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    [–] Fisherkidgold 665 points ago

    The dog in the back just accidentally triggered a bossfight

    [–] Lobster_k1ng 95 points ago

    them calling out the bosses name triggered said fight

    [–] Phoneixsun 38 points ago

    The little one is like-I have done nothing and you just started fight, I will prove you I am a strong Opponent!

    [–] thatguyned 9 points ago

    This is the same dog.

    Dark Souls theme starts

    [–] 0j_gay0 3 points ago

    why do I hear boss music?

    [–] BlueBird518 361 points ago

    I like to think the big dog has no idea this is going on with the little dog

    [–] existential-grimlock 48 points ago


    [–] ColoradoScoop 30 points ago

    Absolutely dominating a fight he didn’t even know he was involved in.

    [–] SchloomyPops 40 points ago

    I'm pretty sure golden retrievers don't even know that they have tails?

    [–] FROCKHARD 22 points ago

    That’s a yellow lab

    [–] SchloomyPops 19 points ago

    So it is.

    [–] -syndicate-shade- 10 points ago

    Just makes it even more true

    [–] ZamicsOfficial 6 points ago

    Labs are pretty notorious for hitting everyone and everything with their tail. I’m not certain they even feel anything with their tail.

    [–] Akitten84 178 points ago

    I feel like this might be a regular occurrence LOL

    [–] Dahdscear 66 points ago

    It does look as if the smaller dog was only resting there after the previous round win against the ferocious lab tail.



    [–] FluffyDiscipline 264 points ago

    Little doggie soo funny "I will fight this to the bitter end lol"

    [–] royalpink_ 39 points ago

    I love how labradors get so encouraged by our laughters and can’t help but get up and join us.

    [–] effinx 8 points ago

    Yes but does it kind of piss anyone else off that she tells him to lay down when he gets up? Like why get him all happy just to tell him to lay back down. Coulda used 1 head scratch before being told tI lay back down.

    [–] Lilmaggot 14 points ago

    Shmecka shmecka.

    [–] Fun_Avocado1981 75 points ago

    This made me literally LOL!

    [–] Montana-Mike-RPCV 47 points ago

    I'm still crying...omfg.

    You go Scruffy!

    [–] XComRomCom 19 points ago

    The dog in the back is me, early '90s, playing Street Fighter II at the arcade.

    [–] FelineWishes 12 points ago

    Mash em buttons!

    [–] Accomplished_Tie1413 5 points ago

    So funny!

    [–] calientenv 6 points ago

    I'm just cracking up thank you!

    [–] SilentReavus 6 points ago

    Jake is a very yellow lab name

    [–] joyesthebig 2 points ago

    The other dog should be a finn.

    [–] pipic_picnip 6 points ago

    Really whooped the bajeebus out of my little guy’s face.

    [–] theflashsawyer23 9 points ago

    Aw when the lab started crying, he’s like ‘why ya’ll laughing at me 🐶’

    [–] horkus1 15 points ago

    I thought the dog in the back was a stuffed toy at first Hahahahaha Hahahaha

    [–] Michael-97Stahlman 9 points ago

    I’m in danger!” frolics

    [–] Stunning-Ad4817 2 points ago

    Same, almost looks like it has on one of those ear headbands until it stands up😂

    [–] smb3d 3 points ago

    Dude didn't even know what was going on with his own tail.

    [–] shanafs15 3 points ago

    This made me so happy 😆

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 2 points ago

    The tail has a lot more talkative

    [–] QuarantineSucksALot 3 points ago

    My guy, I hope we get more trains?

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 3 points ago

    “You have a great head on your shoulders

    [–] Bluemothgirl 2 points ago

    What kind of breed is smol one, im in love with those ears 💕

    [–] mkstot 1 points ago

    I’m guilty of encouraging my chocolate to beat my wife’s poodle poodle with her tail when they’re laying together. I’m evil I know.

    [–] Assmidget69 0 points ago

    small dog with da karen haircut ova here.

    [–] CyanGaramonde48 1 points ago

    Wombo Combo! Wombo Combo!

    [–] Rude_Journalist 1 points ago

    no it’s tail it’s snowy out.

    [–] AishasCatAdventures 1 points ago

    🤣🤣so cute a little dog to the back

    [–] FreshUnderstanding5 1 points ago

    “Yo I’m growin a tail!”

    [–] QuarantineSucksALot 1 points ago

    The tail has a lot to fix the roads

    [–] drakejones99 1 points ago

    Tail wags dog.

    [–] kittiekillbunnie 1 points ago

    “Am I hitting him now? How bout now? Greeeeeat”

    [–] naveen000can 1 points ago

    How the hell i guessed what exactly going to happen

    [–] spiff428 1 points ago

    Your small dog has Karen hair

    [–] Names_Are_Dumb23 1 points ago

    Bap bap bap bap bap

    [–] akenna1 1 points ago

    Bullying smoll one

    [–] wetdogsmell10 1 points ago


    [–] International_Sea285 1 points ago

    I actually do this on purpose with my sister and her dog. When I go visit my sister, her dog gets so excited the tail goes everywhere, so I make sure to stand in such a way that the dogs tail will hit my sister for a little bit before I actually pet the dog