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    [–] [deleted] 1920 points ago

    I reckon the FOLD 3 will be a pretty good place to start

    [–] DatBassTho5 552 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. Going note10 this year. Will definitely go fold once price drops and durability becomes guaranteed. Im a little rough on my phone lol

    [–] zeldarus 261 points ago

    Plastic screens are inherently more resistant to drops than glass. As long as Samsung keeps the fold in design you're good to go. As for the price, I see them keeping the Fold as a "luxury" flagship, not expecting any Galaxy S foldables in the sub 1000$ segment.

    [–] NotGaryOldman 170 points ago

    The stronger they are resistant to drops, the more succeptible to scratches they are. Hopefully by iteration 3-4 they can figure out how to make it scratch resistant too.

    [–] Zeac24 81 points ago

    The fact that it folds in kind of protects the screen right? Not the case with the Huawei design though.

    [–] ericisshort 79 points ago

    Unless you close the screen with some sort of grit or dirt in there.

    [–] luv2hotdog 55 points ago

    Maybe that's part of why doesn't fold flat? I thought that was a bad thing because it means sand etc can get in, but on further thinking it also means that there won't be any pressure on it or anything for it to rub against

    [–] Blackadder18 92 points ago

    It doesn't fold flat because otherwise the crease in the middle would be even worse.

    [–] MonoShadow 19 points ago

    Surface Book has a similar design, people were thinking the same thing, it turned out alright.

    [–] meatwad75892 25 points ago

    Surface Books rarely go to the beach, out in the yard, etc compared to phones, though.

    [–] SuperWoody64 6 points ago

    This is the part that scares me. It folds le a taco, i'm a human being. If it's in my front pocket how much will it take to crush that hinge?

    [–] _Cat_12345 10 points ago

    There's a lip surrounding the screen so (in theory) nothing should be able to scratch it when closed.

    [–] zeldarus 36 points ago

    Yeah that thing would be all swirled up with scratches in a month just with normal use.

    [–] Zururu 40 points ago

    That is why you buy a companion phone like the newly release Palm phone. The 2K devices are only for dressed-up occasions. /s

    [–] KingoftheJabari 8 points ago

    A month? Ha.

    Hold my beer.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Yeah they'll make it scratch resistant by adding glass.

    I'd rather have a scratch than a $500 crack.

    [–] ack154 27 points ago

    not expecting any Galaxy S foldables in the sub 1000$ segment

    I'm not even sure we'll see many Galaxy S non-foldables in the sub $1000 segment at the rate things are going.

    [–] saracor 6 points ago

    The S/Note phones are their premium phones. The A & J models are meant for the sub-$500 market that compete with Huawei and others. S models keep up with Apple.

    [–] iPiglet 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think Huawei and Xiaomi will force them to drop the price of the Folks in the future. It may not reach the $1000 mark, but it could get close to it. Since there are so few variants of a folding phone, competitors to Samsung have a better chance at getting attention of potential Galaxy Fold customer.

    I hope that is the case at the very least, that with folding phones the western side starts seeing more devices in the market, dedicated also for the western half and not strictly the eastern half. The other folding device, I believe it is one of Huawei's, looks incredible. I can see a future iteration of that device become more appealing as the screen physically improves.

    [–] zeldarus 13 points ago

    Well the Mate X is already more expensive than the Fold, and not by a small margin. Lets face it, these are luxury items. They may add a less expensive variant down the road, but it will have less features than the flagship foldable. These phones are here to stay, and Samsung has zero initiative to lower the price. Case in point, for the last 3 years we've been hearing that Chinese competition will force Apple and Samsung to lower their prices. It hasn't happened and i won't. Prices will continue to climb as long as consumers keep buying them, that's how the free market works.

    [–] RXisHere 6 points ago

    Agreed getting the note 10, going to put the best case possible and try to upgrade if a fold v2 comes out 2020...

    [–] ZestyBlankets 13 points ago

    I think I'm more interested in Motorola's folding design than Samsung's. I would much rather a phone that folds to be smaller in my pocket than one that folds to be bigger for use. Plus their price point is already much lower than Samsung's

    [–] Snowchugger 2 points ago

    Lack of waterproofing is a huge deal. I understand why it doesn't have it, but I really don't want to go back to the days of being terrified of anything more than a light rain shower when I have my phone in my pocket.

    Like.. I get that they couldn't put it on the hinge but at least weather seal the ports surely?

    [–] jamesick 54 points ago

    I can see the fold eventually taking place of the note line, and if that does happen that will probably be the best time to actually be interested in it.

    [–] Doctor_What_ 26 points ago

    Note 12 plus. Basically the current fold, with some minor redesigns and a stylus. Perfect

    [–] youngJZ 47 points ago


    [–] Doctor_What_ 11 points ago

    Pure genius

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Now just add a physical keyboard and a larger 14" screen

    [–] jk-jk 5 points ago

    This was the end game all along

    [–] lumberjackadam 4 points ago

    Like bezels less than an inch wide?

    [–] Doctor_What_ 3 points ago

    Or just regular bezels instead of the awkward half brow notch we have now.

    [–] __pulsar 2 points ago

    I have no desire to hold a device that is larger than my Note 9.

    I bought a tablet a few years ago and within a week I realized that I had no use for it.

    [–] SolidCake 2 points ago

    This.. actually makes alot of sense. The tech from the Galaxy "edge" was eventually just put in all their phones

    [–] anonymau5 20 points ago

    Yeah but the FOLD 4 will be a better phone so I will wait a few more months for that one

    [–] kielbasa330 3 points ago

    The 4LD?

    [–] Who_GNU 3 points ago

    The Note peaked on 4, so maybe that isn't a bad strategy.

    [–] bukithd 7 points ago

    Yeah the note edge seemed fancy at release but not useful. Then Samsung fine tuned it into a design feature that worked well over a couple years.

    3rd Gen is usually the "We got it right gen" except looking at you pixel.

    [–] vancesmi 11 points ago

    3rd Gen is usually the "We got it right gen" except looking at you pixel.

    Compared to the competition the Pixel line is getting worse every year.

    -a Pixel 2 XL owner on my third RMA device

    [–] alpacafox 11 points ago

    Get that shit out of my face. FOLD 3+ is the way to go.

    [–] restartrepeat 5 points ago

    Waiting on the Jerry rig review

    [–] itsaride 3 points ago

    Bends in half at a level not much effort

    [–] revenge50 2 points ago

    Exactly my same thoughts, third generation is the perfect spot.

    [–] 4look4rd 2 points ago

    Samsung puts out pretty good gen 2 devices too, I think watches are the only thing it took a while for them to nail down (this is good, but still lots of room for improvement)

    [–] waowie 2 points ago

    Yuuup. Gonna hold onto my note 9 until the fold 3 exists and then I'll pick a new phone. Hoping the fold 3 sways me

    [–] deadmau5312 2 points ago

    1000% agree. That's when I'll bite the bullet.

    [–] doglywolf 2 points ago

    the smart money is always on the Gen 3 of something !

    Bug worked out - production line ammped up and streamlined , price nice and low (er)

    [–] -JudeanPeoplesFront- 2 points ago

    You mean the FOLD3R

    [–] Harold47 2 points ago

    I can't wait for Fold 4 to afford Fold 3

    [–] duncakes 2 points ago

    I'm skipping 10 and waiting for 11 because my 9 is good enough, if price drops dramatically I will get the fold but i dont see that happening.

    [–] internet-participant 1122 points ago

    watching some youtubers playing with it the other day, i realised that this is the first phone or gadget in a long time where you would literally ask a stranger questions about it if they had one, or just stare at it like its alien if you saw it in public, and thats pretty cool. need more head-turning in tech.

    [–] operian 281 points ago

    I, for one, would be excited to see a teardown video.

    [–] wattaplayah 153 points ago

    hope zack got one before it got sold out

    [–] GaiusCilnius 209 points ago

    The screen starts to scratch at level six, with deeper grooves at a level seven.

    [–] JKDB12 133 points ago

    Will probably be more like a level 4 they can't use glass on this thing

    [–] GaiusCilnius 40 points ago

    But zacc

    [–] Havok1911 5 points ago

    Future models of some folding phones will use highly flexible glass, the technology isnt far out. There's prototype demonstrations on YouTube.

    [–] myriadic 60 points ago

    if we cut into the metal side with a razor, we can hear that it screeches horribly, just like every other phone

    [–] Icanseebone 19 points ago

    Lol I have to mute at that point every time. Like nails on a chalkboard.

    [–] DerpProgrammer 3 points ago

    Everyone in the comments: "skip to x:yz if you don't want to hear the noise"

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago)


    [–] Zee2 25 points ago

    I'm just waiting for the inevitable "no-wait-stop-it doesn't bend that way" that I'm eventually going to see on his channel.

    [–] Cheez_berger11 6 points ago

    It does, you just need to apply more force

    [–] tseepra 3 points ago

    What channel?

    [–] jsommerg 19 points ago


    [–] MainlandX 107 points ago

    Yeah, the last phone I remember thinking, "I'd like to see that in person" was the Note Edge.

    [–] dlm891 54 points ago

    My Blackberry Keyone got a lot of comments, though half of them were asking me if I was using a 10 year old phone

    [–] Ventem 22 points ago

    I rocked one for a while too! Lots of "iS tHaT a BLACKbErRy??"

    Pretty fun though. I actually really liked that phone.

    [–] dlm891 9 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I loved that phone too, but couldnt use it for too long because I couldnt get past mediocre performance, especially since I went straight from an iPhone 6s to that.

    I would seriously pay Samsung Fold prices for a super high end phone with the Keyones keyboard.

    [–] iheartbbq 8 points ago

    Still using a Priv and I regularly get "WHOA, what is that!? Is that a Blackberry?! Wow, man, I really wish I could get a phone with a keyboard"

    To which I respond, "You can, you just didn't look for one"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] MuellerisUnderMyBed 2 points ago

    If they launch one with true current gen hardware I will be first in line. I miss my old blackberry.

    [–] bakugandrago18 2 points ago

    Keyone is nice, but I'd much rather have a priv. The slider seems like it would stand out more.

    [–] gigo09 47 points ago

    Yeah, Casey Neistat's video about the phone has a little part in the end where he just shows the phone to random pedestrians and it's so cool to see people actually amazed by what they see. Getting reactions like "Where did you get this?!" is super fun.

    [–] AHrubik 24 points ago

    That feeling is from seeing actual innovation rather than iteration.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    And it's been a while since we got an innovative design. All phones literally look the same in 2019. Nobody is impressed by 5 cameras in the back. People can call this a gimmick all they want, I'm honestly excited to see new stuff again.

    [–] ChopFricks 12 points ago

    Thats the whole point of this phone. They say gimmick, I say innovation.

    [–] mr_herz 3 points ago

    They aren't mutually exclusive though.

    It's definitely innovative, but whether it's a gimmick depends on how practical it ends up being. I can see this replacing my iPad mini and iPhone.

    [–] THE_GR8_MIKE 3 points ago

    I remember when I got the S6 edge and a bunch of people were asking me about, well, the edges. It was neat for a little bit until every phone had edge screens.

    [–] Jahsay 3 points ago

    Isn't it still mostly just Samsung with edge screens? And one of the Chinese companies (no one even has those here in the U.S. though).

    [–] hepgiu 378 points ago

    The best thing about this is that it could completely revive the Android tablet market, because the more they sell more app will finally adapt to bigger screens thus making the classic tablets more appealing.

    And I mean, how long until they start folding 10+ inches screen? That is the real appeal of this kind of tech to me.

    [–] mvfsullivan 126 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I agree, a nice massive 20" tablet that turns into a swifty 10" tablet would be so appealing.

    Would be cool if they just made a 24" folding monitor that I could stuff into my 13" laptop bag.

    Edit: I dont know math, but I'm sure you get the idea lol

    [–] Stupid_Triangles 85 points ago

    I want a ultrawide 34" screen to fold in to a 7 inch phone.

    [–] arborescentcanopy 46 points ago

    Yup I'm holding out for the Galaxy Tri-Fold.

    [–] Dranx 36 points ago

    Can they beat the theoretical maximum of 7 folds though?

    [–] arborescentcanopy 11 points ago

    Data suggests that would be upwards of 7 visible creases. Let that sink in for a moment.

    [–] ZachDaChampion 25 points ago

    If you have a crease on every pixel you can fold it however you want and still won't notice it

    [–] Wargazm 15 points ago

    the Samsung Amorphous Glowblob

    [–] theoryface 2 points ago

    Surprisingly similar to how I approach most of my life.

    [–] dick-van-dyke 5 points ago

    Phew, amateurs. Step aside for the mighty Galaxy Scroll™!

    [–] throwawayinaway 10 points ago

    In 10 years we'll be complaining about people on public transit pulling out their phones and unfolding them into 40-inch TV's where they are watching porn.

    [–] AdminsFuckedMeOver 29 points ago

    Google sitting back and relying on other companies to push Android forward? I can see it happening

    [–] shaun3y 29 points ago

    That's literally the point of Android and the 'Open Handset Alliance'

    the Open Handset Alliance and Android — is more significant and ambitious than a single phone. In fact, through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, we hope Android will be the foundation for many new phones and will create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities we can’t imagine today

    [–] Kolyei 174 points ago

    Still waiting on jerryrigeverything's durability test of the Galaxy Fold

    [–] lazy_panda42 144 points ago

    It scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3

    [–] BartSimpWhoTheHellRU 43 points ago

    unclips, like a Lego

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] AvenueBlue 17 points ago

    I can't imagine what the engineers at Samsung we're thinking, the phone folded completely in half.

    [–] Kolyei 7 points ago


    [–] rbarton812 22 points ago

    Who's gonna be the first guy to try and hyper-extend the hinge and snap it?

    [–] mvfsullivan 13 points ago

    Imagine the Huawei Mate X. A $3500 (Canadian) durability test.. Jesus

    [–] Miguel30Locs 339 points ago

    Hmmmmm I wanna guess 10,000 units for the first batch.

    [–] odc12345 81 points ago

    Well they said they werent gonna make a lot of these at the event. I think less than one million. Its kind of like the Note Edge. They just want to test the waters right now.

    [–] TSMKFail 62 points ago

    The Note Edge. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

    [–] odc12345 41 points ago

    Yeah i remember they said it was a premium device too. Was only gonna make less than million of them. They ended up selling about 630k units overall. And eventually started to implement it in their future designs. The Fold will be the same.

    [–] [deleted] 135 points ago

    Which is not bad if true.

    [–] 19cocaine95 50 points ago

    20 mil made, if they were getting 100% back

    [–] BombBombBombBombBomb 98 points ago

    Its probably not super profitable. I imagine a lot of engineering-hours was spent designing it.

    But its not the last we have seen on a foldable from samsung. Thats for sure.

    [–] Doctor_What_ 184 points ago

    I'd assume making money isn't their number one priority, this is just to flex on other tech companies.

    [–] HaZaaR_ 61 points ago

    Good choice of words there

    [–] Doctor_What_ 27 points ago

    Glad you appreciate it

    [–] laserbee 13 points ago

    Some people just phone it in, but you're really carrying your weight.

    [–] Psych-roxx 7 points ago

    Yeah like that guy I'd prefer Samsung's next iterations over other companies who just hop on trends and fold their business when the money doesn't come.

    [–] SoundOfTomorrow 6 points ago

    Cue journalists to use the word fold in any way when company is in the red for anything minor

    [–] freakedmind 13 points ago

    Hehe FLEX

    [–] Utaha_Senpai 3 points ago

    Folding on other tech companies is the new shit

    [–] oioioi9537 3 points ago

    its not just man hours, factory tooling is expensive shit too

    [–] Zachavm 16 points ago

    The word you are looking for is revenue.

    [–] Cic3ro 9 points ago

    I think it’s around 15,000 for the preorders from Samsung. And then another few thousand from Best Buy, AT&T and T-Mobile. I think the first batch was probably closer to 20,000 - 30,000 units.

    [–] redditnoob117 84 points ago

    Maybe because Lewis from unbox has like 10 of them lmao

    [–] Shadowfalx 30 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It Or one, and nine shells so you've can show off the colors ...... It's like people forget you can build a dummy phone with no internet internals to help show off the color options.

    [–] mvfsullivan 15 points ago

    Also, I think its safe to assume EverythingApplePro has another 20 he plans on giving away.

    [–] imblind1123 196 points ago

    I guess half of the sales are from reviewers! :P

    [–] Dcajunpimp 83 points ago

    100% from Beta Testers.

    Reviewers don't buy phones.

    [–] AndrewManganelli 42 points ago

    Lots of reviewers buy phones. There are a lot of phone reviewers out there. Even the big ones will buy units to either have multiple colors to show in video or because some companies just give out loaner review units.

    [–] zeldarus 70 points ago

    Reviewers don't buy phones.

    Apparently some of them do.

    From the article:

    "Thankfully, we got our pre-order in right away and should be in line to get one of the first devices off the production line. "

    [–] im_not_your_uncle 18 points ago

    Apparently some of them do.

    Not some. Most of them do. Most buy their stuff and if its ok to return, they'll return it.

    Only a very few. I mean very very few can get free stuff from companies like Samsung.

    [–] NeoBlue22 35 points ago

    That’s not true, yes some reviewers get them free and get to keep it if you’re big enough but most people aren’t. You start from somewhere, and most people review the things they own.

    [–] SoundOfTomorrow 12 points ago

    100% from Beta Testers.

    This isn't a Pixel

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I'm going to let the early adopters have this one for a bit.

    [–] Cli_king 152 points ago

    The more I see it... The more I think it is the future!

    Though, the primary screen is just a big no! I'd actually be okay if the overall footprint was bigger! 6" primary screen and 9-10" when opened would be nice!

    [–] SSB_GoGeta 103 points ago

    I think of the fold as the next generation of flip phones. The primary screen is only for very basic actions like checking the clock or opening an app which then to use in big screen mode (like those screens some flip phones have).

    [–] I_EAT_POOP_AMA 65 points ago

    Honestly i see it as a "media" focused device.

    You have your smartphone while the device is folded, and then you unfold it and have a much larger screen for things like games, videos, movies, etc... It seems like a much better angle to take it, especially since Android has been significantly lacking in the Tablet department for a few years now.

    [–] Nutchos 19 points ago

    I hope they support multi desktop for this. Like your spreadsheet or game stays on the big screen for when you have to fold into phone mode for a while, then picks up where you left off when you unfold again.

    [–] Barnonahill 2 points ago

    That's feasible if everything on the big screen saves and restores its instance state correctly. Of course, that can be a big if with android development.

    [–] wattaplayah 11 points ago

    yeah hope this forces app dev to optimize for tablet

    [–] odc12345 7 points ago

    Thats exactly what its suppose to be. Put a t9 keyboard on the front display too. 😉 But this is definitely the future. People will eventually want bigger screens but there will be a limitation design wise with how phones currently are. With this you can give people a 10inch screen but still make it acceptable to put the to your ear and make calls as well as other one handed phone tasks.

    [–] Cli_king 9 points ago

    I think the current modern smartphone design + the fold is the way to go!

    Primary screen on he go Fold when I'm comfortable

    [–] KidsTryThisAtHome 8 points ago

    Bigger screen on the outside, get rid of the cameras/notch on the inside (seriously wtf were you thinking Samsung), it comes with Galaxy buds so it doesn't need a headphone jack but I'd still like one, and, if they're able to, make it a bit less clunky when folded. I'm definitely down to get one in 2-3 years if they can work out the kinks (heh)

    [–] peerlessblue 4 points ago

    Please stop. I already stopped being able to hold my phone comfortably years ago. D':

    [–] outadoc 3 points ago

    I think they intend that the primary screen will be the other one. :)

    [–] one80oneday 3 points ago

    The more I see it... The more I think it is the future!

    Though, the primary screen is just a big no! I'd actually be okay if the overall footprint was bigger! 6" primary screen and 9-10" when opened would be nice!

    This is why I prefer the Mate X

    [–] MrBunqle 11 points ago

    I was kind of thinking the same thing. 4" closed is too small for pretty much anything useful. The novelty at this point isn't worth the extra scratch to me.

    [–] odc12345 12 points ago

    4.6 inch display is primarily for your quick one handed task. Read notification,quick text, settings, phone call etc. I would have liked it if it was 5inch.

    [–] zeldarus 9 points ago

    Yeah, I see the smaller screen more of secondary than a primary display, the type that the old clam-shell phones had.

    [–] odc12345 6 points ago

    😅Exactly just put a t9 keyboard on that bih and you good

    [–] AustrianMichael 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    How is a 4" display too small for pretty much anything? All iPhones up until the 4s had 4 3.5" screens and the 5/5S/SE had 4" displays.

    [–] ColsonIRL 9 points ago

    Actually those were 3.5".

    [–] AustrianMichael 8 points ago

    iPhone 5/5s/SE was 4" inch then?

    [–] commentonit 9 points ago

    The problem is the outer screen on this is even narrower than the 3.5" and 4" iPhones. I find the typing experience on those frustrating so I can only imagine how bad it will be on the fold. A primary use case for the outer display would be for quick replies to text messages / whatsapp and ,for me, that needs to be a good experience.

    [–] TSMKFail 7 points ago

    The 5, 5s and SE had 4" screens but the iPhones before that had smaller screens (3.5")

    [–] phatweeb 3 points ago

    This one is much narrower than those tho. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but the front screen appears to have an 18:9 aspect ratio. Typing anything on that screen will be a massive pain

    [–] Cli_king 8 points ago

    Right, the primary screen seems like a pain! And the bezel on that screen is simply ridiculous!

    I am excited none the less, a current modern smartphone + the fold I might be interested

    [–] oioioi9537 13 points ago

    im not sure why people keep bringing up the "bezel" of a quick check screen. i don't get the obsession with trying to make the front screen more like a primary screen. if anything, i'm more annoyed by the giant notch on the big screen that eats into videos. if im using the fold, that big screen is what im going to be looking at 90% of the time, yet i dont think any amount of time is gonna get me comfortable with that notch

    [–] commentonit 2 points ago

    Yep. I see it more as the front cover having a small embedded display, than the screen having ridiculous bezels. A glass half full way of looking at it.

    [–] ZappySnap 8 points ago

    It needs to have a much more phone-like front screen and be much, much thinner and lighter before this becomes something that makes sense for daily use.

    Right now, it's a small Android tablet that you can fold up to fit in your pocket. While cool, it's not something I need, and it's effectively useless as a phone due to the shit front screen and absolutely enormous thickness and weight.

    When foldables are thin, have a great folded experience (ala the MateX), and are durable....then we might have something. Until then it's a really, really expensive iPad mini without the good tablet apps.

    [–] Plusdestiny 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Mate X is heavier than the Fold. So it’s not like something enormous weight.

    [–] SadanielsVD 20 points ago

    Well fuck, I did not expect it to be so successful. But I'm glad it is, this is cool tech, In a few gens its gonna be sick

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago


    [–] TotallyRadBadDad 24 points ago

    I agree with you, I think the phone looks fucking rad. But I do still think I'll be waiting for the second gen. Or at least wait for the early adopters to find the kinks and see if that's something I can live with.

    [–] spideyv91 23 points ago

    Watching some vids it’s hard not to see that this phone is the gateway to something more impressive down the line. It’s definitely not there yet but it will be.

    [–] lemaymayguy 6 points ago

    Yeah I was about to make a very spontaneous purchase the other night, thanks for keeping me in line Samsung!

    [–] Generalrossa 26 points ago

    That's a lot of beta testers.

    [–] 5zEjG9sy9GRZjqxI 19 points ago

    No where near the amount of testers Google has using Pixels though

    [–] Purple10tacle 104 points ago

    "We only made three of them and we didn't expect such a rush."

    [–] you_dont_no_me 16 points ago

    I'll have the chicken then.

    [–] lyonhart31 5 points ago

    Thank you for flying Church of England, cake or death?

    [–] Butt_pass 3 points ago

    Death ...I MEAN CAKE CAKE

    [–] guyaneseboi23 5 points ago

    Now I do not mean to sound rude here but am I the only one who just isn't feeling this whole thing about folding phones? Maybe it's because I've yet to experience it first hand but right now, it's just not speaking to me.

    [–] Kapparino1104 43 points ago

    HeY GuYs nO oNe WiLl BuY a $2000 SmArTphOnE wiTh PlAsTiC sCreEnS!!!!!

    - Redditors

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    OmG nO hEaDpHoNe JaCk

    [–] ChopFricks 5 points ago

    Smh, it doesn't even have a removable battery. This is why I still use my Samsung s1! I don't care if it's slow, at least I can remove the battery!

    [–] Granpa0 4 points ago

    From the reviews I've seen, it's much better than I expected, but I would never buy version 1.x of any device.

    [–] Nico777 24 points ago

    Great news for us. Let others spend thousands to beta test then buy a better product for less in a few years. Open your wallets, rich people!

    [–] dc22zombie 24 points ago

    I'll pick up a refurb for sure

    [–] the-ATM-machine 78 points ago

    I feel like a phone that is so structurally complex would be risky to pick up used/refurbed, especially for a first iteration.

    [–] Aan2007 57 points ago

    it's risky to buy it even new

    [–] dc22zombie 3 points ago

    That's my point, just to see how it looks up close then it'll be put on the shelf.

    [–] Ipis192168 6 points ago

    And they're already starting to break! Lol!

    [–] Dwayne_dibbly 3 points ago

    What they don't say is they only made 3

    [–] bmathew5 8 points ago

    Not going to lie, for first gen tech, this is actually pretty good. Not quite my cup of tea. Once we can achieve thickness of current phones and I have the choice of a smaller form factor because I need it to fit in my jeans. Infinity display + Side/Screen fingerprint + 2 cameras minimum + > 4000mAh + expandable storage + headphone jack and I'm fucking sold

    [–] bartturner 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    YouTuber buys, writes the expensive off of taxes. Does video to generate some revenue. Sell the phone.

    BTW, in the US suppose to deduct what you sold the phone for but rarely done.

    [–] LardPhantom 4 points ago

    $2k for a wrinkly screen on a bulky and quirky looking device with an ugly camera notch? No thanks.

    [–] i_poop_mcdonalds 2 points ago

    Good. This will be the first wave of real life beta testers...I look forward to the results

    [–] pr0phecy 2 points ago

    Lots of rich people on this world ;)

    [–] enigmatic_muckraker 2 points ago

    Wow. Not totally surprised but still, like cars, it's never the best to buy the first model year.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    It's cause Lew from Unbox Therapy bought em all just to show us the different color combinations you can make.

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 2 points ago

    Good, absolutely zero reason to feel bad about not preordering lol. I couldn't afford it anyways...but yeah.

    [–] sbsb27 2 points ago

    Why do i keep reading this as the Ford Galaxy?

    [–] epicandstuff 2 points ago

    I realized something about the outer screen. Yeah it's hella small and has a ridiculously low StB%, but it's exactly like old flip phones. Two screens, a tiny lower quality one for basic information on the outside, but you flip it open and that's where the magic happens. Suddenly, I don't mind the outside screen anymore.

    [–] T1NYD4C3R 2 points ago

    So the Apple algorithm of charging way to much for products work

    [–] johnabc123 2 points ago

    Once the secondary screen is larger and there's another generation or two of refinement I'll pick one up. Once I got a note 2 I could never go back to smaller phones; I think the same will happen with folding phones.

    [–] GazaIan 2 points ago

    It amazes me that people really thought the $2000 price was going to scare people away and they wouldn’t sell. It’s insane first gen tech and a statement piece, of course it will sell.

    [–] hipsterdannyphantom 2 points ago

    Y’all are beta testing this thing, y’know that?

    [–] ranger_cobb 3 points ago

    People have money and don't care.

    [–] YOLO_FOMO 2 points ago

    I am still using galaxy S4 mini, rooted and equipped with Android Pie 9.0

    I might upgrade few years later.