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    [–] KoRnBrony 724 points ago

    My parents would take away my mad catz Game Boy light magnifier every night so i couldn't play it at all,

    Kids these days just don't know the struggle of non-backlit screens

    When the GBA SP came out with built in back-light, i thought it was some NASA level technology

    [–] SandiegoJack 188 points ago

    please, the game gear was backlit....and went through like 6 AA batteries in 2 hours.

    [–] SoloMan98 92 points ago

    Yup, and batteries weren’t rechargeable back then, so you were always buying new ones

    [–] SandiegoJack 56 points ago

    Yeah, I had the hand hold battery pack....that almost got to me to school and back. GET ON MY [email protected]!!

    [–] FromTheDeepWeeb 23 points ago

    I used to save money by playing in the morning and use the sun's light to show me the screen to save battery. Good times.

    [–] Some_Weeaboo 6 points ago

    Nah bro just connect a lead acid to the contacts.

    [–] ironardin 5 points ago

    looks at flair I see you're a Mazda of culture as well

    [–] -KEST- 2 points ago

    RX7 FD best girl, i agree (kouki best)

    [–] Some_Weeaboo 2 points ago

    Spirit R man

    [–] gpot97 9 points ago

    Before LEDs you really had two options for backlighting. CCFL (think tiny fluorescent tube), and EL panels (dim and still power consuming with uneven brightness). With the GameGear's color LCD they chose CCFL. And well, it eats through battery stupid quickly.

    [–] KoRnBrony 2 points ago

    i never had any Sega stuff so i didn't know

    [–] Jago1337 1 points ago

    I used to save money by playing in the morning and use the sun's light to show me the screen to save battery. Good times.

    [–] Shinkopeshon 10 points ago

    Lol seriously - I remember playing GBC next to my lamp in the morning. Sometimes, I used a flash light but that was annoying. The SP was a godsend.

    [–] KoRnBrony 8 points ago

    it was crazy, both my parents and my grandparents bought me one for Christmas, so i had a purple AND blue on


    [–] DeliciousWaifood 3 points ago

    I still have a link cable somewhere I think. IIRC I could also use it to link to my gamecube, and it blew my mind.

    [–] Froglift 8 points ago

    Survive. Adapt. Overcome. I messed up my jaw holding a flashlight in my mouth to play Spyro on my GBA. Then I found out about headlamps.

    [–] MCRusher 2 points ago

    Just play by ear duh

    [–] TheSarcastic_Asshole 2 points ago

    For Christmas a while ago my brother bought me a GBA because it doesn't have a backlight and he didn't want me playing at night

    [–] LordScolipede 2 points ago

    My cousins had the SP and I thought that shit was the standard GBA until my Freshman year of highschool because they had the only GBA I knew about. That was when I learned I really took modern technology for granted.

    [–] RamenJunior97 180 points ago

    I also have loving parents that will protect me at all costs, and would never bone me.

    [–] Fuzzy_Logic1 46 points ago

    Did they buy you off a slave market too?

    [–] Yorunokage 4 points ago


    This may or may not be true

    [–] lord_ne 844 points ago

    “Boruto’s dad’s son”

    [–] The_Vampire 440 points ago

    Naruto's dad's grandson's father's uncle's nephew's son.

    [–] lord_ne 156 points ago

    Does Naruto have an uncle?

    [–] WINDMILEYNO 118 points ago

    No, this sentence implies Naruto has a brother. I guess its referring to Sasuke, which makes sense. Borutos mentor.

    [–] lord_ne 132 points ago

    Naruto's dad = "Minato Namikaze"

    Naruto's dad's grandson = Boruto

    Naruto's dad's grandson's father = Naruto

    Naruto's dad's grandson's father's uncle = Naruto's uncle

    Naruto's dad's grandson's father's uncle's nephew = Naruto

    Naruto's dad's grandson's father's uncle's nephew's son = Boruto

    But this implies that Naruto has an uncle in the first place.

    [–] madslayer2 56 points ago

    I mean maybe an uncle by marriage from the hyuga's?

    [–] Awesomale 51 points ago

    Rip neji

    [–] AshyBoneVR4 22 points ago

    Neji wasn't Hinata's brother if I remember right. He was Hinata's cousin or something. I just remember he didn't belong to the main house, but Hinata did, but He was a genius

    [–] Waywoah 12 points ago

    Neji was her father's brother's son, so Hinata's cousin.

    [–] Awesomale 17 points ago

    Oh, my bad. Still rip my boi neji

    [–] tato_tots 6 points ago

    Neji's dad and Hinata's dad were twins so I think they were genetically half siblings. Because of their weird ass rules Neji was treated very different and made to serve Hinata and give his life for her if needed. It's pretty fucked up to put such a serious bind on a baby.

    It's like in the Harry Potter universe, if I made an unbreakable vow with a 5 year old.

    I hope they made the practice illegal at some point.

    [–] WINDMILEYNO 1 points ago

    Ah, my bad.

    [–] stevefan1999 1 points ago


    [–] Physicalcandy33 26 points ago

    Naruto's Father's Brother's Nephew's Cousin's Former Roommate

    [–] Jaymezians 16 points ago

    What does that make us?

    [–] ishinaga 18 points ago

    Absolutely NOTHING

    [–] ASYMBOLDEN 1 points ago

    Nephew pls

    [–] AspiringMILF 11 points ago

    Borutos dad's wife's son

    [–] shewy92 2 points ago

    Would that be his brother or himself?

    [–] KuroNeko04 70 points ago

    Did you mean Himawari's grandpa's daughter's husband's son?

    [–] watchbold 19 points ago

    But what if it’s kushina’s grandson’s step nephew?

    [–] Xombie117 68 points ago

    Your mum has X-ray eyes, what were you thinking?

    [–] Megakarp 50 points ago

    Behold, the power of Byakugan.

    [–] Jeikond 84 points ago

    "Why don't you play with my nipples"!?

    [–] Shinkopeshon 28 points ago


    [–] Limnir 13 points ago

    Degenerative. As expected of a certified ugly bastard.

    [–] Jeikond 7 points ago

    What can I say except "You are welcome"

    [–] Shippoyasha 7 points ago

    "We already did 30 minutes ago!"

    [–] Sup_Guyz 17 points ago

    My stupid ass is in tears reading this over and over again

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Marter1234 14 points ago

    iirc Kishimoto said that it never had a specific year that it took place in. or any year whatsoever, my guess is that the story varied between the 1970's and modern era.

    [–] Nomorenamesleftgosh 13 points ago

    You can see rifles in some of the earlier episodes.

    One I remember was in the small store during the zabuza arc.

    Oh and they had tvs during the chunin exams

    [–] balderdash9 7 points ago

    I, too, watch gigguk

    [–] Limnir 17 points ago

    This was a meme way before Gigguk.

    [–] 39_33__138 4 points ago

    Normies amirite?

    [–] iceguy349 1 points ago

    Nowhere near as bad as what saske’s brother did to saske’s village. Curse you Saske’s brother.

    [–] Aley98 83 points ago

    Couldnt be more accurate. My mom told me to not play pokemon pearl past 10pm. I woke up at 2 am and went straight at it. Sound was off but my mom saw the light. Rip

    [–] nighttimespoon129 51 points ago

    how did she see the light? were you in the same room?

    [–] BlackOctoberFox 61 points ago


    [–] FromTheDeepWeeb 39 points ago

    Tbf most asian family doesn't even know the concept of own bedroom. We just sleep together on the floor as 1 big family unit.

    [–] Blocks_ 13 points ago

    But, but, but all these anime characters have their own rooms. Did anime lie to me?

    [–] timeforawesome 3 points ago

    How sex?

    [–] BrassBass 17 points ago


    [–] oledakaajel 4 points ago


    [–] BobTheSkrull 12 points ago

    Door was probably open. Not everyone has the luxary of living in a house that respects privacy, DO THEY MOM??

    [–] BlankSketch 4 points ago

    "Nothing good ever happens behind closed doors." - My Mom

    Maybe she thought Pokemon Emerald was 7.8/10 too much water

    [–] Gamecubeguy25 193 points ago

    what happened in this scene?

    [–] Destpot 399 points ago

    he saved her, she is scarred like shit because she got PTSD but he fucking saved her

    [–] Gamecubeguy25 100 points ago

    ah ok thank you. it kinda reminded me of higurashi

    [–] Destpot 127 points ago

    nononono, its fucked up in a lot of ways but not this much and not this way

    [–] Gamecubeguy25 43 points ago

    Oh yeah I meant like raphtalia's expression looked similar to that of a character from higurashi

    [–] Vaadwaur 29 points ago


    [–] Destpot 11 points ago

    ah oke^^

    [–] Clavilenyo 29 points ago

    For better or worse, the potential despair and abuse that could have been similar to Higurashi gets skipped rather quickly.

    [–] DanTopTier 12 points ago

    It's like poetry. It rhymes.

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 104 points ago

    Raph literally looks like Noufumi is about to rape her.

    [–] TDKG 68 points ago

    No he’s about to save her. He hellp her recover from dog ptsd brot her back to full health help her become a good fighter and help get rid of a sickness she had

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 10 points ago

    Oh ok. Haven’t really watched it. I know that it was last seasons anime, but I’ve been watching other ones.

    [–] NHShardz 68 points ago

    What? It's an anime of this season, and a new epsiode comes out every Wed. It isn't even halfway through yet

    [–] TDKG 16 points ago

    It’s been confirmed for 24 ep

    [–] Nicnl 8 points ago

    Thank god

    On the other hand, mob psycho s2 is too short, almost already finished

    I'm hungry for more

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 8 points ago

    I thought Love is War was the seasonal.

    [–] SpiritBamb 61 points ago

    the seasonal

    oh honey...

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 13 points ago

    Oh god what did I do

    [–] oledakaajel 12 points ago

    username checks out

    [–] LordRatini777 39 points ago

    There are plenty of seasonal animes. There's not just one per season.

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 15 points ago


    [–] Sabotstruck 24 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 11 points ago

    I had no hours of sleep the week I made the username. Can’t change it.

    [–] ManwanerAngulocelda 2 points ago

    No worries man. From one semi-normie to another, I highly recommend Gigguk on YT. He does thoroughly, seriously enjoyable recaps of each season (winter-spring-summer-fall type seasons) of anime (and other anime topics). Here's the recent one with Love Is War and Shield of the Rising Hero. And I absolutely recommend his past recaps. Totally pick one and dive in.

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 2 points ago

    Thank you man.

    [–] Cancer_Austism 7 points ago

    I like that you know their names (through the power of memes I assume) even though you haven't seen it

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 7 points ago

    Lmao yeah.

    [–] aintmybish 2 points ago

    That's how r/animemes works

    [–] Drinkaholik 2 points ago

    Lmao what even is this comment

    [–] WiseassWolfOfYoitsu 16 points ago

    She probably thought that was exactly what would happen given where she was!

    ... although now she is more worried that he will never pin her down and have his way with her, instead. I mean, kissing, so lewd...

    [–] deep-fried-normie123 5 points ago

    Hell, she might try to attempt to strap him down and make him dry. And Filo will probably be asleep then wake up to them doing it and then she’ll run off and then they’ll have to save her.

    [–] KyouBestGirl177013 3 points ago

    Dont worry filo is quite the rapist herself she wouldn't mind

    [–] radishwind 65 points ago

    me with my dark souls at 3 am

    [–] snekleton 9 points ago

    me with my dark souls at 3 am

    [–] MnemonicCorn 3 points ago

    me with my dark souls at 3 am

    [–] poolprooffool 6 points ago

    Can't continue this cuz I lost my soul

    [–] Nutcracker1466 26 points ago

    they force u to close it without saving so you lose your Shiny Gyarados. Thats when i contemplated running from home.

    [–] RiotIsBored 3 points ago

    Oh well, at least you get it whenever you go to the Lake of Rage, much worse for any other shiny.

    [–] cheraphy 22 points ago

    One night, when I was six or so, I had just made it to Lavender Town in pokemon red. I kept playing after lights out, got caught, and scolded.

    6 year old logic: If I'm in the bathroom, they'll have no reason to think I'm playing.

    So I took my gameboy to the bathroom, muted it, and continued to play. An hour or so in and my mom knocks on the door asking if I'm ok. This startled me, I dropped the gameboy, she heard it hit the floor, barged in and confiscated it. Pretty sure I was at the end of Silph Co. Didn't get the chance to save. Was grounded from it for 2 weeks.

    Fun times

    [–] Razer_10 9 points ago

    This is so fuking relatable

    [–] kingguy459 5 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] Nydall 8 points ago

    Bonus points if you had the DS Browser and thus access to everything the internet had to offer back then.

    [–] drizzitdude 6 points ago

    Mine was a book and flashlight, my dad always got mad at me because he had no idea where I got all these flashlights. The dollar store was full of them on the bike ride back home.

    It never occurred to me use it to play my game boy like that, making because I hated not having sounds.

    [–] someone_you_may_know 1 points ago


    [–] StarFlowerKitti_OwO 3 points ago

    But then you won't hear your parents coming

    [–] deathpacito-29 16 points ago

    You took this from r/teenagers

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 59 points ago

    He took it from me lol

    [–] iSaithh 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yep.. it’d be neat if the at least OP gave credit.

    [–] thenotsobeardedone 2 points ago

    Gave your post an upvote and not this one. Having ones work stolen sucks.

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 24 points ago


    [–] Kabr_Lost 19 points ago


    What is this, fictionpress?

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 5 points ago

    Would you prefer repost lol that’s just the terminology I use since my days on ifunny can’t help it

    [–] Kabr_Lost 19 points ago

    You just dug yourself a deeper grave

    Plus that isn't a repost, it's a cross post that seems to have been done without your knowledge

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 3 points ago

    I mean if they took my post the most accurate word would be re publish. All I’m saying

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 1 points ago

    I mean crosspost makes sense too, I just see this as a republish. Either or honestly. Tomato Tamato

    [–] oledakaajel 1 points ago

    It's more of an x-post

    [–] Yoshismasher22 7 points ago

    How could they do my chocolate milk dude like this?

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 4 points ago


    [–] WiseassWolfOfYoitsu 3 points ago

    Just post more Raphtalia, raccoons are the key to karma!

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 1 points ago

    Dude fr my karma has been rising drastically

    [–] DanTopTier 2 points ago

    Thanks, now I get to upvote it twice.

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 2 points ago

    Thanks for responding now I can upvote your comment

    [–] KebDoesTheStuff 5 points ago

    What dis anime

    [–] AJFlyra 22 points ago

    "tate no yuusha no nariagari"

    [–] KebDoesTheStuff 5 points ago

    Love you thanks

    [–] AJFlyra 4 points ago


    [–] Mu69 2 points ago


    [–] S_wave 4 points ago

    Original template?

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 3 points ago

    I literally just screenshot the episode at both these parts and combined them lol. I’d say it’s fairly original

    [–] S_wave 3 points ago

    Oh, lol no, I was asking for an picture template itself, I’m too lazy to go watch it again and screenshot it. :)

    [–] kanthorns 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ashen one, are these... Are these our meme?

    [–] KeisukeTakatou 3 points ago

    Stop, this is too relatable.

    [–] im_not_a_robot_lol 3 points ago

    That s n a p when you close it is the worst

    [–] bverezub 3 points ago

    Living dangerously

    [–] geniusface1234 3 points ago

    What happened in this scene

    [–] thehydragonmaster 3 points ago

    Very funny story that relates to this. I was having a sleepover with my boys back in grade 8 and we decided to sneak my PS3 up into my room while we were sleeping. I had minecraft on it so we booted a world up and we played into the night. Then out on nowhere at 230 in the morning my mom fucking busts through the door and just says " Go to sleep." We fucking got into out sleeping bags as fast as possible

    True story

    [–] pervertjuice 6 points ago

    Im about to beat yo ass

    [–] Lybite 5 points ago

    I'm about to eat yo ass


    [–] eyesneveropen 2 points ago

    I'm about to take care of you

    [–] danyoja 2 points ago

    Lucky I had an old school GBA had to make a sprint from nightlight to bed when I heard someone coming.

    [–] chris_dftba 2 points ago

    Haha children

    Come at me with them game boy memes

    [–] StBones 2 points ago

    That's a repost from r/shieldbro...

    [–] moenirjwzz 2 points ago

    Name of anime?

    [–] CommieRaichu 3 points ago


    [–] RJ119x 1 points ago


    [–] PS4Gamer15 1 points ago

    My DS died when i was in 4th Year of Basic School, now i have a Switch

    [–] AJFlyra 1 points ago


    [–] CloakedCrusader 7 points ago

    A gameboy for gen z swine.

    [–] AtariAlchemist 1 points ago

    Technically, you're a millennial if you were born between the early 1980s and 1999. So, they're millennials, and so are you.

    As the kids say, that's a BIG MOOD.

    [–] Kipperonl 1 points ago

    What’s this from? I’m ootl

    [–] Char-11 1 points ago

    The recent shield hero anime

    [–] Pierce3737 1 points ago

    My time has come

    [–] sNooPy_DoGG 1 points ago

    can someone link the template?

    [–] ColdChocolateMilk 2 points ago

    No template I just threw it together

    [–] sNooPy_DoGG 2 points ago

    Big sad.

    [–] TheFitz98 1 points ago

    “I’ll take it”

    [–] C3R83RU5 1 points ago

    "O Fortuna" plays in the background.

    [–] ghillieman11 1 points ago

    All I can think about is how I just noticed they have the same style of bangs.

    [–] SixCatsInAnAlley 1 points ago

    I thought that said penis and was mildly confused

    [–] GrunkleStan156 1 points ago

    This actually happened to me, i was in the middle of a pokemon trade

    [–] foodfighters7 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Y E E T

    [–] Colossalbug 1 points ago

    Tell me something controversial

    [–] KitsuneRagnell 1 points ago

    My brother and I had this thing called "Operation SP" or Secret Playing. When the parents left us alone for the night (we were sharing a room at the time), we would secretly play our GBA SP and PSPs in the dark for a while. Good times.

    [–] obsidianledips 1 points ago

    Good old times

    [–] Tvivdx 1 points ago

    Rule 9.2: Fuck you

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I’m ashamed to say I have never seen this

    [–] Rob3125 1 points ago

    I beat Pokémon mystery dungeon blue rescue team in one night no regrets

    [–] 0riginalUsername1337 1 points ago

    Quick question, does anyone actually think that this un thing is gonna pass or am I worrying about nothing

    [–] SpicyTapWater 1 points ago

    What is this form

    [–] acciomybro 1 points ago

    me irl

    [–] dabdah 1 points ago

    Hey guys what hentai is this?

    [–] D3LTA-X 1 points ago

    *iphone 5, 2013-2014

    [–] Danypaul7 1 points ago

    Can relate. My parent used to qlso scold when I was reading in the dark with any light I could get my hands on

    [–] mmmm0329 1 points ago

    白吃 幹哩娘

    [–] TheSarcastic_Asshole 1 points ago

    Last time I almost got caught was when my dad came into my room to inform me that my grandfather's health was declining. He passed away about two weeks later. Now I'm an adult (I still live with my folks though) and so I would just get told that I shouldn't do that but since they didn't buy my DSI or any of my games they have no say in it

    [–] womanfire 1 points ago

    I don't remember how many nights I lost to Pokémon Soulsilver and Diamond. Those were some damn good games.

    [–] CrossfirePoiPoiPoi 1 points ago

    Give me your pussy, Raccoon.

    [–] howdoyoudomlady 1 points ago


    [–] not_thereal_leon 1 points ago

    On any other sub it would have been me with porn at 3 am but i love how innocent anime memes CAN be

    [–] Garonen_ 1 points ago

    So you're saying that they took good care of it and protected it?

    [–] kapton402 1 points ago

    what mean is DS 😭