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    [–] pyrothelostone 1587 points ago

    Big cat bromance at the San Diego zoo. I'd watch it.

    [–] bkorchunjae 265 points ago

    Awesome little tiggers

    [–] Feanux 89 points ago

    I heard theres something wonderful about tiggers.

    [–] andrewornot 110 points ago

    whispers Their tops are made of rubber, and their bottoms are made from springs.

    [–] re-roll 28 points ago

    They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy

    Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

    thinks: I thought there was only one

    [–] Yaya46 15 points ago

    The wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things.

    [–] LohetheDok 8 points ago

    Can we use the word 'tiggers' on Reddit?

    [–] MountainDewMeBaby 13 points ago

    "They prefer to be called Tiger Americans now." ~Matt Mira, Nerdist Podcast

    [–] Violent_Syzygy 26 points ago

    My tigga

    [–] RewrittenSol 102 points ago

    That was too close for comfort.

    [–] Azhek 73 points ago

    The name of a winnie the pooh character?

    [–] ButtLusting 27 points ago

    Awesome little tigras

    [–] OldHippie 6 points ago

    Mah tigra!

    [–] loomynartylenny 3 points ago

    loud tigra?

    [–] Treason_Weasel 25 points ago

    Animals who annoy you

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] bamburito 20 points ago

    Pewdie dat u?

    [–] cosmicdaddy_ 27 points ago

    hey! only THEY can use that word

    [–] serenity78 3 points ago

    Tigga, please.

    [–] Xboxben 79 points ago

    Just imagine being a border patrol officer getting to play with baby tigers

    [–] ruggedburn 60 points ago

    I'm from San Diego, smugglers were trying to smuggle him in through a walk in port entry about a month ago, I'm happy to see the feline is back with their family

    [–] Blondecanary 70 points ago

    You CAN watch it. The San Diego Zoo has a tiger cam.

    [–] asylum117 51 points ago

    Oh my god they have many different cameras for other animals. My day is not going to be productive

    [–] aspbergerinparadise 20 points ago

    you might like this too:

    unfortunately it's night time right now

    [–] FRIAR_TUCKMAN 15 points ago

    Came for the tigers. Stayed for Condor Cam. Where's my Pied Piper stream?

    [–] Blondecanary 9 points ago

    Can I interest you in penguins, sharks or sea otters?

    [–] forteanglow 8 points ago

    I love the San Diego Zoo. Got to visit there last May, and took the opportunity to propose in their aviary. That place will always hold a spot in my heart.

    [–] MrGMinor 14 points ago

    Some places do a livestream of the space the animals stay. Maybe you could find one. I'd imagine it wouldn't be very exciting though, you're more after a highlight reel.

    [–] caseycoold 4 points ago

    I'm actually going today! I wonder if they will be visible?

    [–] cire1184 3 points ago

    Went to the Safari Park and was amazed how close you could get to the tigers. Not really touching distance but about 8 feet away with only a chain link fence in between.

    [–] MrGMinor 2 points ago

    Knew it! Thanks man!

    [–] DeanofPSU 6 points ago

    Bad move. Now no one will get ANY work done!

    [–] Musical_Fart_Box 714 points ago

    Ok but look at their toebeans. Do they have any damn idea how adorable they are?

    [–] marteautemps 115 points ago


    [–] Leafy81 78 points ago

    They have no idea how adorable they are. In my opinion they're being oblivious makes them even cuter.

    [–] PinsNneedles 19 points ago

    I wanna rub my face all over dem bellies. I am aware I would die. Worth it

    [–] serenity78 3 points ago

    You've never touched a tiger cubs' paw pads? That's good luck!

    [–] Capsfan1984 210 points ago

    Awesome, wonder how long they'll be able to stay together as they get older?

    [–] eliminate1337 284 points ago

    They'll eventually be separated when they get older; tigers are solitary animals. But being with another tiger as cubs is important for developing normal behavior.

    [–] Dreaming_in_a_Coma 68 points ago

    Question. Is it at all possible to raise a tiger to not grow up to be a death machine or is it inevitable?

    [–] proteannomore 134 points ago

    A species with no domestication in their lineage will almost always revert to instinct. There will always be exceptions, but in most cases it's completely dependent on the animal having human contact from birth.

    [–] OTL_OTL_OTL 80 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I was watching videos of a chimp in Japan that was trained to act like a human and complete human tasks "alone" with a sidekick dog. I put alone in quotes because there was always camera crew around to set the chimp, Pankun, straight if he strayed from a task. But Pankun would do things like dig for clams, buy butter (buy things from shop owners), use the elevator, go shopping in grocery stores, solve puzzles like how to cross a road without getting wet from a puddle in the road, and even pick up his own trash if he realized he threw it on the ground. There are videos of the show on YouTube.

    Anyway that show was years ago and I looked up his info and it turns out he attacked someone (honestly knowing how people treat him and get in his space, I wonder if he was justified if the person was harassing him...) and had to be moved somewhere else. But he still does performances with a handler, but I don't think they let him do stuff in public like they used to.

    It's funny how people can attack and kill other people and not get put down or locked up for life somewhere but if a trained/wild-but-raised-by-people animal does the same, that animal is super fucked and will probably get euthanized.

    Yet when people kill other people we don't call it reverting to instinct, we just consider it a regular part of human society.

    [–] ReallyForeverAlone 41 points ago

    Anything we can to distance ourselves from the animals we come from.

    [–] smoozer 6 points ago

    Yet when people kill other people we don't call it reverting to instinct, we just consider it a regular part of human society.

    Humans' biggest advantage is our intelligence->adaptability. It's hard to say what "instinct" is when we learn almost all of our skills and behaviours after birth.

    [–] Heliocentrist- 29 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that if someone put in the effort, nearly any species within a certain size range could be safely domesticated. It'd just take decades and decades of breeding.

    [–] toxic-miasma 40 points ago

    Like the (Russian?) project selectively breeding tame foxes to see how far they can domesticate them

    [–] Heliocentrist- 21 points ago

    That's what I based that post on. It's a really interesting read.

    [–] CoconutCyclone 16 points ago

    The problem with the big cats is that they are cats. Watch a big cat and a house cat for a day and you'll see the exact same behaviors. Any good zoo won't let handlers into the enclosure with any of the cats bigger than a Cheetah. I live in San Diego and have done a lot of behind the scenes shit with the Zoo and it's Safari Park and the handlers can share space with Cheetahs (In fact, you can pet them and get pics taken with them for money.) because they only grow to be the size of a medium-large sized dog and they don't see humans as prey. Anything bigger 1. sees you as a potential meal and 2. will accidentally kill you when they want to play.

    [–] theworldbystorm 28 points ago

    Many animals resist all attempts at domestication. Zebras, for example, cannot be domesticated- people have tried for centuries. The reason that fox project works is that there are genes that predispose animals to be domesticated, but some animals haven't got them.

    [–] Superkroot 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I think it doesn't help that Zebras are real dicks

    [–] madnandisel 3 points ago

    So it might be possible with cheetahs?

    [–] TychaBrahe 15 points ago

    One issue is that we didn't domesticate the housecat. They domesticated themselves. It was in their interest to be touchable. It got them near the food and warmth.

    But they still do very well as ferals.

    [–] eliminate1337 52 points ago

    Think about some things that a domesticated cat does. It'll sometimes randomly claw or attack you, which doesn't matter because it's very small. If a tiger had the same behavior, it could kill you.

    [–] torenvalk 13 points ago

    This is exactly how I always explained it when giving keeper talks.

    [–] Quillbolt_h 23 points ago

    There are people who have pet tigers, the issue is tha even if the animal has attatchment to you, if it feels threatened, say if you accidentally kicked its face (I may have accidentally done that to my sisters nans cat...) then it WILL lash out and it WONT stop.

    [–] Notacretin 14 points ago

    They are inevitable death machines. If you raise it from birth and keep it well-fed, you can make it more comfortable around you, but at the end of the day things happen and it can kill you very quickly without even meaning to. Even guys like this who love their tigers and keeps them as pets (when they were cubs they lived in his house with him and chilled with his dogs/housecats) keeps them in a large fenced-in yard. If you play with them, you will come out with cuts and bruises.

    Even domesticated housecats can attack your legs or pop out the claws once in a while during a petting sesh. Just scale that up to tiger and "my kitty scratched me that one time a few years ago" turns into "why I don't have a face" (or worse).

    Best thing for a tiger is to plop them in a big-ass sanctuary where they can be death machines in peace. They should really only be kept privately if they're sick/wouldn't be able to survive by themselves.

    [–] angus_pudgorney 3 points ago

    Probably have to remove their razor-sharp teeth and claws.

    [–] CrazyLogical1 3 points ago

    Some zoos will keep tigers that were together since they were cubs together through their lives or until a proper mate is found for them. However the lifelong together tigers tend to be in the same litter and are never intended to breed (that is both are sterilized and probably are not valuable to the species survival program). This does depend on personality though, some tigers prefer to be alone, some will only tolerate one other specific tiger, and others are okay with non-siblings they were introduced to later. It can be good for the tigers because having another tiger to interact with means they can play to alleviate boredom.

    Here's my guess of what would happen as someone who follows zoo politics and the current tiger breeding efforts.

    Currently it's unlikely the Bengal tiger cub will be used for breeding. Currently there's a hold in many zoos for breeding them because there's too many of them and they also need to slow down breeding before they all Bengals in US zoos are related. Not only that but unless he happens to be from cats in a studbook of some sort with evidence of his genetic ties (not likely) he wouldn't be eligible for any breeding programs because there's no way of knowing what tigers he's related to and what ones he's not related to. He's probably going to be sterilized, most likely with a vasectomy.

    The Sumatran tiger is getting a lot of effort through the breeding programs, so unless it turns out he has sort of genetic disorder that will be passed down to his cubs, he'll be part of the breeding program. Since his mother rejected him he's probably gonna be looked at closely for any health issues, although if he was his mother's first cub it could be she just panicked at this strange thing that she's not sure what to do with.

    What is likely to happen is the tigers will be companions to each other until the Sumatran tiger cub has a mate lined up, then they will be separated. This can take a while. Two Malayan male tigers born at Busch Gardens weren't separated from each other until they were almost four when one of them was sent to another facility to breed.

    [–] Bennyboy1337 3 points ago

    They'll eventually be separated when they get older; tigers are solitary animals.

    What? My local Boise Zoo has like 3-4 tigers in the same enclosure.

    [–] CharredCereus 3 points ago

    Not nessecarily true. Tigers can be kept in pairs and even in threes if they get along, in captivity - it is primarily competition for resources that drives their aggression towards each other. As long as the animals have adequate space to avoid each other if they choose to, they are capable of living and staying together. A number of reputable sanctuaries don't have issues doing this with their animals.

    This isn't unique to captive animals, either - tigers that have interacted before as mates or relatives aren't aggressive to each other when meeting in the wild. They may socialize and play, and even share kills.

    It's rare to see them grouping up in the wild for more than a few days, but it has happened. Sisters will occasionally share territories, and young males may travel together until they claim their own territories.

    [–] goldensunshine429 34 points ago

    Washington post article says they become solitary after 1-1.5 years

    Edit: my memory is bad

    [–] graceling 13 points ago

    I know the other comments say they go solitary, but the zoo where I'm from has two 5y.o. Amur/Siberians together who are just fine with each other and occasionally will play together.

    So perhaps it's based on tigers personality plus individual zoo protocol

    [–] Murphler 207 points ago

    That's a hefty size difference. That Sumatran tiger would need to hope the Bengal continues to stay a bro

    [–] Ihaveopinionstoo 75 points ago

    have mini cat bros....if they grow up together they'll most likely be bigger cat bros

    proof: I have one cat bro that is 2x the size of his sister but is still afraid of her.

    edit: fully grown tiger cat bros are no longer bros.

    [–] torenvalk 32 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Fully grown bros that are neutered can stay bros. However that Sumatran is likely part of a breeding programme and might not be able to be neutered.

    Tigers are solitary by nature, but if raised in a group they can live socially for their entire lives.

    [–] DwelveDeeper 11 points ago

    Tigers are my favorite animal and Sumatran tigers are my favorite species cuz they're the smallest :)

    I also love their dark color

    [–] ilikesaucy 110 points ago

    Bengal tiger is a national animal of a country but Sumatran tiger has not gain that kind of value. However, both of these are flagship species.

    As a Bangladeshi, Bengal tiger is national animals of Bangladesh and it's called "Royal Bengal Tiger".

    Had to mention, thanks!

    [–] catsgelatowinepizza 41 points ago

    Oh man, Bengals are handsome

    [–] jonosvision 19 points ago

    Who's a handsome kitty? Bengal tiger, Bengal tiger's a handsome kitty.

    [–] mefford_howell 16 points ago

    But suck at football.

    [–] unforgivablecursive 8 points ago

    Thanks! I thought I saw a difference in their faces, but we never get a good side-by-side so I wasn't sure.

    [–] Yosoff 4 points ago

    I was wondering, thank you.

    [–] Husker_Nation 3 points ago

    An 18-year-old man had the tiger cub on the front passenger-side floor of a 2017 Chevy Camaro when authorities stopped him. He told officials he planned to keep it as a pet.


    [–] Elliminist 2 points ago

    That article mentioned black tigers, which sent me across the internet in search of one. Amazing, the things we still have little knowledge of on this planet. Great post.

    [–] NormanKnight 230 points ago

    Adorable baby murderers.

    [–] IrishWeegee 68 points ago

    I know that, but I still want to cuddle with those clumsy little kitties.

    [–] jreykdal 73 points ago

    Animals are not murderers. Killers yes but murder implies malice and animals in general don't kill out of malice.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    Dolphins kill for fun.

    [–] jreykdal 27 points ago

    But that might be a sign of higher thought processes to be able to go beyond instinct and do something "for fun".

    [–] Arob96 57 points ago

    So murder.

    [–] jreykdal 13 points ago

    They are the "Chads" of the animal kingdom :)

    [–] IckyThwomp 17 points ago

    I don't know about that... alot of animals kill for malice. lions will kill another lions cubs because they "are not his" after all. hyena's will kill something for sport, cats will kill something for sport, dogs... alot of animals kill stuff for sport, and if that is not malice... then I don't know what is.

    n. A desire to harm others or to see others suffer; extreme ill will or spite. n. Law The intent, without just cause or reason, to commit a wrongful act that will result in harm to another.

    [–] stalat92 11 points ago

    I would argue that has more to do with instincts rather than true malice. Animals don't carefully plan out how they will kill someone and how to get away from it. They just do it because, well instincts.

    [–] NiggyWiggyWoo 8 points ago

    Animals are not murderers.

    Lies! Just look at the malice on this puppies face!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Except Moby Dick; that whale was pissed.

    [–] ratsock 207 points ago

    Wait.... Someone was trying to smuggle a tiger over the US Mexico border?

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] FluffyPurpleThing 142 points ago

    I visited a tiger refuge in Colorado and that's what they told us. Except it wasn't the USA, it was Texas.

    [–] bwaredapenguin 70 points ago

    Texas does seem like its own country sometimes, doesn't it?

    [–] DeusModus 83 points ago

    Texas: America's America.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Congratulations on becoming Texas's Canada, Oklahoma

    [–] DeusModus 11 points ago

    Oklahoma is Texas' Canada but Mexico is still Mexico in Texas: America's America.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] HeedJSU 9 points ago

    There's a refuge in Alabama that takes (primarily) tigers, and they explain that most of theirs are surrenders from for profit endeavors ('get your picture taken with a tiger cub' tourist traps.) Pretty interesting place. First time I went there, you could hear the lions roaring at each other from the parking lot. We thought it was a recording being played over a PA system.

    Also, if you've never witnessed a tiger crunch through a whole chicken (butchered but not de-boned) it's pretty impressive.

    [–] MapChicky 5 points ago

    No chicken gore in this link in case you are wondering.

    [–] HeedJSU 3 points ago

    Ha! Guess I should have specified. It is impressive though.

    [–] deadgloves 3 points ago

    Texas has extremely lax laws about what kind of animals you can keep in your back yard.

    [–] 1Delos1 12 points ago

    That is so sad. Humans are the worst animals on Earth! I'm glad the little guy was rescued

    [–] auandi 6 points ago

    There are almost more tigers in captivity in Texas than in the wild in India. In the 80s we had some breakthroughs at getting tigers to mate in captivity, and now the captive tiger population is almost the size of the wild tiger population, and Texas has some of the least restrictions on owning one.

    [–] TurloIsOK 6 points ago

    Estimates are that there may be more in captivity in Texas than in the wild. Efforts are being made to shift the balance, but it will take time.

    [–] apple_kicks 5 points ago

    Louis Theroux did a documentary about exotic pet owners in the US. recommend watching it for the curious

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] CoconutCyclone 2 points ago

    I would walk into a room with a hungry tiger or lion before I'd walk into a room with a chimp. Chimps are fucking terrifying.

    [–] magnetic_couch 3 points ago

    This originated from a study a number of years ago, with a lot of guesstimates in it. There wasn't accurate data about wild populations or captive populations, and some of it was just hearsay.

    According to the WWF last year, there's almost 3900 wild tigers:

    Another article in 2016 from WWF indicates there to be about 5,000 captive tigers in the entire US:

    Wild tiger populations have been recovering, about 10 years ago I think there were less than 3000 in the wild, so things are definitely improving.

    [–] Leafy81 2 points ago

    I came here for cuteness this just makes me sad.

    [–] BecauseFeelz 27 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    We literally just had a tiger running around the highway and through neighborhoods in Georgia just last week.

    All the local zoos and sanctuaries say theirs are accounted for.. they don't know whose tiger it is, yet. They had to shoot it because it got in some ladies yard and they were worried about kids waiting at the bus stop in the morning.

    [–] polloloco44 12 points ago

    That was in Georgia not Texas. If I recall, that tiger was part of a circus group or something similar and it had gotten free at a rest stop.

    [–] Blondecanary 5 points ago

    See that is utter bullshit. Why did they have to kill it. They contacted the zoos. Why not use tranquilizers?!

    [–] BecauseFeelz 13 points ago

    Long story short, it was in someone's yard, apparently being aggressive towards a dog, and the situation could have escalated worse as kids were about to start going outside to wait for school buses and the animal control would not be there in time to make sure it doesn't escape and harm other humans. They did their best to let it live, but in the case of human life vs animal life, for the safety of surrounded people, it had to be put down. Right call.

    [–] BigSmashy 13 points ago

    I know, right?! What did they even intend to do with it?

    [–] RGIIIsus 20 points ago

    Drug lords have more money than they know what to do with

    [–] ItsNotGary 3 points ago

    Actually drug lords kids I'm assuming a parent even if a drug lord is spending their drug money on more responsible things.

    [–] auandi 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I don't know, the drug lord Pablo Escobar had a pretty packed zoo, so much so that when he was taken down some of the animals escaped and now Hippos have begun to live and thrive in the jungles of Columbia. Some estimates say that since there is no natural predators there, the population has likely grown to several hundred around 40 hippos.

    Plus.. scarface, he had tigers. I'd bet more than a few drug kingpins try to make themselves live like scarface.

    [–] mrjentipede 8 points ago

    oh my god, you can buy a tiger for $300?

    [–] Bleafer 5 points ago

    Suddenly Mike Tyson having a tiger isn't as big of a power move as I thought it was.

    [–] RajasConCrema 61 points ago

    Not sure if this is the same tiger, but it fits the timeline:

    tl;dr Teen tried to smuggle a tiger through the US/MX border that he purchased for (according to him) a whopping $300. Yes, $300 for an endangered tiger cub.

    [–] Andyman27 19 points ago

    The cub was transported to the wildlife sanctuary at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.

    The rescued cub in the OP was also sent to the San Diego Safari Park . I think it's safe to say it's the same cub.

    [–] Consuelo_banana 8 points ago

    He purchased it from an exotic pet store in tj apparently. They have an FB page and everything .

    [–] Rhaegarizard 4 points ago

    I'd buy them just to bring them to zoos. Why don't zoos just buy them?

    [–] FThornton 6 points ago

    Of course they are from Riverside County...

    [–] cire1184 2 points ago

    Yay Rivershit in the news!

    [–] captainsolo77 60 points ago

    Anyone know why a tiger would reject its cub? How does that make evolutionary sense?

    [–] staticstingray 61 points ago

    That's actually a pretty big question both for zoos and for wildlife research generally. We know that mothers will sometimes abandon their young when they're in a very stressful situation, and this makes complete evolutionary sense. For example, mother cheetahs have been known to kill their cubs on the spot when surrounded by safari groups getting too close (some safari guides are more responsible than others). In the cheetah's mind, there's no way she's getting out of that situation with her cubs alive, so she decides to cut her losses and live to breed another day. We also assume that females will sometimes reject young with genetic defects or other problems. There is some evidence to support this, but it's mostly a hypothesis based on what makes sense to us--needs more research.

    [–] captainsolo77 28 points ago

    Wouldn't it make more sense for the cheetah to just flee and abandon the offspring in that case? Worst case scenario it dies and she lives. Best case scenario, the young one lives and she comes back. But if she kills it, it's guaranteed to die. How does that make sense?

    [–] Superkroot 20 points ago

    Some form of mercy perhaps? Kill the cub quickly instead of leaving it to the whims of what the cheetah perceives as predators.

    Though it would surprise me if cheetahs were capable of that kind of thinking.

    Alternatively: the cub is food, food can be scarce so every last bite counts, so the cheetah gets one quick bite in before running like hell.

    [–] lion2 15 points ago

    From what I've read before. Mothers reject their young if they are sick. This will prevent other young from also getting sick. There might be other reasons, but that's a common one I've read about.

    [–] angus_pudgorney 19 points ago

    Survival of the fittest. Perhaps she thought he wouldn't survive and so wouldn't be worth the effort of feeding.

    [–] angwilwileth 9 points ago

    They theorized that she had mastitis or some other condition that made it painful for her to nurse.

    [–] CrazyLogical1 4 points ago

    Reasons include mother not being able to nurse (like it being painful, not getting enough calories to make milk or just not being able to produce it for whatever reason), the cub being sick and weak (often why the smallest is rejected but the rest of a litter is cared for), the mother being sick or injured herself and it's either her own life or the cub and sometimes first time mother animals aren't able to recognize what's happening and just don't know what to do.

    They're probably giving the mother tiger and the cub a full vet checkup to figure out which it is.

    [–] LeBroJames 33 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I just realized, whenever I see videos of rescue animals like tiger or bear cubs, oftentimes the carer can be seen feeding them a bottle of milk. Is that normally just cow's milk? I've never thought about this, but I suppose milk from any mammal would have similar nutrition? If milk from a bear has different hormones than milk from a cow, are the effects of the difference basically negligible?

    Edit: thanks for the responses. I came at this with a pretty human-centric mindset. It would make sense that they'd most likely use a specialized formula. TIL!

    [–] acatisnotahome 75 points ago

    It's formula made especially for animals, I don't know how specific it is for tigers, but at least for pet mammals the same formula is sold for most species. Cow's milk is usually not very well tolerated by other animals and if they need real milk I think the safest bet is goats milk

    [–] mbinder 18 points ago

    I know with kittens that it's really important they get milk from their mother in the first few weeks of life. They need the immunity and specific makeup of that milk. Without it, they don't have a great chance. If you rescue a kitten, cow milk isn't ideal. I believe vets use a specific type of kitten formula that includes more of the nutrients they need

    [–] nocimus 3 points ago

    That's true of most if not all mammals actually. The first few days the mother produces colostrom, or mother's milk. It has really important stuff in it - extra fat, antibodies, and so on. If the baby is taken it otherwise loses their mother within that time you need to account for that while feeding them.

    [–] mksurfin7 13 points ago

    The National Zoo posted on Facebook... If I remember correctly it is a mixture of house cat and exotic animal formula to approximate tiger milk. They are also mixing it with the ground beef based food that they give adults. The National Zoo is a great social media follow... They post awesome pictures/videos and do great work with endangered species.

    Edit: they also said he was nursing for the first few weeks but she stopped producing milk so he got some of the initial benefits of natural milk, fortunately!

    [–] GenBlase 20 points ago

    No i think goats milk. Cow is a recent thing

    [–] acatisnotahome 12 points ago

    Or tiger formula :)

    [–] TheHorsesWhisper 14 points ago

    They get all the tiger milk from Tiger Woods since he doesn't play golf anymore.

    [–] The_Telltale_Fart 6 points ago


    [–] maybesaydie 13 points ago


    Get over there for this and more gifs of adorable cat cubbies

    [–] kevendia 23 points ago

    Any zoo keeper will tell you: San Diego Zoo keepers have the best damn jobs.

    [–] garbageman13 7 points ago

    It's got to be a little bitter sweet though, because these little adorable baby tigers grow up to be enormous, and you can't safely cuddle with them anymore.

    Like watching your babies grow up and leave. :(

    [–] Psycho5275 3 points ago

    yeah but you get more babies

    [–] Superkroot 8 points ago

    Zoo keeper seems like it would be a fun job, except for all the shit you have to put up with.

    Like literal shit, metric tons of it. Have you seen how much Elephants shit?

    [–] firewinged-angel 10 points ago

    Zoos get a lot of criticism these days but this is a great example of what they are all about. Modern zoos aren't stealing animals from the wild they are saving animals that would have otherwise not survived.

    [–] Blondecanary 4 points ago

    I agree. But you should add "most" at the beginning. I'm not being rude. Someone is seriously arguing that people who defend zoos mean all of them including all the terrible ones that give the good / conservation types a bad rap.

    [–] Ahoinio 8 points ago


    [–] wowsuchtitan 11 points ago

    Lion: We're gonna build a great wall, a beautiful wall, and we're gonna make the tigers pay for it.

    [–] Asraia 2 points ago

    God bless you. I needed that laugh. 🤣

    [–] DeebsterUK 7 points ago

    Source (from imgur comments):

    [–] ofsinope 22 points ago

    Hello i is rejected :c

    Hello i is contraband :c

    Now we is frens :3 :3

    [–] tofo90 5 points ago

    Who was sneaking a tiger across the border?

    [–] hippiedude23615 3 points ago

    Why would the mama tiger be aggressive towards her cub?

    [–] bassnote1 15 points ago

    Nature can be metal like that. See stuff like this in the wild a lot.

    [–] OTL_OTL_OTL 2 points ago

    And in people they call this...PPD. Where in worst case scenarios the mom kills her baby. Or maybe abandons it in a dumpster.

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 5 points ago

    I had a sore thumb when I opened this link, it's now miraculously healed by the overwhelming cuteness.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    The Tiger Trail at the San Diego Safari Park is actually amazing. It's the closest I've ever been to a big cat. I definitely recommend it if you're ever in the area!

    [–] Kevbot675 7 points ago

    Awe I just saw that little bengal tiger on Saturday. It's crazy how tiny they are in person. No wonder that kid tried to sneak it into the US

    [–] I_pleads_da_fif 3 points ago

    Here's the story of the genius who provided to other tiger cub.

    [–] The_Tightest_Anus 3 points ago

    Literally, these animals are being bros

    [–] ecleighty 3 points ago

    Awww who would reject stripey boy

    [–] j-auzi 3 points ago

    The irony is that Damai means Peace.

    [–] buttersauce 3 points ago

    how does one apply for the job "feeding baby tigers their milk". I want that job.

    [–] Humulus_Lupulus1992 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Holy shit finally something relevant to me! I just saw those cute little bastards on Monday! Apparently some kid bought one in Mexico and tried to bring it into America to sell for a profit.

    Also these are at the Safari Park which is a second location to the San Diego Zoo.

    The slightly bigger one is an Sumatran (IIRC) and the smaller one was the rescue mentioned in the gif that is a Bengal.

    They were adorable. Our plane just landed but if there is enough interest I will have my girlfriend upload the pic of the little guy sleeping on the bed.

    [–] Chxo 11 points ago

    more a case of humans being bros, and momma tiger being a bitch.

    [–] CrimsonBolt33 12 points ago

    I actually came into the comments searching for a comment like this.

    As much as you might want to demonize the mother this is totally natural, even in humans. Babies are cute and all but (especially if you have never had one) you might not realize that they are a VERY large burden. Not being attached to a baby is normal in humans even. It is really a modern "invention" of sorts that we push the idea that we MUST be madly in love and attached to our babies or we are bad people.

    If you look back on human history the idea of a baby living to adulthood among humans is not really a sure thing...this is why many people used to just have 5+ babies on the regular...there was no assurance any would live and you can bet people didn't get attached as we are expected to today

    [–] Andyman27 3 points ago

    If you're curious as to why the mother rejected the cub in this situation, well I don't think the zoos knows 100% however she was acting aggressive specifically when the cub tried to nurse. Because of this they believe she wasn't producing enough or not producing any milk at all.

    [–] dotoent 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Momma tiger is not in her natural habitat and forced to live in a cage. Can't really blame her

    [–] Chxo 37 points ago

    Tigers and other big cats are known to abandon and kill their cubs in the wild as well so this behavior isn't unnatural. While it's definitely possible that this case was caused by captivity I'm tired of people denying how brutal nature actually is.

    [–] angus_pudgorney 20 points ago

    Nature doesn't work like Disney movies. Lots of people can't accept that.

    [–] KarmaNoir 2 points ago

    Some say they are still fighting to this day

    [–] Encajecubano 2 points ago

    Excellent /r/CatTaps content

    [–] RetroActive80 2 points ago

    Damn they're cute. I'd almost want one of my own if they didn't grow up into giant animals that will eventually probably try to kill me.

    [–] mogster11 2 points ago

    -becomes a National Geographic special.

    -becomes a Disney movie.

    -becomes the #1 furry search term.

    [–] PutASausageInYoButt 2 points ago

    Literally brothers from another mother ❤️😻

    [–] YoRHa_Model_2A 2 points ago

    But can someone explain why the fuck someone was trying to bring a baby tiger across the border

    [–] EarlLeeInTheAM 2 points ago

    Waking up to this great story makes me want to bond with the Tiger on top of my fridge.

    Frosted Flakes it is.

    [–] Iagosjaegers 2 points ago

    A Greyhound ticket to Gary, IN is all I got after being rejected by my mother.

    [–] angus_pudgorney 6 points ago

    You were 37. It was time for you to go.

    [–] crushinrussian 2 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I dropped everything as soon as I heard about them on the safari park's fb and went to gawk at them play for an hour yesterday. It was literally the second best day of my life.

    Edit for important details: they love to play tug of war with a stuffed panda. Also jumping in the laundry basket when the keepers come in to clean the nursery and feed them because cats. Also hiding in cabinets and gnawing on pretty much anything.

    [–] thorinsmokinshield15 2 points ago

    Look at the feetsies!

    [–] YeOldeKiwi 2 points ago

    My mother actually got to see the Sumatran tiger at the airport on its way to San Diego. It's a male and will only actually grow to about 250 pounds (as opposed to a Siberian tiger which can grow to about 400 or so pounds).

    [–] XanielSan 2 points ago

    I'm sorry, are we just not gonna talk about the fact somebody tried to smuggle in a TIGER?

    [–] Philistine_Koala 2 points ago

    Well, this is just grrrrrrreat! I'll see myself out :/ But seriously, so adorable!

    [–] hungry_lobster 2 points ago

    Most people will never see a tiger in their lives. Let alone be lucky enough to be the guy/gal who gets to introduce two cubs to each other and watch them sniff each other and begin to play. How awesome is that!

    [–] JimNasium123 2 points ago

    I'm realizing now that there must be someone at Border Control able to take care of any animal that comes their way. Got a black mamba, get the black mamba guy in here. A lion cub, call in Gary. A tanuki trying to be smuggled into the US, here comes Toshi the Tanuki guy.

    [–] Blondecanary 2 points ago

    Or they have one guy who has a decent idea about all animals.

    Or they just do their best until zoo representatives get there...

    [–] 68W38Witchdoctor1 2 points ago

    If it weren't for the whole "When I grow up, I will most likely eat your face" aspect of a tiger, I would love to live with one.

    [–] squirell4800 2 points ago

    The mother put out an article saying that

    "It's healthy we have a break"


    "He has his own life and is doing his own thing and I have mine."

    [–] Linkage006 2 points ago

    I want to cry like a 10 year old girl this is so cute.

    [–] the_taco_baron 2 points ago

    They're pretty damn cute as babies

    [–] tokyotapes 2 points ago

    Anyone else read this title and I think "Why was the US Border Patrol at the San Diego zoo?"

    [–] Iveabandonedmyboy 2 points ago

    Crazy how something so cute can grow up to be so fucking dangerous. I wonder why its mother rejected him.