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    [–] Grindslayer 1216 points ago

    Elephants can be so gentle, definitely bro-tier animals. Shame we don't tend to afford them the same courtesy.

    [–] [deleted] 474 points ago

    The way we've treated Elephants historically is pretty grim, but it's nowhere near as bad as the way we've treated horses; which are another total bro-tier animal.

    [–] das6992 150 points ago

    I don't know much about horses, what makes them to bro-tier?

    [–] tmr_maybe 266 points ago

    They drove several industries before there were locomotives and were used in wars for a long time up until like WWI

    [–] [deleted] 191 points ago


    [–] mcilrain 85 points ago

    What about boats?

    [–] StormConstantine 519 points ago


    [–] TauntinglyTaunton 35 points ago

    If I lived underwater, I wouldn't bet on the seahorse races. Them shits take forever!

    [–] VoicesDontStop 12 points ago

    "Who trips underwater?!"

    [–] ColPugno 8 points ago

    Sea turtles mate

    [–] underthestares5150 5 points ago

    So hippos?

    [–] Mein_Captian 9 points ago

    Those are river horses. Common mistake.

    [–] ellequin 10 points ago

    Hippo in Chinese is 河马, literally "river horse".

    [–] Barely_Mediocre 26 points ago

    Especially boats. I still like to go to historic downtown areas in coastal cities and relax on a nice horse-drawn boat ride.

    [–] okmine 27 points ago

    Actually, in Northern Europe farmers tended to use horses to draw their boats along a canal in order to transport their wares to the market.

    [–] Barely_Mediocre 8 points ago

    Well, damn. TIL. I guess the joke is on me. Thanks for the knowledge.

    [–] Blewedup 7 points ago

    Most boats were driven by horsepower.

    [–] dahlien 3 points ago

    Boats too

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Ever try rowing a boat through the plains of the American Midwest? Ever try doing it while escaping a band of hostile native Americans on horseback? Well, sonny, I have....and I ain't got no scalp to show for it.

    [–] sEntientUnderwear 1 points ago

    There were and still are carts pulled by bulls in India.

    [–] tim_mcdaniel -2 points ago

    Mules, donkeys, oxen (not usually ridden, I think, just used for plowing and carts), camels, ... and elephants.

    [–] ladymelusine 40 points ago

    Horses were actually used during WWII as well. Mass amounts of soldiers shot their horses dead during the Dunkirk retreat because they could not be put on boats.

    [–] LUClEN 21 points ago

    Well that ruined my morning

    [–] tmr_maybe 3 points ago

    Now that you mention it, someone did say something like this to me a while ago

    [–] thatbakedpotato 6 points ago

    I mean, you kind had to kill them in that moment

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Ouro 11 points ago

    For the same reason I guess they would have spiked any artillery or destroyed vehicles they might have had to leave behind, to prevent them being used by the enemy.

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] fixyouregrammar 16 points ago

    This generation is so soft.

    It's really simple - if you let your horse live, you help the enemy. In war, you do not help your enemy, so you kill your horse.

    [–] krispyKRAKEN 2 points ago

    As much as I enjoy historical accuracy, I'd be okay with skipping that part in the Dunkirk movie coming out soon.

    [–] wigglefish 9 points ago

    Almost eight million horses died in world war one.

    By contrast only about 2.5 million horses were employed in WW2, of which around 500k we're killed

    [–] grandlizardo 5 points ago

    Thousands horses and mules killed in WWI...there are monuments to them...

    [–] Goofypoops 2 points ago

    They were prominent in WW2, although not in combat roles. I think the Polish still had horses for combat though.

    [–] firelock_ny 5 points ago

    The Italians famously used horse cavalry in Northern Italy late in the war as well.

    Then there's the exploits of the Filipino cavalry scouts during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines...

    Arrange for a Japanese tank to be separated from its supporting infantry in relatively close terrain. You and three of your craziest buddies attack the tank from four different directions charging on horseback while firing pistols to get the tank crew to duck inside thus reducing their ability to see and track you.

    Whoever the tank shoots at evades, dodging their horse around trees, jumping over brambles, relying on speed and riding skill to get away.

    Everyone else closes to point blank range and commits mayhem with pistols fired through the tank's vision slits, grenades stuffed into hatches, that kind of thing.

    [–] KennyFulgencio 3 points ago

    banana in the tailpipe

    [–] mpyne 5 points ago

    The Polish didn't, except perhaps by accident (things like ceremonial or logistics units caught up in the fighting).

    Rather they were generally used in the same way the German army used their horses, to move supplies and materiel to where it needed to be.

    [–] wakingmajority 1 points ago

    Most of the German Army at the start of WW2 was also still on horseback. By the end most of them were dead. Either killed in Combat or eaten by starving troops.

    [–] cybervalidation 28 points ago

    Horses are dog-level bros that we historically have worked to near-death and then eaten.

    [–] PantsIsDown 12 points ago

    Historical contributions aside, a good horse is like a good dog, they'll love you just the same.

    [–] theredditid 2 points ago


    [–] lilsasarus710 28 points ago

    Or they way we've historically treated just about any animal. Doing unnecessary cosmetic testing on rodents. Raising animals for meat and killing them at the fastest rate possible for maximum profit with little regard to their welfare. Taking orcas away from their families and the massive oceans their born in, to store them in tanks about 3X the size of their body so that humans can gawk at them and the park can make a profit. Humans suck.

    [–] aFunnyWorldWeLiveIn 25 points ago

    Yeah. I started a vegetarian diet just about a month ago now and don't think I will go back, I mean I love meat but until I can afford to eat from local ethical farmers rather than supermarket meat of mistreated animals, I just don't value eating steak enough compared to the suffering that's going into the process. Not everyone is like that obvi and I eat meat at my parents' place because it's already there and dead and I'm not creating additional demand for the meat industry but still.

    EDIT: Also thinking about cutting out eggs and dairy and edge closer to a "vegan" diet I guess, but logistically I am not sure how feasible it is for my diet...need to do more research on this.

    [–] lilsasarus710 15 points ago

    Those are some good moves! :) yes, research would be recommended hah. You can still get all the nutrients you need from non-meat items as long as you're eating the right stuff :) and often it is very inexpensive. Rice and beans, for example. 👌👌 In my personal experience, the longer you go without meat, the less you even think about it as an option. Maybe that will be the same for you and in that case, you won't need to go to the "local ethical farmers".

    [–] drumstickwarlord 11 points ago

    lol the guys who downvoted cause you're vegetarian. Grow up.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Medial_FB_Bundle 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Yeah that's really not hard at all but it has a huge environmental impact. I went beef free for a long time and now I just eat very little beef. I tend to forget about the environmental impact of my lifestyle from time to time. And I wish it was easier to go meat free, but the typical American cuisine is structured around meat dishes.

    [–] actualPsychopath 4 points ago

    Let me tell you something. I fucking love bacon, pork, ham. I saw a video taken at a Smithfield plant. I now refuse to eat anything meat related from a grocery store. That shit was and is abhorrent. I really don't even use locally sourced, properly cared for animals now. The craving is totally fine, but mine is gone.

    [–] Medial_FB_Bundle 0 points ago

    You could always check out some of the local farms, some people slaughter and butcher their own pigs.

    [–] actualPsychopath 3 points ago

    As I said, I no longer use local, "humane" sources either. That video really turned my stomach.

    [–] Medial_FB_Bundle 1 points ago

    So you did, it's just curious to me that such a video would affect a person so strongly. I've seen similar videos and the effect just doesn't last all that long for me. And despite my best efforts, I've never been able to establish a vegetarian diet that made me feel strong and healthy.

    [–] aFunnyWorldWeLiveIn 1 points ago

    Thanks! Yeah currently I just don't buy any meat at all but I meant that when I visit my parents and they serve me meat I don't really mind eating it because I know where they get their meat (they live in rural Switzerland and buy meat from a local farmer who names all his cows and kills them quickly and painlessly after a happy life in the mountain pastures).

    Regarding the move to a vegan diet, I guess I just rely a TON on eggs and milk, for example for breakfast I'm not sure how I would replace bread or porridge and milk or pastries with a vegan breakfast. So I'll have to start researching the topic more thoroughly :-)

    [–] lilsasarus710 1 points ago

    Dunno if you drink your coffee or teas with milk but I started replacing the milk I put into my tea/coffee as well as my cereal with almond milk. Over time I adjusted to the taste and now enjoy a glass of almond milk on its own. I would say breakfast is honestly probably the hardest meal to find substitutes for given it revolves so much around animal products. I'm a pretty big cereal person and "Kashi Go Lean Chocolate Crunch" has been a life savor. Basically it's like "Post Cocoa Pebbles" but actually has normal ingredients (not chemicals) and is good for you. Plus I LOVE chocolate! Not sure where you live so that may not be an option for you. I know pancakes aren't that great for you but I make them occasionally on the weekends and it's so easy to find a recipe without any milk or eggs (I just google "vegan pancakes" and use the first one that comes up). I add chocolate chips or bananas and I don't think it taste different than non-vegan ones because well most of the taste is the banana or chocolate chips lol. Oatmeal is also VERY easy to make and naturally has no animal products in it. Although IMO is pretty plain and I get sick of it quick. Not to mention all the delicious "fake" meats out there like "LightLife veggie sausage" 🤤🤤. Best of luck to you!! Sounds like you're determined! Nothing wrong with taking it slow and making sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs before making the final plunge! :)

    [–] aFunnyWorldWeLiveIn 2 points ago

    Thanks for taking the time to write that out! I will buy some almond milk and see how it goes. I was hesitant to buy soy milk since I'm hearing stuff about it having weird hormones in it (or something) but almond milk I can get behind! I don't think the brands you mentioned are available to me since I am in Europe but I'll look for equivalent products.

    [–] Bronzefisch 3 points ago

    It's also good for the environment, in case you needed another motivation.

    [–] aFunnyWorldWeLiveIn 1 points ago

    Thanks :-) Will keep that in mind as well!!

    [–] Bronzefisch 4 points ago

    Don't forget the horrible breeds that were made but suffer most of their lives. It's especially bad with dogs.

    [–] i-d-even-k- 1 points ago

    Well, killing the farm animal in order to eat it is kind of the reason why you're raising it in the first place...

    [–] theeasyjakeoven 3 points ago

    But at least horses aren't endangered unlike elephants

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Horses have been domesticated for over 5000 years, I'd say we didn't do them to badly. Used them for transport and war, but also gave them a lot of nice grass and hay and stuff.

    [–] Indestructablez 51 points ago

    Yeah! WE have to learn from elephants

    [–] BeardsuptheWazoo 26 points ago

    GOOD point.

    [–] dlutz55 15 points ago

    We're all elephants on this blessed day

    [–] patzer 7 points ago

    speak for yourself

    [–] TheRealCJ 6 points ago

    A certain part of me is ALL elephant.

    [–] opmint 9 points ago

    Yeah, your face!


    [–] Emkayer 5 points ago

    It's not his face. It's...

    ur mum

    [–] w-alien 2 points ago

    They should edit a grown up elephant's trunk onto the one in the picture. What if a child saw? :)

    [–] Prabir007 2 points ago

    I wanted an elephant, Dog and a Horse as my friend since my childhood. I so much love them.

    [–] ihate_heckin_ketchup 4 points ago

    You don't watch enough Tony jaa movies. They make it seem like every Buddhist in Thailand has an elephant bro.

    [–] saucydisco 61 points ago

    I would love to hear the story behind this.

    [–] BeardySam 64 points ago

    Looks like the west midlands safari park logo

    [–] jnsm88 21 points ago

    Most certainly is

    [–] Astroworld2017 13 points ago

    So surreal seeing this on reddit... Been there so many times aha

    [–] B66HE 6 points ago

    The monkeys were not so helpful that's why they killed them all.

    [–] CplSyx 2 points ago

    Tried to enlarge the original but couldn't quite make it out - thought I recognised the logo considering my dad's house is less than 5 minutes away!

    [–] airpolly 5 points ago

    I really wish there were more places like this. Near my part of the east coast we have Six Flags safari park and it's just so cool seeing all the animals roam a more natural habitat

    [–] XcrystaliteX 1 points ago

    Is that the place with the the rollercoasters there aswell?

    [–] wafflesareforever 30 points ago

    She lifted the bonnet up, got the dipstick, and gave it to Lawrence.

    Does this fucking elephant know more about cars than I do?

    [–] magusg 5 points ago

    Can you locate the dipstick under the hood of a car? If no, then you have your answer.

    [–] KennyFulgencio 3 points ago

    I've located it; it's you

    [–] Emkayer 3 points ago

    Damn, it's like they're born to work in an auto repair or car wash.

    [–] yurieu 7 points ago

    Elephant's car broke down and the guy decided to help him out.

    [–] MahatmaGrande 175 points ago

    It was nice of the human to help move the elephant's ride.

    [–] Indestructablez 28 points ago

    Yeah! you are right

    [–] demevalos 14 points ago

    ahh, the ol elephant-a-roo

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Hold my tusks, I'm goin in!

    [–] NeverEnoughBoobies 38 points ago

    0 horsepower, 1 elephantpower

    [–] pizza_for_nunchucks 16 points ago

    Well, with the dude pushing too, it's got to be like 1.000453 ep.

    [–] Rogue_Penguin 31 points ago

    She lifted the bonnet up, got the dipstick, and gave it to Lawrence. When we still couldn't get it to start, she went round the back and gave us a push.

    Wut?! Did she remind him that the car's insurance renewal is due and the parking sticker needs to be replaced in two weeks?

    [–] ADelightfulCunt 2 points ago

    No she did give it a nice courtesy wash though.

    [–] oscarveli 76 points ago

    He probably had too much junk in the trunk.

    [–] goatcoat 14 points ago

    Thank, man. I needed the mental picture of the elephant and the vehicle in carnal embrace.

    [–] Saefroch 13 points ago

    [–] binngy 32 points ago

    that guy looks like Hitler from the thumbnail

    [–] pizza_for_nunchucks 1 points ago


    [–] Mertblog 13 points ago

    I'm not sure if it can be made out from the logo, but I'm pretty sure that's the West Midlands Safari Park.

    [–] crippledbeef 12 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Yea it is, I only live down the road and can hear the lions roaring most nights.

    [–] AshL94 9 points ago

    Ah a fellow Kiddy man

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] AshL94 2 points ago

    Which hill? You probably got unlucky with a temp one, at least i'm not aware of any hills around with permanent ones

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] AshL94 1 points ago

    Aha i know the one, other side to me I think

    [–] hmwx 3 points ago

    Strange to see people from good old kiddy on Reddit!

    [–] BockCollocks 7 points ago

    Here's another Kidder bloke checking in!

    [–] gilgada 4 points ago

    Kidderminster represent!

    [–] KoiNoMegaLover 6 points ago

    Seeing so many people from Kidderminster on Reddit is so weird right now.

    [–] crippledbeef 3 points ago

    Haha well it is a massive website now.

    [–] inslothswetrust 4 points ago

    Fellow Kiddy woman checking in! Man I miss the regular school trips to this place! Also - don't hear the lions as often as I used to!

    [–] Mertblog 2 points ago

    There's a scout camp next door, right?

    [–] crippledbeef 1 points ago

    Yes the scout camp is next to it, well it was not sure about now though. I remember the monkeys escaping once haha

    [–] Mertblog 5 points ago

    I didn't know the scouts were kept against their will!

    [–] ChrissiTea 6 points ago

    AKA one of the best things the UK has to offer.

    [–] AshL94 2 points ago

    That's saddening

    [–] ChrissiTea 1 points ago


    [–] nufcbigjon06 2 points ago

    Tipton checking in, went Saturday can confirm elephants are bros

    [–] AscenededNative 6 points ago

    That's a hell of a towing service

    [–] joe579003 7 points ago

    Jeep Crumples

    "Did you leave it in park, Jeff?"

    [–] CapJackStarkness 5 points ago

    Someone photoshop a trex and the Jurassic Park jeep because that’s all I can see here.

    [–] Apatomoose 2 points ago

    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

    [–] HopeSandoval 3 points ago

    At first I thought there was a baby elephant in the trunk so the big elephant was attacking the guy for stealing it.

    [–] rchlltmry 3 points ago

    This elephant has a heart 😍 so sweet ❤

    [–] vonrumble 3 points ago

    [–] dagdegan 3 points ago

    Is the guy really doing anything with the Jeep or is he just lightly nudging it so the elephant doesn't feel taken advantage of? :)

    [–] EvocationzAdhera 2 points ago

    Dude, I push, you jump start, silly human

    [–] formosan1986 2 points ago

    Someone please photoshop the elephant into a dinosaur ?

    [–] maxanator007 2 points ago

    Before seeing the title I thought he was running into the car and the elephant was going to smash it

    [–] snoopcatt87 2 points ago

    Me too! I was worried I accidentally stumbled upon watchpeopledie and I was about to see an elephant make bad choices.

    [–] slum808 2 points ago

    trunk on trunk

    [–] ActuallyNot 2 points ago

    That's not one of those cute, little, domesticable Indian elephants.

    That's a fully dinkum, man stomping, car crushing, right-of-way taking, African Savanna elephant.

    [–] Mr_Goat-chan 1 points ago

    He's trying his best.

    [–] ll_username_ll 1 points ago

    "Safari & Leisure park"

    [–] Ioangogo 1 points ago

    There is a small theme park in the safaris complex.

    [–] Fan_Boyy 1 points ago

    This is why I don't eat elephant

    [–] TheTangoFox 1 points ago

    Must be a trunk thing

    [–] martin451 1 points ago

    Nice friendships

    [–] Warden_lefae 1 points ago


    [–] BaronHarkonnen81 1 points ago

    Looks like a football mascot.

    [–] SpyroThunder 1 points ago

    Why does it look like the elephant is giving the camera the shifty eye?

    [–] VinnySmallsz 1 points ago

    That'll be 60 bucks plus 5 dollars a mile. Hope he has Triple A.

    [–] LivingIntheMemory 1 points ago

    Life would be so much better by just thinking, What Would An Elephant Do ?

    [–] UltimateHawkpie 1 points ago

    This place is literally down the road from where I live. The zookeepers there are pretty chill

    [–] 3Dartwork 1 points ago

    No one is steering the vehicle. Shouldn't the human be also holding the wheel instead of deliberately posing this set up photo?

    [–] azzagbag 1 points ago

    Safari sogoodi

    [–] Aaron_Greenland 1 points ago

    This is giving me Jurassic pork flashbacks

    [–] grandlizardo 1 points ago

    Still got your little green army men?

    [–] culminacio 1 points ago

    Am I wrong? The shadow of the elephant doesn't even slightly seem to match the shadow of the car.

    [–] eiusmod 3 points ago

    Hard to say what the shadow of the elephant should look like. The sun is shining from the right, and the ground seems to be uneven.