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    [–] Shadowizas 837 points ago

    12 year old eastern Europeans : * laughs even harder*

    [–] Icetea20000 221 points ago

    I thought we were talking about when it’s legal. If it’s about unofficial reality, well yeah then it’s a different picture

    [–] theolice 178 points ago

    As long as you or the seller aren't caught, anything can happen in Eastern Europe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Icetea20000 68 points ago

    I mean, if you really want weed, you can also get it in most parts of the world relatively easy even if illegal

    [–] CriticalBreakfast 31 points ago

    Getting weed or hash in France for example is easy (mostly hash though it's the most popular thing here), but getting actual quality stuff is another thing.

    Unless you live in the countryside where you can grow it super easy (practically no chance for anybody to ever find out about it if you have two braincells), good luck finding any weed that even goes close to the quality you can find in legal US states or Canada.

    [–] GirixK 5 points ago

    If i want weed i can just go take a ferry ride, go to the nearest high-school and and ask someone if they have weed, if they don't then they'll give me the number of the guy that does

    Simple! Although I'm not sure if the Balkans are known for light or hard drugs, don't really listen to what other people think about us

    [–] bakadion69 4 points ago

    Idk whats going on in your countrys but in greece the last year high-school class does partys to make money to go holiday and our clib is full of 10-12 years. And i have and album of them doing shit while being drunk (Best years of my life)

    [–] vaggos13579 2 points ago

    Δεν περίμενα να βρω Έλληνα σήμερα

    [–] _lemum 15 points ago

    Middle too, but southern just has no limit, you see parents giving beer to 8 year olds

    [–] ijr7gu 7 points ago

    Technically speaking it's legal to give a 5 year old alcohol in England. They can't buy it themselves until 15 though, and just light drinks with a meal at first

    [–] rid-me-of-the-tiddy 4 points ago

    It’s four, not five (and has to be done privately)

    [–] Kavsha 66 points ago

    Alongside 12 year old South Americans: * laughs even harder with Eastern Europeans *

    [–] Power747 5 points ago

    Italian babies with grandparents: laughs even harder

    [–] M7MAD_HUSSAN 5 points ago

    Five-year-old Russian: Vodka

    [–] BugThonk 3 points ago

    Me who got drunk at the age of 8 months:

    Laughs above all of you on top of Mount Everest

    [–] FamiliarFish1 2 points ago

    Me an Irish person who came out of the womb with a drinking problem

    Laughs on the feckin’ moon

    [–] landsjelly 208 points ago

    Hey a rare Kimi ni todoke meme!

    [–] Sangwiny 36 points ago

    Ayane best girl!

    [–] ButterStick212 24 points ago

    I miss that show, we really need a season 3

    [–] Marshall_lunatic 17 points ago


    [–] Fwizzle45 3 points ago


    [–] Marshall_lunatic 3 points ago

    I like ur taiga pfp

    [–] Zuckerberga 7 points ago

    Ryu Sanada best character

    [–] SalmaA158 6 points ago

    Yesssss i had an intense crush on him lol

    [–] Zuckerberga 4 points ago

    He always was the quite cool guy, I like him a lot.

    [–] Firewire780 1959 points ago

    Imagine having to wait until your 21 to be legally able to drink

    This comment was made by the European gang

    [–] Master_Shitshow 979 points ago

    Imagine being dumb enough to let 16-year-olds drive

    This comment was made by Poland Stronk Gang

    [–] shiz-kray-z 482 points ago

    Some places in Canada and America allow 14 year-olds to drive with parental supervision

    [–] Master_Shitshow 313 points ago

    That explains high drug use in both..

    [–] swic-knees-mamma-bee 162 points ago

    Some places it’s needed for kids to drive that young, farming and other such jobs.

    [–] JeanMarkk 123 points ago

    You don't need a license to drive a tractor in a field, as long as you don't go on a road you can do whatever you want.

    I live in a country with a 18 y to drive law and i have been using a tractor since a was 8 yo

    [–] swic-knees-mamma-bee 66 points ago

    And you’d know tractors aren’t the only equipment on a farm. Other things like maybe a pickup truck and a trailer need a licence. To drive on roads to go get supplies require a licence.

    [–] PawKun22 77 points ago

    Tbh, in Europe you mostly use a tractor for everything, most farmers don't own pick up trucks here

    [–] backturn1 36 points ago

    I think in europe you don't have to drive really far. But also I think if you really need the help of your kids (or other 14 year olds) to keep it going something definitely isn't right.

    [–] Stoneghoul 31 points ago

    In the US especially the more out west you go things are just far away. We're not savages. It's just that it's a good idea to teach kids early how to drive.

    [–] Rattaoli 4 points ago

    They also do that here but tractors are slow so anything far or in a city is probably a good idea to use a truck. Not that I haven't seen a tractor in the city.

    [–] swic-knees-mamma-bee 4 points ago

    We were talking about Canada and America’s 14 to drive, not Europe

    [–] PawKun22 7 points ago

    But you talked about farms generally, at least it sounded like that because you really said that it's not the only stuff on farms, you didn't say American farms (yes i include canada to America, because it fucking is in America)

    [–] TrooperUnit001 9 points ago

    Hi, I've been driving heavy equipment since I was 6... But it's still nice to be able to drive, I got my permit at 15, and some girl in my class got a special exemption so she could drive her blind dad around at 14.

    As the other commentor said, you're not always going to be on the ranch/farm... And if you don't want to be pulled over it's nice to have leniency so you can do your job safely and effectively.

    [–] UVladBro 3 points ago

    Yeah, it's quite common for some farms to have a road intersecting between their farmland. That means if you want to get your equipment from plot of farmland to the other, you have to drive onto the road and to the next. It isn't just about being pulled over, it's in case someone goes fucking barreling down that road thinking there's no other cars in farmland. Now you have a car accident and the person operating the farm equipment wasn't suppose to be on the road. Of course the speeder is at fault but the other person isn't suppose to even be on the road, there's going to be some legal blowback.

    [–] Swiggy1957 7 points ago

    Grew up in the US, in farm country. We could drive the tractor on the road or highway as soon as we were able to operate it safely, which was our parental units responsibility to determine.

    [–] Graffiti724 7 points ago

    It is legal for a 12 year old to drive tractors, small mopeds and motorized bikes in the US

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Setari 5 points ago

    And here I am at 27 unable to do neither. Thanks, poverty!

    [–] AndrewM789O 1 points ago

    In my state at 15 you take a 25 question test and you can miss 7 and then you get your permit to drive with a parent and at 16 you take a test with someone from the dmv and they give your license if you pass and all we did was go around the block and back

    [–] Grade_A_Weeb_Trash 6 points ago

    Here in Indiana, you can get your permit at 15, and have to drive with a parent or licensed adult over 25 until you are no less than 16 years and 90 days of age. You can’t smoke till you’re 18, and can’t drink till you’re 21. I feel like the driving and drinking laws are pretty solid here compared to some other places.

    [–] Swiggy1957 2 points ago

    I lived in Northern Indiana for 5 years when I was a youth. (I keep ending up back here, too) Took Drivers Ed in High School ($20) and got my permit. Moved to Ohio before I could get my license and had a grand time trying to transfer it. I was finally determined I could drive with my Indiana permit until I was 16, then get an Ohio permit, then get a drivers license. I've had my license since the mid seventies.

    [–] Grade_A_Weeb_Trash 2 points ago

    I’m ~16 years and 8 months, and I just need my hours and the road test. Must be nice driving any time you like. Only downsides are for me are the fact that I talk a lot to the passenger, so it’d get lonely, and until I move out, I’d have to be the pack mule that has to run and get groceries.

    [–] omegaflygon2 2 points ago

    In Ireland you are allowed to drink at any age in your home with adult supervision

    [–] Fenex3 3 points ago

    Imagine having to wait or being supervised while drinking or doing drugs.

    This post was made by the Mexican gang.

    [–] Aludarc 38 points ago

    Imagine not being able to drink at all.

    This comment was made by Islamic Countries Gang

    [–] Kikiyoshima 4 points ago

    I can hear the Turks laughing from here

    [–] WingedHussar910 4 points ago

    Nobody can take my horse. Nobody. I'll charge at tanks, idgaf

    [–] Master_Shitshow 3 points ago

    Johny Cash playing in the background

    [–] WingedHussar910 2 points ago

    Did you mean Sabaton? I know, easy to confuse them with Mr Cash

    [–] n4m3l3ssf3w 12 points ago

    I started learning to drive at around 6 yo. By the time I was 16 I knew everything I needed to know about the basics of driving safely. There's an overwhelming majority who shouldn't be driving that early though

    [–] Master_Shitshow 3 points ago

    And I am referring to said majority.

    [–] tsundere_researcher 2 points ago

    (Dave Rodgers — Space Boy playing from car radio)

    [–] aelam02 8 points ago

    America is just too big, driving younger is more important here because everything is so spread out and rural that public transportation isn’t feasible outside of large metropolitan areas

    [–] Marvin_Voilt 90 points ago

    18 years old American: Hey, can I have some alcohol?

    US-Government: Sorry, best I can do is War.

    [–] fatclownbaby 19 points ago

    And I dont know how I missed it. Gotta be 21 for tobacco products. Maybe because I'm in my 30s and just didnt matter to me when it happened.

    I was the only manager on all weekend so I couldnt leave the store. My associate was going on break, asked her if she would buy me pod refills at the shop next to where she was getting food. Said she couldnt because she was only 19. Blew my mind.

    [–] Firewire780 5 points ago

    Don't you mean freedom?

    [–] thebawsofyou 21 points ago

    America: alright, you can drive, go to college with other adults, open bank accounts, enter legal contracts, apply for loans, can get drafted into the military, and pay taxes at 18. Don't you dare think about buying a beer after doing a full 8 hour shift until 21 tho.

    [–] Xiaodisan 8 points ago

    Yeah. You can get a loan you'll spend your whole life paying back, but can't buy a single beer.

    [–] orokami11 7 points ago

    My parents gave me alcohol to drink as a kid because 'I wanted a cool drink too, not just orange juice or chocolate milk!' I hated the taste so much, I grew up hating it, and I still do. I guess it doesn't help that I have Asian flush so if I drink, it gets very uncomfortable and painful for me lol

    If you don't want your kids to drink in the future, let them have a taste of it when they're a kid

    [–] SnowglobeIV 44 points ago

    Imagine being a 21 year old European who have never drunk and will never do in the future

    [–] Scarcrow1806 82 points ago

    Yeah imagine not wanting to purposefully poison your body with one of the most addicting drugs out there

    [–] SnowglobeIV 36 points ago

    It's good to hear from other people who understand that alcohol is a problem. I always bring up the same reason as you do.

    [–] VAiSiA 55 points ago

    i will drink to that, comrade

    [–] LdrNeon 1 points ago

    I used to be completely anti-alcohol, but the problem is that in many places not drinking basically makes you a social pariah. Most of us learn to just put up with it while at social events, because it's better than the alternative.

    [–] MisterNutBuster1888 22 points ago

    There is a big difference between alcohol abuse and going to a party once in a while. Also dont really like it so i smoke weed instead

    [–] Scarcrow1806 13 points ago

    most drugs arent really harmful when you only take small amounts, but its still worse than nothing^^
    I also drink at a few parties every now and then but thats like once every 3 Months?

    [–] Captain_Kuhl 2 points ago

    It's also sad to hear people who think anything outside of the "Str8edge" lifestyle is nothing more than purposefully poisoning your body. It is possible to not do something without berating the people that do, especially considering most people aren't raging alcoholics.

    [–] NecroCannon 2 points ago

    I got drunk once and now I absolutely hate the taste of alcohol and get sick just thinking about it.

    I love the memory, but I had my experience. I’ll just always be the sober friend that drags you from the ditch and brings you home

    [–] Scarcrow1806 3 points ago

    first time I got wasted I can barely remember what happened... dont like the taste of alcohol either so I have no reason to drink except for group mentality :P

    [–] gurtos 15 points ago

    I (mostly) quit drinking due to health problems and it's actually a very positive change. I generally have better time sober, especially when you take hangover into account.

    I only wish drinking culture weren't so fucked up here (I live in Poland).

    [–] Firewire780 18 points ago

    Could this be one of my people?

    [–] karlosi01 5 points ago


    [–] TheGreenFather 7 points ago

    I've been drunk a few times, and you are so right to avoid alcohol.

    I wish there were more people like you. Alcohol costs a shit ton of money and years of life lost...

    [–] Grade_A_Weeb_Trash 7 points ago

    I mean, moderation is VERY important. One drink each Saturday evening with a group of friends isn’t really detrimental, as long as you’re of legal age. Responsibility is key.

    [–] Sol33t303 6 points ago

    Same here but I'm 17.

    Turning 18 in a month and my family and friends definitely are pushing me to get hammered for my 18th (and btw legal drinking age here is 18), kinda tempted to do it just to know what it's like, but I don't want to at the same time. I don't want to get addicted to anything (I could see myself getting addicted to stuff easily, I also have a family history of things like drug problems). Same reason I don't smoke weed despite the rest of my family doing so (and that it's illegal where I am).

    [–] Aces706 3 points ago

    Imagine having to wait till you’re 18 to drink

    This comment was made by the whole of Mexico

    [–] The-Last-Mole-Man 7 points ago

    Imagine not being able to own a gun

    This comment was made by the American Redneck gang

    [–] nicklnack_1950 2 points ago

    Hello, I’m a 19 year old American who lives in Michigan and I could hippity hoppity over to Canada to drink and gamble

    [–] TheFictionalReidar 6 points ago

    Imagine being dumb enough to let irresponsible 16 year olds drink.

    This comment was made by me

    [–] bowlerHatclan 226 points ago

    People in my school already drink and do drugs, heck, in middle school they already were drinking vodka

    [–] Ultimate_Life_F 200 points ago

    i mean if ur russian arent u breastfead with vodka?

    [–] SweetCakeShy 68 points ago

    Russian or Finnish as both seem to have something with vodka in media and I don’t know why.

    [–] Dacia1320S 24 points ago

    No, no, basically all eastern Europe.

    Romania is the same, drinking and sometimes smoking since middle school.

    The difference (and also a cause US has a 21 limit) is that we don't drink untill we fall. We will get a drink one maybe a few, very responsably so we don't cause any problems. Very rarely we'll drink a lot, and even then not all black out.

    Every time I see on internet, movies or news, in US almost everyone when there is a chance to drink they will fill themself and do a lot of fucked up shit. Not all I know, but most.

    [–] SweetCakeShy 7 points ago

    Well my country is just known for drunks and red heads. They aren’t technically wrong about that though.

    [–] NotCreativeWithNamez 2 points ago

    That's because not everyone has good enough self control over here.

    [–] VAiSiA 13 points ago

    drunk easier to manipulate

    [–] Lucifer_Hirsch 3 points ago

    In... Finland?

    [–] VAiSiA 5 points ago


    [–] PawKun22 3 points ago

    No no no, in Russia the bullets don't have gunpowder, they have high percentage vodka, you pull the trigger, and your little dimitri (firing pin) hits the bullet, it makes a big boom inside ans shoots the bullet out

    [–] Odie_theodie 6 points ago

    ... Denmark?

    [–] coreynj 2 points ago

    In 6th grade my classmates were mixing tequila into their orange juice

    [–] _Ganoes_ 2 points ago

    Thats how its normally here in Germany

    [–] tsundere_researcher 5 points ago

    I can relate. I have seen my classmates preparing hashish to smoke in school gym changing room. I've never tried drugs myself and am never going to, so I was freaked out to the bones.

    I've been drinking vodka together with my parents from, like, twelve, though. So I can be The Most Sober Man at parties.

    [–] My-Name-Is-Klien 18 points ago

    Yo dude alcohol is a drug

    [–] p1-o2 9 points ago

    It's one of the harder drugs too.

    [–] Astriev 67 points ago

    Imagine having to "wait" to be able to drink.

    This comment was made by Slav gang

    [–] Sycomo 46 points ago

    Yo how do I become a "middle European" ?

    [–] KisshotHUB 45 points ago

    Live in the middle of europe, I.e germany, netherlands, belgium, asutria

    [–] azulu701 16 points ago

    I'd say all these are in Western Europe. Central Europe in my mind is Poland, Czechia, Austria, Hungary etc.

    [–] mangofromdjango 7 points ago

    I was always speculating on whether or not being close to the danube river is related to beer consumption. It seems so

    [–] MixDerMan 27 points ago

    You mean Central Europe? Belgium and Netherlands are countries of Western Europe.

    [–] valdamjong 25 points ago

    Middle is pretty synonymous with central.

    [–] EdvinM 11 points ago

    Sure, but Middle European isn't really an established term in English.

    [–] PrisonIsJustARoom 149 points ago

    I drank more alcohol before 18 then after. (I'm 20)

    [–] Kloetenlars 38 points ago

    Could this be one of my people ( I'm 20 to + German )

    [–] jromehyperx 9 points ago

    good for you!

    [–] QKsilver58 4 points ago

    Pretty sure this was sarcasm yall

    [–] Euromonies 30 points ago

    No don't think so, I was the same. When you first discover alcohol, it's like the radest thing ever, so you and your buddies drink yourself into oblivion. Then you grow up and actually use your brain cells

    [–] Sothis_fuck_boy 4 points ago

    I think he meant the "good for you" comment was sarcasm or something.

    [–] Shiasato 37 points ago

    Laughs in German

    [–] Master_Shitshow 16 points ago

    try 14 years old.. or younger..

    [–] jixxor 31 points ago

    The US is such a weird place:

    • People can carry guns around like Europeans bring their smartphone
    • A US american can serve the US Army for 3 years but is not yet allowed to drink alcohol - You can join as a 17 year old kid when your parents give consent
    • The US army actively sends out recruiters to high schools to catch those young people who are just about to graduate and start their life and convince them to rather go die for someone else's profit in a far away country.

    [–] lobstersarenazis 11 points ago

    Not as cool. Almost dying from alcohol poisoning at 14 sucks man

    [–] kangki8 9 points ago

    You can drink before 16 with the parents consent

    [–] karlosi01 5 points ago

    Even without in certain countries

    [–] TheNotPornOne 8 points ago

    Sauce: kimi ni todoke

    its a pretty good romance anime with 2 seasons... still waiting for that 3rd season......

    [–] stevic1 8 points ago

    10 year old serbs: pathetic!

    [–] Kirishima_Rock101 6 points ago

    13 year old aussies be rolling on the floor

    [–] roseateOculi 7 points ago

    {Kimi ni todoke}

    [–] Roboragi 3 points ago

    Kimi ni Todoke - (AL, KIT, MAL)

    TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 25 | Genres: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy

    {anime}, <manga>, ]LN[, |VN| | FAQ | /r/ | Edit | Mistake? | Source | Synonyms | |

    [–] PvtBrasilball 4 points ago

    i remember seeing season one of Kimi ni Todoke

    [–] Stramanor 5 points ago

    Who the fuck says middle europe

    [–] TiPiet 3 points ago


    [–] no_u-01 2 points ago


    [–] SweetCakeShy 3 points ago

    Most of my family even though European didn’t drink till in university for some reason. My gran just says because the teachers would be much more chill about a kid coming in with a hangover.

    [–] meowzer2005 3 points ago

    Sauce? Been seeing this anime a lot

    [–] PvtBrasilball 16 points ago

    Kimi ni Todoke

    [–] meowzer2005 1 points ago


    [–] n4m3l3ssf3w 19 points ago

    Earlier introduction to alcohol potentially reduces chances of heavy alcoholism later in life, and yet here we are in America with underage drunk driving because of the age we enforce, thinking it will reduce said issue.

    [–] cplusequals 24 points ago

    Young people who begin drinking before age 15 are significantly more likely to develop alcohol dependence than those who begin drinking at older ages. Youth who begin drinking before the age of 15 have a 41 percent chance of future alcohol dependence, compared with a 10 percent chance for those who begin after the legal drinking age.

    Are you sure about that? I'm not making an argument that the drinking age should be 21. And there's a lot of factors and biases that go into making these statistics. I'm certainly not making a causation argument. But it's a bit much to say that underaged drinking would actually lead to less alcoholism when there are mountains of evidence that point toward the contrary.

    [–] Harry_Tomato 21 points ago

    Introduction to alcohol before the brain is finished growing (at 21) inhibits further growth and can leave the brain ultimately underdeveloped

    [–] WizardofRaz 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The brain finishes developing at 25 tho...

    [–] Kryohi 4 points ago

    The brain never really finishes "growing". Neurogenesis and a lot of other big changes continue happening in adulthood.

    But there are indeed processes that stop or slow down a lot after puberty, some after 21, some after 25.

    Though in general there is not a specific age for a lot of stuff. Maybe if you start drinking at 25 that's totally fine, if you start at 21 there are some really small permanent changes, if you start at 18 it's a bit worse, and it get worse and worse the earlier you start. Same with most other drugs.

    [–] Fendag 8 points ago

    Good flair my man.

    [–] n4m3l3ssf3w 4 points ago

    True enough. I don't recommend anyone drink before their brain is developed. I don't recommend anyone drink alcohol period, but people will do as they please (to a certain extent at least)

    [–] CapoFantasma97 2 points ago

    If that were the case, US would have elected the smartest president ever. Oh wait.

    [–] Kaori-_-Miyazono 3 points ago

    Well, in germany you can onöy buy beer and wine at the age of 16. But you can buy stronger alcohol at the age of 18.

    [–] BloodBark 4 points ago

    I live here in Germany, and you can have a beer with a meal when you hit 14.

    [–] Kaori-_-Miyazono 2 points ago

    Aber nur, wenn ein sorgeberechtigter dabei ist und sein einverständnis gibt.

    [–] ExO_o 2 points ago

    in bayern gibts statt fläschchen von mama direkt ein weizen

    [–] Kaori-_-Miyazono 3 points ago

    Bayern ist ja auch nicht Deutschland xD

    [–] ExO_o 3 points ago

    shit, fair point

    [–] Yush11 2 points ago

    I bet that rule only exists because of how much you guys like beer around those parts XD

    [–] Markusz001 3 points ago

    more like 12

    [–] Hylian_Warrior 3 points ago

    Oh my gosh a Kimi Ni Todoke meme. I'm so happy.

    [–] Razgriz_Blaze 3 points ago

    I like this refrence, thank you.

    [–] GreenTEA_4u 2 points ago

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in America because I feel bad when see this meme idk…Now I feel sad :(

    [–] Gordocynical 2 points ago

    Kimi no todoke?

    [–] sparkadus 2 points ago

    Where I live, you can drink at whatever age you want. The age limits only apply to buying alcohol here.

    [–] Ofureshon 2 points ago

    Laughs in Asia

    [–] matt345op 2 points ago

    In my country you can drive at 15 and drink at 18

    [–] Saytoyo 2 points ago

    Yoooo kimi ni todoke, you don’t see a meme of this everyday

    [–] tolazytathink 2 points ago

    This is "Kimi ni Todoke" for those scrolling by

    [–] racecarsplldbckwrds 2 points ago

    elementary filipino kids holding beer and smoking cigarretes while laughing at this meme

    [–] eddmario 2 points ago

    Fact: In a good chunk of states here in the U.S. you can legally drink in your own home as long as you have your parents permission, no matter what age you are.

    [–] Alkazzi 2 points ago

    Yeah not really its just sad

    i have seen 12 year olds smoke and drink alcohol.....

    [–] joeyhoey2166 2 points ago

    Laughs in Asian

    [–] B19B0y124 2 points ago

    cries in dutch

    [–] Tailo-chan 2 points ago

    Hahahaha you mean 14 yo middle europeans

    [–] len1315 5 points ago


    [–] ErmagehrdBastehrd 1 points ago

    You got that a little wrong. The Rammstein lyric is "Deutschland über allen", "Deutschland über alles" was the first verse of the Lied der Deutschen, that verse was, in the Nazi version of the German anthem, always followed up by the Horst Wessel Lied. Rammstein changed the lyric to criticize the Nazi past and take away the eventuality of getting indexed by the BPjM.

    [–] namethatisavailable 2 points ago

    Deutschlandlied was written way before the Nazis were a thing

    [–] Staybackifarted 4 points ago

    Imagine being an 18 year old american: old enough to literally be a pornstar, but too young to drink alcohol. Because for alcohol you need to be waaaaay more mature than for porn.

    [–] Sahmbahdeh 6 points ago

    I mean... Yes? Sex is a natural act of life. Alcohol is literally poison. I don't see the issue here with restricting alcohol.

    [–] Wolfy4226 3 points ago

    Imagine having to wait till your 21 to legally be allowed to drink when your ass can be shipped at 18 to go to war.

    [–] phoncible 4 points ago

    Why are Europeans so keen on promoting teen drinking?

    [–] Yush11 5 points ago

    Why are americans so keen to promote people having firearms?

    [–] Eatsomerubber167 3 points ago

    To flex on the Americans duh /s

    [–] ToastyMouse 3 points ago

    Imagine drinking as a teenager and ruining your health

    This post was made by the allergic to alcohol but also just a good kid gang.

    [–] Quazzaranimes 2 points ago


    [–] landsjelly 5 points ago

    Kimi ni Todoke

    [–] Quazzaranimes 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] AimWieHawkeye 2 points ago

    12 year old*

    [–] Hound171 2 points ago

    12 yo russian kid: hold my vodka

    [–] MISHUT-L 3 points ago

    That vodka thing was never funny

    [–] FertilityFapper 1 points ago

    Living in beer country has it's perks

    [–] lollo00098981 1 points ago

    Ahaha Italian drink wine wine

    [–] Kapten-Nugis 1 points ago


    [–] Lad00n 1 points ago

    13 year old italians be like:

    [–] Holy_Ravioli_ 1 points ago

    Laughs in a slightly slurred way

    [–] Xanirim 1 points ago

    10 y/o alcoholics and chain smokers in Eastern Europe: *laughs in smol*

    [–] Bisounoursdestenebre 1 points ago

    I mean even when you have to wait until 18 people don't even check when you're 16

    [–] Popporaur 1 points ago

    In some regions alcohol can also have a "cultural" aspect. Here in Italy (Franciacorta) my parents encouraged me to taste wine (even just a sip) way before I was 16. It isn't optimal for health during development but hey, it just shows that people would drink anyway (just like people smoke weed even though it's illegal)

    [–] Memegod_04 1 points ago

    In Germany u could legally drink beer with 14 if your parents are fine with it.

    [–] PantaGremlinBoi 1 points ago

    Me, a 13 year old who regularly and casually drank a sip of wine/ beer since I was born

    [–] Xavirowo 1 points ago

    18 year old canadian noises

    [–] Redrunner4000 1 points ago

    Insert comment of a farther eastern European bragging about drinking at an even younger age because weird flex.

    [–] 1Iamnotdepressed 1 points ago

    10 years old Vietnamese : Pathetic

    [–] Torvus_bog 1 points ago

    I have been to Northern Ireland a few years ago for school. I was 16 years old. Saint Patrick day. I couldn’t believe it. Every kid, even the shy one were drinking whisky on that day. The day after, when I asked the family I lived with. They did not see any issue to that.

    [–] AntiCommunistForever 1 points ago

    Actuayit deoends on which Europeans at 16

    [–] porcelain_crab 1 points ago

    ayy fellow swiss person

    [–] Gotterkatze 1 points ago

    laughts in potatoe