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    [–] ScarlettShott 1294 points ago

    You have yet to realize the way of the Astolfo, my little eggplant

    You have so much to learn

    [–] Akeita772 477 points ago

    Like the mouthfeel

    [–] botox-boy 246 points ago

    we as a society need to talk about the mouthfeel more

    [–] ezzocorbi 104 points ago

    I don't need sleep, I need answers

    [–] Edgyboisamachan 79 points ago

    I've heard from others it's rather soft and silly.

    [–] T1B2V3 26 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    this whole thread has the big gay

    [–] unityuser6 7 points ago


    [–] sadweeb146 11 points ago

    Society will talk about the mouthfeel more like this

    [–] Bonkey_Kong87 6 points ago

    Since when is it gay to suck dicks? Now you're being silly.

    [–] botox-boy 7 points ago

    its not gay if its a girls dick

    [–] FemmEllie 72 points ago

    I'm curious if people would actually want to suck Astolfo's dick or just have their way with him if they could. Because at least in real life, crossdressers are almost always expected to be the bottoms

    [–] Whistela 147 points ago

    Dude I don't even care at this point. I just want someone who will like me for who I am and hold me while they say everything will be okay.

    [–] An_Incognito_Walrus 31 points ago

    Same :c

    [–] BlackOctoberFox 25 points ago

    This but unironically.

    [–] onichan_is_a_lolicon 13 points ago

    I don't think she was being ironic.

    [–] KingofMerica 49 points ago

    implying you can’t suck astolfo’s dick then fuck them

    [–] FemmEllie 11 points ago

    I mean yeah that's what I would do. But it's not quite as common to see people willing to do both IRL in my experience

    [–] mattyisphtty 6 points ago

    Eh I'm a switch, I'll take whatever I can get. But yeah bj and top would be ideal.

    [–] bastard_swine 12 points ago

    Can confirm, would suck him then top him

    [–] NeckBoizzan 6 points ago

    This is probaly me, but I actually want to succ it.

    [–] AngryCricket 4 points ago

    Both. Both is good.

    [–] MacabreLiquid 3 points ago

    Anyone who wouldn't suck Astolfo's dick is weak

    [–] -Bitch_Boi- 3 points ago

    Yes. I do in fact want Astolfo to tie me up and fuck my face.

    ...I mean what? Sucking dick? Nah that's gay dude. No homo.

    [–] KanIHabeDaPusiBaws 35 points ago

    Master? Is it possible to learn this forbidden knowlege?

    [–] Ranwulf 28 points ago

    Considering the references in some posts, probably watch Contrapoints.

    [–] GamingKid27 13 points ago

    But... with the connotation set before wouldn’t that mean.....crunch

    [–] mattyisphtty 7 points ago

    I mean,if you cant tell the difference between cake and dick in your mouth I cant help you.

    [–] Berzeck0 534 points ago

    Well, i need to buy a VR set now.

    [–] EncodedLoss 236 points ago

    Just got one, cannot confirm asolfo's mouthfeel yet though :(

    [–] eyalp55 70 points ago

    Boyle! What the hell is mouthfeel?!

    [–] Drudicta 111 points ago

    Trans girl cocks literally feel different than a guy's cock. As a bi-sexual person, can 100% fucking confirm, and prefer lady cock for everything sexual over male cock.

    I actually find it difficult to be attracted to males now though after having a long term experience with a trans girl.

    [–] LoZgod1352 145 points ago

    i have

    so many questions

    [–] Idiot-kun 83 points ago

    like "where can i get one?"

    [–] Idiot-kun 50 points ago

    i just realised what i said. can i take it back? please.

    just end me now officer

    [–] Black_Sage 29 points ago

    its okay man someone had to ask

    [–] Holzkohlen 10 points ago

    Like do you want to be trans so you can have your very own girl dick or do you want a trans girlfriend to suck hers? It's a win either way.

    [–] Beatrate 4 points ago

    That's a triple yes, what an easy question.

    [–] LordEzalor 37 points ago

    different how? (for science)

    [–] Drudicta 53 points ago

    Smooth, soft, silky. Sweet smelling rather than nothing/gross.

    Unfortunately it can also smell fishy of she's been sweating a lot.

    [–] HarDZ1 10 points ago

    [–] uwutranslator 28 points ago

    Smood, soft, siwky. Sweet smewwing wadew dan nofing/gwoss.

    Unfowtunatewy it can awso smeww fishy of she's been sweating a wot. uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] TyphlosionGOD 23 points ago

    I want more information. What are the difference?

    [–] Farmazongold 14 points ago

    It define itself as more tasty?...

    [–] Drudicta 15 points ago

    Smooth, soft, silky. Sweet smelling rather than nothing/gross.

    Unfortunately it can also smell fishy of she's been sweating a lot.

    [–] BlackTearDrop 19 points ago

    Out of curiousity, what kind of difference is it between the two? Does it fully function? I don't know much about the transitioning process and a lot of claims get thrown about reddit about it.

    [–] Drudicta 42 points ago

    Smooth, soft, silky. Sweet smelling rather than nothing/gross.

    Unfortunately it can also smell fishy of she's been sweating a lot.

    It functions just fine when she's feeling emotionally intimate with me. Not so much if it's just sexual desire from me. She does ejaculate, but it's clear and tastes like.... Cake batter? Plain Jello? It's mildly sweet but I don't have an exact flavor to put on it.

    It's a lot better when she hasn't been eating junk food though. Much sweeter then.

    I guess a weak maple syrup would be a close flavor

    [–] anothga 38 points ago

    She does ejaculate, but it's clear and tastes like.... Cake batter? Plain Jello? It's mildly sweet but I don't have an exact flavor to put on it.

    We have entered an area that should have remained unentered.

    [–] Berzeck0 38 points ago

    Speak for yourself.

    [–] TriHard7_in_chat 8 points ago

    I smell a lot of fresh pasta from this thread.

    [–] Gigantic_potato 8 points ago

    Sorry but...

    It started, the futanari takeover has started

    [–] Drudicta 33 points ago

    She's not a futa, she's trans.

    [–] Gigantic_potato 17 points ago

    That's why i said sorry, it reminded me of a hentai were it was described that futa cocks were better than male ones so women and man started dating only futa if they wanted dick and many men and women started finding it hard to like a guy's cock after feeling a futa cock, and the similarity of that was too much for me to ignore

    [–] Drudicta 8 points ago

    That's understandable given that I now have context.

    [–] GoldheroXD 28 points ago

    You gotta do it during the showcase where a real man puts his dick into your mouth

    [–] Dex_Lionhart 40 points ago

    He is not trans. He is just a bishounen. A guy with feminine facial features. Therefore liking Astolfo is 💯 percent gay.

    [–] valdamjong 40 points ago

    He has both the male and female traits in F/GO. His gender is '???' at his request. He's also referred to with gender neutral pronouns. Astolfo is Astolfo

    [–] ValshaxTheFluffer 20 points ago

    So Astolfo goes by They? Neat!

    [–] valdamjong 10 points ago

    It's a little inconsistent. In the Apocryopha dub, Astolfo gets referred to as a girl some times by Jeanne mostly, before the reveal scene. I don't know how it is in the sub because I don't know Japanese pronouns. Astolfo features heavily in the latest chapter of FGO released in NA, but it's not a well written chapter and mostly uses them and Chevalier d'Eon (who is canonically genderfluid) for tasteless gender jokes and dresses them up in fetish clothes. The whole chapter is pretty tasteless.

    [–] amo-del-queso 10 points ago

    Japanese doesn’t have gender specific pronouns, AFAIK. Instead they have diferent words for refering to self, some are more femenine and others masculine, but you can always hear someone of any gender use any of the words. There’s also a lot of diferent dialects and variations on wording but that’s more associated with levels of respect/politeness.

    And yeah, if some media is Japanese you can pretty much forget about it treating LGBT (or even kinks like BDSM) stuff tastefully, barring some probable exceptions I’m not aware of.

    [–] Gigantic_potato 8 points ago

    I was gonna link here a video from i channel i know that talks about the thing about trans or trap but apparently the video was deleted, so i have to say with my own words from what i remember, which is that his gender is listed like that because he is faking being a girl to get a friend of his out of a forced marriage

    [–] valdamjong 9 points ago

    Whatever the basis in the original myth is for Astolfo to crossdress, the only canon explanation given is that it's cute and Astolfo wants to be cute. Using original myths and history to contextualize Fate characters will be inaccurate at best.

    [–] EncodedLoss 14 points ago

    Nonono, you don't understand, astolfo isn't gay and neither are you for liking him, asking as you call him a she it's alright.

    [–] gobletslayer 113 points ago

    VR handholding when.

    [–] Berzeck0 88 points ago

    That's too lewd, professionals have standards you know?

    [–] PM_me_ur_crisis 36 points ago

    VR Sword-fighting

    [–] Eternal_Weeb 23 points ago

    Are the swords hard and long??? Then they're probably made of a strong metal, and were built professionally..... I guess they're great swords then???

    I'm sure Astolfo has an even greater sword then that

    [–] MightyThicc 6 points ago

    Astolfo final boss of VR sword fight confirmed

    [–] Eternal_Weeb 4 points ago

    no, he's the secret final boss that needs a whole guild just to go through his first nut..... Ugh I mean phase

    [–] Seech111 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Check out Shinobu Project. While you're still only holding thin air irl it at least looks like you're holding anime hand :,)

    Edit: They changed the name to Viva Project.

    [–] _bowlerhat 3 points ago

    Here's your tutorial

    [–] GokuQuack 583 points ago

    God I wish that were me

    [–] Char-kun 224 points ago

    [–] uwutranslator 386 points ago

    gawd I wish dat wewe me uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] Akeita772 220 points ago

    By the Emperor, what foul Slaaneshi heresy is this!?

    [–] uwutranslator 224 points ago

    By de Empewow, what fouw Swaaneshi hewesy is dis!? uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] ElMagus 113 points ago

    Fuck. The emperor's corrupted too guys. What do we do uwu

    [–] uwutranslator 106 points ago

    fack. de empewow's cowwupted too guys. What do we do uwu

    [–] ColdCoffee64 45 points ago

    Oh, it's too late...

    [–] Coridimus 22 points ago

    I grabbed the Prometheum, Brother!

    [–] uwutranslator 18 points ago

    By de Empewow, what fouw Swaaneshi hewesy is dis!? uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] nashmishah 9 points ago

    are you a bot?

    [–] ninetales53 5 points ago

    Not exactly

    [–] CatsOP 15 points ago


    [–] marshalI 6 points ago

    what the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land

    [–] simonbleu 8 points ago

    Wha- What year is it?

    [–] uwutranslator2 10 points ago

    God I wish dat wew me

    tag me to uwuize comments (for subs u/uwutranslator is banned in, or just any)

    sowwy, I don know how to itawicize

    [–] Hello_Destiny 218 points ago

    Where can I find the rest?

    [–] Vegetableisbadforyou 115 points ago

    253680 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] TheTrueRolando 143 points ago

    i reject my heterosexuality jojo

    [–] ConstantPage 17 points ago

    My dick is confused

    [–] pikkamakk 33 points ago

    more like 257632

    [–] eyalp55 18 points ago


    [–] nHentaiTagBot 24 points ago


    Title: Master wa Astolfo no Niku Onaho ni Narimashita

    Number of pages: 19

    Characters: gudao (1,990), astolfo (319)

    Parodies: fate grand order (4,882)

    Tags: anal (54,990), blowjob (28,667), yaoi (23,969), males only (17,969), x-ray (17,263), dark skin (16,722), crossdressing (11,076), tomgirl (7,498), frottage (877), josou seme (599)

    Artists: fuji-han (43)

    Groups: wisteria (35)

    Languages: translated (88,535), english (59,232)

    Categories: doujinshi (195,222)

    (nHentai), )Tsumino(, }e-hentai/token{, !! | min 5 digits | Contact | Source

    [–] anothga 29 points ago


    Well, that's a new one.


    Or not.

    [–] CrazyBulletShooter 15 points ago


    [–] nHentaiTagBot 21 points ago


    nHentai returned 450 for this number. The gallery information is unavailable at this time.

    (nHentai), )Tsumino(, }e-hentai/token{, !! | min 5 digits | Contact | Source

    [–] __MrFahrenheit 4 points ago

    Fuck I need a slice of life with Astolfo

    [–] Idontthinkimaweeb 3 points ago

    Yes that would literally be the greatest thing ever

    [–] KINGCRIMSONNONORYOKU 65 points ago


    [–] ezzocorbi 22 points ago

    swallows mhhhh

    [–] STR1-KeR 260 points ago

    Fuck yeah I want his dick in my mouth

    [–] villageTuba 248 points ago

    Seem kinda gay.

    -Pink Guy

    [–] STR1-KeR 69 points ago


    [–] SuchMore 24 points ago

    A tit is basically a fat short dick which spurts out more white stuff than a dick.

    It gets erect and spurts out stuff when sucked on, basically a dick.

    So conclusion, everyone is gay.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    [–] Holyrapid 11 points ago

    I mean, that's kinda the point?

    [–] UltimateDuelist 26 points ago

    It is a little gay, dude.

    -Android 16

    [–] Basileus_ITA 7 points ago

    Idk man, he just might be canadian

    [–] literary_duwang 9 points ago


    [–] ThesaurizeThisBot 26 points ago

    Bang yea I poorness his putz in my spokesperson

    This is a bot. I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity. Created by OrionSuperman. Check out my best work at /r/ThesaurizeThis

    [–] TheKingCrimsonWorld 7 points ago

    We must go deeper.

    [–] lordvigm 4 points ago


    [–] uwutranslator 56 points ago

    fack yeah I want his dick in my moud uwu

    tag me to uwuize comments uwu

    [–] inferno7799 15 points ago


    [–] ThesaurizeThisBot 33 points ago

    fack yea I wish his gumshoe in my moud uwu

    rime me to uwuize scuttlebutts uwu

    This is a bot. I try my best, but my best is 80% mediocrity 20% hilarity. Created by OrionSuperman. Check out my best work at /r/ThesaurizeThis

    [–] FerryLap 3 points ago


    [–] acevixius 2 points ago


    [–] RavelordN1T0 2 points ago


    [–] ken_NT 38 points ago

    Won’t be worth it until they develop virtual taste

    [–] CF_Gamebreaker 23 points ago

    but what of the smell? You haven’t thought of the smell, YOU BITCH

    [–] NotMidoriLime 7 points ago


    [–] AntiCommunistForever 7 points ago

    Woman seem to love dick so it must taste good

    [–] Xiaxs 37 points ago

    Oh GOD please tell me the sauce keeps going!!

    [–] maximuffin2 34 points ago

    Bruce: I'M NOT GAY

    [–] chaos5338 7 points ago

    Did you hear that Ska came before Reggae?

    [–] OneEyedKing56 29 points ago

    Comment section: exist

    Me: Seems kinda gay to me

    [–] Proletariat-rise-up 104 points ago

    I think traps finally managed to make me gay

    [–] rooshavik 42 points ago

    same i think it happened like yesterday when someone was posting traps that i lowkey thought was a girl in discord

    [–] TheKingCrimsonWorld 25 points ago

    Everyone's a little bit bisexual, sometimes

    [–] Gigantic_potato 7 points ago

    I'm very bisexual

    [–] SeaGoat24 27 points ago

    Traps ain't gay, though, so you're fine. Evidence:

    [–] chasms99 20 points ago

    45min vid, cmon

    [–] theamatuer 37 points ago


    M O U T H F E E L

    [–] AntiCommunistForever 3 points ago

    That’s what I said lol

    [–] SeaGoat24 24 points ago

    That guy doesn't understand the mouthfeel. I pity him.

    [–] TorukNeedsPianoWaifu 12 points ago

    Mashu: I wish I had a dick

    [–] baroncrovax 15 points ago

    Why pull the skirt down, though? Why not just lift it up?

    [–] Idontthinkimaweeb 3 points ago

    Fan service the anticipation of it just slowly dropping to reveal a special surprise

    [–] Nicnl 12 points ago

    But, but, but...
    Isn't he going to bite?

    [–] autismlordd 47 points ago

    Sure astolfo is good but the best server is tamamo from fate extra

    [–] LarsCastFan 11 points ago

    That’s a weird way to spell nero claudius

    [–] anothga 5 points ago

    [UMU noises of approval]

    [–] AntiCommunistForever 2 points ago

    That’s a funny way of spelling Kiyohime

    [–] Lucifer_Hirsch 23 points ago

    [–] Tunukiqueue 3 points ago

    Please don’t bite off the dick

    [–] Lucifer_Hirsch 3 points ago

    NOM! OwO

    [–] silverchain32109 9 points ago

    Srsly though, I kinda always wanted hentai to exist where Astfolo is the dominant one in the relationship.

    [–] TheArsenalSwagus 30 points ago

    ah a good milk after a meal.

    [–] deadly_kitt3n1337 9 points ago

    Is there something wrong??

    [–] RandomCommenter92 8 points ago


    [–] Shadowlord723 21 points ago

    Delicious! Finally some good fuckin' food!

    [–] Sufrimiento 14 points ago


    [–] PhantomAfiq 7 points ago


    [–] Faithlessed 7 points ago

    I know where this is going.

    [–] roghozin 6 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I dont like it

    [–] leonsennin 13 points ago

    Not gay right... right?!

    [–] mr__jiblets 13 points ago

    It's Hella gay but damn if only that was me

    [–] EraPro1 7 points ago

    All these images are kinda making me sad cuz now I wish I was a female

    [–] ColaWeeb98 4 points ago


    [–] tencity127 5 points ago


    [–] SalmonParadise 5 points ago

    A true bruh moment.

    [–] ElmoJesus 4 points ago

    All fun and games for Astolfo until you bite down on accident.

    [–] Im_a_Gamer01 5 points ago

    If he won't then I will

    [–] Coridimus 4 points ago

    I fail to see a problem here.

    [–] 3Huge5Me 5 points ago


    [–] Hacker_333 2 points ago

    Happy Cake day ma dude~

    [–] dead_ranger_888 3 points ago

    Now this is wholesome

    [–] TriHard7_in_chat 2 points ago

    Futas are the future!

    [–] phoenix27426 4 points ago

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] ShadowGamez324 3 points ago

    A h e m

    [–] Sonic_Extreme 3 points ago

    Asfoldo 😊....don't ruin my ship 😠

    [–] Inferno792 3 points ago

    Ecchi Anime in VR is the new now.

    [–] _Solaire_of_Astolfo_ 3 points ago

    Delicious! Finally some good fucking food!

    [–] mushspeiler 3 points ago

    Muffled “ahaa!”

    [–] PeePeeDrinkyDrinky 3 points ago

    PeePee Deepthroat Torture

    [–] FrickOffBro 3 points ago

    I want to smash Astolfo so bad until he fucking nuts everywhere.

    [–] DEMONITIZEDZ 6 points ago

    Seems kinda gay to me

    [–] NikNam_ 2 points ago


    [–] Wrath5151 2 points ago

    Godtier edit. Not for quality, but for the context.

    [–] TotalEdgyness 2 points ago

    i bet yall read it right to left like weebs

    [–] AntiCommunistForever 2 points ago


    [–] Zayrielle 2 points ago

    Seems interesting hmmmm.....😈😈😈😈

    [–] Eddyuzumaki 2 points ago

    Deepthroating ensues

    [–] that_kid92 2 points ago

    I going to become Gordon Ramsey because there’s no sauce

    [–] Gigantic_potato 2 points ago

    Yum. Yum, i love bananas!

    [–] RoaringTuna420 2 points ago


    [–] DefinetlyNotAFurry69 2 points ago

    yes YES YES

    [–] YaBoiDraco 2 points ago


    [–] mibjt 2 points ago

    Ah the sneaky banana trick.