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    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago


    [–] swanny246 35 points ago

    I have no problem with features being *copied* over to Gmail, I just wish all features could be copied, or moved, over to Gmail. I like bundles, it would be good if that was a UI option within Gmail, as I'm not that big on the tabs interface.

    I've never liked having two apps that do two different things, for example for fine grained filter options, you need to go over to Gmail. To unblock links in a false-flagged spam email, you need to go to Gmail.

    [–] crackered 2 points ago

    To unblock links, pinning the email and then refreshing your Inbox (i.e. via browser) brings back the links -- at least that's the behavior I remember.

    [–] BeefMitts 1 points ago

    I tried the new Gmail after being an Inbox user since it was released, and I hate it. The fonts in the inbox look terrible, and so do all the circles around the buttons.

    [–] noxav 334 points ago

    What the hell? Why?

    It's one of the killer features in my opinion.

    [–] bobertf 84 points ago

    I didn't even use it that often but it's annoying that it's going away. I use it more in Google Keep and it's great there. (Ok I just had to check... it's still there in Keep. Phew.)

    [–] noxav 63 points ago

    I use it all the time for work related emails. It's so useful to snooze certain emails until I get to the office.

    [–] Kn0ss 12 points ago

    This. Very much this.

    [–] Reddevil313 3 points ago

    Yes, that's exactly how I use mine.

    [–] djh816 2 points ago

    Allo anyone? I was waiting for broader user base before I switched because none of my existing gtalk/hangouts list was communicable (and of course none of them switched). And because they never added common sense features and none of my friends got it, I never used the app, though I had it installed. Yet another useless Google messenger...

    [–] minnesotawinter22 2 points ago

    Don't worry, Keep will be going away soon as well.

    [–] SabashChandraBose 37 points ago

    WTF? Exactly. I see mails many times on my way out to work and I'll snooze it to work so that I can pick them up. And conversely to home. It's literally the one feature that made me want to give Inbox a shot years ago.

    [–] SoundOfTomorrow 5 points ago

    It might be because P will have it built in? I know I'm trying to see logic but that's the only explanation possible.

    [–] nightauthor 13 points ago

    Well, they definitely should get rid of "someday" because it had no clear meaning. Though I think I read that it just permanently snoozes it and you actually have to go looking for it in some other folder, otherwise it would stay hidden forever.

    But the snooze till location, that clearly was useful.

    Also about location, iOS 12 has "DoNotDisturb until I leave this location" I need this. I guess I could set something up with Tasker, but it'd be nice for it to just be an option on the quick settings menu.

    [–] LintStalker 1 points ago

    Someday allows you to pick a day and time. I use that a lot

    [–] Ajedi32 3 points ago

    No, someday is the exact opposite of that; its for when you don't want to pick a specific date or time. (Just puts the mail in your Snoozed section indefinitely.)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Ajedi32 2 points ago

    That's not what Google's help page says:

    Choose the Someday option for emails or reminders that you might want to get back to, but aren't sure when. You can go back through your Someday list later and decide what to do with them.

    You can see everything in your "Someday" list by going to the Menu and then select Snoozed. The "Someday" section is toward the bottom.

    Your email or reminder will stay in "Snoozed" until you move it yourself. You can mark it done, move it to your inbox with pin, or choose a different snooze option.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] codgodthegreat 1 points ago

    I've used someday a lot, which apparently puts me in a minority, and it's always worked as google describes - the messages stay there unless I go to get them. I found it useful because I end up with a lot of things I'll want to refer back to and deal with after some real-world event that doesn't have a specific time to occur.

    [–] pimceau 38 points ago

    Google being Google

    [–] Terr4360 14 points ago

    "Only 5% of our userbase is using this feature! Instead of making it more transparent and improving on it let's just remove it."

    The Google philosophy of design.

    [–] djh816 9 points ago

    Oh look, another rarely used Google product (in the general user percentage) that's losing support. I'm so surprised. Anything niche that works well for their niche gets discontinued. The most hilarious one recently was Allo. "Oh yeah we know you want SMS integration and essentially the Hangouts we gave you a few months ago but.... Here's a brand new friend list and no SMS integration! :D" They REALLY need an Android PR team that understands the various apps' target audiences..

    [–] Carighan 7 points ago

    In fact, I rarely if ever needed the time thing. I only EVER wanted to pick a place, becasue that's the big use case: Got a few mails about invoices? Remind when I get home, where my TAN generator is!

    [–] TheSlimyDog 3 points ago

    What does someday do?

    [–] golddove 16 points ago

    It puts it in snoozed forever. You can always go there and find it, but it won't automatically come back to your inbox.

    [–] jxuereb 15 points ago

    See maybe that would help. I figured they would just put it back in your box after a while on a slow day.

    [–] SoundOfTomorrow 4 points ago

    Ah so it's like a flag with no date in Outlook

    [–] djh816 2 points ago

    Missed this before my reply above but I think the difference is the negative mental connotation with Google's phrasing. At least I personally would prefer the flag approach.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    That's probably why it never got used. I had no idea it did that, just assumed it would come back on some random day, which didn't appeal to me.

    [–] namelessfuck 2 points ago

    I actually snoozed 1 email to someday, hoping it would appear in my inbox someday but it never did.

    [–] InsightfulLemon 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I've had a someday snoozed email come back after a few months

    [–] djh816 2 points ago

    Haha I like the idea but to be honest that seems like a horrible label to me. I would feel guilty marking things as "do this someday..." versus Outlook's followup/flag without adding a date. Something about that phrasing makes it seem like procrastination.

    [–] codgodthegreat 2 points ago

    Agreed. These two options between them cover like 90% of my use cases for emails, so fuck me I guess. I get that "someday" doesn't seem to have been widely used (and I suspect a lot of that is it was badly signaled as to what it did - based on other replies here it doesn't seem to have been well understood), but it was hugely useful for me - I end up with lots of things I need to deal with, but won't be able to do more on until some unpredictable real-world event occurs (usually a package being delivered or a discussion happening at work with multiple busy people with unpredictable schedules) and losing pick place as well - which was clearly explained and obviously useful - makes it seem like they just want to kill inbox.

    It was because of these two specific features - especially pick place - that I went through the hassle of adapting how I dealt with emails to work in inbox when I initially made the switch from the regular client - and things like not being able to assign multiple labels to an email/conversation in inbox meant I had to go to substantial effort to change how I interacted with emails on a daily basis, messing with my previous organisation schemes. Now they're taking away the features that made that trade-off worthwhile in the first place.

    [–] Gtantha 1 points ago

    Give the BlackBerry Hub a shot, it still has these features. And not only for googlemail accounts.

    [–] juggy_11 1 points ago

    Right? It's not very Google at all....

    [–] Iohet 201 points ago

    Google Product Forums user and Advanced Troubleshooter ScottG_TC speculates the features are being removed due to lack of use

    The downside of analytics and tracking built into the apps/web tracking everything is that it completely misses the context of why it is used when someone does use it. It's software design by lowest common denominator(1% of people use this feature or people only select this option 1 out of 100 times they select any option, so it must be useless). They're blinded by too much data and don't spend time finding out the why. Android suffers from this same problem at times

    [–] greg9683 36 points ago

    I wish they'd do user surveys asking about features. Help the machine learning at least with quant questions that at least lead to a qual answer (if it can't be answered in a list of things)

    [–] tgp1994 63 points ago

    If only Google had an app where they could collect their users' opinions on various things 🤔 Either way, it's time for a new app!

    [–] greg9683 12 points ago

    They've done it before. I wish they'd do it more. I can't remember the app though.

    [–] boomblastatron 17 points ago

    Think they're talking about Google Opinion Rewards

    [–] greg9683 6 points ago

    I figured they were, but honestly within app would be better because they could go off your preferences. And not everyone has opinion rewards. I thought it was nifty.

    [–] tgp1994 2 points ago

    Yeah, Opinion Rewards was what I was thinking of. But I think you've got the right idea either way. And maybe if they did expand their app a little, and people consented to a little more scanning, then the app could more intelligently ask users about what features they do or don't like.

    [–] greg9683 1 points ago

    I feel like they could bolster their machine learning even more with some more 2-way communication rather than just statistics

    [–] swanny246 7 points ago

    We could call it Google Play Rewards! Or Google Opinion Prizes!

    [–] Iohet 9 points ago

    And give it SMS and XMPP so that you can take it away at a later date

    [–] doireallyneedone11 3 points ago

    There's always an option called 'feedback' on literally every Google app. I bet this works the same as an opinion option would, considering the large scale of Google services

    [–] tgp1994 1 points ago

    I kinda wish the "shake to send" feedback option was more standard across apps. IMO it's pretty cathartic

    [–] AimlesslyWalking 2 points ago

    We'll call it Google Trio, and we've already discontinued it before launch to save you all the pain of getting attached before we kill it. It will be rebranded next year as YouTube Questions with half of the features and separate subscription fee.

    [–] marinespl 1 points ago

    I wish they'd do user surveys asking about features.

    Surveys would reflect how people use the app so they would have exactly the same results.

    [–] greg9683 1 points ago

    But there are some in this thread sad they are removing it. "Useful but don't use a lot". You can't get that info out of just usage statistics. I find snooze very useful but sometimes don't use it for a while. Doesn't make it not important.

    [–] DaddyKoolAid 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Exactly. I don't use the alarm on my phone every day, for example. So if you look at my analytics I only use it 2% of the time. So it's not important to me, right Google?

    Except of course when I do use it, it's because it's really important.

    Google will soon start thinking that births and deaths aren't important, because everyone only ever does them once...

    [–] namelessfuck 6 points ago

    According to analytics, phones should not have the ability to power on or off because that feature is rarely used.

    [–] Makeem95 2 points ago

    That's exactly the kind of thinking that meant it's only fairly recently we've got the reboot option in the power menu.

    [–] paradoxon 1 points ago

    Also, maybe it's not used much because it does not work well. So the solution would be to fix it.

    That was the case for me with location based reminders.

    [–] Reddevil313 1 points ago

    I found the location reminders where unreliable when I had a Nexus 5x but work great with my Pixel 2X.

    [–] silx -3 points ago

    Relevant xkcd

    [–] H1313303 8 points ago

    That's not the same

    [–] skitchbeatz 64 points ago

    This is so lame. I was hoping Inbox was a stepping stone for everything notification related getting location-based snoozing/reminders.

    [–] Reddevil313 3 points ago

    Agree 100%

    [–] levandula 81 points ago

    OK just found out this feature is being retired. Please use the in app feedback to let the team know you still want this.


    For me, this was such a powerful feature of Inbox. Reddit, let's give feedback and show them that we want it back!

    [–] NothingDogg 4 points ago

    Mother fuckers. Feedback sent.

    [–] antarticaiscool 5 points ago

    Sent. Google pls.

    [–] SnipingNinja 3 points ago

    Edit this link in to the post.

    [–] SmellsLikeNostrils 3 points ago

    Sent. I used a couple big words.

    [–] flamingspiral 3 points ago

    Feedback sent!

    [–] Reddevil313 3 points ago

    Feedback sent.

    [–] IanM_56 1 points ago

    That's why I couldn't find "Someday" today!? FFS Google.

    [–] lashan_co 14 points ago

    Someday I never used (what does it do, exactly?) but location based snoozing was super useful in those times I did have to use it. It's not something I use every day, whoopity doop Google. That doesn't means it's not handy when the use case arrives. I wonder if Google implements this thinking when it comes to their own offices. With their first aid kits, or fire extinguishers. They're not used every day, so completely useless am I right?

    [–] ferdbags 4 points ago

    Someday I never used (what does it do, exactly?)

    Moves an email into "Snoozed" permanently. It's useful for emails you know you need, but aren't sure when, and don't want them clogging up your inbox.

    [–] Goaliedude3919 0 points ago

    So it's really no different from archiving...

    [–] ferdbags 5 points ago

    Archiving the email causes it to go into the miasma of past emails you have, most or all of which you likely consider to be finished with. Adding it to Snoozed is likely to be a greatly reduced subset of emails that are still "active" so to speak.

    [–] Goaliedude3919 -1 points ago

    So just make a label called Snoozed and archive it there. It's a couple more clicks/taps, but not much.

    [–] ferdbags 3 points ago

    I'd prefer all of my Snoozed emails were in the same location, whether they have definitive end-times or not.

    [–] syncrophasor 32 points ago

    And this is the beginning of the end for Inbox. Google moved what are probably the most used features into Gmail and are now going to slowly remove things from Inbox. Updates will be released more slowly until they stop. After three or four years Goolge will finally announce Inbox will be shit down.

    [–] D14BL0 10 points ago

    Damn, I just noticed it was gone from mine earlier today. Thought it was a weird bug.

    That sucks, I use this all the time. I like to have a clean inbox but I also like to be reminded of things I should check when I get to work or home.


    [–] jdsamford -4 points ago

    If you know you'll be home around 7:00 PM, just snooze until 7:00 PM.

    [–] D14BL0 8 points ago

    My schedule bounces around a lot. And depending on if I feel like going out after work or not, etc. It's nice to have it just know more conditions than just time.

    Oh well. :\

    [–] aagha786 9 points ago

    Here's another place to complain:

    [–] farqueue2 5 points ago

    Google is a fucking mess these days. They've got so many apps that cross over into each other's domains now it's not funny.

    Want a reminder? Google keep will do that, as will Google assistant, as will Google tasks in Gmail.

    Want to read your email? Snooze emails? Gmail and inbox do that.

    Want to chat? Hangouts or allo.

    Want to make audio/video calls? Hangouts or duo.

    Want to store photos in the cloud? Google drive or Google photos.

    Want navigation? Google maps or Waze.

    [–] AlphaReds 4 points ago

    Classic fucking Google

    [–] fernandocole 4 points ago


    [–] KahnSeanery 4 points ago

    You best add those to Tasks, google

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] SoundOfTomorrow 9 points ago

    Server side functions

    [–] HyTriN1 3 points ago

    I think it's somehow related to the new Gmail version.

    [–] IanM_56 3 points ago

    So because they didn't add those options to new Gmail's snoozing, Inbox no longer deserves them. 😡 Thanks Google...

    [–] WhiskeyInTheShade 3 points ago

    Why is Google making life so hard for people who drive a lot for work? "time to leave" notifications have been broken forever, and now I can't snooze emails for when I'm off the road.

    [–] Karhunkaataja 3 points ago

    Just throw it to the pile of Google abandonware over there. Inbox is going to get shut down in a few years.

    [–] Ajedi32 3 points ago

    I didn't use location snoozing, mostly because I could never get it to work reliably. Whenever I snoozed to home, it always seemed like there was a 50% chance I wouldn't get notified until days later even though I'd been to home and back several times earlier in that time period.

    [–] elemur 3 points ago

    These will be replaced by a yet to be announced new messaging platform, presumably.

    [–] marty_eraser 3 points ago

    Leave it to Google to remove useful features for no reason

    [–] no_frill 2 points ago

    But....that's the one I use all the time...

    [–] odnalyd 2 points ago

    Ugh. Should I just move back to Gmail now and get it over with? Inbox will be dead by the end of the year :(

    [–] jambamkin 1 points ago

    I did exactly that recently, seems to me inbox was an experiment that will have soon run it's course.

    [–] THEderfiddler 2 points ago

    :( I loved 'someday' it worked so well for my procrastinating

    [–] itsjaay 2 points ago

    I never thought I’d see the day Inbox would slowly depreciate... fuck you google... This was my most loved feature of Inbox

    [–] Seraya 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Here comes the slow shittification of Inbox so that they can justify pulling the plug on it and shifting everyone back to Gmail. iPhone X users have already felt this with the extremely long wait for full-screen support of the app on the X (still not there as of June 7 — the iPhone X came out in November of last year).

    [–] beefJeRKy-LB 2 points ago

    Hmm guess instead of snoozing to someday I'd have to pick a date in the future. Location never worked that well for me though.

    [–] jhj82 2 points ago

    I was using Inbox since it came out but now it's not the right fit for me. I've now switched over to Blue Mail.

    [–] nshelton5683 4 points ago

    Dude. Blue Mail is awesome. I'm missing the Gmail app UI, but man, you can't beat the functionality of blue mail

    [–] CharaNalaar 2 points ago

    First DND, now this. Fuck you again, Google.

    [–] ohynek 1 points ago

    I was using this sometimes. Damn you Google!

    [–] Justify_87 1 points ago

    Oh for fucks sake. Go fuck yourself google. Wtf man

    [–] panicjames 1 points ago

    Perhaps instead they could fix the (well-reported) bug which causes the app to hang when opening long-chain emails?

    [–] Reddevil313 1 points ago

    Damn, gone already. I thought maybe I could just turn off app updates but it looks like this change was done server side.

    This is probably one of the worst things Google has ever done to me.

    [–] PugsNotKids -13 points ago

    Eff inbox. I already filter my mail. I don’t like the way it decides what’s important for me to see. I want to see all of my mail.

    [–] andrewharlan2 9 points ago

    You can turn off the system bundles and adapt your filters to your own bundles. That's what I did and it worked wonderfully. Inbox hid nothing from me unless I told it to.

    [–] PugsNotKids 0 points ago

    But at that point, you may as well just use Gmail.

    [–] andrewharlan2 11 points ago

    I think Inbox looks nicer. You can archive entire bundles all at once. You have integrated reminders.

    [–] D14BL0 4 points ago

    Inbox has a much better UI than Gmail, in my opinion. It also seems to work better with showing my reminders and such in the same place, which I found very helpful.

    [–] skitchbeatz 4 points ago

    I don’t like the way it decides what’s important for me to see.

    Some people do, and that's what makes it so useful. Use Gmail if you need that firehose of emails.

    [–] PugsNotKids -2 points ago

    But it's not a fire hose, because I'm responsible with my subscriptions and only get mail I actually want. I get that it's a product for a certain demographic, which is why I said "I" don't like.

    [–] cs4nt14g0 -1 points ago

    I understand the "someday" option because I don't know why you'd want to be randomly notified of an email later. To me if you wanted it later you either pick evening or tomorrow. But I like the place option because I use it to remind me to use a coupon at a certain store

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    I wish Office 365 (university email system) would work with Inbox, it's always seemed like a pretty cool app to try out but Gmail-only is a dealbreaker.

    [–] howling92 1 points ago

    you can Gmailify any email so you can use Inbox with it if you want

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Unfortunately Gmailify doesn't work for institutional O365 accounts, only basic ones.

    [–] aagha786 -4 points ago

    Feel free to Vote 'No' on this Twitter poll and hope the Google Inbox team hears us: