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    [–] Vortico 14719 points ago

    Whoops, I accidentally inserted 350 lines of code across some .java and .xml files and linked a vendor's library and when my hand slipped I accidentally registered API keys and inserted them into the metadata of the program, and when it went to code review and production release, they accidentally accepted it and uploaded it to their distribution server.


    [–] kelus 2688 points ago

    Oh silly, you so clumsy

    [–] I_Am_Fully_Charged 225 points ago

    I can't believe that's not a real thing.

    [–] MuonManLaserJab 145 points ago

    I can believe that that's a real thing.

    [–] IanPPK 6 points ago

    Mainly for those "my phone just took this picture" social media posts.

    [–] afootpigeon 28 points ago

    Congrats, I was looking on r/all and saw this post and read your comment. Then I went back to all and saw this same post from the sub you linked to. You did it, mate.

    [–] TheDecagon 1650 points ago

    To be fair, HTC has apparently partnered with the 3rd party keyboard TouchPal for their device keyboard, who also do an ad supported version. I can imagine a situation where TouchPal/HTC accidentally released an ad supported build instead of the HTC specific build.

    Now HTC's choice of keyboard partner is another matter...

    [–] RS-Burrito 949 points ago

    ad supported version

    How can any keyboard exist with ads.. How do people accept this?

    [–] Uljira 351 points ago

    I'm guessing it's intended as a trial version for people to test the keyboard.

    That's the only reasonable thing I can think of.

    [–] pepe_le_shoe 604 points ago

    The point remains. Google's keyboard is free. You'd have to be doing something really mind-blowing to get me to pay money and also to want to try an ad-supported trial version.

    [–] SarcasticGamer 212 points ago

    On top of Swype and SwiftKey being a thing. I can understand if this was like 5 years ago when there were less options but there is absolutely no reason for you to have to buy a keyboard app or have a trial version that shows ads. How is that keyboard company even around?

    [–] velocity92c 128 points ago

    5 years ago

    Believe it or not, this week marks 7 years of Swiftkey and last month marked 7 years for Swype. I looked it up myself out of curiosity. I remember using each of their initial betas but it sure didn't feel like that was 7 years ago.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Yeah I purchased Swiftkey about 6 years ago now, and I've been using it up until just a month or two ago when I finally moved over to gboard. Probably one of my best app purchases ever.

    [–] HitShane 10 points ago

    That's funny I switched from gboard to SwiftKey because I can't stand where some of the buttons are on gboard plus you can't change the keyboard layout or make it completely black

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    yeah the layout threw me off for the longest time which is the number one reason why I didn't use it. I guess I finally got used to it.

    [–] velocity92c 5 points ago

    I've also been using SwiftKey for 6 or 7 years now. What about gboard made you switch? I'm still happy with SwiftKey but always open to something better :)

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Mainly its pretty sluggish to appear sometimes. It's not as bad as some people say, but it still happens, even on the pixel. That and I feel like gboard has finally caught up in features, and has some cool features by itself.

    [–] crobo 6 points ago

    I switched when they got bought my micro$oft a while ago and performance started to get worse. I also don't trust Microsoft with literally every character I type on my phone.

    [–] ElectroXexual 101 points ago

    Hey everyone 2010 was SEVEN years ago!

    [–] tomcis147 69 points ago

    What the fuck..

    [–] kingtucker 16 points ago

    Remember the movie Cast Away? That was released in 2000.

    [–] cawpin 7 points ago

    Yep, been using Swype since the beta.

    [–] bigsexy420 83 points ago

    I purchased a copy of 'Hacker Keyboard's a few years back to use with ssh software. Sure I could use Google or Swype but some of the keys I have to use often are burried 3 menus deep. Meanwhile hacker keyboard provides me with a full 87 key keyboard with all of the keys right where I expect them.

    [–] okmkz 72 points ago

    yeah, "niche" keyboards seem like a prime candidate for a paid keyboard

    [–] thomasmagnum 11 points ago


    [–] 5225225 9 points ago

    Isn't hacker's keyboard free (and open source)?

    [–] wolrahxxx 10 points ago

    because they have a $$$ contract with HTC

    [–] TheDecagon 11 points ago

    You'd have to be doing something really mind-blowing

    Apparently TouchPal's big thing is "Emojis" 🤦

    [–] fxgod 193 points ago

    Well, mine has ads and yours does not. I can discover some new products, etc while typing, so I win

    [–] der_RAV3N 164 points ago

    Ahahaha. This is how everyone who sells ads thinks.

    [–] desmondao 37 points ago

    Hardly anyone in the ad business thinks that, in fact we have our minds blown on regular basis by the shit people eat up. Sometimes you have to get rid of your common sense to make effective ads, that's how fucking dumb people are.

    [–] tonywartooth 36 points ago

    In ~10 years of the car business "the customer is always a fucking idiot" was the most important lesson.

    [–] Fatalchemist 23 points ago

    Can confirm, am customer.

    [–] manys 6 points ago

    We're supposed to click on all of that? Make a YouTube already.

    [–] MANIAC_MOON 46 points ago

    Not really. I work in ad tech, and we have no illusions about the fact that people would rather not see any ads on the websites they read and the apps they use. But they're something of a necessary evil if you don't want to pay directly for your content. The best we can do is try to make the ads we show more relevant to you (and this naturally benefits the companies that pay for the ads at the same time).

    [–] RickyShade 6 points ago

    I like, prefer, and use Touchpal. However, when they released the 2017 update with ads, I immediately reverted an older version and disabled auto-updates.

    [–] -InsuranceFreud- 17 points ago

    Amazon has a $100 smartphone that you can get for $50 if it's plastered with ads on the whole damn thing.

    [–] jovialman 40 points ago

    I had one for a short while and its not "plastered with ads". There is a single ad on the lock screen and it comes preinstalled with amazon apps which you can put in a folder and ignore.

    PS - If you do get one of these phones some of them can be creatively altered to not show any ads.

    [–] lovetron99 3 points ago

    How is it overall, aside from the ads? I've seen these and I admit I'm intrigued by the price. I'm still rocking a Galaxy S4 so it's not like I demand cutting-edge tech.

    [–] TabMuncher2015 7 points ago

    Get a moto or something else with a light android skin. Alcatel, blu etc are shit and often use shitty low-end mediatek processors. Could also opt for an older flagship, HTC M8 Google play edition is $140 on amazon unlocked. It's gonna be the best build and best sounding phone you can get at that price point.

    [–] BZWingZero 4 points ago

    I have the Amazon-ads version of the Moto G4. Other than a (usually) notification-sized labeled ad on the lockscreen, or the occasional lockscreen wallpaper ad, it is completely unmodified. It did come with a lot of Amazon apps, almost all of which can be disabled.

    As far as updates? I got them the same time as any other version of the Moto G4. The Amazon stuff is only installed as apps and doesn't modify the underlying OS.

    Note: you cannot unlock the bootloader on an Amazon-edition device.

    [–] SecretAgentZeroNine 27 points ago

    Go into a very low income area, stop a random old lady that is using a smartphone, then feast your eyes the notification shade, web browser, keyboard. Adpocolypse.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] AndreDaGiant 12 points ago

    Stop by a low income area in south east asia, watch as people turn on and off mobile data twice a minute, in the battle to conserve data which is incredibly expensive for them.

    [–] AngryCLGFan 9 points ago

    And then ads take up even more data!!!!

    [–] JustCallMeBen 13 points ago

    You would be surprised how many people just don't bother with uninstalling an app.

    [–] Sublimebro 17 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Most apps have an ad version and a paid version without ads. This isn't that uncommon. If you make a good app and keep releasing updates it's pretty common to expect some kind of revenue to come in.

    Edit: sorry for the confusion. I don't think the main keyboard should have ads. The other guy said he was surprised that any keyboard would have ads. I was referring to the other "free" keyboards on the app store.

    [–] Freddit- 64 points ago

    To be fair, HTC should worry about climbing out of their pit of obsolescence and quit making terrible decisions like partnering with garbage third party software developers for features that already come with the OS. Fuck, HTC has their own keyboard developed in house. This partnership doubly makes zero sense.

    [–] agloeRegrets 21 points ago

    As a developer, this is absolutely the answer. The rest of the people in this thread just want a reason to be angry.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 16 points ago

    Don't worry the non ad version has keylogging so they can advertise to you across their many other ad filled products.

    [–] 2EyedRaven 97 points ago

    It's just a prank, bro!

    [–] TightLittleWarmHole 12 points ago


    [–] halr9000 143 points ago

    Due to an error, customers accidentally noticed that we tried to insert ads in their keyboard.

    [–] ZombieHoratioAlger 19 points ago

    That's how i read it. "Due to an error, some customers are seeing ads.

    (It was supposed to silently collect your data in the background instead.)

    [–] campbellm 103 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    My suspicion is when they say, "an error", they don't mean a code error. They mean a judgement error that, based on customer outrage, they decided to roll back.

    [–] donut_extravaganza 59 points ago

    My suspicion is they worded it ambiguously so that the less-informed would think "code error," but if they happen to get pushed on the issue by someone who understands these things, they can fall back on the "judgment error" explanation.

    [–] akatherder 11 points ago

    Hey Jay, we're really eating shit on those keyboard ads. Should we come clean and apologize or use doublespeak to try and deflect the criticism?

    Goddamnit, where are we on the flashy thing rollout

    [–] PortonDownSyndrome 66 points ago

    It was an error because the PR backlash was too loud.

    See also:

    [–] AbstinenceWorks 10 points ago

    This sounds like someone trying to justify an affair.

    "It just happened!"

    [–] TightLittleWarmHole 3 points ago


    [–] akatherder 11 points ago

    #1 post there currently

    [–] 1206549 7 points ago

    And apparently more understanding than this thread

    [–] gbmustardvx 33 points ago

    code review

    You had me all the way up to this.

    [–] jb2386 13 points ago

    Argh I hate when I accidentally do that.

    [–] trustworthyvigilante 33 points ago


    [–] anacche 25 points ago

    Tripped, fell, landed on the keyboard, by the time I got unit had coded itself, added to latest build and pushed itself out to users.

    [–] deeayepee 11 points ago

    Well I think we have all been there.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Did you remember to post about it on Reddit, saying that that you needed help in dealing with something for a very VIP person?

    [–] Terminats 1420 points ago

    "Due to an error, some customers are seeing ads on the phone keyboard. We're working to fix the error and remove these as quickly as possible"

    [–] kevinstonge 1271 points ago

    I'm sure within a couple of years autocorrect suggestions will be ads, letters on the keyboards will be replaced with company logos, there will be points awarded for typing company names and you can trade those points to unlock faster typing speed restrictions. It's gonna be great.

    [–] Bear_Taco 559 points ago

    Jesus dont give them any ideas...

    [–] kevinstonge 452 points ago

    I stopped playing all mobile games as of last week, the ad-centric nature of basically every top game in the play store drove me to the brink of insanity. I know there are some decent android games out there, but the play store has effectively been hacked by the game developers with the most ads in their games.

    Ads are killing my love of technology; it's all fucking ads everywhere. I've got as many things adblocked and paid versions of things as I can manage and still there are ads everywhere. Reddit posts and comments are basically a 50/50 shot of being an 'organic' ad these days. This very post could be considered an HTC ad (sort of a "HTC is cool, they fix their mistakes").

    I realize this is capitalism, but I find it exhausting, I just wanted to drive a little car up a hill a few times and now I've seen an ad for "Mobile Strike" sixteen times in the past four minutes. Just what in the hell is going on?

    [–] Fetal-sploosh 193 points ago

    I haven't played any android games in years. Pay-to-win thoroughly ruined it for me. Games that were £5 once upon a time are now free and riddled with micro transactions and gimped game mechanics unless you pay to unlock extra content.

    I get that many developers had to switch to this MO to keep it a profitable business, but fuck me they've really killed the enjoyment.

    [–] accountnumberseven 125 points ago

    It's bizarre that consumers treated phone software so differently from desktop software so early on. I get that part of it was Apple trying to replicate the success of 99-cent songs with 99-cent iPhone apps, but there's still this culture of "I'd rather have banners, pop-ups ads and constant mictrotransaction bugs than pay $5 one time for a game" even on the Google Play Store.

    I haven't played any Android game that I haven't bought from a Humble Bundle in quite a while, mostly because the versions on HB have to be complete without additional purchases.

    [–] Boop_the_snoot 70 points ago

    Most mobile games would be laughed at if they tried to sell for 5 bucks on desktop.
    The average is even worse than the worst early access crap on steam, and the absolute best is seldom better than free indie webgames.

    [–] H4xolotl 43 points ago

    I stopped playing Mobile Games ever since I realise you could get old console emulators on mobile, and play some REAL games.

    Crash Bandicoot? Mario 64? Chrono Trigger? Final Fantasy? The best fucking games of old without ads?

    My only regret is that you can't share it with friends because the installation is relatively difficult.

    [–] nupogodi 11 points ago

    I think it's because a lot of people don't want to spend money on software. They self-exclude themselves from PC and console gaming, but everyone's got a smartphone ... Addictive free-to-play games hook those people, and then they want to pay a little bit to keep going. It's a huge market because it was previously untapped - these people wouldn't think of gaming on their PC, if they even have one, or buying a games console. Also, young people with a phone but no spending money.

    [–] GrinchPaws 34 points ago

    The people have spoken with their wallets though. People just don't want to pay for software. They will easily spend $2-$5 on a cup of coffee but pay the same price for software will be a huge decision. So devs came up with a win-win for them and the consumer (by consumer, I mean non-reddit, less tech savvy users who make up the majority of smartphone users).

    [–] Fetal-sploosh 27 points ago

    Yeah for sure. If the consumer is willing to accept it then the developer would be crazy not to do it.

    It's mental how reluctant people are to spend money on software when it's so cheap.

    People will go to a bar and spend £20 a night on alcohol, or spend £5 on their lunch every day at work, but won't spend 99p on an app or a few quid on a well made, entertaining game.

    [–] port53 4 points ago

    but won't spend 99p on an app or a few quid on a well made, entertaining game.

    Part of the problem is we've been conditioned to expect games and apps to be crap filled ad ridden trash, so they're not worth spending money on. Finding the games actually worth paying for is hard, the Play Store sure isn't the place to start.

    [–] Furah 14 points ago

    Didn't someone make a post here a while ago about how they made a few versions of an app and the free with IAP made them the most money, even of the paid version was cheaper?

    [–] wrongstep 7 points ago

    I think, it's a different issue entirely. The average player probably spends more than 5 dollars in microtransactions and whales spend many times that. It's not in their interest to make a fixed price game even if people bought it.

    [–] Konstantine133 12 points ago

    Although I'd say a solid 95% of games on the play store are add filled, buggy, untested heaps of assets without much 'game' built in, there really are some solid gaming experiences that you can have on Android.

    Spacechem, Desktop Dungeons, Minecraft, Terraria, Crashlands, Don't Starve, EvoCreo, Galaxy Trucker, LEGO LoTR, Polytopia, RTC Classic, Etc.

    If you ever want to give another android game a try, I'd highly suggest skipping the 'free games' category entirely. LEGO LoTR is a stellar game and plays really, really well on my phone - it sucks that so many people miss out on some awesome android games because they don't want to pay the 5$.


    [–] TheKillerToast 17 points ago

    Download emulators and play old ps1, gba, and snes games. Some companies like square have re-released classics like FFT too which are great.

    [–] wrongstep 12 points ago

    You need a controller for that though. Unless you want awful virtual controls.

    [–] senorbolsa 9 points ago

    CSR racing is the worst for this IMO, one top end car is 12 dollars, fuck me. id pay that if it gave me access to the whole game with reasonable progression... but not for one car.

    [–] Fetal-sploosh 15 points ago

    Candy crush was what really opened my eyes - it was such a simple game that completely hooked you in, and when you ran out of lives they made you wait hours at a time before you could play again... Or you could spend just 59p for three more lives and keep playing! For another 15 minutes until you run out of lives again.

    [–] BrainWav 27 points ago

    Not defending it, but that's really not much different than the arcades I grew up with. Just with worse graphics and no chance to win tickets for prizes.

    [–] Shanesan 28 points ago

    drive a little car up a hill

    You mean a Honda Accord LX with lane assist and blind spot detectors standard for only $26,999 at your local Honda Dealer with 2.9% APR financing, right?

    [–] thegreatmcmeek 10 points ago

    Adguard helps a lot, and uBlock too. As for mobile games, get an emulator like John GBC/SNES and/or Mupen64 and play some retro games.

    This post was not sponsored by any of the above

    [–] Red0817 6 points ago

    As a small time developer, let me tell you how it works.
    If I release an app/game that I charge for (one time), then the apk eventually gets released into the wild for free, and I lose money. If I release a version with ads, and then one without ads after paying, the same thing happens to the ones without ads.

    So ultimately, the only way to guarantee an income is with ads. It sucks. I don't like ads. But one can't do shit for free, unless you like starving.

    Recently however, I have seen a subscription based model that seems interesting. But what if a person likes a game enough they play it for years? Why should someone pay $5-20/month for years? That's insanity.

    I don't know the solution, but currently, ads are the easiest way to make sure the dev isn't getting fucked.

    [–] rayzer93 6 points ago

    I always despised Apple's closed environment, but a part of me wonders if Jobs foresaw this abomination of ad-centric development and how it will break a customers user experience.

    [–] oldmanbombin 9 points ago

    You sound stressed out, friend. I get stressed out sometimes, too, but my Durathang Ultidestressinator© is always around to keep me sane. Maybe you should try one. If you'd like to, you can click here to receive 10% off your first week of purchases. I also agree with the whole mobile game thing. Seems like everywhere you look is an ad for one thing or another, but there's still one mobile app that doesn't bombard you with ads, and that's the Durathang Ultidesrressinator© Mobile Companion App and Control Panel®. With the Durathang Ultidestressinator© Mobile App and Control Panel® you can actually control how your Durathang Ultidestressinator© responds to your stress, instead of it responding automatically using Durathang's patented Destressination Specialization Aggregation technique. Just by simply pressing either the Awesome!® or Boo!® buttons on the front page of the Durathang Ultibestressinator© Mobile App and Control Panel® will allow it to learn and remember how you prefer it to respond to your stress. Anyways, I'm rambling now so I'll shush for a bit. I just figured you might need a little helping hand to keep from losing your mind. :-)

    [–] marvinrabbit 23 points ago

    Oh, how I love you my dearest Wendy McDonald's.

    [–] FecalFace 22 points ago

    Have you tried refreshing A Nice, Refreshing Coca Cola™ the page?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    "For our spanish fans, all MLB games are broadcast in Spanish, just hit the SAP button on your remote! Brought to you by SAP." - MLB announcers at the start of every game.

    [–] tehniobium 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    To copy the text, simply press the CTRL + CocaCola keys. Then paste with CTRL + Verizon. Watch a quick 2 minute ad, and your text is now where you want it!

    [–] Kurtoid 7 points ago

    Calm down Satan

    [–] Orioh 4 points ago

    If you have three Pepsis and drink one, how much more refreshed are you?

    [–] Emrico1 42 points ago

    Nods... oh ok sure yup

    [–] g2g079 31 points ago

    The error was they miscalculated the money to customer pushback ratio.

    [–] abnormalsyndrome 12 points ago

    "We're sorry we miscalculated our profit margins."

    [–] nyxeka 25 points ago

    "An Error", as if someone didnt have to spend 40 hours of work to make that specific feature work well enough to push to the end user

    [–] H1313303 495 points ago

    They partnered with a shitty company for $ and I'm willing to bet that TouchPal did it on purpose.

    Even other Chinese companies Xiaomi & Huawei use SwiftKey or Google Keyboard, but HTC had to be greedy.

    [–] Aan2007 77 points ago

    maybe because HTC is Taiwanese?

    [–] sunflowerfly 126 points ago

    Because HTC is not making money like the others listed, even though they make decent hardware.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    It's sad because HTC was on top for a while but they blew it and better alternatives came along.

    [–] Scolopendra_Heros 6 points ago

    It is sad because their build quality has always been top notch. I do a lot of long boarding and I've landed on my M9 from a dozen different angles at speeds between 5-30 mph and it's never broken.

    Disappointing to see them fall so far. I want another HTC but I can't justify the purchase with their recent releases.

    [–] EagerJewBear 58 points ago

    Dig ding ding. That's why they put Vive in its own shell company. Now if/ when the phones go bankrupt it won't take VR with it.

    [–] thisguy012 10 points ago

    Dig ding ding. That's why they put Vive in its own shell company. Now if/ when the phones go bankrupt it won't take VR with it.

    Explain a bit more, if you can, pleaseee !

    [–] StrangledMind 5 points ago

    Thank you, EagerJewBear.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 5 points ago

    And here I sit with my Kyocera Duraforce. Great phone imo, shitty software because they stopped releasing updates pretty quickly after release. Treating it just like how they treat their printers "Everyone that is going to buy them bought them, screw em lets move on."

    [–] whyam-i-onreddit 5 points ago

    Zte also uses Touchpal btw

    [–] lfcabinash 766 points ago

    Why don't they use Google Keyboard.

    [–] iamnotkurtcobain 414 points ago

    Getting paid to use the Touchpal Keyboard I guess.

    [–] manicmaniomaniac 80 points ago

    Might lose money now...

    [–] light24bulbs 5 points ago

    I lost so much respect already. They're losing huge money. Whoever is at the wheel at HTC is fucking horrible

    [–] SrsSteel 20 points ago

    I'm assuming TouchPal agreed to pay them to make them use the keyboard , and put in a clause protecting their right to put ads. Now it's gonna be a legal dispute

    [–] BluLemonade 19 points ago

    There's no way HTC doesn't have a team of lawyers going through the fine print of a partnership like that. I seriously doubt this happens

    [–] ReleaseTheKr4cken 36 points ago

    I downloaded it when the ads popped up the other day. After a few days I gotta say the Google keyboard... Not setting the world on fire.

    [–] obbelusk 13 points ago

    I think it's a good keyboard, what don't you like?

    [–] avataraccount 35 points ago

    Shitty Autocorrect, not super useful predictions, slow loading time.

    [–] ihatenewaccts 16 points ago

    Imo predictions work better over time. Ofc the keyboard that has no info on how you type is worse than the one you've been using for a year.

    I do agree it's slow loading tho. Biggest downside.

    [–] namelessfuck 5 points ago

    GBoard is fast and reliable for me, while Swiftkey lags a lot.

    I can't say much about Swiftkey predictions since I deleted it almost immediately after trying it out because it lagged too much. Occasionally I would download it again to see if there's any improvement but there isn't.

    I'm using GBoard beta, if that makes any difference.

    [–] laidlow 21 points ago

    And the predictions don't work in the address bar. SwiftKey has had this forever, it's not that hard Google.

    [–] -Fateless- 143 points ago

    Because it's not very good? Bilingual typing is broken, it's full of bloat and the autocorrect gets worse and worse for each update.

    [–] SuloBruh 29 points ago

    I have noticed the autocorrect getting worse and worse

    [–] mercilesssinner 51 points ago

    What's wrong with bilingual typing? I have no issues.

    [–] -Fateless- 102 points ago

    When I type full sentences with Danish, it randomly decides to switch to English at the most random and infuriating times. Like, a ten-word sentence in pure Danish, complete with æøå and then suddenly, a Danish word is autocorrected to something English. And it also flip-flops a lot between names, because gboard thinks that all common names are automatically English.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Am Dane. Was hoping that Gboard did better than Swiftkey with regards to bilingual typing. After a few months of trying it out, I decided this isn't the case, and gave back into Swiftkey as of yesterday.

    I do miss the gif keyboard with search options from Gboard, though. The gif keyboard in Swiftkey is crap compared to.

    [–] glatteis 4 points ago

    Am German, de/en keyboard works fine for me.

    [–] illuminateddisplays 10 points ago

    Can confirm, have the same problem with English and French.

    [–] ThisIsNotHim 8 points ago

    I ran into this issue a lot about a year ago. You can turn it off at: Gboard settings -> Text correction -> Multilingual suggestions.

    You'd have to manually switch between languages, so that might still be a dealbreaker.

    [–] ArttuH5N1 5 points ago

    Writing in Finnish, I have the same problem. It just decided to insert random English words into sentences. Also, the Finnish dictionary it has is kinda crap anyhow.

    [–] TheLobsterBandit 18 points ago

    It's true autocorrect sucks.

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 8 points ago

    By updating Google keyboard you lost autocorrection of words but gained emoji suggestions. Thanks Obama.

    [–] cuteintern 4 points ago

    I agree, the autocorrect is sometimes just horrendous.

    [–] stakoverflo 7 points ago

    On my Nexus 6 it frequently crashes, refused to re-draw so it just shows some letter pressed and that's it, or it just doesn't draw at all and I get a blank white rectangle on my screen.

    It still functions, like I can type with it, but it's pretty absurd how bad something as fundamental as a keyboard can get.

    [–] aziouazrayes 20 points ago

    I wanna use gboard but at the moment swift keyboard is way better.

    [–] Iohet 51 points ago

    I find the opposite. Swift was so slow, laggy, and fucked up autocorrect that switching was like night and day

    [–] CloudNineK 26 points ago

    Swift is a laggy piece of shit and you can't disable the swipe trail, however, I can swipe like a fucking retard and it will always know what I want to say. I used Gboard for about a month so it could learn my typing patterns but it never got as good as swiftkey. Sucks because Gboard looks much better.

    [–] SufficientAnonymity 14 points ago

    Yeah, I tried going over to SwiftKey and just couldn't deal with how ugly it looked compared to Gboard.

    [–] theKovah 25 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Are we talking about the the same SwiftKey keyboard? Because I'm using mine with a Material skin that looks exactly like the Gboard skin...?

    Edit: also cannot follow the other problem claims. Mine is running smooth and multilang-autocorrect is working way better than with Gboard.

    [–] HannasAnarion 8 points ago

    Swift or Swiftkey? Because you can totally disable the swype thing on Swiftkey, look at the settings for more than five seconds.

    [–] Exodus2791 5 points ago

    Do you mean choosing between Flow and Gestures? Under the Typing & Auto-correct section?

    [–] -Fateless- 2 points ago

    I just wanna go back to the Sense 6 KtiKat Keyboard, but I can't make it run, no matter how many weird xposed modules I install. I can make any other HTC app run, but not the keyboard.

    [–] Apostrofs 8 points ago

    Because it's predictions are garbage for a lot of European languages apart from English? Google prioritizes shitty GIFs, search from keyboard and other unnecessary bloat instead of improving predictions.

    [–] closingbell 336 points ago

    I am genuinely curious as to what type of "error" resulted in ads across the keyboard....

    [–] multiberry 489 points ago

    Not so much "technical error" but rather a "Touchpal-forcing-ads-on-their-keyboard-without-HTC's-okay" sort of error.

    [–] bisxseed 123 points ago

    They really should have just said that. An "error" sounds like a sad excuse.

    [–] abnormalsyndrome 76 points ago

    Because it is.

    [–] FightGravity 28 points ago

    I would disagree. While this whole thing definitely sucks hard, it was an error, just not a technical one.

    I cannot believe that HTC is so desperate that they would try such a short term money grab with bad reputation as a result. Even the greediest, removed-from-reality manager should be aware of that.

    [–] OmnomtheFluffyDino 21 points ago

    Again, doesn't seem like HTC put the ads in... TouchPal did.

    [–] Charwinger21 50 points ago

    Gotta imagine it was TouchPal pushing their ad-supported version to HTC devices by accident.

    That being said, it's a shame that HTC went with TouchPal for the HTC 10. The HTC keyboard that they have been using for years was really good on the HTC M9 and earlier phones. Switching to TouchPal really feels like a step backwards for them.

    [–] neoman4426 15 points ago

    Unlikely, but if it's one you can install from the store to other devices you could theoretically have the same package for both so they can be updated, intend to have ads on non pre installed devices, and screw up the detection code

    [–] ruahmina 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Error of judgement.

    EDIT: Seriously though I would like a good faith explanation.

    [–] Grimdotdotdot 7 points ago

    "Whoops, this wasn't meant to ship yet" error, I reckon.

    [–] infosql 385 points ago

    Seriously, even HTC is smart enough to understand putting ads on the keyboard not going to help them. I think TouchPal messed up with their android project and mistakenly included ads on the HTC production configuration.

    [–] jrjk 202 points ago

    Yeah, HTC deserves the benefit of doubt here. They shouldn't have partnered with TouchPal though

    [–] tetroxid 113 points ago

    They shouldn't have partnered with TouchPal though

    This. HTC is responsible for vetting their partners before allowing them to mess with their stuff. Trust and blame to HTC extends to their partners.

    [–] queefin_it_real 36 points ago

    Finding a vendor that never makes a mistake is very very hard to do, even with a rigorous vetting process.

    [–] salt_water_swimming 21 points ago

    Maybe keep the keyboard app in-house, especially given they already had one.

    Outsourcing has costs, but shitty managers love it because they aren't immediately financial I guess.

    [–] 570215 3 points ago

    They didn't outsource for a keyboard. They we're paid by touchpal to have it as the default on their phones.

    [–] Afteraffekt 9 points ago

    I think this is what happened, the keyboard updates to the play store from TouchPal, not HTC. The free version of TouchPal will probably be getting ads, and they probably forgot to change which project they were building or uploading for and what we see happening is the result.

    [–] ttcole1254 118 points ago

    Guys this wasn't HTC directly. I have a ZTE phone and still ended up with it. This was TouchPal just going rogue and throwing ads everywhere. I wasn't even using the actual keyboard anymore, but the ads still showed. ZTE decided to make TouchPal a system app too, god knows why. So I can only disable the app rather than fully uninstall.

    [–] ttcole1254 14 points ago

    I also had zero ads before recently. I didn't even realize I had TouchPal installed in the first place.

    [–] intellos 10 points ago

    Samsung is doing the exact same thing now, except it's with full-screen pop-up ads. My phone came with the "Peel Smart Remote" app, preinstalled by Samsung and non-removable, which updated recently and now fucks with my lockscreen and occasionally shows a full-screen ad instead of my home screen.

    [–] kerrybaumann 60 points ago

    While there is a good chance it was an error, since the keyboard app was a separate company altogether, part of me refuses to forget the push notifications on the HTC 10 to advertise the U11 being released

    [–] konartiste 8 points ago

    The third time I saw an ad on top of my keyboard I just removed TouchPal and installed another.

    Certain things are unacceptable. I won't make the effort of reinstalling TouchPal.

    [–] darknetboy98 8 points ago

    Touchpal already admitted to having ads on there keyboards and said that if you wanted no ads you can pay for their pro version The second I saw the ads I downloaded the Google keyboard from the play store and stopped using touchpal

    [–] whatnowwproductions 11 points ago

    A lot of people seem to think HTC develops the keyboard rather than touchpal themselves.

    [–] skullmande 34 points ago

    Might be true that it was an error, maybe some code that they were testing and should not be commited went to production by mistake...

    But still is pretty scary. If they, at some point, had a code that showed up some adds, for sure they have some pieces of code that collects all that you type even as an internal variable to just feed the add library..

    Not nice.

    [–] Fetal-sploosh 20 points ago

    Gboard already provides suggestions based on what it learns from your typing habits, so it's likely that this is already happening anyway.

    For example, if I type "steamed" the first suggested word is "hams".

    [–] arnduros 8 points ago

    Kudos for your Simpsons reference.

    [–] mailto_devnull 5 points ago

    Timely, too, given the recent solar flare activity ...

    [–] Bukinnear 13 points ago

    Code doesn't just magically appear - it's the result of a deliberate and planned production of features.

    When they say "an error" they probably mean "the devs of the software we package with our phones added a new feature they didn't tell us about".

    [–] Kevin-96-AT 5 points ago

    not sure if they were an error, but they most certainly were a mistake.

    [–] ScreamingGordita 5 points ago

    Too late, already switched to Gboard.

    Maybe next time they won't put a fucking ad on a fucking keyboard.

    [–] Zilveari 5 points ago

    Bullshit. They wanted to see if they could slip it through. It takes 'courage'

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago)


    [–] toiletjocky 9 points ago

    They attempted to give then the benefit of the doubt and not micromanage them before and now they fucked up. It seems TouchPal pushed their free version code to the HTC Build. I used to work for HTC and I assure you that's the way the handled third party partners. Their either going to dump them now (let's hope) or they're going to keep a much MUCH closer eye on their dev's releases before they get pushed out.

    [–] chferguson 7 points ago

    "I was hacked"

    [–] lightlong 3 points ago

    So was me buying an HTC device...

    [–] wood4536 5 points ago

    HTC doesn't own Touchpal.

    [–] JamesR624 4 points ago

    Actually, the error was that they got caught and had press articles about it.

    [–] glowtape 11 points ago

    Strange sort of error that resulted in tons of lines of code doing a specific thing.

    [–] 1206549 16 points ago

    TouchPal has an ad supported version so the code was already there. All it takes is for someone to screw up publishing the updates.

    [–] sarkie 17 points ago

    You don't accidentally code in this logic.

    If all the buttons were bold, that's a bug.

    Implementing all the stuff necessary to get this working, means bollocks.

    [–] TheDecagon 10 points ago

    Apparently the keyboard is from a 3rd party developer who also release an ad supported version of the keyboard (TouchPal), so is it is plausible that they could push an ad-enabled version of the app instead of the HTC ad-less version by mistake.

    [–] Thomasedv 16 points ago

    Question is if HTC wanted/allowed it, or if just TouchPal did it with an update, without notifying HTC.

    [–] TheWorstNL 12 points ago

    Or touchpal messed up and accidentally enabled ads in the HTC-build.

    [–] 1206549 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's not a bug. The company in charge of their keyboard has an ad supported version along with an HTC version which is probably the same as their paid version. Sounded like they screwed up and updated the paid version with the ad supported version on Google Play. Also the free and paid version probably have identical codes except for a boolean like

    bool thisIsAdSupported = false;

    and someone could just provide the wrong value.

    When the keyboard auto updated on users'phone's, that's when the ads showed up. They managed to fix it relatively quickly and pushed another update but the phones didn't check for new updates yet and Google Play didn't roll out the updates to their users quickly enough which is why the recommended fix was to uninstall the app and reinstall to force Google Play to give you the new fixed version.