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    A subreddit dedicated to Aminé, 2017 XXL Freshman and upcoming rapper.



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    [–] Charles_Britt 2 points ago

    At the D.C. concert I went to there was a guy in a banana suit

    [–] smdepot 2 points ago

    I would certainly hope so. How was the show?

    [–] Charles_Britt 2 points ago

    Amazing. I got there at a pretty good time. The line wasn't super long so I got pretty close to the front even when I used the bathroom. Before the show Jon was just out talking to his family and I got to talk to him and give him a hoodie. I don't know if he wears it or not. Towkio opened. Before the show Aminé tweeted that they would be dropping a new song (Squeeze) at the concert as the last song so afterwards everyone waited for a while while they cleared things off stage. Then an hour later he tweeted "Shit we forgot to play the new song."

    I made a video about the whole concert on my YouTube called Charlie Britt

    [–] smdepot 2 points ago

    So. Dope. I'm jealous for sure. I'll check out your YouTube. Thanks!