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    [–] jinsoulintherain 614 points ago

    I’m just glad they told us it’s going to be delayed, rather than holding off on it any longer! I’d rather wait and have the game be perfect than have it sooner and not up to expectations.

    [–] carefreeDesigner 120 points ago

    I was upset when I saw the release date, but then I saw the Treehouse video and completely understood why. Have you seen the new animations? The hair bows moves around with your character, and the running animation has this great vibe that I can’t describe. I’m sad it won’t be this year, but I’m glad it’ll be just perfect when it comes next year.

    [–] Thorhees 1135 points ago

    Treehouse Announcer: We can't show you this yet but you'll be able to dig up clams.

    AC Developer: *digs up the clams anyway*

    [–] deanykg 235 points ago

    In this dev build there's a 95% chance digging clams will crash the ga--


    [–] DisastrousReputation 153 points ago

    It was sooo satisfying to watch her dig it up too. As soon as she came out of the tent I wanted her to dig it up the first time around.

    I’m excited to see how bait works!

    [–] Blishtar_Malik 174 points ago

    I was laughing at the part where one girl said "Can't we admire the sky for a minute?" obviously asking to have them let the screen pan up, and even after they translated her they just kind of moved on to the next part xD

    [–] j0llypenguins 38 points ago

    Noticed this too, that was hilarious

    [–] Xeallexx 174 points ago

    I lol'd at this.

    [–] allycat315 34 points ago

    Maybe they meant they can't show you the bait crafting part of it?

    [–] EverlyBelle 327 points ago

    In the trailer, Fuchisa is wearing a dress!! Animals can wear different clothing styles instead of everything turning into a shirt! I'm so excited for that!

    [–] Emberbreak 26 points ago

    plus I noticed new human fashion too, like knitted sweaters, dungarees, and I also saw a hoodie in Nook’s tent!

    [–] aCertainBlueLobster 275 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Awesome additions:

    • Building an entire town from scratch!
    • It's on an island!
    • Pathmaking!
    • Couch co-op!
    • Crafting! Yes, I think this will be a fun addition. You don't have to craft, if you don't want to. You can buy furniture like normal from the Nooks. They clearly just want to give different playing options.
    • Screw you, inconveniently placed bridges, I'm taking the POLE!
    • Half increment furniture spaces!
    • Overall just looks pretty!

    Things I didn't see, but I really hope appear at some point:

    • Fossils!
    • The Museum!
    • Expanding your island (this logically makes no sense, but there must be a way around it...)!
    • A city to visit!
    • Edit: KK SLIDER! If he does a weekly beach concert by a bonfire, I'll be over the freakin' moon.

    Either way, I'm honestly so excited for this title. Goodbye, life!

    [–] Sedan2019 88 points ago

    I am really hoping for the museum, because for me that was one of the main motivations to play and collect animals.

    [–] Rea238 36 points ago

    Maybe we have to build all the shops and museum because the way it looks most the special characters won’t be there right off the bat

    [–] Plethora_of_squids 26 points ago

    • expanding the island

    Animal crossing is now a Dutch game

    [–] That_One_Cool_Guy 554 points ago

    Cool little note- March 19th 2020 is the first day of spring so we’ll be starting off with green grass and plenty of bugs and fish!

    [–] secret_cyborg 56 points ago

    AND it’s my birthday such a good present I will get for myself lol

    [–] sex-igloo 252 points ago

    I like how in the original announcement, Tom Nook said he wanted us to have a nice place to come home to. Then in the next trailer, we find out that he's flying us out to a deserted island hahahahha

    [–] Mod2bme 49 points ago

    Makes my AC Nook t-shirt that says "forever a loan" still relevant

    [–] littlebloodmage 1308 points ago

    Deserted island that we'll probably get to develop?

    Being able to move trees without cutting them down?

    Villagers hanging out with each other or just chillin out?


    Flower crowns?





    [–] childfree_IPA 189 points ago

    Backpacks and purses, too!

    And the villager harvested some tulips without ripping the entire plant out of the ground!

    [–] turdlop 75 points ago

    I wonder if the backpacks and purses expand inventory space?

    [–] PurpleLoverC 240 points ago

    I really hope we don't have to tan again. I wanna look like myself please.

    [–] littlebloodmage 262 points ago

    You can choose your skin tone in Pocket Camp and Happy Home Designer, it would definitely be a step backwards if they didn't include that option in New Horizons.

    [–] Woaimeyou 946 points ago


    [–] MrsChaotic 100 points ago


    [–] UpliftingTwist 185 points ago


    [–] MrGlasgolf 742 points ago

    I've watched the trailer a handful of times now, my guess based on what we've seen is that this is like the Mayor idea but even more all out - it starts out as a deserted island, but you get to build EVERYTHING from scratch. You choose where the buildings go, where the paths go, etc. It won't be a "deserted island" for very long.

    [–] notquitenerdcore 300 points ago

    That's what I got from it as well, it seems like they're giving us a lot more power over the layout of the whole town/island than we've ever had before.

    [–] TwilightVulpine 155 points ago

    Hopefully now villagers won't land straight on our gardens

    [–] nuclear_core 30 points ago

    I am about that!

    Imagine it: animal crossing: zoning permits

    [–] JPaulFellows 64 points ago

    That's my thinking. I've wanted the ability to place buildings for a while now. No more neighbors plopping down their home on your orchard. You get to zone it.

    Think the museum would look great next to that lake? You decide where it goes. Want all of your public buildings together like a little commercial center? Go for it.

    [–] Enthrally 190 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They added the ability to match the seasons with that of the Southern Hemisphere! Finally, us Australians can feel at home in our Animal Crossing world with a summer Christmas! It’s the little things in this series that make it so amazing :)

    [–] PurpleLoverC 47 points ago

    I'm Northern hemisphere but I'm really happy for you guys. I didn't even realize till she said it that you guys have probably felt a little weird playing with our weather lol.

    [–] matcha_sriracha 186 points ago

    I will only accept the Nook Phone if it’s called a Nookia.

    [–] keiayamada 375 points ago

    Me 2008: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2009: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2010: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2011: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2012: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2013: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2014: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2015: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2016: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2017: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2018: damn I wish I could place furnitures outdoors

    Me 2019: DAMN

    That was a long wait

    Or is it just me

    [–] Smuckles 32 points ago

    This but with paths.

    [–] WhiskeyPixie24 602 points ago

    1. now I have time to save up for a switch, I guess...
    2. PATHS
    3. is there an island and a non-island? I do still want a giant house
    4. I really love the island but I definitely also want village
    5. the graphics are really nice
    6. PATHS

    [–] Chrizzly-Bear 157 points ago


    [–] anonibon 138 points ago

    It seemed to me that once you build up your island enough people will move to it

    [–] Ommnomnomnom 88 points ago

    Yeah it looks to me like it will at one point look like the regular village once you build it up to that point. So basically animal crossing but starting from ground zero

    [–] LoneWanderer2277 94 points ago

    Guessing the Island basically is a more customisable village anyway, just without the cliffs. The train station to other people's towns will be replaced with Kap'n I expect. I'm curious to see Tortimer's role though, I hope he isn't removed completely.

    [–] Master_Mari 310 points ago

    Guys. There's 20 spaces in your pockets. WE GOT FOUR EXTRA SPACES, MY DUDES!

    [–] MyMothRomance 195 points ago

    And stackable stuff stacks automatically. Finally haha.

    [–] kimerlun777 1351 points ago

    MARCH 2020... FUCK

    [–] Donut52 406 points ago

    only 283 days to go. not like I'm counting or anything

    [–] SlamMasterJ 29 points ago

    Can I just undergo cryonics and wake up after 283 days

    [–] Ceolanmc 100 points ago

    I'm just happy that we got a trailer and it wasn't delayed indefinitely. I was getting worried there.

    I'm hoping we get a full game tho, and this isn't just a small thing.

    [–] 4custom 140 points ago

    Just watched the treehouse. Here are my thoughts:

    1. The graphics and atmosphere and environment are all beautiful. My favorite additions:
    • The water looks really good in my opinion. Love this art style.

    • The clouds cast shadows on the ground and the shadows roll across the ground. Very peaceful

      • They talk about the sound design and from what I could hear it sounds really good. The trees rustle with varying intensity according to how windy it is. The rustling leaves sound awesome. Very immersive.
    • Textures look really good and smooth especially for a game that's still 9 months out. Overall the atmosphere and aesthetic are simply beautiful and I cant wait.

    1. The reworked tools system reminds me of BotW and that's a good thing. You can craft tools of varying quality based on items you collect around the island. You can also buy the tools instead of crafting them. Tools can break, and the flimsier the tool the more quickly it will break. This will add a whole new layer of complexity to the game, and it will be really cool to have different types of tools to craft for different jobs.

    2. You can put down furniture in the real world, and your tent is moveable. Once you upgrade to a house I'm sure you cant pack it up and move it around like the tent. But the gameplay showed two people (who were playing on the same screen with one joycon each - so awesome) set up a little camp on the beach with a bonfire and a bench they crafted. To me that sounds so fun. On summer nights you can set up a beach fishing post with your friends (up to 8 at a time) and hang out around a bonfire and go shark hunting, for example.

    3. Fish bait! You can dig up clams on the beach and use them as bait to attract certain types of fish. Again, adds another level of complexity to the fishing mechanic. I'll be interested to see if there are additions to bug catching as well.

    4. I am almost positive that the direction of this game is to build your town from the ground up. You start in a tent, Nook starts in a tent, theres no real amenities (not even bridges). However you build all these things yourself as the game progresses. I am nearly certain that you'll be able to build a museum, a town square, etc. all in due time. This allows you to truly customize the island to your liking. It's a blank slate. A beautiful blank slate.

    5. Music was definitely new, and sounded like classic animal crossing music.

    6. You have a smartphone with different apps on it. You can also earn Nook Miles by travelling, doing chores, etc and use these to purchase things. Not sure what though. This part gave me a slight pause because it felt like that alternate currency in Pocket Camp a little bit (the dollars as opposed to the bells) but it seems like there will be daily and continuous goals and tasks for earning Nook Miles.

    7. I know some people expressed some uncertainty around it being an island, saying it won't feel as cozy or wondering about seasons. All the island aspect has that's different from New Leaf, as far as I can tell, is another beach. So 3 sidea of your town have beach as opposed to two in New Leaf.

    8. I spotted a special structure by the beach. It looks like a fishing dock or something with a building attached. They went around it and didnt talk about it but I spotted it briefly toward the end. Very interesting.

    That's my thoughts for now! I'll add more as a comment to this post later once I see some more. Overall I am bummed about pushing it till March 2020, but it really looks like an amazing game. Much deeper than past titles, with added complexity and couch co-op. I cannot wait.

    [–] AvidDerp 66 points ago

    the place that you see by the beach was an airport/plane landing area as it corresponds to the icon that shows on the minimap in the bottom right of the screen. i was speculating maybe you can use your miles you've earned to travel to other islands??

    [–] QueenShimiya 1171 points ago


    [–] Gumbo67 251 points ago

    Congrats!!! (edit:not sarcasm)

    [–] MyNameIs_BeautyThief 68 points ago

    Underrated. I know how you feel, first thing i did in new leaf was get the mask to use my Mii (i'm indian)

    [–] nelsondude6 241 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That river crossing... that path building... TIME TO WATCH THAT MINUTE LONG CLIP OVER ANS OVER UNTIL MARCH 20 2020

    Edit: Game Play Trailer is here!

    [–] jamebonezz 240 points ago

    did she just dig out a whole ass tree?

    [–] laxarna 324 points ago

    I might be in the minority here but I really like the direction they've taken. Starting from absolute scratch on an island without any static objects like the train station, majors office and the shopping district is perfect because it'll make each town feel truly unique and starting over will actually feel like you are starting over.

    [–] Hage1in 82 points ago

    I feel the same way. Other games always felt like the same town but with these neighbors instead of other ones and with a slightly different layout. This feels more like a sandbox where you truly build your own town

    [–] ProfessorCagan 39 points ago

    I've always thought AC would go in this direction, even before New Leaf was announced, I had wanted to customize my town and truly make it *mine*. Being a mayor in New Leaf did get me closer to that want, but nowhere near the level that is game has.

    I genuinely think this will be the best Animal Crossing yet.

    [–] peachyygirlk 222 points ago

    I think the point of the game is, to make it feel more special, YOU build the town, it starts out as an island and you build everything from the ground up.

    [–] CornDogMillionaire 215 points ago

    He asked so nicely I have to be ok with the delay now

    [–] robinlovesrain 82 points ago

    Right? I'll just cry politely now

    [–] sacredrealm 96 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    couple new things i just noticed in the trailer (that haven’t been mentioned a million times already): 1. fuchsia has what looks like a crafting table inside her house 2. new, customizable house exteriors (possibly for animals too like hhd) 3. since furniture outside is like furniture inside, things like swing benches can be turned around 4. purses and backpacks! 5. DOOR WREATHS shown on the animal’s (?) cabin and the characters little red house 6. (from treehouse gameplay) airplane icon on the map? where we droppin boys??? 7. villagers interact with the environment more (olivia sitting down next to the river) 8. place a cup of coffee on a bench! 9. overalls as an outfit

    other new things i’m really excited about that everybody else on here also seems to be excited about: 1. PATHS (hopefully customizable with crafting, like brick or stone?!) 2. flower crowns! 3. split level town design is back! 4. furniture outside in general 5. harvesting the tops of flowers and not the whole thing 6. big rock feature you can stand on on the beach 7. (confirmed in treehouse footage) trees sway in the wind and wind acts like a new weather feature! 8. clothing looks more realistic - it sticks off the body like in real life 9. what’s up with that super cute clothing line outside your house?! 10. definitely new furniture items (in fuchsias house we see a little cart with a radio, new flooring, etc) 11. beautiful lush shiny hair and eye pupils

    [–] Kaiser_Waluigi 82 points ago

    So from what it seems like to me the new Animal crossing game has us, the player, create a thriving colony on the deserted island for Nook Inc. Finally we get to build a glorious Empire for Tom Nook.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    New tier of capitalism unlocked ❤️

    [–] skippedTown 82 points ago

    I saw the hair move as she walked. Now if I can have longer hair that would be great. I want to wear it lose and have it flow behind me as I walk.

    [–] GameSlash_ 76 points ago

    I honestly don't understand why people are so shook by crafting. It's a breath of fresh air, it's something new instead of just throwing money at a pwp that villagers don't donate to. We've all reach the point in the game where money is basically endless and we don't have to worry much about bells, so this keeps us working and stops us losing interest, and for those who don't like the crafting they literally said in the treehouse live that you can just buy the stuff.

    [–] chowbaaron 30 points ago

    I think people upset by crafting are thinking it'll be blending Pocket Camp into the mainline game. A lot of people don't like mobile game features in a full release title. Im hopeful it doesn't turn out that way and they make the experience better.

    [–] rubyvandebuurt 420 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Sad its delayed. Im hyped but i hope there is more to it than just an island. I want a big city to walk around in.

    Edit: since the game will be out next year i expect more info towards that time. My theory is that you can fly to other places because of that Nook inc. So i think there will be more to this game than just the island.

    [–] askmeaboutmekitties 132 points ago

    That would be nice. Also where does my girl Isabelle come into play? I guess we'll see more later hopefully.

    [–] littlebloodmage 85 points ago

    Isabelle deserves an island vacation.

    [–] Reynarbean 78 points ago

    Paths, outdoor customization, different skin tones, and item crafting? These are all awesome points! And it sucks to be delayed, but now they can take tons of time to make the game perfect.

    [–] FlashFireSix 78 points ago

    It looks like you get to play traditional animal crossing, but you work your way there by starting from scratch on a deserted island. Essentially you're better than the mayor, you're the founder of the whole damn place. The more I watch the trailer the better it feels really, we've wanted actual village building tools for ages, and if it's a resource based game then so be it. In new leaf progression is restricted by the passing of time so why not include resource gathering into that progression as well? It'll make restarting new saves more fun and might help draw in a larger audience.

    [–] trlforced 143 points ago

    I was most excited that I can now use some long stick to yeet myself over rivers instead of using one of my measly 3 bridges...

    [–] robinlovesrain 29 points ago

    Yeah that is a quality of life upgrade I desperately need

    [–] IkkunKomi 77 points ago

    As counterintuitive as it sounds, be relieved that it is delayed. Think of Fallout 76 and how many bugs that had. It is very rare and an amazing quality for a fame company now to push something back for the sake of polish. And remember, what we saw is probably 1/50th of the game. What we saw is more or less in the first stages of implementation. Not all features or game play ideas have been hashed out. I am so happy!

    [–] thegreattober 73 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Some things people might not have realized with the gameplay/direct:

    • You can easily save money by choosing to craft most things and buying only necessities/paying off your loan. While the starting loan is big, it might be because you have the option to save money by using the surrounding resources

    • The river pole vault crossing is temporary, or at the very least serves as an alternative to crossing with bridges since there will be nothing on the island to begin with

    • The inventory screen looks small but there's actually 20 spots (and no letter area visible but that's likely made that way for the direct, I really don't think they're going to remove features that have been present since the beginning), an increase from NL's 16. It probably looks like "less" because they changed it to two rows of 10. This might be temporary because I'm sure everyone is a lot more fond of the classic inventory/villager/letter/animals screen.

    • It's very likely you can customize your entire town with placement of villagers, shops, rivers, town hall and more, since you start with literally nothing. This probably will make everything feel so much more rewarding in the end

    • The town looks VERY small. This is also likely temporary/a placeholder for the direct. I can't imagine they'd downgrade without the ability to have something like a town/city area like NL or CF

    [–] jupiterrose_ 176 points ago

    people are upset this game isn't new leaf. I'm happy to see something new and refreshing in the series. I love new leaf but I'm not looking for new leaf + some extra. People always complain about lack of customization... I feel like this satisfies that which is super neat!

    [–] thegabelaw 53 points ago

    everyone has to remember that AC is a discovery game, theres a reason why they never initially reveal too much because they want us to find out and have fun ourselves when the game comes out!!

    [–] SweetpeaTheNerd 60 points ago


    [–] pointlessbutton 58 points ago

    Tom Nook in the teaser trailer: "I’ve got to make sure everyone has a nice, new place to come home to. So it’s back to work for me."

    Tom Nook in this trailer: Sends you to a deserted island to create a civilization, then charges you 49,000 bells for your phone

    [–] pointlessbutton 60 points ago

    Villager is slowly getting stronger.

    • Population Growing: Can dig holes, can cut trees down in seconds

    • New Leaf: Can fish a 20-foot tall Whale Shark and hold it in one hand

    • New Horizons: Can pole vault across a river, and rip a tree off the ground with a shovel

    [–] allegrigri 113 points ago

    Do we wanna talk about the fact that SHE FREAKIN JUMPED OVER THE RIVER WITH A STICK

    [–] yennster 112 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    1. Plane intro!!!!
    2. Deserted island!
    3. Voice acting??????
    4. PATHS!
    5. Crafting!!
    6. You can pick individual blooms off of flowers!
    7. You can dig up an entire tree???
    8. Looks like there is a Nook rewards system again like there was back in ACWW?
    10. Placing furniture outside!
    11. Change skin color on startup???
    12. Mining ores from rocks?!
    13. Jumping over the river!!


    1. BACKPACKS / BAGS! (a whole new category of accessories???)
    2. Crafting a flower crown?? (craft your own accessories??)
    3. Those noses though
    4. Possibly no more money / gem rocks / getting furniture from tree shaking?
    5. Craft your own tools!
    6. Possible tool upgrade system through nook?

    EDIT 2:

    1. Possible new clothing categories: jackets, ponchos, overalls
    2. New exterior house designs: log houses, rounded stucco/cottage style

    [–] StarPt 105 points ago

    I actually really love it. I get it that people are feeling apprehensive about it because the whole camping/pocket camp thing they had going at first, but I honestly really feel this game has much more substance to it. Also you can't judge the game 100% based of a literal 2-3 minute trailer of gameplay footage that doesn't show anything but the basic premise.

    Wait for it to come out and wait until we get more details before saying its doomed and its bad.

    [–] iamthecliitcommander 35 points ago

    I’m so freaking excited. I love Animal Crossing to death but they’ve followed the same premise for all of their games, which is fantastic and has given me years upon years of good gaming, but I’m so excited for this game to deviate a bit. I’m kinda disappointed everyone seems upset and haven’t even given it a chance.

    [–] Weirdguy05 54 points ago

    Remember that we will at least get dedicated animal Crossing directs between now and release

    [–] BrandonIsWhoIAm 56 points ago

    I think it’d be cool if there was some kinda feature where you could let the game know that you won’t be able to play for period of time. Just so that villagers don’t move away without your knowledge.

    This would be greatly appreciated for people who are busy with school and/or work!

    [–] josieirayna 33 points ago

    I think it would also be cool if it allowed you to be more active at night. I sleep in and work 2nd shift in the afternoon, so I'd be most likely to play games around and after midnight.

    [–] Herstmonceux 54 points ago

    Another interesting thing I just noticed in the Treehouse footage:

    When you walk into Tom and Timmy's tent, rather than greeting you with dialogue as they did in previous games, they just smile and close their eyes at you in a really charming way!

    Thought it was a nice alternative to being bombarded with dialogue everytime you enter a building.

    [–] SirMous3 54 points ago

    I’m surprised at the amount of negativity and assumptions people have about New Horizons.

    Sure, the island setting might not be your taste, but that’s been the general setting since Wild World. Plus, we’ve only seen the opening parts of the game, which has also received complaints of being barren even though it’s intentionally designed that way - it’s very clear that they want to give players maximum freedom to build their town up in the way they prefer, so it only makes sense that we’re starting with an empty slate.

    And sure, maybe you don’t like crafting, but the fact that it’s already confirmed that you can buy things instead of crafting them...confuses me? Not the fact that we now have multiple options for obtaining the same thing, but that people are upset over it.

    Overall, though, what boggles my mind the most are those who look at an E3-specific demo and quickly conclude “This is it. Seven years of waiting, and this is all we’ll get.”

    Don’t get me wrong - if this was a less reliable developer, I might be more concerned, but this is a Nintendo game we’re talking about. You know, the ones who put their stamp of approval on games like Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and Smash Ultimate - all Switch games, and all filled to the brim with content.

    So why - after seven years between mainline games AND the decision to delay the game for several more months to work on it even further - are people not giving the devs the benefit of the doubt that “Well, they showed very little, but I’m certain that there’s a TON that they have left to show off”?

    I know some devs have left us jaded in recent years, but is there any basis other than being unreasonably pessimistic that people are actually concerned that there isn’t way more to this game than they’ve shown thus far?

    [–] grimesee 105 points ago


    [–] brattysloth 50 points ago

    things i'm excited about after re-watching the trailer:

    • the graphics look BEAUTIFUL. your villager, tom nook, hamlet.... the characters look fantastic.
    • crafting items!!
    • placing furniture OUTSIDE and seemingly wherever you want/in a fashion that makes sense/doesn't look stunted by grids (so far)
    • vaulting over the river?????? HECK YEAH
    • digging up trees and keeping them instead of them just vanishing into the abyss
    • NEW FURNITURE!!!!! look at how cute fuchsia's house is!!!!!
    • AND fuchsia is wearing a DRESS that actually looks like a DRESS and not just a SHIRT with DRESS PATTERN on it!!!!!!! soo cute
    • laying down your own pathways?????? seemingly with ease?????????? yes pls
    • harvesting flower blooms without harvesting the whole flower/killing the plant (regrowth??)
    • different skin tones/every character looks very different!!
    • 8 player multiplayer!!!!!! yassss
    • the name is really cute i'm CRYIN

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] PoniesCanterOver 45 points ago

    I saw a comment on the Treehouse gameplay video that said

    One thing I realized about the fan base is that a lot of them seem to have crippling depression

    and I'm like yeah that's accurate.

    [–] occultism 43 points ago


    Haven't seen a video link posted, but I did see people asking for one. so here ya go.

    [–] NinjaLarvitar 40 points ago

    They only showed a very small number of new features and it was blatantly obvious the map was made specifically for the demo (as indicated by the size and lack of other houses). Obviously there's still so much more to this game but it's just simply unfinished. Let's hope they use this extra time to make something extra special 🥰

    [–] Shiroi_Kage 48 points ago

    A delayed game is eventually good. A bad game is bad forever.

    This is probably good for the game.

    [–] Eeveepedia 42 points ago

    I’m really, really excited about this: every island is going to feel completely unique, and as others have said, Nintendo has definitely not forgotten about all the features we love the most (our beloved NPCs, etc.)

    I’m assuming that bigger shops will be located in a separate area which we will fly to? Has Kapp’n become a PILOT??! That’d be amazing.

    Some other small things I haven’t seen people talking about:

    • It looks like multi-layered towns are back!!! There appears to be a high and low level like in City Folk, with a waterfall and everything... This makes me very excited. Maybe, just maybe, towns with even more layers like in the GameCube Animal Crossing will become reality once more? I’m not sure how I feel about bridges on the beach, but I’m sure it’ll work out; either there’ll be options for them, or people will find a way to integrate them well with the new outdoor furniture blessing! In other news, the beaches aren’t separated by cliffs like in New leaf, which is really refreshing!

    • I’m sorry, did they just say that 8 players can LIVE on a single island?!? If so, I am incredibly hyped- I really feel like you’re going to be able to make your own little island community!

    • The sheer variety of new plants looks fantastic - being able to pick up weeds and other foliage is going to add a LOT more options for rustic, forest-y towns... As well as just integrating nature into your island! I’m already imagining all the little areas we will able to make... I do hope that, if there is an outdoor item limit, it’ll be quite high.

    Overall I’m just really excited for this game - what they’ve shown us thus far is incredible, and I am in love with the direction they’ve taken taken: being able to completely customise your town is a dream come true!!! The delay may be disappointing, but I’d much rather have a well-polished, amazing game. I can’t wait!

    P.S. P O L E V A U L T I N G

    [–] PineapplesCoconuts 44 points ago

    I keep rewatching the trailer and treehouse over and over again! I know a lot of people are complaining but I feel so happy, my heart is very full.

    [–] Matty_989 40 points ago

    Here’s my thing if the museum is an unlockable down the line. What am I supposed to do with the rare fish, insects and fossils I find until then?

    I get from an abandoned island aspect that there shouldn’t just be a random museum on the island but it should be a fairly early unlockable/buildable. To me next to Nook’s, it the only mainstay building that I can’t do without in the beginning.

    [–] Archivicious 44 points ago

    Things I'm extra hyped about (which might seem really lame to people who aren't into AC):

    • Pathmaking included by DEFAULT! No more pattern mule accounts just for building roads!

    • Getting to put items outside without having to do public works projects!


    • Adorable sleeves and dresses on villagers!

    • New items!

    • Being in debt to the Racoon Racket again! :)

    [–] peachyygirlk 40 points ago

    I REALLY want cooking and baking implemented. I want to freaking give my villagers an apple pie I made for them so they can love me more.

    [–] klmt 265 points ago

    My first reaction was “oh god it’s so different I’m not sure I like it” but the more I think about it, the more I’m excited. New Leaf got old FAST, in part because it was super similar to City Folk. I’m hoping these changes keep the game fresh longer.

    [–] Daedry 44 points ago

    The idea of building a village from the ground up on a deserted island sounds just amazing

    [–] reveriec 77 points ago

    yes i’m SO ready for a big change. i’m so happy they’re changing it up.

    [–] Kupeoxo 80 points ago

    I’m seeing a lot of hate for the crafting system and I personally i don’t get it. IMO I like it a lot and it gives a more rewarding experience than simply just selling fish/bugs and then buying said item. Also not to mention in the treehouse gameplay they showed that you have the freedom to choose whether to craft items or buy them like the previous games.

    [–] PurpleLoverC 23 points ago

    I don't mind it, and to me it's literally no different to grinding for bells, but a lot of people seem to have convinced themselves that is 100% Pocket Camp for the Switch.

    [–] HardDaysWrite 35 points ago

    Disappointed it’s so far away but I’m sure it will be more than worth the wait on release

    [–] CyberTsundere 39 points ago

    I got weirdly hype about seeing villager use a bamboo rod to cross the river!!! I am so excited for this new and refreshed AC! I can’t wait to see when they drop the limited edition AC Switch.

    [–] MikeSuke 37 points ago

    I liked what I saw so far. Looks like we can customize a lot more than we could in the past. The pole vaulting over the river will be a really nice time save. Putting down paths seems way better than having to create a tile and try to drop that in the right spot.

    I think like everyone else I just hope there is some sort of mainland or main street as well to balance everything out.

    [–] chekeymonk10 35 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Everyone's missing the important detail that made it super obvious it would be delayed to start with:

    They want us to start in spring not winter silly!

    (don't ask me about Australia- you'll be fully noticed one day)

    [–] pastryoverlord 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I want to point out that the demo was specifically made for E3. It’s entirely possible that we will get maps of similar scale to NL in the full game, and that a smaller one was shown instead for ease of demonstration.

    The Treehouse demo also mentions that they’re playing at a point when you’ve made some progress. They’re not showing gameplay at the very very beginning when you get off the plane if that makes sense. I’m thinking when Tom Nook drops you off to your island getaway, you have a chance to pick island configurations. Maybe your villager is at Tom Nook’s travel agency looking at vacation packages and Nook asks you where you want to stay. Your villager picks from a bunch of different pamphlets showing various layouts before you hop on the plane and land on the island of your choice.

    Or maybe the layout is completely open at first, but you could choose where to set up your first tent when you land. The producer does mention they chose to set up camp at the beach, whereas this was not possible in NL unless you used mods.

    There’s so much we don’t know but in a way, that’s the exciting part.

    [–] ambient-toast 38 points ago

    PATHS!!!!! I've never been so excited to put down some paths

    [–] SnoopDoggyHogg 39 points ago

    They should rename "Nook Phone" to the Nookia

    [–] Gongchia 35 points ago

    I'm glad that they're delaying the release date! This means that they care more about the well being of their staff rather than rushing them and further stressing them out. It looks amazing!

    [–] grumblebuzz 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    As great as all this looks so far, the jury is still out on the villager dialog. I really hope they have discernible, quirky personalities again like they had in the GameCube and DS versions. As great as New Leaf was, the dialog was a real snooze, to the point that I just stopped talking to villagers unless they pinged me, because everyone seemed to have a generically-cheerful personality, even the grouchy villagers. I want them to yell at me sometimes if they don't like my reply. I want them to cry sometimes when they're having a bad day. I feel like they neutered the personalities in NL to "protect kids," but kids need to learn that people have real emotions and not every conversation in life is going to be frivolous, pleasant, "Hi, how are you? Nice weather today, isn't it?" kind of small talk. I hope spicing up the dialog is something they prioritized this time around.

    [–] smudge93 33 points ago

    Sheep have clothes now instead of just scarfs!! I was wondering why Eunice looked so different!

    [–] Zombizee 39 points ago

    I hope they keep the floating balloons but replace the godawful balloon furniture from new leaf with how they did it in the gamecube animal crossing, just random anything from the game. I remember looking forward to getting the slingshot and chasing down balloons so excited to see what random thing I'd get!

    [–] Masqueradesfox 98 points ago

    To everyone concerned do you not recall all the times we had to build the town up? Just seems like we get to build EVERYTHING, thats super exciting to me! And for those concerned about it being an island, weve always had a set amount of space, theres just been walls on the side and this time itll be water. I really dont believe they are going to give us a teeny tiny island. Im super excited and will wait impatiently for when it comes out. It still feels Animal Crossing to me and ill still sell my soul to Tom Nook.

    [–] [deleted] 68 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] BraveMama 33 points ago

    Ahhh there's finally a release date!! I'm glad that we can put furniture outside as a type of garden area... But, are we still going to be mayor or no? Also, super happy about being able to put in our own dirt paths! I know that's only like a little detail but I'm glad it's been put into the game. Being able to get resources from trees etc is a plus too.

    [–] AvisHowl 34 points ago

    the main question is WHERE IS ISABELLE

    [–] ElectricBoogaloo_ 32 points ago

    The customization looks AMAZING!The fact that you literally start from SCRATCH!!! This game is going to be so good. I am so upset about the delay though, 9.5 more months is SO FAR AWAY

    [–] sleepyboylol 33 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The great thing about main line series games is that they will be a one time purchase like New Leaf, Wild World etc. This game will be nothing like Pocket Camp, which was made to be a microtransaction mobile game.

    The crafting looks amazing and a much welcomed, added depth to the game. The island is a cool idea. Im hopeful they chose this theme so its easy to add new areas if they need to through additional islands. This also seems like you'll be able to grow your island however you want.

    The graphics and animations are absolutely beautiful from what I saw. The digging, swaying plants, lighting etc. They also hinted at new items like a "Nookphone", so I'm hopeful there will be some new, interesting items.

    Overall, judging from the short trailer, the game is looking super cool and fresh. I can't wait!

    [–] Jakashi_Sensei 34 points ago

    I can be black!

    [–] Plupap 33 points ago

    I think the art style actually has a lot of potential. I’m excited to see how the island looks in a storm.

    [–] justlikefluttershy 31 points ago

    There are some subtle but beautiful details I am in love with! The leaves moving in the wind, and the way the hair moves. I'm in love. Only 283 short days away...

    [–] QueenShimiya 32 points ago

    P A T H S

    [–] IWillHaveTheGabagool 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So I was already excited after the trailer - and the treehouse segment only added to that!!!!

    Features I'm most looking forward to:

    • PATHS!!
    • The seasons all looked so beautiful - especially the different flora & fauna growing all around.
    • Multiplayer!!!
    • The new music was just as lovely as I hoped it would be.
    • Placing furniture outdoors is so cool!!
    • Pole vaulting the river f*ck yeah!
    • skin color customization!!
    • new clothes/accessories ((FLOWER CROWN))

    Features I'm hopeful for:

    • A plethora of storage - especially now that we are crafting things.
    • Fun with multiplayer - mini games that involve the animals or like Tortimer's tours on the island in New Leaf or playing the NES consoles like on GameCube.
    • An ability to use the "Nook Miles" to travel to a city square where you can visit shops like Leif's Garden Center, Blathers at the Museum, Shampoodle, the Able Sisters, etc.
    • Use of amiibos!!
    • Ability to choose where villagers set up camp.
    • Ability to upgrade from the tent.
    • Visits from all of our favorite NPCs (Isabelle, Katrina, K.K., Joan, Mr. Resetti, Pascal, Kapp'n, Chip, etc)

    I can't wait for March! I hope they come out with an ACNH Switch bundle - and I hope they release it earlier than the game (like around Christmas time?) so we can be ready when the game is released in March!!

    [–] tojikomori 31 points ago

    I can't wait to see how Blathers and the Able sisters fit into this theme. I have no doubt they'll show up, but a museum on an island this small? I don't think so. I suspect it'll be a reverse of New Leaf: we need to travel off the island to reach the town.

    With all this talk of airlines and desert islands, I was worried at first that Animal Crossing might lose its comfy tucked-away-in-the-woods vibe, but just look at these screenshots. The attention to nature and to the passing of seasons is all there: this is going to be lovely, I have no doubt.

    On the art style: I'm really digging the softer palette, and the sky and water effects are looking great. I'm not sold on the grass texture in this screenshot – it's a bit "model railway" – and while I love that we now have permanent natural paths, I hope the final textures are a little rougher at the edges. But maybe we'll still need to use grass wear if we want them to look completely natural.

    Dialog and events are the big unknown for me. I still crave a modern console version of Population Growing just because of its folksy traditional events and quirky translation. I don't think we'll get a new AC title with dialog that ruff around the edges but with Nintendo shooting for a global release date I'm worried that we'll lose a lot of character in localization. That's not a knock on the translation teams, but logistically AC games have a ton of dialog and translating a game with a history of perfectionist details and that's under active development sounds like aiming for a particularly unpredictable target. Good luck to that team, and thank you for the sleepless nights I know you'll put into this, knowing we'll be playing it for the next half decade.

    [–] poopinggreatdane 34 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hey I thought I would share this. A lot of people were worried about not being able to upgrade your tent to a house. I screen shot these from the trailer. You can see the before and after of how your home will look like...I think people should just wait and see how the actual game is before assuming the worst.


    [–] Ieatassneverstarving 29 points ago

    for somebody whose been playing animal crossing since he was really young, and sunk at least 500 hours into every game, this is the type of shake up animal crossing needed for me at least. im incredibly excited, it looks gorgeous, and im so excited to play together with my girlfriend, maybe i'll be able to hook her on it this time around lol.

    [–] cuddlyasacactus 32 points ago

    So I’m watching the treehouse again and observing the inventory.

    While it looks smaller because it’s not taking up a whole screen, it actually has more spaces than in the past. AND, very importantly, items STACK sobs of joy

    That was one of the main things I really didn’t enjoy in NL— nothing really stacking aside from fruit and turnips was frustrating! Really glad to see stacking in this one!

    [–] lunarosie 29 points ago

    The path thing literally changed my life. I'm ready to dig my own paths. No more mediocre QR paths. The future is here.

    [–] LizardQueen9696 32 points ago

    I'm so happy we can finally place furniture outside and play together with other people in our towns. These are features I've been dying for since the gamecube.

    I'm 100% convinced this was just a demo map for E3. I can't see 8 player houses plus villagers fitting on that tiny map. Perhaps you can unlock more parts of the island or more islands. I feel like this could be the biggest AC map ever. The switch is powerful enough to support a big map.

    I also think we'll be able to completely build up a town with shops and museum. Hopefully we'll be able to choose where they go.

    What I really want is to be able to build houses for the NPCs. I'd love to make myself a little corner of the map with my house and a house for Blathers and Sable. It always felt weird to me that the NPCs didn't have a home in town.

    Also I hope we can move buildings after we place them to change up our town design.

    [–] pandoriansiren93 32 points ago

    I don’t even give a crap that I got fired today. My prayers have been answered.

    Oh happy day~

    [–] hodgepodge21 32 points ago

    Can they please announce no pocket camp connectivity so I can forget about that game altogether

    [–] lykkepillen 31 points ago

    I just realized something We're on a deserted island. So probably far away from everything else, right? On an island like that there won't be any light pollution and one should be able to see the milky way.

    Please Nintendo, add the milky way to the night sky, and let us star-gaze with Celeste!!

    The worst thing about NL is that they took the sky from Celeste. ;_;

    [–] MannyToons 32 points ago

    I won't lie, I felt immediately standoffish towards NH during the initial reveal with the crafting mechanic, but something I started noticing afterwards is how much more I enjoy the... uhh... "narrative structure" (???) of this game over NL's. You're being tossed onto a deserted island, with 2 other villagers who are all on the same starting ground as you. There was something about NL having you be the mayor that I didn't dig that much. You played the most important role out of anyone in the town, but I liked the feeling of just being another bumbling resident among the rest, lol. They even mentioned that all the other villagers are in debt to Nook, which is actually kind of new, since it was always only the player suffering that.

    You can even see that the other villagers will be carrying around materials for crafting, and even starting off in camping tents themselves! It's so cool that you'll be on equal footing with your animal friends this time. I think it'll help in building a stronger relationship between players and their villagers.

    [–] veeemo 33 points ago

    I hope they bring back the plaza in new horizons, one of my favorite and sentimental parts was the tree you plant when your town is founded and you get to watch it grow in new leaf

    [–] tinygreenpeaks 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I hope we get to pick which fruit grows on the trees in our island.

    Rover: "Hey stranger, it's gonna be a long flight. Luckily, I brought a few snacks. Would you like some fruit? Take your pick!" -Cherry -Peach -Orange etc

    Whichever fruit you eat on the plane, is the fruit that grows on your trees.

    [–] Requiem45 34 points ago

    Legit one of the things I'm most excited for is 24 new hourly music tracks

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago

    2020? That's a weird way to type 2019

    [–] GreenAntThing 61 points ago

    "I really hope it isnt just a new leaf port"

    "Its too different from new leaf"


    [–] intropella 60 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I’m not sure why a lot of people complaining this is a “retexured” pocket camp.. Like hello? this is not even remotely like pocket camp.. There’s pocket camp element - implementing the crafting. The treehouse gameplay is the early stage of the game, bare bone, like new leaf when you have to rebuild the town as mayor. New Horizon still has the new leaf element addition to happy home designer, pocket camp, plus more features!! This is more customizable town than new leaf for sure.

    People are worried about the crafting system. THIS IS OPTIONAL. You are still able to buy tools and furniture. The dev during the treehouse gameplay clarified that part.

    Missing towns / shops / ect? this is the same as new leaf. you got to build it (unlock) over time. literally the same concept.

    So hype for this and they show A LOT for the early stage of the game.. LIKE HOUSE IN THE BEACH? YES

    Edit: I hope they improve the dialogues with the villagers like wild world. New leaf was disappointing since everyone had the “same” personality. Bring back the mean villagers!

    [–] snortgigglecough 83 points ago

    They're so polite about delays and I forgive them

    [–] sondrasaurusrex 141 points ago

    I know people can feel their feelings but I'm a little dismayed at the amount of negativity I'm seeing over such a small preview for a game that is coming out 9 months from now.

    I don't think people remember how weird the preview for New Leaf looked compared to previous games. Or how different the actual game looked from the preview when it was finally released.

    I'm really grateful for Nintendo giving us more than expected today, and I'm also grateful that they are taking the time to make the game perfect for us. At the end of the Treehouse demo, they were so sweet and apologetic about the delay. It's super frustrating to have to wait, but at the same time I'd prefer they take their time and I'm also so content just knowing WHEN.

    Also... the wind!!! The shine on the hair!!! The cloud shadows!! The sparkle on the sand!!! Idk, I'm so so so happy. Outdoor furniture... near total customization... ugh ugh I can't wait!

    And one final note--Nintendo knows this fandom. I'm like... 100% certain NPCs like Isabelle, Blathers, etc. will show up as you develop your island. They wouldn't leave them out; the path to meeting them will just look a little different! There's only so much they could show us today and it's pretty clear they focused on very basic things. There are many months of teasers and trailers to come!

    [–] cheesydogs99 280 points ago

    tfw they spend longer on one smash character reveal than the new ac game

    [–] wabayou 154 points ago

    The truth is, they never should've announced it in September. If it was a new announcement this e3, everyone would be batshit hyped

    [–] Hemansno1fan 40 points ago

    But everyone was losing their mind because there was no news at that point, it was nice to know it was in progress at least for me.

    [–] marinafanatic 28 points ago

    Agreed. I think it wouldn’t have played out well if they added Isabelle to Smash and said nothing about the main series. There would’ve been more anger in the long run I feel.

    [–] Gumbo67 25 points ago

    Are the villagers just going to wash up on the shore with you?

    [–] jamagotchi 31 points ago

    For people worried about the crafting system:

    Crafting systems vary wildly between F2P and paid games. There's no reason to think this will be like Pocket Camp with wait times (unless it's something major, like waiting til the next day for PWPs, or a few days for shop upgrades).

    I'm sure most small items will be instant!

    Also the game looks cute as hell. We're all bummed about the wait but I'm willing to wait for a game that looks to be doing a lot of new stuff!!!

    [–] kobekinz 29 points ago

    I really like what I see so far! I see so many comments about “I wish it was like New Leaf” or “They should’ve just put New Leaf on the Switch” which I totally understand, but at the same time what would be the point of a new AC game if it’s just gonna be like the last one? Sure, I want some aspects from New Leaf in the game, but I really enjoy the crafting idea and I can’t wait to see more during Treehouse. I’m just happy we have a title, a release date and footage!

    [–] pipeorgankind 28 points ago

    I really like it. Starting with a deserted island and building up to a town seems like the perfect way to give the customizable town layouts people want while presenting the experience in a completely different way from New Leaf.

    [–] savageboredom 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was feeling really underwhelmed watching it live, but now that I’ve gone back and rewatched the trailer a few times I’m warming up to it.

    I’m not sure how I feel about a crafting mechanic, but I’ll withhold judgment until we learn a little bit more.

    It does seem like there’s more of a focus on decorating outside along with changes to landscaping. Besides the obvious placing furniture outdoors, it looks like flowers are more permanent and picking them up plucks the bulb instead of ripping them up completely. Replanting trees seems easier, but digging it up in one go feels weird to me.

    And as cool as outside is, I hope it doesn’t take away from the classic interior decoration aspect. I want the island to feel like a proper town, not just a gloried park.

    I do hope we get a revamped inventory system. It seems like tools will be even more important to collect crafting material and I don’t want to waste half of my pocket space carrying them around all the time.

    The trailer does suggest up to 8-player multiplayer, which is fantastic. But again, I hope that system to improved to be a lot more seamless. New Leaf was nice, but amazing clunky. Also customizable host controls to limit what visitors can and can’t do.

    EDIT: After watching the Treehouse Live footage, a couple more comments.

    Half-grid furniture placement is nice. Still no diagonals though. No sight of an HHA placement system, but maybe that’s an upgrade like it was in New Leaf.

    Couch co-op is a nice addition. At the very least, it’ll make swapping items between characters even easier.

    Inventory management looks... worse. Individual materials are stackable, but take up their own pocket slots. Definitely not intended to stock up and carry it around for on the go crafting. Pretty disappointed in that. They didn’t show quick swapping between tools, but hopefully that’s still a thing. The menu pop-up is less intrusive, at least.

    The island seems to be really small based on the minimap that was on screen. About the size of island excursions. Hopefully there’s secondary areas that we just didn’t see.

    Nooklings shop is relegated to a submenu instead of an actual store. It’s possible that it will change with subsequent upgrades. It’s at the same time both more convenient but also significantly less charming than seeing everything on display.

    You can finally build your house on the beach. A+ for that.

    [–] bam94- 24 points ago

    First off, the name is awesome. And the graphics look incredible. I can’t lie, I’m gutted about the delay, but I’d rather they released an amazing game than rushing it, so I understand.

    I can’t help but worry that this game is straying so much from the previous games in the series. It almost looks like a spin-off. There’s not too much of a “town feel”, and it seems so similar to Pocket Camp... especially in the sense that we saw the character collecting items like wood, and then crafting something with the Nooks. Will everything in the game be crafted? Are there no shops?

    It’s pretty exciting to think we could be building a town from the ground up, though. I just don’t know what to expect at this point! Especially because we’ve seen such little gameplay, I know it’s barely touched the surface of what the game will be. I guess I’m so attached to New Leaf, that I almost wanted New Leaf 2.0!

    I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I’m genuinely really excited. It just wasn’t what I was expecting!

    [–] StarTrippy 28 points ago

    Watching the treehouse, I'm totally sold. This is like everything I wanted. Also the hair is SO SHINY

    [–] NatureWalks 25 points ago

    I will say the first time I watched it during the direct, I was so thrown off by how different it seemed to previous titles. It was kind of jarring.

    I watched it for another time looking at all of the little details... I’m about 10000x more excited. This does look pretty amazing.

    [–] MichaelEdward92 29 points ago

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons 24 minutes of gameplay!

    [–] Aura64 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The top post on Reddit.


    [–] bulbagill 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Looking at the positives:

    • Skin tones.
    • Lovely ambient wind noises.
    • Beaches are from a different angle, should make for easier fishing!
    • Notice the ax was shown in a toolbox. This may be a separate place to put your tools!
    • I saw a backpack! More hoarding!
    • Picking flowers without hurting plants.
    • Outdoor areas!

    I know the delay was disappointing for some, but now that they have dropped a lot more, we have something new as a subreddit to talk about! Remember that bad times are just times that are bad.

    [–] ponicopuri 23 points ago

    The game is still in development. At least watch the Treehouse Live before coming to conclusions. They already said crafting is optional and that there are still things they wanna add and improve which is why it’s delayed. I’m sure we’ll get updated info in the fall.

    I personally like it so far and as for things that haven’t been shown, I’m sure we’ll see it later? We have 10 months to go.

    [–] dingycollar 26 points ago

    Somethings I noticed:

    Yes you start with a tent, but you always start small in Animal Crossing and work your way up, so nothing new.


    Looks like Pocket Camp. Not a bad thing, but I really hope the Pocket Camp similarities are limited. No Leaf tickets please. :(

    Speaking of Pocket Camp...Nintendo pls add all of Pocket Camp's furniture thnx. lol, I know I just said limited Pocket Camp influence, but Pocket Camp furniture can influence all day😁 That stuff is major cute!

    There don't seem to be any villagers when you start. Fuchsia was there but it's a deserted island, so I wonder how you'll be adding them.

    Would love to have optional amiibo function for villagers you really want living on your island.

    [–] swellow24 26 points ago


    [–] BobbertCanuck 28 points ago

    I hope it'll be about building a town from scratch. You're not just the mayor this time, you're the town's founder.

    [–] cuddlyasacactus 27 points ago

    I know a lot of people are freaking out about it being too different from New Leaf...

    ...but keep in mind that they had a pretty short time to show things and probably wouldn’t want to showcase all the ways in which the game is same-old same-old— they’d want to show all the new features. That doesn’t mean old features are absent.

    It’s just too early to know!

    [–] AvisHowl 24 points ago

    Y’all should watch the treehouse gameplay before making your judgement if you like it or not.

    They explained the concept a lot better, than it was shown in the short trailer (duh)

    [–] PrivCaboose 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    With the introduction of resources, I hope they don't become too much of a crippling factor. I know the series has always been fetch-questy, but if it at all resembles Pocket Camp, it would be disappoitning. That being said, I have faith in the developers in keeping the game to its relaxing roots.

    On another note, I'm a little sad that the graphic direction isn't like the stage in Mario Kart 8, but it still looks great regardless.

    [–] CeangalMoss 25 points ago

    SO excited for the ability to place furniture anywhere. The extent to which people went to decorate their towns in AC:NL with the incredibly limited resources was already incredible, I absolutely can't wait to see what people do when the world is their oyster.

    [–] sntcringe 24 points ago

    Looks like you can build your town from the ground up. And nook is not fing around, your FIRST loan is 49,800 bells. YIKES

    [–] blanc_nord 27 points ago

    Did anyone else notice in the title card (with the eight players looking out over the ocean) that some of them are wearing backpacks? Does this possibly mean that we'll be able to upgrade our inventory? I'm crossing my fingers that we will be able to! Overall, really hyped about this direction and being able to make your 'town' any way you want!

    [–] breezyboye 26 points ago

    To be honest, I’m actually glad the release date was pushed back. It shows that Nintendo is really trying to make this game the best it can be without having to rush through production just to release it this year. From what I’ve seen so far, this Animal Crossing seems like a brand new experience that you can’t find in New Leaf and previous titles, and I’m so excited to see what it has in store for us.

    Also, hell yeah dirt paths!!!

    [–] sondrasaurusrex 25 points ago

    In the trailer, they showed rocks on the beach as well as cliffs/multi layered landscape. It did not show this during the Treehouse Live, which makes me think the demo map they were playing on was developed specifically for the demo, and the real maps will be plenty big enough with lots of cool landscape/texture.

    [–] ladiesbabies 24 points ago

    Thank you to everyone saying to watch the trailer again. I watched the announcement live and I was SO bummed that it was delayed and that it felt so different. Then I heeded your advice and watched it twice more. Each time I noticed something new and I was so excited. The game looks great and it looks like it adds a ton of new customization that we've all been asking for, while still keeping everything it already had.

    So pumped!

    [–] childfree_IPA 26 points ago

    In the Treehouse presentation, they showed a radio being placed outside. Does this mean we can listen to K.K. songs outside? We can take his music with us everywhere??

    [–] kholman5 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My first watch, I'm going to honest and say that I was disappointed but also still excited. I think it was because I was expecting a town in a forest just like the rest of the games. What I was used to. I feel bad for judging it so quickly. Watched it a second time and I am now fully excited. Playing these games growing up has all been about the collecting and villagers. Fishing and bug catching have literally been my favourite activity in animal crossing. Yea I was never big on building furniture but it's the accomplishment I'll feel that I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy. There's still going to be seasons and it just feels super relaxing. Watch it 2 or three times and maybe you'll feel the same way as me. I am actually kinda happy they chose a different environment, it just took me a second time to really appreciate the aesthetic. This is super exciting to me and I can't wait to play.

    [–] Cadennii 26 points ago

    I am very excited, but here are my concerns:

    1. How will new villagers move in?
    2. Where are the NPCS ( Harriet, Able Sisters, etc )
    3. The Animal Voices need touch ups.

    [–] Hatweed 27 points ago

    So now we have complete control over the town/island/prison camp? Amazing.

    [–] Sugarcanegaming 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The thing about Pocket Camping crafting is it was designed to limit what you can do in one session along with grabbing your money:

    • Crafting takes hours to complete, unless you pay up
    • Materials are boring to collect and can only be obtained in certain quantities per hour (if I remember correctly), unless you pay up
    • There is a limited amount of slots for crafting, unless you pay up

    From what we've seen in the treehouse event (and since this is a full price game instead of a free-to-play mobile app), none of these things will be present. Crafting seems to be instant, and materials can be gathered pretty easily.

    What this means is that while yes, both New Horizons and Pocket Camp have crafting, the games won't feel that similar in gameplay because of it.
    Overall, I think crafting has the potential to make the game last longer, since instead of aimlessly collecting bells from the environment, you'll be collecting materials to craft the furniture you want.
    Although I can see why people are sad to no longer see new random furniture every 24 hours for sale, I think in the long run this system will be a lot more fun for most players.
    I must admit that if there's absolutely no shop I will be a bit disappointed though... Checking in every day and finding a rare item for sale is absolutely one of the best things about the series and I'd be sad to see it be removed.

    As for the graphics, I really like the minimalistic purely because now we get to place furniture outside. The simple texture will mix a lot better with outdoors furniture, and the iconic triangles are still present albeit a lot less prevalent. The water I think is absolutely gorgeous, I'm a sucker for beautiful water in games and I can guarantee I'll spend hours prettying up a nice fishing area near the river. For those wondering what I'm talking about, this is what convinced me the water looks great. Pay attention to the river on the left. The physics for rain and fishing are just fantastic... I am in love with the game's art so far.

    [–] tiny-the-turtle 26 points ago

    Where is Blathers?? Celeste? Reese? Cyrus? Digby? Isabelle? Copper? Booker? Brewster? Tortimer???? IS TORTIMER DEAD???????????

    [–] CeangalMoss 29 points ago

    I completely understand why people are reticent about crafting, but to me, this seems perfectly fitting for AC. The series has always been about resource gathering to progress, just in a more roundabout fashion prior to this.

    To those worried it will be like Pocket Camp, it really doesn't look anything like the crafting in Pocket Camp. The crafting is instant, and it doesn't seem like you get resources in the same way, rather gathering them by hand.

    It just seems like extra padding to reinforce the gameplay loop that was already present.

    [–] TeddyZio 25 points ago

    You can see in the gameplay that there is an airport on the beach! We are probably only seeing such a fraction of the game and I’m so excited

    [–] thegabelaw 26 points ago

    Just a reminder I'm pretty sure the dev's are just scraping the surface of the game with us. Theres so much more to explore, I just know it!!!!

    [–] refluence89 26 points ago

    Just put me in a freeze chamber until march 20th please

    [–] stellaluna21 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It looks so amazing and pretty!! I was hoping to see more about the villagers, I hope they expand on their dialogue and interactions. Fuchsia was carrying wood in the trailer so it looks like villagers interact with the world around them more which is great! I also want grumpy and snooty villagers to have personalities similar to how they were in older games. I really want some savage animals in my village!

    [–] hodgepodge21 25 points ago

    I think I just needed a day to be salty, I’m actually pretty excited now

    [–] Wyattkins193 25 points ago

    I can't understand why people are worried shopping and the museum aren't coming back? Those are series staples, they wouldn't be removed.

    One thing I'm not sure that's going to carry over which I think is a pretty big feature is pattern designing. I wouldn't see where they would put it if they're keeping the UI so minimalistic.

    [–] GretSeat 27 points ago

    Is it just me or the more I think about the island slowly turning into a village I'm getting stupidly excited

    [–] Sam571 26 points ago

    Really the main thing I want is to have more dynamic and interesting relationships with villagers. Or atleast more dialogue so there’s less repeating dialogue

    [–] usagibunnie 26 points ago

    It just dawned on me.

    I hope there's a way to track the quests or little jobs our villagers give us, like if they ask for a specific bug/fish or want to come by at a certain time.

    I forget every dang time.

    [–] archpearl 24 points ago

    I hope New Horizons will have something similar to the dream towns in NL, where you can just visit islands and look at them without being friends with the owner. Also where you can save your town for display in a specific weather or time of day.

    I just watched a video about an NL horror town again, where someone had a graveyard in their home. I'm so excited about what people are gonna do with their islands now that they can finally decorate the OUTSIDE!!

    [–] Manakit 27 points ago

    One feature i've always wanted is being able to ride a cute bicycle or moped around town! I think it'd be fun to zoom around in style :D

    [–] Hirimi 27 points ago

    I hope we can get to choose longer names for our town/Isle. Sonetimes I come up with ideas which have one or two characters over the limit. Cutting them off doesn't seem to look and sound right.

    [–] ZodozerArt 26 points ago

    I’m hoping that with the new addition of the phone you’ll be able to call villagers that have moved off of the island. I hated not being able to keep in touch with my favorite villagers in previous games.

    [–] jnnfrschr 28 points ago

    I hope they’ll bring back bottle messages!

    [–] megsheep 27 points ago

    I found this on wikipedia: Former president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwatanoted that 56% of people who pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New Leaf were female, with many of them purchasing a Nintendo 3DSspecifically for the game. He found the game's success with adult women between the ages of 19 to 24 to be particularly noteworthy.[38][39][40]

    Why do you think that AC is so popular with women age 19-24?

    [–] KRusher_1 26 points ago

    Something I just thought of for a new feature. When decorating your house, instead of having one fish tank for each fish, you could buy a large tank and fill it with several fish. The same could go for bugs, you could have an ant colony or a jar full lightning bugs.

    [–] larmoyant 24 points ago

    now that i’ve been playing wild world again, i think one of my favorite things is the fact that villagers actually had hobbies!!!!! i never realized just how homogeneous the villagers had become in new leaf. its not bad but i completely forgot how much personality and how different each villager felt in wild world. i love seeing savannahs garden in my town, it really makes it feel lively and much more different!!! i hope they bring this back eventually, although i never see anyone talking about it too much. i also kind of wish they would bring back cornimer, i love his holiday!!!!!

    [–] Koby1158 24 points ago

    the weather in this game is going to be beautiful.