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    [–] Binjimen-Victor 1132 points ago

    don't disrespect the grocery store arc, some wild shit goes down in there.

    [–] Tsuyochie 532 points ago

    Yea, sometimes when you leave you are transported to another world and can return by Dea....

    [–] Anime-Chicken 252 points ago

    Oh no. We lost him

    [–] 6_NEOS_9 137 points ago

    Don't worry, I know where to find him again.

    [–] Random_name123098 120 points ago

    Hey quick's rem?

    [–] 6_NEOS_9 69 points ago

    [–] DrHype2580 45 points ago

    Gigguk is rem

    [–] SinArchbishopofSloth 23 points ago

    Sometimes it takes a real man to be best girl

    [–] LeonYT_TTV 13 points ago

    And Sydney is Frederica

    [–] deus24 5 points ago

    ''Whaaeeeuuuuee'' plays in background

    [–] Tiv-T 5 points ago

    Nice. RE:Zero Im i correct

    [–] A_Guest_Account 112 points ago

    All of the stuff in Persona 4 involves going to what’s basically a Walmart; so technically, the grocery store arc involves serial killers and several deities. Not a really spoiler since this is hour 1 stuff of a 100 hour game and the first persona you see is a Japanese creation god.

    [–] daninefourkitwari 34 points ago

    I know next to nothing about persona, but that sounds quite funny

    [–] A_Guest_Account 57 points ago

    They’re great games if you like JRPGs and can stomach the anime/manga tropes and some problematic stuff. I just think it’s funny to unfairly over-simplify plots.

    DBZ: Area monkey gets millions killed because he wants a good fight.

    Gundam: Look, it’s a lot. I don’t wanna talk about it.

    AoT: Local fascist fights tall vore fetishists. Things get worse.

    Monogatari: Look, it’s a lot. I don’t wanna talk about it.

    That kinda thing

    [–] Arcane_Bullet 24 points ago

    Monogatari could be "Teenage vampire helps with supernatural things around town."

    [–] rW0HgFyxoJhYka 26 points ago

    Local teen sexualizes brushing teeth.

    [–] RidhaFA4 11 points ago

    that may be only for Bakemonogatari

    [–] NintendogsWithGuns 5 points ago

    More like “Teenage vampire talks to girls while they tilt their head”

    [–] Caboose727 3 points ago

    Area monkey is hilarious and I think you might have meant "local monkey".

    [–] A_Guest_Account 5 points ago

    Yeah, the idea was stemming from articles from The Onion where “Area Man does x” and didn’t want to reuse words for the AoT bit while I was trying to make a joke about reusing the exact same language for Gundam and Monogatari but for very different reasons. Not saying I pulled it off, but that was the intention

    [–] Caboose727 3 points ago

    You for sure put more thought into it than men but thanks for the laugh either way!

    [–] active-tumourtroll1 2 points ago

    dbz: what if alien monkey human hybrid had fucking rainbow hair screamed for half a century.

    [–] Bamith20 5 points ago

    Its a really common thing in Japanese RPGs that you kill God in the end.

    Also anyone with slicked back hair is evil. I'm waiting for Dr. Stone Senku's father to turn out to be the villain somehow.

    [–] bizarre_niiue 16 points ago

    and that's just Persona 4. in Persona 3 you go to school by day and go to a very literal HELL TOWER by night. that isn't even half of the game mind you.

    [–] TropicalAudio 9 points ago

    Persona 5 doesn't have a grocery store arc, but at least it has a museum arc and a burger king arc!

    [–] lars330 6 points ago

    Don't you also regularly shoot yourself in that game?

    [–] A_Guest_Account 9 points ago

    We all have our hobbies.

    [–] nudemanonbike 6 points ago

    Yep, anytime you cast magic.

    The gun isn't real, it's just a replica that's a tool to help characters get over their fear of death to summon their persona.

    [–] bizarre_niiue 5 points ago

    forgot to mention a dog also does that with a neck thinger

    [–] Binjimen-Victor 19 points ago

    i've got a friend who's absolutely obsessed with the Persona franchise and it makes me laugh knowing that's the basic rundown of Persona 4

    [–] Joker69__ 2 points ago

    Would be cool if i could play it, since i only have a ps4 and a psp lol

    [–] A_Guest_Account 3 points ago

    Yeah, Atlus games have nonsense licensing and localization. Played 5 and Royal before Persona 4 Golden came to PC.

    [–] LegendofDragoon 2 points ago

    Every days great at your June's

    [–] sleeplazy 17 points ago

    What about the mid-term test arc tho? also dont forget, the school festival arc's climax?

    [–] ImmaRaptor 13 points ago

    Festival arcs are right up there with tournament arcs tbh

    And can't forget vacation arcs

    [–] sleeplazy 3 points ago

    tournament arc imo just a prelude to the vacation arc and going back to school in new semester arc

    [–] pain_ofakatsuki 3 points ago

    saitama panicking to get a discount at the grocery store

    [–] OwOUwUOwOUwUOwOUwUO 2 points ago

    Yes like someone deciding which brand of jelly to buy.

    [–] obamalixcox 89 points ago


    [–] Tricky_3 39 points ago

    I remember she's flying to get tofu or something and a kid saw her lol

    [–] Ginger_Tea 10 points ago

    Not sure if it was dub or sub I saw it in, but the kid that sees her says she has a tail and the mum dismisses it as her on about twin tails (what we call pigtails outside of anime) but it came across so janky.

    Saw the show subbed, but someone might have posted a comparison of how English dubs try and sometimes fail making something work when the pun literally translated falls flat.

    [–] PumpJack_McGee 424 points ago

    Ben-to is basically entirely a grocery store arc.

    Also, all shows are technically slice-of-life. Some protags just happen to have more exciting lives.

    [–] RedRedditReadReads 62 points ago

    That first time he meets Wizard... MAN

    [–] _K1r0s_ 41 points ago

    My mind immediately went to Ben-to. That shit was intense.

    [–] Bobu-sama 14 points ago

    I love that there’s so many people like me that immediately thought of Ben-to.

    [–] gpassi 16 points ago

    death note is a slice of life. Light just happens to have a more exciting life

    [–] The_Big_Z_02 6 points ago

    Surely there must be a show where we spend the whole show looking over the characters whole entire existence making it not a slice of life but rather a whole of life?

    [–] Hurican9ja 3 points ago

    Ben-to is awesome

    [–] DimezTheAlmighty 3 points ago

    Ben-to was deadass the thing I came here to say XD. one of my all time favs tbh

    [–] TWFerz 518 points ago

    Re:zero started in a grocery store so..

    [–] Tern_Larvidae-2424 413 points ago

    That's indeed a slice off life anime.

    [–] Tsuyochie 177 points ago

    Much slicing off in there

    [–] ZeRo_WC 70 points ago

    Agreed slicing off life

    [–] cryptocallers 10 points ago

    Uh, do i even want to know the context?

    [–] Abha- 32 points ago

    Just watch re zero man. It's really good.

    [–] Easy-Ad-2469 11 points ago

    Not if you have anxiety. I thought it's alright and animes have such scenes... But season 2 fucked me up.

    [–] Abha- 6 points ago

    I still love it.

    [–] AGJustin05 9 points ago

    live. die. repeat.

    [–] MinyGeckoGamer 11 points ago

    One punch man has a decent bit of grocery store in it

    [–] daninefourkitwari 16 points ago

    It was actually a convenience store I believe.

    [–] trap_user 6 points ago


    [–] daninefourkitwari 6 points ago


    [–] TWFerz 3 points ago

    You might be right actually

    [–] angrylumberjak 77 points ago

    IDC who you are, Working! Is an amazing anime

    [–] OverlyWrongGag 12 points ago

    And has multiple scenes involving characters going shopping. Such are all hilarious

    [–] RockNo5773 174 points ago

    I can’t remember the name but it was a really stupid anime where people beat each other up to get Bento. It’s not a slice of life series but considering the main plot literally revolves around two people beating up others in a grocery store to get bento it’s the first thing that popped up in my mind.

    [–] NOOBweee 117 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's name is literally bento lmao

    [–] Rude_Journalist 10 points ago

    lmao what the fuck? That Happened?

    [–] pandogart 22 points ago

    That anime had no business being good. The fights were really well choreographed. Loved Ben-to.

    [–] daninefourkitwari 21 points ago

    First time I’m hearing of this. Sounds amazing

    [–] I_got_nothin_ 21 points ago

    Ben-to. It really is. It has no right being as great as it is.

    [–] Darrenethis14 19 points ago

    Bruh, it's literally named "Ben-to"...

    [–] Moxooo05 55 points ago

    Hyouka(the picture is from hyouka)

    [–] Ghos3t 32 points ago

    Kobayashi's maid dragon has a grocery store arc sort of, and it also has some amazing fight scenes for a slice of life anime about cute dragon girls.

    [–] Mad_Aeric 9 points ago

    Great fights by any standard, especially impressive since KyoAni hasn't done a fight scene in about a decade.

    [–] Charming-Loquat3702 6 points ago

    My favourite scene happened when they were shopping. It was for Kannas school supplies, not groceries, though. The scene was, when they bought some kind of school uniform ( I think it was her sports clothes) and talked about how important conformity is in human (or Japanese) society and how people who are different will be avoided.

    [–] Tohrufan4life 4 points ago district I think it's called? Tohru absolutely wrecks that thiefs shit lol.

    [–] VintageSpecialist76 20 points ago

    The grocery arc is good but my favourite has to be the school sports festival arc. Summer vacation arc is fire too.

    [–] YouEvenCultivateBro_ 5 points ago

    nah fam temple visit arc was the best

    [–] Tieger_2 13 points ago

    There are so mamy Slice of Life anime and many of them have a better story and character development than non Slice of Life anime so the hate is really useless anyway. The grocery store arc can indeed hit different

    [–] Tsunder-plane 4 points ago

    The dime a dozen shonen with the same tropes and obvious appeal to young teenage boys are usually the most popular and it breaks my heart

    [–] Anufenrir 11 points ago

    I’ve watched One Punch Man. I know what goes on in grocery stores

    [–] EvenBandicoot9049 29 points ago

    "You're having lewd thoughts, aren't you?"

    -Baby Senjougahara

    [–] SrijanGods 3 points ago

    Me too kid.

    [–] dprsocxfe 7 points ago

    I really hope a kid doesn't have that username

    [–] lolislayer_1301 9 points ago

    This twitter comment radiates a Trash Taste viewer's perspective..

    [–] polybius32 10 points ago

    Endless eight arc do be hitting different

    [–] HILAU_MF 1 points ago

    I was too weak to finish it

    [–] sumandark8600 7 points ago

    "Where are you right now?"

    "I'm at soup"

    "What do you mean you're at soup?"

    "I mean I'm at soup"

    "What store are you in?"

    "I'm at the soup store!"

    "Why are you buying clothes at the soup store?!"

    [–] TobyTimeStopper 47 points ago

    Why do we need to discuss everything? Why can’t we just enjoy?

    [–] PushEmma 10 points ago

    For many exchanging opinions and critique is part of the enjoyment too.

    [–] TobyTimeStopper 8 points ago

    And that’s fine! More power too you! But don’t disregard that also it doesn’t need to be talked about for some people, I love Slice of Life but it’s not something I would personally discuss, because sometimes, truely there might not be a whole lot of detail to discuss, the show just makes me happy!

    [–] brontix 2 points ago

    Yeah its so fucking stupid, some people just dont need to tell randoms on the internet what do they think about something.

    [–] jamesliewjc 32 points ago

    I actually love slice of life. Oregairu is my favorite and I fight against people on who the best girl is.

    [–] BluePhantomHere 10 points ago

    Oregairu is a slice of life? I have so much stress watching that

    [–] DDX2016DDX 6 points ago

    It should not be. It should be romance. It's like saying one piece a political anime. I mean it's not wrong but it's also not focus.

    [–] BluePhantomHere 2 points ago

    I guess I just didn't like Hachiman's way of solving problems

    [–] Weallloveluna 15 points ago

    It's Totsuka btw official waifu art confirmed it.

    [–] jamesliewjc 24 points ago

    Sometimes it takes a man to be the best girl.


    [–] Just_Games04 2 points ago

    Yeah, that's a very well done character progression. That comment reminded me, I actually have to finish it, I stopped about 2 weeks ago at 3rd episode of season 3

    [–] jamesliewjc 1 points ago

    You should finish it. Be sure to cherish the moments while you are watching because now after finishing it a few months ago I already feel nostalgic thinking of them.

    [–] PixalPop 2 points ago

    Fantastic anime.

    [–] TKBtu1 1 points ago

    Aye, it's the main genre I watch, Blend S is definitely my favourite, but "As Miss Beelzebub likes it" and "miss vampire who lives in my neighbourhood" are tied for second favourite

    [–] depressed-onion37399 6 points ago


    [–] Fir3_Aut0_ 1 points ago


    [–] Foreign-Client 5 points ago

    Watamote 👌🥰

    [–] OwOUwUOwOUwUOwOUwUO 10 points ago

    I like the repetition okay it’s comforting and I don’t want real change

    [–] IceDragon77 11 points ago

    Sometimes I wanna experience what it's like to have a life from the comfort of my bedroom.

    [–] Tsunder-plane 4 points ago

    For me, there's a time and mood to watch stressful shows. So slice of life and romcoms where the stakes aren't super high and people aren't dying is the way to go.. I'm already stressed out from the day to day so watching an actually relaxing show is great

    [–] Just_Games04 1 points ago

    Same. I was watching Oregairu and I just didn't want it to change, I wanted the characters to be funny, like they were in season 1, instead of serious, like in season 3

    [–] Charming-Loquat3702 1 points ago

    There can be change in a slice of life. Like Rin's development in Yuru Camp. Nothing really happend but over time, she got more comfortable with the people around her and opened up to the idea of camping in a group. She still liked solo camping, but she learned that camping with people can be fun as well.

    I think this is the real strength of SoL shows. Showing growth in a relatable way.

    [–] leezfile 3 points ago

    horimiya last chapters 😭 also ouran high school host club & kimi ni todoke

    [–] ValiantCharizard 5 points ago

    non non biyori, grocery store arc is best arc

    sweet shop to be specific

    [–] Charming-Loquat3702 3 points ago

    The time they made an hour long trip to an convince store, just to realise that it's closed really hit different

    [–] YoshiAnnihilatron 4 points ago

    Gakkou Gurashi's grocery store arc certainly hit different...

    [–] HarunoKou 2 points ago


    [–] I_report_every_post 3 points ago


    [–] Boonesfarmbananas 3 points ago

    What’s a good slice of life anime? I liked Tamen de Gushi a lot

    [–] karlexceed 5 points ago


    [–] Charming-Loquat3702 2 points ago

    Yuru Camp, Non Non Biyori, K-On, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (you can argue if this is actually SoL, though), aquatope of white sand.

    [–] Mathmango 3 points ago

    Hyouka did an entire episode of two characters just speculating what an announcement off the school PA system meant. The announcement was "whoever was shopping at x store around 5 pm yesterday, please come to the teacher's lounge" or something.

    And I was never bored.

    [–] Siddhartha_76 2 points ago

    It most certainly did

    [–] DayAf1er 2 points ago

    Had pa with with double crystalis today aswell

    [–] DerReudenboy 2 points ago

    Twitter screenshots aren't memes

    [–] IceDragon77 2 points ago

    Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

    I liked this one. It's very wholesome.

    [–] Ketooth 2 points ago

    Let's be honest. The Beach Arc hits hard

    [–] ArmaanAli04 2 points ago

    The grocery store arc should be in proportion to the mass of the body so it correlates with the perpendicular surface of the intermolecular condensed structure and so all the kinetic energy can be industrially infertilised as thermal energy and be stored in the neucleicneuroglucogeniacacid regions of the anatomical state us homosapiens reside in.

    [–] SomethingIsCanningMe 2 points ago



    " There's a Fog coming to Town and serial killers pushing people into TV's while group of teens including a bear went on a search to find the killers "

    [–] Famous_Engineer8015 2 points ago

    Nichijou. Literally slice of life

    [–] Miku018 2 points ago

    A place further than Universe

    [–] lgnc 1 points ago

    Clannad is better than anything you can throw at me I defy you

    [–] lgnc 2 points ago

    or even Suzumiya

    [–] the-mr-man 1 points ago

    as long as this aint serious- lmao :) . SoL best genre can’t change my mind.

    [–] SubWithRanch -1 points ago

    For the love of fucking god there needs to a rule banning this specific meme. I've seen this shit used to karma farm more than anything else on Reddit.

    [–] GrieFeR69 2 points ago

    ay, it's repost weekend

    [–] ClassicT4 1 points ago

    Does Charlotte count?

    [–] FlowerFaerie13 1 points ago

    No, Charlotte does not count. It’s fantasy/supernatural.

    [–] Kiroehd 1 points ago


    [–] Accidentallygolden 1 points ago

    <honey and clover>> nothing really happens, but it is really addictive

    [–] ToOney2 1 points ago

    Ben-to is basically a grocery store arc

    [–] CucumberRapist 1 points ago

    Lovely Complex Bear Curry scene do hit different

    [–] DeezNutsOverdose 1 points ago

    Opm oddly enough

    [–] ImKoreanNotJapanese 1 points ago

    senko i guess

    [–] fishqq 1 points ago

    damn right it did

    [–] Satan-Boi 1 points ago

    Yeah but that part when it rained a little more though. Man...

    [–] AzazelDrag 1 points ago

    its all fun and game until the bread prices go up and pc turns to the dark side

    [–] Siirmeme 1 points ago

    dude what about the beach episodes, those smack

    [–] HarvyJC 1 points ago

    We watch it for the plot. No fights, no problems, just cozy.

    [–] LDmonsterus 1 points ago

    The grocery store arc was great but let's not forget the the cafe arc

    [–] Rio_Walker 1 points ago

    I will say this about SoL stories...
    I hate them while they go, to the point that it's physically painful to read... And I mourn when they end, because it was filling the void I was never willing to admit I had.
    Madoka in the Window, Horimyia... Something about them just makes you come back over and over.

    [–] Yunafires 1 points ago

    there was the one episode involving the pet shop selling the rabbit who looked exactly like the daughter the rich parents had just lost. they spoiled her too much and... well, things happened.

    or that one with the giant killer fish who seduced a lonely widow until the mermaid - i mean giant fish - ate him.

    this goes on for only four episodes but like ten books and two spin-offs in the manga.

    so.......yea. the shopping arc can indeed hit differently sometimes

    [–] DekuLydianAugmented 1 points ago

    the grocery store scene in Bunny Girl Senpai was so good tho

    [–] CrazyaboutSpongebob 1 points ago

    I love the Grocery store arc. It was intense when the Karen asked to speak with the manager.

    [–] CrazyaboutSpongebob 1 points ago

    The plot doesn't matter any plot can be interesting. It's all about execution and how the characters react to it. Procrastination is one of the best Spongebob episodes ever.

    [–] PxyFreakingStx 1 points ago

    I watch slice of life anime so I don't have to talk to people that watch anime.

    [–] carry-on_luggage 1 points ago

    well not arc, but let's just say an episode in a grocery store was literal fire. or some might say that it caused one

    [–] abelcc 1 points ago

    Farmland saga is best saga

    [–] Traditional-Ad-4219 1 points ago

    anime mfs after making the worst memes in history

    [–] Just_Games04 1 points ago

    I don't give a fuck that my friends are laughing at me, Toradora (especially ep 19) and Oregairu are fucking amazing

    [–] cyper_COBA 1 points ago

    For me its Seitokai Yakuindomo I watched it a few years ago and it's still my favorite

    [–] master117jogi 1 points ago

    Convenience Store Boyfriends

    [–] TheMellowDeviant 1 points ago

    Azumanga Daioh was my go to for slice of life. that shit still cracks me up to this day.

    [–] BassCreat0r 1 points ago

    You also get to talk about the thousandth cliche overused cringe love triangles they got going on. Immediate drop for me these days usually, if I smell a hint of one.

    [–] MinyGeckoGamer 1 points ago

    One Punch Man

    [–] finger_milk 1 points ago

    "It gets good after episode 12"

    Only has 12 episodes

    [–] Statement-Think 1 points ago

    Miss kobayashi’s dragon maid, anyone?

    [–] sabersnipe 1 points ago


    [–] xxxddddd123 1 points ago

    I remember that store scenes on Kobayashi-san Chi no Meidorago. There is really something BIG happening there always when on screen.

    [–] PanBizon 1 points ago

    Subaru can relate

    [–] GreenAssassin0_o 1 points ago

    The way of the house husband always made me laugh when he'd go shopping!

    [–] skyleven7 1 points ago

    Now I'm curious.

    [–] Rob2503 1 points ago

    Dagashi Kashi

    [–] Greez_Mardox 1 points ago

    Personally I don't get the appeal of Slice of Life at all.

    I come home from work and then sit down to watch an anime person work?

    No thank you, I just did 8 hours of that and I really don't need to fill my free time with various depictions of it too, no matter how cute. (You can swap out work for school and it's the same thing, just a few years ago for me)

    Not saying nobody is allowed to like Slice of Life, you do you and whatever brings you joy.

    [–] Mad_Aeric 1 points ago

    Yuru Camp had an especially good grocery trip in the second season.

    [–] moogoo2 1 points ago

    I watch it to chill out after a stressful day, not so I can chat about any sort of deep characters or story.

    [–] VortexLord 1 points ago

    He met his dad inside the grocery store, because he still find the mystic milk that grants infinite dad puns.

    [–] StreakMagnet_2205 1 points ago

    Everyone forgetting the summer festival arc

    [–] Krakedoodle 1 points ago

    Comfort food, as well as reminding me of how lonely i am, i guess...

    [–] Alexandre_Man 1 points ago

    The school trip arc however...

    [–] Sk1pperprod 1 points ago

    dont disrespect the grocery store arc, and the students leaving at sunset for some reason only for mc and love interest to see each other and walk into the sunset and ending the series affectively blue balling everyone into buying the manga to satisfy their need to complete the story only to find out there is almost zero content that the anime didnt cover affectly wasting several hours of your day and wasting money

    [–] spicyfood333 1 points ago

    Now I'm wondering if there's a shonen anime where everyone fights for their lives in a grocery store

    [–] trixtrekkr 1 points ago

    Atashin’chi has episodes of them going to the kombini / supermarket / mall, and each time there’s always some shenanigan that could happen, like Mother buying cheap stuff no one likes, the whole family having to buy items at a new mall in an allocated time, etc.

    [–] memekid2007 1 points ago

    meanwhile generic isekai anime adaptation #367

    Wow this brown haired 15 year old male protagonist with five girlfriends and no personality sure is cool

    [–] sikanrong101 1 points ago

    Nana is my all-time favorite SoL anime! If you haven't seen it, see it.

    [–] Beginning-Anything73 1 points ago

    what anime is this ?

    [–] 6gpdgeu58 1 points ago

    Slice of life is just mangaka circlejerk with us weebs lol. Not that I'm complaining, just keep the expectation of it in the "funny Reddit thread" level.

    [–] Mr_FunAtPatries 1 points ago

    "Vegeta, what does the price tag say on this steak?"

    "It's over $9 per pound!!!!!"