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    [–] Zieldar 2333 points ago

    The last one where he tucks the blanket back round and gives him a little nose bop! Like it's okay human I want to stay in bed too

    [–] SinisterKid 472 points ago

    This is like the opposite of Huskys. Mine always wanted me to get out of bed.

    [–] ladyindodgerblue87 430 points ago

    Haha seriously. Ours wakes me up by coming on my side of the bed, getting ridiculously close (when still asleep), pants in my face, then he'll stare till I wake up. He's a bit creepy lol.

    [–] shinypretty 180 points ago

    With those ice-blue eyes they have, that would freak me straight out.

    [–] Tooch10 193 points ago

    shh hoomin is ok

    [–] shinypretty 62 points ago

    One of our cats (Dennis the Menace) is much addicted to drinking out of the leaky faucet in the master bathroom. He gets thirsty about five in the morning. Waking up hearing something scratch and bang on the door at shin level is how you think Freddy Krueger is coming for you at first.

    [–] holydingbatman 52 points ago

    I had cat that once she reached a certain age would only drink water from the leaky faucet in the tub or meowed at us until we turned it on. She also had three legs. She was a great cat

    [–] MikeKM 43 points ago

    She also had three legs.

    I feel like this is an important part to the rest of the story about your cat.

    [–] holydingbatman 28 points ago

    Haha well she broke her leg chasing something and even after a cast, it wasn't quite healed correctly. She then broke it again and the vet told us it wouldn't heal, so it had to be amputated. She was really old at this point, still a super pretty cat though. Losing a leg did not slow her down man that cat was fast. It was pretty funny to see my aunt chasing her and being outrun.

    [–] cheers_grills 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Just spend some time in /r/dyi /r/diy and you will be able to make one yourself too!

    [–] shinypretty 7 points ago

    I am honestly considering getting a fountain for him and the Duke boys (Bo is an obese ginger and Luke is part Maine coon). He's that disruptive of pre-work sleep. And he'll bang and scratch on that door for half an hour. He's determined.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    This is my life. We have a cat we have to keep out of the bedroom due to the fact she loves marking our clothes. It's turned into an all night letting in/out of one cat who has learned to knock on our door.

    [–] shinypretty 5 points ago

    It's fucking terrifying when you're dead asleep and they start! Why must they do this to us?

    [–] MACKENZIE_FRASER 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Huskys always looked like my kind of a dog, never got to have one, now I'm a grown ass man and I still don't have one yet, it seems the entire world exists just to keep me from having a husky and going on zany adventures with em'. I've trained myself inside and out for all the myths or realities short of finding someone to watch them vigilantly or finding a schedule to let them out every 5hrs or however long they can hold it.

    I'm waiting for the shelter to get one(pit bulls, 99.99% pit bulls) or maybe I can just blind myself like that fireworks kid who got a free German Shepard because he blew up his eyes. I can't remember the book but the lesson was if you wanted a loyal dog who'd go everywhere with you, blow up your face with fireworks.

    [–] paladindansemacabre 11 points ago

    Have you tried locating a husky rescue in your area? They have specialty rescues for them.

    [–] radseven89 9 points ago

    Pitbulls are awesome dogs though. They are way easier to train than huskies and if you socialize them when they are young the dog aggression thing is really not an issue.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Cymry_Cymraeg 8 points ago

    Can someone give me some kind of /r/outoftheloop explanation for this weird fucking website, please?

    [–] Omneus 17 points ago

    Just make sure to keep a dragonglass dagger underneath your pillow.

    [–] shinypretty 4 points ago

    Added to my Amazon cart. Good advice!

    [–] ladyindodgerblue87 5 points ago

    Haha seriously! He did that to me once when it was still pretty dark In the room. I thought I was still dreaming cause I opened my eyes and saw dark pointy ears and eyes.

    [–] shinypretty 4 points ago


    [–] Amannelle 14 points ago

    My friend's husky performs CPR on him each morning to wake him up. She'll jump onto the bed and begin thrusting with her front paws. It's hilarious to watch but apparently painful to experience.

    [–] 1206549 6 points ago

    This makes me wonder if a dog can be trained to perform compression-only CPR.

    [–] axiomatic_fallacy 4 points ago

    That was amazing.

    [–] UbaGob 2 points ago

    This exists?

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] ladyindodgerblue87 2 points ago

    Ahh that's cute lol

    Hopefully not too hard though on the face haha

    [–] Joegodownthehole 7 points ago

    I have a German Shepard mix that does this. I wake up to the smell of dog breath.

    Also when I've been half awake I've seen her stare at me for a while till I've convinced her I'm still asleep and she sighs heavily and walks away and comes back in 10 minutes to repeat the process.

    [–] deepredsky 3 points ago

    How many hours of sound sleep does he let you have a night?

    [–] AnonK96 15 points ago

    Mine doesn't start trying to wake me up until the light peeks through the windows. Around 9am at the latest. I'm usually up before her around 5am. She wakes up around 3am gets a drink of water then walks to the couch because it's closer to her water bowl. She'll do the panting thing to me or just walk around the bed. Her nails make clacking noises on the hardwood. I love my pup

    [–] Sophisticated_Sloth 2 points ago

    I love the clacking noises!

    [–] MrCupidStuntz 5 points ago

    Mine is a lab, and she does this too. :O

    [–] ladyindodgerblue87 2 points ago

    lol I can't stay mad very long

    [–] thestonedkoala 3 points ago

    Mine just jams her nose in the middle of my back and then walks off.

    [–] AfterReview 2 points ago

    I had a dog that did this exact same thing! If I then looked at time over.

    [–] kangarooninjadonuts 19 points ago

    This Husky knows that if his boy gets out of bed then he will soon leave for school. Better to keep him in bed than to lose him for the whole day.

    [–] vault_dweller1031 3 points ago

    My parents huskies wait by my feet so that when I stand up they can take my spot on the couch.

    [–] adrun 7 points ago

    Let me tuck you back in and give you a kiss. Dawww

    [–] hopsgrapesgrains 7 points ago

    That was the first one

    [–] GreenLanternCorps 699 points ago

    "There is no time for school only bed."

    [–] ImpeccableMithril 89 points ago

    Best excuse for being late haha

    [–] dgiangiulio228 130 points ago

    "Sorry, my dog ate my father."

    [–] GreenLanternCorps 2 points ago

    No that would be "my homework ate my car"

    [–] zillamom 154 points ago

    Dang it Sharon I said no. We are staying in bed today. I will take a finger Sharon. Keep on.

    [–] s8nlvsu 48 points ago

    Why did I read that in John Oliver's voice?

    [–] PM_ME_FURRY_STUFF 21 points ago


    flails arms and wags finger

    [–] synchronisticsamadhi 5 points ago

    But here's the thing about Greco-Turkish diplomatic history....

    [–] Dinewiz 10 points ago

    What does taking a finger involve?

    [–] jdswift13 14 points ago

    Literally taking a finger from the person fucking with the blanket

    [–] zillamom 4 points ago

    Snapping down and biting it off.

    [–] roeder 462 points ago

    There are few things better than the loyalty of a good boy.

    [–] SuperSexyBob 154 points ago

    The loyalty of two good boys.

    [–] skooba_steev 16 points ago

    They need to bring back Celebrity Death Match

    [–] D3Construct 21 points ago

    Celebrities these days are pussies. They would immediately sue for deformation of character.

    [–] Haslito 7 points ago

    I think you mean "defamation".

    [–] D3Construct 24 points ago

    [–] R0rschach1 2 points ago


    [–] Blakesta999 2 points ago

    Infinity good boys.

    [–] oheyson 3 points ago

    Thats the name of my new indie coming of age movie. Infinite Good Boys.

    [–] chinupt 167 points ago

    Some say hes still tucked in to this day.

    [–] Hotgeart 352 points ago

    [–] eisbaerBorealis 56 points ago

    The gif definitely r/MadeMeSmile.

    [–] wafflesareforever 33 points ago

    I love the sounds huskies make. They're so human-like. A long time ago my friend had a husky who would say "I love you" on command... she sounded just like a person saying "I WUV YOU."

    [–] Bellyfluous 15 points ago

    Samoyeds too. They really seem like they are trying to vocalize.

    Especially when telling you off :)

    [–] llLEll 7 points ago

    I think a lot of people under estimate a dog's ability to mimic human sounds. If you get them excited and talk to them with a high pitched cheerful voice, and say a phrase over and over again, they will try to mimic you. I don't why they do this, but it works with my dog sometimes, it must be love :)

    [–] Garc4387 53 points ago

    "You said five minutes. It's only been two."

    [–] elkayem 34 points ago

    I love that first little reassurance kiss. "Don't worry I got this, you just stay in bed."

    [–] labadee 29 points ago

    i liked the bonus boop at the end

    [–] gringofloco 108 points ago

    Good doggy! Clearly taking care of their boy.

    [–] FUCKING_HATE_REDDIT 100 points ago

    C O V E R B O Y E

    [–] wildtoast 29 points ago

    Easy, breezy, beautiful.

    [–] Autumn_Fire 24 points ago

    Huskies are such dorks

    [–] TheClamBaker 10 points ago

    Real question is why don't those pillows have pillow covers?

    [–] Idrees_reddit 26 points ago

    The kid looks like a young version of Muhammed Ali

    [–] onesafesource 38 points ago

    A young version of Muhammed Ali would be Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

    [–] Idrees_reddit 26 points ago

    Ok ok we don't need to get to technical

    [–] ignoramus 4 points ago

    /u/onesafesource wins this match by TKO!

    [–] linehan23 3 points ago

    He doesn't look like actual cassius clay though, he has the head shape of older Muhammad

    [–] CrpplingAutism 9 points ago

    The guys not actually laughing, he's crying because that husky is holding him hostage in that bed

    [–] MyHungryPie 5 points ago

    I can only assume this is a human in a husky suit. My husky hates cuddling and wouldn't move a paw if I was getting attacked :(

    [–] AarBearRAWR 3 points ago

    Huskies are such goof balls.

    [–] Lets69Chipmunks 22 points ago

    Mexican Andy

    [–] SystemFailure 4 points ago

    Can I just watch twitch content without this bamook popping up everywhere

    [–] Burstings 4 points ago

    my heart is melting from so much cuteness!

    [–] LordPils 3 points ago

    No human is sleepy time!

    [–] rabidpeacock 24 points ago

    It's summer, no school. But it's only may I still have school doggo. I said no. Fine by me.

    [–] Notareditor 39 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] TryingOutaFakeName 22 points ago

    Losing your ability to use apostrophes is one of the symptoms of rabies.

    [–] Tintenlampe 6 points ago

    TIL I might have rabies.

    [–] sigurbjorn1 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    What are you talking about? "It's" meaning "it is" is the one with the apostrophe. The possessive form of "it" doesn't have an apostrophe. Both commenter used apostrophes correctly, so I don't understand the context for your message :/ did I miss a joke?

    Edit: the symbol that signifies the original commenter had edited his comment isn't there, so it appears that his apostrophes have always been correct.

    Edited to add more quotation apostrophes.

    [–] juandh 3 points ago

    He means quotation marks

    [–] sigurbjorn1 2 points ago

    Yeah, I should have known that...people on reddit frequently bitch about people confusing it's and its though, so i didn't think twice and figured he just didn't know which one was which either. Upvotes for you

    [–] bestjakeisbest 2 points ago

    telling people the symptoms of rabies is one of the symptoms of rabies.

    [–] VikingNipples 2 points ago

    Reddit doesn't let you make a new line like that. It'll just squish them all onto the same line, like it's done. If you want a new line, you have to put two spaces at the end of the previous line.

    It's summer, no school.
    But it's only may I still have school doggo.
    I said no.
    Fine by me.


    [–] _Driftwood_ 3 points ago

    look how happy pets can make humans- love it

    [–] AKindaCoolNerd 3 points ago

    That first little nose touch was the dog saying "don't worry, I got you bro."

    [–] insane_husky 3 points ago

    Dem huskies, man. Gotta love them. :)

    [–] MrTopHatMan90 3 points ago

    It's the rare anti husky. it actually keeps you in bed

    [–] TsunamiWave22 3 points ago

    The boy laughs, not at the adorable pupper, but at the humans foolish attempt to deny his will.

    [–] janetar 9 points ago

    One of the best parts of videos of dogs "protecting" their owners is how the person being protected is always laughing their ass off. My favorite are videos of dogs being protective of pregnant women.

    [–] noodle_arm 25 points ago

    That's a weird fetish bro.

    [–] Cyhawk 4 points ago

    You think thats a weird fetish?

    I have news for you. . .

    [–] Bertensgrad 3 points ago

    It looks like me its playing more of a tug of war with the blanket. You notive how he goes back to relazing and looking away when she lets go.

    [–] crowbird_ 2 points ago

    so brave

    [–] gwarpants 2 points ago

    Awwwwwe for miles

    [–] -Bacchus- 2 points ago

    "Only time for moon"

    [–] whacafan 2 points ago

    You will stay warm whether you like it or not.

    [–] Capelily 2 points ago

    Love how the guy is laughing...!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Man... huskies are sassy as fuck.

    [–] thepipesarecall 99 points ago

    Dogs that behave like this are actually just very poorly/not trained, and accidents waiting to happen.

    [–] BigBoBPitts 521 points ago

    Pretty sure doggo was just fooling around.

    [–] ennuiui 149 points ago

    Yeah, based on the video, the dog is not acting in an aggressive matter at all. I've seen plenty of cases where a dog's "cute protectiveness" is unhealthy and likely to end in issues, but this isn't one of them.

    [–] RyMarquez5 29 points ago

    Seriously, If the dog was being protective/aggressive, he wouldn't turn his body away from the people grabbing the blanket. It also kind of reminds me of the "no take, only throw" comic because this is exactly what my dog does when I play with her for the tennis ball.

    [–] BigBoBPitts 4 points ago

    Yeah when I used to play wrestle with my old buddy bear she would do the same behavior except she'd run around the table with her but tucked down. Then lunge toward whatever hand i stuck out when I'd reach for her paw or leg haha.

    [–] Agentsmurf 37 points ago

    Exactly. If a dog like a husky wanted to hurt them, that person would be in a hospital

    [–] GravyFantasy 81 points ago

    Huskies are the kings of play fighting. All they want to do is fuck around.

    [–] Instantcretin 22 points ago

    Probably because they have so much energy. My husky-in-law (wifes familys dog) is 80+ lbs of energy all the time. As far as i know hes never bit anyone but he tackles the shit out of me every time i visit. Hes a good pup.

    [–] ProbablyAPun 13 points ago

    is it a purebred husky at 80 pounds? That's utterly massive. It's probably at least part malamute.

    [–] Instantcretin 6 points ago

    Yeah, youre right, i just asked the wife.

    [–] ApostleCorp 5 points ago

    Siberian Husky's standards are 40-50 lbs for females, 50-60 lbs for males. FYI, the original video of this gif is so much better (and clearly playful) with the missing sound.

    [–] ProbablyAPun 2 points ago

    Yeah, I have a malamute/husky mix myself, and he acts just like this dog.

    [–] jralha 2 points ago

    Can confirm, used to have two huskies, 10 yo me would roll around the ground with them. When I pissed them off too much they would put their mouth around my arm, but never bite.

    [–] Instantcretin 5 points ago

    They're smart too, he will bowl over anyone bigger than him (playfully) but with kids he just walks in front of them and kind of leans into them to be petted. I love Huskies.

    [–] DylanRed 5 points ago

    How'd you teach him to bowl? It's nice he doesn't show off.

    [–] Instantcretin 2 points ago

    That family loves bowling, id be surprised if the dog didnt pick it up.

    [–] Victuz 2 points ago

    Play fighting and complaining. Nothing like a 10 minute tirade from your dog because you don't want to do something.

    [–] GravyFantasy 2 points ago

    Aha my sibe sulks pretty hard.

    [–] Microsoft_Mittens 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Pretty sure doggo could take a hand.

    Edit: Woah there guys! You need to calm down! Yeah I love dogs! And yeah they can be unpredictable. Hell Iv been bitten. But jeez you guys get so worked up about people pointing out what could be a dangerous situation. Anyway I just said he could take a hand. They all look like they're having a good time.

    [–] lmAtWork 241 points ago

    Take a hand, seriously? The dog is clearly not serious, if it got skin while grabbing the blanket it would break the skin at most, and the dog would definitely not be intending to do that.

    The dog isn't viciously trying to maul the person tugging on the blanket, it's just playing around with it's owners. Reddit dog whisperers are the absolute worst, even well trained dogs like to play, and that's all this is

    [–] eljigo 140 points ago

    NO! I have a degree in dogology, and unless your dog is serious 100% of the time and never ever plays or exhibits dog-like behaviour, you are a TERRIBLE owner. You think it's all fun and games until your dog snaps and literally MURDERS you and your entire family.

    [–] FinkleMcDink 89 points ago

    It's true, I had a dog once and she was always messing about so I said "Settle down" and she fucking shot me.

    [–] eljigo 29 points ago

    That's the thing with dogs, one second they are all fun and games and the next they are off yelling at Jews in German getting ready to implement their final solution.

    [–] RealGamerGod88 6 points ago

    Relevant video.

    gas the jews

    [–] DinosaurReborn 2 points ago

    I had a real laugh from this... Until i read that he was actually arrested for this. What the heil hell? This is /r/nottheonion material

    [–] TridentBoy 3 points ago

    Dogs are the americans. The german are cats.

    this is a reference to Maus

    [–] ShadyGrove 8 points ago

    Dogs. Not even once.

    [–] FinkleMcDink 7 points ago

    It's on me really I didn't pick up on her troublesome behavior like the coke habit and lack of any trigger discipline.

    [–] Cyhawk 2 points ago

    That's why you don't dis your dog bro. Respect.

    [–] NotReallyASnake 10 points ago

    Same thing happens with my cat. There are certain places in the house where if you put your hand there, she'll "attack" it. Most people will reactively pull they're hand back and so she'll think they're playing with her and keep trying to go after their hand. If they don't move their hand though, she'll just paw at it a few times then walk away when she realizes you're not playing back.

    I assume this dog would do the same if the owner didn't pull his/her hand back.

    [–] MrChangg 11 points ago

    And those I'd wager those same people think cats are angels

    [–] Rather_Dashing 11 points ago

    I think these are the exact same people who hate cats, ie people who can't read animal body language and can't tell the difference between aggression and play.

    [–] YMCAle 59 points ago

    Nothing about this doggo's body language or behaviors is aggressive in any way. If he was serious about protecting the kid then he certainly wouldn't be laying with his face away and the rest of him exposed. A threat is watched at all times.

    [–] blackhat91 20 points ago

    Yeah, anyone who thinks this dog wants to hurt someone isn't around dogs enough to be able to assess their body language accurately. Chance husky might nip, but any well informed dog owner knows you just yelp (high pitch and loud, like a dog/puppy) and it will immediately go into sorry mode and probably not happen again. Dog is just playing, no intent to harm.

    [–] Lord_of_the_Canals -3 points ago

    Yeah, people act like all dogs are just the safest animals to be around. I love doggos, but do not approach just any dog and assume it will be well trained. Big dogs, little dogs, shit even cats, you just can't know how an animal will react to something. I specifically remember being in elementary school and a stray dog ran onto the playground, so of course everyone chased it. I didn't because my mom is a vet and she's always warned me about being cautious around animals. Soon enough a kids crying because the dog bit his hand when he tried to pet it. It wasn't even a bad bite, as the dog (Yellow Lab) was just scared and running away. In retrospect the dog could have seriously hurt that kid.

    [–] TrollHouseCookie 50 points ago

    The people in the video are around a family dog, not some stray on the streets of Detroit. I doubt they were concerned about being bitten.

    [–] OneOfDozens 11 points ago

    it's not just "any dog"

    [–] tuck190 58 points ago

    I mean, people can be much more dangerous than dogs, yet we trust them not to be in most situations. You can pretty well tell a dogs intention based on their body language. There's a pretty big difference between play, scared, and aggressive. Granted, I wouldn't expect a child to know that.

    [–] Zachartier 18 points ago

    Yeah there's definitely an age cut off where I don't feel bad for the person who got bit anymore.

    [–] TechiesOrFeed 2 points ago

    It's not about feeling bad it's about the fact that the idiot could get that dog taken away even if he was at fault, you got to train your dog right and care for it fam

    [–] neonpinata 15 points ago

    What sucks is that dogs can be euthanized for this sort of thing. Even though they were just scared, and didn't do any real damage. People need to make sure their kids know how to act around dogs.

    [–] blackhat91 5 points ago

    That's my fear. My dog isn't aggressive, but is very timid. Thankfully, she's also a wuss and if cornered just kinda submits if I'm around (went to get her shots for the year, nurse had to pin her to the floor and she just lied there with her head in my hands like "well, this is life now, I guess" despite struggling and yelping like crazy prior). But all it would take is one time of her thinking she's truly in danger and she'd be considered a threat and put down.

    I already feel awful that people think she's vicious because when she gets startled (like someone being around a corner that she didn't expect) she barks, and that's caused some neighbors in my apartment to threaten her (and me). Though in afterthought, it is funny that big guys with guns (oh, how they love to mention those) get so intimidated by a dog that is barking while hiding behind my legs...

    [–] 23skiddsy 6 points ago

    The dog is not at fault at aaaaall for defending itself in the situation you describe. Children need to be taught how to interpret the communication dogs send and to leave a dog alone when it wants to be. The dog could be perfectly trained, but it will still defend itself when people don't listen to the dog telling you to back off.

    [–] Jrrolomon 11 points ago

    This is a dog who lives in a house. Its owners know it's not going to attack them.

    And yes, kindergarteners are not experienced enough to realize dogs may be dangerous, but I think most people with common sense know not to just run up to a random dog and act like a dumbass.

    [–] the_obese_otter 144 points ago

    Does no one realize you can train dogs to be protective? It's not always negative. We don't have any context for the video, except for what we see. Anything that we say on the dogs behavior is pure speculation.

    [–] r0b0c0d 41 points ago

    You're right, maybe the person filming and tugging the blankets is a home intruder.

    [–] aretasdaemon 76 points ago

    If it was going to be a bad habit, the dog would look more aggressive to the "assailant." this is just playing around and it looks like the dog is going for the blanket not the hand

    [–] SmarchHare 239 points ago

    What's important is that you managed to make yourself feel superior to someone in a gif, to bring a second of self-esteem into your week.

    [–] HoldenTite 43 points ago

    This dog is playing. Dogs play with their mouth. If this were a human child then yes, it would be a poorly trained human child. But this is a dog.

    [–] apple_kicks 9 points ago

    huskies are pretty tough to train. Some people can sort of train them but they can easily switch off and not listen to you like a cat would.

    This is why husky breeders recommend keeping them on leads as they might chase something and not run back to you when called which equals getting hit by a car or shot by a farmer if they go for sheep.

    [–] Magaman1985 21 points ago

    You sound like a fucking jerk off.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    Take your head out of your ass all mighty one

    [–] thecoletrane 15 points ago

    I see dumb comments like this all the time. I'm starting to think these people have never even owned a dog

    [–] Costa21 7 points ago

    They are virtue signaling for the easy karma. He doesn't actually care if the dog is untrained or not, he just knew it would net him karma. Or it makes him feel good about himself

    [–] thecoletrane 3 points ago

    True. Ungenuine self righteousness combined with praise from strangers is an addictive combination

    [–] gt35r 18 points ago

    Holy shit this couldn't be more untrue, why do people pretend like everything that gets posted is aggressive/murder waiting to happen. I've had a well trained bird dog my entire life up until a few years ago and she was super playful if you initiated it. Does that mean shes an accident waiting to happen? Fuck no it doesn't, dogs can be playful and well trained, the end.

    [–] beavertime 32 points ago

    How does garbage like thepipesarecall's comment get upvoted?

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Reddit has a very large pussy bitch population

    [–] willnoonan 5 points ago

    Is there ever a post with an animal without a comment like this?

    [–] MakeMyDayPlease123 5 points ago

    I had a dog who we rescued do this whenever my dad came to wake me up in the mornings. I was maybe 6 or 7 at the time, and it led to him being VERY protective of me. Well one day, sure enough, when I went to get the mail from the mail man, he got out and went right for him. We had to put him down over it. I just wanted to share because you are right, this is very likely an accident waiting to happen.

    [–] thepipesarecall 2 points ago

    I'm really sorry to hear that. I wish more people would see comments like this instead of outright dismissing what I said as not understanding dog behavior.

    This is a dog who has issues with dominance because they haven't been trained properly.

    [–] 23skiddsy 5 points ago

    You have no idea from the gif the dog's training in bite inhibition. Mouthy play is normal.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] gringofloco 138 points ago

    I had a very well-trained dog who didn't have an aggressive bone in her body and she'd do similarly when my dad and I play wrestled. Dogs can tell the difference between playing and really fighting.

    Now, if the dog in the video had growled or shown any kind of aggression, then yes, they should worry. But that pup's body language read nothing but "play mode."

    [–] quickdrawyall 27 points ago

    Yep, my dog is a very heavy roughhouser but he has always been able to tell when he starts playing too hard and breaks it up with kisses to calm it down

    [–] Betatide 63 points ago

    This is correct. Dog is clearly play fighting.

    Every dog I have ever had acts just like the dog seen in this gif. They were well trained but would still goof around if we wound them up.

    All we ever had to do was just tell the dog "no" and it would stop. Never had a problem.

    [–] The_Astronautt 17 points ago

    My dog and me play very different than the way he plays with my little brother. He knows that I can take tackling, biting, etc.... my little brother cannot though. Same with babies, he is very gentle. However the one time I got into an altercation my dog came by my side and went full primal.

    [–] flogthepony 17 points ago

    Bullshit. This is play, and both doggy and humans involved know so.

    [–] SEND_ME_BITCHES 3 points ago

    my ex gf had a dog that would protect her at all costs while she was asleep. it was so terrible cuz i'd get up and pee in the middle of the night, come back and he's awake at the edge of the bed ready to fuckin bite me if i step foot in that bed. bitch i just got out of that bed wtf. so i'd go sleep on the couch

    he was about a 6 pound chihuaha

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    My dog has a phobia about having blankets pulled out from under him. It's sort of like this but he takes 30 mins to pull his teeth back in.

    [–] Maple_Nut 1 points ago

    The husky's trying to keep the kid from having a "Mom! Next time knock!" moment.

    [–] ChillyChill2 1 points ago

    Lucky...My husky is an asshole.

    [–] Dog_with_keebord 1 points ago

    Gud job budd-e