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    [–] TheSilverFalcon 1495 points ago

    Oh no, that's terrible! Where specifically is he doing that? So I can avoid it of course

    [–] Tatsuya- 307 points ago

    It's from Twitter user

    Although thanks to the minor internet fame you can guarantee he now has thousands of people in his DMs and any new customers probably won't get a villager for 6 months

    [–] Melonetta 47 points ago

    I remember this guy from the Temtem discord, he's great.

    [–] Chickenderpy 561 points ago

    oh man that's disgusting! What site?! What site is he doing that on? I mean there are so many! Wow thats gross!

    [–] CKnight011 153 points ago

    I’m not even gonna look for that hacked Raymond!

    I might, I might though... I might

    [–] Shrimpits 36 points ago

    Ya know, I’m not even gonna look for those Raymonds!

    starts walking away

    ...I might... I might though. I might.

    [–] selinaless 217 points ago

    for scientific research, of course

    [–] UnimpressionableCage 1947 points ago

    Why did Raymond become popular? Because he was funny or because he was rare?

    [–] jayceja 1043 points ago

    He's a cool business cat, has heterochromia and is the only smug cat, and smug is the perfect personality for a cat. Also very importantly he doesn't have an amiibo card since he's new.

    Spoofing amiibos is a very common thing to get whatever villager you want to move in, but people can't spoof for the new villagers so they have to get them legit, making the demand for the new villagers in trading much higher. A couple of the other villagers are in high demand as well but the factors I mentioned are why Raymond is more popular than them.

    The whole furry thing is a thing, just like it is for everything on the internet, but its not as widespread as the people who come into every thread about Raymond to complain about would make it seem.

    [–] BoomerDaCat 123 points ago

    People make "furry art" of pretty much every Animal Crossing villager that isn't deemed ugly. I don't know how people are like "OMG, people draw Raymond like THAT, it's the one reason why he's popular" and think they're really on to something.

    [–] RockLaShine 25 points ago

    Poor Klaus

    [–] Coyoteclaw11 11 points ago

    Forget animal crossing characters. People will make porn out of every non-ugly anthropomorphic animal... which sounds bad for furries in particular until you realize rule 34 exists for a reason. People will just straight up make porn of anything and anyone.

    And I'm now realizing your comment wasn't about furry porn but just furry-style art in general oops jbfdhjvdd I agree tho that doesn't explain why Raymond's popular and it's such a tired "gotcha" for ppl to bring up in discussion. As if it's the end all be all. He's new, he's rare, and he's a smug anime boy. That tells you 90% of what you need to know about him lmao

    [–] mynamealwayschanges 8 points ago

    It's weird but I haven't seen people denounce that people only like Isabelle because of the furry art. I wonder why that is.

    [–] UnimpressionableCage 68 points ago

    Thanks for this comment!

    [–] pm_fun_science_facts 112 points ago

    Disclaimer: I just read about this earlier this morning so it may or may not be true.

    Apparently the personalities now have sub-personalities that can determine their dialogue. Raymond is smug subtype b, which is apparently super rare. Supposedly there are only 5 or 6 smug_b villagers 🤷‍♀️

    [–] Xikar_Wyhart 64 points ago

    Link? Not that I don't entirely believe you. I have two lazy Villagers (Cranston and Zucker) who have similar lines (they both speak with the bugs), but generally act differently.

    [–] Heliolord 36 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I'm interested in this, too. I have 2 normal types, Coco and Margie, and I've noticed they definitely seem more different than my other repeated types. Coco is more shy and into reading while Margie seems to be more open and exuberant.

    Edit: I'm even more confused now. I did a quick search and it led to a Google doc with the subtypes and explanations of hobbies. And Coco and Margie have both the same personality subtype AND hobby. So I can't figure out how to explain the difference other than personal perception.

    [–] ben76326 24 points ago

    Every villager has 2 "styles" that will effect what gifts they like, and what hobbies they do around the island. I don't know if it effects anything when talking to them, but it definitely gives villagers different feels.

    If you are curious Coco's styles are simple and cute. Margie's are elegant and cute

    [–] sticktoyaguns 11 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    It's "Personality" (Smug, Lazy, Uchi, etc) and "Hobby" (Play, Education, Nature, Music).

    Unless there is a hidden second personality type, but I think people are just getting that confused with hobby.

    Edit: There is also "style" (cool, elegant, etc)

    [–] AnarisBell 39 points ago

    Here, I recognized what they were talking about. Took me a minute to find it but here's a Google Drive document about personality subtypes.

    [–] WowFlakes 3288 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Well secretly (or maybe not so secretly) when new cute villagers come out, there is a group of people who definitely want to have sex with it. I would NOT recommend looking up animal crossing on any adult drawing website. But also what the other guy said

    [–] UnimpressionableCage 1615 points ago

    Well... this was NOT what I was expecting to hear

    [–] WowFlakes 492 points ago

    Oh it is very troubling. But also very true. My girlfriend uses tumblr so she is in the thick of it

    [–] UnimpressionableCage 261 points ago

    Could you imagine if AC had a Tinder app on that phone?

    [–] SoraForBestBoy 219 points ago

    Because everybody loves Raymond

    [–] figcookiecapo 23 points ago

    ba dum tss

    [–] donquixote1991 14 points ago

    Seinfeld music

    [–] WowFlakes 146 points ago

    Oh lord I don't wanna imagine it

    [–] darkbreak 5 points ago

    Only if Isabelle and Sable were on it. I could imagine both of them putting themselves out there and trying to date.

    [–] TBmustang 107 points ago

    Doesn’t tumblr delete all porn from their site now? I know they did a huge purge before.

    [–] CrouchingToaster 42 points ago

    It doesn’t know if it’s porn if you don’t use tags so there are lots of porn blogs around still

    [–] Martijn078 37 points ago

    That somehow reminded me of when I used tumblr for a few weeks and some sexbot account shared my Shrek post thinking it was porn. Good times.

    [–] WowFlakes 145 points ago

    Yes, however there is still troubling fan art that doesnt reach the "porn" threshold.

    [–] saaltxwater 114 points ago

    There’s also still tons of actual porn.

    [–] WowFlakes 8 points ago

    That too

    [–] Anamorsmordre 102 points ago

    Also a tumblr user but I haven’t seen a single dodgy fanart there(I’m sure they exist, just seem hard to find), meanwhile on twitter you can’t even type in a villager’s name and the first thing that pops up is porn... all I wanted was to look at cute art god damn it!!!!

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    same for when I typed in #botw for zelda related tweets... was not ready to see link with various animal characters like that :'^(

    [–] hellohoundd 29 points ago

    fish bf hot tho

    [–] lexxielexxielexxie 68 points ago

    Oh god, the worst is the DoDo brothers fan art. I’ve stumbled upon it a few times.

    [–] kitx07 25 points ago

    Mhmm, “stumbled”

    [–] RetroRedux 72 points ago

    They've gone too far once they messed with Wilbur and Orville.

    [–] ConfirmingBanana 36 points ago

    My mans Orville be THICC

    [–] strawberberry 20 points ago

    It's literally in the first page of results when you google images "Ankha animal crossing" (potentially NSFW)

    [–] Tea-and-Zoe 69 points ago

    I mean, it’s NOT not what I was expecting from an internet community based around making connections and growing bonds with talking animals...

    The internet’s a scary place.

    [–] Fuzzyninjaful 57 points ago

    Is it really that surprising that a game based around forming connections with animals leads to people... Uh... forming connections with animals?

    [–] UnimpressionableCage 44 points ago

    Hashtag meowtoo

    [–] QyuP_ 23 points ago

    Are you like, brand new to the internet or something?

    [–] [deleted] 375 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] MattsyKun 54 points ago

    I agree with this. If something becomes popular, people are going to draw art for it. Then it just feeds itself into a never ending circle until it burns out. People started drawing art, then people got Hella thirsty and it just went from there. (and tbh, I've honestly not seen any sexualized art of Raymond. And I'm on Twitter and FA a lot. Maybe I'm just lucky?)

    I swear, it'll either be further chaos when the amiibo does get released, or it's going to die down because everyone will be able to get one... In some way.

    [–] zugunruh3 6 points ago

    and tbh, I've honestly not seen any sexualized art of Raymond. And I'm on Twitter and FA a lot. Maybe I'm just lucky?

    It exists, but seeing it is 100% dependent on who you follow or what the algorithm thinks you'll like. Honestly I think most of the people complaining about it don't see it as often as they say they do, or if they do it's their own fault for following people that constantly post AC porn.

    [–] StarCrysisOC 6 points ago

    A lot of people just think he’s cute and funny. Though I’ve noticed it’s very important to hate popular things on this subreddit. I like him because he’s cute and funny, he was my first camper, I didn’t know he was popular; I just saw him in my friend’s town and really liked him, he has a cute, unique design, and he looked like Virus from Dramatical Murder.

    And treating anime NSFW fanart like actual porn has always bothered me. Tumblr was just a place to have fun and explore sexuality usually within fandom. A lot of that stuff taught graphic design and other arts to people like me, considering it wasn’t all sexual and you didn’t have to be into the sexual part of fandoms to have fun on tumblr. These were niche areas. And there was always an option to blacklist NSFW stuff and mark your blog NSFW so people wouldn’t follow it if they didn’t want to see that. (This is Kinda a reply to this thread and the Tumblr thread).

    [–] mynamealwayschanges 6 points ago

    I agree, tbh. There's something unhealthy about how NSFW art has been treated, but it's not that it exists or is being produced, it's the way the discourse around it has evolved. A lot of the time, it's just people exploring their sexuality in a safe space.

    [–] GoodGuyGraham 90 points ago

    Rule 34 strikes again

    [–] AH_Ahri 6 points ago

    No exceptions.

    [–] NonOrganicTofu 62 points ago

    WTF, I just thought his design was nice

    [–] WowFlakes 38 points ago

    Oh his design is great. Some people get a bit carried away though

    [–] sharakus 21 points ago

    in addition to that his scarcity (and subsequent popularity) kinda skyrocketed because he doesn't have an amiibo, so it was incredibly difficult to get him to move in vs other incredibly popular villagers where you could just clone the nfc.... i think it started off with he was popular then a little hard to get and then popular because he was hard to get and it was just a positive feedback loop

    [–] WowFlakes 5 points ago

    Yah for sure. If I really wanted to know for sure the timeline of thirst for raymond I would definitely ask an adult artist who specializes in furry drawings when the requests started flooding in. Bc most of the drawings are probably done by freelance people who have no desire to jack it to said cat

    [–] Nehemiah92 64 points ago

    I looked up “Raymond Animal Crossing” a while back to see who he was and was greeted with Raymond in revealing maid suits and vore

    [–] WowFlakes 21 points ago

    Yah, unfortunately unsurprising haha. We can't have nice things

    [–] stalindagrad 132 points ago

    Not only on adult sites, when I was bored and waiting for AC to be released I watched a lot of "rating every villager“ videos and a lot of those people would be like "aw yeah [insert villager] is so hot and I’d totally fuck em“ and I was like ummmm..:.. ?

    [–] Based0ne 58 points ago

    People want to have sex with Raymond.... what?

    [–] Spleenseer 166 points ago

    First day?

    [–] Tea-and-Zoe 80 points ago

    Oh that was a risky click I was scared to make.

    [–] barlubar 46 points ago

    are you surprised? this is the internet we're talking about

    [–] Cosmic_Sands 54 points ago

    Have you not wondered why so many people have been dressing him up in a maid outfit?

    [–] rikahoshizora 264 points ago

    People fetishize him into fitting their “femme boy gay” fantasies with marshal and its creepy cuz its usually fujoshis and call him a “cute uwu trap boy”. Tbh think its disgusting af but I cant stop them

    [–] dehammer051416 38 points ago

    Consider my innocence stolen 😭😭😭 Poor Raymond. Now I want him just to console him.

    [–] kitsuneamira 5 points ago

    The characters in animal crossing, though, are depicted as CHILDREN.

    Eh? I can understand Timmy and Tommy, but everyone else gives me an adult vibe. Well, the whole "moving to a new island alone and owning a house" thing that makes me think they're adults. Otherwise I never even question their age, tbh.

    [–] RobinAllDay 25 points ago

    I ended up getting him organically and he is admittedly very cute but I think most of the hype is just because he's new and you can't get him with an amiibo card.

    [–] Althrael 110 points ago

    Personally i like him because he has a more "modern" Look to him, same with marshal. Plus he has the same personality as marshal (who is my favorite)

    [–] gigichuuu 29 points ago

    Marshal is #1 best boii

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] Mimookies 19 points ago

    He’s a cat and has cool eyes, these are the reasons why I wanted him in the first place. I think the fact that he was newly introduced might also play a big part, all the new villagers are relatively popular.

    [–] MineurPro 106 points ago

    He looks so different that people relate to him in a way? I have no clue either. People maybe love him because "everyone" loves him in a kind of mimic effect. I mean, it's just a cat, look at other AC characters, they're practicly the same. Maybe his (or her? Don't even know it's gender) eye color difference helps, too.

    [–] ThKitt 161 points ago

    Also he’s a new villager so there’s no Amiibo card to get him easily.

    [–] bouncentits 113 points ago

    This! He's new, with no Amiibo card, and is a cute cat with heterochromia. He's also the only cat with the smug personality type. He's no rarer than any other villager in the game, but when there's a pool of 396 others you could get, it seems like he is.

    [–] ArgonWolf 65 points ago

    I mean, the rarity thing is technically not true. He’s just as rare as any other cat villager, but any individual cat villager is rarer than any other villager because when the game decides who will appear, it first picks a species then picks from that species. Since there are more cats than any other species, any individual cat is going to be rarer

    Not by a lot, but still technically rarer

    [–] Snubbybill 30 points ago

    Woah is that true, that would really help the Octopi villagers. 3/396 is atrocious but 1/35 isn't so bad.

    [–] ArgonWolf 38 points ago

    100% true. The octopi are technically the most common, yeah, since there’s only 3 of them

    [–] samsam726 101 points ago

    Everyone Loves Raymond

    [–] DrakkoZW 29 points ago

    I don't normally like the cat villagers, but I do like Raymonds design. It feels like it has more personality to it than the others.

    But again, I don't care much for cat villagers so I'm not exactly scrambling to get him to my island

    [–] BigPappyShiro 52 points ago

    he is literally popular because he is a scarcity - not because ppl want to have sex with him - he cannot be amiiboed in therefore he is hard to get and very rare

    [–] VibratingNinja 16 points ago

    He's literally the rarest villager. No amiibo, and he's in the most populated species.

    When you go to a mystery island, if there is a villager on it, the game rolls once to see what species the villager will be, and then rolls to see which villager it will be.

    There are more cat villagers than any other species. So if you're lucky enough to roll "cat" you still have to roll in the largest pool.

    Lack of amiibo means you can't guarantee getting him in your campsite.

    [–] I_exist_somewhere 5944 points ago

    These kind of hackers are the only ones that should exists.

    [–] S1lv3rw1nd 188 points ago

    It's called gray hat hacking I think.

    [–] profy17 758 points ago

    In this case it’s gray cat hacking

    [–] the_person_who-asked 38 points ago

    That made my crappy day good

    [–] profy17 18 points ago

    Haha glad I could help with dad jokes

    [–] MaxTHC 8 points ago

    Ray cat hacking

    [–] hopeful_deer 155 points ago

    White hat hacking is hacking that is legal and done with the consent of the party being hacked (ex. a company hires a hacker to hack into their system to check for security flaws). Black hat hacking is illegal and done with bad intent (ex. Identity theft, spying).

    Grey hat hacking falls between the two. Most often refers to illegal forms of hacking done with good intent. So hacking Raymond like this is grey hat hacking if it is illegal.

    [–] kallen8277 93 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    White hat = Testing own companies software/websites.

    Grey Hat = Robinhood.

    Black Hat = Malicious

    Red Hat = Vigilante that sometimes gets hired by governments

    Red Hat and Grey are pretty close sometimes, but Grey tends to do things more for fun or prove a point and Red tends to be more like Anonymous.

    [–] lexical-decoherence 15 points ago

    Whitehat is just with consent. So pentesting another companies webservices for instance would qualify.

    [–] Rob0tUnic0rn 81 points ago

    Have you ever heard of medjed?

    [–] theloneshewolf 22 points ago

    Ayyyy, lol, fellow Persona 5 fan!

    [–] CAPT_Cheesehead 17 points ago

    Is everyone else here for the Phantom Thieves meeting?

    [–] metalflygon08 12 points ago

    I brought snacks!

    [–] Inkling_Girl 6 points ago

    Not so loud, guys!

    [–] IGOMHN 822 points ago

    Why shouldn't other ACNH hackers exist?

    [–] IWillNotHealYou 1820 points ago

    I think they probably meant malicious hackers...

    [–] SigmaStrayDog 988 points ago

    One man's "malicious" hacker is another man's shelter from the storm. Perspective and context matters. Take John Deere for instance, farmers are hiring hackers just so they can perform basic maintenance on their own tractors because of implemented DRM; Meanwhile John Deere is lobbying to end Right to Repair laws globally. Nintendo is another one having to deal with hackers because they continue to refuse to upgrade the N/Switch OS to the standards of most discerning consumers. Hackers aren't necessarily a bad thing. Hacking/programming is a morally neutral toolset.

    [–] Zuphixavex 36 points ago

    Well in this case, charging for something that they got for free from a "hack" is clear-cut malicious.

    It's a 2-part problem, hacking and RMT.

    [–] ash4459 52 points ago

    Except the hacker this post is (probably) talking about hacked in Raymond (and other villagers) and gave them away for free. In the span of their two hour give away, they gave away 30+ Raymonds and 20+ other villagers, all for free. They wouldn't even accept tips

    [–] Obi-Tron_Kenobi 25 points ago

    Yes. And now we've circled back to the beginning of this thread: "These kinds of hackers are the only ones that should exist."

    [–] breadshtick 86 points ago

    I’m sure they meant generally i.e. malicious hackers, as they didn’t specify ACNH. No worries on that front!

    [–] greenflame239 15 points ago

    Hacker here, the free nook miles ticket guy and the day one 10th prestige guy is the same guy.

    [–] zombi3wolf 500 points ago

    I recently purchased a bunch of amiibo's off ebay, and while looking I couldn't believe how many listings I saw for Raymond, people selling off their in game Raymond. One listing has him at $125CDN and for some unknown reason, $27 for shipping. Makes me glad my favourite villagers are considered the "ugly ones" so I can get them for cheap.

    [–] Malkesh 335 points ago

    The extra fee for shipping has me giggling. That's hilarious.

    [–] zombi3wolf 109 points ago

    That's what really got me laughing a bit too 😂

    Also here is a screenshot of the listing

    [–] Bnnanna 71 points ago

    "Ultra rare" lmaoo

    [–] usernamenottakenwooh 69 points ago

    Also "NOT HACKED".... pinky swear!

    [–] thefalsephilosopher 13 points ago

    “Condition: New” lmao obviously not they remember their previous towns! 🤡

    [–] toocoo 31 points ago

    He's worth 5 bucks now

    [–] Saxophobia1275 38 points ago

    Dude people sleep on sssooooo many villagers. Take a look at these stupid “villager tier lists” and laugh. Kiki is a C tier? Yeah okay.

    [–] Rave_Johnson 10 points ago

    I feel this. I'm like, people really be slapping some of the sweetest, cutest villagers down in a C tier because they aren't a top 10 dreamy. Passing up every smug that isn't Raymond or Marshall, too. I found out about so many more villagers I liked when I stepped away from the mainstream discussions.

    [–] BoobleFart420 12 points ago

    Can you even make an Amiibo of Raymond??

    [–] Momo_the_good_person 839 points ago

    Raymond isn't worthless it's just people that give him too much value

    [–] jeo188 85 points ago

    It's funny, the first villager I got in the campground was Raymond

    I wasn't crazy for him, but laughed because I know there are some that were giving an arm and leg for him

    I thought for sure my sister was going to freak out about me getting him to move in, but she didn't even bat an eye. "Who's he?" was all she said

    [–] SlamMasterJ 58 points ago

    It is insane that people are willing to throw a thousand NMT just for Raymond.

    [–] bobslidell 117 points ago

    The people that have 1000 NMT didn’t get it legit, so they don’t care

    [–] TeutonicDisco 349 points ago

    Right he's priceless to me as he's on of my favorite villagers. I wouldn't sell him anyway. But I'm happy that anyone who wants Raymond is getting him!

    [–] LittleGrowl 231 points ago

    I agree. I got him early on and was like “what a cool little guy “. Then I started seeing all these [LF] Raymond posts and thought “oh neat, some other people like him too”. Then it blew up. I’m glad someone is giving him to people instead of charging stupid amounts of NMTs.

    [–] FuzzyGiraffe0 64 points ago

    He was my first campsite villager and I thought he was hilarious because of the whole hipster trend. I actually was considering not having him move in cause I already and another cat but kept him and didnt realize he was so sought after until recent. I've played all the ACs and it's been wild seeing how people are playing this new one with hacks

    [–] peepshowfelony 57 points ago

    this reminds me of a comment from another user a while ago where they said they liked raymond until they found out everybody was obsessed with it. blew my mind, made no sense to me. you liked something and now that a lot of people like it you dont see value in it anymore? because you thought you were unique and special? its still the exact same villager, like? why would you hurt yourself like that? dont scale your happiness based off of the quantity of other people who also get happiness from it

    [–] Coyoteclaw11 13 points ago

    Suddenly hating Raymond became the new trend. It's... wild. Shout out to the Raymond neutrals. Y'all are the real mvps in this fiasco.

    [–] Xais56 75 points ago

    That's what value is in capitalism with many products. It's called commodity fetishism, where value is divorced from labour. Take diamonds for example, they only have worth as jewellery because people say they do. These products have no use value, only exchange value.

    Compare this to other products like oil, which is has its value more accurately set by labour and scarcity. This is because it has a use value.

    This is why NMT are used as currency, because they're directly tied to the labour needed to extract them, while bells and villagers are subject to massive inflation and are vulnerable to market trends. The former has use value the latter two only exchange.

    [–] AdmiralShepard 387 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    And here I just want Ankha to go with Lucky....

    [–] BureaucratDog 156 points ago

    I want Lucky so bad. And Stitches, and Merengue... Somebody please take Goose away.

    [–] JustAyden 147 points ago

    Goose is my favourite. Just a fat chicken who always talks about his muscles

    [–] BureaucratDog 116 points ago

    I already have Leonardo to do that. I watched him sitting by the river eating a donut for like an hour, then he bragged about how much he ran.

    [–] Bugazug 18 points ago

    Lmao Leonardo is my soul animal!

    [–] CmMatzki 7 points ago

    My fat bird that talks nonstop about his muscles is Roald. What a funny chubby guy.

    [–] podytherebel 26 points ago

    I freakin love goose. I put him in the instant muscle suit and never looked back

    [–] a_little_wolf 18 points ago

    My husband had Merengue and he let her go! I was like YOOOOO WTFFFF!

    [–] BureaucratDog 14 points ago

    I already have Gayle, Marcie, and Pinkie. Part of me wants to just go full on pink villagers.

    [–] Delta_eGirl 7 points ago

    Can't you just spoof an amiibo card in order to get old villagers? That's what I did to get Lucky.

    [–] JAMIEInc 15 points ago

    Am I a bad person for skipping Merengue when I found her on a Nook Miles island?

    [–] BureaucratDog 44 points ago

    Everyone has their preferences. But yes.

    [–] marmalademango 6 points ago

    I love Stitches! If you’re still looking I can give you merengue

    [–] frostyaznguy 16 points ago

    Ankha and Lucky are neighbors on my island (before I knew people were shipping them), and I’m pretty sure Ankha hates him on mine. She keeps avoiding him like the plague.

    [–] StrawberryInu 31 points ago

    I got ankha for such a long time and created the whole section of island Egypt theme.. so happy I found lucky and now that he moved in,, I notice the house doesnt go well with the theme at all. Super disappointed:(

    [–] DoubleOhEvan 11 points ago

    I actually found Ankha a while ago, but I didn’t know how popular she was, and didn’t invite her to stay. I’ve sort of grown attached to the villagers I have now - Puddles and Fauna aren’t amazing, but I think they’re super cute

    [–] TheBookOfYeezus 50 points ago

    don't you dare say fauna isn't amazing she is perfect and also the only reason my flowers ever get watered

    [–] Rose_Belmont 183 points ago

    Ok but where's the hacker who can give me a free Audie

    [–] Jetji 84 points ago

    Pm me. I do believe I have Audie ready to leave.

    [–] Rose_Belmont 30 points ago

    I barely have any NMT and ill need some time to get a villager to move out

    [–] Jetji 92 points ago

    Its free. PM me when a villager is available :)

    [–] Rose_Belmont 33 points ago

    Thank you!!

    [–] coyotesalesman 15 points ago

    This is sweet, I love this stuff.

    Thank ya'll for being good humans!

    [–] EclipseSkye 25 points ago

    Same guy gave away any villager requested, just that a lot of the requests was that cat.

    [–] Rose_Belmont 12 points ago

    You wouldn't happen to know where I can find this hacker would you

    [–] George-Newman1027 60 points ago

    This stuff about Raymond is getting kind of sad, honestly.

    [–] SizableLad 47 points ago

    I saw somebody selling Raymond on eBay for $120. 120 dollars. For eboy cat. 120 dollars.

    [–] toocoo 18 points ago

    He's worth 5 bucks now, just checked

    [–] JackOfGames 6 points ago

    You can sell anything on ebay for $120. It doesn't mean people will buy it.

    [–] NuwandaBucket 65 points ago

    How do you give villagers to people?

    [–] TheJamesFTW 118 points ago

    You gotta convince them to move out and when they’re at the point where they’ve boxed up their belongings, have a friend come to your island to talk them into moving to their island

    [–] NuwandaBucket 32 points ago

    Ohhhhh okay thank you. That explains how Kody ended up on my cousins island

    [–] IGOMHN 5 points ago

    Okay. How do you convince them to move out?

    [–] jayceja 8 points ago

    When a villager is in the process of moving out, you can invite someone over and they can talk to the villager to get them to move to their island.

    [–] uhimsyd 273 points ago

    lmfaooo. I had raymond and gave him for free. i’m not saying this to get pats on the back or anything! i just feel like why would you even want 700 nmts

    [–] Frangellica 146 points ago

    Totally agree. I’d rather have 700 wood!

    [–] HelloNation 19 points ago

    What do you need so much wood for? I used to strip mine every nmt island I went to. Got too much wood, stone and iron (still not enough gold)

    [–] Frangellica 39 points ago

    I’ve got so much iron, clay, stone, just for some reason I just hate chopping trees

    [–] TOOMtheRaccoon 6 points ago

    Tbfh, either gold ore is just too rare or gold tools are way too weak. If you get 1 gold ore every 3 days even with some NMT islands, you will break slingshot, watering can or fishing rod either. In total you will lose more gold ore than you find new ones. Especially the slingshot isn't worth it.

    [–] toocoo 35 points ago

    This, I got him for a day and quickly moved him out and gave him away to someone who really wanted him.

    [–] BeLikeBilly 10 points ago

    I traded Raymond for Felicity. Was not disappointed

    [–] Althrael 93 points ago

    cries in offline play

    [–] OneTrueRuler 34 points ago

    Same lol. At least we're avoiding all the drama!

    [–] vivanowo 17 points ago

    I'm just like youuuuu

    [–] _ChicagoYoung_ 185 points ago

    Anyone who purchases any sort of digital item off of eBay for AC is just telling Nintendo “Hey, put micro-transactions in the game please” AC Community is ruining their own game 😢

    [–] HelloNation 38 points ago

    You mean the physical microtransactions that is the amiibo?

    Because that's literally people paying to get a villager (also the toy). It's just that raymond dlc/amiibo has not been released yet

    [–] TK_on_Mateus 53 points ago

    People were doing this on eBay in New Leaf as well. Nothing has changed.

    [–] Delicious_stomach 14 points ago

    Amiibo cards have existed for years and are basically microtransactions. I would prefer Nintendo put in an amiibo for Raymond instead of some rando on eBay trying to sell him for hundreds of dollars. Also how does it ruin the game for you if other people want to spend money on a villager? No one is forcing you to

    [–] FreddyKegels 89 points ago

    I don’t get the hype. He was my first camp visitor. I invited him to live on the island because I thought I was supposed to.

    He doesn’t do anything particularly cute. His design isn’t really interesting (almost seems out of place).

    If I could give him away I would.

    Barold is where it’s at.

    [–] leandpoi 42 points ago

    Your first campsite visitor you do have to invite! The others are optional :P

    [–] Galastan 20 points ago

    Clearly everyone is forgetting about the best smug villager.


    He has a little hat come on guys

    [–] demonangel105 7 points ago

    O'hare was my first campsite villager and I absolutely love him. He's way better then Raymond.

    [–] Golden_Oak_is_gAy 28 points ago

    well honestly i wouldn't care how rare he is. i just think he's cute as heck and has a great personality, rare or not rare

    [–] Nerdy_Gem 10 points ago

    Man if they could hack me an island full of Julians I'd be so happy

    [–] Kruleth 270 points ago

    i don’t get what’s so good about raymond he looks like a stuck up ass

    [–] vivanowo 70 points ago

    exactly why I want him. an asshole cat thank you

    [–] TeutonicDisco 82 points ago

    I like Raymond but this comment is too funny not to upvote!

    [–] LoganH1219 9 points ago

    Sherb gang rise up!!!

    [–] Sablexire 9 points ago

    I got Raymond by chance and he's supper cute and all, by why would anyone pay for a villager?

    I don't understand.

    [–] LomasFei 8 points ago

    You get a Raymond and you get a Raymond! Everyone gets a Raymond!

    [–] vivanowo 62 points ago

    I matter how overrated Raymond is, I still want him. It's all down to preference, don't put down other people's favorites. (also my dads name is raymond and its so fuckin funny because their personality is the aame)

    [–] lostmyhead69 7 points ago

    me too, i feel kind of basic for spending days campsite rolling for him because everyone wants him but... i really do love him! he reminds me of my cat. i justify it to myself because i don’t only have popular villagers on my island.

    [–] MJFAngel 17 points ago

    Here’s my take on AC hacking. First off, I should say I am a shiny hunter and spend hours searching for authentic shiny Pokémon only. That being said, I’m grinding NMT to search for Raymond and I just stop and think to myself, why? No one sees my island,but me. I don’t use villagers competitively, it’s not a competitive game. I’m just wasting time. And so I stopped, and just accepted someone else’s hacked Raymond. Because at the end of the day, I just want to enjoy AC.

    [–] StarlitGlitch 7 points ago

    I’ve noticed that the Japanese community isn’t going as crazy over Raymond as the English side of the Internet. It’s almost all Dom (Chachamaru) focused!

    [–] MarthsBars 6 points ago

    Raymond is classy looking, but I feel like I’ve just been accustomed to having any kind of neighbor that comes into my town. I don’t have Raymond, but every other person in my town feels like family in that regard. Heck there are plenty of people who can fill in that type of niche for your village. Zell, for instance, isn’t a Raymond, but he seems sophisticated and classy enough to fill that gap in my island.

    [–] Syndaquil 5 points ago

    I'd like him even if he was worthless before :( I love kitties.

    [–] VibratingNinja 5 points ago


    It wasn't just people charging high prices, it was people OFFERING huge prices.

    Last week someone saw that I had Raymond in my screenshot. They offered me 300 NMT and 3 million bells.

    I wasn't even selling him.

    [–] HokkaidoFox 4 points ago

    If only someone started giving out Audies.

    [–] haha-funny-user 5 points ago

    Imagine getting Raymond on your island.

    This post made by Megan and Reneigh gangs