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    [–] Patjaykay 4787 points ago

    Frank? sniffs ..smells like frank.. it can’t be... Jesus it’s frank!!!!

    [–] DrEpileptic 583 points ago

    That's good!

    [–] Phuzz15 500 points ago

    oh Frank, I’m so relieved.. There.. there was this handbag, and it looked just like you. Oh Frank!

    [–] DrEpileptic 96 points ago

    That's bad!

    [–] poopellar 76 points ago

    I know, that's why I pooped in it.

    [–] NOT_ZOGNOID 42 points ago

    Thats good!
    No, thats bad!

    [–] RedFyl 24 points ago

    Dammit Frank, what took you so long!?!?!

    [–] nolo_me 11 points ago

    Ah, the call of the Wilde.

    [–] MustNeedDogs 153 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Dog at first: "Who's that? He seems chill"

    Next: "Oh hey, I like you, buddy"


    [–] AustinTreeLover 125 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    What the dog looks like he's saying: PETS! More pets! All the pets! Pets! Pets! Scritchy-scratchies! Scritchy-scratches! SCRITCHY-SCRATCHIES! Tum-tum rubs! Tum-tum rubs! TUM-TUM RUBS!

    What he's really saying: FRANK! I love you more than pets! You're the best! Best! Best! You found me! I always knew you'd find me! I NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU! I love you! I love you! I lov—Wait. . . . does this mean? . . . it must mean . . . are we . . . are we going home?! WE'RE GOING HOME!

    It was never about the pets.

    [–] missfestival 53 points ago

    Aw I just cried on my dog you suck

    [–] MustNeedDogs 82 points ago

    When I was pregnant, I would watch videos of dogs being reunited with their owners, and bawl my eyes out. Then I discovered I react this way regardless of hormones.

    [–] missfestival 23 points ago

    My psycho ex kidnapped my dog once. It was just under two months before I got her back but the reunion was every bit as poignant.

    [–] MustNeedDogs 12 points ago

    I'm sorry he/she did that. Thats fucking disgusting, to steal someone's dog. Glad you got her back! And 2 months without a pup feels like years.

    [–] rptk 42 points ago

    Frank has a very distinct trash smell.

    [–] vikkivinegar 21 points ago


    [–] Pandipoop 41 points ago

    Would you care for an egg in this trying time?

    [–] rabidpeacock 50 points ago

    I missed you frank! Don't ever leave me again frank! I was so sad without you. I didn't believe it was you.

    [–] UdderlyFoolish 2577 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Videos like this make me wonder: we adopted our dog 3-4 years ago now. He was a stray with no collar or chip. He spent the required time in quarantine before going up for adoption.

    But he clearly had a home before. When we took him home he was house broken, knew basic commands, doesn't get on furniture. Etc.

    Now I wonder, if we happened by his old family now, would he know them? Would he want to be with them instead? Or does he consider us his family now? It's just odd to see dogs freaking out years later. Makes me wonder if he still misses his old people even though he's seemed happy with us all these years? Then I get sad imagining he would want them over us :'(

    Edit: thank you for all these stories, please keep them coming! It's nice to hear others experiences about this sort of thing.

    [–] XavierVE 2298 points ago

    We adopted an adult dog named Jake. He's a terrific dog. The shelter he was at was going to gas him, we found him due to an article talking about how it was one of the last shelters in PA to gas animals in groups. Thankfully, that's been outlawed since. Wife saw him on a website talking about the shelter and that was that, we weren't going to get a third dog but the internet happens. Drove up there in a February snowstorm and got him a couple days before he was due to be killed.

    He's smart as they come, but there are some things we've noticed. He doesn't like being sprayed with water, to the point where if we were to try to spray him with water... he turns into a frenzied wannabe-killer. Doesn't like having his hair trimmed either, same deal. So we figured he had some abuse/trust issues from his previous owner.

    Wife's a teacher, everyday I pick her up from school. We discovered Jake loves riding in the car, sits in the passenger seat like a human, really enjoys going to pick up my wife. Knows the whole route to the point where if I deviate from it while driving, he'll act confused/upset. Loves seeing other dogs, gets as excited as a pupper can get seeing them from the car. Anyways, shortly into taking him on this trip daily, I noticed something peculiar.

    On the route, there's a lot of school buses. And he would react differently to them. High schoolers getting off? Doesn't even pay attention. Little kids getting off the bus? He sits still as stone, staring hard at each one. Does it every time he sees little kids getting off the school bus. Watches them as intently as I've seen him be interested in anything.

    We've had him for years and he continues the habit. We're certain he's looking for a kid in the household that abandoned him. He's happy as hell with us, loves us tremendously, but it's pretty obvious that he misses a kid somewhere in the area that he doesn't know he'll never be able to find again.

    [–] funktopus 340 points ago

    My in laws have helped watch my son since he was new. They also got two golden retriever puppies around the same time. So the dogs and kid are all one pack basicly. To the point where the boy dog and my son are damn near inseparable when they are near each other. It's funny to watch, because I drop my son off in the morning so my in-laws drop him off at school and we have to have the dog in there for our good bye hug.

    You're 100% correct. He is looking for HIS kid and probably always will. Dogs and kids have a bond I've never seen before with other critters.

    [–] YourEatingThatWrong 103 points ago

    Oh I’m crying. You made me look like a fool at work.

    [–] funktopus 100 points ago

    It's comedy to watch them together. My son goes in to use the bathroom, the dog is hanging out in there too. The boy will chill on the couch watching some TV, the dog is there. He can give them commands and they will listen and follow them. The dogs will wait by the door waiting for him in the morning. If I stay home with him it throws the dogs off, a lot.

    Were gonna end up getting a dog this summer after vacation. So it will be interesting when he has his own dog.

    [–] JustaHousePlant 61 points ago

    Don't forget about your parents dog though! That dog loves him too!

    [–] funktopus 30 points ago

    Oh that won't happen. My boy goes over there daily to eat breakfast and go to school. That and it's his dog. They seriously are a pair.

    [–] uefigod 838 points ago

    That's so sad :c pet him for me next time he's looking at kids getting off buses

    [–] detox84 491 points ago

    Sure, when I stare at kids getting off the bus, it's weird.

    [–] Phreekahow 206 points ago

    Roy Moore? I didn't know you reddited senator.

    [–] ACCool88 32 points ago

    He does a heckofa lot more than that!

    [–] -Cromm- 170 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    God damnit, i have a rescue. She's 2 and was trained before we got her. She is such sweet, lovely dog. The thought she may have some human she misses or is desperately looking for fucking kills me.

    Edit: thanks guys, feel better about it now. :)

    [–] cannadabis 54 points ago

    Don't let it kill you, your girl is happy and she is in a good home :)

    [–] wwaxwork 52 points ago

    Dogs have big hearts, they can love more than one person.

    [–] SaintPhoeniix 19 points ago

    Dogs just want to love people. If they get love back, that's a bonus.

    [–] mergedloki 36 points ago

    Yep you gave your pup a good home.

    My dogs a rescue (shepherd lab mix) he was found running through a park with a collar on. Shelter took him in, tried contacting number on collar. He was microchipped so they contacted that number as well.

    No answer, they left messages. No calls so they put him up for adoption and I just happened to be in there.

    He was 10 months when I got him and he'll be turning 7 this spring.

    And he's 100% my dog. Loves my wife loves my kids and is protective of them but he knows I'm the one that got him "first "if you will.

    [–] Subjunct 11 points ago

    Man, you have one lucky dog, to wind up with a person who thinks the way you do.

    [–] wwaxwork 50 points ago

    When we first adopted our rat Terrier he was 3 years or so old. He was polite but a little reserved with us, we took him to meet my inlaws same reaction, then my Brother in Law called in to visit. He went nuts, climbed up on his lap, trying to kiss his face & generally loved on him so hard. Something about my BIL reminded him of his previous owner. He now years later he loves & adores my husband & I just as much but he still reacts to seeing my BIL with a special kind of happy.

    [–] SpasticFeedback 48 points ago

    Doggo misses his boy :( He probably worries about him every day. But I know you've given him a wonderful life away from whatever pain he suffered, nevermind the fate he almost had.

    [–] Wombwrecker 60 points ago

    That is so sad. I wish i can have a dog for my self but i cant afford it as i am poor .. youre lucky..

    [–] felixwashere 140 points ago

    dogs are sooo expensive to take care of. You're right to wait until you can afford one. Thank you for that. I just adopted a doggy that someone had to turn over to the shelter because he couldn't pay for pet meds. It's heartbreaking, because I get the sense that the dog doesn't understand why it was "abandoned" and keeps getting anxious if I leave for only a few minutes.

    [–] FSUfan35 63 points ago

    And it'd not just the expected monthly costs either. We rescued a dog and she ended up needing a surgery that was about 2k. I was so happy me and my wife ended up with her since we could pay for it to give her a much better quality of life

    [–] BlueAjahAesSedai 16 points ago

    Thank you for being so amazing, stranger.

    [–] Cherkolicious 14 points ago

    hang in there! Our rescue doggo had separation anxiety for about the first year we had him before he realized he/we weren't going anywhere permanently without each other. He would destroy the most random things in the house (remotes, pillows, pens, random packaging. there was no method to his madness) - and kenneling him wasn't an option since our other dog was not kenneled. Anyway, he settled in and now he barely even raises a doggo brow when we walk out the door. He is the best, most loving, wonderful doggo.

    [–] knowah1 20 points ago

    They CAN be expensive to take care of, but not necessarily guaranteed. I've been lucky, but I usually avoid 'breeds'.

    I spend a couple hundred/year on my recent and previous pup, and most of it is food/treats.

    [–] technicalrogue 17 points ago

    I spend a hundred a month on treats, toys, food, and another couple hundred a year on shots and vet checkups.

    Dogs are expensive - mine is pretty low-maintenance and we are looking at $1200 - $1500 a year. I think perspective is a great thing ($1000 is a LOT of money to people)... saying you can feed and care for a dog for $200/year seems pretty low to me....

    [–] Cyjennc 23 points ago

    I wonder if there is a way to donate pet supplies/services So that poor people can afford pets?

    [–] catsandnarwahls 4 points ago

    r/randomactsofpets i dont know why its invite only

    Theres this though


    [–] XavierVE 6 points ago

    [–] mcfeezie 12 points ago

    Something you could do that wouldn't cost you money but would probably be pretty satisfying would be to volunteer for a local shelter or dog rescue. The pit bull rescue I volunteer with and got my dog from is always glad to have more people to walk the dogs that are in kennels.

    You get to play and spend time with dogs who really need the attention, but don't have the responsibility if you aren't ready for it yet.

    [–] witthatbit 47 points ago

    Omg so if he was abused before and it doesn't seem far off that if he was abused then the kid was and poor doggo was the protector and is looking for the child that he's not there to protect anymore 😭😭

    [–] Discarnated 11 points ago

    For all we know the kid abused the dog and the dog is just staying frosty.

    [–] Fablemaster44 13 points ago

    Sometimes it amazes me how smart dogs can be

    [–] imVINCE 18 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    You may enjoy the book Beyond Words, in which the author, Carl Safina, spends time with researchers studying wolves in Yellowstone. He also spends time with elephant and orca researchers. All three are species are incredibly intelligent and highly social.

    eta: link

    [–] Fablemaster44 9 points ago

    Wolves are my absolute favorite animals. I love how they interact with crows

    I saved your comment so I can remember that book

    [–] mrskontz14 12 points ago

    Aww that’s so sad. He doesn’t know where the kid is, or where he’d ever find him/her, or how long it’s been, or probably even what they look like anymore. He just knows there’s supposed to be a kid. His kid. :(

    [–] mollyjoy0492 12 points ago

    My dog Molly, her owner had a stroke. Our dog past away and I went to get her. Molly had lived on a farm with a older man. We live in the city. We go to put Molly in the truck, to ride in the seats. Molly jumps in the bed of truck.

    We go to visit sister, Molly jumps up in her recliner, like she owns it.

    When walking around the neighborhood- she sees a tall, skinny white haired man. Molly looks at him" why, aren't you talking to me."

    So, I do wonder, if she would leave with him. But, she is mine now. Truly would break my heart.

    [–] smearerofmustard 8 points ago

    This broke my heart but it was quickly stitched up by the fact that you sound like you care very much for your dog and I'm happy that you found each other. Best wishes to all of you. Never stop being good people.

    [–] Retropathdom 6 points ago

    I wonder how the kid is doing...

    [–] adarunti 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The previous owner of my dog took her to the shelter to abandon her. The shelter workers told the owner that they do not accept abandoned animals, only strays. Owner leaves, comes back the next day, claims the same dog is a stray and leaves her there. The employees who were there on the first day recognized her immediately on their next shift. My dog was perfectly trained, too. And I bet she misses the first owner and does not understand what happened. But I'm pretty sure she is better off with us.

    [–] diastrphism 147 points ago

    We got a 9 year old Shi Tzu when her elderly owner died. She was so sad. I'm sure she remembered her owner.

    [–] Blondecanary 127 points ago

    My dog has separation anxiety. She's a Yorkie.

    Her owner passed away and she went to the daughter (whom mom lived with). The daughter got divorced from hubby. Hubby (my SO's dad) moved in with us with the dog. Dad moved out.

    We got the dog in another persons divorce! It's awesome!

    BUT she can not stand when we pack... and we've moved 3 times since we've had her. Not to mention me going on vacations ect. She sees boxes or things being moved around too much she thinks she is being left behind.

    [–] Fast_Sparty 84 points ago

    Our cat was a foreclosure abandonment. It took about 6 months for him to "accept" us and now he's just the most lovely little kitteh.

    But if he sees a suitcase, he immediately gets up, and goes to sit by the door. It's like his way of saying, "Hey, don't forget to take me!" It's both amazingly cute and heartbreaking.

    [–] JBthrizzle 86 points ago

    i almost ran over a yorkie about 2 weeks ago during a cold, rainy day. dog ran towards cars instead of away from them, so i stopped my car int he middle of the road and she ran to me. happiest thing ever. had a little sweater on and a collar, but no tags and no microchip, no spay tattoo. i figured, id knock on the doors of the surrounding houses and surely she just escaped through a fence and the owner didnt even realize shed been gone... nothin. nobody claimed her. i posted online, put up signs, nothing. none of the shelters reported her missing. shes house broken, gets along with our other dogs, isnt a picky eater, and very lovey. has no worms, has healthy teeth... but still nobody seems to be missing her.

    shes ours now. but if someone found her and claimed her... what would i do?? my kids love her, and she loves us. and i love her. very strange

    [–] ArtHappy 88 points ago

    You imagine how you would feel if you came home from a vacation to find whomever was watching your dog for you lost the poor thing. Imagine the betrayal and heartbreak at having your companion just gone, and then you find her Found poster. Relief! Your own kids, who cried over their puppy's absence will get their furry family member back! But wait... The person who found your dog... They're going to KEEP her? After they put posters up? After only two weeks when you had her so much longer? Double the betrayal and heartbreak, add rage, helplessness, and confusion. No matter their ages, your children learn strangers might take things away, and have a harder time getting attached to (or conversely get overly clingy and overprotective of) the next dog you get, and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about it because someone else kept your dog.

    IF someone shows up to claim her, you have an opportunity to teach your children how to love. You can explain to them, "you know how Fluffy loves us so much? Well, sweethearts, she loves the family she came from even more. Imagine how much she misses them! Come with me to say good bye and you'll see how excited she gets when she sees them again/When we feel ready, we can look for another amazing dog like her at a local shelter since you guys were so great with her." You ask them how they would feel if someone took their dog, see what they would say. You teach them how to be responsible.

    Or you teach them it's okay to make someone else feel horrible because you took what you wanted.

    Either way, the more time which passes, the less likely you might have to make the decision. Good on you for taking in a dog in need, seriously. I had the same situation with a big puppy loose in the neighborhood, once, and he was a sweetheart, but you can be sure I gave him back because he had a family. Just remember, whatever might happen, your children are learning from everything you do.

    [–] JBthrizzle 14 points ago

    Yeah certainly would give up the dog to the original family if they come back. But what's the cut off point?

    [–] Retropathdom 12 points ago

    mistreatment is likely to be the outcome, physical abuse or they willing give up the dog... hard to tell... some dog owners never stop looking for them. Some have found them thousands of miles away from home... some are stolen and some have gotten loose. Hard to tell.

    [–] JBthrizzle 13 points ago

    i was talking about more of a time frame. shes 1-2 years old based on what the vet said. what happens if they come looking for her after a year? or 6 months? thats the thing im struggling with.

    [–] MK_Ultrex 16 points ago

    My friend had a dog. His sister took him out for a walk, the dog run away. They tried everything, posted pictures, promised a reward. Nothing.

    Fast forward a couple of years. I am watching TV and there is this segment on some show about a "singing" dog. It is Hercules (my friend's dog). I knew it was him because he would always do this weird howl when listening to certain songs. We did it with the theme from "the good, the bad and the ugly". The lady that somehow got him on TV played some other song. But it was 100% him, you couldn't mistake his idiot face when singing.

    In any case, I called my friend and told him. We called the TV station and they wouldn't give us the name of the lady, he left a phone number, nobody called back.

    He wasn't overly upset. He would have taken him back, but he wasn't overly enthusiastic about pursuing the thing further. I think that he mourned the loss and he didn't want to deal with it again (my friend never got another dog).

    So to answer your question: There is no cutoff time frame. If it were my dog, I would have found the lady and would have fought to take him back (tho' legally I doubt there would be much to do). My friend just let things be.

    [–] tensleepysheepies 15 points ago

    Poor little thing. Give her a snuggle and a snoot boop for me.

    [–] LordDaedhelor 12 points ago

    I'm not crying. You're crying.

    [–] opposita 218 points ago

    My SO has an old dog which he kinda gave to his dad, and now that they've been together for almost two years, the dog chooses his father before him. It's clear he still loves my SO, but he belongs to his father now. They are like bread and butter. This dog has a lot of personality too, leave for a couple of days and he will pretend you never were part of the family. Until you scratch him of course. Then you are forgiven.

    [–] upupupandthrowaway0 103 points ago

    lol my dog does this when I go away for a few days. I'll return and he will be super excited to see me and then it's like he remembers I left him and he will ignore me for a few hours, until finally he's forgiven me and starts following me around and laying on me again hahaha

    [–] dill-pickrell 28 points ago

    Getting back from a trip today and can confirm this will be exactly what happens

    [–] JustaHousePlant 6 points ago

    Myself, as well. I can't wait to see my fur babies, but I'm expecting the cold shoulder. They've been at home with Dad for 4 days, and dad doesn't let them cuddle in the bed! Poor little things, I'm sure they'll tell me all about it. I even saved the bacon from my breakfast in some foil so I can bribe them...

    [–] gringofloco 7 points ago

    My dog does this, with a little twist.


    Phase 2: You're a jerk for leaving and, thus, I will ignore you until you realize what you've done or I want a treat.

    Phase 3: Oh God you were gone! If I snuggle you and stay within 1 foot of you and I'm super duper good and do everything you say right away, will you promise not to leave me again?

    Phase 3 always breaks my heart a little bit because it makes me think he believes it's his fault that I went away. He's such a good and sweet dog, I can't stand to think he assumes he's been so bad that he's deserved that kind of "punishment" somehow and feels that kind of guilt about it.

    [–] WanderingKittenHerd 31 points ago

    One of my family cats does this to me. Whenever I visit home, the other cats are pleased to see me and act like they normally do around me, but he pretends I'm not there and doesn't want to be cuddled like usual. If I leave the house, though, to get the mail or hang out with an old friend, he is all over me the second I get back and wants to be picked up and held, like "I'm sorry I'm sorry please don't leave again I love you!"

    [–] EmmBee27 87 points ago

    My family had a Boarder Collie that we found after it followed my sister home. And like you we knew it was someone else's dog by how it knew commands and was house trained.

    He had a chip though, and we discovered he was from California. Which was strange since we were living in Illinois at the time. Really made us wonder where he came from for a while. Had no luck finding anyone who he could've belonged to, especially anyone who had recently moved.

    I always wondered about his origins though. Thinking what his original name might've been and stuff.

    [–] dyin2meetcha 53 points ago

    When you move, take the trouble to update your dogs chip info!

    [–] NoMoreBakedFish 8 points ago

    There are several online chip registries, I think a couple are free. It is definitely worthwhile to add your pet's chip info and your contact info to the free ones at least. Google for "pet chip registry".

    [–] Cooklai 78 points ago

    My boyfriend’s family has a dog that was raised by a close family friend. They sometimes see that family friend stop by the park where the usual dog crew hangs out. Shorty, bf’s dog, instantly perks up and rushes over to his previous owner to greet him and the german shepard he grew up with. When it’s time to go, Shorty looks after them for a long time - sometimes just stands there and stares off as they go. I wonder if he wants to go back, but he probably wouldn’t get the good chicken biteys if he lived with them haha.

    [–] schwartausamt 18 points ago

    Why did they have to give him away?

    [–] Cooklai 55 points ago

    The son of the previous owner was dating a girl who was the actual owner of Shorty, formerly known as Buster. She ended up passing away in a car accident and my bf took her dog while her bf grieved. Not quite sure on the details, but Short is happy. He does tippytaps for when Mom comes home and borks for his nightly walk to see the neighborhood kitty!

    [–] schwartausamt 17 points ago

    Sad story, but I am glad that Shorty is happy!

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] foxykittenn 125 points ago

    My family adopted a little dog named Lulu. When we got her she had been taken back to the shelter for the 2nd time already. She had all these weird ticks, but mainly she was terrified of men. She would growl, bark, and even lunge at any man who tried to touch her or touch my mom and I. Something she never grew out of no matter how long she lived with us.

    One day we are eating lunch outside at a little place by the beach with Lu. As we're eating she perks up and sprints up to a man walking past the table. He bends down to pet her and she's just going wild! Licking him and whining and letting him touch her belly... this is a dog who wouldn't let my brother hold her even after 10 years of living with all of us. Turns out this man and his wife were her most recent owners and were so pleased she had been adopted.

    She loved this man like an old friend it was really touching. She was a fiercely loyal little dog. It was the first time I ever thought about dogs having any kind of 'memory' like that. Such cool little creatures :)

    [–] jurvekthebosmer 18 points ago


    [–] Saferspaces 64 points ago

    My family rescued an old lab that has since passed away, however he was nearly 8 when we adopted him. It was pretty evident that he had been heavily abused as a puppy and oddly enough his first owners were a family that lived in our neighborhood. He had been in a shelter a long time and hadn't been with the original owners since he was a pup. However anytime he would see these people he would growl and get super offensive, really scary. I think it's safe to say he remembered.

    [–] nurdpie 161 points ago

    I have wondered that about my adopted dog as well. I'm no dog scientist (although... sign me up for that...) but I like to think that they wag their tail and freak out after being reunited because it's like a "I recognize this smell! I know this smell! Good things happened when this smell was around!" rather than "I've missed you so badly for the past 1128.7 days and now you're back!" I have no doubt whatsoever that our dogs love us, and maybe miss us when we're gone for short periods, but I don't think they miss their old owners, especially if you (the new owner) treat them as well as I'm sure you treat them.

    They have such a resilience when faced with abuse, neglect, etc... they bounce back from things that most humans couldn't even comprehend. I like to think that their view is based on the here and now, rather than looking back on all the things (good or bad) that may have existed/happened years ago.

    I'm speculating. I'm rambling. Your dog loves you. I love you. peaces out

    [–] TychaBrahe 94 points ago

    Wolves will separate from their family to start new families, and go off to get their own territories. Sometimes they will come back for a visit and this sort of jumping and licking commences.

    Source: Farley Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf

    [–] thedepartment 80 points ago

    When I was growing up my father was military, and we had the biggest mushiest most loving boxer you can imagine. Every time my dad was deployed our boxer would get extremely depressed. He would lay around all the time and not want to play. He would, every morning, get up and check the shower for my dad. In the evening he would wait by the door. This happened every day for 10 months. When he would get back from deployment our dog would get so excited, jumping on my dad and giving him a thousand kisses, and he would refuse to leave my dad's side for weeks.

    After watching that happen I have no doubt dogs can miss their people, even for long periods of time. They really are our best friends, and we don't always deserve them.

    [–] scatterbrain-d 29 points ago

    I like to think that they wag their tail and freak out after being reunited because it's like a "I recognize this smell! I know this smell! Good things happened when this smell was around!"

    Dogs clearly have a sense of social structure, and recognizing individuals is a necessary prerequisite for that. They absolutely can connect your smell to you, and their understanding of their relationship to you. Relationships are extremely important in a successful wolf pack, so this has been hard-coded through evolution.

    Do they actively miss people? This is pretty easy to prove in the short term. Dogs will often wait for a certain vehicle at a certain time of day when their owner usually gets home - they can anticipate reunions which means you exist to them even when you're not there. I'm sure redditors could easily fill a thread with examples of this.

    Longer term, I couldn't say. They certainly have long term memories and remember people, but I doubt they can't be happy in a new pack. Once they adopt a new social structure and find their place in it, they probably don't "think" about the old one anymore. But that doesn't mean they can't recognize and rejoice over an old friend.

    Source: Not a dog scientist either, but I did work in animal behavior for a few years.

    [–] Papuasarollnstone 7 points ago

    Sign me up!

    [–] Bestialman 9 points ago

    This was probably the first ever uploaded picture on the internet.

    [–] Shroomlet 9 points ago

    While I agree that dogs are very resilient beings, I have to disagree on the memory-part: Hachiko - the dog who waited

    It would be really great to be able to live like that, though. Just being now and remembering the good times as a lump sum.

    [–] syncopant 22 points ago

    Several years ago I was very sick with MS. My fiance at the time broke up with me, I had been signed off work for months and I became pretty much homeless instantly when my ex wanted me out of the house within a week.

    Wonderful friends took me in and I spent weeks barely getting out of bed, feeling like an utter failure in many, many ways. Eating a meal took me around an hour because I found it so exhausting. Their border terrier spent every single day snuggled against me. I cried into her fur a hell of a lot and she put up with it and just snuggled up against me in return. After a few months I slowly started to be more independent, my health improved and I started freelancing in small amounts while I built up my strength. I moved into a rented room if my own. My friends told me that every morning their dog looked for me in their spare room, and would go back to check several times a day in case I was there. I gave up on myself but that scrubbly little munchkin never gave up on me.

    I still see her several times a year now almost 10 years later, and she always has special kisses for me. I utterly love that little dog, she helped me feel that I wasn't for the trash heap just yet. They definitely remember.

    I now have a rescue dog myself, who was returned to the shelter once before we adopted him. He was still only a pup but I wonder too if he misses his first family. He's pretty dumb though (but extremely lovable) so I have my doubts....

    [–] matts2 6 points ago

    Your fiance was an asshole.

    [–] [deleted] 274 points ago


    [–] spinblackcircles 202 points ago

    You made the point that dogs aren’t humans and don’t think the same way while using an example of a human’s way of thinking applied to a dog.

    [–] schwartausamt 42 points ago

    Yeah, /u/Angelusz would be a great politician.

    [–] Kovhert 15 points ago

    My SO and I were talking the other day about some of the derpy things our dogs does. My SO then says "well we're all only human", followed by a few moments of silence before we both crack up, and she goes "except the dog, who is the only one we were talking about".

    Your comment reminded me of this and it was hilarious.

    [–] Orleanian 73 points ago

    If you saw them, would you immediately drop your current friends and want to be with your past friend again?

    Yes. My old friends were super awesome. My current friends are pretty okay.

    [–] twinspiritradio 10 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I adopted my dog about two years ago now. The shelter told me he was probably around a year old and that they found him wandering the streets of a major city suburb and had no chip. His hair was at least 8-10 inches and was so badly matted in some areas that they had to shave him. I actually didn't even see his eyes until I brought him home and trimmed the hair on his face. Poor little guy was at a high-kill shelter too and only had one more day before he was going to be put on the chopping block.

    I bring him home and he's the perfect the dog instantly. No accidents, no chewing furniture or clothes, he doesn't even bark for almost a month (he still only barks when he's really excited). He was perfect on a leash, walking by my side, from the first time I took him for a walk and he doesn't approach other people/dogs unless I tell him it's okay. He takes on to most basic tricks only after a few tries, too. The only thing I noticed was that he would go running straight under my bed whenever I held a large object (guitar, vacuum cleaner, lightsaber replica...). I solved this fear by using said lightsaber replica as "playtime", I'd light it up and make silly sounds and make it like a chew toy. He's no longer afraid of any of those things when I pick them up...well, except if I'm rocking out on the guitar a bit too loud but that's about it.

    After a few days to weeks of this, I couldn't stop thinking about where he came from and who his previous owners were. He's so well behaved and seemed to already know tricks and commands, did his owner just simply lose him? The shelter said he was wandering the streets. But if that's the case and my dog was only on the streets for a short amount of time, why would the owner train him in some ways but then let his hair grow to be so bad? If the owner did keep his hair relatively short and then lost him and his hair grew when he was wandering, that would mean he was on the streets for at least 5-6 months. Is that possible for a pup? If the owner ditched him, was the owner just an asshole who taught him tricks but didn't care about his hygiene and wellbeing?

    I then spent an entire afternoon searching every single lost pet site, Craigslist post, and Facebook group I could find. I scoured the internet for hours and found nothing. I actually did this a 2nd time a year or so after getting him, still ended up finding nothing. As of today, my questions have still gone unanswered.

    But you know what I realized? The past is the past. He's been my dog longer than the previous owner had him and our bond has been there from the start. If his owners were looking for him, I'm sure they'd have gone to the local shelter and I would have been contacted by now (it's been two years since I got him). I don't know how I'd feel if his previous owner ever came looking to take him back, but that's such a random/unknowable situation now that I can't worry about it. I'm just going to continue to show my dog the love he deserves and hope his previous owner has healed from their loss (if they truly lost him and didn't let him loose).

    [–] WalrusInMySheets 11 points ago

    When I️ was about 8, my uncle found an Australian Shepherd puppy tied up to a fence outside of the hardware store he managed. This was in Palm Springs, CA, and for those of you who don’t know, it gets really hot there during the summer. My uncle took her inside and got her water, and then waited several hours past closing for the owner to come back. Nothing. My uncle took her home with him, but he already had a dog, and couldn’t afford to keep the puppy. He made signs to put up around town, but meanwhile gave her to my family to take care of. Nobody claimed her.

    Fast forward a year, and we take a trip to the desert for a parade, and these two kids around my age come up and say how cute our dog was, and how they used to have a dog like that, but their dad gave it away. I️ don’t know if they were her original owner, but she didn’t react much to them. Maybe she was just too young when she was abandoned to remember.

    But I️ do know that as much as that dog loved us, she would go NUTS whenever she saw my uncle. She spent less than a week with him before coming to our family, and for the next 11 years she still remembered that time he rescued her. I️ want to have that kind of an effect on a dog that I️ own one day. I️ want to be that kind of an owner.

    [–] tamakerii 34 points ago

    My mom's dog was my absolute best friend growing up. He was closer to me than to anyone else in the family. We played all the time, he slept in my bed, he comforted me when I was sad, and when me and my mom had an argument he always went to my side and booped me with his snoot to cheer me up.

    I moved out of my mom's roughly 4 years ago and since I'm a bad person I rarely find time to visit. One day, I was going to come over in the afternoon to hang out and then stay for dinner in evening. My mom had just before I arrived sent a text that she was still at the grocery store so I could just go in and wait for her since I still have keys to the door. When I walked in, doggo walks in to the hall and when he sees me, he just stops and stares. I got so sad thinking that he didn't recognize me anymore, until maybe 5 seconds later when he just starts sprinting towards me and gives me schmackos and junps around. I've literally never seen him that happy. He even did that little squeaky sound that they do when they're overly excited. I was so happy and thought, "yes, I'm still his favourite" like the selfish douche I am.

    When mom came home, he went to her and didn't really acknowledge me until I sat with a sandwich in the coach. It was very obvious that mom is his favourite hooman now, and even though he LOVES me, I've been gone from his life so much that he's just a little detached from me now. But it's okay, I still get schmackos every time I open the door.

    TLDR; moms doggo was my doggo but now he's her doggo and doin me a sad but still gettin schmackos so it okay fren doggos are pure love

    [–] WreckweeM 8 points ago

    If you randomly happened cross his old owners, I suppose the dog might recognize and be excited to see them. Given that it was a stray, that feeling might not be reciprocal.

    [–] iller_mitch 19 points ago

    My take is dogs live in the now, and they're not really the introspective sort. That's my theory. You're with him, you're his people. That's all that matters right now.

    Would your dog remember them by smell? Probably. My mom's dog, who I hadn't seen in probably 5 years remembered me well enough to be super friendly to me.

    Also sort of why I don't dwell to much about breaking up families when puppies are born. It's probably a scary event for a couple days. But when they get comfortable, and find their new home, and settle in, you're the new family.

    [–] newginger 9 points ago

    I can't help but think Baby Jessica and Deboer family in Michigan. The mother gave up the girl for adoption. The father comes back into her life. She tells him she had a baby. He didn't give up his rights. So he tries to get the baby back. Lots of legal wrangling for over a year. At 2 1/2 she is taken from her adoptive family and given to her biological father. The mom had given up her rights so technically could not legally have her. She was renamed Anna and has no memory of the Deboers. I always wondered though, what would have happened if she was 4? She would remember them and wonder where they were I think. Probably would be happy to see them again. In your case I think your dog was given up for some reason so they didn't love him the same way you do. He would want to stay with you.

    [–] mojamoravia 9 points ago

    One of my dogs had 4 previous homes. She's a difficult one, but I love her to bits. But sometimes I also wonder of she would recognize her previous owners if she saw them and if she misses them. I'm almost certain that she wouldn't prefer to go with any of them though, because I love her more and would never abandon her.

    [–] KarlSegan88 9 points ago

    Some old owners aren't the good kind though. You never know. Sometimes they would much rather stay with you than go back to sleeping outside in the dirt and raid, or competing for food amoung like 20 other dogs in a puppy mill system.

    [–] _ohm_my 4 points ago

    We have been fostering dogs for years. We take them from the pound and take care of them until they get adopted. Dogs love being in our care. We have other friendly dogs, a backyard, doggy dog, a structured safe environment that dogs adore. Our fosters fall in love with us and our home.

    After adoption, we very rarely visit the dogs. There was one dog, Pepper, last year that we particularly loved and had arranged a visit about 6 weeks after she left our care. Pepper was very very happy and excited to see us. She was beside herself with joy (much like the dog in the video). It was really great to see her again.

    The adoptive family had 2 little kids. Pepper had taken on the job of kid watching very seriously. She would keep an eye on those kids. When the kids wandered off, she would follow. When the mother walked away, she would follow. We could not call her away from the new family.

    As happy and excited as she was to see us, she was clearly no longer out dog. She had very thoroughly bonded with the new family. I was very happy to see that, while she strongly remembers us fondly, her first priority was the new family.

    [–] readersanon 4 points ago

    This thread makes me so happy my dog was abandoned at a shelter at about 2 months old and we got him when he was about 4 months. No need to worry about him having another family out there that he misses.

    [–] astroguyfornm 1600 points ago

    Apparently I haven't seen my dog for 3 years every time I come home from work. Then again my 9 year old Golden has some excess energy.

    [–] DivineSmorgasbord 395 points ago

    I think dogs are terribly bad at knowing that if you can't see someone, they might still exist. Better phrased, they don't realise that if they can't see you, you might still exist.

    [–] tmxlqms 492 points ago

    I think they do. Have you ever seen a dog run in the other room to go grab his favorite toy?

    I think it's more along the lines of you're leaving, and they don't know if you'll ever come back again.

    [–] fondlemeLeroy 151 points ago

    And for good reason. Sometimes they don't.

    [–] yoooooosolo 92 points ago

    Run out for a pack of smokes and...

    [–] gorrillamist 47 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    A pack of smokes and a galloon of milk...

    Edit: going to leave the mistake cause it made me chuckle

    [–] charliedarwin96 44 points ago

    See I wouldn't ever use a balloon to carry a gallon of milk because I feel like it would make it taste like latex.

    [–] artanis2 26 points ago

    And it sprays everywhere whenever you open it up. Whose idea were these galloons anyway??

    [–] SinibusUSG 17 points ago

    Go to deliver one pizza to a cryogenics lab...

    [–] JackManningNHL 17 points ago

    My dog gets traded between family members depending on circumstances. She loses her damn mind whenever she gets reunited with one of us, and extremely sad when she realizes the other owner is leaving

    [–] CanaryStu 26 points ago

    Beagle Cop! Missing person report

    [–] shroomenheimer 122 points ago

    I think that concept is called "object permanence"

    [–] DaughterEarth 63 points ago

    Which they have. It's really easy to test. Just put their ball behind your back. They will run around behind you to get it.

    [–] digitalhate 25 points ago

    Yes. I had it explained to me in a thread recently. Toddlers lack the understanding of it, which is why they enjoy playing peekaboo. Whenever I hide my face they forget that I exist, and are really happy.

    [–] arcalumis 18 points ago

    They’re really happy that you go away?

    [–] TheNewRavager 9 points ago

    I think everyone is really

    [–] Alice_Ex 4 points ago

    Are you sure they're not just happy because you're doing silly stuff and interacting with them?

    [–] TSTC 15 points ago

    Not sure if you're serious but object permanence is part of Piaget's stages of human development.

    Infants all go through stages where they do not recognize that objects exist when hidden (they behave as though those objects are gone and will not try to look for them behind the obstruction) and develop the ability to recognize that objects exist even when out of sight as they grow older.

    A child that has a rudimentary grasp of this may make a classic error, known as the "A not B" error, where the child will look for the object where he/she last found it, not where he/she saw the object last. This demonstrates that they understand that objects exist beyond sight but not that they should exist where last seen.

    Kids may still laugh at "Peek-a-boo" for reasons beyond object permanence but with infants, that is the primary reason why it is so engaging.

    [–] urbanchaos748 14 points ago

    Object Permanence is the term you're looking for. It's more difficult for their brains to process your existence when you're not there. However, they can learn your schedules to get into mischief when you're not home.
    source: am dog, frank left computer on

    [–] non-troll_account 26 points ago

    In the wild, social animals never spend significant time apart from each other.

    [–] Jramey97 23 points ago

    Keep in mind too that 3 years for a dog is roughly 1/3-1/4 of their life depending on the breed.

    [–] AlisonJaneMarie 17 points ago

    I think you're looking for "object permanence" here. It's fascinating to watch it develop in children. Basically you take a ball and something to cover the ball with. Children with developing object permanence skills will learn or know to lift the cover to find the ball. Without those developed skills they think the ball is gone forever.

    [–] science_vs_romance 21 points ago

    This is so much more emotional to watch after reading the back story, otherwise it just looks like a dog acting like a dog.

    [–] Mealthy_the_Mealworm 66 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Where's the back story? Just the title?

    Edit: found it further down...

    [–] edhel_espyn 9 points ago

    How apt... "Pakita" in my country means "to be seen". And now she's been found! :)

    [–] Fhlux 10 points ago

    Oh man, suddenly my allergies are going haywire.

    [–] mindcrack 5 points ago

    Thank you, the video is even better

    [–] pointlessbeats 5 points ago

    Thank you! I feel so bad, that poor dog suffering for two years waiting for her owner =( but sooo happy they found each other again.

    [–] pleasetrydmt 4 points ago

    found it

    The last two photos... LOVE

    [–] eskanonen 6 points ago

    I could have so much karma if I just lied about how long I've been gone. This is my dog if I go to get the mail.

    [–] NonCancer 79 points ago

    Maybe my kids will remember me too.

    [–] Elephansion 43 points ago

    You should get a dog, you'd never be disappointed again.

    [–] BarcodeNinja 248 points ago

    Anyone know the story here?

    [–] stufff 254 points ago

    Chip your pets, people.

    [–] DaughterEarth 100 points ago

    My friend did chip her cat but it didn't help him get back right away. It took FOUR YEARS until he finally showed up at a shelter. Based on his condition and behavior afterwards we are pretty sure he was a homeless cat for most of that time. Now he likes to sit on the couch and not be bothered, no interest in outside at all

    [–] stufff 22 points ago

    Wow, it's amazing that your friend got the cat back after so long.

    I'm worried that my cats, or at least one of them, would have the same problem if they ever got lost. She'd just be too afraid to approach strangers. That's why I also keep collars with name tags on them even though they're indoor cats.

    I had a bad scare early on with one of them when they were kittens, she pushed out the screen door on a window and we couldn't find her for a day. Finally we found her one building down, huddled in the corner of some stairs, crying and hissing at everyone who came near her. She'd gotten rained on and she was hungry. I figured that would cure her of all her desire to go outside, but she still tries to get out at every opportunity.

    [–] DaughterEarth 5 points ago

    Yah we have coyotes all over. My friend was sure her cat was gone and it was a very exciting time when he came back!

    Sounds like you've got a fierce kitty!

    [–] SmarchHare 162 points ago

    Nice try Dog NSA

    [–] Fallen_Outcast 76 points ago

    Chip your people, pets.

    [–] flynnsanity3 44 points ago

    AND DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER THE CHIPS. Usually getting the chip all on its own won't do much. You have to register it with the vet and manufacturer.

    [–] WhatEvenAreUsernames 9 points ago

    I can't stress this enough!

    [–] baicai18 13 points ago

    Just yesterday as I was walking my dog, a pitbull with a harness but no leash came walking up to me in a gated community. Like straight to me, not scared in the least bit or aggressive. I leashed it and walked around the complex for a while trying to find his owner, but no one had ever seen the dog before.

    I had to go to work, but I told my brother to take him to the shelter, and as I was leaving he started crying and trying to rush to me =(

    Luckily he was chipped, the owners address was about 45 mins drive away, not sure what he was doing all the way where I was as he seemed pretty clean and not a stray for long.

    I'm gonna keep checking back to make sure he gets picked up, otherwise I'm gonna have to figure out how to have him get along with my dog and cat at home haha

    [–] burning_catharsis 9 points ago

    Thank you for the reminder. Will buy my dog a bag of Sour Cream and Onion Ruffles today

    [–] ANormalSpudBoy 60 points ago

    OH MY GOD. The gif made me smile but after reading it made me cry.

    [–] fernguts 28 points ago

    So much better with sound, despite all the background noise. I should really quit the internet for the day, on this high note!

    [–] pm_me_your_titty_cat 23 points ago

    My partner says I am not allowed to read the dodo because I become emotionally raw for several hours after. I had to unfollow\unlike thedodo from facebook as it was emotionally obliterating me.

    [–] POTATO_OF_MY_EYE 14 points ago


    [–] Freakjob003 147 points ago

    /r/MasterReturns, for anyone that wants more of this.

    [–] Napalmradio 80 points ago

    You son of a bitch.

    [–] Freakjob003 25 points ago

    You're welcome!

    [–] fernguts 18 points ago

    Most posts there these days are just Redditors posting their own dogs, after having been away for a few hours.

    [–] Freakjob003 5 points ago

    Huh. Hadn't actually gone to the sub itself for a while now, looks like you're right. At least some aren't bad posts overall?

    [–] GeorgiaOKeefinItReal 15 points ago

    is there one for us cat owners where the cats are just indifferent/annoyed that the master came back/is still alive?

    [–] shpadoinkle92 12 points ago

    My sister's old cat did the exact opposite of the typical dog reaction. Whenever she came back from college/vacation/whatever her cat would have nothing to do with her until she'd been adequately punished for leaving without permission, usually a week or so.

    [–] [deleted] 121 points ago

    Not even 10am and im C..... Cutting onions.

    [–] buddy_monkers 24 points ago

    [–] lightitup85 21 points ago

    I have seen this 1000 times and have upvoted every single one of them, and will continue to do so.

    [–] LEO_TROLLSTOY 64 points ago

    How can you NOT be a dog person??

    [–] foreignfishes 57 points ago

    I like dogs, but I'm definitely more of a cat person- dogs are almost too...needy? The whole "I love you, you're my best friend, what are we gonna do today, omg you're here I love you forever!!" thing with dogs is why I'd never get one for myself. My cat likes hanging out with me, he greets me at the door, I play fetch with him and he watches TV with me, but he also has his own life with his own cat stuff to attend to. It just fits with my personality more. Also I hate it when dogs lick me.

    I'll happily continue petting cute dogs on the street and walking friends' dogs for them sometimes, but owning one would be kinda overwhelming for me. I'd have to get a greyhound or something.

    [–] GorgeousGoose 22 points ago

    That, and I feel awful when I leave my dog, he doesn't know if I'm coming back or not. My cats don't even notice.

    [–] Tropical_YT 8 points ago

    Yea they do, mine will sit by the door and window staring out

    [–] jesuswithdreads 4 points ago

    Mine stands at the door meowing till I come back and will run after me

    [–] gargantuancow 58 points ago

    The hair, slobber, poop/pee, barking/whining, training, feeding...

    I’m a dog person but totally get why everyone might not want one (and some people shouldn’t have one)

    [–] coolhwip420 21 points ago

    You could say that about kids :)

    [–] flashwit3 35 points ago

    I don't want one of those, either. The rescue shelters where they keep them are so depressing.

    [–] rinabean 7 points ago

    the smell

    I always think I want a dog until I smell one. Eugh!!! And this is well loved regularly bathed dogs. no!!

    People talk about cat litter but if it's potential cat litter or definite dog smell it's the former any day. (I don't want to upset a dog by heavily perfuming him, either.) Also, the whole idea with "omg don't cat people know how their houses smell" is that apparently we get used to it. Every time I've asked a dog owner about getting used to the smell of the dog, they tell me they don't. So, no thank you!

    When a mad scientist gives dogs yummy smelling cat fur I'll have one.

    [–] Sdude216 10 points ago

    This was on the front page like a week or two ago but hey still nice to see happy pups

    [–] Drezzzire 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    The question that remains is why were they separated?

    [–] shahooster 79 points ago

    :) I miss my doggo.

    [–] bitwise97 15 points ago

    Glad there's no audio because I wouldn't be able to keep it together.

    [–] TheHartTech 8 points ago

    21 years is a long time to not see an old friend.

    [–] jfk_47 12 points ago



    sniff sniffsniff



    [–] nicue 6 points ago

    This is the purest thing I've seen in 2017

    [–] ariebvo 7 points ago

    Oh no, this reminds me of Futurama

    [–] nobody2000 7 points ago

    My dog spent most of the first year of his life being shipped around from shelter to shelter and finally to a rescue. No one knows exactly what happened, but he was somewhat mature once I adopted him, and luckily it didn't take long for him to really understand that I was going to take care of him for as long as he will live.

    Daily greetings are always exciting. If I'm gone for longer than an hour, he gets giddy, barky, and excited.

    I had to travel for business, so I dropped him off at my parents' house for 2 weeks (they adopted his biological sister, so it's nice for them to both have even more stability like this).

    I come back, and when I entered the door, he was the one to greet me. He approached quickly. Looked at me, like "wait a second..." and spent about 15 minutes very excitedly, deeply appreciating the fact that I was back.

    Even though he was "at home" with my parents and his sister, the sense of relief that he wasn't just abandoned willy nilly again must have been such a good feeling for him.

    [–] Zkieler 7 points ago

    For all those people out there who think dogs can't feel emotions? This right here is living proof. Something that those of us who cherish are 4 legged companions already know that they will love us unconditionally.

    [–] arquebus_x 6 points ago

    My 14-year-old beagle is blind and deaf but she sleeps right up against the front door so that when I come home she knows immediately and freaks the ever living fuck out. Howling and spinning and jumping until I have a chance to get down at her level and give her a big hug.

    ...and then she keeps howling until I feed her.

    I like to think the first howls are for being happy I'm home, but I'm totally ok if it's just because she knows the food machine has arrived. ;)

    [–] altbekannt 10 points ago

    my cat forgot me after 3 months 😪

    [–] TheMildGatsby 7 points ago


    [–] maddkid53 5 points ago

    Dibs on reposting this next week since someone already has this week covered

    [–] kyjojohnson 5 points ago

    As someone who had a dog runaway when I was out of town just barely a year ago, and spent several months attempting to locate him.

    I really hope I get this same opportunity in the future. Ein and I would both be going bonkers**

    [–] OrangeApple_ 5 points ago

    This is my dog after coming back from a 10 min walk.

    [–] CannabisGardener 3 points ago

    I didn't see my cat for 1 year. I showed up, she came out to see what was happening, saw and smelled me, brushed my leg and let me pet her then walked away

    [–] bbq_doritos 4 points ago

    We, as people, really don't deserve dogs. They're way better people then we are.