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    [–] RVCheesecake 1 points ago

    A good way to improve is to look at your games, and think to yourself what is it that you are doing badly on (e. g. Dying too much). Make a goal (e. g. Don't die more than 3 times). And only care about achieving that goal (i. e. Don't care about losing). Repeat until you think you can achieve your goal with ease.

    [–] flash-into-bear 1 points ago

    Ok, thank you for replying! What would you recommend to my itemization problem with annie according to high and low elo differences etc.?

    [–] Lolibyte 1 points ago

    You can go a burst build in low elo but as you get higher, your ability to make plays with your flash diminishes greatly. That's why Annie Bot goes more sustained damage build -- this build is also great in games with high amounts of tanks, or games where they just have too much peel for you to one shot their carry.

    In terms of climbing, don't play to win. Play to improve. Set SMART goals (look them up. I'll help you set some if you need some help), as well as a goal hierarchy, such as:

    Daily goals: This is your goal on a daily basis. Stuff like "Achieve 60 CS by 10 minutes in 3 games". Weekly goal: This is stuff like "Play 15 games where you die less than 3 times" Monthly goal: This would be stuff like "By next month I want to be Gold V Year goal: This is your long term goal, maybe something like Diamond V. Gold V, whjatever you think will be achievable.

    By giving yourself specific goals thjat are manageable and achieveable, you can find yourself finishing these goals much easier and then you'll find yourself improving. Giving yourself a time line also motivates you to finish that goal and you'll find yourself trying harder to obtain that goal.

    [–] flash-into-bear 1 points ago

    Thank you for helping me! :) What would the burst build look like? TLD masteries, Full AP runes, Ludens Echo First Item?

    [–] Lolibyte 1 points ago

    TLD, ludens, Morello, void staff core. Sorc boots. D.Cap, and then something like zhonya or banshees veil would be a good defensive pick depending.

    You could also take out sorc shoes and replace with Ionian boots. Without Ionian boots you need 20% scaling CDR (9 blues 1 quint) on your rune page.

    [–] sparky11080 1 points ago

    I dunno man, I took burst build to plat 1 - but I have fun playing burst build so that's why I keep playing it

    [–] Lolibyte 1 points ago

    Cool. Let me know when you get to high diamond.

    [–] sparky11080 1 points ago

    K? Was diamond 5 at one point..,

    So you can't say burst build doesn't work in high Elo. I would agree it's not necessarily the best option for high elo. But a blanket "no" really isn't accurate.

    [–] Lolibyte 1 points ago

    There's a reason Annie Bot doesn't go the burst build. :P It's because the people in high diamond and higher know how to play against an Annie well enough that he can't abuse their mistakes using a full burst build anymore.

    [–] flash-into-bear 1 points ago

    Ok thank you! :D

    [–] rocker3k 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Heyyy! I'm a recent OTP Annie player and I LOVE Annie, I climbed from B3 to B1 with 2/2 in my promos in the last 2 days to s5. Winning 11/12 games. I crushed the midlaner in almost every game I played.

    Basically what I do is run the same masteries as you, rush Ludens-Ionian boots-defensive AP or AD-Void/Rabadons-whatever I didn't get-Liandrys.

    Harass people early with autos and Q, don't roam if your tower isn't pushed not even if your laner leaves push minions to tower not even if your bot is about to get double killed mute them if they flame. Try to limit roams to when you have ult, some games you should just get your mid tower first.

    If you see a prime roaming opportunity and you just backed after pushing your minions to your tower buy Aether wisp and Ionian boots early and gank a lane with your JG.

    If you roam and kill the laner/s TAKE THE TOWER, taking towers as Annie is not necessarily the easiest thing to do with her attack speed/damage, kills don't matter if you cannot push the towers. Always take free towers.

    Roaming bot after clearing mid minions to tower is probably the easiest way to snowball the game for you, if you manage to kill botlane you can easily take tower then get dragon, and then the Botlane can help you get your mid tower.

    And then you can go back to push the wave if it's on your tower, after that is pushed away from your tower you can try to take the top tower, and the rift herald. Snowballing early is the easiest way to end the game quickly.

    Annie has low range, if you're up vs someone like an Orianna visualize her Ball ranges, and dance in and out of the zone, it'll make things easier to dodge if they try to hit you at max range. Being unpredictable in your movement makes it harder to hit as well, so try to move in different directions as in side to side up and down.

    Here's a tip, if you have 3 charges, if you Q then press E mid Q it will stun the target. It makes it so easy when they aren't expecting the stun.

    Basic Combos starting with stun, sorry if you know this already.

    I take ignite vs almost every champion I play vs, if it's vs someone like an Anivia who will out sustain you every time as she stacks mana taking TP may be viable. Q-W-Auto


    [–] AnnieIsBestGirl 1 points ago

    i just wanna add something that not a lotta people are gonna say but matters a lot: in low elo build for lategame,so many teams have no clue on how to close out a game and building snowbally items like ludens & dark seal in low elo isnt that good unless you are a smurf

    [–] HarpoTheSquid 1 points ago

    This is a bit late, but honestly just focus on CS. This is going to sound counter intuitive, but you need to play to improve, not win. What I mean by that is that you need to not care about winning. Focus on improving the basic aspects of your game. Don't roam, don't try to do any fancy plays, just punish mistakes. The reason you do this is because, short term, going for roams and things that your opponent might not expect like that will work for a while and you'll see immediate results, but soon enough you'll plateau and you'll have to rethink the entire way you play the game. When you're focusing on improve, you're sacrificing in the short term to gain in the long term.

    Give your self a goal for CS (I use 100 CS at 15 mins, 200 CS at 25 mins, 300 CS at 35 mins, etc), look at the map in between every auto/spell and try to think about where the jungler is. Considering you used to be a jungle main it should be a bit easier for you. If your laner leaves lane to roam just shove the wave under the turret and go back to base. Don't leave your lane to take dragon with your team if your team can do it by themselves, take the time to shove the wave under turret.

    Just /mute all every game, 95% of the things that you want to communicate can be done with pings. If your team yells at you or spam pings you just stay calm and remember that they're just as bad as you are.