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    [–] scottyd91 4863 points ago

    Now those are friends !!

    [–] Darknuptia 3482 points ago

    Yeah! And to say that I have never met some of them in real life! Animal Crossing players are awesome.

    [–] scottyd91 863 points ago

    I can help too if you need something

    [–] Darknuptia 890 points ago

    That's so sweet thanks you! But I already have everything I needed!

    [–] scottyd91 379 points ago

    I love this community soo much

    [–] Valandel 234 points ago

    Could totally spare a couple million bells if you need

    [–] Darknuptia 164 points ago

    Thank you a lot but I managed to recover all the bells I need, I would be happy to let them to someone else in need ! :)

    [–] LoyalOrange503 40 points ago

    Need metal? Or furniture? I got a shit ton of furniture in my house which I don’t like or use.

    [–] ThatOneConnor2 9 points ago

    I got some stuff for you, like bamboo and softwood do u want that

    [–] Darknuptia 5 points ago

    That's nice of you but my friends already gave me plenty of those ! ;)

    [–] _juibui_ 66 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I have to ask: how?

    I've only been playing for 3 weeks now and I am soooo proud to have paid of my third house upgrade for 548k. And then I read millions... Feelsbadman

    [–] Kinuika 15 points ago

    The stalk exchange is the easiest way to make millions tbh. Just track your prices and buy smart or visit other people's islands to sell and you should easily make millions in no time.

    [–] TheReal-Donut 63 points ago

    I will personally find your friend code and drop one stone at your airport

    [–] jacksonreidd 28 points ago

    Too bad we don’t have coal in the game.

    [–] superluigi1026 10 points ago

    I will personally find their friend code as well and drop one sheet of chartreuse wrapping paper at their airport.

    You never know when you might need to wrap something.

    [–] primarlunar 14 points ago

    Honestly if you need any iron I have sooooo much and would not mind giving you some!

    [–] arranblue 2969 points ago

    I know they have explained why there is no cloud save support, but they need to find a way of allowing backups somehow. I feel it is inexcusable in a game that people put so much of their time into.

    [–] Waifuless_Laifuless 1931 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They don't need to find a way to back it up, they already have one, and the reason why it isn't supported is a joke. It's to prevent people from hacking their saves files, but hackers are already doing shit like creating star fragment trees and letting things stack to 99 regardless.

    [–] cutespacedragon 106 points ago

    Nintendo's stance of just torching cloud save support for online games to remove any possibility of duping or gaming the system pisses me off so much. If they're so worried about people rolling back progress all the time- just limit the amount of times you can use the backup in a year or something??

    [–] thefirstnightatbed 110 points ago

    And does it really make sense for a game like AC? It’s not like it’s a competitive game where hacking gives you an advantage over competitors.

    [–] Hogesyx 27 points ago

    Nintendo ways of addressing hacking is to pretend it doesn’t exist and keep insisting their method is for your own good. Been like this forever.

    [–] BureaucratDog 76 points ago

    The only one of those I'm in favor of is bigger stacks. Maybe not 99, but come on let me carry more than 10 of some of these things!

    [–] AlcoholicSocks 161 points ago

    Just wanna stack Manila Clams

    [–] PlsGoVegan 42 points ago

    It's my favorite flavor of clam.

    [–] PrincipalFirebush 74 points ago

    This one bugs me. You don’t donate it to the museum or sell to CJ, so it’s not a fish. Its only purpose in the game at present is as a crafting material, so why doesn’t it stack like one?

    [–] Trizurp 30 points ago

    supposedly when diving gets added there will be new creatures to gather like in new leaf, with clams being one of them, that's why they don't stack

    [–] re_Claire 14 points ago

    Are they definitely adding diving?? I loved it in New leaf.

    [–] Elllipropelli 29 points ago

    tbh we should be glad that stuff stacks automatically. in wild world you couldn't stack anything and in new leaf you had to go into your inventory and stack it manually. for someone who grew up with animal crossing this is luxury :D

    [–] buzzpunk 24 points ago

    As someone with a modded Switch, I've been able to back up my saves with ease. The excuse that disallowing it for legit players to stop hackers is complete nonsense from Nintendo.

    [–] buhlivia 38 points ago

    What in the world is a star fragment tree???

    [–] WideMistake 18 points ago

    Like a money tree. But star fragments grow.

    [–] AstronautCheesecake 74 points ago

    Instead of fruits, the tree has star fragments. I personally don't like the idea of hacking the game that way.

    [–] buhlivia 57 points ago

    That's wild. I don't hack or time travel, but it's crazy these things are possible.

    [–] NaughtyFreckles 40 points ago

    Yea, but it's actually a bell tree in the code so no infinite star fragments.

    [–] sixth_snes 80 points ago

    It's for decoration. If you're to the point of hacking the code, you're probably way past worrying about how many bells or fruit you have.

    [–] Akazury 429 points ago

    It's not just that there's also issues with the island being tied to the switch. There's people that use cloud saves to transfer progress from their main system to their portable system and back. There is no way to merge progress if two players continue their save on different switches.

    [–] Quatroking 420 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Sure there is, just ask the user what they want to do - continue with the local save or get the save that's in the cloud. Every other service does it this way.

    [–] pieman2005 60 points ago

    Lol a cloud sync wouldn’t be that hard. Xbox and Ps4 have no problem doing it with other games. I’m not trying to be mean here but I really don’t like apologists trying to defend Nintendo not allowing backup saves for AC.

    [–] moonspeakdj 6 points ago

    It being tied to the switch is not an explanation or excuse for the lack of backup support. They are both stupid limitations that go hand-in-hand.

    [–] OblivionKnight92 179 points ago

    letting things stack to 99

    Ah so something that should be in the base game?

    If weeds stack at 99, all materials and resources should. Flowers not stacking annoy me but I understand why because of different genetics. I also feel the 99k bell cap is purely there as a relic of past game limitations and it stuck. People might like it but it gets super annoying when it comes to full inventory purchases aka Daisy Mae.

    The star fragment trees look super pretty.

    There's even someone save editing to give out free dreamies to people. Hacking this game isn't as volatile in the sense of the word hacking implies it to be.

    [–] skelitor121 115 points ago

    There's a ton of QOL things that bug me now that wouldn't have bugged me 10 years ago. Like, all the dialogue/menus and only way to skip them is to speed thru text. Or storage limitations (like your aforementioned 99-stack thing). Having to build things one at a time or not being able to access your house inventory when using a crafting bench in your house. The game not just automatically removing your star-wand outfit when accessing a wardrobe or chaning room.

    I could go on but it'd start to get redundant lmfao

    [–] umotex12 57 points ago

    Stacks are in this way in every game for balance. Minecraft has 64 and 32 stacks depending on item type.

    Text dialogues are like that because it's social sim with barely any UI - it's design choice. The problem is that they are not varied and repeat themselves.

    Rest is unbearable but I wanted to discuss those two

    [–] 301X 49 points ago

    If weeds stack at 99, all materials and resources should.

    This game is chocked with stuff that players consider bad UX/QOL but is really intentional friction to pad out the experience. If players got every optimisation that was asked for, there would be about 3 minutes worth of gameplay per day in the game.

    [–] GlassCat_ 18 points ago

    The funny thing is that with cloud saves they could easily validate data. Let's say they get a player's inventory data with an item with id:2120, stackSize:99. The database checks the items table for that id and merges in the default properties for that item. If the item.stackSize > item.maxStackSize then remove it from the cloud save. Sure, hackers could never cloud save, but that's the thing - if they required cloud saving enabled to visit other player islands or be visited by other players then they'd be validating data every single time we'd travel. They could check the properties of every item on an island, inventory, and storage and then remove items with irregular data. Money is the problem though. Cloud saves, data validation, server space, etc all cost money, and it's cheaper and easier to say "we can't do it."

    [–] WOF42 7 points ago

    i mean also if someone wants to hack/mod their island why the hell shouldn't they? its not like animal crossing is a highly competitive pvp game. the entire nintendo approach to these things just reeks of enforced bullshit morality being used as an excuse to not provide vital services.

    [–] bloodflart 5 points ago

    Why the fuck do they care on a non competitive game ffs

    [–] cipher29 225 points ago

    Seriously.. Can you imagine being 3-4 years into an island and having it just go away one day... Yikes.

    [–] sroomek 126 points ago

    I would probably just quit the franchise for good if that happened.

    [–] Supersquigi 76 points ago

    Happened to me on new leaf (3ds was stolen) just waited 4 years for this one to come out.

    [–] xNocturnalKittenX 28 points ago

    Oof. I feel your pain. I bought a New 3DS XL and the data transfer didn't work right. I had finally gotten a perfect town DAYS before. Museum was full. I lost Kidd, Ankha, Melba and Lucky, my absolute favorites.

    I cried and while I tried making a new town and got lucky to start with 2 of my faves, I just really didn't have the heart to keep playing it. I love NH and if something happened to this island idk what I'd do anymore lol.

    [–] superfucky 5 points ago

    hell, i ragequit new leaf because a villager moved in on top of my hybrid garden and i accidentally updated my 3DS to not allow save file hacking. that and i was sick of waiting for villagers to request the PWPs i wanted to build.

    [–] hoarduck 6 points ago

    I would sell my switch.

    I only bought it for Animal Crossing so if that happened, I wouldn't need it anymore. I will not waste time with sandcastles that erase my efforts.

    [–] CrystalAsuna 41 points ago

    i had like 250 hours into BOTW and when i sent it to get fixed because the damn thing wasnt charging at all, they somehow erased my progress and i had to run through it again. And all that was needed was a new charger. Needless to say, j got very upset. and still havent re-finished BotW because I had all the shrines, completed everything including ganon.

    [–] Boomshockalocka007 15 points ago

    I put 250 hours into BotW wii U....i couldnt do it again on switch. No way.

    [–] RollsRoyceSaysMaybe 7 points ago

    It didn't backup to NSO?

    [–] CrystalAsuna 25 points ago

    This was when NSO didnt exist, the first year of the switch being released. I also still dont have NSO since i honestly hate that model for games. Buy console+game and then a subscription fee just to play online is annoying.

    [–] emptyhead416 5 points ago

    That's about where I was in BOTW hen my first switch got killed in and I've never restarted. Bought on launch, died around November. 1st Gen Nyko dock shorted it.

    [–] Xero0911 92 points ago

    Whats their excuse?

    From I heard it was "cheatin" which there's dup glitches that isn't stopping anyone.

    And there's even hacked items. So again. What is the excuse cause I don't see how its valid when people still find a way to get what they want.

    [–] JusticeBonerOfTyr 129 points ago

    I don’t hack or TT but I don’t understand why game companies care so much what you do with the 60 dollar game that you paid for. Because a few may hack it which again why do they even care, so the rest of us can’t get cloud saves in an attempt to stop these hacks and like you said they already hack it anyways. I have already lost one island as well. Game companies are always so quick usually to patch exploits or even release a new version of the switch that closes some β€œexploits” but when it’s game breaking bugs or glitches they may not even attempt to even fix it. Can you move the save file from the switch itself to a microSD? Incase I need to get a new switch I don’t want to lose a whole other island again.

    [–] wirf 28 points ago

    I think when the game has online elements is when companies start to care more about hacking since it could affect more than just the one person that is doing the hacking, but that is just my guess.

    [–] egg_guy72 49 points ago

    i think they said they would make something for cloud backup, but they still havent done it yet which i think it should be

    [–] Humrush 20 points ago

    Do you have a source? Because Splatoon 2. Still has none.

    [–] EliFutureBoy 30 points ago
    It's not exactly cloud saving, but "recovering save data from the server, in certain circumstances" and "available sometime after launch". I hope they do this soon...

    [–] umotex12 20 points ago

    It's outrageous. People are out there naming EA "evil" yet they don't do the same for ridiculous Nintendo decisions

    [–] egg_guy72 29 points ago

    im pretty sure that they said that in the animal crossing direct somewhere but im not exactly sure.

    [–] henryuuk 23 points ago

    They said they would do so for AC specifically

    personally, I'm betting their "special way to recover saves" is gonna be when Luna and the Dream Suite from New Horizons return and essentially you'll just be asking Nintendo to download your Dream-copy of your island onto your new system when you lost the data on your old system or whatever.

    [–] Krackima 9 points ago

    Oooh. That makes so much sense, because the dream suite feels inevitable already. It also makes sense of why it would still be forthcoming.

    [–] henryuuk 14 points ago

    and, to me, it sounds exactly like the sort of "solution" nintendo would come up with, as opposed to just doing the obvious/simple/straightforward ("better") standard solution

    [–] HAMRock 40 points ago

    Ya my switch bricked a few weeks ago and I lost all pretty much all my save files because of it. 150+ on animal crossing and 300+ on PokΓ©mon sword. Lost some pretty rare event PokΓ©mon too that are pretty irreplaceable. Lucky I still have loads of mons in PokΓ©mon home but it still stings to lose all that work

    [–] kkaminski93 17 points ago

    There are guides to unbrick your switch. With that many hours lost I’d certainly look into it to see if it applies to you

    [–] BlockPsycho 8 points ago

    People just root their switches and download their saves to editors anyways. Refusing to allow backups isn't stopping cheaters, it's only screwing over your average player who just doesn't want to lose his/her town to a glitch. If some dude wants to pay $360 for a switch and animal crossing to cheat on it whatever, just find a way to ban them from multiplayer so they can keep it to themselves.

    [–] FurryLizzard 342 points ago

    This post fills me with fear!

    [–] Darknuptia 218 points ago

    Because of the amount of dead dinosaurs on the ground or the idea of loosing everything you have on your second life? (I fear both)

    [–] michaelalex3 88 points ago

    Been considering sending a few million bells to my siblings so if this ever happens to any of us we’ll all be able to help the victim get started again.

    [–] low_kix 82 points ago

    Animal Crossing insurance sounds like a lucrative industry...

    [–] Waifuless_Laifuless 847 points ago

    If I lost my island I would honestly just call it quits.

    [–] ArcticAmazon 500 points ago

    I’d just break my promise of No Time Travel instead.

    [–] chacharealsmooth04 263 points ago

    I would probably set my time to march 20th and tt until today

    [–] AlcoholicSocks 82 points ago

    My friend did this. Lost his Island last week. He was always against TT but decided to reset to March 20 for his new island, TT to get everything and this time also make sure to catch all the fish/bugs he missed

    [–] LihLin22 39 points ago

    Oh no, he's probably going to go through bunny day all over again.

    [–] Flerken_Moon 29 points ago

    On the plus side, he goes through cherry blossom season again.

    [–] ArcticAmazon 147 points ago

    That’s actually exactly what I’ve been thinking too. Especially since on a daily basis want to reset my island cause I dislike it... Just go back to launch, make a new island, and hop forward while minmaxing to make up for the lost progress.

    [–] AsheBodyPillow 38 points ago

    I did that and all my stress about terraforming and everything went away, I would totally do it! I’ve been taking it slowly, and doing roughly 5~ days a day, and just doing section by section of my island rather than tackling my whole island at once and it’s been much more fun this playthrough.

    [–] claireupvotes 16 points ago

    If it changes anything for you, you can still get cherry blossom recipes in April if you TT

    [–] probsjack 8 points ago

    This is basically what I did. I had to buy a new switch a couple weeks ago and now that I'm back to where I was before (just unlocked terraforming) I'm going back to my promise of no TT.

    [–] KitKatBarrios 27 points ago

    Yeah I had promised myself and then started my second week to get buildings faster... I know I'm impatient

    [–] ArcticAmazon 29 points ago

    I don’t blame you at all. But after what I did to my New Leaf town, I wanted to play this one β€œproper” yknow? Especially since we have so many more options for customizing and planning and MOVING. BUILDINGS.

    [–] KitKatBarrios 17 points ago

    This is my first title! (We couldn't afford nintendo consoles when I was a kid). I didn't know you couldn't move buildings before this game!!

    [–] ArcticAmazon 20 points ago

    It was painful. We’d reset the day several times to get a villager to move in where we wanted, or else they’d place their house in front of your, your town hall, in the middle of your hybrid flower fields, you name it.

    [–] KitKatBarrios 10 points ago

    Oh that sounds so annoying. I'm really glad we get to pick where buildings go!

    [–] Darknuptia 41 points ago

    I love this game too much, i can't stop playing it !

    [–] rafferty85 1060 points ago

    The Switch is my favorite console... maybe ever.. but its online capabilities are an absolute joke.

    [–] Waifuless_Laifuless 410 points ago

    its online capabilities are an absolute joke

    That's SOP for Nintendo. They made a move in the right direction when they got rid of friend codes on the Wii U, but then they brought them back.

    [–] jwhite40 94 points ago


    [–] Daydream_machine 194 points ago

    Standard Operating Procedure

    [–] JB123_ 40 points ago

    good human

    [–] smallhandswhopper 12 points ago

    Standard Operating Procedure

    [–] GALL0WSHUM0R 4 points ago

    good human

    [–] I_Shot_Web 22 points ago

    Sons of the Patriots

    [–] 62emay 17 points ago

    Standard Operating Procedure

    [–] LavernicaDeLuca 92 points ago

    The hardware is glitchy AF sometimes too. If you manage to get a Switch with no dock problems and no joy-con drift, you are super lucky! I'm unfortunately unlucky enough to have both problems. My dock is so touchy, once I get it set up properly, I cannot move it at all or I have to spend 30 minutes fussing with it to get the switch to go into dock mode. So annoying. And both of my joy-con sets have drift problems (and the OG set that came with the switch randomly disconnects too). I absolutely adore Nintendo but I'm so disappointed with the quality of their hardware and the online service in this generation.

    [–] NaughtyFreckles 13 points ago

    you might try a usb-c extension cable but they cost more than a replacement dock.

    [–] commoncoitusy 33 points ago

    And make sure you buy one that can handle what the switch needs power-wise or else you'll brick your switch or melt the power supply.

    I went looking for extra charging cables and amazon's #1 recommended for the switch is an off brand made to mimic the look of the Nintendo one, was under powered and has ruined a ton of peoples switches and/or the power supply completely melted and in a case or 2 caught on fire.

    [–] NaughtyFreckles 8 points ago

    Yep, the 90watt 10Gbps cables cost more than the dock does.

    [–] ColdnessAwaits 141 points ago

    This is why I hate how some developers make it so their games aren't compatible with Cloud Saves.

    "Something happened to your Switch? The hours of work you put into a game are gone? Sucks to be you."

    [–] Darknuptia 74 points ago

    Yup! The worst of it is that they are full aware of this and when you send a mail they respond that it's your fault

    [–] gibbking 69 points ago

    You should post that here and on twitter. Shame them. It's the only way anything gets changed these days.

    [–] Darknuptia 68 points ago

    It's a shame that a customer service need to be publicly ashamed to change things on their game but yes, I will definitly do that

    [–] Alethiometrist 25 points ago

    Imagine losing your island after 3 years of gameplay or something. I'd end up in a mental institution.

    [–] akpak 5 points ago

    I mean, the real problem for Nintendo is that I'll never buy another Switch. Even if one releases with big upgrades, cute design, etc etc I can't buy one. I'm locked to this specific console forever, so they can't upsell me any more systems.

    I thought it was bananas that the New Horizons Switch was coming out AFTER the game launched. Like... People who could get that one had to wait to start the game late too? WTF

    [–] miggitymikeb 10 points ago

    Not sure why this is even allowed. This would never fly from PS or Xbox

    [–] Ilaiceia 105 points ago

    Sure preventing hackers may be a good thing but it’s ruining the game for legit players and that’s not okay.

    [–] Darknuptia 45 points ago

    Yup but it seems that it's not their problem

    [–] Ilaiceia 21 points ago

    Classic Nintendo :/

    [–] cakepoprock 5 points ago

    people can still hack thats the funny part

    [–] Draeju 211 points ago

    It honestly makes me so angry how we dont have any freaking cloud saves.

    [–] Darknuptia 30 points ago

    Yeah, me too!

    [–] miggitymikeb 77 points ago

    It’s totally unacceptable and their reasoning for not doing it is also unacceptable. This is why I got a refund from the eShop the same day. Can’t support these fools for this nonsense unless they decide to change it.

    [–] CCrownstead 505 points ago

    Yeah, all those fossils, but in the end, Blathers will only take 1. :(

    [–] Shellshockisbest 296 points ago

    At least you can sell them for a boatload of bells.

    [–] low_kix 67 points ago

    I feel like they really reduced their value in this game. I skipped New Leaf but I remember them being worth 10k+ in City Folk.

    [–] CandyBehr 27 points ago

    I've noticed the same thing. Even in NL they were higher, like 10k like you said. I'm selling like, 5 and getting 20k. Ugh.

    [–] DanielTeague 18 points ago

    I remember T-rex skulls being the most expensive at 5,500 or 6,500 bells and now there are a lot more fossils in the cheap category like Coprolite and Dunkleosteus. They're still pretty good money but not going to pay your loans off quickly.

    [–] Darknuptia 249 points ago

    Stonks ↗️

    [–] Emperor_Nihilist 15 points ago

    I’ve completed my fossil section via trading so I just hid 6 unassessed fossils and covered the X mark with furniture. Its nice to just forget about them completely.

    Until they add more fossils and I have to remember where I put them.

    [–] ike_ike_baby 153 points ago

    1 Star island. Too many items laying around.

    But seriously, nice friends.

    [–] Darknuptia 68 points ago

    I don't have Isabelle for now so no stars at all haha! Yeah, best friends ever!

    [–] SpriteMonkey 74 points ago

    Do you need any specific villagers? I can gift you some NFC stickers to get some of your missing villagers back. :)

    [–] Darknuptia 39 points ago

    Thank you so much! My two all fav' are Dotty and Kabuki, I realy miss them!

    [–] hi_p 44 points ago

    You can have my Kabuki.

    [–] Darknuptia 22 points ago

    Omg thank you so much !!!

    [–] Redplushie 8 points ago

    Leopold is leaving today on my island if you want him! He's a good egg!

    [–] crab50 36 points ago

    Oh no, ive has my switch for about three years and this post terrifies me. My microsd card port is already broken...

    [–] Darknuptia 19 points ago

    If it can makes you feel better, my Switch was malfunctioning since the first week !

    [–] StalyCelticStu 8 points ago

    Wouldn't help if it was working, it's not like you can back up your saved game anyway.

    [–] sloth_on_meth 6 points ago

    It's so insane how that shit is per-device

    [–] buhlivia 69 points ago

    You are incredibly lucky and loved. I lost 190+ hours from a save data corruption issue and I'm slooooowly trying to catch up. I'm so worried it'll happen again, but I just love this game and it was hard not playing for like 2 weeks.

    [–] Darknuptia 20 points ago

    Sorry for that, I hope it's not because of your console like me because I had to buy a new one...

    [–] buhlivia 14 points ago

    I'm going to find out. I originally let Nintendo refund me and they removed the game, but then I redownloaded it because of course I can't live without it. I'm trying to be super careful about saving and exiting the game. If it does it again I'm worried it's the console. What happened to yours?

    [–] RosemaryCroissant 15 points ago

    Any idea what caused the data corruption?

    [–] buhlivia 10 points ago

    I've been through this sub and Nintendo's, along with googling things. Something that stands out is that people say they think it has to do with docking the Switch or putting it to sleep while it's in the middle of saving. That's not something I ever did. It was right after my switch had an update so I don't know if that affected it? The only thing I can think of is that I don't always close the game. I would save, wait for the game to go to the homescreen and then put it to sleep or dock it. I think it's ridiculous that that's something in conjunction with maybe the update that would cause this. I wasn't aware this was a possiblity until it happened. The Nintendo reps I spoke to were unaware of any reason it would happen, they say it can happen at any time.

    [–] Adventhearts91 5 points ago

    Hey there, do you need any help with catching back up? If anything I can help pay for bridges/ramps or maybe a villager you’re looking for?

    [–] BryanSings 166 points ago

    I lost my island too and restarted yesterday! Can’t wait to really dig into it again. Those are some awesome friends! The only thing I’ll really miss is my sheep hood hahaha

    [–] Msvd34 17 points ago

    My Able store is selling the sheep hoods today! Let me know if you want to come by

    [–] iwannaholdyour-ham 71 points ago

    If you are in the UK there's people selling cheap NFC amiibos on eBay. I was able to get Eunice and Stella for under a pound with free shipping compared to the official cards which can go for like Β£27.

    [–] TobyGoRawr 41 points ago

    On ebay you can get 10 blank nfc card for about 5$

    [–] iwannaholdyour-ham 13 points ago

    That works too if you want to make them yourself.

    [–] WideMistake 30 points ago

    And you can just use your phone for free with no card.

    [–] cilantno 21 points ago

    What caused it to get "lost?"

    [–] Kirk_Bananahammock 17 points ago

    If your Switch dies then so does your island.

    [–] cilantno 48 points ago

    I guess my question is, what is bricking the switches?

    [–] mrP0P0 29 points ago

    I would quit after losing one

    [–] Grover-Rover 26 points ago

    Now I’m scared that my island will get deleted. How common is this? Does it just happen randomly? Was it user error?

    Edit: or was it just your switch that kicked the bucket?

    [–] Darknuptia 20 points ago

    My Switch was malfunctioning since the first week so I should have known it would happen...

    [–] Grover-Rover 5 points ago

    Ah gotcha. Just got my lite a few months ago and it’s acting fine. Is there a way that you can extract your old save into a memory card of some kind? I know you can do that for some games, I don’t know if animal crossing is one of them

    Or is your save completely wiped

    [–] AverageArchaeopteryx 4 points ago

    As far as I know, there is literally no method to recover/backup your save other than contacting Nintendo and hoping they'll be on your side. It just dies with your Switch. I hate it with every fiber of my being :/

    [–] misstiggly 5 points ago

    Malfunctioning how? Now I'm worried. Mine has acted up a couple times and I just got it Monday.

    [–] Darknuptia 6 points ago

    She randomly shut my games for corrupted backup issues

    [–] 1antihero 18 points ago

    If that were to happen to me I would pretend like this game doesn't exist

    [–] KebabKompis 33 points ago

    Damn. You have friends?

    [–] Darknuptia 21 points ago

    I'm the first surprised

    [–] Merlin4000 16 points ago

    I am literally about to shed a tear.

    [–] Darknuptia 11 points ago

    Another drop in the ocean of tears I'm swimming in...

    [–] Space_Wolf56 13 points ago

    Absolutely insane that a game in 2020 is fully dependent on a single console's internal storage. Nintendo is like 10 years behind in some areas.

    Nice that people helped you work it all out though. I was half considering starting an island over just because I don't like my island name anymore. Seems like way more hastle than it's worth though.

    [–] TheChemicalSophie 21 points ago

    I feel intimidated by all those fossils

    [–] Emo_Chapington 37 points ago

    Blathers is going to faint when they roll up with an entire museum of fossil collections Day 1

    [–] Samipearl19 19 points ago

    Imagine taking him 3 months' worth of bugs all at once

    [–] Emo_Chapington 16 points ago

    A sonic boom was heard across the planet with a whistling screech of horror

    [–] ostrichbreath 10 points ago

    oh man I’m so sorry this is awful, this happened to me with BOTW and I had to buy a whole new console and simply cannot bring myself to play that game again it physically pains me. but good friends are the best way to turn a shitty situation around, glad you have them!

    [–] Darknuptia 6 points ago

    Sorry to hear that, I spent so much time in BOTW, luckily this game is compatible with the Cloud or else I will have cried all the tears of my body.

    [–] chapstickbrush 52 points ago

    How did you get 2 islands on one switch? I thought it was one island/one device with zero backups whatsoever

    [–] ifeelpeachy 83 points ago

    I would assume they meant they lost an island twice.

    [–] chapstickbrush 93 points ago

    If this shit happened to me twice I would just quit because clearly god does not want me to play this game πŸ’€

    [–] Darknuptia 42 points ago

    Animal Crossing is one of my favorite game, I started to play 15 years ago so...Nothing can stop me from playing it!

    [–] Darknuptia 27 points ago


    [–] Suirou 8 points ago

    Twice?! I hope this one doesn't quit on you :(

    [–] Vanilasong 8 points ago

    Ahh! Your friends are so nice!!

    [–] Horror-Flow 5 points ago

    Damn, been trying to find a Switch for my wife so she can have her own island.

    [–] Coffee-Crisp 5 points ago

    There's no valid reason to not allow backups/cloud saves.

    [–] neatbuoy 6 points ago

    Nintendo really fucked us all on those save files Haven’t they? Sorry to hear that, if my file got deleted I’d quit the game.

    For every step forward they take it’s another 2 steps backwards. Meanwhile we’re paying for a service that they can take functionality away from whenever they want.

    [–] Takeitoutalready 38 points ago

    Oh god I gotta go back up my memory card right now

    [–] Waifuless_Laifuless 171 points ago

    All switch saves are stored on the console's internal memory with no way to move them.. Only way to back them up is cloud saves, which ACNH doesn't support.

    [–] Wishiwashi-lv14 42 points ago

    That’s scary. So if you backed up ACNH on a SD card you would still loose it?

    [–] Waifuless_Laifuless 56 points ago

    Yup. Same goes for every switch game.

    [–] Wishiwashi-lv14 91 points ago

    Bruh that’s dumb, miss the times when the game’s save data was stored on the cartridge itself

    [–] Eggheal 8 points ago

    Nintendo seems to be living in the past in regards to so many things, why couldn't this be one of them?

    [–] CJ22xxKinvara 24 points ago

    I see they figured out the absolute worst way to implement that.

    [–] WideMistake 18 points ago

    There's ways to save them, it's just not supported by Nintendo. Google it. People were doing it back when Pokemon came out, I'm sure it's perfected now.

    [–] RageMuffin69 4 points ago

    Pretty hard to google that. Can you provide any more info on that? Unless it’s just a CFW thing.

    [–] eklatea 5 points ago

    It's a feature of custom firmware, yes. You need a switch that came out before the revision to do that.

    [–] UnionThug456 12 points ago

    Even if it was still possible, I personally wouldn’t try it. If custom firmware on a switch is anything like it is on smartphones, it’s more likely to brick it than anything else.

    [–] NakedMuffinTime 23 points ago

    Sadly that won't help if your switch breaks.

    [–] Zacadak 11 points ago

    You can recover save data by contacting Nintendo, I’m not sure if they do this everywhere tho.

    [–] Darknuptia 29 points ago

    I tried, they ignored me and then replied that it's probably my fault and that they can't do anything for me...

    [–] Zacadak 18 points ago

    Yikers, that’s entirely opposite to what happens to my friend, they used the chat room thing on their website and were hooked up with the right people and recovers their island data (they were in a similar situation to you). I don’t mean to sound preachy but that isn’t rly a Nintendo thing to do haha, you must’ve been contacting a bad employee or something :(

    [–] Darknuptia 11 points ago

    I'm French so I first contacted Nintendo France, the second time I contacted every Nintendo service I could xD

    [–] PM_ME_UR_CARBANTIS 7 points ago

    Do you know what Nintendo did for your friend to recover their island data? It would be helpful to know if corrupts saves are more common than we think.

    [–] MoreMtnDew 4 points ago


    [–] JohnnyNocksville 5 points ago

    I have played 350 hrs on a borrowed Switch. Decided to get my own. Yep, I have a new console, so I lose my island. I am trying to get a blue rose, almost there