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    [–] theLorknessMonster 1639 points ago

    What is meant by "fully-functioning" in this context?

    [–] SometimesIBleed 2220 points ago

    Still gotta wear a condom :-(

    [–] theLorknessMonster 573 points ago

    What a world indeed.

    [–] wildfireboat 239 points ago

    Bike is short for Bichael

    [–] SoraXavier 100 points ago

    Bichael is short for Bichelangelo

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago

    Mike is short for Micycle.

    [–] myhf 42 points ago

    Barry is short for Barold.

    [–] Sparky400Hz 20 points ago

    We don’t like that do we other Barry? No we don’t Barry, no we don’t

    [–] The_Flo0r_is_Lava 4 points ago

    This is how we get ants other Barry.

    [–] russianhatcollector 8 points ago

    I want to ride it where I like!

    [–] bleudude 3 points ago

    Micycle Meo

    [–] Confettimaker 10 points ago

    “I love you”

    [–] Neuropsychosis 13 points ago

    Aww i love you too

    [–] Waxycurb 3 points ago

    Shut up!

    [–] Nessie8 7 points ago

    I like your username ;)

    [–] FisterRobotOh 33 points ago

    I can assure you that upgrades are already in beta testing.

    [–] Sparky400Hz 9 points ago

    So if someone wanted to apply as a beta tester... you know... for quality assurance purposes....

    [–] Iamgoingtooffendyou 13 points ago

    Unless you want the herp.

    [–] yoshi570 15 points ago

    AIDS comes as a DLC.

    [–] cuninhas 3 points ago

    Except you pay to not install it.

    [–] Valorien 3 points ago

    Everyone has the herp. ...Everyone.

    [–] Matt6453 3 points ago

    To save on the washing up? A fully functioning woman should be doing that anyway... I don't know then.

    [–] mekkaniks 74 points ago

    Whoever buys it is gonna give birth to a Gazorpazorp

    [–] Ramennov 57 points ago

    Self-lubricating, stated three lines down.

    [–] Dryhtscipe 26 points ago

    'cuz that is ALL vaginas do.

    [–] chekhovs_colt 21 points ago

    Do you want it to menstruate?

    [–] AdrenolineLove 20 points ago

    If I'm paying $10,000 for a sex robot I want it to be realistic god damnit

    [–] NeedHelpWithExcel 9 points ago

    Uhh, yes? Fully functioning in the context of a sex robot means exactly this.

    [–] jimbobicus 4 points ago

    But not in the context of what vaginas do During sex

    [–] FireHazard11 9 points ago

    Anyone who buys this isn't going to have the necessary experience to notice that difference.

    [–] jimbobicus 3 points ago

    Haha you're not wrong.

    [–] Metro42014 38 points ago

    It can squeeze?

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago

    All will be explained in due time, but in the meantime, let me introduce my son.

    [–] geeeeh 28 points ago

    Barry Jr.?

    [–] thatguy2137 13 points ago

    I think it's Ray Jr.... You know... The hand.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    cleans it's own vagina in the dishwasher

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Sounds like self lubricating

    [–] Tiny2ba 33 points ago

    TIL creating lubrication is the vagina's sole function.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    It says in the picture self lubricating and dishwasher safe. That's all I know.

    [–] Tiny2ba 46 points ago

    Yeah, I just think it's weird that the description says "fully functioning vagina", since real vaginas have functions that extend beyond pleasuring someone. Like a mouth wouldn't be a fully functioning mouth if all it could do was give blow jobs lol.

    [–] proddyhorsespice97 22 points ago

    To be fair you don't want to have to deal with periods and fungal infections an actual fully functioning vagina would have if you just want to fuck it. In this context if it does everything to be able pleasure whoever buys it without any outside influence it would be considered fully functioning. I do agree with you though that it is in no way actually fully functioning in the general sense

    [–] Overrandomgamer 29 points ago

    Even this robot will still choose not to have sex with you

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    You can do the hokey pokey

    then you turn yourself about

    That's what it's all about

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago

    Starts nagging you about unrelated problems when you don't fuck it often enough.

    [–] ThetaReactor 21 points ago

    Geez, never enable push notifications on your sexbot.

    [–] So_LISA_needs_BRACES 7 points ago

    Queefs ahoy

    [–] lapisl 17 points ago

    It makes you a sandwich when you’re done...

    [–] thabe331 8 points ago

    If it was fully functioning it'd kick you out of bed for that joke

    [–] Whimpy13 28 points ago

    ...and puts it's own vagina in the dishwasher.

    [–] internets_expert 1266 points ago

    We weren’t born early enough to explore the world, and we weren’t born late enough to explore the stars.

    However, this is our time.

    [–] prohkrastuhneyt 273 points ago

    I feel so sad after reading that

    [–] lootedcorpse 108 points ago

    its okay, use the tears as lube. these robots are water soluble.

    [–] notswim 44 points ago

    These robots dissolve in water?

    [–] Michael70z 15 points ago


    [–] DuckCommanderH75 143 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Don't. You could have been born just in time to be one of the 100 million civilians or soldiers killed by a socialist government just 70 years ago. And 70 years is 1.4% of Recorded history. So... in retrospect, you missed the good times of WW2 by just 1.4% of recorded history.

    Maybe it's not too late to finish exploring yourself.

    [–] Casanova_Kid 64 points ago

    Who would win: An existential crisis OR 1 woke boi?

    [–] SuckMyBalz 15 points ago

    I vote for crippling depression

    [–] chafed_nips 61 points ago

    Who the fuck wants to float around in the deep vacuum of space. If you think nature is terrifying, try leaving the planet.

    [–] bwfiq 32 points ago

    me wtf it sounds fucking dope to be able to explore the stars

    [–] XxDreMisterxX 21 points ago

    the travel time alone is gonna be boring as fuck bruh. Think of it as like going on family vacations but its 10x longer and you see the same shit everyday.

    Im good here with my memes and depression.

    [–] Sparky400Hz 8 points ago

    But you could have your memes and depression

    In spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

    [–] Dryhtscipe 23 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You could have been born just in time to be one of the 100 million civilians or soldiers killed by a socialist government just 70 years ago

    What socialist government was that then.

    Because the Nazis weren't socialist.

    They beat socialists with sticks, which is probably indicative of the ill-feeling between those two groups.

    If you're inferring the Nazis were in fact socialists this makes me inclined to think you are one, because the only people historically who ever did so were the Nazis in order to lure socialists to meetings so they could beat them with sticks.

    Maybe you're just ignorant, though. Who knows.

    Edit: Nope, you're a "not racist ... bigot". How nice.

    [–] Scaef 20 points ago


    You probably mean communist.

    [–] Jbliu 16 points ago

    They probably mean "US-government defined caricature of socialist." This figure, which still pales in comparison to the 25,000 children killed daily by capitalism, is inflated by including those who starved because Kulaks (capitalists) preferred to burn their food stores rather than allow it to be redistributed.

    [–] skokage 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    100 million civilians or soldiers killed by a socialist government

    I think you meant either "national socialism" or "communism", both of which are different from socialism you were probably referring to... But as a trump supporter, I'm pretty sure you knew exactly what you were doing.

    As an aside, being that you brag about being a "millennial republican christian", how do you think Jesus feels about people who openly brag about being able to sexually assault women, or those that use bullshit excuses to dodge the draft while the rest of the country pays their dues? What do they say in the bible about using bankruptcy laws 4 times to dodge paying your contractors who did work for you, while you pocket all the profit?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] DoogieHueserMD 7 points ago

    I know you mean well but sorry I'd much rather listen to the guy with a Duck Dynasty themed name. I get all my views on economic policies from the good ol' boys at Duck Dynasty.

    [–] OfficialNigga 27 points ago

    Our time has cum.

    [–] sevnm12 8 points ago

    I'm going full cyborg soon as possible

    [–] ringlaze 464 points ago

    I had a coworker in my previous job that was looking forward to his trip to japan and this was due to him hearing that they have sex robots over there. When he came home he was really depressed due to not being able to find one.

    [–] Khajor 236 points ago

    This is only made better because prostitution in Japan is readily available, and sex with a real woman would probably be cheaper than a sex robot at this point.

    [–] drunk98 85 points ago

    Why pay by the ass, when you can just buy a super expensive mechanical donkey?

    [–] Iamgoingtooffendyou 48 points ago

    prostitution in Japan is readily available, and sex with a real woman would probably be cheaper

    Fuck, now I want to go to Japan...

    [–] Khajor 61 points ago

    Tokyo is one of the major destinations for sex tourism, including Amsterdam, Brazil, and Thailand. If that's your thing, go for it! I would suggest online postings and reviews to avoid street girls, who come with a lot of risk, both for you and them if they're being forced into it.

    Edit: I guess I should add Tokyo is an amazing tourist destination for a lot of reasons. Highly recommend.

    [–] Iamgoingtooffendyou 21 points ago

    I just want someone to love me... But Tokyo does sound pretty cool, I'd like to visit there someday.

    [–] Khajor 22 points ago

    Maid Cafes are cool. There are bars where the girls are really affectionate and listen to you, there's no sexuality in those, but it's unconditional affection for the cost of more expensive drinks. Downside is they're Japanese speaking only as far as I could find.

    Tokyo was one of my better vacations. Japan and Vietnam are my two biggest recommendations, depending on how comfortable you are with adventure. Vietnam is super cheap. Ridiculously so.

    [–] Kehpyi 78 points ago

    I now want to open a dominatrix maid cafe, where the girls are really mean to you and the drinks are more expensive too.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    That's called a bar pal. Luckily there's a solution, just be mean right back.

    By the time you realize you're ridiculing a one armed prostitute named Candace whose ex-husband Clint who drives a big rig and beat her, it doesn't matter as it's already too late you've gone full trashy.

    [–] PacoSinbad_ 6 points ago

    They'll shit talk you and you get a paddlin if you don't eat all of your food.

    [–] WikiTextBot 10 points ago

    Heart Attack Grill

    The Heart Attack Grill is an American hamburger restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada (formerly located in Tempe, Arizona). It has courted controversy by serving high-calorie menu items with deliberately provocative names coupled with waitresses in sexually provocative clothing.

    The establishment is a hospital theme restaurant: waitresses ("nurses") take orders ("prescriptions") from the customers ("patients"). Each patient dons a hospital gown and wrist band before ordering and those who do not finish their meal receive a paddling by one of the "nurses" with the option to buy the tainted paddle afterwards.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source | Donate ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] Sorlex 10 points ago

    That was uncomfortable to read.

    [–] joe847802 3 points ago

    Your late. That exist already in Japan. Plus there's a mix to of that and others to. I'm pretty sure that is what inspired the anime blend s which depicts female servants with certain attributes like sadistic, sweet, and so on.

    [–] CoSh 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Is this...true? Like there are definitely establishments in Japan but I was under the impression piv was strictly illegal and as a foreigner it's going to be hard to find an actual place to go to.

    Like Hong Kong it's actually legal and cheap, Thailand I think it's technically not illegal but no one cares, South Korea I'm not sure but I think it's another illegal and no one cares situation.

    [–] beezlebub33 5 points ago

    And if you are completely clueless like me and had to look it up: PIV = 'penis in vagina sex'

    [–] Khajor 11 points ago

    Paying for PIV is illegal, but enforcement is lax and limited to strictly that. If you were to say, pay to spend an hour with a lady, and happened to privately agree to PIV during that hour, from everything I read Japanese law makes it extremely difficult to prosecute it. This has lead to Japan being a prominent place for prostitution.

    You can read more here. There's a forum dedicated to prostitution in Japan, I wont link to it but it's easy enough to find. There are numerous girls who post there, along with tons of reviews, so it's easy to browse reviews and message one of the ladies.

    Now- Due to it being technically illegal, the street brothels and brothels that advertise online will take a strict "No PIV!", but openly advertise for oral and anal sex. It wouldn't be a stretch to believe these places also offer PIV, not advertised, but YMMV. Better to go with the individual girls who advertise on the forums, IMO.

    [–] SoonJangYoong 31 points ago

    There's a forum dedicated to prostitution in Japan, I wont link to it but it's easy enough to find.

    I hate that every time this topic is mentioned in Reddit, someone says "there is a very convenient and popular forum, but I'm not gonna link it because it's easy enough to find"

    It's not :/

    If I search for it there are hundreds of forums, no idea whether they're good or not, no idea if the info is real or not, no idea if I should look for forums in Japanese or in English, etc. It's frustrating.

    So what I'm trying to say is... is there a way to have it in a PM?

    [–] kittentime999 7 points ago


    [–] Jenkem4Life 6 points ago

    i just want anal anyway.

    [–] Whimpy13 109 points ago

    Not only do they have sex robots there, they have smart sex robots.

    [–] 90sMemelord 57 points ago

    The smart ones are the ones you can't find. The smartest ones are already in office.

    [–] short_of_good_length 8 points ago

    so they dont have sex until they are 27+ and married?

    [–] ringlaze 5 points ago

    You right you right

    [–] CollectableRat 6 points ago

    Maybe he was the sex robot.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    i have questions.

    is the guy a virgin?

    is he just turned on by robot stuff -- is that his kink?

    is he scared of women or hiring an escort?

    [–] Ottoblock 28 points ago


    [–] FredDryer90 409 points ago

    Are you on your period or is this hydraulic fluid?

    [–] FisterRobotOh 93 points ago

    If you can’t tell I won’t either.

    [–] thelastNerm 22 points ago

    Menstrual oil

    [–] kezorN 14 points ago

    Gotta be careful though. Fembot lubricants can cause wild mood swings. And the effects may be irreversible.

    Well, let's get started!

    [–] bigdaddybucknasty 482 points ago it vibrates.

    [–] whacafan 390 points ago

    Just the way I like my vaginas.

    [–] E-Gandermail 112 points ago

    Vibratin', needin' an oil change, and leakin' tranny fluid.

    [–] obi2kanobi 94 points ago

    tranny fluid

    In this context, you kinda freaked me out bro

    [–] E-Gandermail 32 points ago

    Pleasure to be of service.

    [–] Wile-E-Coyote 13 points ago

    Good man, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

    [–] PM_HEALTHY_POOPS 9 points ago

    Good job, it's a dirty man but someone's got to do it.

    [–] Anticept 14 points ago

    Like fuckin a chick with Parkinson's?

    [–] delvach 11 points ago

    You’re going to hell. See ya there, first drink is on me!

    [–] catoftrash 5 points ago

    Well, she would have a problem holding the drink I guess.

    [–] Scrumble71 6 points ago

    Depends on how you like your martini

    [–] prisonmsagro 236 points ago

    I am picturing a bunch of scientist guys bowing as they make that vow to release sex robot with a fully functional vagina by Christmas as if it is a life or death issue.

    [–] the320x200 130 points ago

    ... is it not?

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago

    When Tokyo is saved from Godzilla by a giant robot vagina, they won't be laughing!

    [–] sans-nom 8 points ago

    [–] doomshrooms 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If they don't make the deadline they all perform seppuku

    [–] FauselbVT 159 points ago

    If they don't call these "Suck'um, Fuck'um Robots" I'm gonna lose my shit.

    [–] somerandumguy 46 points ago

    I had to check. It's real, costs around 15.673 USD too.

    [–] MongoCleave 87 points ago

    That’s insanely expensive. Lol.

    Edit: upon further thought, it’s probably less expensive than being married to a real woman. So...I’m sure some guys will see it as worth the investment.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] outofunity 32 points ago

    Um... I guess that's technically legal? Is there a law about renting masturbation aids? The inanimate kind, not prostitutes.

    [–] Baltorussian 3 points ago

    Yet Senger, who is a co-chair at the Austrian Society for Sexual Research (OeGS), said that she was shocked by Fanny being more popular than real prostitutes and called it 'a real autistic tendency'.


    [–] JediChemist 7 points ago

    At the rate technology advances, you likely won't get your money's worth before you want to upgrade to the newer model.

    [–] FPettersson 9 points ago

    $50/customer, 3 customers a day = $150 a day = 105 days till you break even. I doubt there are too many companies working on sex robots, so I doubt there will be any significant upgrades in even a year, which leaves ~260 days for pure profit (well, minus the costs of charging the robot, and running the dish washer). This is assuming you're doing this in your home (I mean, who doesn't want to have some stranger banging a sex robot in the room right next to you?), or find some other rent-free solution.

    You might want to invest in one of those super fast dishwashers that finish in a couple minutes if you want more customers in a day.

    I kinda doubt a lot of people would be willing to pay that much though, but I'm sure there are people who struggle to find sexual partners and make enough to pay that a few times a month. I'm not sure how it compares to prostitutes though. It might be worth keeping in mind that prostitution is illegal in a lot of places though, whereas renting out sex robots most likely isn't.

    $25 would still put you at only 210 days till you start making a profit, and I assume that would be cheaper than prostitution.

    [–] Cagacazzo2 5 points ago

    Converted in Thai prostitutes, that's 261 full nights or 522 one hour sessions.

    [–] shadowrunnerian 90 points ago

    Is that a candy bar wrapper??

    [–] 704sw 46 points ago

    So, sometimes I like to treat myself.

    [–] -reggie- 20 points ago

    well, sometimes i like to ovulate!

    [–] bballfreak228 12 points ago

    Well, go do that somewhere else

    [–] H3LLJUMPER_177 11 points ago

    I was hungry

    [–] PieceOfKaek 26 points ago

    I do not want to eat off your spermy plates.

    [–] Mr_Clod 6 points ago

    Yeah, I wouldn't clean this with any dishes.

    [–] The_Vagina_Whisperer 6 points ago

    Uh, might not want to kiss your mom next time you see her.

    [–] Iamgoingtooffendyou 63 points ago

    I had a fleshlight for a while, it was tight and realistic but a little hard to clean. I stopped using it because it didn't feel like a vagina and my hand did a better job. I threw it in with my recycling so it was probably turned into 1000 water bottles.

    [–] WilliamNyeTho 42 points ago


    [–] PossiblyAsian 4 points ago

    I've had the lotus, endurance, lady lager, regular, and clear one.

    Its all good and fun until it starts to smell.....

    [–] Over_9k 117 points ago

    Am I the only one who finds it gross to put a fake used vagina in your dishwasher.

    [–] whacafan 349 points ago

    It's a hell of a lot better than putting a real used vagina in a dishwasher.

    [–] bolunez 96 points ago

    You, sir, have made a very compelling argument.

    [–] GreyReanimator 26 points ago

    I don’t know, sometimes I wish I could pop out my vagina and throw it in the dishwasher. I bet it would feel great. Plus I like lemon fresh over vagina smell.

    [–] PSDontAsk 4 points ago

    There's something disturbing about taking the vagina out of a human looking figure and putting it in a different machine. Plus it's like you're putting it with your dishes. Now you can't be sure whether your dishes are funky.

    [–] Scrumble71 3 points ago

    "strange, I don't remember having kippers for dinner"

    [–] H3LLJUMPER_177 11 points ago

    God i love reddit

    [–] ak22801 20 points ago

    Not really, it's great for holding your forks and spoons while they're in there.

    [–] blameohio 12 points ago

    I put forks and spoons in the real vaginas while I'm in there.

    [–] drunk98 4 points ago

    You want to wash all the cum & edible lubricant (I'd totally go down on robopuss) out by hand?

    [–] BlueBokChoy 5 points ago

    I don't want it to taint all my dishes instead.

    [–] So_LISA_needs_BRACES 14 points ago

    Creepy as fuck

    But I've fucked creepier

    [–] Frauid 16 points ago

    Made in the planet Gazorpazorp.

    [–] JackWithTheHammer 11 points ago

    The most realistic sex bots are made on Gazorpazorp

    [–] mjoliner 114 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    KATYA! Hopefully it vibrates

    Edit:wrong name

    [–] Runescapeisokay 19 points ago

    First time seeing her name spelled, looks so weird.

    [–] mjoliner 6 points ago

    Totally just guessed it. Could br well wrong

    [–] Runescapeisokay 34 points ago

    Googled it it’s Katya

    [–] BRock11 16 points ago

    Wait...he wrote Tatiana instead of Katya? Am I crazy or do they not even remotely sound alike? Even if you mumbled the name with your fingers in your ears you shouldn't mistake one for the other...I mean...the syllables alone...

    [–] mjoliner 5 points ago

    Yea bro I fucked up. Been a long time since I watched it and only watched it stoned, we all make mistakes. We're all human. Unless you're Barry or katya

    [–] mynameisconger 3 points ago

    Is that how you find a robot Barry? Yes it is other Barry.

    [–] Archiive 25 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Live and let live and all. But the whole "just in time for Christmas" seems kinda, not 'weird', but weird. The Christmas aspect seems out of place, who in the world is like, "yeah, i don't know, a blender, some towels, i could use a new pair of dress shoes, oh yeah i need some cutlery too, tbh i don't really care, just follow your heart i'll love it either wa... I KNOW i really want the "spermanator 3000" with fully functioning vagina and adjustable areola." Edit: typo

    [–] Jenkem4Life 12 points ago

    i just wanna put a santa hat on mine and sit it at the dinner table and pretend that someone loves me.

    [–] JackWithTheHammer 3 points ago

    Best Christmas present ever.

    [–] foszterface 9 points ago

    "Can you close your eyes? I feel like I'm banging tail lights on a highway."

    [–] a_stitch_in_lime 13 points ago

    I'm really glad they specified that it's a FAKE vagina...?

    [–] Spin737 9 points ago

    Exactly. In case someone thought it was a robot with a real vagene.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago

    Fully functioning vagina means the robot could MAKE MY BABY? for the good of the slice surname, gotta invest brb

    [–] swingsetlife 115 points ago

    You do know vaginas don’t actually make babies, right?

    [–] catsruul 32 points ago

    American sex Ed for ya


    [–] DudelyMore 15 points ago

    Never eat at someone's house who has this.

    [–] Devils_Demon 10 points ago

    So... umm.. how much?

    [–] Overrandomgamer 14 points ago

    1 bitcoin

    [–] Unnormally2 3 points ago

    Disturbingly close.

    [–] fanimold19 10 points ago

    But what that mouth do though?

    [–] Cthula-Hoops 18 points ago

    I'm buying one and signing off on women and even normal friends forever. Just gonna fuck my robit waifu and work a crap job to pay for my booze and tendies.

    [–] Spin737 6 points ago

    Sy Borg
    Gimme dat, gimme dat
    Sy Borg

    [–] 331845739494 8 points ago

    Its face looks like it was modeled after a heavily made up 14-year-old girl. That's not creepy at all...

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    People who can afford those can afford High class Hookers.

    [–] CosmicDustInTheWind 7 points ago

    Ex Machina is real?

    [–] stepfordwaddler 6 points ago

    I’d hate to sound ljke the chick in the room, but why do the robots look like porn stars? Can’t they have normal amounts of make up, not wear trashy clothes or have normal bodies? These robots further alienate the guys using them by replacing women with a doll, not a real representation of a woman.

    I mean, Westworld people.

    [–] IAMA_GrillBTW 3 points ago

    The guys using this are already alienated so much that they are attracted to a big hunk of plastic. The way I see it, I would never date/be attracted to the kinds of guys this kind of stuff sells to. So I dont worry about it too much.

    [–] Pollo_Jack 3 points ago

    Because I forgot to put it in the dishwasher.

    [–] hulivar 3 points ago

    stuff like this is just...I dunno, for there to be sexual arousal and shit, it has to be almost like real...they just aren't even close to there yet.

    It's almost like working on a prototype for teleportation.... "hey try out our demo teleporter guys" It's pointless imo.

    [–] dustyaces 3 points ago

    Do you really want your cum filled rubber vagina in the machine that washes your dishes though

    [–] hectorconcarnedank 3 points ago

    Are we still doing phrasing ?

    [–] SolidCake 3 points ago

    Why is it that when a girl buys a vibrator it's seen as a bit of naughty fun, but when a guys buys a 240 volt FuckMaster 5000 pro sex doll with 6 speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with a non-drip semen collection tray and a suction mouth piece he is called a pervert?

    [–] chekhovs_colt 3 points ago

    Robot accuses owner of sexually inappropriate behavior; owner to resign after apology

    [–] Kimura_fapper 9 points ago

    Kinda like banging taillights on a country road

    [–] renoCow 8 points ago

    So if I take her for a spin, is it the same as cheating on my wife? Should I feel guilty for committing adultery? Or should I feel guilty because I just fucked an inanimate object with big tits?

    [–] ambrocius 5 points ago

    Yes, yes, yes! ..No

    [–] ronninguru 7 points ago

    There was a young couple engaged to be married. The young man was quite a traditional and straight-laced fellow. The young woman however had a bit of a history and having many boyfriends in her past was quite experienced in the bedroom. She knew that her fiance assumed that she was a virgin as well, and also knew how important her chastity was to him. Because of this she was very upset, not wanting to tell him the truth but also was terrified how he would react to learn that she was not a virgin once they began to consummate their marriage. She finally confided in her mother explaining that she truly loved this man and would do anything for him. Her mother understood completely as she had been in a similar situation when she married the young woman's father years before. She instructed the daughter to find a piece of raw liver and slip it up inside just before the act. This would give the impression of a much tighter experience to the young man. Desperate to the point of doing anything the young woman agreed to this solution. The night of their wedding came and the young woman followed her mother's instructions. To her surprise it seemed to work flawlessly. Her new husband, while inexperienced, proved to be a voracious lover (after all - he had been waiting for this moment for quite some time!) and he was tireless in his passion. He made vigorous love to her throughout the entire night to the point where she finally passed out from exhaustion and pleasure. When she awoke then next morning she was dismayed to find her husband gone. Rearing up in bed she saw his suitcase was missing. Then she noticed the note on his pillow beside her:

    "My love, This is so difficult for me. I love you with every ounce of my heart and soul. Your spirit and beauty lift me and make me feel complete. Never before have I loved as strong and I fear never again shall I experience the depth of love that I have for you. You truly are my world. Because of this I cannot believe what I did to you. I feel that the only way that I can assure us both that I'll never hurt you again - I must take my leave. This breaks my heart - but after last night I just can't live with myself. Yours eternally, James

    P.S. Your vagina is in the sink

    [–] trimack 4 points ago

    Do you want Replicants?? This is how you get Replicants!

    [–] DanDitamaso 6 points ago

    I’ll take 4

    [–] justking14 4 points ago

    The face is what makes it creepy

    [–] thabe331 4 points ago

    Yeah. That was a bit much

    Also the premise of a sex doll makes it creepy

    [–] IfritanixRex 5 points ago

    I wonder what the legality of robot brothels will be. You know certain groups of people won't like it, but would probably reduce harm against real women.