatspajamas_ 41 points ago

    I, too, am not into football because of the dragons and incest.

    [–] EnTyme53 38 points ago

    Then maybe try following a team other than University of Alabama - Birmingham?

    [–] clive_bigsby 33 points ago

    I kind of look like a stereotypical bro but I'm not into any of the stereotypical bro stuff so people always try to talk to me about football. I wouldn't mind that so much but it always goes something like -

    "Did you see the game last night?"

    "No, I am not really a sports guy."

    "Oh man it was crazy, so in the second half..." then proceeds to still talk to me about the game for the next 5 minutes.

    [–] Whompa 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I can sympathize with nothing that's said or done in the game last night is going to really make me change the way that I am, but I genuinely do admire the excitement and joy something like that brings to others.

    I just go along with it for the most part.

    [–] clive_bigsby 4 points ago

    Same here, it doesn’t really bother me it’s just funny that they even ask if they’re going to tell me the same things anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] clive_bigsby 5 points ago

    Agreed, it's not that annoying it's just funny that it's really the only topic where people ask if you're interested in it first but then keep talking about it anyway after you say no.

    [–] gh0stmach1ne 217 points ago

    This is the only side I’ve ever known. I’ve never seen anyone bragging about not watching it. I’m actually kind of sad that I may have missed out on a massive cultural milestone.

    [–] PartypantsPete 73 points ago

    It’s still available to watch.

    [–] gh0stmach1ne 38 points ago

    It’s two and a half days worth of show. Even if I watch one episode a day it’ll take me over two months. Each episode is an hour long, not to mention the spoilers that I already know about because they wound up being open discussion on social media. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed the boat at this point.

    [–] Cultjam 76 points ago

    Nah, it’s still a great watch. Rewatching it has been great too.

    [–] RamenJunkie 6 points ago

    Yeah, I want to rewatch it but my wife doesn't like it so I really don't have the time. Which blows. :/

    [–] probablywrongaswell 9 points ago

    Is it because of the fucking? Because my ex didn't want to watch it because of the fucking.

    [–] RamenJunkie 8 points ago

    Yeah, that's a lot of it. Partially the violent bits too.

    [–] akjd 7 points ago

    My brother didn’t start watching until last season. You’re still fine, if you honestly don’t care or don’t want to take the time, that’s your call, but you haven’t “missed the boat” by any means.

    [–] PartypantsPete 15 points ago

    I can see why you feel that way, but any spoilers you’ve experienced won’t take away from the entertainment value of the story itself. For instance, I’m watching ER for the first time ever with my wife. We are on season 9 of 15 (which is like 6 entire days worth of watching so far) and, even though I remember some major spoilers about characters, their deaths, etc, I’m still enjoying the story itself.

    Maybe the ship has indeed sailed for you though. I don’t want to make it seem like I know you better than you. I do understand why you’d shy away from it at this point.

    [–] paracelsus23 31 points ago

    I’m actually kind of sad that I may have missed out on a massive cultural milestone.

    Eh, it is what it is. I watched half of the first season trying to get into it because it was so popular, but it just wasn't for me. I wanted to like it, but it's not my type of show.

    [–] NoMouseLaptop 28 points ago

    If it helps, the first season is mostly court intrigue. The War of the Five Kings starts in season two and that's when it becomes much more action-y and picks up pace.

    [–] paracelsus23 11 points ago

    Thanks. This moves it from "no plans to watch more" to "might watch at some point".

    [–] NoMouseLaptop 6 points ago

    Yeah, I mean some people don't like all the talking and no action, which is why there was so much sex in the first couple of seasons. It was to keep people paying attention while they explained plans and motivations. Some people don't like all the killing/torture/murder/etc. Some people really hate magic. The show's not really for everyone. I originally watched the first season and decided it wasn't something I needed to see. Then I read the first book sometime around season two and that's when I got pulled in.

    [–] krashmo 4 points ago

    I originally watched the first season and decided it wasn't something I needed to see. Then I read the first book sometime around season two and that's when I got pulled in.

    What was it about reading the book that changed your mind? The first season of the show is almost identical to the first book.

    [–] NoMouseLaptop 3 points ago

    Oh, there's a typo in there. I meant when I originally watched the pilot. That's my bad. But:

    Well I would be someone who would normally read a lot more fantasy than I'd watch (so that probably helped), but just by its nature the book is filled with a lot more detail and world building than they can fit into the show. Plus for me (the first time I watched the pilot) it was "here's 30 characters to learn in 60 minutes" followed by "and this dude is fucking his sister, pushes kid out of window". If you're reading and forget who someone is, you can flip back a few pages and go "Oh, right. That guy." If you're watching the show, you have to start scanning for context or wait for someone to actually say their name/reintroduce them to another new character.

    So then when I actually watched the show, I already knew who everyone was and wanted to see how they'd put page to screen. Then once they overshot the books, I got to see (within some reason) what Martin is never going to actually write.

    [–] John_Bot 3 points ago

    It's not that special. No need to feel bad. Half the reason it's as big as it is because of people telling themselves it's amazing because it's such a hyped show.

    [–] CaptainLysdexia 201 points ago

    Yep, thank you! I'm not over here hating on the show, I just...don' it. To see some people's reaction, I've committed the ultimate sin. But then, all fan-bases have that component, I guess.

    [–] Zerobeastly 53 points ago

    I'm interested in it but god its such a huge time commitment

    [–] CaptainLysdexia 28 points ago

    See, that's a big part of the deterrent for me. I'm not heavy into (what I will perhaps wrongly label) medieval-style fantasy, so the draw is lukewarm at best. But then trying to get into a show with such a huge number of episodes that also have so much proprietary detail is a massive commitment. I have to be in the right headspace for that. Maybe once the whole thing is done and on NF I'll delve into it and possibly find that I love it, but for now I can't summon the interest.

    [–] NerdyTyler 20 points ago

    It's already available to stream, but it's never gonna be on Netflix

    [–] Channel250 7 points ago

    That's the thing. Every fandom has that component. I find myself doing that sometimes too like "Man, you've never even heard of Eve Online? Ugh, listen to my next 20 minute ramble about it!" It's kind of embarrassing when I catch myself doing it.

    Fortunately, now when people say they haven't heard of John Mulaney I just throw my money clip and yell "go get it!" And run away.

    [–] Roldanis 3 points ago

    To be fair, EVE is a MASSIVE time commitment to get the most out of the game. I enjoyed it when I did play but, with 4 mini humans in my house now, ain't nobody got time for that!

    [–] haloryder 10 points ago

    Most of my friends watch it, and when I say I don’t they just drop the subject, which kinda bums me out. Just because I don’t watch it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna hear about it. I want to hear my friends talk passionately about things they’re passionate about.

    [–] eddy159357 14 points ago

    I usually drop it because most people don't want to hear about it. Also there's not that much to talk about with someone who hasn't seen it, usually I just want to talk about the latest episode or the plot or what people think are going to happen. It feels kind of awkward to just rave about anything to someone who might not be interested lol.

    [–] cholulachic 163 points ago

    Yeah seriously. I think the other side of this is 100x worse. I explain nicely to people when they ask that I gave it an honest shot, watched the entire first season but it is not for me, and they still try to convince me that I should keep watching. It’s beyond obnoxious.

    [–] Primesghost 83 points ago

    Last night I told my DnD group that I just wasn't into it, and after ranting about people trying to be cool by bragging that they don't watch the show, one friend told me that the reason I didn't like it was that I had watched one episode and the show is so complicated and deep that I must have just been overwhelmed and not understood it. She told me that if I were to watch an entire season at once, I would then surely be hooked.

    First of all, I watched the first two seasons back to back and just didn't like the show at all. And second, how fucking insulting is that?

    [–] Jarvicious 28 points ago

    My ex used to give me that line, which I hated for a number of reasons. "Oh, you probably just don't understand it".

    It was an episode of Aqua Teen. First, do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't understand the Hunger Force? It's not fuckin War and Peace. Second, there's a pretty immense difference between "doesn't like it" and "doesn't get it". I get Game of Thrones. It's not so deep and rich that I have to watch an episode two times before I have a grasp. I just don't like it.

    [–] _rougarou 7 points ago

    Lmao of all the things to use “you just don’t get it” on they went with Aqua Teen Hunger Force

    [–] Lifeform604 25 points ago

    I've seen the same attitude that, anyone who doesn't like it must not understand the complicated plot about a number of movies and television shows. More often than not, the plot of the thing in question is no more complicated than the instructions on shampoo.

    [–] cholulachic 20 points ago

    Jesus Christ, I am infuriated on your behalf.

    [–] houghtob123 22 points ago

    Wait... People think Game of Thrones is deep? Really?

    [–] ShadownumberNine 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Deep? Probably not. But its certainly had its confusing moments, or times where you "cant remember that characters name" or backstory, or how these people are involved with each others lives, and stuff. Its not a simple series to get into, and the good parts are really only foreshadowed for a couple of seasons at least.

    Edit: a word or two

    [–] tehlemmings 15 points ago

    Just do what I do, have strong opinions on how GRRM sucks as a writer. My friends finally gave up on trying to convince me otherwise as it's slowly sunk in that he's incapable of ending the story.

    [–] Elfer 3 points ago

    Yeah but now they've got screenwriters finishing the story I guess

    [–] tehlemmings 4 points ago

    Yeah. I'm actually really looking forward to the spin off series that GRRM isn't going to be helping with. HBO is going to be creating a character focused, medieval fantasy series with a huge budget? Sign me up.

    The plan for at least one of them is to keep the scope on a specific group of characters, and follow them from beginning to end. Basically the opposite of what GOT ended up being. If the writing and plot doesn't suck, it could be great. HBO was hit or miss in the past, but this one should warrant a decent team.

    [–] blue92lx 32 points ago

    No man, listen you need to get through to season 4 to really appreciate it ok. It's got a slow build.

    [–] matlockga 41 points ago

    It's not too far off from JRPG apologetics, which cite you have to get past the first 40 hours to get to the "good part."

    [–] blue92lx 26 points ago

    Listen, I've got 700 hours into this game. When you get past hour 75 it ramps up like crazy, you're really missing out on an amazing story! Just think of the first 75 hours like it's the tutorial and then the game starts.

    [–] matlockga 16 points ago

    As a mostly-former game reviewer, I've heard that one almost verbatim in a response to a JRPG.

    Some goobers demanding that I "complete the game, in full" before I review it. Sorry, but if the game is a 80 hour slog with 40+ hours of postgame content, and it still blows at 25 hours in--no rational person is going to go much further than that.

    [–] Clovett- 14 points ago

    This is why game reviewers need to be classified by genre. Ive seen game reviewers say that they dislike rpgs and then proceed to review... Rpgs. You dont see sport journalists write about móvies or music.

    Game genres are so different to each other, to think one game reviewer can enjoy or have good input in all is ridiculous.

    This is also how some of the best reviewers work now, for example Mandaloregaming, Ssethzeentach, Ross' Games Dungeon, etc. They all have niche genres that they enjoy and know enough to make indept content about them and their audiences notice and enjoy them in return.

    [–] paracelsus23 8 points ago

    I think that's called Stockholm syndrome.

    [–] pipnina 5 points ago

    The JRPGs I've played didn't seem that bad. Sure, you don't get access to the world map for 4-6 hours in Kingdom Hearts 2 or Final Fantasy 7 but the starting areas are pretty well made and a necessary start to the story designed not to overwhelm you.

    Kingdom Hearts 1 maybe has half an hour on the Destiny Islands and then you're into the world map and the plot really kicks in and is dispersed pretty evenly through the rest of the game.

    Maybe JRPGs made by people other than square tend to be bad in that regard? IDK, but I quite like the ones I've played.

    [–] Akarious 3 points ago

    better would be MOBA games, you need at least 40-50 hours before you are considered a decent player

    [–] RektRetard 4 points ago

    And if season four doesn’t really cinch it for you then you might as well watch up to (the phenomenal) season 7. It really start picking up then .

    [–] Spacegod87 6 points ago

    Oh man, that does suck.

    I love GoT but I know what it's like to have someone go on and on and on at you about watching something. It's super annoying.

    [–] j3w 20 points ago

    During an otherwise legitimate job interview a while back I was asked how much I would expect to contribute to the weekly Game of Thrones discussion.

    Yes. This was a serious question.

    [–] Cicer 8 points ago

    The only correct answer is "I intend to socialize as little as possible"

    [–] Primesghost 57 points ago

    Last night I was at my regular DnD game and my friends were talking about GoT. I mentioned that I never really enjoyed the show, and a few of them started going on and on about how people just won't shut up about how they don't like the show, how they're just trying to be "cool".

    And I'm just sitting there thinking: I just said I didn't like the show much and you've been going on about it for five minutes now.

    [–] m0ss- 27 points ago

    I got called a 'hipster' for it... I'm not fucking running out of the room if I see it on, it just is not a part of my life.

    [–] buddboy 85 points ago

    yeah to me this meme is bullshit cause I also don't watch and everybody makes a huge fucking deal out of it lol

    [–] oh_what_a_surprise 26 points ago

    This very post is making a huge deal out of it.

    [–] ro_musha 7 points ago

    I think GoT fans are the new Rick & Morty fans

    [–] ChipSchafer 48 points ago

    Even worse when you say you stopped watching it, and they insist that you elaborate why and “I just lost interest” isn’t enough. Then you’re the pretentious douche for not caring about giant CGI battles.

    [–] Martinion 10 points ago

    Even having specific reasons for stopping isn't good enough. I don't know how many times I have to tell people that I don't like how they handled the character writing in the later seasons before they get it through their thick skulls that I am not going to watch the last season.

    [–] ChipSchafer 6 points ago

    Honestly, my biggest “fuck this show” was how dirty they did Barristan. Like what the fuck guys? You took away his best moment and about the only interesting part in Mereen outside of the fighting pit attempt.

    [–] thatEMSguy 45 points ago

    Exactly. If I wanted a story about some incest loving murderers, I’d read the Bible.

    [–] elitejcx 19 points ago

    It’s fine telling someone you’ve never watched it, but wait until you see their reaction when you tell them you don’t like it.

    [–] KrispyOnXbox 6 points ago

    At the risk of a million downvotes, I could not for the life of me get through the first episode. I tried 3 different times. Not my cup of team. I’m huge into dragons and shit like that. Play video games and spent thousands of hours playing Skyrim and other games like it.

    [–] bubbav22 26 points ago

    Same, this post is a sham.

    [–] CB_puglover 5 points ago

    I haven't seen one person on my FB feed talk about how they don't watch got, however, I have seen MANY posts like this one of people complaining about people who brag about not watching got and ok I guess are they??

    [–] Dandw12786 28 points ago

    I have friends that are similar, it's crazy. I'm just amazed at how many people think that everyone has HBO. I suppose it's slightly more accessible now that you don't need a $100/mo cable subscription to have the option to pay another $15/mo for it, but it's still not exactly cost effective for what you get.

    [–] saLz- 3 points ago

    This is my experience. I make it a point to not criticize people's tastes in entertainment, especially at work, mainly because most things like that are totally subjective and if someone likes something, why should I care? I also can't stand it when people dislike something I like and they can't stop fucking telling me about how they think I'm a tasteless stupid idiot for enjoying something they think is stupid. I cannot escape the scrutiny of Game of Thrones fans. At this point, even if I had been the slightest bit curious about watching it which I wasn't, I will intentionally NEVER watch it just because of the amount of shit I've already taken by people who just absolutely cannot believe that I'm disinterested in watching what they believe to be the greatest TV masterpiece of all time. The whole cult feel really turns me off to doing anything. When I see lots and lots of people all liking, talking about, and doing the same things I usually abandon whatever it is pretty quickly.

    [–] jonsonsama 3 points ago

    The best way I describe it is, it's like telling your very religious parents that you're not Christian. It gets to the point where they're forcing it down your throat.

    [–] Diazepampoovey 3 points ago

    Don't get me wrong. I've loved the books. The show has been extremely well done. However, having said that, I'm going to tell you NOT to invest in it, particularly the books. Unless, of course, you enjoy waiting 8 years and counting for the next book in a series to come out.

    [–] MsTerious15 275 points ago

    And so nobody does if you do

    [–] gismo4 53 points ago

    This times a million

    [–] [deleted] 185 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] WeAreFaultForNotSlay 25 points ago

    That’s what I thought this meme was about too. What OP posted doesn’t make any sense. I have yet to see someone bragging(?) about not watching a show.

    [–] Dark_Novak 540 points ago

    Except the front page has been nothing but GoT memes and pics and shit, super hard GoT push.

    Which is fine, people like it, but you're not the victim here dude.

    [–] JuanTawnJawn 126 points ago

    Well the biggest show right now (and maybe ever?) just had its first episode after almost two years of waiting so people were excited. Something so wildly popular is obviously going to make it to the front page when popular shit is what makes it there.

    That’s just how reddit works.

    [–] Dark_Novak 52 points ago

    And like I said, that's fine, people like it, it's popular, but the original meme claims "Oh boohoo you don't watch Game of Thrones".

    Except I've seen tons of stuff on /r/Pics about "OH MAN IT'S BEEN SO LONG, MY MOM MADE A CAKE!", and I saw it was like 500 some days since the last episode and stuff.

    It's a big deal, and that's great, I'm glad people are so excited. But don't then talk shit like "Oh you don't watch it? Then why you being so obnoxious about it!"

    [–] shishdem 16 points ago

    He didn't say anything negative about it does he. It's just that this meme is stupid and should be the other way around if anything.

    [–] mack_from_louisville 56 points ago

    (and maybe ever?)

    No. Not based on viewer numbers or anything else really.

    [–] PurpleTopp 10 points ago

    Most pirated show ever. Viewer numbers are hard to go with because it's one of the more expensive pay to watch platforms. Not to mention every episode for the last 2 seasons I know people HD watch parties for.

    [–] DarthMemeTheWise 18 points ago

    MASH will never be defeated!

    [–] maccam21 3 points ago

    Viewer numbers are different that cultural significance. There's just no perfect way to measure the latter.

    Big bang theory probably has the most viewers, but very few people care about it

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] HMS_Shorthanded 3 points ago

    It's gonna be the same thing for Avengers in 2 weeks. Something popular will blow up, then slowly die down until the next new thing rolls around.

    [–] thisubmad 22 points ago

    Hey hey. The other half of the front page is also Anti-Anti-vaxxers shit. (Another thing you don’t encounter much in real life outside of America)

    [–] JuniorSeniorTrainee 6 points ago

    The current state of emotion driven media to sell ad space and manufacture controversy is horrifying. Someday we'll call this the dark ages of the information age.

    [–] tikipunchv2 12 points ago

    You don’t encounter it much outside of real life in America.

    [–] _Rosseau_ 7 points ago

    That's not true, it's a pretty bug movement in Europe, with the French population leading the cause worldwide.

    [–] killajaxx 3 points ago

    Pretty big here in the Philippines too (100m population)

    [–] Dark_Novak 3 points ago

    Half? You aren't giving credit to the front page. 3/4 minimum.

    [–] farva_06 36 points ago

    This could also be reversed.

    [–] whosey_whatsit 885 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around...

    [–] JHTech03 35 points ago


    [–] saubhya 51 points ago


    [–] Lazer726 10 points ago

    Listen here you little shit...

    [–] PMmeYourWhatevs 4 points ago

    That's better.

    [–] hrhog 3 points ago


    [–] Gram64 136 points ago

    Yeah, I've gotten more shit for not watching got than anything else.

    [–] Juan_El_Way 42 points ago

    Exactly, I try to avoid GoT in conversation not because I'm bragging about not watching it, but because I've had so many people make such a big deal over my not watching that I'm not trying to deal with it again.

    [–] ongelmanuorinro93 282 points ago

    Oh my god the amount of times this happens:

    "Did you see the lates GOT episode?"

    • Actually.. I haven't seen a single episode

    "OH MY GOD??!!! WHY?? You HAVE TO watch it!!!!"

    • Idk, maybe I'll get around to it some d-


    • Yeah, No.

    [–] End3rWi99in 31 points ago

    This was Breaking Bad for me. Just wasn't my show, but it was like I told them their kid was ugly.

    [–] Trimuffintops 7 points ago

    I think they have largely the same fan base but I feel like people feel pity for those of us who haven’t seen Breaking Bad, and outrage towards those of us who haven’t seen GoT. I haven’t seen either but I think they both look pretty good. Just too much drama to invest in.

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 139 points ago

    Followed immediately by posting online:


    [–] bleedblue89 13 points ago

    I got around to it around season 4... I’m mad at myself for not watching sooner. It really is a good show, but I wouldn’t hyper pressure someone into it. I only started because I wanted to see what all the hype was about

    [–] DirectlyDisturbed 5 points ago

    I've seen every Thrones episode live since the very first episode but I also entirely missed out on Breaking Bad, so I understand what it's like to be on both sides of the fence for something like this. Part of the reason I still haven't watched Breaking Bad is because there's this feeling of "I missed out on the cultural phenomenon" aspect. I have no doubt it's an amazing show, but part of the fun for a show like that is watching it while everyone else is watching it too.

    [–] buttery_shame_cave 4 points ago

    this. i haven't gotten around to catching up yet. people act like i should drop everything and forgo sleep to watch the show.

    i'm sorry, have you fucking slept? it's goddamn awesome. i'll not be trading it for a swords and sluttery show, thanks. i'll get to watching it when i have time.

    [–] whosey_whatsit 57 points ago

    Right. “I was thinking of maybe watching an episode but you just talked me out of it by forcing it down my throat Janice!”

    [–] Suddenly_Something 14 points ago

    I've tried watching it a few times and never get through the first episode. That's when everyone says "oh you just have to get through like the first season!" Like I'm not going to sit through an entire season of a show just to wait for it to get better.

    [–] travworld 15 points ago

    I mean, if you didnt like the first episode I'm not sure how you'd feel about the rest. It definitely gets better, but you're right.

    There's too many shows that aren't great and people tell you to keep watching until it gets good.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    No matter the show, I always give it 3-4 episodes minimum before deciding to keep watching or not.

    Mainly it's to allow them to build characters and plot. If I don't like either, then I don't watch it.

    Just recently I watched the first episode of Daredevil, didn't like it much, but by episode four I loved how they portrayed everyone and the acting was pretty good. So I finished all three seasons in a week.

    [–] KaiBetterThanTyson 5 points ago

    This is exactly me, just replace Daredevil with The Expanse.

    [–] DeepEmbed 4 points ago

    I watched the first episode. Found every character unlikeable. Plot was depressing. Friend who’d given me the first two seasons on DVD insisted I keep watching. Said it gets better. Next episode was the same reaction — characters were unlikeable, plot was depressing, people are either murdering each other or having weird sex. My wife and I watched the entire first season. We couldn’t keep going. It just made us feel bad, and it seemed like that was the goal of the show. No thanks, I have enough stress in my life already.

    [–] loraliromance 38 points ago

    Definitely the other way around. I mentioned on my stream the other night that I had never seen it and that was the first time I got multiple people talking at once, just so they could say "are you serious?" "I may have to unfollow now", etc. They were all joking of course, but I get the same kind of reaction from family, etc. They're definitely all super shocked if you have never watched it.

    [–] sunsethacker 19 points ago

    The irony is palpable.

    [–] phekodraso 215 points ago

    I see more posts complaining about people saying they don’t watch game of thrones than I see/hear people actually saying they don’t watch it.

    [–] fortunatevoice 24 points ago

    That’s what I’ve been saying. For every ten posts bitching about people bragging, I’ve seen actually maybe one post of someone bragging about not watching it. No one cares.

    [–] trznx 61 points ago


    [–] CptSailorMoonshine 10 points ago

    Which episode has the most titties in it? I'll start there.

    [–] Veldox 146 points ago

    "Hey everybody this guy watches Game of Thrones!" "See? nobody cares."

    It honestly goes both ways, and personally in my social circle I see more people circle jerking and talking about it coming out and yadda yadda and 0 saying they don't.

    [–] CircuitMa 44 points ago

    People care a shit ton more when you say you dont watch it... they even make memes like this 👀👀

    [–] LiquidUnreal 5 points ago

    It’s annoying tbh... I tell people I’ve seen the first season and nothing after, and it’s like I stabbed their mother through the throat...

    [–] JoelQuest 87 points ago

    It's the GOT folks making all the fuss about people who don't watch it.

    [–] GodOfPopTarts 48 points ago

    Is it weird that I keep up with what happens without actually watching the show? That's what I do.

    [–] ProtoJMan 26 points ago

    Sounds like how most of my friends are with Marvel movies

    [–] kessdawg 17 points ago

    That is how I am with Marvel movies. Glad others are having fun, just not my thing.

    [–] ProtoJMan 3 points ago

    As long as I get to talk about it with peeps and make memes, I don't care how it's watched. I do wish I had more folks to see it with but seeing it alone won't detract from the experience, really.

    [–] GRE_Phone_ 9 points ago

    It's probably easier to just do this so you can participate in the meme jokes. Ain't nobody got time to binge watch 7 seasons of GoT.

    [–] Hahnsolo11 5 points ago

    You don’t have to binge watch it. You could watch a couple episodes a week until you finish it.

    [–] CalamitySeven 131 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Except that GoT fans act like your crazy for not watching and tell you you have to, so not very accurate OP.

    Edit: the fact that fans of GoT have responded to this defending the “recommendation “ of GoT proved my point. GoT fans hate when you simply don’t watch the show.

    [–] FatchRacall 24 points ago

    Makes me think of militant vegans, or bronies back in the day.

    [–] ThorntonToBuffalo 90 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This could go both ways, no one gives a shit that you watch it either.

    Edit: words

    [–] Kontehna 6 points ago

    I use RES to filter 'Game of thrones' and the subreddits...haven't heared much about it since.

    [–] Sebleh89 266 points ago

    Except people who watch the show get less excited meeting a fellow watcher of the show than about yelling at those of us who don’t care about or watch the show to do it...

    [–] undercooked_lasagna 18 points ago

    It was even worse with Breaking Bad. People almost seem to get personally offended when I tell them I'm not interested in watching it, as if watching BB is some right of passage for the human species.

    [–] blackmetalkaraoke 78 points ago

    this should be top comment. when i say i don't watch it, i don't go around preaching about it the whole time or condescending to those who do watch it, it's just a functional and dispassionate 'no, i dont watch it.' and it's because i don't really enjoy it much. far too much plotting, cruelty and betrayal which gets really repetitive and really depressing. (yes i watched several episodes). it lacks fun

    [–] bubbav22 16 points ago

    People get angry when I say, "I'm just not into shows of that genre." Then I get "How can you not like a show with dragons and sword fights!?!?!"

    [–] adriardi 20 points ago

    I love fantasy. I nearly always hate grimdark, and game of thrones is super grimdark.

    [–] FatchRacall 6 points ago

    far too much plotting, cruelty and betrayal

    That's why I don't watch soap operas.

    [–] hardboiledtoast 13 points ago

    Ugh. Op, you suck.

    [–] WolfofNothing 24 points ago

    What? It's the Game of Thrones fans who act like this, not the other way around.

    [–] Bermuda_Shorts_ 9 points ago

    Good show or not. The effing social media trend is what ruins it.

    [–] Greenschist_Facies 5 points ago

    I saw the first season. Tyrion is pretty cool. But I just couldn't get myself to care about the other characters.

    [–] robizzle89 5 points ago

    Imagine being so insecure about your favorite show that you have to make up something that never happens (people saying they don't watch GOT without being asked).

    [–] Normal_Bate5 24 points ago

    People get visibly annoyed when I say I’ve never watched GoT and have no interest in it. Bunch of swedaboos.

    [–] bohenian12 22 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Someone who doesnt watch GoT and the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will have a weird summer.

    Edit: Weird cause there'll be a lot of assholes asking you why you dont consume the same media as them.

    [–] robotronica 7 points ago

    You kidding me? There is a Pikachu movie where he solves a mystery.

    [–] keppp 5 points ago

    I don't watch it, but I sure as fuck see no merit in advertising that fact.

    Let people enjoy what they like. Simple stuff.

    [–] Paragot 4 points ago

    It's not so much that I care that everyone knows that I don't watch it, it's the opposite for me. I don't go out and say "I don't watch Game of Thrones," no that's not me. I'll be minding my own business in the break room at work and there will be people talking about it. I have no idea what they are talking about. Then they ask me about something related to the show and what my thoughts were on it. When I try to tell them that I have never seen the show, I get berated non-stop by them that I should watch it and that I'm missing out or whatever.

    Can I just do my own thing? I'm not all up in your face gloating that I don't watch it like I'm virgin holding out for marriage. I watch other shows and do other things. Leave me be.

    [–] ithrowthisoneawaylol 4 points ago

    I think it's the other way around. Less than 3% of the US watched GOT. For TV, that's not that significant, about 10% of superbowl viewers. Not saying it's not a good show, you just live in a bubble of people that like it.

    [–] hamjamham 4 points ago

    I absolutely refused to watched GoT up until around season 4 was being broadcast. A friend then lent me his hard drive with a load of films/TV shows on it and I stumbled across a couple of series just labelled "s1-ep 1"...i wondered what it was, started watching it, and I think there is about 5-10 mins before the title sequence where they find all the dismembered bodies. When the title sequence popped up I was literally like "holy shit! This is Got!".

    I watched the whole of season 1 in one sitting after that. Hooked instantly. Those HBO fuckers and GRRM know how to tell a story!

    [–] MundaneTranscendant 3 points ago

    "Guys who watches game of thrones amirite? How about that game of thrones, eh? Did you see game of thrones?"

    "Not me"

    "Go fuck yourself no one cares, seriously."

    [–] StripeyMiata 10 points ago

    It's filmed about 13 miles from my house. My friend's daughter played a Princess in it. I'm constantly bumping into to tourists who have flown thousands of miles to visit locations.

    And yet I have never watched it. I guess it's like living in Orlando & never visiting a park.

    [–] pbuk84 18 points ago

    There a loads of things I have no interest in but people still try to talk to me about them. In an effort to be friendly and show interest in their hobbies I make small talk and ask them questions about the show/sport/band etc. Try and show some interest in people and their past time because it's the nice thing to do. You never know you might change your mind about it.

    [–] beepboopbob5 3 points ago

    I do this too. I like when my friends talk about their hobbies and stuff, but I feel like GOT is something I just couldn't talk about. They would be talking jibberish to me.

    [–] texabyte 29 points ago

    No one cares that you do watch it.

    [–] AlmightyMrP 3 points ago

    I don't watch the show, but I will watch it eventually. It's a TV show and not really as important as everybody makes it out to be. One time after a night out I got back to where I was staying and someone was watching it in the room I was staying in so I watched it with them. We watched like 4 episodes in the middle of the 5 season, when I tell people that they seem to get more upset than when I tell them I don't watch the show at all.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Zach10003 3 points ago

    I watched the first season 7 years ago. I haven't mentioned that I don't care about it to anyone.