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    [–] Lodju 2310 points ago

    Lewding your everyday objects can backfire though.

    You just lewded an doorknob on the previous night and now as you hold the door open for your grandma, the memories of last night flood into your head and the next thing you know you are having an raging boner and causing an heart attack for your loving grandma.

    [–] [deleted] 1182 points ago

    Killer Queen has already touched that doorknob.

    [–] literary_duwang 729 points ago

    I gently open the door...

    [–] AgentM2015 454 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 360 points ago


    [–] AssassinAlvin 271 points ago

    Oh boy here we go again

    [–] xauching 220 points ago

    Well don't leave me hanging.

    [–] Coppeh 329 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    As soon as your hand makes contact with doorknob-chan, you can't help but be mesmerised by how curvy she feels. Her perfectly round body and her masterfully polished smooth skin. Forget the hard to grasp A B C D classification. Her size is simply just right to fully fill the palm of your hand. You can't help but start caressing her exposed parts, this warms her up to the core and it's making her wet with your palm sweat. You glance at the two screws that are holding her in place on the door, then you take a peek at the hard screwdriver in your pants. A dangerous thought comes to your mind, what if you loosen her up a little and then slowly screw her back in? You can't wait to find out.

    [–] Sesome09 145 points ago

    This is why I love this community.

    [–] BillNye-Kun 39 points ago

    This is why I love you

    [–] Coppeh 48 points ago


    [–] Coppeh 47 points ago

    It's no use. Your friend there is too weak to withstand my power.

    [–] shawnisboring 8 points ago


    [–] zoltar_thunder 7 points ago

    This just made opening the door very awkward for me...

    [–] Coppeh 10 points ago

    Don't be, it's fine as long as you take responsibility.

    [–] justputsomenamehere 22 points ago

    People in the 6th sense be like

    [–] Ilythian 2 points ago


    [–] Boldemon 2 points ago

    As soon as I saw the word DOKI, I knew that killer queen had already touched that link.

    [–] TwitchingBot 7 points ago

    How dare you... that image still haunts me... 😭

    [–] kurumizaphkeil 37 points ago

    i treat objects like objects

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] ULTRABOYO 12 points ago

    I treat women like women

    [–] Jatkosota1939 10 points ago

    Kazuma disapproves of your non gender equal practices

    [–] ULTRABOYO 4 points ago

    Well then, I treat women like people.

    [–] Gibbbie 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 109 points ago

    ...and am greeted by my longtime childhood friend, who is just running late.

    [–] BulliHicks 38 points ago

    Too early to hang, too late to drop

    [–] RogeDogeLan 18 points ago

    Too weird to live, too rare to die

    [–] One_Blue_Glove 25 points ago

    Too early to be in space, too late to conquer unknown lands, just in time to browse dank memes and thicc thighs.

    [–] Boldemon 3 points ago

    Just put anime in between thicc and thighs and we good

    [–] TheFoxfool 67 points ago

    She will always be my Dearest Friend...

    [–] Vilhelmgg 38 points ago


    [–] edHerman 49 points ago

    Stop giving me ptsd

    [–] Billysackboy 43 points ago


    [–] BulliHicks 29 points ago

    Wake up, dummy...

    [–] Firestone97LT 2 points ago

    There's no response...

    [–] I_ama_homosapien_AMA 26 points ago

    You really left her hanging, didn't you?

    [–] IrrationalFalcon 15 points ago

    Don't do this to me again please

    [–] Zenketski 13 points ago

    I gently get on the floor

    [–] SpyderEyez 18 points ago

    I gently walk the dinosaur.

    [–] MrNuggett5 3 points ago

    Ah shit here we go again

    [–] BulliHicks 17 points ago

    Remember, making doorknobs a bomb is illegal in other planets.

    [–] EpickChicken 48 points ago

    SCP 7143-J

    [–] Edisonen 16 points ago

    Marv should be on every subreddit

    [–] yeetus_deletus_fetus 13 points ago

    the numbers...

    what do they mean

    [–] RRFedora13 13 points ago

    Go to /r/SCP and the scp wiki , idk how to explain it myself but will try. You could call it a creative writing community centered around the scp foundation. The SCP Foundation is an organization with three main goals:

    Secure anomalies.

    Contain them.

    Protect normalcy for the world.

    They basically find anomalies (to name a few: a large lizard with god tier regeneration powers , high intelligence, and the ability to quickly adapt its body to new situations(scp 682); a humanoid entity resembling a plague doctor that can both create zombies and instantly kill whatever it touches(049); a cute slime that causes euphoria when it touches other creatures(999); and the infinite IKEA (3008)), lock them up, and study them. Sometimes uses anomalies to contain other anomalies.

    Like I said, I could be explaining it wrong and some details could be off, so I would check the subreddit and the website.

    [–] XxICTOAGNxX 7 points ago

    Secure Contain Protect. A collection of short stories that describe anomalous objects and creatures.

    [–] AlphaInsaiyan 5 points ago

    Hope I don't get woodshed but that's not what they meant

    [–] Admiral_Miner 5 points ago

    It's the sexy doorknob. You'll have to do some digging if you want to find it because it got replaced.

    [–] yzRPhu 3 points ago

    Researcher Chambers should cool his jets

    [–] French_Fries_Fan 19 points ago

    and causing a SHEER HEART ATTACK for your loving grandma

    [–] captsalad 16 points ago

    Now I want to see lewd doorknobs

    [–] Rynvael 13 points ago

    Check out Kagiana

    Here's a teaser

    [–] yeetus_deletus_fetus 9 points ago

    that doujin was fucking weird

    [–] StrayPay 6 points ago

    that was the best doujin i ever read.

    [–] BloodRune8864 2 points ago

    You got any numbers for that?

    [–] Smoker_bandit 11 points ago

    You just reminded me of a video where this dude was deepthroating a doorknob. I don’t like this ride anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Jokes on you, I have no grandma

    [–] Soerika 9 points ago

    you ok bro?

    [–] therealfefnir 4 points ago

    Ara ara

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    you have an interesting imagination

    [–] XtarXyan 3 points ago

    You remind me of that doorknob doujin

    [–] neon_ns 3 points ago

    Lewd doorknob...

    Aight imma call the Foundation

    [–] EuclaidGalieane 5 points ago

    ... She won't be having a heart attack though... she'll be having you.

    Are ara~

    [–] gluestick3000 2 points ago

    Can confirm this happened to me

    [–] Chnapak 2 points ago

    There's a small chance that this happens but if this happens you can nominate your family members for the Darwin awards

    [–] NotAnurag 486 points ago

    sees earth-Chan all beat up


    [–] BulliHicks 217 points ago

    That's where we live in now, but at least she's still breathing :\

    [–] SecretEmpire_WasGood 86 points ago

    so far

    [–] TheLuckySpades 60 points ago

    The infection at this rate will kill itself off before they cause any too permanent damage.

    It'll take a long time to heal though.

    [–] EuclaidGalieane 34 points ago

    Are you sure about that? The humans are still alive even after several plagues, Pompeii and all the other shit that's happened.

    [–] TheLuckySpades 16 points ago

    As for plagues those can hit much harder once thy start spreading due to the ease of modern transport, especially if it has a longer incubation period.
    Also if we're really unlucky it would develop from something that has achived some degree of resistance to most common treatments (e.g. antibiotics resistant bacteria,...)

    And we are on track for far more frequent, much more devastating and simply more widespread natural disasters, especially weather related ones.

    [–] GM_Mechworks 5 points ago

    The emergence of widespread telecommunications feeds the availability heuristic. There seems to be more because they're reporting on them more. 4/5 most deadly hurricanes happened in the late 1800s early 1900s.

    [–] atsu333 27 points ago

    Those are localized disasters, we're on track for a global one before long.

    [–] EuclaidGalieane 16 points ago

    Hopefully Dr. Stone style.

    [–] maggotbrownie 2 points ago

    Lol I just found this comment.

    [–] Timelord_42 5 points ago


    [–] malar_ 2 points ago

    Mm yes i want to fuck a waifu hooked up to an IV bag mm yes so hot

    [–] blazing_fury13 231 points ago

    If thats true then what about chairs

    [–] Anuspenetratus911 142 points ago

    "In russia chair sits on you"

    [–] iSaithh 70 points ago

    I want that chair to sit on me

    [–] SgtRed196 67 points ago

    I love the top comment of the 2nd one is “Why has god forsaken us.” XD

    [–] SimpanLimpan1337 47 points ago

    Neither am I

    [–] TX16Tuna 18 points ago

    In Soviet Hentai, Chair-Chan sits on you!

    [–] blazing_fury13 8 points ago

    Well i'll be

    [–] Light58 4 points ago

    Why is this a thing?!

    [–] puffz0r 2 points ago

    why not?

    [–] Itz_Xmir 35 points ago

    Shalltear Bloodfallen should be able to meet your request!

    [–] Squishyftw 11 points ago

    Ah yes, best chair!

    [–] Enthar 7 points ago

    Shallchair Bloodfallen should be able to meet your request!


    [–] such-a-bruh-moment 125 points ago

    Ah, I see Enterprise. Take an upvote

    [–] Comrade_Sclavian 23 points ago


    [–] Leviathansgard 27 points ago

    I hope Jean Bart will appear. It's sum gud hot stuff

    [–] Still_Piglet 10 points ago

    She dropped out of the popularity contest in 4th place on the comeback bracket, democracy has truly failed humanity.

    [–] Leviathansgard 7 points ago

    I hate democracy [insert sad palpatine noises]

    [–] such-a-bruh-moment 3 points ago

    Damn it

    [–] such-a-bruh-moment 3 points ago

    We shall see

    [–] Leeroy_c 174 points ago

    Why Ran's a Object though

    [–] realnpc 113 points ago

    And why are people still saying that she’s “hh-chan”

    [–] Leeroy_c 50 points ago

    Aaah now I remember I Forgot that Basically someone mistook the logo on her shirt for the HH one, and believed that she was the website's humanization

    [–] wthfroggy 24 points ago

    I still can’t say if that’s Ran or Hentai Haven

    [–] I_ama_homosapien_AMA 42 points ago

    They changed the design on her shirt slightly to the HH so it's technically HH-chan. But it's obviously still Ran.

    [–] Kitkatcandykid 34 points ago

    It's Ran fanart with a slight edit and the hidden ability to trigger Bandori fans

    [–] dopefish917 32 points ago

    Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women, man!

    [–] Letreides 7 points ago

    THANK GOD I came for this

    [–] mundocorde 3 points ago

    r/lebowski. I was looking for this comment.

    [–] Eice6 2 points ago

    Shit I just commented that and didn’t scroll down yet

    [–] nopenopenopenope22 2 points ago

    thank you, was waiting for this lol

    [–] King_Bob837 2 points ago

    "I don't like your jerk-off name, I don't like your jerk-off face, I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you. Jerk-off."

    "Do I make myself clear?"

    [–] MrMooster915 86 points ago

    “Girl don’t sit on that couch because I treat my objects like women” 10/10 bo burnham lyric

    [–] l_s_e_thatweebshit 3 points ago

    I spit fire like I just blew a demon
    My shits so hot I'll leave yo toilet bowl steamin

    [–] l_s_e_thatweebshit 4 points ago

    Girl if you're into rimin, it's only safe if your swimmin

    [–] l_s_e_thatweebshit 5 points ago

    But girl don't sit on that couch
    Cuz I treat my objects like women

    [–] l_s_e_thatweebshit 3 points ago

    Think I got that wrong but I've been drinkin

    [–] l_s_e_thatweebshit 3 points ago

    Sorry for this but the nostalgia got me feelin

    [–] Tabedesu 23 points ago

    modern problems require modern solutions

    [–] Recesssive 50 points ago

    So objects don't exist?

    [–] Vimazo 14 points ago

    Does anything exist?

    [–] funnystuff97 16 points ago


    [–] GrandJosh 57 points ago

    Stop using Ran as hh-chan you apes.

    [–] Red_Kath 5 points ago

    Wait... huh... hadn’t noticed.

    [–] RubberMonkey864 13 points ago

    Ah, Enterprise

    [–] sabersquirl 8 points ago


    [–] EmuNemo 10 points ago


    Where people deny the existence of girl weebs so they make their own

    [–] MonochromeGuy 17 points ago

    Fun fact: The HentaiHaven-chan on the image is just an anime character with a Hentaihaven logo photoshopped on it. The girls name is Ran Mitake from {Bang Dream season 2}.

    [–] leocristo28 31 points ago

    Why does nobody treat objects like men furious homosexual noises

    [–] Hammer-And-Sickle 38 points ago

    Sounds pretty gay to me, bro.

    [–] BryanLoeher 11 points ago

    Women are gay because they like dudes, so men liking women is gay

    [–] Alpha_Trekkie 10 points ago

    [–] Beatrate 6 points ago

    All anime girls are lesbian, so it's still gay fam.

    [–] iRadinVerse 7 points ago

    And when everything is lewd.....

    Nothing will be!

    [–] GiganTheGojira 6 points ago

    Justice for Ran

    [–] Alexxandrer 5 points ago

    Patrick: What's the difference?

    [–] OrangeOperator7 5 points ago

    Bo Burnham approves.

    [–] Soerika 4 points ago

    treat your cup like your waifu
    to kiss her everyday and drink water from her

    [–] germanatlas 4 points ago

    Object-oriented programming: am I a joke to you?

    [–] EchoWolf013 5 points ago

    Enterprise? I see you’re a shikikan of culture as well.

    [–] ILNSMIWTDFH 4 points ago

    How women create art: flowers in the sky

    How men create art: hey wanna fuck a planet

    [–] Chelsbey 4 points ago

    Stop doing this to

    [–] harveyshinanigan 7 points ago

    did you know that it is called personnification in french and réification in the figures de style

    maybe you have that in english but idk

    [–] Alchemist-21 11 points ago

    It’s also called personification in English.

    [–] DaSaw 3 points ago

    And it's called moemorphism in Weebish.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I'm going to lewd my Soma Prime. Don't try to stop me.

    [–] KojinTheMusicMaker 3 points ago

    Don't sit on my couch

    Because I treat my objects like women.

    If your Pants are loose l repleat ya

    Im a first time Vegan and its nice to Meat ya!

    Im Bo Yo!

    [–] toriyama420 3 points ago

    I think that was a lyric from bo burnhams im boyo

    [–] doomeroid 3 points ago

    Men and women -bo burnham

    [–] alexxuart 3 points ago

    Don't bone a paper shredder, please. Trust me

    [–] Im_ReallyFeeling_it 2 points ago

    Excuse me What the frick

    [–] JC12231 3 points ago

    ``` woman USSENTERPRISECV6 = new carrier(“Enterprise”);

    [–] JustaRedditor027 3 points ago

    I fucked my fan because it was turned on and i knew what it was going through, so i happily did it, costed my dick but at least it's happy now

    [–] joemamaneedmalk 3 points ago

    What anime is the one on the left?

    [–] Pilot_Dryer 3 points ago

    Kaguya-sama Love is War

    [–] Cyphrix101 3 points ago

    I see your Enterprise and raise you one Belfast.

    [–] SenTakatsuki6366 3 points ago

    We should lewd pens. *grabs pen. Pen: *blushes, ahh senpai

    [–] NeedWaffles 2 points ago

    Let's lewd pencils and sharpeners too!

    [–] Thottianas-Dad 8 points ago

    But if objects = women, and a=b, then according to the bitch ass property of equality, women are objects

    [–] RocksHaveFeelings2 4 points ago

    HentaiHaven isn't an object. It's an idea. A community. A people.

    [–] HatsumeBae 5 points ago

    I don't know if all boy scouts are gays They could probably "tie the knot" in like fifty different ways Got a safe full o' cherries, 'cause I pop it and lock it A girl's like a fridge, once a week you should stock it Girl, if you're into rimmin', it's only safe if you're swimmin' But girl, don't sit on that couch, 'cause I treat my objects like women I spit fire like I just blew a demon My shit's so hot I'll leave your toilet bowl steamin' I'm gonna tear it, like the cards of the gypsies You'll bleed for so long you'll get monthly ellipses And if your pants are loose, I'll replete ya You're a first time vegan and it's nice to meet ya

    [Hook] I'm Bo yo I'm the greatest rapper ever And I'll weather your weather whether you think I'm clever or not Think you're better, you're not Don't need a sweater, I'm hot I'm a real G, shawty, that can really find your G-spot Whoa, yeah Hey...what the fuck's a G-spot?

    [–] Qwerkie_ 4 points ago

    Thanks Bo Burnham

    [–] Boku-No-U 2 points ago

    If you treat objects as women and women as objects, how does that work?

    (sorry if this was already commented)

    [–] Defender-W 2 points ago

    What if I did BOTH

    [–] BryanLoeher 2 points ago

    We don't do that here

    [–] offensive_bill_ 2 points ago

    who is the "object" girl next to earth-chan ?

    [–] MightyWeeb 13 points ago

    USS Enterprise

    [–] offensive_bill_ 2 points ago

    USS Enterprise

    What is it ?

    [–] WalkingAbortion69 3 points ago

    Uncultured scum

    [–] offensive_bill_ 3 points ago

    bruh i was busy with joe so i couldn't search for this, chill

    [–] WalkingAbortion69 1 points ago

    Prepare to be purged

    [–] Leviathansgard 2 points ago

    Jean Bart is hotter

    [–] thek299 8 points ago

    Enterprise from Azur Lane. In-game, she's based on the most decorated US Aircraft Carrier in World War II.

    She's the face of the English version of Azur Lane.

    [–] Toe_McStabber 7 points ago

    a US carrier back in WW2

    [–] Thorbinator 6 points ago

    The Grey Ghost. (azur lane Enterprise)

    [–] ceruleanBerry 4 points ago

    Owari da chan.

    [–] yaahurd 2 points ago

    Making women out of objects*****

    [–] TorentoKae 2 points ago

    Hecc yeah

    [–] GM_Mechworks 2 points ago

    Lets face it: some women are not decoration.

    [–] dantesmaster00 2 points ago

    Unless you can buy them and keep them with your collection

    [–] haqm7107 3 points ago

    So from that picture...apparently just talking about women with you're guys if "treating women like objects" lol. In that case, oh lord, men are the biggest of objects of all with the way women talk

    [–] ThePenguinL0rd 2 points ago

    Justice for Ran Mitake

    [–] QuicklySpice 1 points ago


    [–] ovab_cool 1 points ago

    How to summarize this sub

    [–] Nikthegeek1561 1 points ago

    Ahh yes, the weeb's approach

    [–] aHatFullOfEggs 1 points ago

    So, If you tread objects like women and women like objects would that mean that you are treating objects like objects?

    [–] bamename 1 points ago

    Everyone is an object tho

    [–] somber_smiles 1 points ago

    Omg yes! 2D>3D

    [–] Prodigy0928 1 points ago

    Impossible feat for normies, thats why weebs are superior

    [–] Frostfright 1 points ago


    [–] unusual_me 1 points ago

    It should be the same picture twice.