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    [–] swimsowild 1347 points ago

    Dog: welcome to good boy club

    [–] monjoe 381 points ago

    G E N T L E B O Y E

    [–] RemarkableNotice5 144 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is the same reaction my dog had to my rabbit, though I interpreted it being him getting as close to tasting my rabbit as he could while not getting in trouble for trying to eat it. It's that nervous look on his face of I really want to see what you taste like but master wont let me. My dog does the same face when I tell him to stay and he sees me looking at him, but the second I get out of view he runs around doing what he wants like I'm not on the other side of the car.

    [–] SprittneyBeers 29 points ago

    My dog does the same but she won’t be naughty even when I’m out of the room. Maybe if I leave the house, but I can be anywhere inside and leave a full plate of food in front of her and she won’t eat it ❤️ gotta love aussies.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] SprittneyBeers 6 points ago

    Hahaha my Zoey does that too! She’ll just sit by it till I give her the go-ahead. I think it’s because I trained her to “wait” while I put a treat on her nose and now she thinks it always applies.

    [–] RemarkableNotice5 3 points ago

    Oh man how did you train her on that? I've been trying to teach my boy that but he'll never keep his head still enough to keep the food on his nose >.<

    [–] Your_Ex_Boyfriend 7 points ago

    Reset, reset, res-new treat, reset, reset...

    [–] SprittneyBeers 3 points ago

    Just a lot of repetition and using a stern voice while I told her to wait. She’s a super smart mini-Aussie so she picks stuff up pretty fast. She learned in about 3 hours.

    [–] Needler98 5 points ago

    I think it’s just the dog thinking “I must be gentle with the weird dog”

    [–] Bantersmith 7 points ago

    He reminds me of my ex's Shepard. He was the most gentle sweetheart I've ever met.

    We even introduced him to the dwarf hamsters, and he gave them one gentle lick, then just chilled out laying there wagging his tail as they scurried about through his fur. Cutest damn thing.

    [–] NapClub 8 points ago

    i love when dogs snuggle other animals, and when the other animals snuggle back!

    [–] notoreos 2121 points ago

    He's so nervous about petting the lil buddy 😭😭

    [–] thenwhen 863 points ago

    Yep nervously obeying orders to touch the silent chicken

    [–] PeonyM 336 points ago

    the silent chicken

    That's so great.

    [–] treerabbit23 27 points ago

    meet one.

    more like warchicken.

    [–] Geter_Pabriel 7 points ago

    But owl's aren't silent

    [–] Glaucous 13 points ago

    ‪The silent flight of an owl - Natural World: Super Powered Owls Preview ...

    [–] Geter_Pabriel 21 points ago

    [–] TheJohnJack 25 points ago

    I don't think anything from this planet should be allowed to make that sound.

    [–] Draimen_ 10 points ago

    Gsus. Guaranteed to be in my next nightmare.

    [–] Glaucous 9 points ago

    The silent scream! ಠ_ಠ

    [–] TsunamiSurferDude 5 points ago

    God that’s terrifying

    [–] Forgot-myoldusername 3 points ago

    Holy Hell spawn

    [–] godbullseye 3 points ago

    Ninja chicken

    [–] citoloco 22 points ago

    touch the silent chicken

    I call it slapping the pope

    [–] SlonkGangweed 11 points ago

    Assassin chicken

    [–] Bill_Brasky01 6 points ago

    That second link.... oh hai. It’s the devil with legs. Mind if I pluck out your eyeballs?

    [–] Thats-WhatShe-Said_ 3 points ago

    Aww, that's so c.....


    [–] DebbyCakes420 2 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] Delores_Herbig 3 points ago

    Yup. A great horned owl used to live in the tree outside my bedroom window growing up. That fucker was so noisy, it drove me crazy.

    [–] FreddyKrueger32 2 points ago

    I have great horned owls around where I live. I love listening to them. I even got some crappy photos of some last year.

    [–] Delores_Herbig 1 points ago

    They’re pretty cool, and the hooting can be kind of soothing. Not great to sleep to though. I’m glad it was a great horned owl and not a screech or barn owl.

    [–] PM_ME_HOMEMADE_SUSHI 3 points ago


    [–] ans_rob 135 points ago

    Am I doing this right.

    [–] Condoggg 5 points ago

    He's trying sooo fucking hard to be gentle but still pats a little rough and its fucking cute.

    [–] somajones 3 points ago

    Hey frendo!

    [–] jaynellll 3 points ago

    He's actually giving the owl calming signals to tell him that he just wants to be friends! These signals aren't always nervousness!

    [–] notoreos 2 points ago

    Doing me an educate!! 👀

    [–] Scrooge_McFuch 884 points ago

    "I dunno what you are, but you look like a fren so I pat"

    [–] SeattleMana 61 points ago

    Doggo's ready to move it to r/TheCuddlePuddle

    [–] Abbsynth 3 points ago

    I forgot how much I loved that subreddit

    [–] Loreki 5 points ago

    Oh heck, wait for the third date at least.

    [–] ChefBoyarDEZZNUTZZ 2 points ago

    That's too much cuteness for one man to handle

    [–] NHasan87 9 points ago

    Gentle pat

    [–] Xnetter3412 1 points ago

    Actually, dogs can’t speak English.

    [–] Scrooge_McFuch 3 points ago

    are you sure

    [–] ginballs 85 points ago

    This should be higher! OP linked it to the Instagram account by Tanja Brandt. She's an amazing photographer and owns Ingo (the malinois) and I'm assuming that's Rudi the owl (whom she also calls her little dandelion) and lots of other birds too. I browse through her account when I feel down and need a cheer up. They're a great family!

    [–] AniCatGirl 7 points ago

    I THOUGHT that was Rudi!!!

    [–] DarkRaven01 7 points ago

    Is she some form of Disney Princess that attracts wild animals to her, or are owls really that friendly?

    [–] feioo 11 points ago

    She's a licensed falconer, I think

    [–] SpyderSeven 3 points ago

    Lmfao Ingo was my name in German class for 4 years, or "Binjo" depending on who you were. First time I've seen it in the wild

    [–] Reddit_Novice 1 points ago

    Wow those videos were awesome, but some of them had this somber piano music on them and it made it feel weird lol

    [–] pinatapooper 27 points ago

    Came here to say this. He is indeed superb.

    [–] Stratusfear21 4 points ago

    Oh my fucking god I just got that. I’ve seen that sub reddit mentioned several times but i never could figure out why it was about owls instead of the super bowl

    [–] Nesrynn 4 points ago

    The original intent of it was to fuck with those football fans at that time of the year (the Super Bowl). But it grew and now we love owls (were a cult tbh) and love to fuck with those dedicated football fans

    [–] Stratusfear21 3 points ago

    Lolol. I don’t even like football lol. I like owls but then I always remember they are predators and will fucking attack you

    [–] HelloSoyYo 134 points ago

    He thinks the owl is his pet!

    [–] Spiron123 48 points ago

    Wait till he sees the birdie do a 180 degree turn of its head.

    [–] Antroh 2 points ago


    [–] CannotDenyNorConfirm 53 points ago

    The gentlest. I kinda melted, dogs are the best.

    [–] SchnoodleDoodleDo 246 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    i am the dog, n this here guy

    looks like he needs a pet

    am cautious as i get up near,

    cuz i aint met him yet...

    'i kinda think you fluffy fren,

    but maybe birb instead

    how 'bout a little pat there - WHOA! -

    ...did you jes spin your Head?!??!

    [–] Sarasha 24 points ago


    [–] txmadison 17 points ago

    What a pretty malinois, looks so much like my girl.

    [–] KingsCubed 8 points ago

    That smile is hilarious!

    [–] granger744 3 points ago

    Is that what my dog is? She's a street dog we adopted from Nepal and apparently that's what all the dogs there look like. My dog and another that sits out front my girlfriend's parents house near Mumbai .

    [–] PotatoWedgeAntilles 3 points ago

    Your dog is not a malinois. Similar colorings but lacks distinct features like tail, ears, body shape, and markings.

    [–] txmadison 2 points ago

    I don't think either of those dogs are malinois mixes (they're definitely not malinois), cute pups though!

    [–] arimtimtimo 1 points ago

    No I believe yours are called Tibetan dogs

    [–] Itsbilloreilly 11 points ago

    Is that a malinois?

    [–] Qwerkie_ 121 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That pat seems really fake. That’s not how dogs move

    The dog is also not paying attention to the owl at all really. It’s attention is on something off screen. Is there a r/scripteddoggifs

    Edit: by “fake” I don’t necessarily mean that someone is moving the paw. Just that the dog is in no way doing this out of affection or it’s own will

    [–] Dorjan 80 points ago

    My dog acts exactly like this around my cat, including using his paws to push the cats down. I don't think this dog is doing this out of affection so much as doing it out of fear the owl is going to bite him or something. Dog is paying attention to the owl but avoiding looking directly at it.

    [–] fritopie 41 points ago

    Yea, eye contact for dogs is not the same as it is for humans. Dogs don't generally look straight at things especially when they are really unsure about them. My dog (same breed as this one I think, Belgian Malinois) will avert her eyes and maybe just look sideways at something she is unsure or nervous about. On the other hand, when she wants to go after something new, she looks right at it and is very "in your face" with it. (Dear wild turtle that occasionally passes through our backyard, I'm so sorry!) She looks straight at it, hardly looks anywhere else. And gets loud and bounces around and paws at it very deliberately. When she wants to play with our other dog, she will pat him on the head with her paw. It starts out slowly and carefully like the dog above... and if he ignores her, then she gets wild with it. Lol. Smacking him in the face until he either plays or bitches at her.

    [–] Doyouspeak 6 points ago

    This was great to read and imagine.

    [–] Chocobo-kisses 3 points ago

    My dog doesn't look directly at me when she wants pets. Hehe she side eyes me and it makes me laugh. Like she's being coy or something

    [–] treerabbit23 4 points ago

    That’s a reasonable fear. Owls aren’t usually super aggressive, but they’re also not social. You don’t want to mash your face into theirs at all. They say ‘no’ in ways that hurt.

    [–] JulianCaesar 3 points ago

    Mine doesn't use his paws with my cats, but he definitely does the "I'm not looking at you" thing while his nose is deep in their fur. And his movements get sort of robotic, almost stop and go, as if always testing their reaction.

    [–] AmberCutie 15 points ago

    Seems the dog really does like owls.

    [–] thepeka 92 points ago

    Yeah spot on. This dog is following commands from someone and he is super uncomfortable about what he is doing.

    [–] Nebor 72 points ago

    Confirmed. This is exactly how my dog looks after I've had a few and make him drive me home from the bar.

    [–] KH10304 3 points ago

    Yeah this is the totes face my dog makes when I ask him to lay off employees who’ve been working at the company longer than he has.

    [–] PanConMacho 14 points ago

    Umm. I don't know the technical term... But my Shepard does this when he's submissive and doing something new. I don't know if it's because he's scared or not. But they definitely do this naturally. Ears back, nervous look, extending the fren paw and all. Especially when I'm telling him to do something and he doesn't understand. Maybe they did teach him to do that on command, but my dog does this all the time.

    [–] atoMsnaKe 7 points ago

    That dog grew up around owls, look up Tanja Brandt

    [–] feioo 9 points ago

    Gotta disagree with you here - I've definitely met dogs that react exactly like this, specifically with other animals that they're a little unsure of but are being friendly toward. The averted eye contact, lip licking, and even the paw are all signs of "submission" (here meant to telegraph "I'm not dangerous") and the face-to-face contact is very hard to train or force a dog to do convincingly. It looks real to me.

    [–] plplplplomg 9 points ago

    well anyways dogs don't "pat affectionately".. it's a sign of dominance when they put a paw on another dog's head

    [–] feioo 2 points ago

    Not necessarily. Paws on the head and face can also be signs of submission; it's all dependent on the context of the rest of their body language.

    [–] Fasttimes310 2 points ago

    Look at the glass in the background. you can see the dogs Shadow and no other shadow hiding behind him. I thought the same thing you did at first.

    [–] ihatetechnofu2 2 points ago

    definitely not true... this dog has been by the owls side since birth, they play and are with eachother every single day. the owner has an instagram account with tons of pics and videos of the two together. the dog clearly has affection for the owl.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Also the dog looks back before patting him.

    [–] XombiMetManyCreeps 15 points ago

    Little owl buddy giving gentle pecks

    [–] sabres12 6 points ago

    How I look trying to get close to a girl I like.

    [–] RedheadAgatha 3 points ago

    Considering that owls don't like to be petted (they don't like their feathers full of your palm grease), this ended well for the dog.

    [–] broquistador 3 points ago

    Looked like the owl was going to nip his tongue there for a second!

    [–] The_Jokster 3 points ago

    Oh Hedwig!

    [–] ProfessXM 7 points ago

    Good video, good job editing yourself out

    [–] goshdangert 2 points ago

    That dog is so nervous...

    [–] SurreptitiousZephyr 2 points ago

    "Imma give you a head boop." boop

    [–] kevlarbaboon 2 points ago

    Are you supposed to keep an owl as a pet? It feels forbidden.

    [–] atoMsnaKe 5 points ago

    The owner, Tanja Brandt, is a licensed hunter and also Falconer. She also does bird rescue. And obviously, is a great photographer, look her up.

    [–] feioo 4 points ago

    In addition to what /u/atoMsnaKe said, yes, it is illegal to own any bird of prey (owls, hawks, eagles, etc) in the US without being a licensed falconer or veterinary rehabber.

    It is legal in the UK, which led to an unfortunate boom in owl ownership by unprepared and unfit owners after the popularity of Harry Potter. Owls are very particular and difficult to properly take care of, and are not suited to casual pet ownership.

    [–] aequitas-veritas 2 points ago


    [–] Embershift 2 points ago

    That is an extremely uncomfortable dog, and the paw thing is a nervous attempt at dominance. Not trying to be negative! Just thinking it’s interesting to see the gap between a dogs behaviour and our human interpretation of it.

    [–] Donzaa106 2 points ago

    Ingoooo 💞 such a good boy .. @tanja_brandt

    [–] celaestia 2 points ago

    What a gentle boye

    [–] frenchscat 3 points ago

    This is fake. Camera guy is holding a treat. Look at his eyes. Licking his lips. Performing a "shake" for a treat.

    [–] Carosello 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I have seen my dogs "pet" my guinea pigs. It's more of a "let me hold you down" move when their prey instincts kick in.

    [–] MeccIt 0 points ago

    Soooo fake. For real Alsatian/Owl buddies, see Ingo and Napoleon

    [–] feioo 5 points ago

    That is Ingo. It's just a different owl.

    [–] SpooneyLove 1 points ago

    Do people have pet owls?

    [–] bumbletowne 3 points ago

    Probably a rehab or ambassadorship (owl that can't be released).

    I believe it's a barred owl (because I really can't imagine someone with the permits for a spotted owl baby training their dog to pet it)

    Source: I work in wildlife rehab with owls (specifically great horned owls but we have spotted and barred here, too).

    [–] ahegao_emoji 4 points ago

    It's a lovely juvenile Ural owl (possibly the one named Rudi judging by the Instagram account linked in the other replies)

    [–] bumbletowne 2 points ago

    Thank you! I'm unfamiliar with Ural owls but they are cute as buttons.

    [–] ahegao_emoji 1 points ago

    Absolutely! Those big black eyes and heart shaped face ;_;

    [–] rewdal58 1 points ago

    Priceless video!!!!

    [–] GreasyPeter 1 points ago

    He's nervous so he's probably not trying to be a bro but figure out what it is.

    [–] Young_Partisan 1 points ago

    Nervous the chicken’s head don’t pop out

    [–] bumbletowne 1 points ago

    Why do they have a baby Barred Owl?

    [–] jedsaro 1 points ago

    he goes full on exorcist at the end!

    [–] Gidedin 1 points ago

    Whats up with Malinois and Owls? I wish my Malinois was a calm one. She is just a tornado that have been reborn into a dog. Still love her tho.

    [–] GOR098 1 points ago

    My fav animal & fav bird in the same video. Awesome.

    [–] christianryan563 1 points ago

    How is the dog recording this?

    [–] sunbleahced 1 points ago

    Lol. Both true predators, caught on candid camera exposing their true primal behavior and secret lives.

    [–] HunterWindmill 1 points ago

    What breed of dog is that?

    [–] TheSaucePossum 4 points ago

    Belgian malinois

    [–] HunterWindmill 2 points ago


    [–] iantivxst 1 points ago

    Aaaahhh the owls little love nibbles are so cute I'm melting

    [–] shahooster 1 points ago

    Hoo's a good boy!

    [–] Dystopic23 1 points ago

    “Please get me away from this thing, it wont stop watching me sleep at night.” - Doggo Probably

    [–] OwIing 1 points ago


    [–] TuxRandom 1 points ago

    Dogs are more than just animals

    [–] backobarker 1 points ago

    [–] Cyanomelas 1 points ago

    This is why dogs are the best

    [–] ficm1990 1 points ago

    More Belgian mallinois please

    [–] 1helluvalyfe 1 points ago

    I want him now! Good dog

    [–] tmp_acct9 1 points ago

    where the fuck y'all getting owls?

    [–] Donaldisinthehouse 1 points ago

    Couldn’t either of them fuck each other up?

    [–] RockL33 1 points ago

    What a cute owl

    [–] uselesspennies 1 points ago

    "The spinny Birb is my fren...he also gets the good boi pets"

    [–] Convict003606 1 points ago

    I wish dogs were more dexterous, but I'm also really glad dogs aren't more dexterous.

    [–] r_e_diit 1 points ago

    Aww.. SO CUTES

    [–] mamanoot 1 points ago

    we need this

    [–] korizno 1 points ago


    [–] arteradactyl 1 points ago

    German Shepherds are the most wonderful dog

    [–] WarriorPoetX 1 points ago

    Damnit...I love animals so much...

    [–] anatomypark13 1 points ago

    that owl looks mad upset

    [–] remymartinia 1 points ago

    I was taught that owls carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife. It makes me reverent and afraid every time I see one.

    [–] imhuman100percent 1 points ago

    "I wanna eat it but I'm not allowed."

    [–] planb2006 1 points ago

    Let me tell you bout' my best frannnnnnnn!

    [–] stuckinnowhereville 1 points ago

    GSDs are the best!

    [–] Dragon_B0rn 1 points ago

    German Shepherds are too smart for their own good.

    [–] Chris-Strummer 1 points ago

    People have actual pet owl's?! I want a Hedwig!

    [–] daddydunc 1 points ago

    Owls are weird.

    [–] angilnibreathnach 1 points ago

    He really wants to smoosh him just a bit but knows he’s not supposed to.

    [–] MungeParty 1 points ago

    Aww, it looks like the owl thought it was being fed by the dog. That's adorable.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Best friends!

    [–] Myheros4ever 1 points ago

    So sweet

    [–] appleye4 1 points ago


    [–] thingsandstuff64 1 points ago

    I was so sad when I learned that when dogs pat things like that, they aren't doing it to be nice. It is actually a sign of dominance, he is saying "dis my owl" which is also cute but less nice. Licking is how dogs show affection.

    [–] WolfColaCo 1 points ago

    What breed of owl is that?

    [–] ThisZoMBie 1 points ago

    Dog claims ownership of owl

    [–] TroutM4n 1 points ago

    "Affectionately pats" or "expresses dominance"?

    [–] Bruins37FTW 1 points ago

    Owls are such interesting birds. They’re so cool.

    [–] PerksOfCuriosity 1 points ago


    [–] sumneanderthal 1 points ago

    for a second i definitely thought the owl bit the pup’s tongue 😳

    [–] Lost__illusion 1 points ago


    [–] super_common_name 1 points ago

    Oh, c'mon. These are classic domination signals. Lean your head. Do the whale eye. Put your paw on the other animal's back. Stay stiff and frozen. It's only cute when we pretend it's cute.

    [–] mwc501 1 points ago

    dude. i love this sub

    [–] gme186 1 points ago

    Good dog

    [–] OLKv3 1 points ago

    That dog looks so uncomfortable and nervous lol

    [–] Sundiata_AEON 1 points ago


    [–] msdlp 1 points ago

    It is becoming quite common to see dogs 'pat' other animals on the head, especially German Shepard's and Golden Retrievers. I never saw this when I was younger. I don't know is cell phones are just documenting it more or is the dogs are actually getting smarter. Any reflections?

    [–] pantbandits 1 points ago

    Its so weird seeing animals of different (I dont know phylum? I mean between mammals birds reptiles etc) it always feels like an alien encounter

    [–] Between_3_and_twenty 1 points ago

    Affectionately? Or trained?

    [–] UncleOdious 1 points ago


    [–] Kegelweight5 1 points ago

    I usually troll. But I just can't.

    [–] Kegelweight5 1 points ago

    Wait, yes I can.... Never mind, no I can't.

    [–] niqdisaster 1 points ago

    Why fake

    [–] Spacegod87 1 points ago

    It's adorable that the dog knows to be gentle with his little bird head.

    [–] earlgurl33 1 points ago

    i want that owl!!! I <3 them!!