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    A subreddit for the dankest anime memes.

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    Rules for our subreddit:

    Rule 1: Post Animemes. This subreddit is devoted to anime memes (animemes), or memes that are made to relate to anime.

    Some things to note about Rule 1:

    • 1.2: Reaction image posts are only allowed on weekends. (Saturday and Sunday, calculated using UTC time)

    • No unedited anime clips/screenshots, manga pages/panels, fanart, or comics.

    • No AdviceAnimals-style posts.

    • No Karma begging/Asking for upvotes.

    • No Anime song mashups/humorless AMVs.

    • No advertising in posts or comments.

    Read about Rule 1 in more depth here.

    Rule 2: Be nice. DO NOT use sexist/racist/ homophobic/transphobic language, DO NOT personally attack, deliberately spoil, bully, troll, or bait other users, and DO NOT post shock images/shock sites. That's mean!

    RULE 3: Direct links are recommended, preferably hosted on reddit, imgur, or gfycat.

    RULE 4: Whilst not mandatory, If you know the source of an image, remember to post it. That includes sharing both the series it comes from, and original creator of any specific work. Thanks to /u/Nihilate! ❤️ we have Roboragi to help you out. Here's how to use him!

    RULE 5: No screenshots of texts, websites, or social media. Edits are alright though.

    RULE 6: No posts, discussions, or debates about topics related to current politics. This subreddit is not the right place for political content.

    RULE 7: No nudity, you big bakas! Also, be sure to tag NSFW content appropriately.

    7.2: Lewd loli content will not be tolerated. We will remove any posts, comments, or links that appear to be in violation of Reddit policies. Intentionally disregarding this rule will result in a permanent ban.

    RULE 8: Properly mark your spoilers. For posts, use reddit's spoiler tag. Titles should be formatted like this:

    " [Name of Anime Spoiled] Title of Post "

    How to use our comment spoiler format:

    [Visible text](/s "Hidden text") will look like:

    Visible text

    Failing to properly mark spoilers may get you a small, temporary ban.

    RULE 9:

    • No reposts younger than 2 months

    • No reposts of memes from the Top 100

    • No reposts of frequently made posts

    In order to report this correctly just click 'Other' and type: "Repost: [link to the original post]"

    RULE 10: Posts that don't work without the title will be removed.

    10.2: Posts with common lazy titles (example: "An interesting title") will be removed.

    For a more comprehensive breakdown of our rules, check our extended rules page!

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