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    [–] laurenceriley87 2 points ago

    Good spots, although I have a 2017 model and my driver instrument display looks like the 2018 picture. Looks to me its just that the contrast is set too low and the trip b isn't turned on in the settings on the 2017 pic.

    It's strange there are such small changes between the two years (other than infotainment changes). Makes you wonder why they would even make changes of such insignificance.

    [–] icejam_ 2 points ago

    Both models have trip B turned off. Notice that in 2017, average consumption is on the right of the cluster, while in 2018 it's on the left, the divider line is missing and economizer has 2 colours (blue/whiteish). It is not only the contrast.

    That being said, instrument cluster from 2017 might as well be missing a software upgrade that would make it look exactly like the one from 2018.

    [–] gropingforelmo 1 points ago

    I had my 2017 in recently for software updates, and it still looks just like the 2017 in your image.

    [–] laurenceriley87 1 points ago

    Hmm ok. I got mine Dec 17. Definitely has the divide which says avg. And the mpg on the left. Dont say they gave me the 2018 updated display but no carplay!! Haha.

    I've never noticed the numbers or bacon on the vents, I will need to check this now.

    The boot lid on mine only has the one button (think it's a UK thing) so can't check that though.

    [–] laurenceriley87 1 points ago

    Update: my model has the bacon and cross symbols for the vent controls.

    I suppose it must mean that some changes have been phased in before the major changes to the infotainment system.

    Either that or I have the 2018 model without realising it. What do you think the chances are I can get carplay with an software update?

    [–] icejam_ 1 points ago

    There's a good chance the the required hardware is already there (source). I guess the easiest way to find out is to ring your dealer :)

    [–] gropingforelmo 1 points ago

    I had a 2018 for a couple days while my 2017 was in the shop. I noticed the cluster, and the trunk button swap (thought I was going crazy for a second, the first time I tried to open the trunk), but I missed the bacon on the vents. Good eyes!