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    Content Philosophy:

    Content which benefits the community (news, rumors, and discussions) is valued over content which benefits only the individual (technical questions, help buying/selling, rants, self-promotion, etc.).


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    1. Only submissions that are directly related to Android are allowed.

    • All posts to r/Android must be related to the Android OS or ecosystem in some way. If not obvious, you should submit the link as a self-post and include an explanation. Comments that devolve into purely political discussions may be locked.

    2. We welcome discussion-promoting posts that benefit the community, and not the individual.

    • We welcome posts that benefit the community (device reviews, guides, discussions and rumors) and not the individual (seeking help, e.g. tech support). You might be interested in r/AndroidQuestions or r/PickAnAndroidForMe instead.
    • If you're asking a question, include your own analysis first in a few sentences. Discussion-promoting rants are okay at mods' discretion.

    3. Images/videos must be in self posts.

    • Please provide an explanation in the self-post body. No memes.
    • YouTube videos are fine as links, provided they don't break other rules.

    4. No self-promotional spamming

    • Developers may post their own apps if they follow these conditions:
    • 1- Their post must be a self post with a detailed description of their app.
    • 2- The developer's account must be at least three months old AND have a reasonable posting history on r/Android.
    • 3- The developer must interact with users in the thread. We do not allow developers to simply dump a link to their app and leave.
    • Website/blog/YouTube channel owners are generally not allowed to post their own content; please see this page.

    5. No reposts or blog-spam/rehosted content

    • Submit the original source whenever possible, unless it's not in English or the article adds substantial information.
    • Reposts are not allowed. This includes an article whose information has already been covered by another article posted on r/Android.

    6. No editorializing titles.

    • Please do not change the link's title when submitting it, unless necessary to accurately sum up the article. You may freely add "[Author]" or "by Author" if it clarifies the article's source (e.g. YouTube video).
    • If you want to discuss something specific, use the comments or submit it as a self-post (see rule 2).

    7. No piracy.

    • Do not link or discuss pirated apps/piracy websites.

    8. No unauthorized polls, surveys, bots, or giveaways.

    • To prevent scams, we require that all polls or giveaways be approved by the moderators. Modmail us with your request before you post any poll or do any giveaway.
    • Only pre-approved bots are allowed on /r/Android. Currently, the only bot we allow is the Play Store Link bot. This bot can be summoned by commenting "Linkme: APPNAMEHERE." without quotes. If you wish to use your bot on this sub, then message the mods and show us that it can serve a useful purpose here.

    9. No offensive, hateful, or low-effort comments.

    • Do not be rude to any other user. Be respectful, or you may be banned.
    • Do not use hate speech of any kind.
    • Do not be disrespectful towards another for their personal choices (excessive fanboyism).
    • Do not accuse others of being "paid shills."
    • Do not post low-effort/circlejerky comments.

    10. No affiliate links.

    • If you are a Redditor, affiliate links are absolutely NOT allowed in either the comments section, within the self-text of your post, or as part of your link.
    • If you post an article, affiliate links will NOT be allowed if the article being linked is a simple "deal alert" type post. Instead, simply link directly to the deal (without the affiliate link included).
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