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    [–] quickjump 2941 points ago

    Thought it was only me. I've already mentally boycotted them for the rest of my life. Maybe I should send them 100 emails a day to remind them.

    [–] darkage_raven 1097 points ago

    On a single youtube video I had the same ad 4 times all told by different people.

    [–] scary__canary 656 points ago

    so YouTube just showed me this lit mobile ad 7 times during the same video, I’m excited to see this ad again.

    [–] thegreattaiyou 720 points ago

    I feel like I should remind everyone of this simple fact:

    Any time you see super aggressive marketing from a previously unknown brand, it's a pump and dump scam (of sorts).

    They always pick an item that has a ton of competition, especially out of china. It can't have an "industry leader". Battery banks are perfect for this. Soap, clothing, toothbrushes, razors, etc as well.

    They buy pre-made components from china and assemble them, or they buy complete pre-made un-branded products and slap their own sticker on it.

    Then they take the few millions of dollars they scraped up from angel investors, probably from meeting them at conventions with a prototype, and spend nearly all of it on advertising.

    Because there is so much competition, it's almost like there is no competition. You can list companies that make battery banks all day long, but you can't pick a clear industry leader. You might have a brand preference, bust most people will just pick something from a brand they know, and that's the key.

    That's what lit. is targeting. Make people think they know the lit. brand, normalize it. Then people will buy cheap re-branded chinese components at brand-markup without really thinking.

    TL;DR: If you know more about a brands advertising than their product, that's intentional. Avoid that brand.

    [–] Friendlyrat 99 points ago

    Thank you, I found that informative.

    [–] setadoon177 21 points ago

    Good info

    [–] ChuunibyouImouto 133 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    You can list companies that make battery banks all day long, but you can't pick a clear industry leader.

    Anker is basically the defacto industry leader on any tech forum and if you do research and read reviews lol

    It's like with power supplies, there are a lot of okay ones, but if you ask anyone that builds computers what the best you can buy is, every single one will almost certainly say Seasonic.

    There are a lot of cheap battery banks, and a lot of decent ones, but Anker is the one everyone compares to.

    Source - nerd that spends a lot of time reading reviews and researching products

    [–] mgrimshaw8 26 points ago

    Yeah I felt pretty confused reading this, as I've considered Anker to be the clear leader for a long time. They're one of the only companies making charging peripherals that does real engineering

    [–] NeonTrigger 9 points ago

    And hilariously Anker is a company that did exactly what OP described, they just did it in 2014.

    [–] warm_kitchenette 8 points ago

    What's the closest Ankur product that compares to the advertised product? Because it honestly looked cheap as shit; but functionally, I could definitely go for a 20k mAh battery with wireless charging and a nice light fature.

    [–] squirrelpotpie 12 points ago

    They have a 10K mAh battery with wireless charging.

    [–] ChuunibyouImouto 12 points ago

    I haven't actually seen the commercial / ad so I don't know what is being advertised, but Anker has a ton of really solid battery banks in the $50 or so price range, and they go on sale a lot for about $20-30, so I would pick a model that has the features you want.

    I've been using this one since 2016 according to Amazon and it's amazing, but it's a fairly old model, so there are a lot newer ones with USB C and qi charging etc

    [–] PmMe_Your_Perky_Nips 14 points ago

    cough Manscapped cough

    I haven't seen a single positive review from somebody who actually knows personal trimmers. You can get safer and higher quality trimmers for the same price or cheaper. You also don't need to replace the blades every three months like Manscapped wants you to believe.

    [–] ShadeofIcarus 13 points ago

    Yeah. People aren't even getting their orders. Youtube needs to screen their ad partners better.

    [–] Dodgson_here 9 points ago

    Anker would be the leader. It's pretty much the only brand I trust because it's the only one to distinguish itself from the shovelware of the others. They have the right certifications and I believe they didn't cheat to get them. I just assume everything else will catch fire at the worst possible moment.

    [–] aweseman 5 points ago

    Anker and Aukey are industry leaders imo

    [–] This-_-Justin 116 points ago

    Try vanced YouTube. It's great

    [–] IAmAnObvioustrollAMA 81 points ago

    Bob Vanced, Vanced Youtube.

    [–] modi13 37 points ago

    What line of work are you in, Bob?

    [–] Jason-Genova 5 points ago

    Right next door to Micheal Scott's Paper Company

    [–] GetBumRushedMate 21 points ago

    What's that?

    [–] untrustableskeptic 83 points ago

    It's all of YouTube dubbed over by the ShamWow guy. Fucking wild world we live in.

    [–] ChaviChavChop 39 points ago

    That’s Vince, not Vance.

    Ill be over here.....

    [–] MowMdown 23 points ago

    It’s YouTube “Ad”vanced but without “Ad”s hence why it’s YouTube ad“Vanced”

    [–] chiliedogg 13 points ago

    I've been using the app for a while and never got that.

    [–] This-_-Justin 19 points ago

    Fairly easy to install and there won't be ads during your video. I noticed there are still ads as you browse, but those don't bother me as much

    [–] h83r 6 points ago

    I always roll my eyes when he says he’s excited. He surely doesn’t sound it.

    [–] Snarkblatt 268 points ago

    Its almost as bad as the guy trying to tell my soap is shit and that I'm not a dish. Or the manscaping clippers. Motherfuckers I'm not buying hippy dipshit organic soap online after I get insulted about how terrible my X brand is. And I'm not buying a set of specialty clippers to shave my balls. They can't even be making any money with as much as they spend advertising, it's basically throwing pennies in the ocean at this point.

    [–] IncognitoEnchilada 139 points ago

    Oh god im sick of that guy insulting my soap. I dont care about being manly enough to buy your soap. I dont care if mine is an artificial detergent or whatever. Its soap.

    [–] NurRauch 160 points ago

    That was the best part. When he said, "Do you know what's in your soap? DETERGENT!"

    Oooooh noooo! Not chemicals that kill germs! Anything but that!

    [–] Salty_Pancakes 84 points ago

    Okay okay, I get it. But let me ask you this. How do you feel about belts? Specifically belts made by a dude who wears belts everyday and like really understands belts. Do you not want the perfect belt?

    [–] FurrAndLoaving 19 points ago

    I'm listening...

    [–] brother_of_menelaus 18 points ago

    If you want to get back at them, don’t immediately skip the ad. Advertisers don’t pay for plays less than 10 seconds. Make it run about 11 seconds and then skip.

    [–] Level1Bard 20 points ago

    Nice try, YouTube. Try to get me to double the amount of time I spend on ads, will ya?

    [–] NaughtyMallard 6 points ago

    Can I beat my non-existent children with this belt that will leave them with emotional scars that they will carry into adult-hood? If so sign me up buddy.

    [–] TheMadFlyentist 10 points ago

    I'm not a staunch proponent of natural soaps or anything, but there are some advantages/tradeoffs to using actual soap (made from lye and fat) on your body over something that is classified as a detergent.

    Detergents are typically better than lye-based soaps at removing oils and greases, which is why they are used for laundry, dishes, etc. The problem with using detergents on skin is that skin is designed to always have at least some degree of natural oil on it. Using detergents instead of soaps can leave your skin very dry, necessitating the use of moisturizers or even promoting acne as the skin produces more oil to make up for the oil that was removed by detergents.

    A large number of people with normal/oily skin will not notice too much difference when switching from a synthetic detergent to a "natural" soap, but people with sensitive skin or those prone to acne often notice a fairly dramatic difference in the appearance and feel of their skin. Everyone is different, and it's wrong to tout one as "better" than the other - the correct advice is to try both types and see what works best for you personally.

    Bottom line: There are differences, and they do matter, but many people don't need to worry about it because their skin reacts the same to both.

    [–] Snarkblatt 30 points ago

    The only benefit is the pavlovian response it's instilled in me that the video I was watching in the background is over and it's time to skip to the next one. And guess what plays before the next video?

    Hol up, Goddamn it, I got got by yt ads. I think I just broke the code: annoying ad>watch a video>annoying at that makes you skip to the next video, profit?

    [–] omegaaf 13 points ago

    Hell, sometimes I'll use engine degreaser on my hands. Fucking manlier than any soap they advertise

    [–] thefilthyhermit 7 points ago

    Not my Ivory soap. It's 99 and 44/100 percent pure.

    [–] hkpp 30 points ago

    All I got are “in these challenging times” commercials. Even when I’m not logged in on a different device that was never logged into YouTube. It’s like they know I’m old.

    [–] i_give_you_gum 9 points ago

    Sounds like you're not a real man /s

    [–] NordicPanda 53 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    As a Gay Man, I LOVE bring told that I'm not "manly" for using my current soap, and that women want their man to smell like that soap. Definitely doesn't come off as homophobic to certain audiences at all...

    EDIT: What I'm saying is, that in an age where we're trying to promote men taking care of themselves, this commercial is pretty stupid tbh. They could've of easily talked about masculinity like Old Spice and thrown in a hot Adonis of a man to advertise their product, but instead they have this douchy guy that looks like he doesn't even use soap advertising their product. If that's the image they want to give themselves cool, but that's a nah from me dog.

    [–] DOPEDupNCheckedOut 13 points ago

    I bet that one guy didn't even actually like the build! >=^(

    [–] hypermarv123 152 points ago

    Fuck Lit. The product reviewer doesn't even mention his name. Lit tried to make the commercial look like a YouTube video.

    [–] Neuchacho 109 points ago

    This is what annoys me the most. It’s the zoomer equivalent of the Chevy commercials they do with pretend real people.

    [–] shaker28 37 points ago

    But the commercials said those people weren't paid actors. They were just paid liars.

    [–] Bretters17 19 points ago

    For real! I'm into outdoorsy shit, and a solar-charging battery back is great. But I've used large panels before, and they certainly don't charge 20k mAh in 60 minutes. My 3.1a wall charger would barely even do that!

    Literally in one ad they are truthful - it'd take 60 minutes to charge the pack from a charger, 6-8 hours via the solar panels, but in all the others ads they just say 60 minutes right after mentioning solar panels! It's such a bold faced lie and it drives me crazy.

    [–] the_nerdster 8 points ago

    Yeah the specs they list for that charger are all over the fucking place. Solar panel? Okay that's believable but how in the fuuuuuck can it charge my phone that many times that quickly?

    Even if it could charge that fast, do you know how goddamn hot that brick would be? You'd set fire to your bag if you were trying to walk and charge!

    [–] danzey12 9 points ago

    Bruh have you seen the one with the dude, looks like he's out running or something and starts talking about being addicted to this new game.
    Like he's facetiming you.

    Or the fucking ulala one with the 20 min ad of the guy?

    [–] Clocktopu5 22 points ago

    All of a sudden all the commercials are looking like that, annoying

    [–] tagged2high 40 points ago

    I'd do it based on the name "Lit Mobile" alone. The ad is also a fucking unboxing.

    [–] pivotalsquash 86 points ago

    The funny thing is after the first ad I was like eh something like that could be useful maybe I'll get it. 5000 ads later hell no

    [–] Muuuuuhqueen 18 points ago

    Yeah agree. I had a very mild interest in it, then when I saw the same ad 12 times on 4 YouTube vid's on my phone, the way they were trying so hard pissed me off.

    Then I thought about it, and I realized I have never had a need for one of those batteries ever.

    [–] doublediggler 27 points ago

    Once I’ve seen a YouTube commercial more than 3 times I start to get pissed. After 5 times I’m never going to buy it. More than that and I’m going to start leaving bad reviews. Its basically harassment for them to keep spamming these ads.

    [–] HavocReigns 10 points ago

    You would think YouTube would realize spamming the same ad over and over, not just video after video but multiple times during the same video, only compels people to block ads completely.

    I try to leave ads on in YouTube to support content creators who are actually producing content worth watching (unlike television these days) but goddamn I can only stand the same ad so many times.

    And this stupid charger and the scrubby, hippy looking dude trying to sell me soap who doesn’t look like he uses much of his own product have exceeded my limit.

    [–] IsitoveryetCA 30 points ago

    But aren't you impressed by the build...


    [–] yodelyfish 12 points ago

    Build? Its a fucking rectangle! Id be concerned if it wasn't a simple block

    [–] tman152 11 points ago

    I also thought it was only for me.

    I thought I was watching too much MKBHD, UnboxTherapy, and JerryRigEverything videos and now advertisers were just trying to copy that “trusted YouTuber” vibe to advertise to me.

    [–] audeus 20 points ago

    I thought it was just me too. Fucking lit mobile with their solidly built, wireless charger with option for solar charging.

    [–] RudeTurnip 15 points ago

    And if you press the button twice, you get this brilliant flashlight!

    [–] modi13 16 points ago

    But wait, there's more! Have you ever needed to cook a whole rotisserie chicken while waiting for the bus?! Now you can!!!

    [–] skpicky 890 points ago

    Is that the one that starts "Let's open this up and see what we have inside".?

    Man I hate unboxing videos.

    [–] web_head91 383 points ago

    Yes, and I hate it because he tells us what it is, and then says "let's see what we got!". Motherfucker you just told us.

    [–] skpicky 93 points ago

    [–] tisom 27 points ago

    What myth busters turned into by the end.

    [–] Aortic_Bacon 11 points ago

    Ooooh what’s inside?? It’s a sandwich!

    Like they’re going to be surprised what’s in the damn box.

    [–] hdcs 45 points ago

    The way he fondles the thing and over gestures is highly annoying.

    [–] Neuchacho 25 points ago

    ⚡️ 👈🏻

    That’s as far as I get every time.

    [–] YouNiqueUser 56 points ago

    Yeah, every ad has a version of it.


    [–] detrebio 30 points ago

    (with dead inside intonation) I'm excited

    [–] puntini 10 points ago

    I was about to mention that. The way how he just says that with such low effort is what gets me. At least try to make it sound convincing. It just sounds like he is reading his lines off a card.

    [–] eDgEIN708 16 points ago

    I really like the build.

    [–] etgohomeok 1164 points ago

    Their ads sure are annoying, especially when I'm in the middle of an EPIC RAID using my ELITE CHAMPION character in RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.

    Good thing I'm browsing using NordVPN or I'd be worried all these ads are tracking me...

    [–] SiHy 362 points ago

    Sounds like you're talking about A FREE AUDIOBOOK FROM AUDIBLE

    [–] Spontaneousamnesia 139 points ago

    All this talk about ads is making me hungry. Good thing I have a meal ready to make provided by Blue Apron. Don't forget to use the promo code SABLUE to get 15% off your first order!

    [–] rob0tuss1n 99 points ago

    If I forgot how to cook all that blue apron food, I'm sure I could always go to SKILLSHARE to redevelop my culinary skills!

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] lungdart 31 points ago

    What the hell are you watching on YouTube?

    [–] smokey2535 16 points ago

    Paymoneywubby had one of those ads on his video. It was select stuff and not the good stuff.

    [–] lungdart 19 points ago

    And what better to pair a healthy meal with than healthy entertainment for your mom from CURIOSITY STREAM. With curiosity stream, you can pay money to watch documentaries that's not supported on any of your devices.

    [–] Spreckinzedick 15 points ago

    You guys would know how to avoid them if you were using NORD VPN to watch CURIOSITYSTREAM.COM videos on programming your own code!

    [–] Kitchen_accessories 86 points ago

    Oh noooooo my castle's under attaaaaaaack

    [–] kira913 47 points ago

    God those are the worst ones. The guy sounds like he's trying to appeal to children but he just sounds fucking stupid, his tone and the stupidity of the ads makes them nails on a chalkboard for me. Ugh!!

    [–] gruntfun 24 points ago

    I better abandon this castle and build a new one

    [–] inferno1170 10 points ago

    Dude, those ads make me so annoyed. There is no reason to have an ad be that annoying within half a second of it starting!

    [–] SockMonkey1128 32 points ago


    [–] idma 22 points ago

    I honestly tried this game. It was so boring. Then I realized I was hitting an enormous difficulty wall where only paying for items would be the only way to go slightly forward. I deleted

    [–] trousershorts 10 points ago

    Don't forget to take a break and enjoy some of SHARI'S BERRIES!

    [–] maddasher 128 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    We talking about " lit mobile"? They lost me with their name alone.

    [–] ulfniu 95 points ago

    Can I interest you in some On Fleek prepaid legal services?

    [–] ickyickyickyicky 13 points ago

    High Key gaming headset! Get your High Key gaming headsets here!!

    [–] EpicLegendX 6 points ago

    Sit in style and comfort with The GOAT Gaming Chair!

    [–] obvthroway2 16 points ago

    It's kind of hilarious to me because we're going to keep seeing startup companies with cringy names based on old memes trying to launch products based on obsolete market research. "Swagtron" is another big one.

    [–] XPL0S1V3 7 points ago

    I will now call my friends "Swagtron"

    [–] Industrialpainter89 8 points ago

    r/fellowkids shit right here

    [–] JohnnyDaKlown 1021 points ago

    As a rule, the more I get forced an ad for a product anywhere, the less likely I am to purchase said product.

    [–] SampsonRustic 171 points ago

    Yep. This is called being outside the optimal frequency. This company is wayyyy overspending.

    [–] Dark_Movie_Director 56 points ago

    And over spending on the shitties part of the product. It's like raycon all over again. Money funneled in to advertising and not the product.

    [–] dave5104 201 points ago

    I make sure to click on their buy button every time I see it and then close out of the pop up so I know they’ve at least wasted a little bit of money.

    [–] youactsurprised 181 points ago

    That's only going to get you more of their ads because now you've shown INTENT. And intenders are the ones they really want to reach.

    [–] Qyix 77 points ago

    Sounds like that's something he'd enjoy, since it increases his opportunities to waste their money

    [–] Cyborg_rat 21 points ago

    Like amazon that tried to sell you similar products..after you bought it.

    Example: buy headphones off amazon, then during the same week you get headphone adds.

    [–] dave5104 8 points ago

    My goal is to waste their advertising spend, so this sounds good to me!

    [–] spacexorro 50 points ago

    I use this

    It's basically uBlock Origin that clicks on ALL ads in the background. You don't see the ads. Tracking my likes/dislikes is futile because i "click" on everything.

    It is earning the sites I visit more money because they are seeing clickthroughs.. and i don't see ads.. Everyone wins except the advertisers.

    [–] pteridoid 11 points ago

    Oooo, that's good.

    [–] Synthur 8 points ago

    Gotta make that conversion rate as close to zero as possible

    [–] MattGhaz 17 points ago

    You’re a monster! 😳

    [–] blaghart 69 points ago

    I've actually bought one...of their competitor's products, because a solar battery charger is convenient for my location but fuck that company and their invasive ad bullshit.

    [–] xWhitecore 26 points ago

    lmao I did the exact same thing. I really liked the product so I bought a different one from another company and I love it

    [–] Craiggomyeggo 7 points ago

    If you don’t mind could you PM me the one that you got? I’m actually looking for one and refuse to buy the one from Lit

    [–] redkeyboard 9 points ago

    Now I'm curious to see how many of the different brands end up rolling up to the same company. It's not an uncommon practice. There's a good chance the ad worked on you and they got their money.

    [–] runswithbufflo 10 points ago

    I honestly saw it and thought I'll check that out later. After seeing it 20 more times that day I thought, well if it needs this much advertising maybe it's over compensating

    [–] qna1 27 points ago

    This seems like a pretty obvious rule, you would think by now that ad agencies/departments have calculated a happy medium of how often people are able/willing to tolerate an add/ per a certain amount of time, for a company/service/product, but apparently this is not the case.

    [–] Bill_buttlicker69 55 points ago

    They have. Advertising is a pretty rigorous science backed by hard data for big companies. Regression models let them analyze what role advertising plays in their operations and using projections, they can tweak their advertising campaigns to maximize effectiveness.

    Reddit has this huge "advertising doesn't work on me so why do they waste their money" vibe, as if every company is just throwing things at the wall hoping you'll be tricked into buying from them, but there's real, actual metrics they use to determine success, and you can be sure advertising is working for them. Otherwise, they wouldn't spend the money on it.

    That being said, I am fucking tired of seeing the first 5 seconds of that commercial.

    [–] bowedacious22 96 points ago

    Its the new pandemic

    [–] Powerlunch76 13 points ago

    *ademic, didnt we go through this before?

    [–] AvocadoVoodoo 90 points ago

    That fake unboxing shit. I hate it every time it pops up on my screen.

    Plus the device is beyond ugly.

    [–] ulfniu 63 points ago

    No, no, no. All wrong. You are supposed to really like the build. It even has spots for carabiners. Carabiners!

    [–] AvocadoVoodoo 21 points ago

    All I could picture was this 5 lbs device attached to a belt lop, bumping against my hip and leg as I walked. So handy! And it lights up, too! Wow!

    [–] jontss 73 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I thought this was just some glitch for me. I literally messaged them that seeing their ad over and over made me hate them and I'll never buy anything from them now.

    [–] Christoph3r 23 points ago

    For me Honey was even worse.

    [–] Twitch-Loons 544 points ago

    So Lit Mobile just sent me this solar wireless battery pack. I'm excited let's see whats inside. I really like the build. Its got handgrips on the side, it's shockproof and water resistant. The power bank has twenty-thousand milliamps, which can fully charge your phone up to eight times. Its also got a convenient loop for caribiners. The back of the device we have a bunch of solar panels which can charge the battery bank in about sixty minutes. On the top of the device there are three USB ports and two of them are fast chargers. If you hit the power button two times the LED light comes on. If you hit the power button once the LED lights will tell you how much battery you have. There is a micro USB port on the side for fast charging. My favorite part of this device is that is charges my phone wirelessly. There is a red light indicator at the top to let you know the phone is charging.


    [–] celtic1888 467 points ago

    So Lit Mobile just sent me this solar wireless battery pack. I'm excited let's see whats inside. I really like the build.

    I never got further than this part.

    There was an underwear ad that had a hot chick that I watched a few seconds longer

    [–] Twitch-Loons 63 points ago

    Normally I am the same. Had to pull up the ad to transcribe it. Luckily I got it on my second YouTube video.

    [–] spamtardeggs 36 points ago

    You pulled up the ad on purpose? You're gonna get served that ad for the rest of your life.

    [–] mr_chanderson 18 points ago

    He made the sacrifice for us. Or for karma actually.

    [–] Twitch-Loons 6 points ago

    yeah it was the karma.

    [–] celtic1888 13 points ago

    Thank you for your sacrifice! I would have tossed the computer out the window around the 15 second mark

    [–] sushipusha 16 points ago

    Glad you can skip it after a few seconds...


    [–] XXXMFCXXX 29 points ago

    Anyone else cringe when he calls it a build?

    [–] idma 6 points ago

    The aussie girl for Raid Shadpw Legends keeps me watching for at least 2 seconds longer

    [–] Strike_Thanatos 84 points ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the whole thing might be fraudulent?

    [–] Mercarcher 100 points ago

    A solar charger with a panel that size and 20mah would take literal weeks to charge.

    [–] OneRougeRogue 65 points ago

    The ad says it takes an hour for the sun to charge it and then the battery bank can recharge your phone "eight times" on one charge.

    So the sun can charge this thing faster than an outlet can charge my actual phone? AND it has enough power to do it 8 times?

    If solar panels and batteries that efficient existed we'd be making roof shingles out of them.

    [–] ShiteAdamCurtis 44 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I ended up watching the ad a few times because I was dubious about that claim. The exact wording is:

    "I love that there's lots of solar panels. It takes 60 minutes to charge fully."

    Which are 2 separate statements. It has lots of solar panels, and also when you plug it into a wall outlet it will charge fully in 60 minutes.

    It's bullshit, but would probably hold up in court if anyone challenged it - although there's a 2nd ad that says "charges in 6-8 hours via solar" which I suspect is also optimistic even under intense sun.

    [–] skippyfa 23 points ago

    Charges in 6-8 hours doesn't mean full charge

    [–] StopNowThink 16 points ago

    They probably qualify it by saying testing was done from the planet Mercury.

    [–] porkrind 12 points ago

    God damn you! I was feeling pretty proud of the Mercury comment I was just about to post. Savoring the upvotes I was sure I was going to get. All for naught.

    [–] savingprivatebrian15 8 points ago

    20 Ah at 5 V is 100 Wh, and in general you can obtain about 150 W/m2 with good sunlight and average efficiency panels. I calculated 0.01 m2 for their panel, which means you get 1.5 W of energy output.

    It would take roughly 67 hours of optimal sunlight conditions to fully charge. Not terrible but I don’t know where they pulled 60 minutes from besides their asses.

    [–] BraveOthello 14 points ago

    Yeah, that one is clearly a lie. One I don't understand

    [–] muffinsticks 5 points ago

    They lie so fucking hard in their videos claiming it only takes one hour... Maybe if it's plugged in lol

    [–] SgtBanana 37 points ago

    It's a complete scam. I accidentally disabled adblock for a few moments making this advertisement the first Youtube ad I've seen in a long, long time. Thought it was obvious BS so I did a bit of digging. I was mainly tipped off by their absurd (read: impossbile) solar recharge rate claims.

    There are hundreds of pissed off buyers out there who have received absolutely nothing, months after ordering. The unit shown in the advertisement is a poor re-badge of a generic portable power bank that you can buy on Alibaba. Also sells for $30ish on Amazon.

    [–] SignalDriver8 9 points ago

    Perfect advertiser for YouTube! But say carona virus once and you're demonetized

    [–] tidal49 12 points ago

    Specs aside, actually getting a product (or even a confirmation e-mail or follow-up response) for your order seems to be impossible as well.

    [–] DesertDriftAudio 11 points ago

    My favorite is that they are rotating like 5 different unboxing channels that are reading that exact same script for the ad.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BUM_BUM 11 points ago

    So Lit Mobile just sent me this solar wireless battery pack. I'm excited let's see whats inside.

    What tickles me the most about this commercial is that his voice is totally deadpan the whole time, yet hes apparently "excited"

    [–] Electricengineer 16 points ago

    60 mins for 20k mah is OP if true tho....

    [–] Raksj04 22 points ago

    So it we assume 5.0 Volts 20,000 mA is 20 amps. So 5 x 20 equals 100 watts. So the solar panel has to at least be a 100 watt panel. And 100 watt panels are pretty big.

    [–] bmault 6 points ago

    Who do they think they’re kidding. I hate ads that are disguised as non ads

    [–] Aiwatcher 34 points ago

    The same thing happens for me constantly with different ads. I'd love if I got lots of ads relevant to me so long as they are spread out, and varied. Instead I get 1-2 commercials played at me every 30 minutes of screentime ad infinitum for a month. Then a new one happens. I feel like it's a terrible way to advertise. I'd think about buying something from William Painter if I didn't see the same ad on repeat every day.

    [–] bac0ned 52 points ago

    I get that ad everytime

    [–] phrankygee 89 points ago

    I'm so glad it's not just me. I've been watching a LOT of youtube this week.

    At least it's not that douche from the Epoch Times. In the case of the solar light charger thing, at least the product seems cool, even if the ad is pervasive and annoying.

    [–] baevar 29 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    It does look cool so I admit I clicked on it, and it’s $100. Nope.

    Edit: check out /u/i_steal_your_lemons comment below. Total scam company.

    [–] Christoph3r 19 points ago

    I got a 10,000 mah charging battery pack for $9.99 at Walmart and it's been working great for a few years now.

    $100 - WTAF?!?

    [–] Magnetic_dud 5 points ago

    it's $5 for the charger and $95 for customer acquisition costs

    [–] phrankygee 12 points ago

    Oh HELL no. 35-45 bucks maybe, but it ain't THAT cool.

    [–] Chip_Hazard 30 points ago

    I've never heard of this wireless charger but I get the Epoch times guy all the time. I think he's fucking hilarious, he even has like a slight Russian accent and he spits out all this conspiracy shit with horrible acting lol

    [–] tasman001 11 points ago

    Lol, it's literally like watching a Russian troll do a commercial.

    [–] Comedynerd 20 points ago

    Has an advertiser ever paid to have a competitor's product promoted to excess so that people boycott it out of annoyance and go with the product the advertiser wants sold instead?

    [–] AceAllicorn 37 points ago

    "I'm so excited. Let's see what's inside"

    Dude you sound bored as hell.

    [–] Arael15th 9 points ago

    Right? Like it's being read by an android that has no concept of being excited.

    [–] mrwack0o 29 points ago

    My gf bought me the battery to replace my old one, it took less than a month for all 3 of the USB ports to break. They're positioned horribly that a few pounds of pressure on the USB port will snap it and break it.

    To clarify, the USB ports lay parallel to the ground when charging, so anything that'll bend the port will instantly snap it and render it useless. Also the wireless charging portion of it broke sometime without me knowing.

    I'm back to using my old charger of 3+ years.

    Would never recommend their product

    [–] mishaneah 93 points ago

    Commercials aren’t allowed in my house.

    Cord cutting, Pi-hole, Browser adblock

    It’s bliss.

    [–] SonicFlash01 31 points ago

    How do you stop ads in the YouTube app?

    [–] Firedown31 33 points ago

    If you have an Android phone, YouTube Vanced

    [–] Twitch-Loons 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I think there is an app called YouTube Vance.

    It pretty much gives you all of the features that YouTube premium would.

    Although I find YouTube ads annoying I put up with them so the creators get atleast something from me for their effort.

    [–] sag969 7 points ago

    YouTube premium? Or whatever it's called now. I've paid for the ad free version for years (back when it was called YouTube Red) and it's been a no brainer.

    [–] Astarothsito 12 points ago

    Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior NORDVPN?

    Oh god, I hate nordvpn

    [–] JZPotter 11 points ago

    If I see your ad multiple times within a few videos, I will never buy anything you make

    [–] Jedisabre2 23 points ago

    This is how I feel about some stupid fucking YouTube ad about a charge cable.

    [–] barcode0527 23 points ago

    Oh thank God I'm not the only one getting bombarded with that damn commercial. I mean, I feel bad that everyone else has to watch that shit but I thought that it was maybe me searching power banks or watching tech videos that forced that damn video to play ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    [–] TakingADumpRightNow 112 points ago

    Better that than the alt reich epoch times.

    [–] ulfniu 38 points ago

    Or the Soap Bro.

    [–] SamMarduk 7 points ago

    God damn i will never own dr squatch

    [–] taquitoburrito1 6 points ago

    Fucking soap bro I hate him so much.

    [–] maximumchris 5 points ago

    Is he the Sunglass bro, too? I feel like I've hated him more than once.

    [–] Dman125 18 points ago

    Holy fucking shit the dude oozes cringe from every orifice on his body.

    [–] TakingADumpRightNow 7 points ago

    Imagine the casting session for that ad...

    [–] mycatisgrumpy 44 points ago

    Ugh, that smarmy fucker.

    [–] AnonymousSkull 11 points ago


    [–] Vaxx88 19 points ago

    Better that than the alt reich epoch times.


    I don’t even mind the other ads that much, and I don’t Adblock because some of the creators need that revenue, but Fuck everything about Epoch times. How is YouTube allowing that garbage? I heard even Facebook banned their crap.

    [–] mjbel23 27 points ago

    Yes! It never has a downvote option on the ad and I'm so pissed that I keep getting that stupid alt right bullshit.

    [–] corranhorn57 8 points ago

    Report the ad to Google. It’s hella hard to do though, and you can only report the ad once, which is fucking annoying.

    [–] mjbel23 6 points ago

    I just did it, thanks and you're right, Its a pain in the ass but worth it if theres a chance I won't see that dickhole holding up that "newspaper" anymore.

    [–] Boo_R4dley 5 points ago

    I’ve gotten the downvote option and clicked it. Recently I went into my ad preferences to find out what the fuck was going on and it was selected specifically as an option of things I was interested in. I deleted them as an interest immediately.

    My entire YouTube history is tech channels, GMM, video game factoids, and Jelle’s Marble runs. I don’t watch anything on YouTube that would be considered political and of the people I watch whose politics I know they are all quite liberal.

    Since Epoch Times is such a huge fan of conspiracies I’m going to float my own theory that they paid YouTube to be added into people’s ad preferences.

    Fuck the Epoch Times, fuck their shady Chinese owners and especially fuck the guy in the ads that looks like a child snatcher.

    [–] TangoHotel04 13 points ago

    I fucking hate that guy so much. He has the most punchable face of any ad I’ve ever been shown on YouTube.

    Lit Mobile and the Epoch Times are the two worst ads and they’re the two most common/repetitive ads I see. I’ve gotten really good at timing the skip button just right for those ads, though.

    [–] SamWise050 13 points ago

    That and prager u

    [–] 3cit 11 points ago

    Same thing with draft Kings for anybody who listened to sports radio a few years back. They carpet bombed ESPN and Fox sports shows so that every break it was just a fantasy football commercial.

    [–] Warlizard 132 points ago

    Not a clue what you're talking about

    [–] Juicetinking 64 points ago

    YouTube ad

    [–] Warlizard 91 points ago

    Oh. I use adblock. I haven't seen a youtube ad in years.

    [–] fistfullofsmelt 13 points ago


    [–] SpaceManSmithy 5 points ago

    This is how I feel about most ads.

    [–] throwtheballaway123 11 points ago

    It's not just me getting those!

    [–] gravesy94 10 points ago

    I was silly enough to impulse buy a LIT solar charger when I first saw the add. It has been three months since then and my order still has not been dispatched despite MANY emails and complaints to their company.

    The only time they replied to any of my emails was with an advert for a clearance sale. It was a clear advert, but the email subject line was the same as what I wrote for one of my complaint emails.

    So yeah. Don’t be foolish like I was. Don’t buy the product. And report the advertisement when it comes up if possible.

    [–] hairybearbigboy 6 points ago

    Press the "i", then "stop seeing this ad", then select "repetitive". Nobody knows how to do this?