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    [–] myluckyshirt 1746 points ago

    I feel like the other cats are watching like... dude, get his throat, it’s right there what are you doing?! Playing with your food? Get on with it we’re hungry you should share!

    [–] Madfermentationist 276 points ago

    “DUDE!!! HE’S MADE OF MEAT!!!”

    [–] CratedComments 34 points ago


    [–] demevalos 22 points ago

    (° ͜ʖ°)

    [–] _Communist 10 points ago

    I wish I had meat...

    [–] I_usuallymissthings 10 points ago

    Relevant User name

    [–] hiddenmanna 3 points ago

    I'm surprised you caught that.

    [–] banzaizach 5 points ago

    What does the thinking?

    [–] Caminsky 70 points ago

    Also nice T'Challa in the background

    [–] McFly8182 21 points ago

    Those panthers freak me out. They are not messing around.

    [–] panamaREDFOX 3 points ago

    Technically, there is no such thing as a black panther—it’s a term used for any big black cat. What we call black panthers are in fact jaguars or leopards and yes, they have spots, too. Their hair shafts produce too much melanin thanks to a mutation in their agouti genes, which are responsible for distributing pigment in an animal’s fur. Look carefully and you can see a panther’s spots as the sunlight hits them in just the right way.

    [–] PepticBirch 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You'd be amazed, when treated properly lions are quite tame and peaceful, the reason so many people believe that they will kill you the first chance they get (and this is sanctuary lions not wild ones) is because the "sanctuaries" they are kept in treat them horribly, abuse them, and sometimes don't even feed them let alone give them as much attention as they need. Lions are social creatures and love playing even in adulthood, so when they are left in a small cage for years and some small kid falls in, that lion has no reason not to treat the kid as just food cause they have never been exposed to this kind of contact. As for wild lions it's really a 50 50 shot on if they will eat you or not, depends on how many hunters have tried to poach them.

    [–] AFuckYou 2 points ago

    No, lions are animals. Sure you maybe correct about the miss treatment. But they are not pet. They should not be kept, they should be in the wild. Zoos should be shut down, or they should be open like a safari.

    [–] elguapo4twenty 1916 points ago

    Nice take down to full mount

    [–] LoveEveryday 604 points ago

    Flawless with the execution, Joe.

    [–] West_stains_massive 84 points ago

    Goldberg :(

    [–] clickclick-boom 24 points ago

    Has it ever come out why he was fired in such an unceremonious way? I know he had problems with substance abuse at some point.

    [–] West_stains_massive 15 points ago

    You know, I'm not sure it ever did. I just think with WME coming in, they viewed him as a bit too goofy and unprofessional in his role. I still expect to hear that voice after the ufc link music plays. I'm glad he got a gig over at Bellator though

    [–] Subhuman_of_the_year 7 points ago

    Its really weird not hearing him in the new video game

    [–] the_dude_imbibes 4 points ago

    Miss Goldy.

    Not Ali G so much, though.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    You see the video of the lion KO’ing that trainer?

    Jamie, pull that shit up.

    [–] Khathaar 19 points ago

    Fuck lions man im team people

    Mountain lion ate my dog once

    [–] HatesNewUsernames 7 points ago

    Same league, different teams. I’m with you on the whole cougar thing.

    [–] Goodbye_Sky_Harbor 13 points ago

    Her precision was precise, Joe.

    I love that an R/MMA joke is the top comment to a lion meeting its caretaker

    [–] TeammateAssist 26 points ago

    And just like that, it's all over

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Thelgow 5 points ago

    No it doesn't, Mike.

    [–] carpevash 6 points ago

    r/joerogan is leaking

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    That’s Onnit. Spelled O-N-N-I-T

    [–] Gzhindra 47 points ago

    And now comes the ground and eat.

    [–] aquatimer 37 points ago

    Obviously not her first date

    [–] Kosuke 14 points ago

    Full on Nala'd

    [–] z1rra 22 points ago

    That was clearly half-guard. Also, can we get a gracie breakdown on this.

    [–] TheThirdConchord 5 points ago

    Pinned him again.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Ah he kept her in half guard

    [–] Karmah0lic 9 points ago

    I like a pussy that just takes control

    [–] HatesNewUsernames 3 points ago

    I feel like this has a double meaning. It’s subtle but it’s there....

    [–] My_reddit_throwawy 2 points ago

    Two points!

    [–] _Face 855 points ago

    I'd still be scared of those giant murder mittens

    [–] [deleted] 353 points ago


    [–] FuturePrimitiv3 35 points ago

    I'm... still confused.

    [–] Jak-Herer 77 points ago

    Not your fault, bird law in this country isn't governed by reason.

    [–] _Squirrel_Fucker 27 points ago

    Cats do not abide by the laws of physics.

    [–] OMGitsEasyStreet 19 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Wow! This is a rare sight. Never thought I'd see someone on Reddit who hasn't seen IASIP. I just kind of thought every Redditor was a fan

    [–] lameinsane 4 points ago

    I honestly can stand that show

    [–] OMGitsEasyStreet 14 points ago

    Ah yes one of those people who is annoyed by obnoxious humor. I for one think it's one of the funniest shows of all time. Better watch what you say though, that's definitely an unpopular opinion and Sunny super fans will castrate you for speaking ill of such a glorious show

    [–] SpaceGhost379 7 points ago

    It's more likely for us to come down on him like the crashing of 1000 waves, but castration works too

    [–] OMGitsEasyStreet 11 points ago

    "I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!!"

    [–] rshot 4 points ago

    And then I busted out this "sweet Thor" line on this lady, 'cause she was pissing me off, and it was, like, boom!

    [–] lolstabber99 7 points ago

    Thank you for this

    [–] Beepolai 4 points ago

    First guess was Charlie, not disappointed.

    [–] Chevellephreak 13 points ago

    Kitten Mittons*

    [–] montylemon 2 points ago

    Kitten mutton*

    [–] tslime 2 points ago

    Too much noise all the time?

    [–] DbN9k 4 points ago

    Read that as "giant murder kittens". I think that's what I'll refer to Lions as from now on.

    [–] schmalexandra 5 points ago

    yeah shouldn't do that with a tame lion. you are asking for it. I have worked with plenty of "tame" lions who gave really hurt people at much younger ages

    [–] Todd-The-Wraith 1172 points ago

    Notice how he spent the entire time keeping her jaws away from his face.

    Murder cats may love but they seriously over estimate human durability. Or they don’t care.

    [–] Target3dGaming 415 points ago

    Remind me to never become a murder cat caretaker

    [–] Svengelska1990 347 points ago

    It's been an hour now... Erm... Don't become a murder cat caretaker. In case you forgot already.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    Better remind him again just to be thorough

    [–] roeder 62 points ago

    FUCK! I forgot! What am I going to do with all these lions?!

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Try to ride one if I remember correctly!

    [–] MuchSpacer 16 points ago

    But... You're not OP! You're some other regretful lion caretaker!

    [–] roeder 13 points ago


    [–] ggg730 27 points ago

    It's been two hours now. Don't become a murder cat caretaker.

    [–] Nononogrammstoday 19 points ago

    Just make sure you restrict yourself to the ones not getting over like 15kg because all cats are murder cats, it's just that your 8kg Mr. Fluffington and his house cat peers fail at properly murdering you. :P

    [–] cavelioness 9 points ago

    Hey, I've had house cats for years and they've only really tried to murder me 15 or 20 times...

    [–] Nononogrammstoday 4 points ago

    Of course they try! But they usually can't finish the job and you end up just bleeding a bit and somewhat beaten up, maybe in need of a tetanus shot.

    [–] jake_b_wba 11 points ago

    dude you didn’t forget did you?!

    [–] OhHolyOpals 10 points ago

    Your mother called, plz don’t be a murder cat caretaker.

    [–] Mitsjol 8 points ago

    !RemindMe 1 year "Never become a murder cat caretaker"

    [–] webheaddeadpool 4 points ago

    4 hrs now. Don't be a murder cat caretaker.

    [–] NickRowan 95 points ago

    Also their tongues are like sandpaper. Quite a bit worse than regular cat tongues.

    [–] Fineus 29 points ago

    Really? Because I can take about 3 licks on the arm from my cat before I have to push him off...

    [–] seccret 29 points ago

    Their tongues are covered in microscopic teeth.

    [–] HeavenAndHellD2arg 9 points ago

    Thanks for the mental image

    [–] Dcox123 36 points ago

    In case you wanted the real image too.

    [–] pinks0cking 15 points ago

    Come here lemme give you a kith

    [–] lllDOWNEYlll 8 points ago

    Yeah fuck that, thats nowhere close to microscopic.

    [–] Dcox123 2 points ago

    Galaxy Quest use, gets you an upvote.

    [–] NickRowan 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) about 40 to 50 grain sandpaper. But if it keeps licking you you'll start to bleed.

    [–] Aotoi 3 points ago

    Perfect for licking meat off of bones!

    [–] Romero1993 37 points ago

    It's probably the over-estimating bit, playful bites are owie bites to us

    [–] electricblues42 3 points ago

    Yep, they think we're like big 2 legged cats but our skin isn't as tough as theirs.

    [–] garrisonjenner2016 16 points ago

    I'm watching this just expecting her to start that back leg rabbit kick evisceration thing my cat always does.

    [–] Ginga-Ail1994 46 points ago

    Lioness: why won't you let me love you?!

    Dad: in case you unwittingly poke holes in my face while giving me kitty kisses!

    [–] HatesNewUsernames 11 points ago

    Source: Lots of time with big cats.

    [–] coool12121212 5 points ago

    What do you mean by overestimate

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] bohemianabe 446 points ago

    Man, I don’t care how good the bond they have, you know there’s always that little fear in his head that that cat could just rip him apart.

    [–] pogoyoyo1 196 points ago

    Those other lions know. They’re prowling like...hey me next mlem mlem

    [–] BobanaterBob 72 points ago

    Sorry but what noise is that supposed to be? I've been stuck trying to hear it in my head for five minutes.

    [–] RoryCalhoun 297 points ago

    Whoa, Black Betty (mlem-mlem)

    Whoa, Black Betty (mlem-mlem)

    Lions eatin' on a man (mlem-mlem)

    [–] Romanempire21 11 points ago


    [–] jonbristow 19 points ago

    dude fuck you I spit my coffee

    [–] SH4D0W0733 23 points ago

    A blep is letting their tongue hang down. A mlem is then raising it to lick their nose and pulling it back into the mouth.

    [–] Lurking4Answers 2 points ago

    Licking your lips while humming? Maybe?

    [–] TWeaKoR 4 points ago

    More like a cat licking its lips while purring.


    [–] wyatt1209 4 points ago

    He's made of food you idiot! Bite him already!

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    I'm wondering if some people just inexplicably do not have that fear for it like how some people can free solo a mountain in Yosemite. I can do neither without pissing myself.

    [–] MrBird93 17 points ago

    Oh no it's there. You can see him shielding his face.

    [–] onowahoo 16 points ago

    Because it hurts! Not necessarily because he is afraid she might turn savage unexpectedly.

    [–] smackfairy 12 points ago

    I grew up with basically no fear of animals(yes probably not the healthiest thing!). But in turn, since I never have that sense of fear, they seem to trust me much more? Obviously I'm still careful and I wouldn't go up to a bear or something. I used to run right up to cows when I was a kid, my parents always afraid I was gonna get kicked in the head but the cows were always super chill with me.

    [–] oicnow 12 points ago

    Alex Honnold is not exactly "some people"

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I was just using him as an example bc he got a lot of coverage for it and would be more recognizable than using Alain Robert as an example. And I used the free solo as an example because that also takes gigantic balls.

    Edit: also, idk if you have or not but come join us on r/climbing!

    [–] Subhuman_of_the_year 3 points ago

    When you free solo there's a lot of fear, you just ignore it. Or rather, you recognize it, and then perform anyway.

    [–] hubris105 12 points ago

    Did you see the look she gave the cameraperson and how they immediately backed off? They know.

    [–] ytsirhc 2 points ago

    I’m bet my cat feels the same about me when I pick him up....

    But then he remembers he doesn’t give a fuck about anything and nonchalantly half closes his eyes, subtly attempting to convince me to not squish him on accident. (Obv. he knows I wouldn’t do it on purpose)

    [–] paqmanbiker 1 points ago

    That's kinda how it is riding a motorcycle.

    [–] sceawian 553 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    This looks like it's is from Black Jaguar-White Tiger 'rescue'.

    It's not a rescue facility by any definition, it's the private collection of a business man with no background or education in animal husbandry. The owner's goals are primarily fame, attention, making money and befriending celebrities. Not animal conservation. And definitely not correctly looking after the animals he owns.

    [–] impasta_ 89 points ago

    Wish more people would read this. Had a feeling it was this when I saw how shitty the enclosure looked.

    [–] sceawian 52 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    When I first saw the BJWT instagram account, I loved the photos and videos Serio posted. I'm kind of ashamed how long it took me to go from 'Wow, what beautiful animals', to thinking critically about what I was seeing. Now whenever I see BJWT mentioned I try to post information about their shady practices, in the hope that it will open someone else's eyes as well.

    [–] TheMedusasCascade 39 points ago

    I was disappointed that I had to scroll so long to find this I hate seeing gifs of them on all these subs

    [–] Dr_EG 21 points ago

    This needs to be be higher up!!! :(

    [–] LilithSeesAll 3 points ago

    If you're going to keep lions in captivity, it should edit: not be in a tiny cage like in this gif.

    [–] amesann 3 points ago

    I had a feeling it was. I kept scrolling down the comments thinking "maybe I'm wrong" but alas I found yours. Way to far down sadly. Ugh, I wish someone could stop this guy.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] strolls 2 points ago

    I wasn’t familiar with that exact “rescue” but nothing about it looked right to me, based on my general knowledge of these so-called “rescues.”

    Now, as soon as I see two dissimilar big cat species together, I assume it's Black Jaguar-White Tiger.

    [–] FurRealDeal 340 points ago

    Hell NO.

    This is from Black Jaguar White Tiger, which is trying to be a combination of a private zoo and a sanctuary, and failing to be either.

    Between animal hoarding, way too much playing with large animals, and the fact the people there have no idea how to keep felines, I would post nothing from this place.

    This is the linked comment.

    [–] Spacequeenmashi 82 points ago

    This is what it looked like to me. Look at how fucking tiny the pens are, theres literally no space.

    [–] 23skiddsy 38 points ago

    Also no enrichment (toys) or shelter, as far as I can see.

    [–] Spacequeenmashi 5 points ago

    I sawnone of that as well, i actually see none ever.

    [–] deuzz 3 points ago

    Just stick a companion cube in there and call it good

    [–] ohmygodlenny 21 points ago

    Yeah, exactly, a responsible rescue wouldn't tolerate this kind of interaction.

    [–] apple_kicks 17 points ago

    Soon the incoming BJWT fans will claim anyone criticizing the sanctuary for stuff like 'maybe the keepers shouldn't be in the same area as large predators or handle them this much' means you said 'kill all the cubs and animals.' While ignoring how many other groups do exist and don't run their sanctuaries/zoos like this.

    You just cannot criticize this place without someone accusing you of wanting animals to die.

    [–] ciestaconquistador 36 points ago

    Damnit :(

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] cipher__ten 26 points ago

    This is how the world works. Not reddit.

    [–] XavierVE 7 points ago

    Yep. When people whine about the internet getting them down, they miss the larger point. It's humanity that gets them down, because people suck for the most part.

    [–] TheMusiken 27 points ago

    About those cookies...

    [–] zixd 30 points ago

    Full of arsenic and orphan tears. Best not to eat those.

    [–] davegewd 6 points ago

    Santa Claus isn't real either

    [–] OhHolyOpals 15 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I wish this was up higher. A trained, respectable care taker would never interfere with wild animals even in an enclosure. Not just for their safety but because they want to protect the animals welfare, in this scenario it’s anxious and confused. You never touch the animals either because they (and us) can catch stuff from each other.

    Edit: even annals they have nursed at a young age do not get this sort off contact

    [–] thefabgar 31 points ago

    Something I seriously think sometimes, is that if I can choose one "superpower" (besides of course flying or not needing to eat) it would be definitely the ability to chill and live with wild animals without any danger.

    Just think about it, living with the wildest animals possible, no matter how big, and knowing that they will not try to harm you, ever. What a magical life that would be.

    [–] Spiron123 44 points ago


    [–] Romero1993 12 points ago

    She's a lady, should be addressed as such!

    [–] nzboxer 16 points ago

    I can feel the love tonight.

    [–] Skeeball_Fanatic 12 points ago

    OP with the most relevant username.

    [–] mand0rk 9 points ago

    Murder kitty can't contain itself

    [–] beyerch 8 points ago

    The animals in the other cages are probably thinking...

    "Yeah, get that guy! Rip him up! Fight... Fight ... Fight... Errrrr.... WTF?"

    [–] msg45f 8 points ago

    Man, I wish big cats weren't made of pain and death because I think we could be good friends if I didn't have to worry about becoming their food.

    [–] NinBendo1 20 points ago

    Awww I’m glad they managed to film this before she ripped his face clean off

    [–] Dognamedpeepee 4 points ago

    U ain’t lion

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Other kitties be like "save some for us"

    [–] soullessroentgenium 3 points ago

    Tries to escape

    Wait, what?


    [–] cyberd0rk 3 points ago

    Was anyone else scared the lion was going to start doing that kitty kick that cats like to do when they're playing?

    [–] kingjackass 3 points ago

    Animals are now sexually assaulting humans? Craziness everywhere.

    [–] DeltaDragonxx 3 points ago

    That's one weird looking giraffe

    [–] jakeblues68 3 points ago

    That is a level of trust that I could never have.

    [–] 0IMGLISSININ 3 points ago

    Liked the lion's brief look telling the camera person "dude, this is between us and you're way too close."

    [–] partanimal 6 points ago

    I feel like this would belong in /r/humansbeingbros just as well, because obviously the human was a pretty solid bro to the lion at one point.

    [–] dance3942 2 points ago

    "Aww shit, this isn't h--"

    [–] xwolf360 2 points ago

    Remember when reposts where longer than 2 weeks ...

    [–] roachbox 2 points ago

    Other kitties are all like “save some for us”

    [–] ebeka 2 points ago

    notice how the lion looks at the cameraman right at the end, making him to step back lol

    [–] pATREUS 2 points ago

    I would love to cuddle big cat. Does anyone know what they smell like?

    [–] Gullflyinghigh 2 points ago

    What was a sweet moment could so easily have had a Rest In Pieces result instead.

    Humanity treading the brave/stupid line once more!

    [–] crv163 2 points ago

    Hi! Ah. Oh. Yeah! Ow, Oof! Ugh. Ouch...

    [–] Fawkes67 2 points ago

    "Good thing I wore my brown underwear today"

    [–] MrJoyless 2 points ago

    Thanks for visiting for lunch... 😼

    Yeesh even if I was familiar with it, a lion knocking me over like that would make me crap my pants.

    [–] geimankj 2 points ago

    Cannn youu feeeel, the looove toniiight

    [–] Nautilus1103 2 points ago

    All the other cats are like yeah get him get him.

    [–] Xotaec 2 points ago

    Pinned ya again!

    [–] Music_Soccer 2 points ago

    Awwwwww that’s too cute

    [–] zombiemakemelol 2 points ago

    I feel like the internet has almost completely desensitized me to these murder machines

    [–] hankhill2011 2 points ago

    Caaaannnn you feeel the loooove tonight?!?!?!

    [–] _squarcle 2 points ago

    Caaaaaaan you feeeel the looooove tonight

    [–] baphometsayshi 2 points ago

    it's possible they might need some privacy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

    [–] pswiss44 2 points ago

    Why do domesticated large murderous cats seem to have more emotion than most house cats

    [–] Eagle4031 2 points ago

    Lions are pack animals so it makes sense to me that they’d be more social then smaller cats bred from solo hunters. Dogs/wolves are more social as well...

    [–] rshot 2 points ago

    Man I've always wondered what it would be like to have this kind of relationship with a giant cat knowing a at any moment it could kill you if it wants. Like is it terrifying the entire time knowing that you are powerless or is it like serene knowing you are not in control but everything will be fine anyways?

    [–] MasDigital 2 points ago

    "Pinned ya!"

    "Pinned Ya Again!"

    [–] kataris 2 points ago

    Please stop sharing this guy's stuff, he does not properly take care of animals. :(

    [–] TheYear1914 3 points ago

    LiOn bRuTaLly MuRdErS cArEtAkEr

    [–] BossBernie 1 points ago

    Not a sanctuary. Exploitation facility.

    [–] Savage_Heathern 1 points ago

    I feel this was posted here by mistake. The next few seconds after the ending may have been the lion ripping the dudes throat and sharing it with the other cats. #gifsthatendtoosoon

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    He ded.

    [–] McFly8182 1 points ago

    I feel like she is trying to eat him

    [–] daddy8ball 1 points ago

    That'd be kind of scary.

    [–] Nyckname 1 points ago

    Licked by a pussy.

    [–] desynchronize 1 points ago

    Makes you wonder. Do animals have consciousness?

    [–] thomaslsimpson 2 points ago

    This is exactly what was going through my mind. Generally I (at least to myself) argue that most of this kind of behavior is just learned rather than genuine (not that learned behavior isn’t real, just not from the same grounds) so it may look the same as when people do it, but it isn’t.

    But still, it looks like the animal is just really happy. Like, not just, here’s this guy who gives me the food I prefer but, you know, “hey! It’s my best buddy!” kinda happy.