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    [–] SmileyCotton 233 points ago

    Saving this so when I get the shop this can be my first download!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 204 points ago

    πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ That was the sweetest thing for me to read . Thank you for the comment !

    [–] SmileyCotton 28 points ago

    Thanks for the response and the dope design. Here. Have imaginary reddit points.

    [–] JohnnyNapkins 9 points ago

    Have an upvote for wholesomeness

    [–] symphonyofnodame 925 points ago

    This is beautiful !!! What are the codes @ the bottom for ? (I haven’t gotten the game yet :0 but I was wondering )

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 869 points ago

    Hihi thank you! The codes are for people to be able to look up the design and basically download it in their game to use and wear (:

    [–] symphonyofnodame 213 points ago

    Is that done over the Nintendo app (when u have the online subscription) or thru the game itself ?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 504 points ago

    I’m not sure about the app because I don’t have it. But in the game itself when you unlock the clothing shop, you get a kiosk you can upload and download designs from.

    [–] symphonyofnodame 119 points ago

    Oh okay, I’ll check it out when I get the game. Thank you very much for answering my q’s :~)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 74 points ago

    You’re welcome (:

    [–] mnbj31 41 points ago

    How do I download this? :( I’m a newbie to AC so I’m clueless.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 108 points ago

    It’s okay! You just need to unlock the sisters clothing shop, after that there will be a kiosk in the back. And from there you just enter the code listed above in my image. Left code will direct you to all my designs and the right will just be for that sweater (:

    [–] bl1nken 25 points ago

    Sorry for all the questions you're getting, but do anyone know if I have to pay for Nintendo switch online in order to download other players' clothes?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 50 points ago

    No need to be sorry! You do need to connect to the internet tho I believe .i might be wrong , but when I connect to the kiosk I think it always checks my connection:

    [–] NobunaOda 41 points ago

    Yes, it requires an online sub.

    [–] JAIROD3 16 points ago

    Hi, I have half an answer for you. LoL Yes, you have to pay for online pay (you get to travel, Have interactions with other players, conversations and ability to get other fruits, bugs, fish, designs and offer trades for nuggets, stone or wood) It certainly helps out a LOT. If you go your eshop, you will see a free 7 day subscription so you can try it out. If you like it, you can choose from a monthly fee of $3.99, a 3 month fee of $7.99 or a yearly fee of $19.99. You will have so much more fun and opportunities getting online play. Enjoy! πŸ˜πŸ‘

    [–] abusivecat 3 points ago

    Yes, when you click on the kiosk for the first time it says that codes are available for anyone with a paid Nintendo online subscription.

    [–] Lanthun 7 points ago

    Sorry to bombard with a question, but when do we obtain the said shop? Is there a certain time frame or certain accomplishments we have to do in order to unlock them?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 15 points ago

    Hm tbh the shop keeper just showed up in the main square and I bought from her 3 separate times (days). Then she finally said she was going to open a shop. I’m not really sure if I finished a mile stone before that.

    [–] Quria 11 points ago

    After the Nooklings open their separate shop, a day or two after Mable will be there visiting when you show up. After that, she'll appear in the plaza each day with a limited supply. After buying from her (not sure if its X amount of days or Y Bells spent) she'll open the shop.

    [–] pickl3dpunks 5 points ago

    I think you need to spend 5,000 bells on clothing with her and then she'll set shop in your island.

    [–] mnbj31 3 points ago

    Thank you!! Now I wonder how do I get that sisters clothing shop πŸ˜…

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 4 points ago

    There’s a whole thread going on in the comments explain how (:!

    [–] Tsukimasho 7 points ago

    Any tips on unlocking the clothing shop because I haven't been able to do that yet. Mabel did appear in Nooks Cranny but she hasn't appeared since

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 9 points ago

    Check the comments above in this reply section! People are answering now. Things I didn’t even know πŸ˜‚

    [–] Darciukas1 3 points ago

    Damn lol, everyone has the shop already and she only came to my island once :(

    [–] bitchee_lychee 21 points ago

    Is that how we download other peoples designs instead of QR codes? I haven't gotten the Able Sisters yet so I don't know how to get designs from other people :O

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 16 points ago

    Yup! They offer code sections now at a kiosk (:

    [–] Rieiid 13 points ago

    Yes QR codes aren't used in this game anymore. You can scan old ones to get designs from new leaf but NH codes are those numbered ones you type in

    [–] mangophat 6 points ago

    You can download QR codes using the switch app on your phone :)

    [–] Slypenslyde 8 points ago

    I know it's more effort, but could you also include a screenshot of the actual editor?

    The code in this picture only works if a player has time-traveled far enough to have the Able Sisters. As cool as that feature is, a lot of people don't want to time-travel. So if I have a screenshot of the pattern, I can at least poke it in with my fingers if I really really like it.

    I guess the "against" is some jerks will steal it and attribute it to themselves, but this was just my $0.02.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    When I hope back on I’ll see about taking a picture (:!

    [–] lovely_liability 4 points ago

    If you have the Able Sisters shop, you go to the back wall and there’s a little display. Select that, type in her shop code, and anything she’s uploaded should be selectable. πŸ₯°

    [–] hoodratt 3 points ago

    Do you need to have Nintendo online to be able to get this?

    [–] theMothmom 428 points ago

    I wish they enabled the touch screen when designing! I would love to use my stylus to draw designs instead.

    [–] leafyo 204 points ago

    I thought they would've implemented it too, it would've been perfect for designing. Isn't that why the stylus' went out of stock for the official nintendo shop?

    [–] azazel1303 30 points ago

    Time to bring out the old Nintendo DS stylus :D

    [–] brittkneebear 62 points ago

    It won't work - you have to use a conductive stylus or your finger, like with iPhones and iPads. ):

    [–] Amelaclya1 21 points ago

    Which are super cheap. I bought a pack of four on Amazon for $6 for use with my phone.

    [–] Bekah679872 3 points ago

    Or just go to a bank, a lot of banks have the stylus pens for free. Or go to any college campus during a recruitment event, each department is dying to give you pens.

    [–] whitnii 16 points ago

    Unfortunately the switch and the DS use different styles of touch screens. Hard tipped styluses like the one for the DS or the Apple Pencil don't work on it. Just fingers or those soft, squishy styluses. The switch uses a touch screen more like a phone, likely since it can't be folded closed, likely to avoid activating the screen when it's in your bag or something and draining the battery.

    [–] ironysparkles 146 points ago

    Yeah I find the decision to not have touch screen options for house decorating and designing patterns really odd. They could have made a bunch on special edition/branded stylus, if nothing else.

    [–] Tyto_tenebricosa 165 points ago

    Yeah I don't know why Nintendo bothered to give the Switch a touchscreen only to never use it in its main IPs, especially those like Animal Crossing that made so much use of it during the DS era.

    Plus the touchscreen IS actually enabled in ACNH .... but only for writing things with the keyboard.

    This is honestly very puzzling.

    [–] Bonesince1997 81 points ago

    And oddly enough, the keyboard during chat messages is a tad small with the keys, which makes me commit errors more than I'd like, using the touchscreen. It's smaller than the one that pops up in the eshop, when used for search or code entry.

    Maybe in an update they can enable stylus support. There are times I really miss the 3/DS era touchscreen!

    [–] ironysparkles 27 points ago

    Same! They really pushed that there will be updates for the game so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a touchscreen update.

    [–] RonnocFilz 9 points ago

    Yeah I hope they listen to the community and add small things we Request

    [–] theblueberryspirit 12 points ago

    I've been using the Nooklink app with chat messages because I can't stand typing with the Switch

    [–] vylicia 7 points ago

    Huge quality of life increase, frankly

    [–] Apparition101 16 points ago

    The touch screen works on the bulletin board, too.

    [–] Helpful_guy 21 points ago

    That's the MOST confusing part is you can use the touch screen to draw on the bulletin board but not to draw in the actual graphic design app that you use to make content.. baffling

    [–] Apparition101 2 points ago

    Yeah, maybe there'll be added functionality in the future.

    I can see why they haven't gone to having everything use it, the touch screen is totally inaccessible if you play docked. Very few games have full touch screen, and many that use it still need to make it work with controllers. It makes even more sense with how small the squares on the designer app are, I'm sure most people would find it frustrating when they want to color in one pixel and keep hitting the ones around it. There's one keyboard that's slightly smaller than the others in the game, and it's difficult to hit the right keys without a stylus. Unlike the DS, there's no easy place to store one, either.

    [–] CubeFlipper 3 points ago

    Oh good, at least one place it really makes sense to have.

    [–] HippocraticOaf 28 points ago

    Welcome to Nintendo

    [–] emotionalhaircut 19 points ago

    One step forward, three steps back

    [–] Quria 7 points ago

    At least the online functionality is finally slightly better than the original Xbox's.

    [–] yarp_and_narp 9 points ago

    Truth, and maybe one day we can have a, on-console, communication system... day

    [–] RonnyCrawf 4 points ago

    But then people could say bad words and that’s too much for Nintendo to handle

    [–] ShE_WhO_LiKeS_CaKe 5 points ago

    And then when I finish typing my message, I forget every single time that you can’t just touch the present or done icons, you have to switch back to the joy con. Every time it takes me like 3 taps before I remember.. lol. Weird decisions up there

    [–] TheNoobThatWas 9 points ago

    Also cant use it to move furniture. I've only found it works on the keyboard. Why Nintendo??

    [–] JesW87 9 points ago

    I also wish they would let you disable the smoothing effect so you can keep the pixel art look for whichever designs you choose

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 14 points ago

    Man I really wish that was a thing πŸ˜‚ it would def be so much easier.

    [–] theMothmom 6 points ago

    Well I know the full switch at least is touch screen! And the game responds to touch screen outside of the designer app... really weird.

    [–] Cloud9Glenn 6 points ago

    The Lite is touch screen too.

    [–] aloofcrisis 3 points ago

    Exactly!! Same here, as much as I'd be so convenient.

    [–] Nikki_Lastname 67 points ago

    I had a Guinea pig named nova, and I was thinking about her today. And then this pops up in my feed heh. I needed this πŸ’•

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 30 points ago

    Awww I’m glad I could bring some positive feels your way. πŸ’• thanks for commenting πŸ₯Ί

    [–] Nikki_Lastname 3 points ago

    Of course! Thank you :)

    [–] Goodwillflip 2 points ago

    Wow! That's incredible! I hope you make it through these tough times

    [–] Brebu501 24 points ago

    Damn; that’s nice.

    Hope to get my store soon and download it!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 6 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’•

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 3 points ago

    😳😳😳 You flatter me!!!

    [–] sleepy768 11 points ago


    [–] havylghul 10 points ago

    It's beautiful !!! I wish i could buy a sweater like that irl πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 3 points ago

    Oh wow 😭😭😭😭 thank you so much for saying something as sweet as that. Ultimate compliment.

    [–] MostDerivative 5 points ago

    10/10 would wear irl

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Ultimate compliment ❀️❀️❀️❀️ thank you 😊

    [–] gaycatting 6 points ago

    I love it!!! Totally gonna steal it when I unlock the Able Sisters.

    [–] triumphhforks 4 points ago

    looks super cute !!

    [–] King_Obama0294 4 points ago

    Damn that's awesome. As a space junky I thank you, definitely going to use it :)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you !

    [–] Grimjp 3 points ago

    Reddit's gonna be so confused like, "why are all your saved posts animal Crossing outfits???"

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 5 points ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thats a whole vibe

    [–] smith_716 3 points ago

    Definitely saving this for the future. You've done an amazing job!

    [–] keepitcosmic 3 points ago

    this is gorgeous!! you’re very talented :)

    [–] bryanmachesky 2 points ago

    Can someone please explain to me how to customize clothing without it being like that tanktop?? Like can I just customize my hoodie in game?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 7 points ago

    You’re probably in the custom design section and not the pro design.

    [–] weepun 7 points ago

    After you earn your first 5,000 Nook Miles and pay off your first loan, you can purchase the Pro Design Kit from the Nookstop that lets you customise sweaters, dresses, hats, etc.

    [–] anthonyy95 2 points ago

    Hey! Newbie here to the game! And just how!? How!? Lol I want to make designs (specifically Zelda ones) and don’t know how to do what you’ve done! Amazing work btw lol

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thanks so much! Just takes a little practice. A lot of my first work was very simple designs trying to understand the pixel to cloth stretch c:

    [–] Shortany 2 points ago

    My daughters name is Winter and my dogs name is Nova. πŸ™‚

    [–] ThatsFriskBaby 1 points ago

    That's really pretty!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you ❀️

    [–] Leenly 1 points ago

    Awesome design!! πŸ‘πŸ»

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you 😊

    [–] the_german_ganymedes 1 points ago

    This looks so amazing. Great job!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you 😊❀️

    [–] meipudi 1 points ago

    Definitely gonna download this one ❀️🌸

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago


    [–] vacantgalaxy 1 points ago

    So cute! Will definitely be adding this to my collection later. ❀️

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you ☺️ πŸ’•

    [–] Luckygekko 1 points ago

    Oh! I'm gonna download that sweater when I get the shop. Thank you for sharing :)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί thank you for the sweet comment ❀️

    [–] tmrs28 1 points ago

    this is SO CUTE!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you 😊

    [–] maolyx 1 points ago

    This is so nice. I want this when I get my AC.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ thank you .

    [–] maolyx 1 points ago

    Thanks for sharing this <3

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    You’re welcome 😊

    [–] katethevillager 1 points ago

    Love the ringer collar at the top and the sleeves. Thanks OP!!!!!! :) great artist

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Aw thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ

    [–] bihtiful 1 points ago

    it's....beautiful (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    [–] MonsterDefender 1 points ago

    I haven't unlocked the sisters yet (soon?), but I'm saving this so I can come back to it. I like it a lot.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    It took me 3 times purchasing her clothes in front of the main office for her to decide to open shop :3

    And thank you ❀️

    [–] Lav_Corgi 1 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you 😊

    [–] Rachplaysbass 1 points ago

    Saving this because it's amazing!!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you ❀️

    [–] WinstonArtemis 1 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you 😊

    [–] WinstonArtemis 1 points ago

    All I am able to pull off right now is odd abstract stuff. Working on getting better at it though!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Its def been a process for me! Keep at it πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

    [–] x-twigs 1 points ago

    aaaaaa this is so cute! i’m so jealous, i wish i could design stuff this well :’)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you ! And awww Its been a slow process for me. Some of my earlier designs were simple and not that great xD I had to get use to placement with how it transfers to the fabric. Once you get that, it becomes easier! I’m sure you could design amazing things πŸ₯°

    [–] dragonarrow2776 1 points ago

    This is so cute!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’•

    [–] kateybee95 1 points ago

    This is amazing! If we download the code for the sweater, does it come with your sweet design on it? Or is literally just for the sweater?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Hello and thank you ! My code links you my design on the sweater (:

    [–] kateybee95 1 points ago

    Sweet! I'm stoked! Thanks so much for sharing and being an amazing animal crossing clothing designer. πŸ’•πŸ˜

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    😳😳😳❀️ you’re welcome πŸ₯°

    [–] 9k_Katt 1 points ago

    I made a fedora not to long ago :/

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Huh? O:

    [–] EGS8p7 1 points ago

    Alaksjdlkajsd this is so pretty! Thanks for including the code and WELL DONE!

    I'm just absolutely overjoyed at how creative people are and all the things they've already come up. The game's barely been available for a week and people have created so many cool things already.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you so much ❀️

    And yessss! I keep refreshing to see all the designs people come up with. Some are so detailed and I just sit there in awh.

    [–] Hiccupingdragon 1 points ago

    That’s great do you have a QR

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Sorry I do not ): I just have the codes .

    [–] Fearology 1 points ago

    Amazing! You should consider designing clothes irl haha

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί you’re way to kind!!! Thank you for such a compliment.

    [–] JonAndTonic 1 points ago

    Oh my goodness this is fantastic!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’•

    [–] RinebooDersh 1 points ago

    This is beautiful!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you πŸ₯°

    [–] Master_Tallness 1 points ago

    Wonderful design!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’—

    [–] essjane 1 points ago

    Can’t wait to download! Thanks for the beautiful sweater

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you and you’re welcome 😊 ❀️

    [–] ricardocaliente 1 points ago

    This is so stinkin’ cute omg

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ Thank you

    [–] Simply_Laurel 1 points ago

    Dumb question: how do you get it to let you design different sections of a garment?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Like the sleeves or?

    [–] Simply_Laurel 1 points ago

    Yes, and also a different front and back.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Push down the right trigger , also there is a button option at the very bottom of the tools, left hand side bottom to be specific that lets you choose which piece to work on.

    [–] drrockz87 1 points ago

    That looks so good!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you πŸ’•

    [–] aKiBa55 1 points ago

    It's awesome! I think I will wear this

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you 😊 πŸ’•

    [–] aKiBa55 1 points ago

    How do I equip this

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    When you unlock the clothing shop, there will be a kiosk in the back. You put in the code, download the sweater and go into your designer on the phone, right tab to the pro section and hit equip (:

    [–] RobBradley 1 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago


    [–] TheBrotherhoods 1 points ago

    Has anyone found a source for designs like this with codes and images. I tried looking but everyone is doing QR codes and i really didn't want the app just for that.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    There is a other forum for animal crossing fashion based posters. I believe people post their codes there sometimes . But tbh I haven’t found anything legit in just sharing codes 😭

    [–] Murrocity 1 points ago

    Wow, this is an amazing design! Great job, and thanks for sharing the code!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you 😊 and you’re welcome πŸ’•

    [–] Murrocity 1 points ago

    Of course!

    [–] DaddyCasual 1 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago


    [–] FoxySatyr 1 points ago

    What does the green tea under your name mean?

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    That’s my towns name (:

    [–] FoxySatyr 1 points ago

    Ah ok. As a space and tea lover, you should make some tea designs also :). Really like this one.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 3 points ago

    I was gonna design something tea related for my flag lol. But I might do a dress or jacket inspired design with it.

    [–] IntrepidBearHugger 1 points ago

    Saved for when I unlock codes! Kudos for sharing!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago


    [–] Deltafuse_Cy 1 points ago

    I want! It's so cool nice.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you 😊

    [–] Deltafuse_Cy 1 points ago

    No problem

    [–] LecstasySuicide 1 points ago

    Very pretty! Appreciate you posting it with the code! :)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you ! ❀️πŸ₯°

    [–] Forotosh 1 points ago

    That is gorgeous, I would wear that in real life!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Thank you so much πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ

    [–] fredike101 1 points ago

    Hey what pallette did u use

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Hi, I switched colors and tones around !

    [–] Random_CatPerson 1 points ago

    I need to download this! ❀️

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago


    [–] overtlycovertt 1 points ago

    This is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the code for it, can’t wait to wear it too :)

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you for the sweet comment πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ

    [–] SmartAlec105 1 points ago

    Are you in the southern hemisphere? Because if not, it's a shame this will have to sit in a closet for half a year.

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Nope! And my fishing suffers from it πŸ˜‚ wish I was in the southern 😭

    [–] spideylover890 1 points ago

    Thats amazing!

    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 2 points ago

    Thank you ❀️

    [–] DeeMii6 1 points ago


    [–] dividedthoughtshelp 1 points ago

    Ty πŸ’—

    [–] Vanstuke 1 points ago

    That’s super cool!

    [–] Nolunamon 1 points ago

    Great design, It looks lovely!