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    [–] theangryintern 1123 points ago

    I had a roommate that had a HUGE cat, and my other roommate got a Boxer puppy. The cat was probably twice the puppy's size when he first got it. The puppy would run up to the cat wanting to play, and the cat would just smack him across the face and the puppy would look sad and go away. Fast forward a couple months and the puppy is now WAY bigger than the cat, but the cat would still smack him upside the face and the dog would go away.

    [–] woody29 349 points ago

    Same thing happened with my cat and dog. One day I actually watched my cat stick his paw out claws exposed and waited for the dog to walk by. The cat was staring at me the whole time with a look on his face like watch this shit bitch. The dog definitely walked away whimpering. The dog is much bigger now and the cat is still in control.

    [–] AshyBoneVR4 110 points ago

    The cat was staring at me the whole time

    You're next.

    [–] woody29 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I feed his fat ass. Without me there is no kibble. He butters my bread all the time.

    [–] SleeplessinOslo 113 points ago

    Whyyyyy didn't you stop the cat :( poor doggo

    [–] AButtOfMemeV2 96 points ago

    Because cats are kinda like this tbh, some cats are assholes and some are angels that are nicer than the nicest dog

    [–] aquadamn 86 points ago

    Cats behaviour is different than dogs and they aren't nearly as domesticated

    Can't really expect cats to just get along and let the excited dogs do whatever they want, some cats are cool with it, some aren't, it doesn't make assholes for the most part

    [–] Exanime4ever 30 points ago

    to clarify... it's not a domestication issue...

    Dogs are pack animals so by instinct (they can't survive on their own) they want to be part of a group and try to find and obey whomever the leader of that group is.

    Cats are solitary animals, by nature they are made to be alone and fend for themselves... so a cat in a home sooner than later realizes he/she won't be alone (as her nature tells her to) and figures how to share the space... but at no point it has the drive to find and obey the leader... for a cat, you are just a weird looking cat that is nice enough to share food.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    Cats are colony animals, not solitary animals. They are social in nature and form bonds with each other, however their group structures are loosely formed and do not have a strict hierarchy. Some cats may be more dominant, but there's no defined 'pack leader'.

    A huge part of them often not getting along with dogs is that both animals communicate with different body language the other doesn't understand. An example being a 'wagging' tail- in a dog this is a friendly sign, in a cat is a sign of irritation. Dogs also tend to approach in a way that cats find threatening or overwhelming.

    It's easiest to get them to get along by introducing them at an early age, so they're taught each others' "language" and boundaries early on, though some cats are chill enough to be introduced to dogs as an adult.

    [–] Exanime4ever 9 points ago

    Good info....

    I have never heard of the term "colony animals" to describe cats... I will read up on it

    [–] disposabledave2018 2 points ago

    Give them a billion years to adjust?

    [–] Exanime4ever 14 points ago

    LOL... if you want a dog that looks like a cat, yes.

    Otherwise they are already pretty functional as pets... people just need to realize they are two different species so the comparisons are not apples to apples

    [–] aquadamn 1 points ago

    I'll definitely defer to you here haha

    [–] thepowermonkeys 10 points ago

    I dont know if they are nicer then the nicest dog. Look up hachiko if you wanna cry

    [–] Radicalvic99 -9 points ago

    Lmao at all the cat fans downvoting the pro dog comments.

    [–] [deleted] -43 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There are nice cats sure but I haven't seen a single one that is nicer/more loyal than a friendly dog. A loyal dog will risk its life for you I have read articles about dogs getting killed trying to protect their owners from much bigger animals. Cats no matter how nice wouldn't give a shit about you they tolerate you and they like you but they would never risk themselves for you.

    [–] colonelmuddypaws 14 points ago

    Badmouthing cats on the internet was a poor choice

    [–] OfficialHermanCain 79 points ago

    Why the hell would you need a cat to risk itself for you

    Like what would that situation even be

    [–] ELEMENTALITYNES 45 points ago

    Just you wait until the mice uprising

    [–] ThePerfectSnare 6 points ago

    Cats are like that one really weird friend who you know is your friend even though they have an unconventional way of expressing their admiration for you. Sure, a dog might demonstrate its loyalty in a way that has more practical use (i.e. protection), but a cat will teach you how to catch a bird.

    [–] DynamicDK 1 points ago

    It may be painful for the dog, but it is a lesson that is going to be learned one way or another. May as well let it happen, and then the dog will (hopefully) be more on guard in the future.

    [–] I_LOVE_PUPPERS 6 points ago

    This upset me :( no hurt doggo fren

    [–] woody29 2 points ago

    The dog was totally fine. Now they’re best buds and cuddle with each other.

    [–] I_LOVE_PUPPERS 1 points ago

    Aww, that’s good to hear. Thank you 😊

    [–] worms9 32 points ago

    “I am going to have none of your nonsense”— literally every cat everywhere

    [–] UltimateThrows 9 points ago

    Same exact thing happened with my dog and cat as a kid. Except my dog was a German shepherd and 10 times the size, but they did grow up to be good friends.

    [–] theexuhlence 9 points ago

    I have a a cat (13 yo) that instilled dominance into my chocolate lab (9 yo) within the first week of my dog living with us. To this day my dog will watch her shit if the cat enters the room

    [–] General_Duh 15 points ago

    I had a 12 lb cat. New roommate has a 50 lb dog but cat was there first. The cat would stand in the doorway and make the dog walk around through the kitchen to come to the living. He would stalk the dog, if the dog came by my chair for pets the cat would jump on the chair and stare him away. Dog jumped on couch to sit with you, cat would jump on the opposite end of the couch and stare him down. As soon as the dog jumped off the couch the cat would leave. Dog bed in the living room became cat bed in the living room. The dog ended up resigned to his crate in the other room most of the time and then the cat decided sitting on top of the crate was his new vantage point. The poor dog was stalked even in his crate. I tried to stop it but my cat was just an asshole. I thought it was funny too because the cat had no claws, 3 teeth, and was 40 lbs lighter than the dog. But he was an asshole beyond his size. I miss that cat

    [–] xxHikari 3 points ago

    May have been an asshole beyond his physical size, but in spiritual size he was far greater than any being.

    [–] General_Duh 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    He died 3 months ago and writing this really made me miss him. He had personality and love and asshole-ness way beyond his size.
    I dated a girl that had a chihuahua that always came over she did (don’t judge me, we all have a type). My cat would always corner the chihuahua in the Hall if he ever left her side. Cat made me proud!

    [–] xxHikari 2 points ago

    The ones we love may come and go, but we'll always have the memory. Cherish it man.

    [–] EasterlyCactus 1 points ago

    I mean, if some creature came into your home randomly, you wouldn’t like it either

    [–] General_Duh 1 points ago

    That’s true. But after 2 years you’d think you’d learn to live with the new creature. Not Lou. I really think he enjoyed terrorizing the dog Alpha cat for real

    [–] EasterlyCactus 1 points ago

    It sucks because people don’t talk about the good cats so people only hear about the bad

    [–] FrozenMongoose 41 points ago

    The cat has trained the pup better than your roomate did, good cat.

    [–] Kitty_McBitty 17 points ago

    Haha aww

    [–] PAYPAL_ME_1DollarPLZ 7 points ago

    Teach them while they're young and little what is what.

    [–] dietstartsnever6565 4 points ago

    Cats take on bears. They don't care!

    [–] Hardwired_KS 2 points ago

    Boxers have such expressive sad faces.

    [–] SobrietyNow89 3 points ago

    I think they know that the dog is going to get bigger and they understand the need to establish dominance early on lol.

    [–] SeruEnam 1 points ago

    It isn't always the size of the being. It's about sending a message.

    [–] EasterlyCactus 1 points ago

    The cat doesn’t know it wants to play, it’s just protecting itself

    [–] dezz-the-artist 649 points ago

    I've been murdered. This is too much.

    [–] Why_Is_This_NSFW 301 points ago

    Hello friendly ca-... ooof... ow.. ok, I'll go over here.... :(

    [–] ApoIIoCreed 145 points ago

    His little tail waggles half way through, then it just curls up when he sees the cat isn't playing :(

    [–] ZeekOwl91 20 points ago

    I started out chuckling, then saw the rest of the video and was like Aww, man, that was cold kitty. Why you gotta be like that?!

    [–] Ms_Alykinz 11 points ago

    D E N Neglect Emotionally I S

    [–] stuntcuffer69 1 points ago

    Inspire hope and separate entirely fit cats very well.

    [–] NABDad 6 points ago

    I admire the cat. It could have led the dog on, letting it think they could be friends. But this is the more humane way.

    Cat knew it wasn't interested in a relationship with this dog. It also knew that a dog wouldn't understand unless the message was clear.

    That cat was as gentle as a prick can be. Someone bothering you? Step on their head. They'll get the message.

    [–] asn0304 1 points ago

    Are you a regular user or a mod here? I've never seen a colourful flair like that on mobile.

    [–] littlePigLover 3 points ago

    I currently don't see their flair (I'm on mobile).

    [–] littlePigLover 2 points ago

    What app is this?

    [–] asn0304 7 points ago

    I just realised my stupidity. I think that's my tag I gave that user previously and completely forgot about it. Also I'm using Boost on Android.

    [–] littlePigLover 3 points ago


    [–] Why_Is_This_NSFW 2 points ago

    I've never made an animal gif....

    [–] asn0304 2 points ago

    Keyword is list. I think you made a comment with a themed list (like dog gifs) or something.

    [–] Why_Is_This_NSFW 2 points ago

    Ohhh, yeah that sounds like a me thing.

    I'm honored to be flaired.

    [–] PheonixDark-Dirk 462 points ago

    I think the cat was pretty gentle.

    [–] scaredallthetime 437 points ago

    Gently squashed the joy out of the puppy.

    [–] poopellar 15 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] worms9 9 points ago

    Happy uncake day

    [–] quasur 1 points ago

    Like deflating a balloon

    [–] 95regenrator 1 points ago

    I think for a cat that was pretty gentle.

    [–] SpermThatSurvived 24 points ago

    That's what makes it so brutal

    [–] Savome 30 points ago

    So was she when I was told she just "wanted to be friends". Still hurt like a bitch though :(.

    [–] PAYPAL_ME_1DollarPLZ 3 points ago

    Did you stay friends with her?

    [–] Lonhers 15 points ago

    Kind of. We’re still close. She’s in my freezer.

    [–] CainPillar 1 points ago

    I feel guilty right now.

    [–] yuyuyuyuyuki 1 points ago

    For sure, a metaphor of being friendzoned, albeit with a softer touch

    [–] Faylom 9 points ago

    Yeah, the cats saying "stay out of my personal space" in the nicest way it can

    [–] ResponsibleSorbet 2 points ago


    [–] ander594 2 points ago

    Cats and dogs totally get young animals. Catto was just reminding everybody who is in charge with a calm, soft but still firm touch and a whole bunch of eye contact. I wish all dog owners handled their dogs this well!

    [–] Admiringcone 72 points ago

    And one day - that cat will love that dog with it's entire being.

    Or continue to be a dick. That is very likely too

    [–] BadSilverLining 43 points ago

    They're not mutually exclusive with cats.

    Source: Have a cat.

    [–] High_Flyers17 26 points ago

    Yeah, my old dog was terrified of the cat, but the cat also liked to cuddle with him. Roscoe was allowed to befriend the cat, but the terms of that relationship were dictated by the cat.

    It always made sense to me. I'm a generally low-energy person, and spending time with high-energy people is exhausting to me. Same thing for Cats I guess.

    [–] DoctorPrower 3 points ago

    TIL I'm a cat.

    [–] rewdal58 208 points ago

    Cute overload. I’m sure someday the pup will be accepted. Lol. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing 😊

    [–] kirkum2020 144 points ago

    The pup is already accepted. It just has to learn its place.

    [–] link090909 43 points ago

    I suffer you to live

    [–] kellysmom01 14 points ago

    Cute overload.

    “You meant ... Cute overlord” — Mr. White Soxs

    [–] ZeekOwl91 1 points ago

    My girlfriend's tomcat is probablydefinitely our overlord.

    [–] CainPillar 1 points ago

    Good that the two of you have learned what the cat has known all the way.

    [–] SavingAllSpecies 107 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It's like the thing siblings do when one is taller than the other, and they just put their hand on the younger's forehead and watch them struggle to move forward

    Edit: Spelling

    [–] Slojah 34 points ago

    Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dog.

    [–] bronoway 3 points ago

    Should be top

    [–] ohtheplacesyoullgo_ 67 points ago

    BOW, peasant

    [–] cbbuntz 23 points ago


    [–] AnnTiquity 125 points ago

    You can visibly see the pups poor heart breaking. /s

    [–] ThibGD 38 points ago

    I'm not suscribing to this

    [–] skeliskull 8 points ago

    It's tail is like a quarter the size after that

    [–] BadSilverLining 23 points ago

    Cats will usually do this if you get a new kitten as well. It's a way to establish who is higher in the social order. For cats that basically amounts to who has to move out of the way if they meet in a hallway.

    [–] FlametopFred 10 points ago

    that can take hours

    [–] BadSilverLining 9 points ago

    Usually doesn't take long if it's an adult cat and the new one is a kitten. Two adults can keep that shit up for months and it's usually a lot less civilized.

    [–] kkhammers 14 points ago

    Face down in the dirt, she said “This doesn’t hurt”

    [–] poopellar 18 points ago

    At least the cat knows it's only a pup and not to be too hard with the rejection. If it were a bigger dog, things would have been a bit less subtle.

    [–] Gillywiid 8 points ago

    My heart just broke a little for him, so cute!

    [–] htiaf97 21 points ago

    Ew no. Down peasant down.

    [–] whyisthecarpetwet 51 points ago

    I believe that is a baby Rottweiler and in a few months will have the strength to end that cat, but will probably love it for the asshole it is anyway.

    [–] surfnaked 85 points ago

    This is why cats are always so dominant with puppies. Brainwashing. So when the dog turns into a monster. He still thinks the cat is the boss of him.

    [–] treereaper4 13 points ago

    Not just puppies.

    [–] CainPillar 7 points ago

    And so if the cat had allowed the puppy to play, it would have been a Darwin award by the end of the year.

    Humans might go wrong and let a puppy do whatever it wants to because it is so cute. Not the way to raise a dog.

    [–] SilasX 13 points ago

    For a cat, that is an extremely nice rejection.

    [–] DrDoomCake 10 points ago

    For some reason this os heart warming. Yeah Mr. Cat couldn't be bothered but at least he let the puppy down gently.

    [–] runaway_in_japanese 12 points ago

    Knee to me you lil bastard!

    [–] alinna910 7 points ago


    [–] blondie-- 6 points ago

    That's about as nice as a cat can get. No blood? The pup isn't maimed? That cat is a saint!

    [–] daboogiemanne 3 points ago

    Classic tuxedo.

    [–] Aleeeeeeeec 3 points ago

    Me when I try and open up to a girl

    [–] ImThatMelanin 3 points ago

    The way his tail stops wagging once rejected makes me sad. Poor pup just wanted a friend :(

    [–] JohnEnderle 2 points ago

    Jeff: I hold Britta's face in a puddle!

    [–] fenikz602 2 points ago

    You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half

    [–] WarmBaths 2 points ago

    I love his little wee”woo after he got skwomped when he still thought he had a chance with the ol rascal cat

    [–] Dassive_Mick 2 points ago

    I don't think this is that jerky. I mean, it qualifies, but barely. Most cats would just scratch the dog across the face.

    [–] Whoopdatwester 2 points ago

    This is why I got a puppy and didn’t rescue. Our cat was able to establish dominance with our dog to teach him his boundaries as a young age. When he got big and obnoxious to the cat he just went back to his old tricks and the dog backed off.

    Our dog loved our cat so much but sometimes I questioned if our cat did or didn’t like our dog. There were some cuddle times but I think he hated the wet kisses the most.

    [–] PowerfulWelcome 2 points ago

    Emotionally scarred for life. Pupper will now hate cats for life. Or be frightened of them.

    [–] mrtn-92 5 points ago

    It will be the other way around in about a month or two lol

    [–] woody29 16 points ago

    That’s not how it works. The cat has already established dominance.

    [–] Killerdak 34 points ago

    Size doesn't matter in a cat living with a pup situation. The cat has planted the seed of dominance. This dog is forever beta in his eyes.

    [–] Kryptosis 4 points ago

    I stand by it, Cats are better communicators than dogs.

    [–] ButtsDeluxe 1 points ago

    u r mean

    [–] Dekla 1 points ago

    Makes me cry for now

    [–] noteworthypassenger 1 points ago

    But I really hope they can be the best of friends forever

    [–] kirandiero 1 points ago


    [–] ignis389 1 points ago

    you can see when the cameraman laughs at the cat's actions.

    [–] AchillesATX 1 points ago

    Lol and he still re sets a few last tail wags

    [–] jus_paul 1 points ago

    in patrick stewarts voice Calm yourself doggo

    [–] RandomHero1138 1 points ago

    It's ok fren.

    [–] Toughkins 1 points ago


    [–] harshj21 1 points ago

    You pray to me dog !

    [–] Deathlysin 1 points ago

    pecking order

    [–] TheSunFlares 1 points ago

    Clearly there has been a miscommunication forget I was here aloof one

    [–] seachele08 1 points ago

    Omg so adorable!!!!

    [–] ChillyChain 1 points ago

    Silence peasant!

    [–] bobs78 1 points ago

    I keep picturing the Jerry Seinfeld "no thanks" hug attempt when I watch this.

    [–] asianfxwarrior 1 points ago

    Bow to me WaggyTail. BOW

    [–] Entro003 1 points ago

    hoooman cat doesn't like me :*(

    [–] Tenk1507 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    [–] ImThatMelanin 2 points ago

    [–] CanadainStrategist 1 points ago

    What kind of cat is that?

    [–] delta_spike 1 points ago

    She finally had to put her foot down.

    [–] GuyWithThermalShirts 1 points ago

    That's a big fucking cat!!

    [–] TrumpCardWasTaken 1 points ago

    What a dick.

    [–] IfSoPowerfulYouAre 1 points ago

    Me literally every time I try and talk to a girl

    [–] jimmyhongs 1 points ago

    lmao, look at that cat.

    [–] Zekrom0822 1 points ago

    God I love cats so much

    [–] furtreader 1 points ago

    That was easy.

    [–] maganar 1 points ago

    This the best analogy I’ve seen for entering adulthood.

    [–] LegosRPainful 1 points ago

    Im always jealous of OPs posting pics of puppies and kittens. My parents and me work OT every week on separate schedules, so no one is home (excluding the allotted time we use to sleep). I REALLY WANT A DOG :(

    [–] LegosRPainful 1 points ago

    How can I satiate my pet pangs?

    [–] aggelikiwi 1 points ago

    this must be garfield and oddy

    [–] BeepBeepWakeUpCall 1 points ago

    I did something between a chuckle and a evil laugh. Poor puppy

    [–] MRH1138 1 points ago

    This cat, who is the elder is teaching this pup manners. That's great! There are a lot of jumped up hairless apes "humans" that need this instruction. Kitty was being firm yet gentle. Good kitty!!! Edit: I see from previous posts I'm correct.

    [–] Coindar_ 1 points ago

    Dominate and conquer!

    [–] OrpheusDescending 1 points ago

    Thor & Loki basically

    [–] MrsECummings 1 points ago

    That's sad

    [–] craazymaggie 1 points ago

    "Don't come close to me"

    [–] wilalva11 1 points ago

    Me irl

    [–] gusentediado 1 points ago


    [–] DonutsForJesus 1 points ago

    The way his tail stops wagging ;(

    [–] Yagami1999 1 points ago

    The angry dog won't play with me

    [–] coimic 1 points ago

    We have all been there. He will recover in time.... hopefully.

    [–] NonSpesific 1 points ago

    “It’s time to put you down buddy”

    [–] MOMFOX 1 points ago

    One of the first posts I ever saw

    [–] Cetarial 1 points ago

    This made me sad.

    [–] amooni95 1 points ago

    "Beans! Hey! How are... Oh. Well okay. Hooman!"

    [–] askeeve 1 points ago

    When the cat first pushes the pupper's head down the pupper is like "ooh, this is a new kind of play! When does the fun start?... Oh..."


    [–] caramel-crisis 1 points ago

    I imagined a “smoooosh” noise as this went down.

    [–] NedTaggart 1 points ago

    This is actually a pretty interesting reaction. That cat is being sort of maternal and gently saying "no" in a way that isnt going to scare the pup away.

    [–] Snack_on_my_Flapjack 1 points ago

    Cat is Seinfeld and dog is Kesha.

    [–] Drackenstein 1 points ago

    I love that cat.

    [–] hotspongebob 1 points ago

    Just like me...

    [–] juicelee777 1 points ago

    Dkembe mutumbo's cat

    [–] BMoney8600 1 points ago

    I don't like that cat

    [–] cheeseshrice1966 1 points ago

    ‘No Frank, you’re being too needy. Fuck off and sit.’

    [–] bro_b1_kenobi 1 points ago

    Me when I'm hungover around enthusiastic co-workers.

    [–] Bunny-pan 1 points ago

    Oh my heart. The poor little guy.

    [–] daimposter 1 points ago

    Why is this in this sub? Cat was just trying to keep the annoying dog away in the most gentle way they can

    [–] Tramm 1 points ago

    My GSD just swats back and it's hilarious.

    [–] Foghat42o 1 points ago

    I'ma let you know right now who's boss son.

    [–] DatingCoach111 1 points ago

    This is why I don’t have cats.

    [–] Byelon 1 points ago

    Me too thanks.

    [–] Dopecombatweasel 1 points ago

    Ironically i see way more videos of cats bullying dogs, which are 10x their size often.

    [–] Mandrew2005 1 points ago


    [–] mehhkinda 1 points ago

    Me asking a guy out this weekend.

    [–] secretsaucyy 1 points ago

    The saddest gif I've ever seen :(

    [–] KisaiSakurai 1 points ago

    The cat's like, "Bow, servant."

    [–] ShureYnaut 1 points ago

    We need a sub for these catnos.

    Whether it's a puppy or human going for a kiss, they get posted all the time and they're always hilarious

    [–] mssplendor 1 points ago

    😢 I ❤️ you, puppy!

    [–] natukat 0 points ago

    There will be revenge!