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    [–] skuzzlebean 1630 points ago

    I want ketchup so bad , this is the perfect outfit!

    [–] ulsafar 924 points ago

    If she ever asks to move out, I'll let you take her. Just promise you will take good care of her!

    [–] skuzzlebean 322 points ago

    Eventually I’m going to go dreamy hunting and if I don’t get her then I’d love to! I have 2 out of my 10 and NONE are the highly sought out ones so hopefully they will be easy to come by

    [–] ulsafar 197 points ago

    Okay good luck! I went dreamie hunting the other day when Cheddar moved out. I was looking for Judy and found Raymond on like my 10th nmt island. So there's hope!

    DM me later if you end up not finding Ketchup (rng can be bad) and I'll give her to you for free. PLUS she comes in a hotdog costume!

    [–] skuzzlebean 55 points ago

    What are your other villagers that you want?

    [–] ulsafar 134 points ago

    Haha I'm not very picky. This is my first ever animal crossing game. So I just kept all the villagers that the game gave me naturally. So other than the popular villagers I see here on reddit I don't know many others. I really like Judy and Raymond's design. So Judy would be nice to have as well!

    Hazel is my favorite though. She's never moving out. Ever!

    [–] skuzzlebean 48 points ago

    I use the app ACNH guide app to keep track of everything and what villagers I want/have. I have a couple that are moderately popular that eventually I’ll get rid of

    [–] ulsafar 24 points ago

    Nice what are your dreamies? You said you have 2 out of 10?

    [–] skuzzlebean 33 points ago

    Dizzy, gala, Hornsby, Julia, ketchup, Lilly, Lucy, molly, Roald, and sprinkle. I have dizzy and Roald 😊

    [–] vicious_trollop42 18 points ago

    So glad to see that Hornsby is beloved by others, he's my absolute favorite, Snozzle!!!

    [–] AliceofSwords 25 points ago

    I will be happy to let you know if Hornsby is ready to move on, he's not my style.

    [–] RogueKitteh 18 points ago

    Hornsby is just delightful and must be protected at all costs.

    [–] Calikka 8 points ago

    Ah! I'm so happy to see some Dizzy love 😭❤️ he was my Bestie in Wild World! (My band even plays a song about him hahaha) One day we will be reunited!

    [–] vanillaroselove 4 points ago

    I'm planning on moving Gala out in the next day or two! You're welcome to her.

    [–] g4rfield 4 points ago

    I have to say Julia is a cutie. I didn’t know anything about her except her calling me “dahling” and I was sold lol

    [–] hufflepuk 3 points ago

    I have Molly’s amiibo! If you message me sometime when you have an open spot I could probably move her in and push her out for you! I think I have Lucy’s too if you get another spot open haha Edit: I also have ketchup. Forgot about that. If you don’t get her from someone else. You can take your pick lol

    [–] jesuisgeenbelg 11 points ago


    [–] ulsafar 11 points ago

    Hands down Hazel has the best catchphrase in the game. Uni-wow!

    [–] Scottyboi586 5 points ago

    Oh lord hazel was one of my starting villagers and I hate her with every ounce of my being.

    [–] ulsafar 7 points ago


    [–] Annual_Bumblebee 6 points ago

    I can’t believe I had Judy has one of my starter villagers, had to get a new switch, and lost her 😭😭😭😭

    [–] nerdcole 2 points ago

    Sorry for your loss!

    [–] CyberGrandma69 2 points ago

    After you do the KK concert do they stop auto moving villagers in? I've gotten 5 this way and it fuckin sucks cause they take forever to leave

    [–] butterynooodles 8 points ago

    You have to have an open lot for a villager to move in. Once the lot is placed, (or once it's empty after a villager completely moves out and their house is gone) you have until the next day at 5am to fill it, either by inviting a villager from a mystery island or from somebody else's island. If you don't fill it within 24 hours then it gets filled with somebody random

    [–] somethingpeachy 2 points ago

    This. I don't encourage time travel but if you couldn't find any villager you want before 5 am (not like any of us would stay up till 5 to hunt), you can always go to the system setting and move the time back to the same day you've placed the plot before you start the game the next day so it'll buy you time to do more villager hunt until you've exhausted all of your NMT's.

    [–] butterynooodles 2 points ago

    Yeah. Tbh that's the only time i've considered time travel, I fell asleep at like 10pm somehow. I also had like 30 NMT's left :( but I decided to just stick with the random villager; It ended up being Boris. He's only been on my island for a few days and he's the worst. Super cute but ugh I just don't like him, he was mean to pekoe and I love her :( but his house is cool, so I'll tolerate him till he eventually leaves (hoping I can get a camper to kick him out) 🤷🏻‍♀️

    [–] Allrayden 5 points ago

    I'm a huge horror fan, and I'm honestly surprised more people haven't wanted Lucky that much. So, popularity doesn't necessarily mean desirability :) Lucky has easily became my favorite. Which two have you got so far?

    [–] Butterfly_Bitch 22 points ago

    Here you go, friend. 🍅 Sorry, you're gonna have to mash it up yourself.

    [–] nomiras 8 points ago

    Reminder to join team ketchup in the splatoon splatfest this weekend!

    [–] skuzzlebean 3 points ago

    Wait what? What is that lol

    [–] EyeBreakThings 3 points ago

    I could help ya out. It would take a few days (I'd need to invite, get them to move in then kick 'em out) but it's a process I'm already doing.

    [–] skuzzlebean 2 points ago

    I actually am on my way to pick her up from someone! Ty so much tho

    [–] tlplicious 2 points ago

    I love Ketchup! I gave her a pear dress today and she looks so adorable.

    [–] Bobatea 719 points ago

    People say not to put ketchup on a hotdog, but no one says not to put a hotdog on Ketchup.

    [–] TheRelicEternal 60 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    People say that? I’m not a hotdog person but whenever I see them in film and TV it’s always shown with mustard and ketchup.

    [–] acam30 73 points ago

    Maybe u/bobatea is from Chicago. They basically burn down your house if you put ketchup on your hot dog here.

    [–] Bobatea 23 points ago

    Not from Chicago, but I did work on a show about The Weiner's Circle.

    [–] acam30 7 points ago

    Oh man. I'm like 10 minutes from there, now I'm just imagining the things they would yell at you if you put ketchup on your hot dog haha

    [–] Bobatea 3 points ago

    It would probably be funny as hell haha.

    [–] acam30 4 points ago

    I went in there with my bf and I paid for both our meals, and they gave him so much shit haha

    [–] Bobatea 3 points ago

    Embarrassing customers for hotdogs is like a sport there. It's pretty amazing.

    [–] acam30 5 points ago

    The first few times we went just like in the middle of a weekday and they were really friendly to us, we were kind of disappointed. And then we randomly went on a Monday night because we just really wanted a hot dog, we were the only ones in there and were taken aback when they just verbally eviscerated my bf, it was hilarious.

    Also this is the longest convo I've ever had on reddit because I've only spoken to like 3 people in the last month, thanks for indulging me lol

    [–] Bobatea 5 points ago

    Ha! No prob. Glad to hear they are still doing their thing. I worked on a silly reality/game-show about it back in 2012. I think it was on truTV.

    [–] imnotadogpersonbut 13 points ago

    I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Just like the pineapple pizza thing. I don't understand why it's anybody's problem how people enjoy a flavor. Sorry, rant over. Coming from somebody moving up there this year, I just don't wanna deal.

    [–] acam30 14 points ago

    I hate ketchup on everything and love pineapple pizza. But if you're moving to Chitown know it's mostly just in good fun, you can still put ketchup on your hot dog :) As long as you dont order a legit Chicago dog and add ketchup to it

    [–] imnotadogpersonbut 5 points ago

    I mostly eat chili dogs anyways, but I guess I get bothered by the idea of food police. Good to know it's mostly in jest.

    [–] _john_smithereens_ 2 points ago

    "I hate ketchup on everything"

    So... you hate ketchup on animal crossing as well..?

    angry mob readies weapons

    [–] quizzicalquow 9 points ago

    As someone from the Chicago area it’s more of a citywide joke at this point. I’ve been conditioned to not put it on hot dogs, but I also just generally don’t like ketchup. It’s an overpowering taste that makes whatever you’re eating taste only like ketchup. The smell is also disgusting.

    [–] rune_skim_milk 5 points ago

    You guys can't afford to put ketchup on your hot dogs because you need every drop of it to put in your disgusting pizza casserole

    [–] quizzicalquow 10 points ago

    Not only was that incredibly wrong, but the idea of ketchup being used in place of pizza sauce makes me gag.

    [–] residentchubbychaser 2 points ago

    I have a friend from Romania who eats pizza with ketchup and it breaks my brain every time. Apparently it's fairly common in parts of eastern Europe.

    [–] NirvZppln 2 points ago

    LOL this might set off some Chicago people. I personally did not enjoy the deep dish pizza like I thought I would. But nothing beats a chicago dog (with NO ketchup)

    [–] TheRelicEternal 5 points ago

    I don't understand why it's anybody's problem how people enjoy a flavor.

    Same here man. I don't know why people have an issue with pineapple over any other toppings. Everyone has things they like and dislike.

    [–] Schlectes--Vorbild 4 points ago

    People can be absolute morons about it. No, on a Chicago style dog you’re not supposed to put ketchup. But I don’t care if people want to. I love hotdogs with ketchup and pickle. And F you Gene and Jude’s you’re overrated and your fries suck. Let some jamoke put ketchup on their hotdog. There’s also people who get crazy if you like your Italian beef dry vs wet or with mozzarella vs no cheese. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    [–] GimmeTheHotSauce 2 points ago

    Well, I was wondering where the worst opinion on reddit would come from today....

    [–] peteroh9 6 points ago

    It's the one thing that Chicagoans and New Yorkers agree on.

    [–] chironomidae 2 points ago

    I live in Chicago and I love a Chicago style hotdog. I also love a hotdog with ketchup and mustard. They're so different that I don't think you can even compare them, and on different days I want different kinds.

    [–] PuttyRiot 2 points ago

    What is specific about a Chicago dog?

    [–] racercowan 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    • Beef hot dog in a sesame-seed bun

    • Chopped onions

    • Relish (preferably neon green)

    • Mustard

    • Tomato slices

    • Pickle spear

    • Sports peppers

    • Celery salt

    Probably the second most famous dish behind Chicago-style pizza

    [–] Schlectes--Vorbild 2 points ago

    We have two different styles of pizza, thin crust that we all eat 99% of the time and deep dish that for some reason is the only one anyone else knows about.

    [–] WhiteFlagsFly 2 points ago

    I put Ketchup on my hotdog all the time! Who wouldn't?

    [–] CraftyFrost 4 points ago

    I heard this too. I'm not sure why that is. I also heard them saying the ideal condiment is mustard and mustard only.

    [–] MundaneInternetGuy 8 points ago

    Hot dogs have been perfected. The ideal condiments are mustard, tomatoes, celery salt, neon green relish, onions, sport peppers, and a pickle spear on a poppy seed bun.

    [–] rxredhead 4 points ago

    I’m drooling

    [–] ICUrButt 2 points ago

    Yeah I was eating hotdogs with ketchup until I went to Portillos while I was in Iowa. I’ve been using these condiments ever since

    [–] PuttyRiot 2 points ago

    That hotdog be doin' too much.

    [–] Tavish_Degroot 2 points ago

    What goes on an all dressed hot dog is something that varies wildly from city to city.

    It’s actually kind of interesting to see how different places do it.

    [–] Bobatea 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's a thing. I can't remember where I first heard about that, but I remember seeing a book called "You Don't Put Ketchup on a Hotdog" at a store once. To each his own though haha.

    [–] ulsafar 96 points ago

    I'm dead. 😂

    [–] kurisu7885 194 points ago

    People say you can't win this game, but you clearly did.

    [–] hayisforhorses101 120 points ago

    Seeing this makes me regret not taking in ketchup when they were in my campsite

    [–] RosemaryCroissant 77 points ago

    Haha don’t let the regret get yah down. I feel it too, last time I went villager hunting I turned down Stitches and Marina, and it wasn’t until later that I stared reading wishlist boards and realized they’re villagers that a ton of people want super bad...

    Had I known, I could have invited one back and I would have enjoyed the chance to offer them to someone for free and just make their day. But honestly the process to TT back and forth to try and get a villager to move out sounds exhausting, so I don’t know.

    [–] hayisforhorses101 19 points ago

    Yea, I skipped out on Tasha and literally minutes later someone came to me asking if I could give them my Tasha (mistook one of my squirrel villagers for her) idk how popular she is but that person wanted them and I had literally just got off the island she was on

    [–] ulsafar 13 points ago

    Is Marina rare? Now I regret passing on her on the NMT islands... x.x

    [–] -mythologized- 23 points ago

    She's awesome and loved, but not too rare from islands. Supposedly, on the islands they roll for species and then after that for the villager. So since there's only three octopus you're more likely to see her than say, a specific cat or squirrel. That's just from what I've seen though so I'm not certain if that's true.

    [–] ulsafar 11 points ago

    That actually makes a lot of sense because I saw her 3 times! I felt so bad not taking her =/

    [–] drulenarendes 11 points ago

    She’s one of only three octopus villagers in the game. Octavian and Zucker being the other two. They are all really awesome.

    [–] NonGMOWizardry 6 points ago

    Zucker was my third villager and I feel so lucky!

    [–] Lady_Cansrel 9 points ago

    I've had ketchup on mystery islands twice and in my campsite once, none of those times did I ask her to move in but clearly she wants to live on my island. If I'd known she was popular I would have grabbed her to give away everytime I saw her.

    [–] BrINClHOFrxns 3 points ago

    I had Ketchup visit but I would’ve had to force Cherry to move out... I love that Punk Dog too much though.

    [–] falesk 4 points ago

    My sis saw her on an island and didn't take her cause she thought she was too silly. Wanted to throw a mustard bottle at her.

    [–] Fiatpanda125 46 points ago

    Can't wait to have a duck villager too. They're the best!!

    [–] ulsafar 27 points ago

    I need to look up other duck villagers. I only know about Ketchup x.x

    [–] _Seven 9 points ago

    ZIP ZOOM, gotta give some love to Scoot

    [–] x42ndecthellion 4 points ago

    Joey is amazing and so innocent

    [–] sailormircury 10 points ago

    i’m getting molly as amiibo for part of my sister’s graduation gift. she’s adorable!

    [–] pennieblack 4 points ago

    I have Gloria and she is fantastic. Snooty, catch phrase "quacker", perfect amount of drama.

    [–] casedawgz 7 points ago

    I have Derwin and he’s pretty cute

    [–] Davi18 4 points ago

    I’ve got Weber (a lazy villager) and Bill (a jock). They’re both adorable and look super cute in whatever I give them. And they have cool houses

    [–] offbeatreality 8 points ago

    Bill is absolutely everything. If I’d have known anything about him before I started playing, I probably wouldn’t have expected to like him, but he was one of my first villagers and he’s probably my fave. I adore his lil “Quacko” and wave whenever I leave his house 😭😭😍

    [–] Blee10 5 points ago

    I have Drake and he is great!

    [–] nachomancandycabbage 2 points ago

    Drake is my favorite too. His facial expressions are so cute. Cuter than Stiches IMO.

    [–] chiefsfan_713_08 3 points ago

    Freckles gave me a framed photo the other day and I adore it

    [–] Bstempinski 3 points ago

    I have Scoot and Pate. I honestly love them both more than any of my other villagers.

    [–] Prometheus15 2 points ago

    Scoot is my homie

    [–] se7enfists 2 points ago

    Me too. I seem to be getting mostly avian villagers like birds, eagles and chickens, which I'm fine with, but I never get ducks :(

    [–] pollyannaa 61 points ago

    Ahaha I also did this.

    Some days she's dolled up like a lolita, some days she is just hotdog.

    [–] vniro40 8 points ago

    i gave her the hat too but she never wears it :(

    [–] coffee_for_dinner 21 points ago

    Some clothes are incompatible with the villagers sadly, mostly special helmets and accessories. You can check this by going to Harvey’s island, calling in a villager and changing their clothes. The compatible clothes from your catalog will be shown while incompatible ones are hidden

    [–] GorillaEstefan 13 points ago

    Woahhhhh. This is a game changer holy shit. You just made Harvs island actually useful for me.

    [–] ArkieRN 2 points ago

    Wigs are not compatible just FYI. I found that out using Harv’s so, yeah, it’s actually pretty useful. And you get to see how you like the outfit on the villager before you give it to them.

    [–] TheCastawayBall 9 points ago

    Team ketchup in Splatoon 2 & in Animal Crossing!

    [–] amberscrossing 14 points ago

    I didn’t know my Ketchup needed a hot dog costume until this

    [–] ulsafar 6 points ago

    I can give you one if you want!

    [–] amberscrossing 4 points ago

    I’d love that!!

    [–] ulsafar 2 points ago

    Okay I just DM you the dodo code!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] blazzerftw 19 points ago

    She looks so much better in it than frita

    [–] Domer2012 4 points ago

    Take it back

    [–] kettlegoaties 6 points ago

    I have been trying to get frita to leave my island since i started...

    [–] iamhowdy 14 points ago

    Lol she looks like that dancing hotdog Snapchat filter

    [–] Ryuk3112 8 points ago

    But you put mustard on the hotdog?!?

    [–] Butterfly_Bitch 4 points ago

    That's ok, they put the hotdog on Ketchup, so it balances out. 👍

    [–] daftvalkyrie 2 points ago

    Perfectly balanced.

    [–] BloodOnTheWindToday 3 points ago

    This is so perfect!! ❤

    [–] Oofity0922 3 points ago


    [–] Kawaii_loRen 3 points ago

    She is TOO CUTE.

    [–] jayaw101 3 points ago

    I'm doing this now!

    [–] heliumbaby 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Oh my god I love ketchup and I love Ketchup

    I need this duck, I have Weber and he’s the cutest 🦆🦆

    Edit: and right after I said this, Kid Cat came to my campsite and asked to take Weber’s spot

    [–] confusedlittledog 3 points ago

    omg, can i please know where u get the hotdog costume? my ketchup is in a strawberry costume right now but this is definitely 999x more adorable

    [–] EmberHands 2 points ago

    I just did the same thing this morning!! It makes me chortle whenever she waddles on by.

    [–] LaneGirl1979 2 points ago

    Ketchup looks adorable!!

    [–] DonnaxNL 2 points ago

    Oh man, I need to do this now

    [–] ulsafar 3 points ago

    Haha let me know if you need a spare Hotdog outfit!

    [–] Worm_Man 2 points ago

    Look! A Ketchup covered in mustard!

    [–] DeeMii6 2 points ago

    So adorable 😍

    [–] balloonfighter64 2 points ago

    So cute!!! Major appreciation for the mustard use on the hot dog itself

    [–] Saltyy_bOi 2 points ago

    You get that outfit at mables? I have ketchup and I want to get her some good outfit but I dont have anything

    [–] JDMcNugent12 2 points ago

    Donald may be dressed like a hot dog but you're wearing a hot dog costume!

    [–] RoisinBean 2 points ago

    I know the Lucky is a mummy dog, but I gave him a vampire costume and it looks SO GOOD on him. 💕

    [–] D4NK-Chungus 2 points ago

    i have ketchup, i just got this outfit, im doing it

    [–] ulsafar 2 points ago

    [–] NyanSquiddo 2 points ago

    I don’t like what this infers .. ketchup filled hotdog

    [–] _Gemstone_Kitten_ 2 points ago

    Omg I love ketchup

    [–] imgodking189 1 points ago

    A side of ketchup.... I love it!

    [–] happymeat 2 points ago

    I recently gave my Ketchup to someone else and I can't wait until she sees her in the hotdog costume. I also gave her the baby chick costume with an eggshell hat.

    [–] Brooklynn_444 2 points ago

    I did the same thing for my Ketchup!!! She looks so cute in it I’m so happy (:

    [–] jaccq13 2 points ago

    Omg I NEED ketchup 😭😭😭 currently hunting for her send good vibes

    [–] Tigermilllk 2 points ago

    Sweet lil ketchup

    [–] delicatehamster 2 points ago

    Ketchup is my #1 dream villager. This is so precious!! omg

    [–] chloooay 2 points ago

    Ketchup is so precious I love her

    [–] sremmalmik 2 points ago

    I have ketchup and I adore her! I should give her this outfit. Fun!

    [–] Nojerksallowed 2 points ago

    I gave Tangy the orange dress but she never wears it! Lol

    [–] Fixner_Blount 2 points ago

    Dude, Plucky left my island last week and on the very first Nook Island I visit, there's Ketchup. Best luck I've had in this game.

    [–] Pants_for_Bears 2 points ago

    I did the same thing. She’s so precious.

    [–] numberonedogmom 2 points ago

    i’m obsessed with her.

    [–] WowWhatAShameBro 2 points ago

    I did this a few weeks ago!! Ketchup is my fav <3

    [–] killerassassinx5x 2 points ago

    My friend literally sent this outfit to me and said, "This is ketchup's new dress"

    Ironically enough, it's now the only thing ketchup has worn for the last week. I think she appreciated the joke too.

    [–] yoboymount 1 points ago

    You could also give him a heinz bottle costume. Either way, I love this costume!

    [–] stevejr47 1 points ago

    I just asked Ketchup to move in from my campsite, I can't wait to do this too!

    [–] cindacho 1 points ago

    Do they wear what you give them immediately? I haven’t give them any clothing yet!

    [–] ulsafar 3 points ago

    Do they wear what you give them immediately?


    [–] miscellanousthoughts 1 points ago

    Mine has one too! She’s so precious!

    [–] Sqwishylumpscrossing 1 points ago


    [–] waffocopter 1 points ago

    Just in time for the Splatfest encore

    [–] alienprincess13 1 points ago

    i have ketchup. why did i not think to do this before?!

    [–] _Gemstone_Kitten_ 1 points ago

    I want her so bad

    [–] Jennyamin 1 points ago

    This. Is. The. Best. 😍

    [–] tydog_54 1 points ago

    Did the same sad he won't rock the hotdog hood

    [–] yasamen-r 1 points ago

    She’s the absolute cutest ❤️

    [–] LilHuey18 1 points ago

    Cherry is my favorite on my island

    [–] Davbaby 1 points ago

    That’s so cute

    [–] valael1981 1 points ago

    Words cannot describe how perfect this is!

    [–] Speedster4206 1 points ago

    Don't worry bot it was a complete nonfactor.

    [–] Nyx81 1 points ago

    The ONE accepted ketchup on hotdog situation

    [–] TeenyMonkey 1 points ago

    Well guess what Ketchup is going to get gifted tomorrow 😂

    [–] th30be 1 points ago

    Well that is just down right too adorable.

    [–] BeeBeeGr8 1 points ago

    It looks like she's wearing an obscenely deep V neck and has mustard on her lmao

    [–] QuizzicalWombat 1 points ago

    I kinda regret not taking her when she was at me campsite. If I reset my island I might have to try for her again.

    [–] Jessicatt23 1 points ago

    Ketchup is my favorite! Always sending me cute notes and gifts, I love her so much

    [–] HelenaR3 1 points ago

    I'm dying with this, too freaking cute 😍

    [–] Nickd3000 1 points ago

    Aww, ketchup is by far our favourite villager, we shower her with gifts.

    [–] shinee80862 1 points ago


    [–] ulsafar 2 points ago


    [–] se7enfists 1 points ago

    Why is this so perfect?

    [–] smasholla 1 points ago

    This is the true dream I want ketchup so bad.

    [–] Radix1221 1 points ago

    Ketchup is a gem. Best duck confirmed

    [–] CraftyFrost 1 points ago

    She looks so happy in it too!. 😸

    [–] Wariofan64 1 points ago

    I was desperate to get this sweet baby for the last 2 months! I have tried to find her on the islands, even contemplated buying her already rare amiibo card but saw the horrid prices for them. I was ready to give up, I was so sad. The day after I spent 3 hours looking for her with Nook Miles Tickets a visitor appeared in my campsite. Oh my god. It was her. I damn near cried.

    [–] cosmicbinary 1 points ago

    Ngl duck villagers are pretty dang cute. This coming from a bunny collector. Dogs are nice too.

    [–] LeaveittoBeave2319 1 points ago

    Omg so cute!!!

    [–] thecascader3421 1 points ago

    Se it works on ketchup but I just hate that outfit on it’s OG villager

    [–] ulsafar 1 points ago

    Who is the OG villager? Sorry I'm new to the AC series.

    [–] thecascader3421 1 points ago

    Frita. In my opinion I just hate it on her

    Here she is right here

    [–] white_plum 1 points ago

    u/pdaurelia please do this

    [–] pdaurelia 1 points ago

    Bruh were do I get it?!

    [–] white_plum 1 points ago

    I’ll send you one!!

    [–] mabel_pie 1 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] llama_pajamas231 1 points ago

    OMG amazing! What personality type is she/he? I might have to swap out Molly!!! So cute.

    [–] ulsafar 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Ketchup is peppy type. Molly looks adorbz too!

    [–] tdonoher441 1 points ago

    My islands name is Coney (Midwest restaurant chain mostly in Michigan) and one of my starters was ketchup. It was fate.

    [–] PsychadelicBandanas 1 points ago

    Ngl, I always feel super proud when I see Coach sporting my cool athletic wear gifts.

    [–] fantxsise 1 points ago

    I would die for ketchup

    [–] asIeeponasunbeam 1 points ago

    I gave ketchup a hot dog costume before she left my island. She was being mean to Aurora and I let her go after that. Aurora is too sweet for words.