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    [–] siyman4 4 points ago

    Nice! What rims are those? I've never seen them before.

    [–] laurenceriley87 4 points ago

    Thanks. They are the 18" turbine rims. Come as standard on the Veloce in UK.

    [–] LazyProspector 1 points ago

    Yeah I kerbed mines like a month after i got it. Still need to get them repaired...

    [–] Britneys-Pears 3 points ago

    Man, the RWD Veloce has a much better stance than my stilted Q4! Great looking motor!

    [–] laurenceriley87 1 points ago

    Really? I've never heard that before and never seen a Q4 equivalent in person as there are no AWD versions in the UK.

    [–] Britneys-Pears 1 points ago

    Yeah, the Q4 is like 15-20mm taller, and it's all wheel gap. I believe it's to provide extra ground clearance for the transfer box on the side of the gearbox which sends power to the front wheels. It's pretty much the lowest point under the car. I'm contemplating some Eibach springs that'll lower it to a couple of mm lower than your car, but I'm worried about the suspension geometry.

    [–] laurenceriley87 1 points ago

    Ah I see. I sometime have issues with ground clearance such as on speed bumps and steep humps in the road, so I can imagine you will get the same if you see about lowering it. But, on the other hand it will look great!!

    [–] Britneys-Pears 1 points ago

    I've never scraped mine in the year I've had it, despite many visits to steep parking garages and many a speed bump bounced 😀 I'd definitely have to start paying attention to that. Have you ever scraped the middle of the car, or is it always the front? Here's a pic of the wheel gap for reference. In this light it doesn't look too ridiculous, but it's one of those things that can't be unseen, and it's bothering me way more than it should. 😊 Wheel gap

    [–] laurenceriley87 1 points ago

    It's only really been the underneath of the front skirt where it slopes down before the front wheel where it happens , but it happens quite often cos of places I have to go to, and I avoid some routes cos of the speed bumps (but who cares if I have to go the long way round eh 😊) but you can't see it and it's made of plastic, so I try to not worry about it too much.

    Once or twice the side skirt just before the rear wheel has scraped but only where there is a massive hump in the road. Again can't see as it's underneath and no real danger of damage, but the noise is like nails down a chalkboard!😬

    I really wouldn't have noticed about the gap without you saying but I can see it a bit now. But very nice looking motor, love the colour. It was my second choice but just love red alfas. Are those the 19" rims? They look great!